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                              Twisted Metal 2
   Welcome to Twisted Metal 2. I have strategies, passwords, secret codes 
   and lots of other stuff related to Twisted Metal 2. I hope you enjoy this 
   and feel free to send me your suggestions, comments, questions and 
   criticisms to [email protected] Thanks!
   Josh Harring
   Last Updated: 12/17/97
   Hello everyone, sorry this hasn't been updated in a few months, but
   here's the newest update. Thanks to everyone who mailed me the Statue
   of Liberty trick, it's posted now. And yes, I've heard the Mona Lisa
   code rumor. It's supposed to let you view a hidden video clip when you
   input it at the Singletrac screen, but the simple fact is I can't get
   it to work, nor have I heard from anyone who has gotten it to work
   either. Therefore, I am concluding that it is just a wild rumor that
   has gotten out of control. And because I don't post false rumors on
   this page, it's not on here. It's funny, no one seems to know what's
   ON the actual video clip itself, just that it exists. Sounds like a
   rumor to me. And to everyone who mailed me questions about Dark Tooth,
   here's the story: He is NOT playable any other way except through the
   Game Shark code listed below. There is no other code, honest. So
   please, no more questions. Thanks and enjoy. - JH
Table of Contents

   1. The Weapons
   2. The Special Weapons
   3. General Strategies
   4. Advanced Attacks
   5. Strategies Against Each Car
   6. Beating the Bosses
   7. Secret Codes
   8. Passwords
   9. Level Strategies
  The Weapons
   You can pick up a number of weapon icons in this game, and each weapon
   has its own different strengths and weaknesses. Here I will offer my
   opinion as to how effective the weapons are. This list is in order of
   effectiveness from best to worst.
   1. Homing - This weapon is great because you don't have to aim it at
   all. Just fire at someone ahead of you, and if there are no walls or
   other barriers in your way, it will probably hit the enemy. Although
   it doesn't do a particularly high amount of damage, its high hit rate
   makes up for that. This is a great weapon for fast cars, because you
   can turn toward someone, fire, and then scram before they know what
   hit them.
   2. Power - Another great weapon, if you're an accurate shooter. Its
   drawback is that it goes completely straight with no homing
   capability. However, if you can hit someone with it, it will take a
   sizable chunk out of someone's life meter, especially the small cars.
   Try and use this weapon when you are close to someone, so as to
   increase the chance of hitting them.
   3. Fire - This is a good weapon when you're out of Homings and Powers.
   It is kind of weak, but it has some homing capability, although not
   nearly as much as the Homing missile. This is another good weapon for
   close battles, because firing long distance at somebody with this
   weapon is not very wise. If they change directions or make a hard

   turn, the Fire will probably miss.
   4. Napalm - This is a decent weapon, although not very accurate. It
   arcs up into the air, and then comes down to the ground. You have to
   find the correct range to hit someone with it. However, you can hit an
   enemy with Napalm if they are very close to you (and I mean really
   close). It is very good in certain situations, for example on top of
   the museum in Paris. You can sit on the ledge and fire Napalm and it
   can hit enemies down at street level. It also leaves a fire when it
   lands, which burns for about ten seconds. A car that is either hit
   with Napalm or drives through the fire will start burning and losing
   5. Remote - This is the most powerful of all weapon pick-ups, but also
   the most dangerous. It can hurt you as well as enemies. Press the
   weapon button once to leave the Remote bomb, and then press the button
   again to detonate the bomb. Anyone within range of the explosion will
   be blasted high into the air and have lots of energy taken away. The
   closer an enemy is to the bomb, the more damage it causes. A bomb can
   also be detonated by someone running into it. It is useful in certain
   places (blowing up the Eiffel Tower is popular), and against certain
   enemies, especially the bosses because they follow you. However, if
   you're not careful in your use of the Remote Bomb, you'll end up being
   the one taking the damage.
   6. Ricochet - This is a very, very dangerous weapon. It sends out a
   moving bomb that ricochets (hence the name) off of walls and
   buildings. The longer it stays active, the more damage it will cause.
   It is dangerous because it can blindside you when you don't even know
   it's there, and also, if you are travelling at full speed when you
   launch the bomb, it will hit YOU immediately. So make sure that you
   are not moving forward when you fire it. It knocks its victim back a
   great distance, so it can be useful for knocking enemies off ledges to
   their death. (I know a great trick for New York involving Rico bombs,
   but I'll get to that later.) Just be wary.
   7. Lightning - This isn't a particularly useful weapon. It can only be
   used in certain levels, the ones with some kind of electrical source
   (L.A., Moscow, and Hong Kong). When you fire the Lightning, it
   originates from this electrical source, zapping anyone within range,
   including you. It can be very detrimental to your success if you are
   careless with it, and sometimes the enemy won't even get damaged by
   it! Not very worth picking up.
  The Special Weapons
   Each car has its own signature Special Weapon. I will again rate them
   according to effectiveness. A Special Weapon regenerates on its own -
   there is no Special Weapon pick-up. I also mention how long it takes
   to regenerate, and also the maximum number of Specials that can be
   1. Minion's Special - This weapon is amazing. It fires off three giant
   missiles and a Freeze ball which can cause great damage. If someone's
   in front of you, they're almost guaranteed to get pelted by this

