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__  /   __ | /| / /__  / __  ___/_  __/_  _ \_  __  /
_  /    __ |/ |/ / _  /  _(__  ) / /_  /  __// /_/ /
/_/     ____/|__/  /_/   /____/  \__/  \___/ \__,_/
______  ___      _____         ______       _____ __
___   |/  /_____ __  /_______ ____  /       __  // /
__  /|_/ / _  _ \_  __/_  __ `/__  /        _  // /_
_  /  / /  /  __// /_  / /_/ / _  /         /__  __/
/_/  /_/   \___/ \__/  \__,_/  /_/            /_/
by Joseph Christopher 
version 1.6
Jan. 1, 2000
this faq is copyright 2000-2001 Joseph Christopher
by reading this faq you agree that I, the author, am not in any way
liable for any harm that anybody thinks came from reading this faq
* I've tried playing Twisted Metal 1, and it was fun, but not that memorable.
  Twisted Metal 2 is what I have become experienced at, and it is the version
  that has brought me a fair share of laughs, screams, and jaw-dropping
  victories as well as losses. It's a little too late to write a faq on
  that now, as there are two new versions out in the market. Twisted Metal
  3 just sucks, with that health-hounding AI and those tumbling principles,
  but the fourth one is a saving grace and so I have decided to write a
  faq on it.
Why read this guide:
   I. Basic Gameplay
  II. Storyline
 III. Character Bios
  IV. Weapons and Moves
   V. Arenas
  VI. Endings
 VII. Credits
VIII. Revision History
  IX. Final Words
 ____      ____    __    ___  ____   ___
(_  _)    (  _ \  /__\  / __)(_  _) / __)
 _)(_      ) _ < /(__)\ \__ \ _)(_ ( (__
(____)()  (____/(__)(__)(___/(____) \___)
            ___    __    __  __  ____  ____  __      __    _  _
           / __)  /__\  (  \/  )( ___)(  _ \(  )    /__\  ( \/ )
          ( (_-. /(__)\  )    (  )__)  )___/ )(__  /(__)\  \  /
           \___/(__)(__)(_/\/\_)(____)(__)  (____)(__)(__) (__)
1) directions    - turn
2) [] (square)   - tight turn (U turn at times)
3) /\ (triangle) - reverse
4) {} (circle)   - rear view
5) >< (X)        - accelerate
6) L1            - change current weapon
7) L2            - fire current weapon
8) R1            - change current weapon
9) R2            - machine gun
* Tap the accelerate and/or the reverse buttons twice and hold it on the
  second time to activate your turbo boosters for faster movement. The
  second button you tap (and hold) determines where you'll go (forward
  or otherwise)
* There is some sort of radar on your upper-left which you should always
  pay attention to in order to be able to deliver surprise attacks to
  you opponent and avoid theirs as well. It works in a relative basis:
  the center of the "radar" is you while the dots around it are your
  opponents. If a certain dot is located east of the center, then that
  is where one of your opponents is relative to YOU.
* Tap select to change your view (no, not front or back). For single player
  mode, you may choose between close, far, and mid-way. For two-player
  mode, the choices are limited to horizontal and vertical split-secreens
  as well as one-fourth the screen. If you plan to play with two or more
  other players, however, there'll only be one view---one-fourth of the
* Avoid those drums! They deal some nice damage and could make or break
  your game. What you can do is shoot them whenever an opponent is near
  cause they explode and deal damage within a blast radius.
* Any mass of metal that is vehicular in nature but is neither an ally
  nor an opponent (eg. trains) will do a HEAP of damage when you come
  in contact with it so stay away from those at all costs! Use the Ricochet
  to push opponents towards those accursed vehicles and hear them scream!
  (hehehe) Another thing: they'd suddenly vanish when the level boss arrives
  so you won't have to worry about anything besides your current opponent.
 ____  ____      ___  ____  _____  ____  _  _  __    ____  _  _  ____
(_  _)(_  _)    / __)(_  _)(  _  )(  _ \( \/ )(  )  (_  _)( \( )( ___)
 _)(_  _)(_     \__ \  )(   )(_)(  )   / \  /  )(__  _)(_  )  (  )__)
(____)(____)()  (___/ (__) (_____)(_)\_) (__) (____)(____)(_)\_)(____)
As related by one of Sweet Tooth's henchmen: (not a direct quote, as I
 am just relating this from memory)
        " A story is told of a carnival that would travel from town to
town. The owner of this carnival was a man surrounded by mystery, known
only as Calypso. One day, this carnival went to my master's town. It was
unlike anything he had ever seen before. In it, contestants would battle,
in vehicles of their choosing, for a chance of winning a mysterious prize.
Some say that the prize was a single wish, ANYTHING the victor could possibly
desire, but, they also say that the stakes for playing are high. The cost
of losing? One's immortal soul! My master also tells me that he didn't
start life out as a clown. He was once a little boy---a boy who dreamth of
fire!, destruction!, and TWISTED METAL! Word of the deadly traveling show
spread like the plague. Great was my master's skill in battle, but in
the collection of souls, he was just a bug. (Sweet Tooth wishes to be
the star of the Twisted Metal Tournament) Days turned into months,
months into years, desire turned into envy, and envy turned into a plan.
Calypso's reign at the master ceremonies had ended. MY master had taken
his rightful the throne...of the Twisted Metal EMPIRE...
hahahahahahahaha!!! "
 ____  ____  ____       ___  _   _    __    ____    __     ___  ____  ____  ___
(_  _)(_  _)(_  _)     / __)( )_( )  /__\  (  _ \  /__\   / __)(_  _)( ___)/ __)
 _)(_  _)(_  _)(_     ( (__  ) _ (  /(__)\  )   / /(__)\ ( (__   )(   )__) \__ \
(____)(____)(____)()   \___)(_) (_)(__)(__)(_)\_)(__)(__) \___) (__) (____)(___/
                       ____  ____  _____  ___
                      (  _ \(_  _)(  _  )/ __)
                       ) _ < _)(_  )(_)( \__ \
1) Orbital      - Type of Car     : Sleek Sports Car
                - Driver Demeanor : Good
                - Special Weapon  : Orbital's Special is the Teleorb.
                                    It electrifies the enemy and then
                                    freezes them.
                - Handling        : @ @ @ @ @
                - Armor           : @ @
                - Special Weapon  : @ @ @
                - Speed           : @ @ @ @ @
2) Pizza Boy    - Type of Car     : Illegal Street Racer
                - Driver Demeanor : Good
                - Special Weapon  : Pizza Boy sends out two giant, spinning
                                    pizza saw blades that home in an opponent.
