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Um Jammer Lammy FAQ
August 21st 1999, Revision 1.5

Written By: Justin Strauss ([email protected])

This document is the intellectual property of the author. It is intended to 
provide help, to fellow gamers, on a title that is both entertaining and 
difficult at various times. Please do not copy or distribute this file in any 
format (other web page, part of another FAQ, etc.) without consent of the 
author. If you have any new tips or info you want us to hear, drop an e-mail. 
And, just in case this comes up, Game Cave may not distribute this to those who 
purchase this title.

Um Jammer Lammy is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.  Copyright 
1999 by Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.  Copyright Rodney A. 
Greenblat/Interlink.  All rights reserved.

Table of Contents:

0.0 Revision History

1.0 General Description

2.0 Options and Special Info

3.0 The Cast of Characters
    3.1 Lammy
    3.2 Katy Kat
    3.3 Ma-san
    3.4 Rammy
    3.5 Parappa
    3.6 Former Cast

4.0 The Challengers and Their Stages
    4.1 Chop Chop Master Onion
    4.2 Chief Puddle
    4.3 Cathy Piller
    4.4 Captain Fussenpepper
    4.5 Paul Chuck
    4.6 Teriyaki Yoko
    4.7 Milk Can in Concert

5.0 The Items and Their Effects
    5.1 Flanger
    5.2 Harmonizer
    5.3 Wah Wah
    5.4 Distortion
    5.5 Reverb

6.0 Game Secrets and Hidden Goodies

7.0 Contributions and Thank-You's

0.0 Revision History

V0.8 - 04/15/99 - Initial Release! Expect typos or grammar problems from it.

V1.0 - 06/04/99 - Added the items with effects, and where to get them.
                - Made some changes to the level descriptions and stories.

V1.5 - 08/21/99 - Updated for the American release, with the new secret mode!
                - Made even more changes to the level descriptions, along with
                  American changes to the game. Censorship!

Coming Soon:

    -dedicated section for music player
    -lyrics, both versions
    -detailed strategies to earn "Cool."

1.0 General Description

    The quirkiest title in Sony's Playstation arsenal now finally has a sequel! 
We return to this world we came to know and love as Parappa, only to take 
control of a brand new alter-ego. Her name is Lammy, and she totally rules on 
the guitar. She, along with friends Katy Kat and Ma-san, have formed a new band 
called Milk Can. With Katy's vocals, Ma-san's wailing on the drums, and Lammy's 
wicked sounds... they can't be beat. This game is very similar to Parappa, and 
the action is more intense than ever. You must press the correct buttons, 
according to the rhythm, as indicated by a meter on the top of the screen.

    However, the action is much faster and more precise in this title. There's 
no more button-mashing to try and get a "cool" ranking... as this title will 
actually deduct 100 points if you go spastic on the buttons. However, if you're 
one of the people who made it through Parappa with your great reflexes and 
understanding of "the beat," you'll be just fine. Lammy plays a guitar in 
response to the songs (as opposed to Parappa's raps), so it will not sound so 
awkward if you're a little off the notes (we remember how much Parappa could 
stutter in his title). Just to note, this (import) title speaks completely in 
English, and even has English subtitles as a choice.

    There are many new modes in this game, adding much-needed replay value. In 
addition to the standard one-player mode, there's a cooperative mode where two 
versions of Lammy go through the standard levels. The second Lammy can be 
controller by your friend (using a second controller) or even by the computer or 
yourself! (yes, you can control both if you want high scores). There are also 
versus modes for 2 players to battle it off for the most points... alternating 
turns. Then of course, you can actually play as a whole new character once you 
complete the game. I wonder who it could be...

