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                      Russ Tops' Twisted Metal 3 FAQ v1.6
                        Last Modified 28th January 1999
                               [email protected]

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      NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR!!!        ********** PLEASE READ **********
      1    :                                                 Storyline
      2    :                                           Gameshark Codes
      3.1  :                                       In-Game Menu Tricks
      3.2  :                                   Non-In-Game Menu Tricks
      4    :                        Easter Egg Codes (Cheat Passwords)
      5.1  :                                Character Statistics Table
      5.2  :                              Weapon and Armor Class Table
      6    :                                          Advanced Attacks
      7.1  :                    Level Passwords  -     Cream Puff Mode
      7.2  :                    Level Passwords  -  Twisted Metal Mode
      7.3  :                    Level Passwords  -    Pure Lunacy Mode
      8    :                Hidden Levels (Descriptions and Passwords)
      9    :                                            Hidden Weapons
      10   :                                   Nifty Things to Destroy
      11   :                                          Health Locations
      12   :                                        Semi-Ambush Points
      13   :                                   Lightning Power Sources
      14   :                           Developer Questions and Answers
      15.1 :                                    Brief Level Strategies
      15.2 :                            Comprehensive Level Strategies
      16.1 :                                Brief Character Strategies
      16.2 :                        Comprehensive Character Strategies
      i    :                                           Version History
      ii   :                                     Credit Where it's Due
      iii  :                                                DISCLAIMER

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          Hello, it's me, the humble person who authors this FAQ and
     on occasion, has to endure the semi-stupidity or ignorance of a
     few people who appear not to have actually read this FAQ beyond
     the first 2 pages.  This version contains some new changes that
     will answer many questions of yours.  If you actually READ this
     Q&A with a developer of TM3, you will find the answers to quite
     a few questions.  It is located at the title:
     "Developer Questions and Answers"
     which is located down near the bottom of the FAQ.

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   1     Storyline

   "I am Calypso.  Each year I gather the twelve worthiest drivers to face
   off in the Twisted Metal competition.  They must face each other and
   some of my friends.  To the winner, I grant a single wish, whatever the
   winner asks for; to the losers, death.  Welcome to Twisted Metal."

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   2     Gameshark Codes:

        Ammo Never Decreases (All Players):            80033ED6 2400
        Infinite Lives (Player 1):                     800D300C 0002
        Infinite Lives (Player 2):                     800D309C 0002
        Activate Sweet Tooth:                          800D28D0 000B
        Activate Minion:                               800D28DO 0007
        Infinite Turbo (All Players):                  800201B2 2400
        Infinite Advanced Attack (All Players):        8001975E 2400

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   3.1   In-Game Menu Tricks

         You've seen the in-game menu, the one where you see a game
         going on in the background while you make the selections,
         right?  You can do more than just wait 60 seconds and watch.

         At the MENU you can hit START to toggle between MENU and
         ACTION.  Once you are in the ACTION part (with the words
         flashing onscreen) you can do the following.

         START       :  Toggle between Menu and Action.
         SELECT      :  Changes view from in car, close, medium & far.
         CIRCLE      :  Rear view mirror, resets camera angle.
         L1, R1      :  Switches Characters, retains camera angle.
         L2, R2      :  Rotates camera angle.
         LEFT        :  Slow down action.
         RIGHT       :  Speed up action.
         DOWN        :  Stop action.
         L1+L2+R1+R2 :  Go to Non-In-Game Menu

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   3.2   Non-In-Game Menu Tricks

         You've seen the non-in-game menu, the one where you see all
         the cars driving around shooting randomly in the Warehouse
         level, right?  Here's some tricks to try at various places:

         At the World Select screen you have a rotating icon:
            Hold Start and press the following buttons:
               Start Alone :  Freeze position
               L1 :  Rotate quickly to left
               L2 :  Rotate slowly to left
               R1 :  Rotate quickly to right
               R2 :  Rotate slowly to right

         At the Car Select screen you have a car with a rotating camera:
            Hold Start and press the following buttons:
               Start Alone :  Freeze position
               L1 :  Rotate to left
               R1 :  Rotate to right

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   4     Easter Egg Codes (Cheat Passwords):

   R1       R1       L1       L1       L1          a) Super Napalm
   L1       L1       R1       R1       R1          b) Infinite Specials
   Up       Down     Up       Down     Up          c) Homing Rain Missiles
   Left     Left     Left     Right    Right       d) Minion
   Right    Right    Right    Left     Left        e) Sweet Tooth
   L1       Square   X        R1       Start       f) God Mode
   Start    Start    Start    Start    Start       g) Save Settings
   Triangle Circle   Up       Right    Down        h) Infinite Ammo
   Triangle Left     Down     Right    Up          i) Smart Seekers
   Triangle Circle   Down     Left     Up          j) Massive Force
   Triangle Up       Circle   Right    Start       k) 99 Freeze Missiles
   Left     Right    Left     Right    Up          l) Giant Ricochets
   Start    Start    L1       L1       L1          m) Only Napalms
   Start    R1       L1       Start    Start       n) Only Homing Missiles
   Start    L1       Start    L1       Start       o) Only Power Missiles
   L1       R1       Start    Start    L1          p) Only Remote Bombs
   Down     L1       Down     Start    Triangle    q) CPU ignores Healths
   Select   L1       Select   Start    Circle      r) No Healths
   L1       Start    Start    Start    R1          s) No Full Healths
   Select   Select   R2       L2       Start       t) No Item Pickups
   Up       Up       X        X        Up          u) Icy Grounds
   L1       R1       L1       R1       R1          v) Relentless CPU
   X        Circle   Circle   Circle   Circle      w) 0 enemies in Deathmatch
   Left     Square   Square   Square   Left        x) Sexy Flower Power