                - Handling        : @ @ @ @ @
                - Armor           : @ @
                - Special Weapon  : @ @
                - Speed           : @ @
3) Capt. Grimm  - Type of Car     : Pirate Ship Car
                - Driver Demeanor : Evil
                - Special Weapon  : Captain Grimm shoots a fiery cannon
                                    ball that sets fire to and heavily
                                    any opponent.
                - Handling        : @ @ @ @ @
                - Armor           : @
                - Special Weapon  : @ @ @
                - Speed           : @ @ @ @
4) Calypso      - Type of Car     : Nuke Mobile
                - Driver Demeanor : Evil
                - Special Weapon  : Calypso employs powerful nuclear missiles
                                    which must be detonated near his opponents.
                - Handling        : @
                - Armor           : @ @ @ @ @
                - Special Weapon  : @ @ @ @ @
                - Speed           : @
5) Quatro       - Type of Car     : Xeon Hoverbike
                - Driver Demeanor : Good
                - Special Weapon  : Quatro sends out a pulse of microwave
                                    radiation around his hoverbike that
                                    severely damages opponents.
                - Handling        : @ @ @ @ @
                - Armor           : @
                - Special Weapon  : @ @
                - Speed           : @ @ @ @ @
6) Goggle Eyes  - Type of Car     : Roach Coach
                - Driver Demeanor : Evil
                - Special Weapon  : Goggle Eyes sprays a green, hydrochloric,
                                    toxic acid which causes, on contact,
                                    massive damage.
                - Handling        : @ @ @
                - Armor           : @ @ @
                - Special Weapon  : @ @ @ @
                - Speed           : @ @ @
7) Meter Maid   - Type of Car     : 3-wheeled Meter Car
                - Driver Demeanor : Good
                - Special Weapon  : Meter Maid releases an energy circumference
                                    that syphons an opponent's health unto
                                    her own.
                - Handling        : @ @ @
                - Armor           : @
                - Special Weapon  : @ @ @
                - Speed           : @ @
8) Gen. Warthog - Type of Car     : WWI Tank
                - Driver Demeanor : Twisted
                - Special Weapon  : General Warthog plants a marker/target
                                    which initializes an ion satellite
                                    and later activates a powerful ion
                - Handling        : @
                - Armor           : @ @ @ @
                - Special Weapon  : @ @ @ @
                - Speed           : @ @
9) Microblast   - Type of Car     : Toy Car
                - Driver Demeanor : Evil
                - Special Weapon  : Micro Blast engages a series of rapidfire
                                    speed missiles called the Gatlinger
                - Handling        : @ @ @ @
                - Armor           : @
                - Special Weapon  : @ @
                - Speed           : @ @ @ @
10) Trashman    - Type of Car     : Garbage Truck
                - Driver Demeanor : Twisted
                - Special Weapon  : Using large hydraulic arms, Trash Man
                                    picks up and slams his opponents repeatedly
                                    onto spikes mounted on his roof.
                - Handling        : @
                - Armor           : @ @ @ @
                - Special Weapon  : @ @ @ @
                - Speed           : @ @ @
11) The Joneses - Type of Car     : Family Wagon
                - Driver Demeanor : Good/Twisted
                - Special Weapon  : The Joneses launch three strong, homing
                                    missiles called hornets which causes
                                    heavy damage on an opponent.
                - Handling        : @ @ @
                - Armor           : @ @
                - Special Weapon  : @ @
                - Speed           : @ @ @
12) Drag Queen  - Type of Car     : Hot Rodder
                - Driver Demeanor : Twisted
                - Special Weapon  : Drag Queen's Flame Thrower projects
                                    forward from the car's grille and sets
                                    opponents on fire.
                - Handling        : @
                - Armor           : @ @
                - Special Weapon  : @ @ @
                - Speed           : @ @ @ @
13) Mr. Zombie  - Type of Car     : Dracula
                - Driver Demeanor : Evil
                - Special Weapon  : Mr. Zombie fires a spinning skull which
                                    draws enemies in as it electrifies,
                                    then explodes at its final stage.
                - Handling        : @ @ @ @ @
                - Armor           : @ @ @
                - Special Weapon  : @ @ @
                - Speed           : @ @ @
 ____  _  _      _    _  ____    __    ____  _____  _  _  ___      __    _  _  ____
(_  _)( \/ )    ( \/\/ )( ___)  /__\  (  _ \(  _  )( \( )/ __)    /__\  ( \( )(  _ \
 _)(_  \  /      )    (  )__)  /(__)\  )___/ )(_)(  )  ( \__ \   /(__)\  )  (  )(_) )
(____)  \/  ()  (__/\__)(____)(__)(__)(__)  (_____)(_)\_)(___/  (__)(__)(_)\_)(____/
                 __  __  _____  _  _  ____  ___
                (  \/  )(  _  )( \/ )( ___)/ __)
                 )    (  )(_)(  \  /  )__) \__ \
                (_/\/\_)(_____)  \/  (____)(___/
WEAPONS: you start with some of these and replenish your supply by looking
         for power-ups scattered throughout the arena.
1) Auto lob    - the green missile; launched vertically upward and drops
                 on the opponent as a multitude of successive explosions.
                 Best used on opponents hanging at the edge of cliff-life
                 structures and those that are cornered since, when not
                 in these areas, only one to two of your dropping missiles
                 will connect.
2) Fire        - the yellow missile; it HAS a little homing ability and
                 turns a little toward the opponent if he is close enough,
                 won't follow him if he changes course. Does normal, quite
                 respectable damage. Use it while in a hot chase.
3) Freeze Bomb - the blue box; dropped on the ground and detonated by hitting
                 L2 for a second time. Freezes everyone within a blast radius.
                 Nice to execute on many, many opponents to freeze 'em all
                 and hit 'em with the REAL bomb---the REMOTE!
4) Homing      - the purple missile; will follow an opponent EVEN if he changes
                 course, provided that change is not abrupt or close to a
                 wall. Does minor damage but very useful to finish off someone
                 with little life left and is turbo charging like crazy to
                 escape your wrath.
5) Lightning   - the lightning(obviously); hits and does major damage to
                 everyone within a certain radius. Can kill some characters
                 even if they still have full life if they take it all from
                 the beginning. This weapon is quite harder to find than
                 the others but usually(again, usually) the place where
                 you found it is the safest place to use it and be assured
                 YOU don't get hit too.