2.0 Options and Special Info

    When you access the "menu" in Um Jammer Lammy, there are six sets of sub-
menus. This is where you will run the game once you've completed the main game, 
as you access any and all features from here. All these menus are in English 
anyhow, but here they are for reference. In the American version of the game, 
the "language" option is taken away, so there will only be five menus on there:

    -Stage Select (try out any single stage from here)

    -Hi Score (top three scores for each stage variation)

    -Language (the subtitle language)

    -Options (general game options)
        -Vibration: On/Off
        -Subtitles: On/Off
        -Game Level: Normal/Easy

    -Replay (can save four replays on the memory card)

    -Load and Save (self-explanatory. for the memory card)

    To play an import game on an American Playstation, you normally need a "mod 
chip" to get your system to play the Japanese title. However, some recent import 
games like Final Fantasy VIII and Um Jammer Lammy will NOT work on an American 
Playstation with a normal mod chip. To play this, you have two choices. The 
first is to get the new type of mod chip that works with these locked-out games. 
Your second choice is if you have a Game Shark accessory for your PSX. If you 
have an older mod chip, you can get it to work with Um Jammer Lammy by using the 
following Game Shark code on the game:

        90000000 0000
        D01DA762 1040
        801DA762 1000

This code must be on when the game boots up, until the "Nana On-Sha" screen. 
After this point, you can turn the effects switch off, though this code will not 
mess up your game in any way. If you are unfamiliar with a Game Shark and how to 
use it, you can visit the maker, InterAct ( or the official-
unnoficial best code site, the GSCCC ( And remember, this is 
for playing the import version. The American one will work just fine on your 

3.0 The Cast of Characters

    Lammy - She's the jammin' lamb who can't be beat on those strings. She 
proves her unparalelled knowledge of music through both her guitar playing 
skills and her ability to use this knowledge to get through everyday situations. 
As she cries her trademark phrase, "Leave it to Lammy!" she endures the 
pressures of everyday life as she attempts to make it to her next concert on 

    Katy - Katy is Milk Can's lead vocalist. I guess she couldn't stand how 
Parappa got all the attention on the music scene, as she went out and formed her 
own band. She sure can sing, and you'll get to hear her new hit song "No Cuttin' 
Corners" if you can manage to get Lammy to the concert. Always a true leader and 
great at getting people together, Katy will always be there for you. As a note, 
the ending of the American game has Katy singing yet another cutesy little 
original song.

    Ma-san - Every great band needs a drummer, and Ma-san is just the ticket for 
Milk Can. She's usually quite shy, and talks with little mumbles that remind you 
of a muppet baby. However, don't get her mad, as she'll go into Shin-Ma-san mode 
and blast it into you. Heck, she wrecked a whole museum once just trying to swat 
a fly. And you should see how she ruined her laptop computer!

    Rammy - This is the evil version of Lammy, from Hell. Seriously, Lammy ends 
up making a stop in Hades during her adventure. There, she meets her evil 
counterpart, Rammy. Rammy doesn't seem to be as evil as she'd hope, though, as 
she does a great job helping Lammy in cooperative mode. Just don't test her in 
versus mode, as she'll slam you down. Oh well, her taste in clothing is cooler, 
to say the least ^_^

    Parappa - He's back! Despite how incredibly cool Lammy's game is, it just 
wouldn't be right if we couldn't play as Parappa. He actually has his own little 
side-story, with FMV and all, which is unlocked once you beat Lammy's game. He's 
just as he was before, with the same dope voice and weird red cap on his head. 
He can also play with or against Lammy in levels, for super mix-up action.

    Former Cast - Yup, you'll see the cast from Parappa the Rapper back in 
action. Daisy, that crazy hungry PJ Beary, and Parappa's whole posse is back 
making guest appearances in this game. You can't play as them, of course, but 
they're back nonetheless... same voices and all. Look out for them, some are 
hard to catch, like that bug guy from the last level of PtR.

4.0 The Challengers and Their Stages

    Chop Chop Master Onion - Stage 1

As Lammy rushes off to her first gig of the game, she relives a scene from 
Parappa's title while she thinks up an excuse as for why she is late. As she 
stumbles onto stage, she realizes that the new lead vocalist for Milk Can is... 
Chop chop? Yikes... what could a sensei know about female pop music? Anyhow, he 
will school Lammy in a way that Parappa never dreamed, preparing her for the 
rest of the game (his lyrics hint at what the stages will be like). The 
background beat is the same tempo as Parappa's original stage 1. If you manage 
to get "cool," the concert stage will be replaced with a sunshine background 
like in the first game.

