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           W I N B A K - C O V E R T - O P E R A T I O N S

Synopsis: Winbak is best described as Syphon Filter for the N64.
          You will need a $15 controller pak to save properly, just
          like every other gawddamn game out there.

100 - Introducing Winbak
.10 - Modes offered
.20 - Control Options, discussion
.30 - Tactical Manuevers, lecture

200 - Items, Objects, Environment
.10 - Equipment, lecture
.20 - Advanced Tactical Combat, discussion

300 - Solo Play Reconnaissance Report
.10 - The Grounds
.20 - The Office
.30 - The Warehouse
.40 - The Control Centre
.50 - Operation Winbak Accomplished!

400 - Multi Play
.10 - Characters, discussion

500 - Cheats and Stuff
.10 - In-game Cheats
.20 - Ending Parameters

Section 100: Introducing Winbak to Idiots, I mean Rookies

           Game progression is fairly straight forward; go on where
           it's most heavily guarded. Laser traps, guards, etc. As
           always, there is a price for progress.

Section 110: Modes Offered

Story -- (easy, normal, hard) Jean-Luc goes in and tries to regain the
         GULF System from the Crying Lions.

Trial -- (normal only) Awarded after finishing Story mode on Hard. Jean
         Luc may re-enter each stage and try to finish it under time to
         unlock multi player characters. Unnecessary as a code unlocks
         all of them (see cheats).

Max Power -- (easy, normal, hard) Just like Story mode, but Jean-Luc starts
             with all weapons "infinitised." Clearly the best mode to play
             the game in. A code can unlock this mode (see cheats).

Sudden Death -- (normal only) Just like Story mode, but one hit will kill
                Jean-Luc, enemies, boxes, bosses, etc. The most difficult
                mode to play in. A code can unlock this mode (see cheats).
                Makes bosses insanely easy or hard, and stages extremely
                difficult as one stray bullet will cause you to restart
                from the beginning of the stage or the last checkpoint.

Tutorial -- (easy, normal, hard) Self explanatory.

Versus -- (normal only) Multi Player Wang-Bang. Who want some Wang?
          Again self explanatory.

Section 120: Control Options

Sight Control -- (Reverce/Normal) Airplane or Metal Gear Solid? Your choice
                 but airplane controls feel more natural. This is vital as
                 it affects how Jean-Luc aims his gun.

Sight Speed -- (Fast/Normal/Slow) Put it on fast and leave it on fast. You
               need the speed as you combat large numbers of enemies and the
               speed allows you to "twitch" and get in head shots quickly.

Camera Control -- (Reverce/Normal) You might want normal as then, it moves
                  the camera and not the view.

Camera Pan -- (Auto/Manual) Winbak's camera control is excellent, you only
              need left and right views, as the most dangerous enemies come
              in at ground level or below. Leaving it on auto gives you an
              excellent view on what's in front of you.

Key Type -- (A/B/C/D) Choose the set that lets you fire and reload the most
            naturally and comfortably. My config is Type C.

Section 130: Tactical Manuevers

              "Very good Jean-Luc. You are doing well."

The swing-out -- Winbak is based on cover; ideally, all gunfights make use
                 of this feature. On later levels it may not be the case.
                 Make use of it when you are outnumbered, i.e., facing more
                 than one enemy.

The pop-up -- More useful than swinging out because it's faster and more
              often used in later levels when cover consists of crates.
              Press and release Z to pop up, fire and duck again. Knowing
              where your laser is aimed (use some common sense now) prior
              to popping up is the sure fire way to getting massive amounts
              of head shots.

The roll -- Used more often to get by the cheap death laser traps than
            avoiding gunfire. Use it as a quick dash to cross small
            stretches between cover; just remember you wind up just
            crouching after the roll, unmoving, unless you keep moving.

Hand-to-Hand -- Useful to bonk unalerted guards, but other than that, never
                fight bare handed unless you got a death wish. Ever wonder
                why Lara Croft never does that? Because she knows she's jail
                bait if she does, so she'd rather die honorably than lift up
                a pretty finger to defend herself.

Reloading -- The most important thing in this game. It's more important and
             more satisfying than sex. Never reload in the open unless you
             killed everyone. One hit in the middle of a reload and you lose
             what ever was left in your clip and you get damaged, leaving
             you unarmed for the fight. ALWAYS reload your pistol and shot-
             gun, and if you've found extra magazines, your SMG as well if
             you have 10 bullets or less in the clip.

Secton 200: Inventory . . . nothing but your wits.

Items are easily identified by their incessant flashing and the big
blue cursor when you get near. Some are picked up, most are switches
or linked with movie sequences.

Jean-Luc starts with his brother's pistol, a big piece of obsolete crap,
but it's his basic weapon. A fully loaded SMG and shotgun make up the
rest of his starting gear. His job is to OSP some hot shit and hope it's
enough to help him take out a Russian Infantry Battalion.

Section 210: Equipment Run-down

.45 ACP Pistol -- Even looks like the Colt, with its 8 round clip. It can
                  hold one extra round in the chamber (the indented bullet
                  indicates the chambered round), you laugh at one bullet,
                  but on Sudden Death that extra bullet often means the
                  difference between going to the next section or lying
                  dead on the ground in a pool of your own urine.