6) Mirv        - the white missile; travels slowly in mid-air and "lobs"
                 mini missiles on opponents. I take back what I said about
                 this weapon in previous versions. The reason why I said
                 I didn't use it much is because I seldom find one, and
                 what does that imply? This weapon has quality! In my
                 present opinion, the Mirv is VERY useful. The mini missiles
                 I was talking about deals great damage, not to mention
                 having insane homing capabilities. Launch this when you're
                 on higher ground and all that's below you will surely
7) Mortar      - the black box; launches what looks like one of the Auto
                 lob missiles at an arc towards the opponent. Does high
                 damage, especially when done up-close, but in this case,
                 you take damage as well. I still recommend doing it up-close,
                 though. If you don't want to take damage, try chasing an
                 opponent and do this to anticipate when he turns along a
                 corner and where he'll end-up by the time it lands.
8) Napalm      - the fireball; launched at an arc towards the opponent. Sets
                 an opponent on fire and does good damage, especially when
                 done from afar. If done up-close, will set YOU on fire too
                 so be careful. Best used like the Mortar---try chasing an
                 opponent and do this to anticipate when he turns along a
                 corner and where he'll end-up by the time it lands.
9) Power       - the fat-headed missile; my favorite; Does very high damage
                 but only shoots straight forward and doesn't do any turn
                 whatsoever. I'm afraid this weapon is best done only when
                 the opponent is frozen and will take hits directly. Still,
                 it's my favorite.
10) Proximity  - the red-centered disc; dropped on the ground and explodes
                 automatically if an opponent tries to get near it. The most
                 sure-fire technique for this weapon is to go through a
                 portal(several of these are found in most levels) and plant
                 one wherever you land. Go away and never go through the
                 same portal again unless someonoe has already fallen for
                 your trap. (heheh)
11) Rain       - the yellow-tailed missile; travels slowly in mid-air and
                 drops mini Napalms on opponents. I really don't use it much
                 but maybe you can on opponents who are too busy battling
                 one another.
12) Rain 2     - the yellow-tailed missile; just like the Rain Missile, but
                 makes use of laser beams instead of fireballs. I don't
                 use it much either but again, like the Rain Missile, can
                 be used on opponents who are too busy battling one another.
13) Remote     - the gray box; dropped on the ground and detonated by hitting
                 L2 for a second time. Does heavy(and I mean heavy) damage
                 on everyone within a blast radius. Best done while you're
                 in shield mode (see the "moves" sub-section) and are surrounded
                 by a ton of opponents.
14) Ricochet   - the black ball; does some decent damage and bounces off
                 walls. If you're feeling nasty, try unloading a ton of
                 these whenever you're on higher ground just to annoy those
                 down below. Also good for pushing opponents into oblivion.
15) Speed      - the red missile; you need to hold L2 when using this weapon
                 and treat it like a Machine Gun 'cause it does just that---
                 give a ton of really low damaging hits. Like the Power
                 Missile, is best used when an opponent is frozen for dramatic
MOVES: these serve to enhance gameplay and have their own strategies as
       coupled with your array of weapons
1) Freeze              - left, right, up, up
                       - just like the homing missile, but, see the name?
                         Means it FREEZES the opponent on impact. This
                         is my favorite move and is best coupled with
                         a Power Missile or Ricochet. Avoid using Napalms
                         and other flaming moves because the opponent's
                         frozen state prevents him from being set on fire.
2) Hyperspace          - up, up, down, down
                       - works like a charm. Makes you suddenly vanish
                         and appear in a random, "safe" part of the level,
                         usually on the lowest ground. You may think of
                         using this when cornered but really its best use
                         is when you are about to fall to death.
3) Invisibility        - down, down, up, up
                       - makes you invisible, what else? Computer opponents
                         can obviously still "see" you since, after all,
                         they ARE the game! Human opponents can still use
                         the radar to track you down, so there really is
                         not much use for this move except temporary confusion
                         and immunity to the homing abilities of some weapons.
4) Jump                - up, up, left
                       - you use your boosters to propel yourself in mid-air
                         One of the best evasion techniques when facing
                         an rusher, but I'd rather put my shields up. Another
                         use for this move would be when you need to cross
                         a gap and there's no ramp to do the job. Just
                         rush with your turbo boosters and jump at the
                         last moment. One last thing: you CAN'T do this
                         move when you're already in mid-air, so don't
                         think bout flying or anything.
5) Massive Attack      - up, down, up, down, up
                       - sends forth a whole lotta assorted homing missiles
                         and freezes the opponent in the process. Does
                         the most damage among all the moves in the game
                         but consumes so much life you cannot do anything
                         afterwards until your energy replenishes. I really
                         do not recommend it since I always make it a point
                         to reserve a little amount of energy for Shields
                         and Hyperspaces just in case.
6) Rear Attack         - right, left, down, down
                       - allows you to shoot the current weapon backwards.
                         The obvious reason for doing this is whenever
                         your opponent is behind and chasing you to death.
                         A not-so-obvious use for this move is when you
                         and an opponent meet and go opposite directions---
                         he'll never expect it! And DON'T use this move
                         on weapons that should be dropped! You'd be wasting
                         valuable energy and yield the same results as
                         when you just hit L2!
7) Rear Freeze         - left, right, down, down
                       - just like the homing missile, but, see the name?
                         Means it FREEZES the opponent BEHIND you on impact.
                         This is best coupled with a Power Missile or Ricochet.
                         Avoid using Napalms and other flaming moves because
                         the opponent's frozen state prevents him from
                         being set on fire. The obvious reason for doing
                         this is whenever your opponent is behind and chasing
                         you to death. A not-so-obvious use for this move
                         is when you and an opponent meet and go opposite
                         directions---he'll never expect it! 
8) Rear Massive Attack - up, down, up, down, down
                       - same as the Rear Massive Attack but of course
                         is fired backwards. Anyone chasing you at this
                         moment is sure to regret what he's been doing.
                         As with the other rear moves, though I don't
                         recommend using this move at all, a good strategy
                         would be to use this move when you and an opponent
                         meet and go opposite directions---he'll never
                         expect it! 
9) Shield              - up, up, right
                       - makes you totally invulnerable to any form of
                         attack the opponent can think of ('cept pushing
                         you off a cliff, (heh) but you got a Hyperspace
                         for that). Best coupled with weapons that can
                         also affect you like the Remote, the Freeze Bomb,
                         the Auto Lob, and the Napalm.
*   *   *   *   *   *   *  
  C   O   M   B   O   S
*   *   *   *   *   *   *  
Yup! They don't only exist in fighting games, but in this game as well!