    Chief Puddle - Stage 2

Lammy wakes up in shick, realizing that her experience with Chop chop was only a 
dream. She realizes that there are only fifteen minutes left until her show with 
Milk Can starts. Unfortunately, on the way there, she is halted by a scene 
filled with firetrucks and firemen galore. Before she can set her head straight, 
they're asking her to help put out the fire with a hose. She imahines that the 
hose is actually a guitar, and goes at it. The gruff-voiced dalmation dog Fire 
Chief sings you along as you endure this lengthy stage. It actually repeats the 
main verse two full times. If you get the "cool," mode going on, you will fly 
into the air, propelled by the stream of the hose.

    Cathy Piller - Stage 3

As the crew celebrates putting out the fire, Lammy stuffs herself with food. 
When she realizes how late it is, she bobbles on to her show. However, on the 
way there, she is stopped by a parade of marching pregnant women. They drag her 
into the hospital, mistaking her big belly for a "bun in the oven." Once the 
rest of the women give borth and Lammy has no kid, the caretaker says that she 
must now help and put the kids the sleep (as not to have wasted her time). As 
the female caterpillar caretaker has a gruffer voice than Lunchlady Dorris on 
the Simpsons... it is up to Lammy and her guitar to, "put these kids to sleep, 
will ya?" Getting "cool" mode in here causes the room to evolve into a bonanza 
of colored balls and such. Quite trippy.

    Captain Fussenpepper - Stage 4

Now that Lammy has only minutes to go until the concert, she dashes from the 
baby care center to go and catch the plane (exactly how she can take a plane 
trip in less than 3 minutes is beyond me). She hops on at the last second, as it 
takes off, only to realize that the plane's captain is not all he's "cracked up" 
to be. This senior citizen pilot seems to have lost his marbles, as he switches 
between two distinctly different personalities during this stage. One of them is 
an obsessed drill sergeant, while the other is almost like a confused infant. 
Keeping up with both styles will be tough, but just "leave it to Lammy!" You can 
really become a space case if you get "cool"... viewing the plane from outer 

    Paul Chuck - Stage 5

Lammy has made it to the spot of the concert with only moments to spare. 
Unfortunately, she left her guitar back on the plane with captain looney! She 
needs to find a new guitar quick! She runs into the local music shop hastilly, 
only to find that they are sold out of guitars! She claims to the owner that she 
will do anything to get a guitar, and he obliges. The hyper beaver shopkepper 
runs out into the forest with Lammy, both armed with chainsaws. That's right, 
they're gonna carve a new guitar out of a raw tree! She can't use a chainsaw at 
all, but... why not pretend it's a guitar. Now she can go gooney on that 

    Teriyaki Yoko - Stage 6

Running out of the music shop with her sweet new green guitar... Lammy is struck 
by the worst fate possible. PJ Beary is catching a quick snack as usual, and 
when done he throws his banana peel onto the ground. Just as fate would dictate, 
Lammy slips on it... flying into the air. A car hits her, and as she dies, her 
ghost floats off to... hell. Searching for a way out, she meets a very peculiar 
squeaky woman putting on a musical show IN hell. Ms. Yoko threatens to kill 
Lammy if she can't play the guitar for her. However, since she's already dead... 
she offers to revive Lammy if she plays it properly in Yoko's concert (heck, 
she's gotta have some incentive). After a grueling battle, Lammy briefly meets 
her hell-spawned alter-ego as she gets faxed (yes, Lammy goes into a fax 
machine) right to the scene of her own concert.