      Note A:        Napalm Shoots Higher and Further.
      Note B:        Activated when you die, quit, or beat the first level.
      Note C:        Rain Missiles home in, then detonate.
      Note D+E:      Activates characters for ALL modes.
      Note F:        Cannot die except in Tokyo Fan, or Blimp Clouds.
      Note G:        Saves items in all settings menus only, no cheats saved.
      Note I:        Missiles that track their targets will be enhanced.
      Note J:        When a weapon hits your car or the CPU cars, the strength
                     of the hit will be significantly stronger.
      Note K:        Puts 99 Freeze Missiles in the inventory at each round.
                     Works like a freeze but does not drain the special bar.
                     The icon is identical to the Power Missile, except for
                     the "FREEZE" caption.
      Note M-P:      The "Only XXXXX" means the all weapon pickups will be
                     replaced with the XXXXX.  Hence, "Only Napalm" means
                     the only pickups will be Napalms.
      Note Q:        CPU-controlled cars will ignore health power-ups.  Does
                     NOT affect CPU Ally.
      Note V:        All CPU cars will relentlessly attack player cars.
      Note W:        Enables 0 enemies in Deathmatch Mode.  (Play Alone)
                     Useful for learning the levels.
      Note X:        When choosing your character, go into the INFO screen
                     for a very revealing Zoom-In Shot of Flower Power.
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   5.1   Character Statistics Table:

      Name           Armor    Weapon   Speed    Handling    Special

      Auger          4        4        1        Sluggish    Drill
      Axel           3        3        2        Sluggish    Shockwave
      Club Kid       2        3        2        Tight       Vortex
      Firestarter    2        3        4        Tight       Flamethrower
      Flower Power   2        3        2        Tight       Flower of Power
      Mr. Grimm      1        5        4        Tight       Screaming Soul
      Hammerhead     3        3        1        Sluggish    Stomp
      Minion         5        5        4        Average     Quad-Missiles
      Outlaw         2        3        4        Average     Omni Taser
      Roadkill       3        3        3        Tight       Spike Bomb
      Spectre        1        3        5        Average     Ghost Missile
      Sweet Tooth    4        4        2        Sluggish    Flaming Head
      Thumper        3        3        3        Average     Sonic Blast
      Warthog        4        3        2        Sluggish    Patriot Missiles

     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----

   5.2   Weapon and Armor Classes Table:

     This is a short table which, essentially, tells you if you have a
     Class _ Weapon it will do __ Points of Damage to an _ Class Armored
     Enemy.  Remember, this is the ideal and may not be too accurate.

                                    Weapon Class:

                            #    3    |   4    |    5    #
                        1   #    8    |   23   |   34    #
                        2   #    7    |   18   |   27    #
     Armor Class:    -------#---------+--------+---------#
                        3   #    6    |   15   |   22    #
                        4   #    5    |   12   |   19    #
                        5   #    4    |   11   |   14    #

     As the attacker the Weapon Classes were as follows:
          Class III (3)            Flower Power
          Class IV  (4)            Auger
          Class V   (5)            Minion

     As the Enemies for Armor Classes were as follows:
          Class I   (1)            Spectre
          Class II  (2)            Flower Power
          Class III (3)            Roadkill
          Class IV  (4)            Auger
          Class V   (5)            Minion

     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----

   6     Advanced Attacks

     Freeze         -    LEFT   RIGHT  UP
     Jump           -    UP     UP     LEFT
     Rear Attack    -    LEFT   RIGHT  DOWN
     Invisibility   -    UP     DOWN   LEFT   RIGHT

      Note:  These must be during a battle.  A better explanation of
             these moves is in the TM3 instruction manual, Page 17.

     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----

   7.1   Passwords - "Cream Puff"

   D.C.        R1, R1, Right, Select, Down
   Hangar 18   X, Start, X, Up, L1
   North Pole  Select, R1, Left, Left, X
   London      Right, Right, R1, R1, Right
   Tokyo       Down, R1, L1, X, Right
   Egypt       R2, Start, R2, Right, Right
   Blimp       Triangle, L1, Triangle, Right, Circle

   D.C.        L1, Square, Triangle, Right, Up
   Hangar 18   Right, L2, Select, R2, R2
   North Pole  L2, R2, Start, Triangle, X
   London      R1, L1, Down, Select, Start
   Tokyo       X, R2, Start, L1, Up
   Egypt       Circle, Circle, L2, Circle, Right
   Blimp       Select, X, X, X, R1

   Club Kid
   D.C.        R2, L2, L2, L2, Start
   Hangar 18   Triangle, Select, R1, Left, Up
   North Pole  Square, L2, R1, Square, R1
   London      Select, Up, Square, R1, Up
   Tokyo       Right, L2, Circle, Down, Start
   Egypt       L2, Square, Down, R2, Left
   Blimp       R1, Left, Select, Circle, R1

   D.C.        Left, Up, Up, Up, Down
   Hangar 18   Up, Square, R1, Left, Down
   North Pole  Left, Down, Up, R1, L1
   London      R2, X, X, X, X
   Tokyo       Triangle, Down, Left, R2, Up
   Egypt       Square, X, Select, Right, Right
   Blimp       Down, R2, R2, R2, Start

   Flower Power
   D.C.        L2, Right, Triangle, Select, Circle
   Hangar 18   R1, Circle, Right, Start, Right
   North Pole  X, Right, X, Left, R2
   London      Circle, Left, L1, Circle, Triangle
   Tokyo       Up, Right, Select, X, Select
   Egypt       Left, Triangle, L1, Circle, Triangle
   Blimp       L1, Up, Start, Right, L2

   D.C.        Left, Square, L2, Square, Circle
   Hangar 18   L1, L1, L2, R1, Up
   North Pole  Circle, Square, Down, Left, Up
   London      Square, L1, R1, L1, Triangle
   Tokyo       Up, Down, X, Start, Start
   Egypt       Right, R2, Circle, R2, Down
   Blimp       L2, Down, Circle, Down, R1

   D.C.        X, R2, Start, Circle, Right
   Hangar 18   R2, Left, L1, Start, Start
   North Pole  Up, Select, R1, L1, Right
   London      Left, L2, Up, X, R2
   Tokyo       L1, Select, X, Circle, R2
   Egypt       Circle, L2, Left, Right, Square
   Blimp       Select, Select, Select, L2, Up

   Mr. Grimm
   D.C.        Square, Up, Right, Triangle, Select
   Hangar 18   Triangle, Square, Square, Up, L1
   North Pole  Right, Start, L2, Start, Left
   London      L2, R1, Down, R1, Up
   Tokyo       R1, Start, L1, L1, Square
   Egypt       X, R1, Start, Circle, Start
   Blimp       Start, Circle, Left, Start, Up