1) For any vehicle - freeze the opponent
                   - drop three Proximities
                   - drop a Remote
                   - stand back
                   - detonate
                   - quickly fire an Auto lob
2) For the flame thrower types - freeze the opponent
   (eg. Drag Queen,            - constantly fire the Machine Gun
        Super Thumper, etc.)   - execute your special
                               - quickly select the Speed Missiles
                                  and fire away
3) For the slamming types - freeze the opponent
   (eg. Trashman,         - constantly fire the Machine Gun
        Super Slamm, etc.)- excute your special
                          - raise your shields
                          - quickly select the Mortar or the Napalm and
                             fire away
4) For the blast-radius types - constantly fire the Machine Gun
   (eg. Quatro,               - execute your special
        Super Axel, etc.)     - quickly freeze the opponent
                              - quickly select the Mortar or the Napalm
                                 and fire away
                              - rush towards the opponent before the
                                 freeze runs out
                              - bump him and execute your special
                              - quickly select a missile (preferably
                                 the Power one) and fire an extra direct
5) For Orbital only - execute your special
                    - constantly fire the Machine Gun
                    - launch your Auto lob
                    - when the special is over, the opponent is frozen
                    - quickly select the Power Missiles and fire away
                    - freeze the opponent when the special wares off
                    - execute the combo for any vehicle (combo #1)
6) For Mr. Zombie only - execute your special
                       - constantly fire the Machine Gun
                       - once the opponent is at the center, launch your
                          Auto lob
                       - freeze the opponent before your special ends
                       - execute the combo for any vehicle (combo #1)
7) For Gen. Warthog only - freeze the opponent
                         - drop three Proximities
                         - execute your special
                         - stand back
                         - detonate
                         - quickly fire an Auto lob
 _  _        __    ____  ____  _  _    __    ___
( \/ )      /__\  (  _ \( ___)( \( )  /__\  / __)
 \  /      /(__)\  )   / )__)  )  (  /(__)\ \__ \
  \/  ()  (__)(__)(_)\_)(____)(_)\_)(__)(__)(___/
General Tip: The walls in Twisted Metal 4 have no substance, meaning they
             are nothing but two-dimensional surfaces. If you look at
             them from the side, you are just supposed to see a single
             line. What does this have to do with gameplay? Simple. If
             you'd like to know whether a wall leads to a secret room
             or not, drive your vehicle beside and parallel to it. Now
             hit reverse and lean the back of your car to the wall, in
             order to split your screen in half, the first of which would
             be where your car is, the second half is the area BEYOND
             the wall. Gives you a nice peek, trust me.
1) Construction Yard  - "Rise above the pain, master the crane!"
                      - decription: a very small arena that's made up
                           of five sections, one of which is the center
                           and that, in turn, branches into the four other
                      - quote interpretation and tips: at the center of
                           the arena is a glassy area which you are to
                           shoot down. It reveals a green two-dimensional
                           image. Drive through that image and you're
                           in control of a large, magnetic crane! Aim
                           it on opponents and hold >< to pick them up.
                           Hit >< once more to drop them, but not before
                           positioning the "crane" above something that
                           hurts---like a double flame thrower(snickers)
                           If they try something clever like shield or
                           hyperspace, just hit >< for a third time to
                           re-magnetize them and wait for their shields
                           and their remaining energy to wear-off or be
                           used up.
                      - mastering the crane: I discovered this sure-fire
                           technique using the crane and it takes off
                           100% of your opponent's life---no matter how
                           much energy he has to pour on his shields!
                           Here's how: Notice I said drop them above something
                           that hurts? like a double flame thrower? Well,
                           that's what you'll just do, but this time
                           DON'T allow them to fall to the flames, cause
                           they can always do shield or hyperspace to
                           save their hides after they drop to a point
                           when you can no longer re-magnetize them,
                           specifically when they're very, very, close
                           to the flame. What you can do is, (heheh) hit
                           >< to re-magnetize them JUST BEFORE they go
                           beyond the point "of no return". They should
                           be inside the structure, but not quite close
                           to the flames yet. Then you POUND their vehicles
                           against the WALLS by hitting left and right!
                           a!hahahahaha! no escape! just you try it!
                           wa! hahahahaha!....ahem.
                      - other tips: whenever you see a one-level warehouse
                           of some sort, shoot it down. It yields some
                           nice power-ups.
                                  : the wooden barricades found throughout
                           this level may be destroyed to allow you to
                           drive through and collect a good number of
                                  : see a crack in the wall? Shoot it
                           down! There are lots and lots of power-ups
                                  : avoid the green area (don't worry,
                           it won't melt you down) simply 'cause nothing
                           can be found there. But, if you hit this area
                           with anything that explodes on the ground,
                           a circular flame wave will appear and grow
                           larger and larger until it has reached the
                           nearest walls.
                                  : go through the portal that leads
                           to the conveyor belt that, in turn, leads to
                           to flame throwers. But, as soon as you land,
                           hit REVERSE. Lean a little to the right so
                           you'd fall off---into a higher platform.
                           Let go of everything first to maintain your
                           position, then carefully turn and colect all
                           the goodies found there. Destroy the mini-
                           structure you'll find and drop down below to
                           find more goodies! To exit, just look for a
                           part of the wall which you could shoot down.
                      - fighting the boss: stay close to him, but never
                           in front, just by his side. He sucks at turning
                           left and right so if you would just position
                           yourself beside him, and fire away with Napalms
                           you'll be fine.
2) Neon City          - "Catch a ride from the secret balcony and enjoy a
                         healthy triumph!"
                      - description: just about as small as the Construction
                           Yard, but this one has a "second floor" (access
                           via train tracks) and that makes it twice as
                      - quote interpretation and tips: when you get to
                           the second floor, there are two ways to go;
                           follow the side with the portal in it but pass
                           it by and don't go through. On your upper-left
                           is a ramp that leads to a glassy room. Use your
                           turbo boosters to jump the ramp and break through.
                           Pick-up the prizes, shoot down the wall to your
                           upper-left, and wait outside. A giant magnet
                           will pick you up and drop you at another secret
                           place with more power-ups. You should know
                           what to do from this point on.
                      - other tips: notice I said something about train
                           tracks? Means there's a TRAIN out there! Avoid
                           that train at all costs 'cause it'll ram you
                           to death if you're not careful.
                                  : the flat, green light showing a turning
                           arrow that points upwards then left or right
                           does just that---propel you to the direction
                           it shows.
                                  : don't worry about falling from the
                           rooftops, doing so won't deal any damage whatsoever.
                           With this in mind, use this tactic to escape
                           from a multitude of opponents and fight another
                      - fighting the boss: play a lot of keep away and
                           freeze him whenever you get the chance cause
                           his super can easily catch you whenever you're
                           near enough. Drive through the tunnels and
                           plant a whole lotta Proximities to nail him
3) Road Rage          - "Winning on these streets means getting off the beaten
                      - description: not big, nor small, but looong level.
