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*                                         _____               ______  *
*  ______________                        /     \     __   /| \      \ *
* /             / ___ ____  _________   /       \   |  | / |  \__    \*
*/____     ____/ /   ||   ||         | /         \  |  |/  |     \   |*
*     |   |     /    ||   ||    __   ||           | |     /      /   /*
*     |   |    |     ||   ||   |  / / |           | |    /_     /   / *
*     |   |    |     ||   ||   | / /  |           | |  _   |    \   \ *
*     |   |    |     ||   ||   |/ /__ |           | | | |  |     \   \*
*     |   |    |     ||   ||         | \         /  | | |  |   __/   |*
*     |   |    |     ||   ||   __    |  \       /   |_| |  |  /     / *
*     |  /     |     ||   ||  |  |   |   \_____/         \ | /_____/  *
*     | /      |     -    ||  |  |   |                    \|          *
*     |/       |__________||__|  |   |                                *
*                                 \  |                                *
*                                  \ |                                *
*                                   \|                                *
*                          SHADOW OF OBLIVION                         *
                               Version 0.7
                      Written and Deconstructed by:
                                Killa Bee

      Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight, our specials are a 
Joshua Fireseed frappé garnished with gun powder and a light sprinkling 
of bullet casings. This FAQ is 100% fat free, and easily digestable. 
Full of fiber, but doesn't taste like you're eating dirt. It goes down 
easy and....all right. That'll do. My second attempt at a FAQ, this time 
for the brand spankin' new Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion. If you'll bear 
with me for just one second, I'd like to say a few words. I turned on 
Turok 3 expecting the same steaming pile of manure that is Turok: Rage 
Wars to greet me within. But what I found was something more similar to 
Turok 2, yet less sprawling and more straightforward. "Good," I thought. 
The huge, disorienting levels of the first two Turoks were gone, and 
replacing it was a game filled with overzealous police, ghoulish 
monsters, and bug-eyed heroes with bad voice-acting. That wasn't so hard 
was it? It was?? Oh...well, let's get right down to it, then.
NOTE: Anyone offended by a couple of cuss words should not partake in 
the reading of this FAQ. Doing so may result in big anime-style eyes, a 
wide mouth, and a look of utter disgust. So, if you're offended by the 
words "ass","bitch","damn","hell", or "shit"(only used once), then 
please, close this FAQ and then consult a counselor, since its hypocrisy 
to be offended by a few naughty words while having no problem with 
taking a shotgun to everything that moves in a video game, resulting in 
mass quantities of spilled, computer-generated blood. So, for the folks 
out there who wish to send me hate mail and what not for dropping the A-
bomb(that would be ass, people) a couple times, take a look at what game 
you're playing first. Thank you, and goodnight.

I. Revision History
II. The Instruction Manual
    A. Introduction
    B. Main Menu
       a. Options
          i. Control Options
         ii. Sound Options
        iii. Display Options
       b. New Game
          i. Difficulty
       c. Load Game
    C. Missions
    D. Deathmatch
       a. Pickups
    E. Single-Player Pickups
III. Weapons
IV. Special Items
V. Single Player Mode
    A. Danielle
      a. Chapter 1
         i. Section 1
        ii. Section 2
       iii. Section 3
        iv. Section 4
         v. Section 5
        vi. Section 6
       vii. Section 7
      viii. Section 8
        ix. Section 9
         x. Section 10
        xi. Section 11
       xii. Section 12
      xiii. Section 13(BOSS)
     b. Chapter 2
         i. Section 1
        ii. Section 2
       iii. Section 3
        iv. Section 4
         v. Section 3
        vi. Section 5
        vi. Section 3
       vii. Section 6
      viii. Section 3
        ix. Section 7
         x. Section 8
        xi. Section 7
       xii. Section 9
      xiii. Section 10
       xiv. Section 11
        xv. Section 12
       xvi. Section 13
      xvii. Section 14(BOSS)
     c. Chapter 3
         i. Section 1
        ii. Section 2
       iii. Section 3
        iv. Section 4
         v. Section 5
        vi. Section 6
       vii. Section 5
      viii. Section 4
        ix. Section 6
         x. Section 5
        xi. Section 6
       xii. Section 7
      xiii. Section 8
       xiv. Section 9(BOSS)
      d. Chapter 4
         i. Section 1
        ii. Section 2
       iii. Section 3
        iv. Section 4
VI. Cheats
   A. Cheat Codes
   B. Cheat Explanations
VII. Saucy Comment Archive
VIII. Contact Information
IX. Copyright Information

I. Revision History

09/04/2000- Version 0.1 (Began 1:51 AM)
-Began the FAQ. Added the instruction manual, weapons and special items 
sections, and began the Single Player section.(Finally finished out at 
5:08 AM. Got a lot done, but there's still a lot more to do...A LOT 

09/04/2000- Version 0.2 (Began 11:22 PM)
-Corrected MANY mistakes in grammar, spelling, etc.
-Added onto the Danielle Single Player walkthrough.
-Added a small cheats section (Finished update on 09/05/2000 at 1:42 AM)

09/06/2000- Version 0.3 (began 5:34 PM)
-Added to the cheats
-Added to copyright information.
-Added to Danielle's Single Player FAQ
-Revised Contents
(Finished update at 6:29 PM on the same day)

09/08/2000- Version 0.4 (began 3:24 PM)
-Cheats are nearly finished, I only need a few more. I've omitted the 
credits for the cheats, since they're everywhere now.
-Added a new site to the copyright info.
-Finished the 1st Chapter and started the 2nd in Danielle's Single 
Player FAQ.
(finished update 6:06 PM)

09/08/2000- Version 0.45 (began 11:50 PM)
-As promised in the V. 0.4 Saucy Comment, I'm expanding the weapons 
section, explained the cheats, and began on Chapter 2. 
-Also, adding a Saucy Comment archive.
(Finished update 09/08/2000 1:35 AM)

09/14/2000- Version 0.5 (began 11:26 PM)
-Expanded a bit on Chapter 2, but I have school in the morning so I have 
to turn in early. But tomorrow! Tomorrow will see a huge update. This 
update will NOT be posted on any sites, for it is just a small one.
(finished update 09/15/2000 12:47 AM)

09/15/2000- Version 0.55 (began 6:04 PM)
- I'm deeply sorry, boys and girls. I promised a big update, and I was 
prepared to deliver, but I decided to watch a half hour or so of TV 
first. I lay down on the couch to watch a show and: SYSTEM SHUTDOWN. I 
passed out. I can't believe it. And now here I am, less than 40 minutes 
from my self-imposed deadline, waking up, nothing written, and I have to 
go to store to get drinks for my sister's party. But later tonight, 
after I get offline, I WILL come downstairs and type the HUGEST update 
since Ver. 0.1. 
(Finished at 6:44 PM)

09/16/2000- Version 0.6 (began 3:18 AM)
-Due to the fact that I'm getting started so late, I'm going to go to 
sleep at 4 and continue this update when I wake up. 
-Added to Chapter 3 on Danielle's Single Player Walkthrough
(suspended 4:06 AM...Update will continue when I wake up.)
(continued 11:41 AM)
(finished 12:46 PM)

09/25/2000- Version 0.65 (began 5:23 PM)
-Sorry about my current lack of updates, but I've been busy with school 
and what not...But here's 0.7 in full effect. Updated single-player 
walkthrough. Bleh. Done for tonight. (finished 6:42 PM)

12/31/00- Version 0.7 (began 1:45 AM)
-Wow. I've really been slackin' off. Well, after a long break and a 
check of the 'ol e-mail box, I've deduced that this FAQ actually HAS 
helped some people. Sooooo...I'm neglecting it no longer. Get ready, 
cause this one is gonna be a doozy.
-Finished Chapter 4 on Danielle's Single Player Walkthrough. Booya!
-Updated some of the lamer jokes and one-liners to make them more ha ha 
funny. I'm such a cool guy.
(suspended 2:43 AM. Will continue when I wake up.)
(restarted 10:50 AM)
(suspended at 4:05 PM for New Years Eve)
(restarted 1/1/01 at 2:08 PM)
(finished 1/1/01 at 4:15 PM)

Killa Bee's Version 0.7 Saucy Comment:Why do little kids try to look 
like they're gonna stomp me when I drive by their bus stops? Do they not 
realize I'm in a car and could squash them? 
II. Instruction Manual
For those of you renting/borrowing/buying a used copy of this game, you 
probably didn't get the instruction manual. Just because I feel like it, 
I'll reiterate what the bulk of it says here. NOTE: The weapons section 
has been moved from the Instruction Manual section to its own section. 
All information contained in this section is © 2000 Acclaim 
Entertainment Inc.
   The universe was born not with a bang, but a scream. Long before the 
birth of our world, there was Oblivion. Feeding upon all that it came in 
contact with, Oblivion drifted through the cosmos like a monstrous, 
omnipotent jellyfish. It consumed everything in its path, invading the 
bodies of the living and devouring them from the inside, feeding off of 
the very energy of the dead and dying.
    When the Primagen's Lightship was destroyed, the explosion created 
an energy surge that triggered a chain reaction so powerful that the 
universe as it existed was completely destroyed. The shockwave of energy 
unleashed by the explosion tore Oblivion apart like tissue paper, nearly 
destroying the most powerful being that had ever existed. The instant 
that the Lost Land was born, Oblivion first felt pain....and fear....and 
hatred. Life often springs forth in the wake of death, and a new 
universe was born. Our universe.
    Oblivion survived. Though nearly destroyed when The Lost Land was 
created, Oblivion lives and now desperately seeks a way to punch through 
the Netherscape that separates our world from The Lost Land, and The 
Lost Land from countless others. The Lost Land holds the key to 
Oblivion's rebirth, and also the key to its destruction. The last shreds 
of the pure energy source that created our world and nearly wiped out 
Oblivion are contained within the Light Burden that every member of the 
Turok lineage has carried. The death of the Turok line will signal the 
beginning of the end...the rebirth of Oblivion.
II.B. Main Menu
This section will cover, obviously, the main menu and any sub-menus.
II.B.a. Options
This is the menu you would select if you wish to fiddle with any of the 
II.B.a.i. Control Options

There are two basic Controller setups. Normal and Arcade. There are also 
left-and right-handed versions of each of these, for a total of 4 
different setups. The Normal setup provides precise aiming and superior 
movement, but can be difficult to master. The Arcade setup is easier to 
use and might be better for beginners.