   Outlaw 3
   D.C.        Right, Square, Square, Triangle, X
   Hangar 18   L2, Left, Triangle, Start, Select
   North Pole  R1, Square, Right, Down, Up
   London      X, Left, X, L1, L2
   Tokyo       X, Left, Circle, Triangle, Start
   Egypt       Up, Down, Select, Square, Left
   Blimp       Left, X, L1, Up, Start

   D.C.        Circle, X, Triangle, R1, R1
   Hangar 18   Select, Right, Right, Square, Square
   North Pole  Start, Circle, Square, Start, Select
   London      Down, Right, R2, Down, Down
   Tokyo       L2, Circle, R2, L1, L1
   Egypt       R1, Right, L1, Circle, X
   Blimp       X, Circle, Start, Select, Up

   D.C.        Up, Triangle, Down, Left, L1
   Hangar 18   Left, Up, Square, R1, X
   North Pole  L1, Triangle, L2, X, L2
   London      Circle, Up, Right, Circle, Start
   Tokyo       Select, R1, R1, Right, R2
   Egypt       Select, Select, Up, R2, Circle
   Blimp       Down, R1, Circle, Triangle, Triangle

   Sweet Tooth
   D.C.        R1, R1, Square, Start, L2
   Hangar 18   X, R2, Left, Triangle, R1
   North Pole  L1, L1, Select, Select, Select
   London      Up, R1, X, Up, Right
   Tokyo       Left, L1, Up, L2, L1
   Egypt       L1, X, Right, Triangle, Select
   Blimp       Circle, R2, Left, L2, Select

   D.C.        Start, R2, R2, Square, Left
   Hangar 18   Down, Start, R1, Up, Up
   North Pole  R2, R2, Triangle, Down, Square
   London      Triangle, Right, L1, Start, X
   Tokyo       Square, L2, X, Circle, Left
   Egypt       Select, Left, Select, L1, L2
   Blimp       Up, L2, Select, Up, X

   D.C.        L1, L2, Start, R1, Down
   Hangar 18   Circle, Square, Triangle, X, L1
   North Pole  Select, Left, Right, X, L1
   London      Start, Square, X, Right, Down
   Tokyo       Down, Left, L2, R2, Right
   Egypt       R2, Square, Triangle, R2, Select
   Blimp       Triangle, Down, L1, Select, Circle

     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----

   7.2   Passwords- "Twisted Metal"

   D.C.        X, Start, Left, Left, L2
   Hangar 18   Up, Down, Triangle, L1, R1
   North Pole  Left, X, Right, X, Square
   London      L1, Right, X, Start, Left
   Tokyo       Circle, Circle, Left, Right, Left
   Egypt       Select, Right, L2, L1, L1
   Blimp       Circle, L1, Triangle, X, Down

   D.C.        L2, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Start
   Hangar 18   R1, Up, Down, Down, L1
   North Pole  X, Triangle, Square,R2, X
   London      Up, L2, Circle, Square, L1
   Tokyo       Up, Triangle, Select, Right, Up
   Egypt       Left, Up, L1, Up, R2
   Blimp       L1, R1, Up, Left, Circle

   Club Kid
   D.C.        Select, R1, Down, X, Right
   Hangar 18   Start, Start, Select, R2, X
   North Pole  Right, R1, L2, Right, Triangle
   London      Select, Up, Circle, R1, Up
   Tokyo       R1, L1, R1, Triangle, Up
   Egypt       X, Up, Select, L2, L1
   Blimp       L1, Circle, Start, Triangle, Left

   D.C.        Left, R2, Square, L1, Up
   Hangar 18   L1, R2, X, Left, Down
   North Pole  Circle, R2, R1, R1, R2
   London      Select, R1, Right, Square, Select
   Tokyo       Start, R2, Right, L2, Start
   Egypt       Down, Select, X, Triangle, Left
   Blimp       L2, L2, Left, Square, R1

   Flower Power
   D.C.        X, L2, R2, Down, R2
   Hangar 18   Select, Start, L1, Down, X
   North Pole  Up, L2, Triangle, Circle, L1
   London      Left, Square, Right, X, L2
   Tokyo       L1, Left, X, Up, Circle
   Egypt       Circle, Square, Left, L2, Down
   Blimp       Select, Left, R1, R2, Left

   D.C.        Circle, Right, Circle, X, Select
   Hangar 18   Select, Circle, Down, Up, Square
   North Pole  Start, Up, Square, Right, L2
   London      Down, Triangle, L2, R2, R1
   Tokyo       R2, Up, Triangle, Square, X
   Egypt       Triangle, Triangle, R1, Select, Start
   Blimp       Square, Up, Up, Start, Left

   D.C.        Up, Start, Down, L1, Square
   Hangar 18   Left, R1, Select, Circle, Left
   North Pole  L1, Start, R2, Down, Triangle
   London      Circle, R1, Up, L1, R2
   Tokyo       Select, Start, R1, L2, Up
   Egypt       Start, L1, Right, R1, R1
   Blimp       Down, X, Square, Down, Select

   Mr. Grimm
   D.C.        Down, Down, Start, R2, Circle
   Hangar 18   R2, X, Triangle, Down, Right
   North Pole  Triangle, Down, Right, R2, R2
   London      X, X, Square, Circle, Circle
   Tokyo       Down, L2, Select, Select, Right
   Egypt       Up, Circle, Up, Up, L1
   Blimp       Left, Right, L1, Left, L2

   Outlaw 3
   D.C.        Triangle, Select, Down, Circle, L1
   Hangar 18   Square, L1, R2, R2, Square
   North Pole  Start, Circle, Right, Up, L2
   London      Up, R2, Triangle, Select, R2
   Tokyo       Left, Right, Up, Circle, X
   Egypt       L1, R2, X, Left, Start
   Blimp       Circle, Left, R1, Up, L2

   D.C.        Start, Select, L1, Triangle, L2
   Hangar 18   Down, L2, Start, Right, Select
   North Pole  R2, Select, Triangle, R2, Up
   London      Triangle, L2, Right, Triangle, L2
   Tokyo       Square, Select, Square, Select, Triangle
   Egypt       Left, L2, Start, Square, R1
   Blimp       Right, Square, Left, Start, Select