                           composed of intertwining roads and portals
                           that lead to...more roads!
                      - quote interpretation and tips: if all you do is
                           follow the road from which you started, you'll
                           get bored, run out of power-ups, miss a lot
                           of action, and lose. The trick is to ALWAYS
                           turn left or right instead of going straight
                           ahead in all the intersections you encounter
                           except, of course, when you're chasing someone
                      - other tips: there is a large glassy part somewhere
                           in this level which is too high for you to
                           shoot. Don't worry, you can destroy the cemented
                           part below and the effect would be just the
                                  : part of the long road can be broken
                           to reveal a link to a parallel one---teeming
                           with power-ups! One of them is a Lightning,
                           and this is probably the only instance when
                           you'll need to move away first before using
                           it---you have been warned...
                                  : move constantly; you can't out-wait
                           anyone in this level nor can you pull off
                           surprise attacks 'cause most of the time you'll
                           be seen from a mile away.
                      - fighting the boss: treat this match like a joust
                           among knights---always keep a distance from
                           him then meet him head-on, but don't crash
                           into him! Avoid him at the last moment and
                           nail him with a missile in the process. You'll
                           go your separate ways...just turn around and,
                           once again, joust!
4) The Bedroom        - "Get everyone amped...Break the lamp!"
                      - description: "A bedroom!? This should be f****n
                           small!!" is what most people would probably
                           say when they first see it. Could be true,
                           but imagine yourselves as Matchbox toy cars
                           in a little kid's bedroom...NOW you're thinkin'
                           large, aren't you?
                      - quote interpretation and tips: this is obvious,
                           find the lamp and destroy it. By the way, you
                           can find it by going up the slides at the center
                           of this arena. Don't just concentrate on the
                           lamp cause there are a lot of other power-ups
                           near and next to it.
                      - other tips: destroy the boxes to reveal a secret
                           room with lots of power-ups.
                                  : one of these secret rooms have a another
                           secret room hidden within it and you can easily
                           access that by destroying the obvious things
                           that seem to block your path.
                                  : try to find the TV cause it's surrounded
                           with lotsa goodies. I think it's a ramp away
                           from where the lamp is.
                      - fighting the boss: easy, just use your homing
                           and freeze moves a lot and never stay in front
                           of him. His laser special does a heap of damage,
                           not to mention setting you on fire. He'll also
                           follow you like crazy so tight turns and detonators
                           would be quite handy too.
5) Amazonia 3000 B.C. - "Find your way to the top of the ring, and the
                         gods will grant you everything!"
                      - description: big level with three sections: two
                           main highlands and a lowland that links them.
                           You'd be using a lotta ramps to jump from island
                           to island in this level.
                      - quote interpretation and tips: you see the part
                           of this arena shown in the crystal ball at
                           the loading screen? Try to find that first.
                           Then look for the closest ramp that leads to
                           an island and jump it. Drive straight ahead
                           and jump the next ramp. Turn right and jump
                           that ramp. Turn left and, once again, jump
                           the ramp in front of you. One more...jump it.
                           You should be facing a portal now, go through
                           it---voila! You're there! Collect the power-ups
                           and proceed with crushing the opposition.
                      - other tips: whenever you see a ray of light coming
                           from the ground, place yourself directly above
                           its source and you'll be hurled upwards, usually
                           to grab the health icon waiting for you.
                                  : the lowland also has lots of goodies
                           in it so explore and enjoy.
                                  : if you accidentally fall from an island,
                           don't worry. There's another one of those green
                           arrows nearby to propel you back to one of the
                           main highlands.
                                  : remember that green arrow? Somewhere
                           to its left, before the wall ends in a corner,
                           is a "weak" link to the wall. Still don't know
                           what to do? Shoot it down! It'll reveal a tunnel
                           that leads to a large green area. A portal
                           is near by so go through it. You're still in
                           the same room, but on higher ground, and with
                           lots o' goodies! Collect then select, and notice
                           the FULL HEALTH power-up? Seems hard to get?
                           Don't worry, there are two ways: One, turbo
                           charge and jump at the last moment without
                           letting go of the turbo button until you reach
                           it and two, stay directly below it and blow
                           yourself up with a Remote (heh, I mean, who
                           cares? It's a FULL HEALTH RESTORATION we're
                           talking about here)
                      - fighting the boss: this is my favorite character
                           from the previous Twisted Metal tournaments---
                           Axel! And now he's even more powerful to suit
                           his new name---Super Axel---just fine. Anyway,
                           don't you ever get near him unless you're shielded
                           cause he'll make you fly with his special.
                           Rely on the quote tip, push him to the edge
                           if he follows you, and punish him with a Lighting.
6) The Oil Rig        - "Beneath the drill is crude and black treasure,
                         but above are riches beyond measure!"
                      - description: big, big arena composed of two whole
                           floors and two incomplete ones. Falling is
                           common, but make sure you're landing on a
                           lower floor, not into oblivion!
                      - quote interpretation and tips: try find a large
                           pink structure which is separated from the
                           main arena. When you do, you'll notice the
                           fact that it's a little lower than where you're
                           viewing it, so all you have to do to get to
                           rush with your turbo boosters. Go through
                           the portal there and poof! You're on top of
                           the drill surrounded with a ton o' power-ups!
                      - other tips: when you're in a room with a wall
                           of glass, shoot that wall down and jump the
                           RIGHT (not the left) ramp to land in a platform
                           with a health icon waiting for you.
                                  : notice that those health icons are
                           deposited by the helicopter that hovers by,
                           so keep taht in mind and you'll know when to
                           try to get there.
                                  : after grabbing that health icon,
                           race forward to land in an incomplete floor,
                           choose the left ramp this time and turbo charge
                           all the way. You'll grab a Turbo power-up in
                           the process so don't worry bout it.
                                  : master the location of the different
                           portals and where they take you. This knowledge
                           would prove most useful in desperate moments.
                      - fighting the bosses: yep, there's two of 'em!
                           You'd probably thinking isolation and try to
                           beat the crap out of them one at a time but
                           I really would prefer otherwise---get them
                           together, equip your shield, and take part in
                           raw carnage! Use your remotes a lot and chip
                           away with Napalms for a sure-fire victory.
7) Minion's Maze      - "If you get lost, please do not panic, get to the
                         top or call a mechanic!"
                      - description: this is clearly the most annoying
                           level in the game. It really is a maze, and
                           you can get lost at times, not mention frustrated
                           to see your opponent on the radar, but not
                           on-screen since the only thing in front of
                           you is a dead-end! Oh $%#@!