Look Spring
Choose Yes to automatically return the view to a level position.

Reverse Up/Down
Choose Yes to reverse the normal up and down looking directions.

Auto Aim
Choose Yes to make it easier to hit your targets.

Weapon Wheel Speed
This setting controls the delay before the weapon wheel appears in the 
game when you hold down the A or B buttons. A low setting takes the 
weapon wheel longer to appear, whereas a high setting makes it appear 
almost immediately.

Vertical Speed
This setting controls the vertical sensitivity of the Control Stick. A 
higher sensitivity will increase the speed of look up or down.

Horizontal Speed
This setting controls the horizontal sensitivity of the Control Stick. A 
higher sensitivity will increase the speed of turning.

II.B.a.ii. Sound Options
Use Control Stick Left or Right to adjust the volume of the music, sound 
effects, or voices. In addition you may select the music played in 

II.B.a.iii. Display Options

Play in Low resolution, High resolution, or Letter Box(just like the 
NOTE: This can only be changed if a Nintendo Expansion Pak is present.

Deathmatch Radar
This helps you find other players in a deathmatch game. You can use it 
to find just your teammates(identified with green triangles), just your 
enemies(identified with red triangles), or everyone. For a challenge, 
you can also turn off the radar.

II.B.b. New Game
Select this to begin a new single player game.
II.B.b.i. Difficulty
After selecting New Game, choose from Easy, Normal, Hard, and Oblivion 
skill levels. Among other things, the higher difficulty levels have 
tougher enemies and give you less time to finish the timed objectives.

II.B.c. Load Game
The Load Game menu will appear when you select Load Game from the pause 
menu or from the main menu. You will be presented with a display of all 
the saved games on your Controller Pak, if any. Saved Turok 3 games will 
be shown with the Oblivion symbol. Simply move to the game you wish to 
load and press the A Button to load it. You cannot save or load a 
Deathmatch game.
II.C. Missions
There are five chapters to master in order to complete Turok 3: Shadow 
of Oblivion. Within these chapters there are several main objectives 
which must be met, as well as other tasks that are optional, though most 

II.D. Deathmatch
There are eight great multiplayer Deathmatch games to choose from. Press 
Control Stick Left and Right to highlight the different games. The rules 
for each one will be shown. Each game can be played with teams or as 
every player for himself. You can play with up to 3 other players, 
including friends or computer-controlled bots(or any combination).

II.D.a. Deathmatch Pickups
+10 Health(Red)
+20 Health(White)
+100 Health(Blue)
Ultra Health(Gold)- Add 100 to your health even beyond your normal 
maximum health, up to twice your maximum health.
Shield- Makes you invincible for a short period of time-no one can harm 
Cloak- Makes you mostly invisible for a short period of time.
Berserker- You can only use your spear while berserk. but you do much 
more damage than usual.

II.E. Single Player Pickups
+10 Health
+20 Health
Full Health
Ultra Health-  +100 health.
+1 Life Force- Every time you collect 100 of these your maximum health 
will be permanently increased by 10.
Ammo Pickups

III. Weapons
A fully updated and more expanded guide to the weapons available in 
Turok 3.
*             *Key*               *
*             *****               *
* J=Only available to Joseph      *
* D=Only available to Danielle    *
* DM=Only available in Deathmatch *
* SP= Only available in Single-Player

Tomahawk- Danielle's starting weapon, this tomahawk comes complete with 
feathers and a wooden handle. The tomahawk should only be used in dire 
circumstances when you run out of ammo.
Upgrade-Razor Wind

Blade- Joseph's starting weapon, a HUGE knife that could chop enemies 
into ribbons if they weren't so hardcore. You might as well be sticking 
most of them with a pen.
Upgrade-Razor Wind

Razor Wind-The upgrade from the Tomahawk/blade, this circular thrown 
boomerang type weapon whines as it cuts through the air, whizzing toward 
an enemy. One slice from this bad ass weapon should be enough to take 
down most lesser foes.

Spear- The useless starting weapon for deathmatch battles. A spear with 
a main blade and two smaller blades. Stab stab. Whoopee.

Bow- A simple bow that you draw back and let arrows fly. Useful until 
you get a bow upgrade.
Danielle's Upgrade- Tek Bow: Fires arrows with explosive heads. Kills on 
Joseph's Upgrade- Storm Bow: Upgraded bow. Fires arrows quickly, without 
having to draw back first.

Pistol- Single shot pistol. Your best long range weapon until you get 
the sniper rifle(if you're Joseph).
Danielle's Upgrade- Mag 60: Upgraded pistol with 3-round burst. Less 
accurate than single shot, but disposes enemies with the quickness.
Joseph's Upgrade- Silenced Pistol: A true spy weapon. Laser sight, zoom 
scope, and silencer make this one of my favorite weapons to get.

Assault Rifle- Rips apart enemies in 3-round bursts.
Danielle's Upgrade- Firestorm Cannon: Weak sounding minigun. Quick as 
hell, though.
Joseph's Upgrade- Sniper Rifle: Self-explanatory.

Shotgun- Standard double-barreled shotgun uses two shells per shot. Does 
maximum damage at close range. Useful against groups of people too.
Danielle's Upgrade- Fireswarm: Basically shoots fire. Makes human 
enemies run in a little circle before they die.
Joseph's Upgrade- Shredder: Electricity ricochets all around, killing or 
damaging any enemy in the room.

Grenade Launcher- Standard grenade launcher fires a single grenade which 
bounces. WEAK!!!
Danielle's Upgrade- RPG Launcher: Fires a single Rocket-Propelled 
Grenade. Explodes on impact.
Joseph's Upgrade- Napalm Cannon: Fires a single napalm mine which sticks 
on impact and explodes when you trigger it.

Vampire Gun- Use this odd and kind of lame weapon to sap energy from 
your enemies. Takes health away from you if you don't use it up close.

Cerebral Bore- Shoots a homing bore which locks onto an enemy's brain, 
starts drilling, and then things get ugly. Ugly being brains and blood 
spewing from the side of the person/creature's head. I particularly 
enjoy how the human enemies stand and twitch while their brain is being 
sucked out of their head. Explodes after no brain matter is left, 
killing enemies near the brainless one.
Danielle's Upgrade- SP. Cerebral Burst: Shoots a homing bore which 
attaches to an enemy's head and explodes when you trigger it. Causes 
human enemies to run around in circles until you trigger the bore or it 
Joseph's Upgrade- SP. Cerebral Possessor: Shoots a homing bore which 
attaches to an enemy's head and, for a short time, gives you control of 
the enemy's movement before the bore explodes. Only good for maneuvering 
enemies into other enemies and detonating the bore.

PSG(Personal Singularity Generator)- SP. Generates and fires a small 
black hole, with interesting effects. This weapon is assembled from 5 
pieces found in the game-one from each chapter. THE COOLEST weapon in 
the game. Rivals bomb gun from the first Turok. 
Shoots a ball of purple electricity that pulls matter that it nears, 
before shooting tendrils of electricity out and sucking anything 
living(including you if you're not careful) into it.

IV. Special Items
These items are available in single player only.

Energy Grapple
This is an energy-seeking grappling hook which only Danielle can use. 
Adon has placed glowing energy targets to help Danielle, and the Energy 
Grapple will lock onto them. Once locked, press the Z Button to pull 
yourself towards the target. The Energy Grapple can be selected by 
pressing and holding down the B Button and then pressing Control Stick 

Night Vision Goggles
Only available to Joseph, these allow you to see in the dark. Once 
found, the goggles can be turned on or off by pressing and holding down 
the B Button and then pressing Control Stick Up.

V. Single Player Mode
Since I have yet to beat Turok 3, as I progress further into this game 
so shall this section of the FAQ progress.
For those of you who, like me, have hardly the patience to sit through 
the intro again because you missed the last part, I have summarized the 
intro into a brief paragraph or two. So here we go.
      Joshua Fireseed is having a dream. In this dream, he attempts to 
rescue a little kid and gets straight smoked by some bad ass alien guys. 
He wakes up buggin' out and sits on the porch. Switch to next day, and 
he's STILL on the porch, and Danielle Fireseed mills on out. Someplace 
in a blur of some horrendous voice acting, he tells her the kid is the 
last Fireseed, and he must survive. Otherwise, Oblivion will take over. 
That night, aliens warp into the hallway, bust into Joshua's room, and 
he puts a bullet through all three of 'em, Indiana Jones and the Last 
Crusade style. Too many goons come in, and while Joseph and Danielle 
freak, Joshua whips out a bomb, the way any true G would do. He gives up 
the ghost to kill the aliens, but the other two get away in a pickup.
     A big 'ol monster lumbers into the road, and smashes the pickup. As 
they crawl away, Adon warps in and blasts the baddie. They follow her 
and they meet a council of robotic talking heads. They say only one of 
them can be the next Turok, which is a set up for a character choose 
V.A. Danielle
Since I have only played the game with Danielle so far, I can only 
provide a walkthrough for Danielle so far. Also, I will not yet provide 
all secret areas or shortcuts, just the path to the end of the level 
with the goodies along the way.