   D.C.        L1, Square, Up, X, R1
   Hangar 18   Circle, Left, Circle, Square, Square
   North Pole  Select, X, Down, Right, Start
   London      Start, Down, Square, L2, Down
   Tokyo       Down, X, L2, Triangle, L1
   Egypt       R2, Down, Square, X, Up
   Blimp       Triangle, X, R1, Start, R2

   Sweet Tooth
   D.C.        Circle, Circle, L1, L1, Start
   Hangar 18   Right, Right, Down, Circle, X
   North Pole  L2, Circle, Select, Circle, L2
   London      R1, Right, R2, Up, Right
   Tokyo       Circle, Up, L2, R2, Left
   Egypt       Select, Up, R1, R1, Circle
   Blimp       Start, Triangle, Up, Square, L2

   D.C.        R2, Triangle, Left, Down,L2
   Hangar 18   Triangle, Up, Select, R2, Triangle
   North Pole  Square, R1, R2, Circle, Select
   London      Start, Start, Select, Up, L1
   Tokyo       Right, R1, Triangle, Up, L2
   Egypt       L2, Start, Right, Left, Triangle
   Blimp       R1, R1, X, L1, Start

   D.C.        Select, L1, Left, Start, Left
   Hangar 18   Start, L1, Right, R1, L2
   North Pole  Down, L1, Start, L2, Square
   London      R2, Triangle, Triangle, Start, Left
   Tokyo       Triangle, R2, Right, Left
   Egypt       Square, Square, Start, L1, Triangle
   Blimp       R2, L2, Down, X, Left

     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----

   7.3   Passwords - "Pure Lunacy"

   D.C.        Left, Select, Circle, R2, Up
   Hangar 18   L1, L2, L1, Triangle, R2
   North Pole  Circle, Select, Start, Up, Select
   London      Select, L2, Triangle, L2, Up
   Tokyo       Start, Select, Right, R1, L2
   Egypt       Down, L2, X, Square, Triangle
   Blimp       R2, Square, L2, Select, Start

   D.C.        Square, Square, L1, R2, Left
   Hangar 18   Left, Start, Triangle, R1, Square
   North Pole  Up, Square, Triangle, Select, Square
   London      Left, Left, Down, Start, Start
   Tokyo       L1, X, Square, Left, Left
   Egypt       Circle, Down, L2, L1, R1
   Blimp       Select, X, X, X, R1

   Club Kid
   D.C.        Down, X, Up, Right, Down
   Hangar 18   R2, Right, Circle, L2, L1
   North Pole  Triangle, Circle, Down, Triangle, X
   London      Square, Right, Square, Square, Up
   Tokyo       Circle, R2, Start, Right, R2
   Egypt       Right, Right, Down, R2, X
   Blimp       Left, Triangle, R1, L1, Circle

   D.C.        Circle, Triangle, Circle, Right, Circle
   Hangar 18   Select, Up, Left, Up, R2
   North Pole  Start, Triangle, Select, L2, Circle
   London      Down, Start, R2, R1, Select
   Tokyo       R2, R1, Square, Up, Square
   Egypt       Triangle, Start, R1, L2, Down
   Blimp       Square, R1, Right, Down, Triangle

   Flower Power
   D.C.        Right, R1, Left, Circle, Up
   Hangar 18   L2, Select, Select, Left, L1
   North Pole  L1, L1, L1, Up, R1
   London      Circle, Start, Left, Square, Up
   Tokyo       Select, L1, Triangle, R1, Start
   Egypt       Start, Right, X, Left, X
   Blimp       Down, R2, X, R1, Up

   D.C.        Start, Left, L1, Right, Down
   Hangar 18   Down, Square, Up, L2, Right
   North Pole  R2, Left, Circle, Triangle, R2
   London      Triangle, Square, Down, Square, Circle
   Tokyo       Square, Left, Square, Start, L1
   Egypt       Square, R2, Down, Up, Square
   Blimp       Right, Down, L1, L2, Up

   D.C.        R1, Down, Up, Select, Select
   Hangar 18   X, X, Circle, Up, Up
   North Pole  Down, Left, Left, L2, L2
   London      Start, Circle, Select, R1, R1
   Tokyo       Down, Right, R2, X, Square
   Egypt       R2, Circle, Start, Left, X
   Blimp       Triangle, Right, R1, Right, Left

   Mr. Grimm
   D.C.        Triangle, R2, R2, X, X
   Hangar 18   Square, L1, Triangle, Down, Start
   North Pole  R2, Start, Select, L1, L2
   London      Right, Select, Triangle, Start, X
   Tokyo       L2, L2, Down, Left, X
   Egypt       R1, Select, Square, L1, Down
   Blimp       Circle, L2, L2, X, R2

   Outlaw 3
   D.C.        Up, X, Triangle, Square, Down
   Hangar 18   Right, Triangle, Left, Select, Start
   North Pole  L2, Up, Select, Start, Down
   London      R1, Triangle, L1, Left, L1
   Tokyo       X, Up, Start, L1, X
   Egypt       R1, Triangle, X, Square, X
   Blimp       Up, Start, Right, Down, Up

   D.C.        R2, Start, L2, L2, Circle
   Hangar 18   Triangle, R1, Triangle, Up, X
   North Pole  Square, Start, L1, Square, Right
   London      L1, Start, Start, R2, X
   Tokyo       Right, Triangle, Down, Circle, Start
   Egypt       L2, L1, Down, L1, L2
   Blimp       R1, Square, Circle, Right, Circle

   D.C.        Up, Triangle, Left, Circle, Up
   Hangar 18   Up, R2, L1, L2, Select
   North Pole  Left, Up, R1, Up, Circle
   London      L2, R2, Circle, Square, L2
   Tokyo       Triangle, Down, Triangle, R1, Circle
   Egypt       Square, L2, Square, Down, Square
   Blimp       Select, R2, R2, Start, Right

   Sweet Tooth
   D.C.        L2, Select, R1, Select, R1
   Hangar 18   R1, L1, Up, Up, Square
   North Pole  X, Square, Circle, Left, Start
   London      Left, Left, R1, Left, X
   Tokyo       Up, Square, Select, X, L1
   Egypt       Left, Left, R2, X, L2
   Blimp       L1, Square, Right, Circle, Circle