                      - quote interpretation and tips: Getting to the
                           top, especially the snowy area, gives you
                           a nice view of the whole maze and gets you
                           reacquainted with it so think higher ground
                           whenever you are lost.
                      - other tips: the three corners of the arena are
                           decorated with portals that lead to an area
                           different from where you accessed it (eg. portal A
                           leads to portal B while portal B leads to
                           portal C and so on)
                                  : one of these portals lead to a corner
                           that has a health icon nearby. Just go through
                           the portals repeatedly until you find it. If
                           you can't after about four tries, then it was
                           already taken.
                                  : somewhere in the center of the maze
                           is a gate which you should bring down to gain
                           access to an underground shrine of power-ups.
                           There are more of these gates and you should
                           bring them all down for easy access to the
                           power-ups below.
                      - fighting the boss: this may be another interpreation'
                           for the quote---keep yourself on higher ground
                           and plant Proximities on every entrance to
                           ensure a free hit even before the match begins.
                           Auto lob works pretty fine with the big guy,
                           especially when he's just about to fall from
                           where you are.
8) The Carnival       - "You'll wanna be grounded when you ride the roller
                      - description: very small level; at the center is
                           a mini arena separated from the rest of the
                           main arena by a ring of fire (flame throwers,
                           actually) that you should avoid falling into.
                      - quote interpretation and tips: at the back of
                           the bigger "tent" is a corner with a large,
                           cube-like structure sticking out. Go near it
                           and crush the floor with your weight if you're
                           heavy enough. If not reverse and fire a Napalm.
                           This undergroud passageway leads to the path
                           of the "Roller Toaster". Turn right and you're
                           heading for the same direction as the said
                           vehicle. Just remember to stay on the left
                           lane cause it's the safe one. Go on and grab
                           everything in sight.
                      - other tips: if you ever fall into the ring of
                           fire I was saying, just move around and look
                           for the portal that's transport you out of
                           it. Whew! And remember to avoid the drums!
                                  : the mini-buildings and structures
                           all have doors that you can destroy and enter
                           from to gain access to a good share of power-ups.
                                  : keep an eye out for that mini arena
                           cause a health icon might suddenly pop in
                           the middle and it's almost always the computer
                           who gets to it first if you're not careful.
                                  : when an computer opponent has very
                           low life, it tends to hang around that mini
                           arena, teleport out of it, and re-enter via
                           ramp-jumping. It'll also tend to ignore your
                           presence so use this to your advantage and
                           nail him!
                      - fighting the boss: his special goes through walls
                           is homing, and if it connects, which is very
                           likely, it'll stay with you, draining your
                           life, long enough to kill you. BUT I HAVE escaped
                           this seemingly invincible move, though not
                           that easily. The trick is to first use your
                           energy to execute Hyperspace. They'll still
                           follow you so this time use your energy to
                           raise your shields and use whatever turbo
                           boost you have left to escape their wrath.
                           Freezing Sweet Tooth before you attack is the
                           ONLY sound way of approaching him and that
                           you should always remember.
 _  _  ____      ____  _  _  ____   ____  _  _   ___  ___
( \/ )(_  _)    ( ___)( \( )(  _ \ (_  _)( \( ) / __)/ __)
 \  /  _)(_      )__)  )  (  )(_) ) _)(_  )  ( ( (_-.\__ \
  \/  (____)()  (____)(_)\_)(____/ (____)(_)\_) \___/(___/
* The quotes here are NOT exact but are more or less the same...
1) Orbital      - Henchman: "Orbital! Hahaha! You've won the Twisted
                             Metal contest! What is it you desire?"
                  Orbital : "All I want now is to be norml again. I don't
                             want to be the only person in the planet
                             with half a face. "
                  Henchman: "Your wish has been granted driver!"
                - Orbital notices that he has become normal again, but
                  because half his face was restored, but because all
                  the other people he new lost half of theirs!
2) Pizza Boy    - Henchman : "Pizza Boy! You have won the Twisted Metal
                              contest! What is it you desire?"
                  Pizza Boy: "Yo, (blah, blah) I wanna be quick, so quick
                              I'd bounce without my shadow and all that,
                              you know..."
                  Henchman : "I think something can be arranged..."
                - A race commences between Pizza Boy and another car.
                  He switches to the highest gear and...he's flying!
                  He actually reached outer space but got eaten by a
                  blackhole! The Henchman comments: "Instead of looking
                  for potholes, he should have been looking out for blackholes!
                  A! hahahahahaha!
3) Capt. Grimm  - Henchman: "Capt. Grimm, yhou are, hitherto, the champion
                             of the Twisted Metal tournament
                  Parrot  : "The Capt.'s wish is to challenge Sweet Tooth
                             to a sword fight to the finish and the prize
                             of the victor would be the soul of the first
                             one dead, the soul of the first one dead, Arwk!"
                  Henchman: "Your wish has been granted driver."
                - Nothing seemed wrong with the outcome of the wish, but
                  when both of them decided to deliver their first and
                  final blows, Sweet Tooth slashed Capt. Grimm's parrot
                  instead. The henchman emphasizes, "THE SOUL OF THE FIRST
                  ONE DEAD....." (get it)
4) Calypso      - Henchman: "Calypso, congratulations! You've won the Twisted
                             Metal contest. One wish..."
                  Calypso : "Ah, spare me the retrics, you know what want."
                  Henchman: "Out of the question. The Twisted Metal tournament
                             and the ring remain with Sweet Tooth."
                  Calypso : "But you forget the rules. I get whatever I desire.
                             I've won, and now I want the ring."
                - All of Sweet Tooth's henchmen then attack Calypso, but
                  he is too skilled for them. He rushes for Sweet Tooth
                  and they engage in a tug-of-war over the ring. One of
                  the henchmen exclaims, "Stop! You'll destroy us all!
                  ... The souls are escaping!" When all's over, a boy
                  discovers a ring on the street and picks it up. In it,
                  he saw Sweet Tooth and Calypso, still fighting for the
                  ring's possession.
5) Quatro       - Henchman: "Quatro, what is it that you can possibly
                  Quatro  : (in high-tech, robotic, digital voice code)
                            "I want nothing to do with your prize, Sweet
                             Tooth! I came only for the bounties of
                             Calypso, Zombie, Grimm, and you!"
                  Henchman: "A bounty hunter, eh? Tacky Quatro, very
                  Quatro  : "You are wanted by the Galactic Center for
                             crimes against humanity.
                - Quatro pulls out his guns, then almost simultaneously
                  his midsection opens up to reveal two MORE arms, both
                  also packing a gun each!