The American version of the game changes the scenario of this level quite a bit. 
On her way out of the guitar shop, Lammy gets her belt strap caught on the 
shop's door. After running forward a bit, it serves as a catapult... and flings 
her back in time through the levels she played before. Once at the beginning, 
she lands on some strange desert island. Unlike Gilligan, she has no time to 
waste. She gets pulled into the concert to play for Ms. Yoko. This time, 
however, Yoko offers to send her back to the game right away. The American 
version removed all references to "the devil" in the song that comes up. Not 
only that, but any decorations in the level that resemble hell or death have 
been removed for the most part.

    Milk Can in Concert - Stage 7

In this final stage, Lammy can finally prove herself in concert with Milk Can. 
Katy proves her full range of singing talent as she combines R&B soul and sugar-
coated pop music into her own unique style. Ma-san beats on the skins, and Lammy 
accompanies Katy on her guitar. This stage is fast-paced compared to some 
others, though not as annoying as Yoko's stage. As Lammy proves, there's "No 
Cuttin' Corners" in life... as she'll make it through and persevere. This level 
is even more amazing when you play as Lammy with Parappa, since the stage will 
be filled by all the main characters (Lammy, Katy, Ma-san, PJ Berry, and 

5.0 The Items and Their Effects

    Flanger- You get this after completing level 2. Chief puddle hands you his 
siren, as a thank-you for helping him. This item will give you a very gruff 
sound for your guitar, just like the Chief's gruff voice. It's fun and just 

    Harmonizer- You get this after completing level 3. It is a caterpillar, 
resembling Cathy Piller. You can use the directional pad (up, down, left, right) 
to add strange effects to your music with this. I guess that the strangest 
character also gives you the weirdest item.

    Wah Wah- You get this after completing level 4. The Captain hands you his 
dentures to use on your quest (eew) and Lammy seems not to care about the green 
stuff inside them. Anyhow, this adds a warped and comedic sound to the guitar.

    Distortion- You get this after completing level 5. Chuck hands you a small 
wood stump with an axe in it, which serves as the item for this effect. You get 
a very powerful, electric, and freaky sound when using this item. It's this 
author's personal favorite.

    Reverb- You get this after completing level 6. Ms. Yoko hands you her 
lighter (finally, a cool item) to use as the reverb tool. For those who know 
music, reverb is a real thing used in various instruments. Listen for it.

6.0 Game Secrets and Hidden Goodies

    There are many different game modes in this title. At first, you have access 
to "new game" which is Lammy's standard game of seven stages. However, there are 
actually six different games within Um Jammer Lammy. Once any game's stage is 
completed, it can be replayed for a "cool" ranking (unless otherwise noted) like 
in Parappa the Rapper. Here they are, in order from earliest to latest:

    -Lammy Game
    -Lammy and Rammy Game
    -Lammy vs Rammy Game
    -Parappa Game
    -Lammy and Parappa Game
    -Lammy vs Parappa Game
    -Sound Player *

    The first stage of Lammy's game is just a training stage (Chop chop) and 
does not earn you anything. However, almost every level you can beat in this 
game will earn you another level or option. Of those six different "games" 
listed above, they ALL take place in Lammy's levels 2 through 7. Therefore, the 
Lammy Game has 7 levels, and the other Games all have 6 levels. Therefore, there 
are 37 total levels in the game. Here is how you earn them, if you are starting 
from scratch:

    -Once you complete Stage 2 in the "Lammy Game," you will then be able to 
access the "Lammy and Rammy Game" from the stage select menu. This is a game 
where Lammy and Rammy work together to earn points. You then must beat those 
levels in order. The second player in this mode can be controller by either the 
computer or by a second controller. Once you beat a certain level in this game, 
you can now re-play that level with YOURSELF as both characters, and can earn a 
"cool" ranking if you wish.

    -For each stage you complete in the "Lammy Game," you will unlock the same 
number stage in the "Lammy vs Rammy Game." This is a game where Lammy and Rammy 
compete to see who can earn more points. The second player in this mode can be 
controller by either the computer or by a second controller. Once you beat a 
certain level in this game, you can now re-play that level with YOURSELF as both 
characters, or with different computer difficulty levels. You can also earn a 
"cool" ranking in this game, but it is harder to keep track.