Chapter 1
Section 1- The Breach
     You start off in a small building. It's raining, and across the way 
is Oblivion(you can tell it's Oblivion because of the huge tentacles). 
Your first objective appears on the screen, and it's to get to the 
breach and stop Oblivion. No small feat, by the looks of things. Run 
around this room that you start in, immediately switching to the bow. 
The tomahawk should only be used in a last ditch effort to keep 
breathing. Snag the quiver of arrows chillin' on the wall in front of 
you, then grab all of the life forces in this room, there should be 3.
 You can follow the tunnel down and watch a car smash through the 
walkway connecting the buildings, destroying your little shortcut. Now 
ain't that some happy horse shit? Looks like you'll have to take the 
LOOOONG way now. heh heh heh. You can also fall down the elevator shaft 
and turn yourself into a gooey smear on the floor if you want, but if 
that's your strategy, maybe you should just shut the game off and call 
it a day.
      Instead of being a lemming, go through the open double doors. 
Don't even bother trying to open any of the doors(I already went through 
the trouble for you since I'm such a nice guy), but go to the end of the 
hallway and push the button for the elevator. When the massive grated 
doors slide open, step inside and collect two more life forces. Press 
the button on the left to start going down. 
Section 2-Unexpected Help
     At the bottom, the screen will go dark. You may say "ah, I know 
what's about to happen! I saw The Usual Suspects too!!" But you are 
mistaken.You know why? Cause they didn't switch off the lights. That 
would be the little thing that signifies when a new area is loading. As 
the pop-up text at the bottom of the screen informs us, it's called 
Unexpected Help. If none of this happens, you should actually get in the 
elevator instead of standing outside of it reading this. 
      Once the door opens back up, get out and survey your surroundings. 
You should be in another hallway, with some double doors busted off at 
the end. Break for the doors, and you'll find yourself in the lobby. Go 
over to the window and you should hear Vanilla Ice say "police on the 
scene! You know what I mean?" Well, not really, but in translation, that 
means that the cops have arrived to regulate and they will from this 
moment on, blast you dead if you don't listen to them. Which means no 
thinkin' you're a rebel and tryin' to run past the cop barrier. Cause 
The Man will mow you down quicker than you can say "Look at that! Pigs 
don't got nothin' on me!!" 
     Anyway, back to the lobby. You'll see a couple of life forces, and 
some arrows strapped to the wall. Gank it all, and take a gander around. 
You'll notice a big fishing net thing and an elevator shaft. If you like 
pretending that you're Tarzan or something, go ahead down the shaft. But 
everyone else who prefers a real weapon should climb the net, circle 
around the balcony, and grab the pistol and the clip. Jump back onto the 
floor, and fall down the elevator shaft. Do an inventory if you want, 
you should have 30 arrows, watch out for the dogs, a pistol with 30 
bullets, 100 life, and 8 life forces. If not, you're SOL cause you can't 
go back now. 
     But True G's will only have 26-29 bullets, cause as soon as they 
hit the bottom of that shaft they saw the dogs and shot 'em up. Climb 
out of the elevator shaft and walk around the corner. Shoot the next dog 
that is sitting near the entrance to the little room. In here, you'll 
find 10 health that you might need, a clip, and once you shoot the 
wooden box, a Boiler Room Key. Oh, and there's a dead guy in there too, 
in case you didn't see him. He's in a bad way, having no head and all.
     Head straight across from this room to the white door. Apparently, 
this is the boiler room, cause the key works. Once in the room, you can 
do two things. You can continue on with the level, or if you need it, go 
for a 10 health that's not even hard to find. If you don't need the 
health, skip the next paragraph. 
     Walk forward toward the opening in the wall, but instead of ducking 
inside of it, hang a right. Between the two huge boiler things is a 
ladder. Climb it, and walk all the way down to fall off of the left 
side. There's a small room with a 10 health, and a fire extinguisher 
that you can blow up and kill yourself, if you're into that kind of 
thing. Now just backtrack to continue on with the level.
     Go inside the opening, and you'll find yourself inside a network of 
pipes. It's not really a maze, but to make it easier on everyone, take a 
left when you first enter. Follow the path straight until you can't go 
any further. At this intersection, hang another left and keep truckin'. 
Or you cou;d just follow the yellowish pipes on the ceiling. Either wway 
works. At the end, you might see something in the distance. It's not a 
monster, just an old guy. Kill him!! Quick, before he throws his 
dentures at ya! Heh heh sorry. You can't kill him, fool. He's your 
friend, and YOUR friends are invincible. Apparently he's going to lead 
you outta here....or not.
Section 3-City Streets
     Now, wasn't that tasty? After that yummy display of toffee 
goodness, climb the ladder and follow the blood Kill 
the big spider alien thing(which will from now on be referred to only as 
spiders). If you want to see something sticking out of its head while 
it's dying(I certainly do), use the arrows to give it a discount 
lobotomy. All that you get out of killing it is knowing that it won't be 
following you around. Ever. And now you know what's back here. Nothing. 
Well hey, it's better than a kick where it counts, right? A doggie 
might've followed you back here, so shoot it up, and if not, follow the 
blood smear back and past the hole. Kill the dog when you see it. Run 
into the grass where the city hall type building is  (straight ahead and 
to the right). 
    Turn right to cap another spider, and collect everything in this 
grassy area. You should find a pistol, a clip, and 10 arrows in that 
spot where the spider was. Now go out of the grassy area and go the way 
that you DIDN'T come from(no hole with blood leading away from it is a 
REAL good reminder). When you see the cop barrier, instead of trying to 
get even close to it, just duck into the alley on the right and hop the 
fence there. It may take a couple tries, but you can hop it. While 
hopping/trying to hop it, you should collect a life force, bringing your 
total to 9.
Section 4-The Back Alleys
      As promised, I continue the walkthrough. Confused with it yet? 
Yes? Good. Go through the door ahead and to the left, and immediately 
cap the bad doggie that spits green sludge on you. Round the corner and 
you see two large glass windows with a door between them. Shoot out the 
right-hand window and walk up to the guy. The weirdo will start 
screaming and run off. Grab the three life force and the health from the 
shelf and book after that guy. Go out the door and take a left down the 
alleyway. You'll stumble into the open just in time to see the crazy old 
coot get shot up by a cop. Now, go against all the instincts you might 
have that tell you to shoot the cop and just grab the two life force 
near his little base. Turn around and head the other way, taking a left 
at the corner. Shoot the spider and grab the ammo from the dead body he 
was eating. 
      You can see the tops of some scrumptious life force on a walkway 
heading down, go for them. Be careful not to get dead from the big mech 
to your left in the process. Hmm...that mech really seems to enjoy 
telling you that martial law will be enforced. Remember, keep your 
distance and you'll be livin' large. One thing, DON'T OPEN THE DOOR AT 
THE BOTTOM. Just go down far enough to get the life force, and beat feet 
out of there. There's a bunch of dogs in there at the moment who would 
LOVE to give you a green gooey facial. Kinda like one of those mud 
masks. Instead, go over to that big metal fire escape on the side of the 
building. Start climbing up and up until you get to the roof. Snag the 
two life force on the fire escape at the top, and mill onto the roof 
itself. You see that big air conditioner thing right in front of you? 
Well jump on it. Turn right and hop up onto the highest part of it. Turn 
left and you'll see some life force sitting there, winking and beckoning 
to you. Don't be too hasty. You can't just go running up to it, or your 
feet will replace your lungs as you hit the ground at 40 miles an hour.
      To get the tender morsels, you'll have to just a bit of 
jumping.....Jump onto the pipes and carefully make your way over to the 
part where they are. Grab the three life force and jump back. You heard 
me! Jump! DO IT! NOW! Very good. Now climb down from the air 
conditioning thing and walk around it to the right. 
     If you want, you can try and make the jump for those two life force 
at the edge. But to get them, you'll need to make a wicked jump. You'll 
also see a shiny new shotgun on a lower ledge. We are going to Deebo 
that shotgun(Deebo-To take something that doesn't belong to you and 
claim that it does. See the movie Friday for a complete understanding). 
But to get both, you'll have to back up, then run until it looks like 
you're about to run into the first life force, then jump. It took me a 
lot of tries and deaths to get it, but I did. If you're not interested 
in the life force or the death-defying jump, go to the right, where you 
can safely jump to the shotgun. Jump over to the ledge, and slowly make 
your way over to the gun. Since it's safe to fall from this height, drop 
down to the ground. Assuming you've gotten all of the life 
force(including the last two), you should have 23 by now.
     Remember that door I told you not to go into a minute ago? Well go 
in it now. For some odd reason, two of the dogs ran off, leaving you to 
face just one. Dispose of him as you wish, grab the pistol by the 
corpse, and make tracks for the elevator at the end of the basement. 
Open the elevator and WHOA! there's one of the other dogs. WASTE HIM! 
Now then, climb in, press the button, and head onto the next section.
Section 5-Rooftop Journey
     Walk out of the elevator and turn to your left. Grab some life 
force, hop some pipes, and watch a SWAT hovercopter drop two cops onto 
the next roof over. Now for some Matrix type stuff. Run and jump across 
and land on the RIGHT side of the fire escape across the gap. If you 
land on the left side, you won't even land. You'll plummet to the ground 
and have a big 'ol tar and teeth sandwich. Anyway, climb the fire escape 
and get ready for a fight. What's this? No cops? Apparently, in the time 
it took you to climb the fire escape a spider came along and massacred 
the cops. Return the favor to the spider and pick up the energy grapple 
and some ammo from the dead cops. 
    Walk back over to the fire escape and grab the two life force there, 
and turn to the right. Get out the energy grapple by holding B and 
pushing Up on the Control Stick, then aim up at that glowing purple 
sphere. Fire the grapple and watch as you whiz up onto a painting 
scaffold. Activate the scaffold to go up, then turn to the left and hop 
down onto that rooftop where you see all those goodies. Grab all of it, 
the 10 health, the two life forces, and some ammo. Now grapple back down 
onto the painting scaffold and activate it again. 
     Once you get to the top you'll see a life force and a grapple ball 
a ways away to the left. Grab the life force and grapple on over. You'll 
land between some pipes. Get the life force on this platform and walk to 
the edge under the big pipe. Now look off to the right. You'll see a 
platform with a grapple ball and a small fortune in life forces. I'll 
stop here and explain my motive behind you getting all of the life 
force. Simply put, 100 life force=+10 to your maximum health. And THAT 
is why you must get them all. Anyway, get all those life forces, and 
look downwards. You'll see a grapple ball on a small ledge lower down on 
the building you just came from. Walk off of the left side of the small 
platform you grapple to and collect the three life forces as you fall. 
Be careful, cause if you miss one, you can't go back for it. I've 
tried...You should have 40 of them now.
Section 6- Block Party
   Hop out of the dumpster and shoot to kill. Blast the couple of 
zombies on the street and head for the restaurant. I guess education is 
a bad thing in the future because if you get anywhere remotely close to 
the school bus you get riddled by bullets from the cops. In the 
restaurant, grab all the stuff. The three life forces, the bullets, the 
health, all of it. Shoot the spider in the bathroom and grab the single 
life force as you fall down into....
Section 7-The Sewers
    Walk to the end of the pipe and make sure you fall so you catch the 