   D.C.        Square, X, Right, Triangle, L1
   Hangar 18   Down, X, Select, X, Triangle
   North Pole  Right, X, Left, Start, Circle
   London      L2, Down, Select, Left, Right
   Tokyo       R1, X, R2, L1, R2
   Egypt       X, Right, Start, Circle, Circle
   Blimp       Circle, Triangle, Right, Circle, Square

   D.C.        Left, Circle, X, L2, R2
   Hangar 18   L1, Right, L2, R1, Triangle
   North Pole  Circle, Triangle, Square, Select, L1
   London      Select, Up, L1, Up, Square
   Tokyo       Triangle, Start, Down, L2, Up
   Egypt       Right, Up, Triangle, R2, Triangle
   Blimp       L2, Triangle, Down, Circle, Select

     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----

   8     Hidden Levels

   Up      Up      Up      Left    Left           a)  Warehouse
   Square  Square  Square  Left    Left           b)  Warehouse II
   Left    Left    Left    Square  Square         c)  Club Kid's House

     Note:     These codes must be enterd at the password screen and then
               you go into DEATHMATCH mode, NOT TOURNAMENT mode.  Choose
               your car, and you're there.
     Note A:   It will load the level that you see in the intro which has
               no Health, no Turbos and no Powerups.
     Note B:   It will load the same level as the above, except that this
               version of the level contains Health, Powerups, Ramps, etc.
     Note C:   On 4 different walls, you can see "Club Kid's House", a neon
               smiley face, "Richochet Heaven", and a neon angry face.  The
               Disco Ball generates Lightning, and you cannot get out of the
               range of it, but neither can anyone else.  There is only one
               of each common powerup.

     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----

   9     Hidden Weapons

     Trick #1:      8 Specials
     Level   :      Hangar 18
     How     :      Destroy the control panels and enter the teleporter.
                    Find the UFO and shoot it.  A simple bullet will do.
                    When it blows up, be careful not to be near it as it
                    flying shrapnel can not only harm your car, but enemy
                    cars as well.

     Trick #2:      Hidden Weapon - "Spaceship"
     Level   :      Hangar 18
     How     :      Destroy the control panels and enter the teleporter.
                    Once you are up, turn immediately to the left and go
                    down the ramp and turn left again at the wall.  Enter
                    the teleporter, turn around, shoot the glass dome and
                    look for a weapon pickup.  This weapon is a lightning
                    powerup with four sources on the UFO, it works best on
                    cars near the UFO, and they must be BELOW it.

     Trick #3:      Hidden Weapon - "Radar"
     Level   :      Tokyo
     How     :      You've seen that huge satellite that tracks people, and
                    it is actually a weapon.  On that particular rooftop,
                    look for a jump ramp over the lava to a higher building.
                    Take this ramp at 100+ MPH or take Lava Soup.  Go up an
                    upramp to another jump.  Take this one again at 100+ MPH
                    or you will fall short.  You should now be on top of a
                    store that is next to the radar.  See that little radar
                    powerup?  Back to the edge of the rooftop and hold turbo.
                    You should catch it.  Now, the radar will fire at whoever
                    it is pointing at when you activate it.  The beam cannot
                    go through buildings, and it is not terribly accurate on
                    airborne enemies.

     Trick #4:      Hidden Weapon - "Eye"
     Level   :      Egypt
     How     :      Find the Pyramid.  There should be a tomb lying up on
                    the front.  Shoot it until it explodes.  Enter the down
                    ramp and you will see another Tomb on a wall.  Shoot this
                    tomb, too.  It will blow up, revealing a teleporter.  Go
                    into the teleporter and pick up the little pyramid.  It
                    is a little bomb that causes a giant beam from the former
                    top of the big pyramid to shoot the little one with the
                    effect of a Remote Bomb and a Napalm.  It works best on
                    frozen opponents.

     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----

   10    Nifty Things to Destroy

     Level     :    Hollywood
     Item      :    Hollywood Sign
     How       :    Get on the ramp next to it and shoot napalm at it.

     Level     :    Washington D.C.
     Item      :    Statues
     How       :    Most weapons will destroy the statues, revealing a full
                    health and a remote bomb.

     Level     :    Hangar 18
     Item      :    Wall
     How       :    Find the wall with a "002" on it.  Turn left from the
                    control panel and shoot at the area with a crack in it.
                    This leads to a teleporter with a few weapons.

     Level     :    Hangar 18
     Item      :    Control Panels
     How       :    To get the teleporter in the UFO find the flashing red
                    control panels and shoot out all four to unblock the
                    laser beams.

     Level     :    Hangar 18
     Item      :    Flying Ship
     How       :    Once through the above teleporter, look for a flying
                    UFO.  Shooting it with anything gains you 8 specials
                    and it also will harm anyone under the exploding UFO.

     Level     :    Hangar 18
     Item      :    Glass Dome
     How       :    Once through the UFO teleporter, turn left and go down
                    the ramp, turn left at the end, hit the telpeorter and
                    turn around, destroy the glass dome, and get a powerup.

     Level     :    North Pole
     Item      :    Multiple
     How       :    I'm not going one by one, so I will mention what blows
                    up here:  Trees, Igloo, Totem Pole, Fences, Santa's
                    Houses, Giant Pole, Snowman, and a Log Cabin.

     Level     :    London
     Item      :    Big Ben
     How       :    Most generic straight-shooting powerups or machine guns
                    will work when aimed using the ramp, just get up it, and
                    don't go over the top of it.

     Level     :    London
     Item      :    Pillar
     How       :    There is a pillar past an arch.  Shoot it for a Remote.

     Level     :    London
     Item      :    Statues
     How       :    There are two (2) statues in this level.  Shoot them
                    for weapons.

     Level     :    London
     Item      :    Walls
     How       :    There is a wall with a Closed sign or something.  You
                    can shoot it for a hidden passage.  There are 2
                    entrances to this part.

     Level     :    Tokyo
     Item      :    Fan
     How       :    Most weapons will blow it up, but once it blows up,
                    enemies will not go over it.  Try luring them on, then
                    blowing it up.