    -Once you complete all the stages in the "Lammy Game," you will then be able 
to access both the "Parappa Game" and the "Lammy and Parappa Game" from the 
stage select menu. Parappa's Game is just like Parappa the Rapper, while the 
"Lammy and Parappa Game" is a game where Lammy and Parappa work together to earn 
points. You then must beat those levels in order. The second player in this mode 
can be controller by either the computer or by a second controller. Once you 
beat a certain level in this game, you can now re-play that level with YOURSELF 
as both characters, and can earn a "cool" ranking if you wish.

    -For each stage you complete in the "Parappa Game," you will unlock the same 
number stage in the "Lammy vs Parappa Game." This is a game where Lammy and 
Parappa compete to see who can earn more points. The second player in this mode 
can be controller by either the computer or by a second controller. Once you 
beat a certain level in this game, you can now re-play that level with YOURSELF 
as both characters, or with different computer difficulty levels. You can also 
earn a "cool" ranking in this game, but it is harder to keep track.

    -AMERICAN ADDITION!!! The American version of UmJammer Lammy has received an 
additional bonus mode that was not in the original Japanese release. It can be 
accessed from the main menu. Under "new game" and "menu"... there will be a new 
option that says "Special." In order to activate this mode, you must complete 
all of the game's levels. Yes, that means all thirty-seven levels. Anyhow, when 
you select this, you go to the "Sound Player" menu. From here, you can select 
the song from any of the seven levels to play. Additionally, you can choose from 
the four versions of the song (cool, good, bad, or awful). This may not sound so 
great yet, but it is. Instead of a simple sound-test like most games, this plays 
the song WHILE you watch the whole game's cast dancing around on the Milk Can 
stage. Lammy, Katy, Ma-san, Rammy, Parappa, and PJ Berry get funky up on stage, 
jammin' to the tune you selected. And better yet, pressing one of the four main 
buttons will cause a specific character to dance. The square button controls 
Lammy, "X" controls Katy, Triangle controls Parappa, and Circle controls Rammy. 
Also, L1 controls PJ while R1 controls Ma-san. Have fun.

7.0 Contributions and Thank-You's

    GameFAQs ( for hosting this FAQ, along with more great 
gaming info than most any site out there. Keep up the good work, man. Without 
GameFAQs... where would we all go for detailed game help? Sure, lotsa places 
have great code archives, and some TRY to keep all the best FAQs. But who 
succeeds? Only one, my friend ^_^

    The wonderful patrons of my own message board, the OtherWorlds Shrine 
( which is sometimes the only refuge for the true gamer. 
Along with my friend Sineswiper, we keep the shrine alive as a place for gamers 
to respectfully speak and get together while online. The friends that I have 
made there have meant the world to me, despite how my "real life" sometimes 
drags me offline for days at a time. Either way, here's to ya'll... and I won't 
mention any names (as there are too many of you to possibly remember them all 
now. And you'll kill me if I miss any, hehe).

    The select few of my friends who love gaming almost as much as myself, and 
keep me inspired to keep on playing. Tacchi, you're as obsessed over games as 
me, and for over a decade. We're getting old, dude. Crystal, well you can kick 
most of our sorry arses ^_^ Steffannee... you introduced me to Will in Rival 
Schools! Scott, you've been a pal through it all, despite how you suck at games 
^_^ Kathryn, your love and understanding will always be cherished (yes, call me 
sappy). And Alex, you've been there since we were infants, when the NES was only 
a dream in the semi-near future.

    Rodney Gleenblat, Sony, and all the great companies and people who made the 
game possible. Without them, we'd never have been introduced to this wonderous 
world, beautiful characters, and a style of gaming that changed our lives. These 
games, like Parappa and Lammy, are perhaps my favorite genre out there right 
now. It gives those folks with a "rhythmical sense" a way to convey it through 
gaming. And besides, it beats having another cookie-cutter RPG or fighter to 
deal with.

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