life force on the way down. Grab the two life forces from the water and 
go into the pipe with the grate. Duh duh duh!! The first part of the PSG 
is now yours. Get the ammo and health from all the ledges in this room 
before continuing on through the pipes. Shoot the spiders in the pipe on 
the way to the next room, and go into it. 
    This is a tricky one. There's three life forces by the huge spinning 
blade. The only advice I can give for getting these is to swim backwards 
facing the blades, then let go for a second, then swim, etc. so you 
eventually get the life force. Of course, there's other ways of doing 
it, but this one is the most risk-free. As usual, grab all the stuff 
from the ledges and continue on. Kill the last spider and move on to the 
next section. 
Section 8- To the Subway
     Run around the bend in the pipe and into the room. Collect the 
health and shotgun shells on either side of the pipe you just came out 
of, then head up the ladder. Turn left once you're out of the pipe and 
mill on over to those guys standing around. You get to watch them get 
gooed and the one guy gets dragged away. After the little cinema thing, 
go around that corner and kill the spider. Collect the health and things 
in the corner, and the ammo next to the body. Run full speed ahead and 
shoot that zombie guy dead before you even get near him. 
     As you run, you'll se first a path on the right, and then a big 
dirt pile and a partially demolished building. Get the shells just 
inside the corner of the building, and climb up the dirt. Now here's 
where it gets tricky. Hop onto the protruding steel bar and walk up it 
to the platform. Then walk across the platform to the wire. Make your 
way across it and make a little jump up onto the girder. Walk to the end 
of it, and take a flying leap straight ahead. You now are the proud 
owner of the Tek Bow, which will become VERY useful in about a minute 
and a half. 
     Jump down from this ledge, and be extremely cautious around here. 
Those blown out parts of the buildings that you can see will have 
enemies shooting rifles and rocket launchers at you in mere moments. Run 
up the main road(the one that you turned onto in the beginning of the 
level). Just past the huge courtyard on the left, you'll see two 
buildings on either side of you, both with entrances. Go into the one 
with the net, on the right. Collect ALL of the life force on the ground 
level around here, and take the other path out the back of the room. 
This is where it gets hairy. You have two choices here.
     You can either A.) Go attempt to kill everyone in the windows 
before climbing the net, or B.)You can kill the guy in the window 
directly across from the courtyard(the low one). If you do this quick 
enough, you'll have plenty of time to get up the net quick, run across 
the girder, fall down onto the platform, run across it, onto the girder, 
jump across to the low rooftop, and collect the few life force before 
the other guys spawn. Then, go through the hole in the wall. Drop down 
into the sewer to complete this section. 
     I suggest the second method, only because you never know if you'll 
be able to kill everyone quickly enough to get across the roofs before 
someone respawns and blows you out of the sky. Also, sometimes the guy 
won't appear in that first window right away. If this happens, just go 
kill the guys in the other windows and come back. THEN try it. 
Sometimes, the people will be in the windows when you first come into 
the area. In this instance, try to kill them all with your pistol and 
then quickly finish the rest of it before more appear. That's it for 
Section 8.
Section 9- On the Tracks
     If you're smooth, read this paragraph. If you're not that quick, 
then skip it. Run straight ahead as soon as you hit the tracks. Jump up 
and to the right onto the divider between the tracks. If you do it 
right, the trains will fly past you.
     Now then, if you're not slick, and you're slow, you'll have to jump 
up onto the platform on the left side. This level is pretty 
straightforward. After a train passes, jump off of whatever platform you 
may be standing on and run up the tracks until you find another place to 
jump up. Following the life force helps too. I'll only cover the hard 
parts(which means probably a paragraph, and that's pushing it). And two 
tips. Never run right on the tracks, but to the sides of them. You'll go 
much faster even though most of the life force is on the tracks(strafe 
to get it). NEVER assume that you can stand next to the wall and the 
train will skim past you. Because it'll rip the flesh from your face 
quicker than you can say ow. 
    After the second platform(it's on the right with a spider), You'll 
be running along the track, and you'll see a dark spot on the sides of 
the tracks. This ISN'T water or something like that, it's a little hole 
for you to stand in and let the train pass overhead. So get in there 
quick cause the train is usually right behind you. Then run out and 
continue on. Be careful not to get turned around. After this little 
hole, don't switch over tracks, just hop onto the middle thing and then 
back on the same track. 
Section 10- Train Ride
As soon as the level starts, a timer will start, and you have to make it 
to the front of the train before time runs out. This is pretty easy, but 
only if you do it right. Get the two healths and equip the Tek Bow. Draw 
it back and run into the next car. Let the arrow fly at the spider and 
blow it apart. Draw back again and go to the next car, just far enough 
so the door opens and you can blast the dogs. Run in and through the 
car. Climb up the twisted metal and make a small hop to the roof. Run 
across the roofs of the cars, killing spiders along the way, and drop 
down into the one with the roof ripped open. Run into the next car and 
kill the spider, hit the red lever, and you're done.
Section 11- Power Outage
Exit the train, and if, like me, the train ride left you a little 
battered, grab the 30 health on the red platform. Jump down onto the 
tracks and start walkin'. When you get to the big hole in the ceiling, 
stand where the track ends and jump onto the divider in the middle. If 
you just keep going, you'll land in some electrified water and lose 
health. With the bent railing, it's kind of tricky, but you can make it 
if you jump for it. Climb the huge mound of dirt and out onto the 
surface. Kill the spider that roars as soon as you climb out, then turn 
and kill the one in the distance. 
     Feel free to switch it off of the Tek Bow now. Walk over to where 
the far away spider was and collect the stuff there. Then head back to 
the huge hole and shimmy against the wall past it on the left side. As 
soon as you pass it, you'll see a spider off in the distance. Blast him 
and continue on. Run past all the wrecked cars and duck into the hole in 
the right side of the wall at the end. Open the doors and cap a spider 
in the lobby. Run to the other door on the same wall as the door you 
just came through. Open it and run in, spinning to the left to blast a 
zombie before he gooks you. Collect the goodies and leave the room. 
     Back in the lobby, head for the elevator. This is tricky as all 
hell, and I died many many times in this part. Go into the elevator and 
climb up into the shaft. Look on the far wall. See that ladder? Take a 
leap of faith across to it, and hopefully catch it. At the bottom, climb 
in the elevator and kill the zombie waiting behind a pillar for you. Go 
through the doors into the next room and flip the switch to turn on the 
Section 12- Seal the Breach
     Wow! Did you know that in the time it took you to flip on the 
lights, all the doors closed and a spider wandered into the room where 
the zombie was? Well, now that you know, kill the spider, head back into 
the elevator shaft, and run to the ladder QUICK. I say quick because the 
other elevator is going up and down the shaft and will smoosh you if you 
loiter around. Head up to the top of the ladder and tap jump to jump 
backwards onto the elevator. Hop onto the other elevator when it's on 
it's way down, then go right up to the wall with all of the "doors".
      Press up against these doors until you get to where you go into 
the room, which is near the top. If you don't make it into the room, 
you'll goosh against the ceiling. So get in the damn room. Anyway, once 
inside this room, you'll want to kill the spider to the left and grab 
ALL of the stuff in the room that you can pick up. Walk into the next 
couple of rooms and then finally up the ladder.
Section 13- Hole in the Sky(BOSS: Oblivion Gunship)
      Welcome to your first boss. He doesn't like you, and he's a 
hovercopter that has been mutated into a vicious beast by Oblivion. 
Usually, if you just strafe around and shoot the tentacle connecting the 
copter to Oblivion, you can kill him real quick. If not, then you should 
jump off of the edge and try again. Anyway, he has various attacks. Like 
a machine gun, swinging at you, biting you, whacking you with his 
tentacles, and finally shooting missiles from his mouth at you. Avoid 
all of these, and kill that foo. If you get low on health or ammo, drop 
off the roof onto the next level down, where you'll find several 20 
healths and ammo boxes scattered around the outside. I suggest the 
shotgun, but watch out for the tentacle whip, cause if you get hit with 
both tentacles, you lose 20 health. After a small outro/intro, you've 
started the next chapter.
V.A.b. Chapter 2- The Military Base    
Section 1- The Military Base
   As soon as you start off, run straight ahead and hit the switch to 
the right of the door. Go through it and hit the next switch. Shoot the 
two guys that are cappin' you with their assault rifles from about a 
mile away, and run across the courtyard and duck into the room with the 
half-open door. Deebo the assault rifle and leave the little room. Go 
around the room to the left and climb up onto the roof of it. Climb the 
ladder onto the balcony and grab the life force to the right. Now run 
the other way into the small control room for one of the strangest 
glitches in the game. 
    Look down at the dead guard to see his face switch between all of 
the random guard faces one after another. After witnessing this demonic 
spectacle, continue to the right and, after killing the guard, into the 
next room. Grab the keycard and leave the room. Walk to the last room 
and go inside. Collect the few things in there and leave. Go around the 
outside of the room one the ledge to get some life force, then jump back 
down to the ground and go back through the door you came into this area 
through. Go straight and open up this door.
Section 2- Corridors of Pain
   As soon as the door opens, run forward and kill the guard to the left 
hiding behind his little sand bag shield. Break open the box and get the 
health, then turn around and shoot the guy who's running toward you. Go 
down the flickering hallway and make a left at the end. Kill the guards 
here, break the box, collect its contents, and open the next door.
Section 3- Main Access
   The objective that pops onto the screen informs you that the elevator 
you see directly in front of you is your final destination in this 
section. So waste no time and run to the left, killing the guard and 
hopping behind his shield. Kill the other guards that come flying around 
the corner at about 50 miles per hour and after collecting all the ammo 
lying around, continue on. To your left is a room with some presents in 
it, grab those.  Leave the room and turn left, heading for that ladder. 
Go up it, and mill around the balconies, collecting life force, and find 
the balcony that leads over to a wall with a sand bag shield by it. Hop 
the shield and climb up into the hole. Walk into the next room and 
Section 4- Topside
   Exit the hallway and shoot the guy waiting there. Jump over his 
shield and grab the life force and things there, then turn around and 
walk around the building you just exited. Go in the room in the corner 
to the right and climb the ladder. Grab the scientist's keycard, which 
he no longer needs. Now exit the room and go to the room in the opposite 
corner. Open the door and step inside. Climb up the ladder in the back 
of the room for a box o' 8 grenades. Head back downstairs and hit the 
red button and for some reason you're back in 
Section 3- Main Access
      Leave the room and jump down into the hole. What hole you ask? THE 
HUGE ONE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!! As you go for the tasty life force, a 
dying scientist will tell you that in a couple of minutes, you're done. 
History. Kaput. DEAD! D-E-D DEAD!!! After learning this delightful 
secret, grab the life force and the key card from the dead guy. Slide it 
in the slot right next to him and bust in there. 
Section 5- Silo 1