                - Quatro  : "One way or are coming with
                - It turns out all of Sweet Tooth's henchmen also pack
                  their own guns and so they all gather around Quatro
                  and threaten to fire.
                - Henchman: "I'm afraid not, Quatro, but thanks for playing."
                - Suddenly a helicopter flies by the building where they
                  are and shines its light through the windows. A voice
                  commands: "Put down your weapons and surrender peacefully.
                  I repeat, put down your weapons and surrender peacefully."
                  Quatro says his the last line: "Your move, Sweet Tooth..."
6) Goggle Eyes  - Henchman   : "Goggle, you have won the Twisted Metal
                                contest, what is your wish?"
                  Goggle Eyes: "The bugs are everywhere, I can't trap
                                them all. I wish to be able to trap all
                                the bugs so I could kill them!"
                  Henchman   : "Very well..."
                - Suddenly, Goggle Eyes chokes and dies. He opens his
                  mouth and tons of roaches come out (yuck!) The Henchman
                  comments. "Well at least you got your wish, but you're
                  letting them get away, hahahahahahaha!
7) Meter Maid   - Henchman  : "You have won the Twisted Metal contest.
                               What is it you desire?"
                  Meter Maid: "I just came here to give you this..."
                  Henchman  : "This fine is in the millions!"
                  Meter Maid: "There is another option sweetie, Mr. Tooth
                               can participate in community service. This,
                               um, community service will only take, oh,
                               about a couple o' minutes of his precious
                  Henchman  : "I am sorry to inform you, that we here
                               at the Twisted Metal tournament, do not
                               accept, condone, or tolerate any legit...
                               Sweet Tooth whispers something)...Community
                               service is indeed fair conduct and would
                               be exercised throughly...hahahahaha!"
                - Sweet Tooth finds out that the community service Meter
                  Maid was talking about was for real (all about careful
                  driving) and not something else (heheh)
8) Gen. Warthog - Gen. Warthog: "Left, right, left,...left, right, left...
                  Henchman    : "Gen. Warthog, you are hereby granted,
                                 for your display of courage and will
                                 in the face of a greater enemy, and in
                                 an unforgiving environment, one wish,
                                 made possible, by the kindness, generosity,
                                 and grace of Sweet Tooth."
                  Gen. Warthog: "The general would like to have the greatest
                                 army ever amassed in the history of war!
                                 Gen. Warthog will lead that army into
                                 many, glorious victories. The general
                                 would rule over all the world's battlefields!"
                  Henchman    : "Granted! Hah! Goodbye!"
                - Gen. Warthog is now part and in command of an army
                  that will never lose---that of a little boy playing
                  in the backyard.
9) Microblast   - Henchman  : "(blah, blah, pun, pun) You are largely,
                               by a giant margin, the biggest winner
                               of the Twisted Metal tournament."
                  Microblast: "Aaargh! Eeenough! I have come for my prize."
                  Henchman  : "It is not our intention to...BELITTLE you
                  Microblast: "Why I oughta..."
                  Henchman  : "Ok, ok, let's make this, ... SHORT (giggles)
                               You are granted one wish through Sweet
                               Tooth's generosity and grace. What is it
                               you desire?"
                  Microblast: "I want to be tall, like a skyscraper. I
                               want my shadow to cover an entire city.
                               I want it now, and I want it for eternity!"
                - Microblast is then turned into a giant that terrorizes
                  the whole city, but because he said he wanted to be a giant
                  for eternity he ended up as a giant statue instead.
10) Trashman    - Henchman: "You have defeated your enemies in our arenas.
                             You are therefore given one wish---anything
                             you desire. What shall it be?"
                  Trashman: "My friends wish for garbage. Yes, that's
                             what I want---the whole world to be garbage."
                  Henchman: "Your wish has been granted, driver. Someone
                             will see you out. Good Bye!"
                - Trashman is happy to find himself surrounded by garbage.
                  Then it turns out that his whole world is just in a
                  trashcan and another trashman has been assigned to pick
                  it up.
11) The Joneses - Mr. Jones: "Nice place you got here, Mr. Tooth, really
                  Henchman : "I believe you have won..."
                  Mr. Jones: "We would like a top-of-the-line, (blah,
                              blah) trailer"
                  Henchman : "Granted."
                  Mr. Jones: "With the optional (blah, blah, blah)..."
                  Henchman : "Granted."
                  Mr. Jones: "And the (blah, blah) contract on (blah,
                              blah) so we can get ourselves a driver.
                  Henchman : "Granted."
                  Mr. Jones: "And that driver we want, is Mr. Tooth!"
                  Henchman : "Granted! That's it! Someone will see you
                              out! Good Bye!"
                - Sweet Tooth just hates that family and driving by the
                  mountainside while they are singing to the top of their
                  voices is just too much for him. He then grins and
                  decides to drive them all off a high cliff.
12) Drag Queen  - Henchman:   "Drag Queen, you have effortlessly defeated
                               your enemies in the Twisted Metal contest.
                               We offer you one wish, for your triumphant
                               and heroic deed."
                  Drag Queen: "Ahem, ahem..."
                  Henchman  : "Your wish has been granted, driver. Someone
                               will see you out. Good Bye!"
                - We then see Drag Queen on a stage, singing in a girly
                  voice, with his pantyhose showing. His dream of performing
                  at the super bowl halftime-show has been fulfilled.
13) Mr. Zombie  - Henchman: "Mr. Zombie, You've just won..."
                  Head    : "...the Twisted Metal tourtament, with skills
                             unmatched by any contestants, with fiery
                             power unparralleled by any other being,..."
                  Henchman: "...and with a fierce calculating raid unseen
                             by most mortals,..."
                  Head    : "...our master, Mr. Zombie, has vanquished
                             his enemies with..."
                  Henchman: "...pleasure and ease. Mr. Zombie will now..."
                  Head    : "...get one wish, by the..."
                  Henchman: "...sweet and gentle..."
                  Head    : "...grace of your..."
                  Henchman: "...master Sweettooth!! Hahahahahaha! What..."
                  Head    : " our..."
                  Henchman: "...wish?"
                  Head    : "Our wish is to let this world hear the wails
                             and warcries of a dead man's soul."
                  Henchman: "So be it!"