   weapon. Also, usually after it hits, the enemy will be frozen, so that
   means it's a great time to kick in the Turbo and smash into them. They
   will either die or be severely hurt. This weapon is part of what makes
   Minion the most dominating vehicle in the game.
   Regeneration time: Long
   Maximum Number: 3
   2. Mr. Grimm's Skull - Simply put, this weapon is awesome. It is like
   a souped up Power Missile. Hitting someone with it will cause them to
   lose a ridiculous amount of energy. Two or three skulls will kill just
   about anyone. It has the same drawback as the Power Missile, though -
   you have to aim it. Therefore, it is great for close battles.
   Regeneration time: Long
   Maximum number: 3
   3. Sweet Tooth's Napalm Cones - Another powerful weapon. A great
   tactic to use is to corner someone and relentlessly fire Napalm Cones
   at them. They'll take a huge beating. The Cones also remain active for
   a very long time to make up for their slow speed. They also possess
   decent homing capability. A drawback is that they only remain at the
   same height, in other words, you can't hit somebody above or below you
   with them.
   Regeneration time: Short
   Maximum number: 5
   4. Axel's Shockwave Supernova - This weapon is powerful and can hit
   several enemies at the same time. A burst of energy radiates outward
   from Axel when you fire. Anyone within range will be blasted up into
   the air and lose tons of energy. The closer Axel is to the opponent,
   the more damage they take. It's a great weapon to use if you're
   surrounded, and also for drive-by blastings.
   Regeneration time: Long
   Maximum number: 3
   5. Warthog's Patriot Missiles - This is an excellent weapon that fires
   off three big missiles at the same time. If you are close to the
   enemy, this weapon will cause enormous damage. It can also hit from
   long-range, although it is not as powerful that way. It has about the
   homing capabilities of the Fire Missile, meaning that they're not a
   sure hit, but pretty good. They also regenerate fairly quickly.
   Regeneration time: Medium
   Maximum number: 5
   6. Spectre's Ghost Missile - This weapon has a capability that most
   weapons don't possess - it can go through walls, floors, and ceilings.
   And it almost always hits for good damage. If you can hide yourself,
   you can sit and fire off Ghost Missiles as the enemies try to get at
   you. (Try the elevator shaft in New York.) The bad part is that it
   takes forever to regenerate and it's not quite as powerful as some
   Regeneration time: Long
   Maximum number: 5
   7. Outlaw 2's Lightning - This weapon has decent power and usually
   hits enemies twice. They get blasted into the air when it hits. It is
   excellent for drive-by shooting, because Outlaw 2 is also a fast car.
   You have to be fairly close to the enemy to hit them, though.
   Regeneration time: Long
   Maximum number: 3
   8. Roadkill's Boomerang - This weapon possesses a special capability -
   if you can hit an enemy with it on its way back, it will cause three
   times as much damage. That can be a severe blow to someone's life

   meter. However, it is difficult to do that, and its normal power is
   just average. But it still is a decent weapon and complements the
   weapon pick-ups.
   Regeneration time: Short
   Maximum number: 5
   9. Thumper's Flamethrower - This weapon shoots out a stream of flames
   from the hood of the car, burning anyone it touches. To use it to its
   best effectiveness, freeze the enemy first, then go up to them, stop,
   and fire this weapon. It will cause outstanding damage, possibly more
   than half the opponent's life meter. However, if you touch the burning
   car, you'll start burning, too. Also, it's not good for drive-bys.
   Regeneration time: Medium
   Maximum number: 3
   10. Shadow's Specter of Death - This weapon is kind of like a moving
   Remote Bomb. When you fire it, a little black specter flies straight
   out from your car. You then press the weapon button again to
   "detonate" the specter. Anyone within its range will get blasted.
   However it can be difficult to use effectively, because it's hard to
   judge exactly where the specter is after you fire it. Also, you
   actually have to detonate it - it will pass right through someone if
   you don't press the button.
   Regeneration time: Medium
   Maximum number: 5
   11. Twister's Tornado - This weapon is interesting because it spins
   the enemy around and around in the air, causing damage as long as the
   enemy is in the tornado. A good tactic to use is to freeze someone,
   then go up to them and use this. In fact, you can be "cheap" and use
   it again and again as soon as it stops. However, you're a sitting duck
   while you're spinning someone in place, and it will barely cause
   damage to someone if you try to use it in a drive-by.
   Regeneration time: Medium
   Maximum number: 3
   12. Grasshopper's Leap 'N Slam - This weapon propels you up into the
   air to come crashing down on some unsuspecting foe. It looks cool, but
   it's really not very effective. You can be hit in midair, and that
   will nullify the special. Also, because you're smashing into someone,
   you will take a little damage from the hit. And they can blast the
   heck out of you after you hit them because you'll be stopped.
   Regeneration time: Medium
   Maximum number: 5
   13. Hammerhead's Monster Crush - This special isn't really a weapon.
   Basically, you just run over someone, like a monster truck would. It
   causes good damage, especially to small cars, but you have to actually
   ram someone to do it, and of course, they can fire upon you as you try
   to reach them. It's really not very useful.
   Regeneration time: N/A
   Maximum number: N/A
   14. Mr. Slam's Ground Smash - This also really isn't a weapon. Mr.
   Slam picks up someone and slams them into the ground repeatedly. (I
   like the glass breaking sound effects.) However, it's hard to hit
   someone because you have to be right next to them and then you have to
   activate the Special. It is time-consuming and you're a sitting duck
   while you're doing it and as you try to get into position.
   Regeneration time: Short