    Alright, I don't know about you, but these sections being all messed 
up is confusing me. Anyway, follow the red hallway to the right and 
shoot the guy patrolling up ahead. As soon as you enter the room, turn 
left and climb the ladder there. Get the life force, turn off the silo, 
and shoot the scientist(if you want). Now go through one of the doors 
and hop the railing, landing back on the ground level. Shoot the guy 
running up the hallway and go back down the hall. 
Section 3- Main Access
    Run onto the descending elevator and take a left through the big 
door. As soon as you get in the room, spin to the right and run straight 
ahead to the door marked "Silos 2 3 4". Open the door and run down the 
Section 6- Silos 2, 3 and 4
   Take a right at the end to get to Silo 2, shooting up the security 
staff on the way. Once in the silo, do the same thing you did with Silo 
1. Turn left, climb the ladder, disarm, kill, jump. Now run back out and 
straight at the intersection to get to Silos 3 and 4. Take a left 
through the sliding doors to get to the control rooms. Shut down the 
Silos, and head down the walkway in the middle to the room with the 
self-destruct button. It's on the right side of the globe thing in the 
     BEFORE LEAVING THIS AREA, go to the room with the two missiles. 
With your back to the door, fall into the hole under the left rocket and 
grab PSG Part numero dos. The Tek Bow is under the right one, in case 
you didn't grab it earlier. Leave this area the same way you came in, 
and go back for the last time.
Section 3- Main Access
   Run straight, past the ladder. Turn around and to the left. See that 
big open door with the words "MAIN ACCESS ELEVATOR" written above it? 
That's the one! Go in there. 
Section 7- Dark Hangar
    Kill the guys shooting at you from afar and go through the door 
that's exactly to the left when you hit the floor. Go into the small 
control room and get all of the life force and health and ammo. You'll 
find out you need a fuse to restore the lights. Before you leave the 
room, have a look at the scientist half-smushed by a big mainframe 
computer. Gruesome...
    Go through the huge door at the end of the hangar and collect all of 
the gifts near the entrance. Now run down the huge, dark hallway.
Section 8- The Warehouses
    Here you'll confront some of the nastier baddies in the game. A big 
green weird alien thing, it spits yellow goop at you or whacks you. 
There's a lot of these, so make sure your strafing isn't rusty. Kill 
them quick with the assault rifle so you don't take as much damage. The 
shotgun also works well at killing these aliens.  Note to self: These 
aliens can mess you up real bad if you wander into their warehouse with 
anything less than full energy. The first warehouse, you just have to 
make it through, killing all alien things along the way. Climb up onto 
the boxes near the back on the right, and fall down into the hallway. 
Walk down it for another big room, this one filled with human enemies, 
guards. Wipe 'em out and make your way to the back, where you'll climb a 
box and shoot the red barrel there(don't get too close). 
     Go into the big rock hallway and grab the power circuit. Keep 
walking to find a place where the road looks like it splits....well, it 
doesn't. Go up, and continue on to the big room with the pipes. Drop 
down and you're back in 
Section 7- Dark Hangar
    Fall down into the hangar and make your way to the small control 
room, where you'll slap the circuit into the fuse box and restore power. 
Section 9- Hit the Lights
    Leave the control room to find a bunch of guys in your room. Kill 
'em all and head for the door opposite the control room. Go inside and 
you're in 
Section 10- Into the Barracks
     Walk straight ahead into the strobing room, and go through the only 
door that you can, Level 1. Run through the doors and duck into the 
locker room on the right. Inside you'll find yet ANOTHER new kind of 
creature. It's a little blob with tentacles, pretty much. Kill it and 
collect the health and life force. Exit the room through the same door 
you came in(the only door), and continue down the hallway. You quickly 
stumble upon an intersection with two guys trying to hit you from both 
     Strafe over and hug the wall next to one of the doorways. As soon 
as one of them comes into firing range, kill it. Kill the other one, 
then mill around the rooms they were just occupying. Collect all the 
goodies and go through the set of doors that make up one of the four 
paths in the intersection. As soon as the door slides open, blow away 
the guard waiting on the other side. Go down the hallway and around the 
corner. JESUS!!! Don't be TOO speedy going around that corner or you'll 
fall into that big black pit there in the floor. Just take out your 
trusty energy grapple and zoom on across. Piece of cake. I hope you got 
everything you wanted, cause there's no going back.
Section 11- The Barracks
     Go through the doors and you'll find yourself in a small, not too 
confusing flooded maze. The alien things are smaller in this area, so 
you'll have to aim down a bit to kill them. It also appears that the 
aliens in this area respawn, so get in and get out. After killing a few 
alien things and tromping around in the water for a minute or two, you 
should come across a door with blobs on either side of it clinging to 
the wall.  For those of you who need directions, do this. Run straight 
ahead through the hole in the wall, up the ramp in this room, and the 
door is on your left. Don't you feel ever so intelligent now? Good. Now 
can I be the boss? Thanks. One more thing. There's some life force in a 
locker room in this area. To get to it, run to the exit door, then turn 
around and run down the flooded hallway, making a left when there's two 
doors. In there are a couple life force and a baddie. 
     Well, obviously, the door opens. But there's two blobs laying in 
wait on the walls. Back up a foot or two and inform them that your 
shottie does the talkin' and turn them into green smears. Walk down this 
hallway and turn right. Walk down this hallway to get to 
Section 12- Rec Room
      Turn the corner and take off this guards head before he can finish 
his sentence. Go through the door and head to the right into the room, 
ignoring the big pit in the floor for now and killing the guard. After 
you get the stuff from this small series of rooms, Go down into the big 
pit. It would appear that you should jump across the gap and grab the 
pistol upgrade, but no! Wait! 
      First, fall into the water and swim to the very bottom of the lake 
and get yourself 20 health and a Cerebral Bore with two bores. Now, 
climb up the huge section of wall(put away the bore, you'll need it a 
little later). Grab the pistol upgrade and whip out that Mag 60. you've 
gotta love the feeling of accuracy and rapid fire.  Go back up, out of 
the pit, and take a left at the top. Go down this hallway and slaughter 
the guard. Go into the  left elevator. Did you pick the left one? You 
did? Did it work? It didn't? WHAT A SURPRISE! ;-) But seriously, go into 
the elevator on the right and hit the button inside. 
Section 13- Undersea Observatory
     Uh-oh!! Almost to the boss!! Follow the hallway to the underwater 
viewing room, and hop the railing into the room itself. Go down the 
slope for a WHOLE CLIP of pistol ammo! Yowza! In the viewing room, some 
guys will be making their way down the ramps to kill you. Use the 
shotgun to relieve them of their legs. Jump back down into the room and  
go into the room on the right. Get your pistol 
upgrade...again...(ummm...yeah....) and head straight across the viewing 
room and into the other doorway. You can dive to the bottom of the pool 
in here if you're a stickler for life force. Open the big door and kill 
the two guards awaiting you before they kill you. Run down this hallway.
Section 14- Sub Pen (BOSS: The Xiphias)
    Oh damn. You see that blue life bar that just appeared at the top? 
Boss time. Head into the room on the right and jump over the boxes. Hit 
the switch and whip around to blast an alien thing as it comes into the 
room. Time to face Xiphias, a big version of those unfriendly, yellow-
glob spitting alien things. Apparently, this is their mama. Leave this 
little room and head into the big one. Now, to defeat this guy, you have 
to use strafe. A LOT. First, where everything is in this room. In the 
middle, you have Xiphias. On the balcony to the right of the entrance, 
there's a box of shotgun shells. To the left of the entrance, 20 health. 
In the back left corner, a box of assault rifle ammo. On the ground 
around the big pool, there's some pistol bullets. 
      Battle Part 1: You have to shoot him in the eye. I suggest using 
the Tek Bow. He has a couple of attacks. He can whap you with his 
tentacle, grab you and drag you to him with his tentacle, or shoot a 
WHOLE lot of yellow balls at you. Basically, you want to strafe around, 
preferably collecting the health first, and avoid the yellow balls. Run 
around to the back of the room, where the sub is suspended, pumpin' Tek 
arrows into him and strafing around to avoid the balls. Don't shoot when 
the eye closes, but don't stop moving. Draw back, and as soon as it 
opens, shoot an arrow. If you see what looks like a tentacle shoot out 
at you, shoot an arrow immediately to send it back. Once his health gets 
low enough, his eye will explode.
      Battle Part 2: When his eye explodes, he'll hesitate a second or 
two before spinning in circles shooting yellow balls. These are hard to 
avoid cause there's so many of them. Which is why you killed him from 
back here. So as soon as his eye explodes, climb up and hit the button. 
       Jump down into the water and swim down the tunnel. 
Congratulations. You have just spanked Chapter 2 like a naughty little 
boy on the lap of some big-bosomed, young, blonde nun..*AHEM*! a little carried away. Anyway, that's it for Chapter 2.
V.A.c. Chapter 3: The Junkyard
Section 1- Lost Land Junkyard
     Before jumping off this small ledge and actually drudging into the 
junkyard, turn around and grab the life force. Now jump down and go on 
about your merry way. Since there's very little to do in this area, and 
no enemies to speak of, just wander around aimlessly collecting things. 
But once you're done doing that, you should use your energy grapple to 
get up into that room. The room is located straight ahead from the 
entrance to the level. Once in there, turn left and blow this guy away 
with a Tek arrow or anything else. Grab the module he drops and turn 
around. Run down the curved hallway and kill the guy with spikes coming 
out of his arms, then run to the end and pop the module in. Run back 
down the curved hallway and through the now open door, killing a spike 
guy on the way. 
Section 2- Plane Wreck
     You can get turned around very easily in this area, but if you 
follow my walkthrough, you'll be in and out of there before you know it. 
Grab the clip of ammo and go right up to the edge but not over it. Aim 
down and to the left with your Tek Bow and blast the guy there. 
Immediately aim out into the distance to the right a bit and kill the 
guy out there. Jump down and wade through the water until you see a ramp 
and some barrels on the right. Go up the ramp and get the ammo here. Go 
up the big, steep ramp and into the bluish lit cave. Grab the shotgun 
upgrade and use something non-explosive like the assault rifle to kill 
those pesky bugs. 
      Go out of this cave and down the right side of the big ramp. Climb 
onto the wing of the plane and kill the guy hiding behind the waterfall. 
Go up onto the fuselage(middle) of the plane and run back to the tail 
fins. Kill the guys off to the right and go across the right  fin and 
through the door there. Follow the hallway. 
Section 3- The Drain
     Follow the hallway to the end and shoot the raptor on the ground 
level before you jump down there. This area gets hectic real quick, so 
pull out your Mag 60 or Assault Rifle. Don't use the Fireswarm cause it 
uses 5 shells per shot. And watch out for those huge monsters, they 
don't like you at all. You have to find the red and blue crystal keys to 
open the exit to  this room. From the entrance, take a left and run all 
the way to the end of the room. 
     Go in the smaller room and grab the blue crystal. Spin around 
immediately with your assault rifle cocked and let enough rounds fly to 
kill the huge guy. Now a compy(a small green dinosaur) will run at you. 
Kill it before it gets to you, as well as the raptor that's also headed 
your way. Run straight across into the other room and grab the red 
crystal. Hop up onto the box here and take out the small dinosaur coming 
at you full speed ahead.  Place the two crystals in their respective 
slots to open the door.
       Kill each dinosaur as you see it, before it has a chance to get 