                - We now get to view a clip of Mr. Zombie's "Superbeast"
 _  _  ____  ____       ___  ____  ____  ____   ____  ____  ___
( \/ )(_  _)(_  _)     / __)(  _ \( ___)(  _ \ (_  _)(_  _)/ __)
 \  /  _)(_  _)(_     ( (__  )   / )__)  )(_) ) _)(_   )(  \__ \
  \/  (____)(____)()   \___)(_)\_)(____)(____/ (____) (__) (___/
Janice (my kid sis) for copying some of the in-game text for me when I
                    just didn't have the time
Jim Chamberlin ([email protected]) for info on the whats and hows of
                                    ASCII arts
Ed the Hyena ([email protected]) for Mr. Zombie's ending
A cool dude who wants to remain anonymous for some of the endings
David Nunez ([email protected]) for most of the  combos
PinheadGun for most the passwords and Cheat Code Central, 
where I found his work
[email protected] for the Save Options password
Tristan for the Infinite Special Weapons password
[email protected] for the green thingy flame wave trick with the napalms
                                                              for paying attention to this faq
Sony, 989 Studios, and all its affiliates for creating such a great game
Ms. AsianCuteness for inspiring me in just about everything I do!
 _  _  ____  ____  ____      ____  ____  _  _  ____  ___  ____  _____  _  _
( \/ )(_  _)(_  _)(_  _)    (  _ \( ___)( \/ )(_  _)/ __)(_  _)(  _  )( \( )
 \  /  _)(_  _)(_  _)(_      )   / )__)  \  /  _)(_ \__ \ _)(_  )(_)(  )  (
  \/  (____)(____)(____)()  (_)\_)(____)  \/  (____)(___/(____)(_____)(_)\_)
                   _   _  ____  ___  ____  _____  ____  _  _
                  ( )_( )(_  _)/ __)(_  _)(  _  )(  _ \( \/ )
                   ) _ (  _)(_ \__ \  )(   )(_)(  )   / \  /
                  (_) (_)(____)(___/ (__) (_____)(_)\_) (__)
v1.6 - added "Mastering the Crane"
v1.5 - fixed a few errors
v1.4 - added a few comments
v1.3 - added passwords
v1.2 - added combos
v1.1 - added endings and tips
 ____  _  _      ____  ____  _  _    __    __      _    _  _____  ____  ____   ___
(_  _)( \/ )    ( ___)(_  _)( \( )  /__\  (  )    ( \/\/ )(  _  )(  _ \(  _ \ / __)
 _)(_  )  (      )__)  _)(_  )  (  /(__)\  )(__    )    (  )(_)(  )   / )(_) )\__ \
(____)(_/\_)()  (__)  (____)(_)\_)(__)(__)(____)  (__/\__)(_____)(_)\_)(____/ (___/
Please feel free to email me if there's something about Twisted Metal 4
I left out or if you just want to comment on my work. Thank you. If ever
I revise this faq and add something you feel came from one of your emails
to me, email me again and remind me bout it so I can give you credit. Thanks
Wait a minute, I hear someone say, "Where the f*** are the PASSWORDS!?"
Well, here they are:  (it's a whole lot better if you finish the game fairly
first so you'd get to appreciate everything about it, but, you really wouldn't
care now, would you? :) 
Absolutely No Health And Weapon Power-Ups (this is boring)
Enter: Circle, Start, Left, L1, Start at the password screen. 
All Cars Ignore Each Other and Target Humans (yeah!)
Enter: Right, Triangle, Right, Triangle L1 at the password screen. 
All Power-Ups Are Homing Missiles 
Enter: R1, Right, Left, R1, Up at the password screen. 
All Power-Ups Are Power Missiles 
Enter: Down, Down, Circle, L1, Left at the password screen. 
All Power-Ups Are Remote Bombs 
Enter: Up, Right, Down, L1, Triangle at the password screen. 
Enemy Cars Ignore Health Power-Ups (nice!)
Enter: L1, Left, Right, Circle, Right at the password screen. 
God Mode (dammit, you must be desperate!)
Enter: Down, Left, L1, Left, Right at the password screen. 
Health Regenerates Faster (I think its the SPECIALS that replenish faster)
Enter: Triangle, L1, Down, Triangle, Up at the password screen. 
Infinite Special Weapons 
At the password screen, press Triangle, L1, Down, Triangle, Up. 
One Computer Ally Against Two Human Opponents 
Enter: Down, Down, Right, Right, Down at the password screen. 
Save Option Settings (not sure about this one)
At the password screen, enter START, START, START, START, START. 
Then go to the options screen and configure the game to your desire,
when you exit the options main menu, you'll be prompted to save. The
settings will be automatically loaded when the game is started 
Start at "Amazonia 3000 B.C." 
Enter: Circle, L1, Start, L1, Start at the password screen. 
Start at "Bedroom" 
Enter: L1, Right, Left, Left, L1 at the password screen. 
Start at "Minion's Maze" (try this stage and your hair will fall out :)
Enter: Start, R1, Left, R1, R1 at the password screen. 
Start at "Neon City" 
Enter: Left, Triangle, Right, Right, Left at the password screen. 
Start at "Oil Rig" 
Enter: Start, Left, Up, Start, Circle at the password screen. 
Start at "Road Rage" 
Enter: Start, Start, Down, Circle, L1 at the password screen. 
Start at "The Carnival" (you DARE take on Sweet Tooth?)
Enter: Circle, Left, Down, R1, L1 at the password screen. 
Unlock Crusher as a Playable Character 
Enter: Down, R1, Right, R1, L1 at the password screen. 
Unlock Minion as a Playable Character (not as cheap as in previous appearances)
Enter: Triangle, L1, L1, Left, Up at the password screen. 
Unlock Moon Buggy as a Playable Character 
Enter: Start, Triangle, Right, L1, Start at the password screen. 
Unlock RC Car as a Playable Character 
Enter: Up, Down, Left, Start, Right at the password screen. 
Unlock Super Auger as a Playable Character 
Enter: Left, Circle, Triangle, Right, Down at the password screen. 
Unlock Super Axel as a Playable Character (my TM2 favorite!)
Enter: Up, Right, Down, Up, L1 at the password screen. 
Unlock Super Slamm as a Playable Character 
Enter: Right, L1, Start, Circle, Start at the password screen. 
Unlock Super Thumper as a Playable Character 
Enter: Circle, Triangle, Start, Circle, Left at the password screen. 
Unlock Sweet Tooth as a Playable Character (this guy's sooo cheap!)
Enter: Start, R1, Right, Right, Left at the password screen. 
Very Little Traction (try this at the Oil Rig)
Enter: Down, Triangle, Down, L1, R1 at the password screen. 
Wait, wait, I here another one say, "How about the f****n GAMESHARK CODES!?"
Well, beat it, man! I don't approve of the passwords alone and have only
added them upon the requests of tons of emailers but Gameshark Codes are
too far! Besides, this ain't the hardest game there is.

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