   Maximum number: 3
   Note: On the Car Info screens, the Special Weapon is rated on its
   power, not its ease of use or range.
  General Strategies
   These are strategies to use in general battle.
   1. Learn the layout of the level as soon as possible. This will help
   you to retain your sense of direction. Also, learn where you can find
   weapons and health power-ups. That knowledge is invaluable when you
   are in need. I like to run laps on certain levels like L.A., going all
   along the road and then going up to the flat surface, collecting
   weapons all the time. Because the weapons regenerate, you can almost
   always find weapons somewhere.
   2. There are actually two kinds of health power-ups: a normal one and
   a super one. The normal one recharges about one-third of your life
   meter, and the super one recharges it fully. Learn where they are in
   the levels and get one when you have less than half energy. However,
   try and save the super one for when you're really hurting, don't waste
   it. Also, be aware that your enemies can take the health power-ups and
   recharge themselves.
   3. Shoot all small stationary structures. Many of them hide power-ups
   for you. You can also shoot at some walls (especially in Amazonia) to
   open up hidden rooms that usually hold stuff.
   4. Don't get into shoot-outs with your enemies. There's many of them
   and one of you. Learn to use hit-and-run tactics, even if you're using
   a well-armored car. Going toe-to-toe is not good for your well-being.
   5. Changing the skill level changes the enemy's firing rate. They fire
   about twice as fast on Hard as they do on Medium. Also, be aware that
   the enemy possesses an infinite number of weapons, which is why Sweet
   Tooth can fire off ten napalm cones at once or Mr. Slam can freeze you
   8 straight times. For a human player, this is impossible, but not for
   the computer. See why you don't want to get into shoot-outs?
   6. Running over 10 pedestrians will recharge your life the equivalent
   of a normal health power-up.
   7. Use your shield! It can save your hide when you're taking a
   pounding. You should also use it when you're approaching someone who's
   firing at you. If you learn how to use your shield effectively, you
   will last a lot longer. I was once able to survive in Holland for
   almost two and a half minutes with a sliver of life remaining through
   timely use of the shield.
   8. The radar is an invaluable tool, so make sure you understand how to
   use it. It comes in quite handy during the boss battles if you can't
   see them on screen. Not knowing where a boss is can be very hazardous
   to your health.
   9. If someone is chasing you, fire behind you with a homing missile or
   if you have a projectile Special, use that. You don't want people on
   your tail because they can fire away and by the time you turn around
   they'll have damaged you a lot.
   10. If you get set on fire, use Turbo and the flames will go out. This
   can save you from a lot of damage. However, doing this causes you to

   use up five extra turbos so be wary.
  Advanced Attacks
   Advanced Attacks are performed by pressing a button sequence during
   the game. You can use these any time you have enough power in the
   Advanced Attack meter (seen above your weapons display). Here are the
   attacks and the buttons to press:
   Freeze: Left, Right, Up
   Napalm: Right, Left, Up
   Shield: Up, Up, Right
   Jump: Up, Up, Left
   Reverse attack: Left, Right, Down
   Land mine: Right, Left, Down
   Invisibility: Right, Down, Left, Up
   Reverse Freeze (must be out of weapons): Left, Right, Down, Left,
   Right, Up
   Reverse Napalm (must be out of weapons): Left, Right, Down, Right,
   Left, Up
   Minion Special (must have a nearly full meter): Up, Down, Up, Up, R2
   Homing Napalm: Obtain three Napalm. Shoot one off, and hold in both L2
   and R2. While holding those buttons, press Up, Down, Down, Left, Left,
   Left, Right, Right. If you do it correctly, you will have 12+ Napalm,
   and in 1-player mode the words "Homing Napalm" will appear at the top
   of the screen.
   Sell Your Soul (trade weapons for energy): Down, Up, Right, Left, Up,
   Up, Down, Down
  Strategies against each car
   These strategies are for fighting the computer's cars.
   vs. Roadkill: He can be a pain. Watch out for his Boomerangs -
   sometimes they can hit you on the way back if you're not paying
   attention. He can cause sizable damage to you so be careful. He
   doesn't have great armor or speed so use your preferred weapons on
   vs. Twister: She has one of the lightest armors, so it's easy to
   damage her. However, she is very fast, and often uses "now you see me,
   now you don't" tactics. Use homing missiles because they have a better
   chance of hitting her than other weapons. Don't get close to her,
   though, or else she'll use her Tornado and there's really not much you
   can do when you're being spun around.
   vs. Axel: What a menace! Don't get anywhere near him or you'll be
   sorry when he pounds you with his Shockwave. Also, he fires homing
   missiles at you which can be a big problem. Fire from a distance and
   then run. Don't get trapped by him. He's one of the most difficult
   vs. Mr. Slam: He has great armor so it will take a while to get rid of
   him. Hit him with powerful weapons if you can because he's pretty slow
   and doesn't dodge very much. However, he likes to freeze you,
   especially on the Hard level, and he can do it over and over again and
   also do his Ground Smash while you're frozen. Be careful.
   vs. Shadow: Do not chase him! He will fire his Specter of Death behind
   him and hurt you badly. Sometimes it's difficult to see the Specter so
   watch out. Try and approach him from the side and watch out for the
   Rico bombs he likes to fire.
   vs. Sweet Tooth: He's another pain in the butt. He'll fire his Napalm
   Cones at you and they'll follow you relentlessly for a long time. You
   might think you've outrun them, when SMASH! They hit you. Also he
   likes Homing missiles and he has excellent armor. He'll take a lot of
   punishment before he goes down.