to you. If the dinos do make it to you, run backwards while pumping them 
full of lead. Go down the hallway that you just opened. 
Section 4- Generator Room
      This area mainly consists of running around collecting objects and 
putting them in their slots. Well, that fact out of the way, lets get 
started. As you run forward you'll see a guy being eaten by compys. 
Quickly replace their meal with a well-placed shotgun blast.... Go up 
the ramp and do a little box-hopping for some ammo. Go back to the 
platform and through the doorway at the other end of it. Go up the ramp 
into the generator room itself and kill the guy waiting in there. Run 
straight ahead, past the door on the right, to the huge ramp leading 
upwards. At the top of this ramp, take the platform to the right, 
labeled control room. Kill the guy there, take Access Module B and leave 
this room. 
      Back on the raised platforms, head across to the other doorway up 
here, and put in the module. Run in here and kill the two-headed freak 
and grab the battery. Leave the room, and take the ramp back down to the 
ground level. Go through the door right behind the ramp, the one I told 
you to ignore before. Go up and put in the battery at the top of the 
ramp. Kill the two-headed freak that runs out and head through the door 
he just came from. Follow the hallway.
Section 5- The Lab
      Follow the curved hallway all the way around and kill the two-
head, then drop into the room and grab Access Module C. Go to the door 
on the other side of the big console and put in the module. Walk in here 
and down to the small area. Grab the fuse(the big red thing), hit the 
switch, and climb onto the elevator. Kill the guy crouched behind the 
box and the two-head that drops down near those life force hanging in 
the air to the left. Go through the small hole in the grating...
Section 6- The Dam
      For now, just run straight across to the cave on the other side. 
In here, you'll have to kill some raptors and then claim your prize, the 
green fuse. Leave the cave and go to the HUGE pipe in the middle of the 
area. Drop down it.(Don't bother with the energy grapple, it just leads 
to some shotgun ammo that you can get later.)Kill the guy here and 
collect the blue fuse. Now, climb up the ladder, run back to the small 
hole in the grate,
Section 5- The Lab
     kill another two head that drops down where the other one did, up 
the elevator, through the small room, down the curved hallway,
Section 4- Generator Room
       Go into each side room here and step up to the console to 
automatically place each fuse. Then run into the main generator 
room(where the generator is now on), up the ramp again, and into the 
right hand doorway labeled "control room". Go right in there and through 
the newly opened door.
Section 6- The Dam
       Here we are, back at the dam, but an unfamiliar part of it. Grab 
the useless vampire gun, and hit the red button on the console right in 
front of it. After you watch yourself flood the entire area(good job), 
go through the newly opened door to your left. Collect the stuff around 
the edge of the pool before dropping down into it. Go down into the 
water, and it's time to go snag your third PSG part. Swim all the way 
down and into that familiar hole in the grating.
Section 5- The Lab
       Back when this place was dry, you've might've noticed a bunch of 
life force and a little alcove way high up, where you couldn't get to. 
Well, now you can. From the grate, turn right and swim to see the life 
force, then follow them to the water's surface. Go up into the alcove 
for your PSG part and an Ultra Health. Jump back in the water and swim 
down through the grate again.
Section 6- The Dam
        Swim up to the surface. You should see a hole in the wall where 
the plane crashed into it earlier, and a series of small alcoves that 
each contain an item. Go collect all the items, THEN go to the hole in 
the wall. Kill the guard there and jump over the little wall. Run 
forward past the burning plane.
Section 7- Into the Jungle
      To get the full experience from this area(and a bunch of goodies 
while you're at it), you should jump up onto the big pipe stuck into the 
left wall. Follow this as far down as it goes, stopping along the wall 
to kill a guy or two. Then turn around and backtrack along the pipe to 
the energy ball that's up and to your left. 
      Shoot up to it, and take this set of platforms to their end. Then 
backtrack along the ground to collect the last few items. A small 
walkthrough is in order for the high up platforms. First, grapple up 
there. Then, walk up the steep hill and across the flat surface, 
collecting the grenade launcher as you do. Walk down the other side of 
the hill, and fall onto the metal walkway thing, then onto the next 
platform. From there, hop onto the pipe and then drop to the ground.
      Once you've explored this area thoroughly, head for the exit(the 
end of the level that seems to have nothing but a doorway). Run down the 
Section 8- The Foyer
      Leave the hallway and shoot the huge apeish thing from as far away 
as possible. Don't stop shooting until it's dead. Kill the guys up high, 
then use the energy grapple to get up there. Grab the firestorm cannon 
and if you're low on health, follow this little trick. back up as close 
to the edge as you can under the energy grapple ball. Back up slowly 
until you start to fall, then immediately hold forward. You should land 
on the balcony right below you, where a full health and a quiver of 
arrows is waiting. Fall to the ground then energy grapple back up to the 
top and go down the hallway. Run around to the other side of the 
balcony, and go down the ramps into the main room. After collecting all 
the goodies from this room, find the missing section in the chains 
around the big hole and go down the ramp. 
Section 9- The Opisthor's Chamber(BOSS: Opisthor)
       Are you ready? I hope so, cause this guy is tricky. Run over to 
the first small pool thing to the right and wait for the beast to pop 
up. Strafe around, shooting him with the shotgun(NOT the Fireswarm) 
until he retreats into the water. Immediately go hit the big button on 
the wall to lock it. I suggest a counter-clockwise rotation for this 
room, so you can grab the health after killing him the second time. Do 
the same for the next pool, but don't EVEN think that you had it easy, 
because at the third pool he comes out of his shell and whips you with 
tentacles. Keep your distance and dodge like a fiend every time he 
shoots goop at you. The last two are easy if you keep far away, because 
all that needs to be done is this: shoot, dodge to the left. Shoot, 
dodge to the right, shoot, dodge to the left, etc. Then go up into the 
room in the middle that just opened. Here's where it gets a little 
tricky. Using the shotgun, strafe around the pool in a big circle and 
don't stop shooting. You should get hit a couple of times, but if your 
health is good, it won't matter. 
         After killing him, walk to the pool in the middle.
V.A.d. Chapter 4: The Lost Land
Section 1- Echoes of the Past
      NOTE: For this area, it's best to use the Firestorm Cannon. Just 
aim at a guy and when the crosshair blinks red, TAP the Z button. If you 
just TAP it, you'll only shoot off two or three bullets and the enemy 
will be dead.
      You fall into a small room with the big dead Opisthor. Run out 
into the open and take a GOOD look around. Now if you've played the 
first Turok, you'll know that this is the first level. It's apparently 
after the first Turok came through, because lots of stuff is destroyed. 
Kill the guy to your right, the one that drops down to the left, and the 
other one that drops down on the left. Then spin around and kill the 
guys creepin' up behind you. Afterwards, run down into the water. Swim 
along the left wall until you find a hole. 
     Go into it and follow the cave to a ledge above where you just 
were, killing the guys on the way up. Grab the items and fall back down. 
Cross the bridge halfway and jump the gap. On the other side scale the 
small wall and watch a small cutscene. Walk into the big room and around 
the back of the pillars. Kill the guy standing in the bush and continue 
around to the path. Walk down it and grab the items. 
     Run back to the big room and look up above the barrier near where 
you killed that guy. Using the energy grapple, pull yourself over the 
barrier and follow the path. Grab the ammo.
Section 2- Narrow Passage
      Jump down and follow the path to the clearing. Shoot up the 
enemies directly ahead behind the bush, then turn right to smoke two 
guys coming at you from the other passage. If you stand here and wait, 
you can pick off four or five guys with the Firestorm Cannon. Like fish 
in a barrel. Go behind the bushes into the small alcove on the right to 
collect the items before moving on. Grab the life force and look to your 
left. The texture on the wall will be different here. Climb up and kill 
the guy here, collecting the goodies he was stashing. Continue down the 
path to:
Section 3- Ancient Altar
      Using your Firestorm Cannon, shoot the man standing on the altar. 
This will cause two other guys to run out from each side. Mow them down 
as well. Run over to where the far guard was and grab his key. Run up 
the ramp to the left of the altar and open the door here. Kill the 
raptor that jumps from the bushes, then turn around and kill the one 
running up behind you. Drop down the hole in the center of the room.
Section 4- Canyon Blockade
      Walk forward and watch the cutscene. Afterwards, run forward some 
more and kill the guard here. Take a right at the end of the path 
and..heh heh heh. Looks like the cave-in to the right eliminated  that 
path AND that guard. Oh damn! Run down the ramp and jump onto the tiny 
ledge to the left, grabbing the life force there. Hop up a bit onto the 
higher up tiny ledge, and follow it to the small cave for some ammo and 
       Jump back onto the wooden ledge and look out over to the 
blockade. Moving the crosshairs slowly over the roof of it, you should 
be able to pick off two guys(just wait until the crosshairs turn red). 
Now, kill the guy on the middle level of the blockade using the same 
method. Next, energy grapple over to that small cliff. Turn around and 
look for the jail cell looking thing carved into the rock waaaay on the 
other side. See that thing that looks like a guy in it? Why they'd give 
a locked up guard a gun? Silly tribesmen! Pull out the Tek Bow and let 
one fly at that fool. 
       Now, run down the hallway leading away from the ledge you're 
standing on. Drop down onto the gatehouse and then down onto the ground. 
Just make sure you fall on the right side of it. Turn around and walk 
backwards in case there's a guard you missed up in the gatehouse.
Section 5- Bunker Assault
       Hop into the water with your Firestorm Cannon still armed, making 
sure you follow my advice at the start of this Chapter. You'll see the 
river fork to the right after the waterfall, but stay going straight and 
hop out on the right side where the life force is. Run up the hill there 
to where there's a guy down and to the left on a small platform. Kill 
him and jump to the platform. Flip the switch on the platform which will 
lower the drawbridge to your right. 
       Run into the cave and flip the switch. Take the elevator down 
Section 6- Command Center
        As soon as the elevator hits bottom, strafe out facing left and 
shoot the guy waiting for you. Two choices here. A)Climb the ladder and 
kill the guy up there, grabbing his booty afterward.(THE LIFE FORCE!!! 
Where do they find you people?). Or B) Dead-eyes like myself can bounce 
a grenade off the roof and bring it down on the guy's head, obliterating 
him and avoiding injury. Anyway, head up the tunnel, blasting the guy 
running toward you on the way. Stop just before you run into the 
clearing and whip out your cannon. The umm...Firestorm Cannon 
fellas....jeez o pete. 
       Well, a slew of guys will run at you, guns blazing, and all you 
need to do is teach them about the effects of gatling gun fire on the 
human body. After they've passed their tests, give them all an A+ for 
the effort(for people who can't function with more than 2-syllable 
words, that would translate to "KILL THE BASTARDS!!" I'm glad we have 
these little talks). Three will be near the back of the clearing, and 
one should drop down. Up and to the left there will be a guard. Kill him 
without leaving the passage. Another guy will drop down. Smoke 'im. 
      Now, here's a tricky part. Turn around so that you're facing the 
passage you came from, and look straight up. You should see a sheer rock 
face, with a little protrusion sticking out. If not, back up a little 
more until you do. Once you see it, back up just a hair and start aiming 