     Level     :    Tokyo
     Item      :    Tower
     How       :    There is a tower on the Full Health (Bright Gray) Roof
                    top.  Look for a tower.  Blow it up and you can get a

     Level     :    Tokyo
     Item      :    Walls
     How       :    On the building to get the radar you can shoot down a
                    sign and a garage type thing.  Again, most weapons will
                    do here.

     Level     :    Egypt
     Item      :    Sphinx
     How       :    Aim a weapon to shoot straight at the Sphinx's Face.
                    You will get the REAL face those Egyptians carved.

     Level     :    Egypt
     Item      :    Pyramid
     How       :    Shoot the tomb outside the pyramid to get in.  Shoot the
                    tomb inside to get on top.  Shoot the fireplace inside
                    to get a teleporter-type drop to get to the other.

     Level     :    Egypt
     Item      :    Pillar
     How       :    Shoot the door to get downstairs.  Shoot the pillar to
                    get a Lightning powerup.  Source is the pharoah's face

     Level     :    Calypso's Blimp
     Item      :    Cargo
     How       :    Almost any weapon can be used to blow up the boxes in
                    the cargo bay.  The cargo contains health, weapons, etc.

     Level     :    Calypso's Blimp
     Item      :    Walls
     How       :    Blow up the walls that say "Closed" to get to a blue
                    room so you can take out a panel, get health, lightning,
                    and missiles.

     Level     :    Calypso's Blimp
     Item      :    Control Panels
     How       :    This is Calypso's Regenerator.  Shoot out the four
                    control panels in the generally downstairs area and
                    the final which you must have destroyed the other four
                    to get to.  They are:  2 in the Cloud Room, 1 in the
                    Cargo Room, 1 in the Blue Room, wiht the Final one in
                    the Red Room upstairs.  It is guarded by lasers that get
                    knocked out as you destroy the other 4 control panels.

     Level     :    Warehouse II
     Item      :    Cargo
     How       :    Just shoot all the boxes you see.  Two reveal ramps and
                    the others reveal weapon pickups.  The ramps go up to
                    the spiral jump.

     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----

   11    Health Locations

            Level    :  Hollywood
            Partial  :  Top of ramp near Hollywood sign
                        On ground near building and ledge
            Full     :  On island in sewage

            Level    :  Washington D.C.
            Partial  :  Near corner by teleporter
                        On Capitol Building's balcony
            Full     :  Inside statue, same side of level as other healths

            Level    :  Hangar 18
            Partial  :  Left side of UFO
                        Right side of UFO
                        Turn left, then right on top floor
                        Turn right, then left on top floor
            Full     :  None

            Level    :  North Pole
            Partial  :  Near giant pole
                        Behind log cabin & trees
            Full     :  House to right of Santa's Workshop

            Level    :  London
            Partial  :  Street to left of pillar
                        Street in line with secret passage
                        On large grass area in front of palace
            Full     :  None
            Level    :  Tokyo
            Partial  :  Side of fan that is opposite the store
                        Near satellite and next to store
                        On high building in corner near ramp
            Full     :  Near water tower on bright gray rooftop

            Level    :  Egypt
            Partial  :  Behind pyramid
                        Side of pyramid on a dune
            Full     :  Behind Sphinx

            Level    :  Calypso's Blimp
            Partial  :  Top floor in center opposite downramp
                        Second cargo box on the right side
                        In cloud room on right side
            Full     :  In center of blue room

     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----

   12    Semi-Ambush Points

      In Twisted Metal 1 and 2, you were able to hide or remain in a
      certain place and kill enemies from there.  Well, now the enemies
      are much smarter.  Here are some points where you can remain
      partly safe.

            Level :  Hollywood
            Place :  The ledge after jumping off the highest ramp

            Level :  Washington D.C.
            Place :  None

            Level :  Hangar 18
            Place :  On top of UFO, in hidden teleporter room.

            Level :  North Pole
            Place :  None

            Level :  London
            Place :  Inside Buckingham Palace Warp, hidden passage.

            Level :  Tokyo
            Place :  Inside edge of blown-up fan, on roof facing radar
                     pickup, helicopter landing pad.

            Level :  Egypt
            Place :  Top of blown-up pyramid.

            Level :  Blimp
            Place :  None

     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----

   13    Lightning Power Sources

     Ever get confused about where that lightning is coming from, and
     where it reaches to?  Here's some general areas.

     North Pole:
     Santa's Workshop has to have been blown up to get the powerup, so
     you see a present with a flasher on top.  There's the source.  It
     can reach all over the island, onto the ramp to the island, the area
     near the pit's ramp and a bit past it, and down into the most of the
     pit nearest the present.

     Downstairs in the giant temple you will see a pharoah's face.
     That is the source and it reaches generally only to the circular
     room and a little bit into the passage.

     Calypso's Blimp:
     Upstairs the source cannot be seen easily, but it can be felt.  It
     reaches downstairs to the nearer halves of the Cloud Room and Cargo
     Bay, down the two passages a ways, and most of upstairs.  To avoid
     it, get into the Red Room, the Blue Room, the corners of upstairs, of
     to the back halves of the Cloud Room and Cargo Bay.  Can be seen in
     "ceiling" of Main Room at the top center.

     Club Kid's House:
     The disco ball is the source and there is no escape.  The lightning
     powerup, curiously gives you 3 instead of 2 shots.

     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----
   14    Developer Questions and Answers

      These are a group of questions and answers that most if not all
      Twisted Metal Die-Hard fans are probably asking.  I recently took
      it upon myself to collect a short group of questions and answers.

        Interview with Jim Buck, Software Engineering, 989 Studios.

Q1:   Why was Dark Tooth taken out?
A1:   Remember, we developed all of our stuff from scratch for Twisted
   Metal 3.  Therefore, we didn't take Dark Tooth out - we just didn't put
   him in. As for why we didn't put him in, well that was a decision like
   any other as far as which characters to bring back from the older games
   and which ones to create brand new. We felt Minion and Darkside were the
   bosses we wanted to bring back.

Q2:   Was there a Chicago level originally planned?  If so, what happened?
A2:   The Tokyo level was originally called Chicago. I don't remember the
   reason why we changed it, but it was probably because we thought it would
   be more interesting.