   vs. Hammerhead: He's not too bad, just don't let him ram you. His
   armor is not as good as the other big vehicles. He does like to shoot
   Rico bombs and Fire missiles, so don't get too complacent. Some good
   hit-and-run tactics will get him out of your hair.
   vs. Mr. Grimm: He goes down very quickly because he has little armor.
   However, be wary of his Freeze and Skull because even Mr. Grimm can
   waste you. The good thing about his Skull is that it's not really very
   accurate. Except of course, if you're frozen...
   vs. Warthog: Stay at a distance from him because his Patriot missiles
   will pound you if you're near him. He's another guy who lasts a while,
   but if you shoot and dodge, you'll be able to get him without much
   vs. Outlaw 2: Another vehicle to stay away from. She'll zap you with
   her Lightning if you're near her. If you stay away and fire long-range
   projectiles, though, she'll be gone soon enough.
   vs. Grasshopper: Yeehaa! Watch out for her Special. If you hear it,
   look up at the radar to see if she's coming toward you. Put up your
   shield if she is. Also, if she's in front of you and she does it, fire
   a homing missile to stop her. She can also fire the Freeze backwards
   so be careful if you chase her.
   vs. Thumper: Don't get front of him. He'll fire his Special and roast
   you alive. Also, he fires Napalm like it was going out of style. It's
   easily avoidable but be careful anyway. Fire away at him with whatever
   you want.
   vs. Spectre: He's among the worst, primarily because of his Ghost
   missiles. The instant you hear them being fired, put up your shield.
   If you don't, you'll probably get blasted by them. Take him out as
   soon as you can. He doesn't have great armor so take him out with
   powerful weapons to get rid of him faster.
  Beating the Bosses
   vs. Minion: Minion can be a tough customer, but there's a fairly easy
   way to get rid of him.
   Part of Amazonia's layout is a giant circle with a bridge going across
   the diameter. The general method I use to defeat Minion is to have him
   chase me around the circle, firing behind me at him. Basically, I get
   far ahead of him, and then stop to let him catch up. I usually stop at
   one of the wide sections of the ground, and not the narrow ones. I
   have my rear view mirror on, and wait for him to come up from behind.
   When he gets close enough, I fire behind me (left, right, down) and
   then take off using Turbo. Usually I put up my shield, too. (up, up,
   I usually use Powers or Homings to attack him, although if I have a
   vehicle with a projectile Special, I'll use that instead. Using this
   method, I can gradually wear down Minion without putting myself at
   much risk. I do take a couple hits while I'm running away from him
   after firing, but usually they don't hurt that bad. If I get to the
   point where I'm starting to need health, I just take a detour across
   the bridge to grab the Health power-up that's there, instead of going
   around the circle.