at it. As soon as the crosshairs blink red, squeeze off a couple rounds. 
You should take out the guy standing up there before he even knew what 
hit him.
      Run across the small bridge and into the room with the two torches 
outside. Grab the super-badass Razor Wind from the table and go flip the 
two switches at the end of the room. As you can see, they opened up some 
doors somewhere. Now exit the room and hop into the fast-flowing water 
to your left. Grab the life force and go with the flow. 
Section 5- Bunker Assault
      You fall out to the sounds of gunfire. Never a good thing. Flow 
with the river to past the bridge where you can climb out on the right 
side. Aim on top of the gatehouse to pick off two guards with your 
weapon of choice(I still recommend the Firestorm Cannon). As you can 
see, your destination was the other side of that drawbridge a little 
ways back. Beat feet over the drawbridge and stand around for a bit. 
Spread your arms and yell "what then?!" if you feel the need. You've 
come a long way. But you've still got a ways to go. Anyway, when your 
head shrinks back down enough for you to go inside, meet me in the next 
      Enter the gatehouse and blast open the two boxes. Then climb the 
ramp, grab the life force, and climb down the ladder at the other end. 
Grab the ammo and climb back up. Go over to the edge of the gatehouse 
and hop in the river one last time. "Why?" you may ask. Its faster and 
it's easier to type than directions. 
Section 7- Final Gate+Boss(The Warlord)
    Flow over the waterfall and to the end of the river. Hop out on the 
right bank(theres some health on the left bank if you need it). Kill the 
baddies(theres a bunch of 'em), then smoke the guy doing the autopsy. 
Some character named Warlord is callin' you out, so you gots no choice 
but to fight! Climb up the ladder and let the brawlin' begin.
BOSS: The Warlord
     All you gotta do for this joker is whip out the Firestorm Cannon, 
let him come downstairs, smoke that fool, and then bust upstairs real 
quick like. Now, you mighta thought "holy crap that was easy!" but as 
you can see, his life bar recharges. So after you blast him, run 
upstairs and wait for him. When he starts up after you, back up until 
you're on the grate. Then wait for him to run at the grate and swing at 
you. As he swings, back up some more to hit the switch. He'll take a 
nosedive and its roasted flesh for everyone. Or you can shoot him some 
more with Firestorm Cannon and cause him to be stuned on the grate. 
Either way works. Oh, and don't jump into the fire to try and see if he 
has any items, cause you'll wind up dead.
      After you whoop him up raw, grab his key and ultra health and go 
back down the ladder. Take a right as soon as you exit the room and run 
a tiny bit to the huge door. Use your newfound key to pop that beast 
open. Once again hop in the river and ride it out, swimming to make 
yourself go even faster.
Section 8- Temple of the Damned
      Ride the river to the VERY end, which is an underwater gate with a 
waterfall just beyond. Hop up on a small ledge here and turn around to 
blast an enemy runnin' at ya. Facing upstream, jump out of the water 
onto the left bank and kill some more enemies. Whip around and smoke all 
the baddies hiding out in the big structure on the other side of the 
river. Walk across the wooden plank over the river and climb the ladder. 
Search every room on the second floor to find ammo, health, and another 
ladder. Climb this one to the third floor.
      On this floor you can find more ammo and the Fireswarm upgrade on 
a thin ledge. Climb the ladder to the next floor. Where there are some 
life forces in a vertical line you can scale a rock face. Do it!! 
Reminds me of Mission Impossible 2 except for you have a gun...and 
you're in a jungle...well, whatever. Scale the rock face to a cave at 
the top. Follow the cave around to a small room where you hit a switch 
to lower the drawbridge across the river. Drop down to the second floor 
of the building and cross the bridge. Turn right as soon as you cross it 
and smoke the guy standing there cause he can and will mess up your day. 
Go down the tunnel he was standing in and ignore the door on the right. 
In the big room hop up onto the boxes where the life force is and from 
that box energy grapple to the top. 
     Go down the lit hallway and down the ladder. Go down the next 
ladder to the left and kill the guy waiting in there. Flip the switch 
and peek out of the room. Waste the guy coming out of the newly opened 
door, then head on over there. Inside, tehre'll be a guy on the balcony 
to your upper left when you enter. Turn around and back into the room to 
get him. Look up through the ceiling and blast the guy standing up 
there. He'll fall down onto the slab, opening the dragon's mouth on the 
wall. Snag the sceptre and shoot the guy pumping darts into your back. 
     You'll see an energy ball through the hole in the ceiling if you 
stand just right in the room. Energy grapple up to it and grab the life 
forces. Fall back into the room and head into the side room and up the 
ramps. Kill the guard up here and place the sceptre on its little stand. 
You just opened the pyramid gate. YOU BETTER STOP CLAPPING FOR YOURSELF 
BEFORE I STRAIGHT UP SMOKE YO ASS!!! That's what I thought. "How far 
have you come because of me??"-Tyler Durden.
      Leave the building and go through the gate you just barely opened 
to your right. 
Section 9- Gate to Oblivion
      Ok. Here's my patented "daredevil" strategy. (Its also one of the 
only ways to get the 4th PSG piece. Ready? Run straight ahead to see 
that drawbridge that's raised. At the end of this penninsula thing, 
there's two stone things that are raised higher than the penninsula. Hop 
up onto the left one and look down. You're not afraid of heights, are 
you? Well, jump to the left, and veer as far to the left as you possibly 
can, cause if you don't make that deep water by the time you hit, you're 
toast. You're aiming for a point that, looking straight down with the 
waterfall on the left, is to the right of the waterfall and up a bit. 
This is THE only deep water, as I just found out testing my strategy. If 
you hit anywhere else, you're dead. It'll take a couple tries, but when 
it works, it pays off. Also, right before you hit the water, pull back 
and to the right on the control stick to give Danielle a slight spin. 
This is also one of the only ways I've been able to pull this off. And 
if you're REALLY having trouble doing it, just put on the invincibility 
code for the jump and then turn it back off(unless you like being god).
    Well, for those of us who successfully hit the deep water, swim to 
the surface and climb out. Go over to the small hut and snag all the 
ammo in it.  Flip the switch in there and grab a ride on the platform 
that zooms down across the way. Up top, walk straight ahead and up the 
step-like things on the side of the pyramid. Walk up the slope on the 
side to the top and to the left there's some more step-like protrusions. 
Hop up these to the top of the temple. Up here, you need only to jump 
straight ahead to grab the PSG part hovering over the opening and then 
you'll fall RIGHT on the Gem of Ice. Cool, huh? Leave the pyramid 
through the huge hole in the front of it(where the steps are), and go 
put the Gem of Ice in rhe right-hand holder before the closed 
     Go back in the pyramid and jump down to the right as soon as you 
get inside. Hit the switch in the small alcove an continue around to the 
back on the lowest level. Hit the two switches here, lowering a wall. 
Grab the Lava Globe and run up the slope to leave the pyramid through 
the big hole again. Jump in the little opening outside the entrance and 
walk through it for a cerebral bore and two life force. Flip the switch 
to get back inside the pyramid and walk over to the huge door on the 
same level as you. Put the Lava Globe in the holder on the right and 
wait for the door to open. Bust down the hallway once it has. 
Section 10- Fiery Encounter
    Walk down the tunnel and kill the two fireborn running up the hill 
at you. Go over the bridge and continue on.
Section 11- Aerial Journey
   I really like this part. Walk right over the edge and look down. 
Shoot off rounds when your crosshair turns red, and once you're on the 
ground, waste the fireborn. Walk over to the big whitish air looking 
thing and go into it. Look straight up and hold forward to streamline 
and fly up to a cave. Land inside the cave and just follow the path, 
killing fireborn, until you come to a fork. First, take the right fork 
and drop the boulder on the air vent. Then, take the left fork down to 
another fork. Take the left fork down some more. The right fork leads to 
Burning Passage, which at the moment is completely lava and not good for 
you. Keep following the path to...
Section 12- The Nursery
  Follow the tunnel to a huge room where your only friend is speed and 
quick reflexes. Using a high-powered weapon such as the Firestorm 
Cannon, waste all of the Fireborn as the come out of the pools. Keep 
doing this and making your way toward the back of the cave. Grab all the 
goodies, turn around and waste some more Fireborn, then make your way 
out of this cave, grabbing the ultra health on the way.
Section 11- Aerial Journey
   As soon as you exit the cave, look down and see some ledges 
beckoning. After hopping down them for a bit, hop into the cave they 
lead to. In this cave, kill the two Fireborn and then blast the big 
bulge hanging from the ceiling. It'll pop like a zit and ooze lava down 
into who knows where. Back in Burning Passage, walkways form from lava 
being drained out. Continue jumping down ledges until you reach the 
ground, killing Fireborn along the way. On the ground, you'll notice two 
vents are shooting air. Fly up using the one by itself in the corner. 
Once you land, don't run through the cave but turn around and head over 
that small path. At this fork instead of heading up head into the cave 
to reach...
Section 13- Burning Passage
   Run across the platforms. DON'T STOP RUNNING. There are probably 
Fireborns right behind you taking swings at your head so you do NOT want 
to slow down. Once you're on the other side of the room, bust down the 
hallway never breaking stride. Kill the fireborn in your way and head 
across the small bridge. At the big rock would be a good time to spin 
around and waste all the Fireborn with the Firestorm Cannon, since you 
won't get another chance. 
   Walk over to the edge and look down. That's a long way. Well, jump to 
the closest ledge to the left and start hopping down the ledges until 
you get to the floor. At the bottom kill the weird little chicken things 
and walk into the big cave. Kill the big chicken thing and all the 
little ones will stop annoying you. In the back of the cave there's a 
path that leads to....
Section 10- Fiery Encounter
    Walk out into the big room and shoot the huge red rock hanging down. 
Walk over to where the path ends and then jump to the other walkway. 
Take this walkway down the floor and kill all the fireborns. Jump onto 
the red rock that you shot down earlier and then onto the next platform. 
Walk along this to where the path takes a sharp left turn. Just before 
the turn there's a cave to the right. Enter it and follow the path to...
Section 14- Heart of Fire(BOSS: Alpha Fireborn)
    As soon as you come into the room, blast the hanging rock to make 
sure the boss can't go under and heal. Then whip out something powerful, 
preferably the RazorWind(you'll be surprised) and waste that fool. And 
always strafe. Keep a look out for fireborn trying to destroy your 
little boss-blockin' rock. They seem to want you to take a dip on the 
hot stuff. I got this boss raw in no time flat. Here's what I did: I 
flung the RazorWind at him so he'd go under and recharge. Then I flung 
it at the rock on the ceiling to make it so he couldn't recharge. Then I 
threw the razorwind at him THREE times and he was dead. THREE.
    Walk through the back of the room to snag the Gem of Fire, then hop 
in the water rushing right behind it.
Section 9- Gate to Oblivion
   You come out in your favorite spot and mine, the watering hole!! 
Remember this place, boys and girls? This is where we broke our necks 
dozens of times trying to hit a deep spot in the water! Anyway, jam on 
up to the surface like before and instead of going up the pyramid, climb 
onto the lowest tier on the outside and walk along the ledge until you 
can jump off safely near the penninsula. Put the Gem of Fire in the 
holder on the left side of the penninsula and the drawbridge FINALLY 
opens. After a short little dialogue part where some aliens are talking 
all scratchy and mumbly, you've beaten the chapter.
V.A.e. Chapter 5: Oblivion's Headquarters
Section 1- Welcoming Committee
Next time, kiddies!