Q3:   Why are the levels so small?
A3:   Only the earlier levels are smallish. We felt it was a way to ramp up
   difficulty for people just picking up the game for the first time. New
   players would get lost in larger levels pretty quickly. Heck, I still get
   lost in certain parts of London.

Q4:   Have you got any PERSONAL strategies or tricks?
A4:   Use the e-brake a LOT to do 180s on people on your tail as well as
   to get around 90 degree turns at full speed.

Q5:   Why are some of the Special Weapons so... unimaginative?
A5:   This is a subjective question. I think you would have to ask about
   certain ones in order for me to say how they were thought up. We just
   came up with what we thought was appropriate for the character in most
   cases, and in others where there wasn't an obvious weapon idea, we just
   made up one.

Q6:   The Spike Bomb (Roadkill) is the weirdest weapon.  Where'd you guys
   come up with THAT?  You can't even aim it properly.
A6:   I don't know where the idea for Roadkill's weapon came from. As for
   the other thing, we designed what we could in the (little) time that we
   had for the full completion of the project (11 months from scratch).

Q7:   Why is it everyone has to have low armor, and some have low speed and
   weapons, as well?
A7:   We balanced the cars the best we could. It would not be fun if every
   car was the same speed and gave the same damage. What would be the point
   of having different vehicles if some didn't have different capabilities?
   If we balanced a car to be slow, for instance, we made him more resistant
   to damage. It's all about balancing. In honesty, balancing is somewhat of
   a voodoo art, but we did the best we could, and I think we did a pretty
   good job in that area.

Q8:   Why is ALMOST everybody slow?
A8:   It's just how it was balanced. I do know that some of the cars are
   actually pretty fast (like Spectre and Firestarter). I think the slowness
   is being compared to other games.

Q9:   Why are some of the levels unimaginative?
A9:   This again is a very subjective question. At the time the levels were
   designed, we thought they were imaginative for our purposes. Some people
   like them, and others hate them. It's hard to create levels that will make
   everyone go "Wow!".

Q10:  In the manual, Sweet Tooth's Head is actually in FRONT of his truck.
   What caused this?
A10:  I had to actually look in the manual to see what you were talking
   about. Those screenshots were taken long before the game was completed
   (that's how it works with getting stuff together for manuals) - that's
   just bad sorting of the head with the vehicle - it was drawn wrong order
   (a bug that was probably fixed shortly after that screenshot).

Q11:  Who was Head Hunter?
A11:  Head Hunter was the working name for Primeval.

Q12:  And finally, are you guys planning on making a TM4?
A12:  I can't talk about what our future plans are here.

Q13:  What about a TM Trilogy?
         (Later, I found out that if we compile a summary about what
         could be fixed in a TM1/TM2/TM3/Vigilante8/RoadTrip SemiFAQ
         they might just consider making one)

     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----

   15.1  Brief Level Strategies

      None yet.
         Please contribute your strategies to  with
         the Subject line being: .  Thank you.

     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----

   15.2  Comprehensive Level Strategies

      Tokyo          -- Pete Hoke 

Use the grate and fan as a tool for the destruction of your opponents as
much as you can.  Drop a remote on any corner of the grate, and blow it up
as soon as you see an opponent on top of it.  Once the grate is blown, jump
across it frequently, which messes with the vehicles AI and often causes
them to fall inside.  If you have a bigger car, freeze an opponent near the
fan, and ram them in.  Use the streets below filled with lava to your
advantage as well.  When opponents fall in, shoot tons of napalm, mortars,
and ricochet bombs at them.  Make sure to always place a remote bomb at
teleport spots, being careful to not fall in so that you won't need to use

Get the radar weapon by climbing up to the very top level, and turbo-jumping
all the way across the gap between the two main buildings.  When you land,
slow down, build up your momentum again, and then turbo up the final ramp
to get the radar.  The best method to use the radar is to draw all opponents
towards the area right around the radar, and then fall of the edge of the
building and fire away.  If you try to use it from the top level, you will
often find that your enemies will follow you there to safety, and you are
often in range of the radar if you try to use it while down by the grate.

Remote bombs can be used very effectively in places besides the teleports.
When turbo jumping across the gap towards the upper level of the buildings,
make sure to drop a remote exactly where you land, then creep up the ramp
to the next level. Position your vehicle facing the corner of the building,
to the right of you where you land after turbo jumping across the gap.  As
soon as you see an opponent land out of the right corner of your screen,
blast the remote. This will send them in to the center of your screen where
you are positioned now.  Then fire away with napalms, mortars, and homing
missiles, while they're defensless and can't hit you because of your higher

     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----

   16.1  Brief Character Strategies

         Please contribute your strategies to  with
         the Subject line being: .  Thank you.

         First, and most importantly, this guy is essentially Mr. Slam
         from TM2.  The special racks up the damage while also tossing
         an unwanted opponent away.  You can use this to your advatage
         in Tokyo so the opponent gets hit by the special, the lava or
         even you can hit them again when they teleport up.  The word
         being SLOW means he is slow to get to the opponent, so plan an
         intercept point and hit them.  In the Blimp you can knock the
         enemies into the clouds, and also, since he is like Mr. Slam,
         try shooting Napalm as you drill them, then a Rain Missile to
         follow up.

         NONE YET

      Club Kid
         NONE YET

         NONE YET

      Flower Power
         NONE YET

      Mr. Grimm
         Make hit and run a prime strategy with this guy, as he has
         terrible armor and a hard to aim weapon.  His hit and run
         should be a combo of freeze, special, missiles, etc. and
         run and reload.  This will be effective and safest when you
         have enough health so that your car is not looking burnt.
         NONE YET

         To play this guy is to be the ULTIMATE cheater or beginner.
         His Special not only homes in, but it does MASSIVE damage,
         coupled with the fact that his armor is incredibly heavy,
         you statistically cannot lose.  You must be careful when
         you are upside-down, but if you are still facing an enemy
         in that position, you can keep firing.

         This car has got to have the greatest Special, especially when
         you accidentally fall into Club Kid's Special.  However the
         play of this car has changed from TM2 where you could zap and
         teleport across the level and still be zapping them, to where
         you can only zap people when they are in range, but you can
         zap as many people as you can get your taser on.  Drive By
         Tasings require you to run up to the opponent, zap and hold
         position until the weapon wears off.  However, you may knock
         an enemy into the air and all of a sudden, drop off into the
         Lava or the Clouds.