   This method has been very effective for me, and I can usually beat him
   without losing a life.
   By the way, because Minion follows you wherever you go, a great weapon
   to use is a Remote bomb on him. Just drop it on one of the narrow
   sections of road and let him run into it.
   vs. Minion, Strategy #2: (From [email protected]) Shoot a hole in the
   temple at the end of the bridge, and drive inside. Wait for Minion to
   drive back and forth. He will not attack you, but you can shoot him
   from this safe spot.
   vs. Dark Tooth: This giant ice cream truck is vicious. Get cornered
   and you're basically dead. However, as with Minion, there is a pretty
   reliable method that I have discovered that is effective at beating
   Dark Tooth.
   Hong Kong's level contains a giant temple-like structure with three
   entrances. Two of those entrances are directly across from one
   another. Here's what to do:
   If you exit the temple by one of those two entrances and go straight,
   you end up at a T-junction with a dead end on one side. (There's a
   Rico bomb down the dead end on one side of the city, and a Fire
   missile down the dead end on the other side.) Stop at the T-junction,
   facing away from the dead end, in other words, towards the water down
   at the other end. Wait there until Dark Tooth comes (watch your
   radar). He will appear at the intersection in front of you. The
   instant that happens, fire something at him and head back down the
   street to the temple again (use Turbo and put up your Shield because
   he'll chase you). Inside the temple, race towards the exit on the
   opposite side (you can jump over the teleporter). Once outside, go
   straight to the T-junction and stop. Dark Tooth will not follow you
   straight through the temple, for some reason. Sit and wait for him
   again to appear at the intersection in front of you, and then repeat
   the process. This wears him down, slowly but surely. Use a projectile
   Special if your car has one. If you run out of weapons, there are
   actually four dead ends you can go down this side of the city. Each
   one of them has weapons for you. Also, at the T-junction while you're
   waiting for Dark Tooth, the parked cars in front of you have a Health
   power-up and a Fire missile.
   Do not go into the train tunnel to get weapons, because Dark Tooth
   will sit at one of the exits waiting for you and blast you.
   Do not go onto the top level of the temple (except if you're
   absolutely desperate for the super Health power-up that's up there),
   because Dark Tooth will sit in the center and blast you while you're
   up there. This method has worked very well for me, with any car.
   Don't forget that you can get a password for just Dark Tooth so you
   don't have to go through killing everyone in Hong Kong again. Pause
   the game and copy the password. Also, because he follows you as you're
   running away (like Minion does), Remote Bombs are great. You can even
   be more daring and fire Napalm behind you as you're heading towards
   the temple. Because he's so big, it'll hit him and set him on fire.

   Believe it or not, you can also freeze Dark Tooth.
   And one more thing: after you destroy the truck, you still have to
   fight the flaming head that was on top of the truck. But the same
   method works on him, and he has much less armor.
  Secret Codes!
   Input these codes at the Car Select screen to make these cars
   Sweet Tooth - Up, L1, Triangle, Right
   Minion - L1, Up, Down, Left
   Input these codes at the Choose Battleground screen in the two-player
   Challenge Match mode to access these secret levels:
   Cyburbia from Twisted Metal 1 - Down, Up, L1, R1
   Rooftop from Twisted Metal 1 - Down, Left, R1, Down
   Swampland from Jet Moto - Up, Down, Right, R1
   Thanks to [email protected] for these next three codes.
   INVINCIBILITY: Hold L1 and R1, and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right,
   Left, Down, Up
   INFINITE WEAPONS: Hold L2 and R2, and press Up, Down, Left, Right,
   Right, Left, Down, Up
   MEGA GUNS: Hold R2, and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left,
   Down, Up
   From the Twisted Metal 2 FAQ:
   DARK TOOTH Game Shark Code: 8003434A 0E0E
   Moscow: X, Triangle, X, X, Space, Space
   Paris: Circle, Triangle, Square, Space, Triangle, Space
   Amazonia: Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle, Space
   New York: Space, Triangle, Square, Square, X, Space
   Antarctica: X, X, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle
   Holland: Circle, X, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Circle
   Hong Kong: Triangle, X, Circle, X, X, Circle
   Dark Tooth: Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, Space, Square
   Moscow: Triangle, X, Circle, Space, Space, Space
   Paris: X, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square, Circle
   Amazonia: Space, X, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Circle
   New York: Circle, Triangle, X, Circle, Space, Square
   Antarctica: X, Square, Square, Circle, Space, Triangle
   Holland: Triangle, Triangle, X, Square, Circle, Triangle
   Hong Kong: Circle, Square, Square, Square, Triangle, X
   Dark Tooth: X, Space, X, Square, Square, Space
   Moscow: Space, Triangle, X, X, X, Space
   Paris: Space, X, Triangle, Square, X, Triangle
   Amazonia: Triangle, Space, Space, Space, X, Circle
   New York: Triangle, Triangle, X, Triangle, X, X
   Antarctica: Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle, X, Square
   Holland: Triangle, Square, Square, X, Square, Space
   Hong Kong: Circle, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square, Triangle
   Dark Tooth: Circle, Circle, Circle, Space, Triangle, X
   Mr. Grimm
   Moscow: Triangle, Triangle, X, X, Circle, Space
   Paris: Circle, X, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, X
   Amazonia: X, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
   New York: Triangle, Space, Space, Circle, X, Circle
   Antarctica: Circle, Triangle, X, Triangle, X, Space
   Holland: X, X, Triangle, Space, Circle, X
   Hong Kong: Space, X, Circle, Triangle, Square, Square
   Dark Tooth: Space, Square, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Triangle
   Mr. Slam
   Moscow: X, X, Triangle, Square, X, Space
   Paris: X, Space, Space, Circle, X, Square
   Amazonia: Circle, Triangle, Square, Space, Square, X
   New York: Triangle, X, Circle, Square, Space, Circle