VI. Cheats
The animals system can get confusing. Most of them look like their 
animal, but a few(raven, hawk) are confusing. Here is a color guide to 
help you figure out what's what:
Elk- Green- Deer
Lizard- Blue- an odd looking shape, just go by the blue color.
Dragonfly- Red- a dragonfly.
Frog- Yellow- a frog.
Horse- Light Purple- the whole horse.
Bull- Aqua(light bluish green) just the head of the bull.
Bear- Gold(a slightly darker yellow) on two feet.
Hawk- Magenta(reddish purple)bird.
Insect- Light Blue ant.
Salmon- Greenish fish.
Raven- Darker purple bird.
Wolf- Sky blue wolf howling at the moon.
Coyote- Whitish purple dog looking animal.
Owl- Light yellow owl.
Cougar- pinkish shape that resembles a cat walking toward you.
Snake- Orange, looks like some dog poop.
Rabbit- White rabbit(Matrix or Alice in Wonderland fans, maybe?)

VI.A.Cheat Codes
And now, the cheats
Invincibility-Raven, salmon, eagle, bear, lizard, rabbit

All Weapons- Owl, bear, owl, insect, hawk, owl

Unlimited Ammo- Salmon, elk, bull, snake, eagle, salmon

Warp Level 1- Frog, elk, horse, dragonfly, wolf, rabbit

Warp Level 2- Owl, owl, horse, elk, elk, elk

Warp Level 3- Owl, rabbit, bear, insect, frog, cougar

Warp Level 4- Bear, horse, raven, eagle, horse, coyote

Warp Level 5- Bear, dragonfly, horse, bear, frog, elk

All Keys- Lizard, dragonfly, bull, bear, wolf, eagle

Headless- Lizard, elk, eagle, owl, salmon, horse

Gouraud- Lizard, salmon, insect, salmon, wolf, dragonfly

Pen and ink mode: Jaguar, Horse, Elk, Fish, Jaguar, Hawk.

View credits: Elk, Elk, Elk, Elk, Elk, Elk

Gasping Mode: Dragonfly, bull, rabbit, salmon, eagle, raven

All Keys: Lizard, dragonfly, bull, bear, wolf, eagle

Big hands and feet: Lizard, lizard, dragonfly, horse, lizard, coyote

Big heads: Cougar, Wolf, snake, rabbit, lizard, coyote

Mannequin: Snake, bull, snake, frog, bear, elk

Menu madness: Rabbit, owl, horse, insect, bear, bear

Stick man code: Horse, eagle, snake, cougar, insect, salmon

Tiny mode: Frog, frog, salmon, insect, wolf, cougar

If you know the last few cheats, please e-mail me with them.

VI.B. Cheat Explanations
All Weapons: Obviously, gives you all of that character's weapons.

All Keys: Gives you all of the keys in the Chapter.

Big Hands and Feet: Slightly increase the size of the enemy's hands and 

Big Head: Swells up the heads like balloons.

Clean Screen: Removes all displays(health and ammo) from view. 

Credits: Displays the credits, not surprisingly.

Gasping Mode: Makes pained noises on the menus whenever you move the 

Gouraud: Makes everything odd colored and shaded, but not textured.

Headless: Removes the heads of all enemies for that Headless Horseman 

Invincibility: Makes you invincible.

Mannequin: The characters in deathmatch never move any limbs. They just 
slide around the floor like a bunch of idiots.

Menu Madness: All of the menus vibrate.

Pen and Ink Mode: Everything looks hand-drawn in black & white.

Stick Mode: Causes all enemies to be rail-thin.

Tiny Mode: Shrinks all enemies to minuscule proportions. However, the 
old method of making the voices sound high-pitched is missing.

Unlimited Ammo: Never run out of shells for your shottie. Or anything 
else for that matter.

Warp Level 1: Warps you to the beginning of Chapter 1.

Warp Level 2: Warps you to the beginning of Chapter 2.

Warp Level 3: Warps you to the beginning of Chapter 3.

Warp Level 4: Warps you to the beginning of Chapter 4.

Warp Level 5: Warps you to the beginning of Chapter 5.

VII. Saucy Comment Archives
Version 0.1 Saucy Comment: It's 5 in the morning, and I'm not done with 
my day. I've still got another 10 hours left in me. If that. I also want 
to say that I'm proud to be the first(I think) person to start on a FAQ 
for this killer game.

Version 0.2 Saucy Comment: It appears that the Turok line lives by the 
code "kill or be killed" because whether you put a bullet through his 
head or leg, he collapses and goes into his death throes.

Version 0.3 Saucy Comment: Killing people has become disturbing 
realistic lately, and it's oddly gratifying.

Version 0.4 Saucy Comment: Not that saucy this time around, but equally 
informative. Next update will see an expansion on the weapons section 
and Possibly even explanations of the cheats. Helpful if you don't feel 
like putting in every cheat to find out what they do.

Version 0.45 Saucy Comment: I used to have no comment, but I just made 
on up! People wear Nike shoes and Nike T-shirts with big swooshes on 
them because they like to support Nike's product, right? Well, correct 
me if I'm wrong, but isn't Nike's product shoes and T-shirts with big 
swooshes on them?

Version 0.5 Saucy Comment: Since this update was just to get further in 
the walkthrough and did not get sent out to any websites, there was no 
saucy comment.

Version 0.55 Saucy Comment::((Shameless Plug/Competition Bashing)) Even 
though IGN Guides now has a walkthrough posted now, you couldn't 
POSSIBLY find the kind of racy humor and blatant innuendoes that I have 
here in their guide. Besides, you don't have to register for mine.

Version 0.6 Saucy Comment:William Shatner really needs to stop making commercials. 

Version 0.65 Saucy Comment: Another sneaky one like 0.5. Never uploaded, 
so no saucy comment.
VIII. Contact Information
NOTE: I have officially changed my mind. Since I have been on such a 
long hiatus, I will now accept ANY and ALL questions from here on out. 
Bring it on. :-)
NOTE: Also, I changed my mind on the site requests for my FAQ. If you 
wanna use this FAQ, fine. Just ask me first, then I'll send it to you. 
There ARE two conditions to this. 
Condition A) If I have sent you my FAQ, but your site is not listed 
below, you MAY post it. Just send me a notification so I can be sure to 
add it. 
Condition B) Alternately, if I have not sent you my FAQ, but your site 
is listed, then send me an e-mail and I'll send you the FAQ.

 I can be reached at [email protected] about Turok 3 info, but if 
you NEED a hint ASAP or you just wanna BS then you can sometimes find me 
on AOL as Downwrdspirl.
IX. Copyright Info
The following sites have expressed permission to post this FAQ on their 
sites: the Video Gaming Central forum)
If you wish to post my FAQ on your site, just drop me a line. 

All characters, voices, names, info, and general spurty black blood 
goodness is ©2000 Acclaim Entertainment Inc. and ©2000 Nintendo of 
All spoutings and general babbling in this FAQ is ©2000 Killa Bee.

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