         NONE YET

         The fastest character in the game is a cross between Twister
         and Spectre from TM3 gving you a fast car and a fast, deadly
         (ok, so not quite DEADLY) Ghost Missile will let you drive by
         an enemy and let loose a volley of Ghost Missiles.  Go by the
         enemy, face so that they are behing you then Rear Attack them
         to drop your Special all over them and then get out of there
         with your super speeds.  You can easily manage 100+ at any
         time WITHOUT Turbos that even Club Kid and Flower Power need
         WITH the Turbos.  You can drive by, drop a couple Specials
         and be out of there before you can say 'Lance Wylder'.

      Sweet Tooth
         Be careful, as this guy has one of the worst problems in the
         game:  the frame of the car blocks the person in front of you,
         thus blocking a clear shot, and the shot is only a direct ahead
         shot.  The GOOD thing is that it can be detonated should, all
         of a sudden, the weapon stray off-course, or miss so that at
         least SOME damage occurs to an opponent.  Use his special to
         take out cars with large frames, usually Minion, Darkside,
         Primeval, occasionally Thumper, and sometimes Hammerhead.  Use
         missiles on smaller, faster cars because the special has a less
         chance of hitting them directly or detonating close by.

         The all around car is back and with a new, weird but useful
         Special that will knock enemies away and into walls, other
         cars, and with certain players in Co-Op Mode can be helpful.
         You can have a friend be Club Kid, drop a whirlpool out of
         range and knock and enemy into it.  Or you can play volley-
         car with another Thumper.  Perhaps, you could manage on your
         own with knocking enemies into Tokyo's Lava, the Clouds in
         the Blimp, or knock someone else into another person's attack.
         The use of this in the Blimp against Primeval is painstakingly
         obvious.  Freeze him, then knock him into the Clouds.

         This guy is best when you want to kill quickly.  Freeze a guy,
         unleash a few patriotic blasts, napalm, remotes, etc. then turbo
         backwards and detonate the remote bomb.  The weapon also has
         great ability to push people like Thumper, only that it's just
         not as strong.  Freeze, missiles twice, another freeze, and more
         missiles, and that will really drain their health bar.  Just be
         sure to have already have gotten the health nearby or the enemy
         will be restored, and you'll have wasted 4 missiles, 80 points
         of freezes and x turbos to get away from the one remote you have

     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----

   16.2  Comprehensive Character Strategies

      Club Kid       -- Pete Hoke 

Playing as Club Kid:
Club Kid's special gives you a real unique opportunity to create some major
combo havok.  Try to get a few opponents together in close proximity, then
drop a couple specials in the same spot, and fire away at the swirling melee
with mortars and napalm from a safe distance.  In Tokyo, draw the other
vehicles down towards the fan section, then simply place the whirlwind on
the steel grate, or drop it in to the fan while jumping over.  It will suck
opponents down in to the fan, or if the grate hasn't been broken yet, once
your opponents are on it you can blast a napalm in there to finish em' off.
On the blimp you can also use it to throw opponents in to the bottomless
pit on the lower level of the blimp by simply placing it near the edge while
opponents are in close proximity.  While swirling around they will slip over
the edge the vast majority of the time.  Finally, make sure to gain up
plenty of speed with Club Kid before attempting to make important jumps,
because for his size he is decievingly slow and has very weak acceleration.

Playing against Club Kid:
The best way to escape Club Kid's special is to work with it and use it to
gain momentum instead of fighting against it and using up all of your
turbo. Run a couple circles around the whirlwind and then use your momentum
and a little turbo to fling yourself out of its range.

     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----

   i     Version History

               1.0   -  No mention of version, no level passwords.
               1.1   -  Mention version number, added all passwords.
                        Lightning info added.  All Passwords added.
                        Added Sphinx and Tower in Destroy the Stuff.
               1.2   -  Added the Char. Opinions, Added the Char Stats,
                        Added the Weapon & Armor Class Table.
               1.3   -  Changed Pharoah to Pillar in Nifty Things,
                        Realigned Useful Password Table, Added 17 Useful
                        Passwords, Modified Lightning Source in Blimp,
                        Added Regeneration Blockers.  Found some credit
                        due.  Added Tricks Title/Heading-Thing.  Added
                        Table of Contents.
               1.3a  -  Modified Address.  Added last comment above.
               1.4   -  Revamped FAQ to make it more "User Friendly".
                        Added Health Locations, Added Semi-Ambush Points,
                        Changed Opinion Table to Special Weapon Table,
                        Rearranged many things.  Added In-Game Menu Tricks.
               1.5   -  Removed Regeneration Blockers, Removed Special
                        Weapon Table, Added Interview with 989 Developer,
                        Also added Non-In-Game Menu Tricks.
               1.6   -  Added Sexy Flower Power Code.  Added In-Depth
                        Character Strategy for Club Kid, In-Depth Level
                        Strategy for Tokyo and Various Character Brief

    Plans:     1.7   -  To add maybe Character Decriptions.  Need strategies.
                        Need Level Strategies of both types.  Would like
                        Character Strategies of both  types also, but brief
                        first.  Please send in strategies.  Read below:
                        Contribute to this FAQ by sending e-mail to:
                                 [email protected]

     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----

   ii    Credit where it's due:

               Level Passwords for ALL Difficulties:

               Gameshark Codes:

               Advanced Attacks:
               Instruction Manual and Knowledge of TM2. 

               Useful Password :
               Don Springer 

               Tokyo, Club Kid Strategies:
               Pete Hoke 

     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----


          DISCLAIMER:  This FAQ may not be copied in any way shape
          of form without prior consent of the author (usually email)
          The author reserves the right to take away the privilege
          of using this piece of work on his/her page, magazine,
          etc.  Please stop plagiarism and report those who attempt
          to claim this piece of material as his/her own.  The only
          way to use this without consent is to give credit to the
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          Please notify the author should you use his material as
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          quickly.  Thank you again, and end plagiarism.  Own a cheat
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          If you would like to contribute to his FAQ, please contact
          the owner at ([email protected]).  Thanks for reading this.

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