   Antarctica: Triangle, Space, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle
   Holland: Space, Circle, Space, Space, Circle, Space
   Hong Kong: Square, Space, Space, Triangle, Space, Triangle
   Dark Tooth: Square, Space, Square, Triangle, Circle, X
   Outlaw 2
   Moscow: Space, X, Circle, Space, Triangle, Space
   Paris: Triangle, Triangle, X, Circle, Triangle, Space
   Amazonia: Triangle, Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Space
   New York: Circle, X, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Space
   Antarctica: X, Triangle, Circle, X, Triangle, Space
   Holland: X, Square, Square, Space, Triangle, Space
   Hong Kong: Space, Triangle, X, Square, X, X
   Dark Tooth: Space, Circle, X, Space, Triangle, Space
   Moscow: Circle, X, Triangle, Square, Square, Space
   Paris: Triangle, Space, Triangle, Space, Space, Circle
   Amazonia: X, X, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle
   New York: Circle, Space, Space, X, Space, X
   Antarctica: Space, Triangle, Square, X, Circle, Space
   Holland: X, Space, Space, Triangle, Space, Square
   Hong Kong: Triangle, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle
   Dark Tooth: Triangle, Circle, X, Triangle, Square, X
   Moscow: Square, Space, Space, Triangle, Triangle, Space
   Paris: X, X, Circle, Space, Triangle, X
   Amazonia: X, Triangle, X, Square, Circle, Triangle
   New York: X, Space, Space, X, Circle, Square
   Antarctica: Circle, X, Circle, Circle, X, Circle
   Holland: Circle, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, Space
   Hong Kong: Circle, Space, Triangle, Space, Square, X
   Dark Tooth: Circle, Triangle, Space, Triangle, Circle
   Moscow: Circle, Triangle, X, X, Triangle, Space
   Paris: Space, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle, X
   Amazonia: Circle, X, Triangle, Square, Triangle, X
   New York: Space, X, Circle, X, X, Triangle
   Antarctica: X, Space, Space, Space, Circle, Triangle
   Holland: Triangle, Space, Space, Square, X, Square
   Hong Kong: X, Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle, Square
   Dark Tooth: X, Circle, Circle, Circle, Space, Triangle
   Moscow: Circle, Space, Space, Triangle, X, Space
   Paris: X, Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Triangle
   Amazonia: Triangle, X, Circle, Space, Square, Space
   New York: X, X, Triangle, Triangle, X, Triangle
   Antarctica: Triangle, Triangle, Square, Space, Space, Space
   Holland: X, Triangle, X, Space, Square, Triangle
   Hong Kong: Triangle, Space, Space, Square, Triangle, Space
   Dark Tooth: Triangle, Space, Square, Square, X, Circle
   Moscow: X, Space, Space, Triangle, Circle, Space
   Paris: Triangle, X, Circle, Circle, X, Triangle
   Amazonia: Space, Triangle, Square, X, Square, Circle
   New York: X, Triangle, X, Circle, X, Space
   Antarctica: Circle, Space, Space, X, Square, Triangle
   Holland: Space, X, X, Space, Space, Circle
   Hong Kong: X, X, Triangle, X, Square, Space
   Dark Tooth: X, Square, Space, Square, Triangle, Circle
   Moscow: Triangle, Space, Space, Triangle, Square, Space
   Paris: Triangle, Square, Square, Square, X, Square
   Amazonia: Circle, Square, Square, Circle, X, X

   New York: X, Square, Square, Space, X, Circle
   Antarctica: Space, X, Circle, Triangle, Space, Square
   Holland: Triangle, X, Triangle, Square, Space, X
   Hong Kong: Circle, X, Triangle, Circle, Space, Circle
   Dark Tooth: Circle, Square, Space, Circle, Circle, Square
   Note: Sweet Tooth and Minion do not have passwords.
  The Levels
   1. Los Angeles:
   Enemies: 6
   Locations of Health:
   Next to the tunnels
   Next to the pit of fire
   Next to the burnt-out building near the pit of fire
   Over the area with the 3 small jumps in the road
   In the small caged area across the bridge(super)
   Blow up the hot dog stands to find weapons.
   Destroy the four "legs" of the electrical source to get weapons.
   Use the ramps to get on top of the tunnels to find weapons and a
   teleporter which takes you directly to the small caged area.
   You can break the glass in the tunnels by driving through it.
   You can blow up the bridge by setting a Remote bomb on or below it.
   You can blow up the Hollywood sign by jumping and firing a missile at
   A nice tactic to use is to go all the way along the road, grabbing
   weapons, then when you reach the tunnels, go up to the flat area and
   grab all the weapons. Do this over and over again, firing at enemies
   who get near you. You'll keep replenishing your weapons, and you'll be
   moving most of the time so you're a difficult target.
   If you are Warthog, Spectre, or Minion, a cool tactic to use is to use
   the ramp to jump on top of the tunnels, and then just sit there facing
   the hot dog stands. If anyone comes into that area, fire your Special
   at them. The good thing about this spot is that nobody can really hit
   2. Moscow:
   Enemies: 5
   Locations of Health:
   In the center on the glowing object
   On the upper level
   Every so often, the Weapons Generator in the center of the area above
   the ramps will produce a weapon inside of a red beam. Jump through the
   red beam using the ramp and you will collect the weapon. Also, every
   once in a great while, there will be a super Health power-up inside of
   that beam instead of a weapon. Get it while it's there, regardless of
   what your health is.
   You can blow up any of the ramps by placing a Remote bomb on them.
   You can blow up the Weapons Generator by firing Napalm at it!
   You can blow up both the Weapons Generator and all of the ramps by
   placing a Remote bomb on the glowing object in the center.
   Weapons can be found on three of the ramps, and also underneath them.
   Firing Napalm at the banners hanging on the wall will burn them away.
   One of them reveals a secret code.
   Because this level is so small, it is very fast-paced. Run laps around
   the top, firing at enemies. You can use Homing missiles while up top
   to hit enemies down below. Watch out for Rico bombs running rampant.
   3. Paris:
   Enemies: 6
   Locations of Health:
   Inside the museum
   On the rooftops (2)
   Above one of the fountains

   This level is the easiest one if you know what to do. Use the
   teleporter inside the museum to get onto the ledge above it. On this
   ledge, move back into the corner on the right side. When your enemies
   teleport up here, they will drive off the ledge! You are safe from
   harm this way. Before they drive off the ledge, though, shoot them
   with something to damage them. Your enemies will just keep teleporting
   and falling over and over again and you can blast them without getting
   hurt. Also, they might cluster down in the street and fight each
   other. You can fire Napalm (left, right, up) at them while they're
   down there to cause even more damage. If you run out of weapons, just
   use machine guns. It just takes longer. You might think this is a
   wimpy way to play, but it works wonders. Also, if you're going to do
   this, don't blow up the Eiffel Tower. If you do, then the enemies will
   have access to the rooftops and can shoot at you from there. Leaving
   the Eiffel Tower standing forces them to remain down in the street.
   You can blow up the Eiffel Tower by placing a Remote bomb either
   inside it or under it. Once you blow it up, a ramp is created that
   leads to the rooftops, where there are Health power-ups and weapons.
   Shoot the parked vehicles and statues to uncover weapons.
   To get something over a fountain, sit in the center of the fountain
   and let the water push you upward.
   There are weapons inside the Eiffel Tower, too.
   Shoot the Mona Lisa with Napalm to burn the picture away and reveal a
   secret code.
   4. Amazonia:
   Enemies: 6
   Locations of Health:
   On the island
   On the bridge
   In the temple at one end of the bridge
   In the underground tunnel(super)
   The lava in this level gradually drains your energy away the longer
   you drive on it.
   You can shoot at the temple at one end of the bridge to reveal two
   hidden rooms. In one of these rooms, there are three buttons. Shoot
   each of these buttons to reveal Turbo, Napalm, and a Health power-up.
   Shoot at the center of the temple across the section with several
   ramps to reveal a hidden room. Inside this room, you can use the
   teleporter to go to the island, which has weapons and a Health
   Shoot at the giant statues to reveal the underground tunnel. In this
   tunnel, you can find weapons and a super Health power-up.
   I like to run laps around the circle in this level, going up the
   temple ramp to get the two Homing missiles up there, and also jumping
   over the ramps at the other end to get to the island.
   After you defeat everyone in this level, you have to fight Minion.
   5. New York:
   Enemies: 6
   Locations of Health:
   On top of the structures with pointed roofs
   In the swimming pool
   In the elevator shaft(super)
   YOU CAN BLOW UP THE STATUE OF LIBERTY!!! :) To do so, simply shoot at
   her with missiles or whatnot, and she'll turn into a girl wearing a

   You can drive off a ledge to your death quite easily in this level if
   you don't know where you're going. Make sure that if you're going to
   drive off an edge, there's something beneath you!
   This level is much easier if you know a simple trick. For this trick,
   you need Rico bombs. You can find 4 of them in this level, in these
   locations: 1) Under the brown ramp on the brown building, 2) On the
   top tier of the light gray building, 3) In a corner of the dark gray
   building, and 4) Between two of the structures with pointed roofs.
   When you've got your bombs, go the lower tier of the light gray
   building, and face the ramp that leads to the upper tier. Sit about 5
   or 6 "squares" away from the ramp. When somebody comes down the ramp,
   as soon as they reach the bottom, fire a Rico bomb. It will hit the
   enemy, knocking them off the ledge! They will fall to their death.
   This trick is wonderful. Make sure your timing is accurate, though.
   Also, watch your radar to make sure no one is approaching you from the
   sides. You can use your radar to tell when someone is on the upper
   tier, because they will be near you, but their "dot" will be flashing.
   That indicates that they are on a different tier than you are,
   obviously the upper one.
   On top of the dark gray building is a light gray structure. Shoot this
   structure, and you will reveal a hole. Fall down the hole and you will
   land in a swimming pool (with a Health power-up near you). There are
   Fire missiles around the edge of the pool, and if you go around the
   corner, you will find more weapons in the locker room. You can leave
   this area by driving through the glass past the locker rooms.
   To get the Power missiles on top of that light gray structure,
   jump(up, up, left) on top of it, stop, and jump straight up.
   If you fall into the dark gray building's indentation in its side, you
   will land in an area with a teleporter. This teleporter takes you to
   the upper tier of the light gray building. You can also go through a
   narrow space and then turn right to be where the structures with
   pointed roofs are. Drive straight past them and you will see a glass
   office building. Drive through the glass and you will see an elevator
   door and a teleporter. The teleporter takes you on top of the
   building, where you can jump to either the brown building, or the top
   of the pointed roofs. If you destroy the elevator door and go in the
   shaft, you'll find a super Health power-up.
   On top of the pointed roofs there's a poster. Drive through it to
   reveal a Power missile. If you're going fast enough, you can drive
   into one of the upper tiers of the glass office building, where you
   can find weapons and also the elevator shaft. (Does anyone think the
   guy on the poster looks a little like Dennis Rodman?)
   On the brown building, you'll find a ramp that leads down into the
   glass office building. When you go through the glass, you'll actually
   be on the middle tier of the office building.

   If you fall in the right place between buildings, you'll see a secret
   code made out of red lights.
   6. Antarctica:
   Enemies: 7
   Locations of Health: On one of the ramps in the middle ravine
   On top of the red ramps
   In the center of a square hole in an ice structure
   On top of the large white plateau
   Because this level is set on a glacier, every so often part of the
   glacier will fall into the water. You can tell when this is going to
   happen when steam rises out of a section of ice. Don't fall with it,
   or you'll die. You can also drive off the edge of the glacier.
   You can use the falling ice to your advantage, though. Here are a
   couple of tricks to use. You can use the red ramp to jump on top of
   the other red ramp (the one with the Health power-up on it), and on
   that ramp no one can reach you because it's elevated off the ground.
   You can just sit here on this ramp, and watch the ice fall (and your
   enemies fall with it). If you're patient, you can beat the level this
   way without harm. However, if too much time passes, the red ramps will
   fall into the water, so get off of them when they do. When that
   happens, you can drive onto the large white plateau with the white
   ramps at either end of it. This never falls into the ocean so you can
   sit here. However, every so often, someone will come up one of the
   ramps and you'll have to fight them. You can try and trick them into
   driving off the plateau by driving off it yourself, but be careful of
   enemies below you. This strategy works better than running around the
   level, getting hit constantly and possibly falling off the glacier.
   You can shoot the little towers to reveal weapons.
   The teleport in this level takes you to a small island with weapons on
   The middle ravine area also has lots of weapons for the taking, and
   ramps leading out of it.
   7. Holland:
   Enemies: 9
   Locations of Health: In a haystack opposite a windmill
   In a haystack near a windmill
   In a corner opposite a windmill
   Next to a windmill
   Inside a windmill(super)
   This is the worst level. Nine against one in a wide open field with no
   cover is not my idea of fairness. Don't stop moving in this level, and
   use your shield a lot, and you may have a chance. And don't think
   about hiding in the windmills, because the enemies will blow them up.
   The teleports next to each windmill will take you inside of them,
   where you can find weapons and a super Health power-up in one of them.
   Shoot the haystacks to reveal weapons.
   8. Hong Kong:
   Enemies: 8
   Locations of Health: In a parked car
   Down a dead end (2)
   In the intersection at the center of the water area
   In the train tunnel
   In the temple(super)
   You can jump over the fence using the ramps, but it's kind of
   pointless to do so because the water on the other side kills you. :)
   You can find weapons in the water area, next to the fence.

   Shoot the parked cars to reveal weapons.
   Inside the temple, use the teleport to go to the center of the top
   tier. Once there, drive off one of the ramps using Turbo to reach the
   ledge at the perimeter of the temple. Here you can drive around the
   perimeter to find weapons and a super Health power-up.
   You can find lots of weapons in the train tunnel, but be careful of
   the trains. There's one going in each direction. You can shoot them to
   blow them up, but they come back. You can also jump on top of the
   trains. Doing so will recharge your weapons every time the train
   drives through an opening. There's also a secret code on top of the
   trains (hard to read, though).
   The strategy I like to use in this level is getting all the weapons in
   the water area, then inside the temple, then in the train tunnel,
   shooting at whoever is in my way. I do this over and over again. It
   takes a lot of time, but you gradually wear down everyone, and they'll
   start dropping like flies eventually. After you beat this level, you
   fight Dark Tooth. You can get a separate password for just the Dark
   Tooth battle so you don't have to beat everyone in Hong Kong again.
   Know anything I haven't mentioned here? E-mail me!
   Happy hunting! :)
                         Email: [email protected] 

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