               ** On Easy difficulty, the pistol carries 6 more rounds,
                  making it a decent firearm. 14 rounds plus 1 chambered.

9mm SMG -- A knock off of the Walther MP-k/MP-l series of machine pistols.
           It can carry 30 rounds and it has the longest target acquisition
           range, making it the best all around weapon. Unfortunately, ammo
           is scarce especially if you use it often. There's a trick at
  that allows your pistol to aim at the range of the
           SMG. The gun can also carry one round in the chamber, although
           this is less of a concern than with the pistol. Surprisingly,
           this is the weapon of choice in Sudden Death when the big
           magazine and long range make it a definitive sniper's weapon.

Shotgun -- stereotypical 12 gauge weapon. Has anyone used a 10 or even a 4
           gauge before? Holds 8 shells in its tube, no more, no less. It
           fires 3-4 shards that do incredible damage at close range,
           literally killing most normal enemies with one shell. However,
           this same spread will cause its damage to thin dramatically at
           long ranges. In Max Power mode, this weapon rules in urban
           office warfare. It's use in Sudden Death is usually restricted
           to taking out several enemy guards at once when they cluster
           close together -- although not immediately apparent, the pump
           action of ejecting the empty shell and loading a fresh one
           delays Jean-Luc when he uses the swing-out firing technique.

Rocket Launcher -- on loan from the R.P.D., the M66 is strewn in three or
                   four places in the GULF System Command Complex. They are
                   few and far between, so use them judiciously -- i.e.,
                   taking out gun emplacements if necessary, and in certain
                   conditions, bosses.

Silenced Pistol -- Why Jean-Luc can't carry extra clips for this weapon is a
                   mystery. The .38 slug is less powerful than the .45, but
                   its muffled report is more useful when you don't want to
                   be seen or heard. It has only 7 rounds, so it's more for
                   sniping than a standard firefight. In Max Power mode, it
                   has a faster "reload" time than the regular pistol, so
                   you may wind up using it as your primary weapon.

C4 Explosives -- Standard demolitions stuff. Set where Jean-Luc is, then he
                 supposedly detonates it far away. Very little use, but can
                 be useful when it comes to killing soldiers situated
                 behind an entrenched position with an emplaced 50 caliber
                 machine gun.

                 I use it to kill myself when I screwed up and need to go
                 back to a Checkpoint.

Flashlight -- Another useless piece of dink. Although the light trails look
              cool, your laser actually shows up better in the dark than in
              lighted areas. I use it to look good in front of girls, like

Key/Keycard/Bomb Detector -- The always changing third item. You need the
                             key to unlock doors and, well, that's about it.

Medical Kit -- Restores 50% of Jean-Luc's health. Naturally hard to come by,
               they are often well hidden in later levels and are sometimes
               awarded by specific enemies. If the health meter is still
               green, do not pick one up unless you are near a Check point
               or unless the meter is near the halfway mark. They are used
               immediately and aren't carried like Lara's or Duke's medis.

            ** Beware that some medis are placed as lures, esp. near laser
               traps. So, if it looks too dangerous, the medi is probably a
               lure. Also remember that medikits are useless on Sudden Death
               and only serve as lures.

Ammo Pouch -- In Story, Sudden Death, and Trial Modes, this little item
              will increase the amount of ammunition Jean-Luc can carry
              for the SMG and shotgun by one clip and eight shells per pouch

           ** Do well to find them all, especially in Story Mode, as the
              extra ammunition will definitely help Jean-Luc achieve
              success. Even on Sudden Death, don't skip the ammo pouches
              as having large amounts of ammunition allows missed shots
              and give you a sense of contentment as you blast wave after
              wave of soldiers with accumulated ammo.

Section 220: Subtle details that might save your ass from getting killed

(1) When aiming, don't fire until Jean-Luc's laser steadies out or until
    the target stops moving. Just like in real life, firing throws his
    aim out of alignment and just wastes ammunition, not enemies.

(2) When aiming from a crouch, Jean-Luc aims higher than normal. Should you
    make him snap out of his lock on (no green reticle), aim a shade lower
    so when he stands and fires, it will most likely result in a head shot.

(3) Camera capture (C/down) would've been useful if no one else fired on you
    while Jean-Luc dealt with one target at a time. Use it sparingly and
    only when you are really facing just one person (Ryan, Duke, Gunt, etc).
    If you want, you can use it to quickly switch between who Jean-Luc aims
    at -- just be sure to switch it off before you move him, otherwise the
    camera's pan will throw off your sense of direction.

(4) Consider using camera capture when the enemy is far off in the distance.
    Just like in real life, it will take Jean-Luc longer to acquire targets
    if they are far away rather than next to him. Camera capture forces him
    to eliminate the dangerous "Look" delay (Champion's Half-move PER Roll)
    which can be fatal in Sudden Death. Achieving a lock-on BEFORE you swing
    Jean-Luc around the corner to fire is a matter of life and death in that

(5) Let the auto-pan find your enemies; since Jean-Luc can only target an
    enemy in front of him, auto-pan makes a lot of sense. Use the C/rite &
    C/left to scour the area around you. Quick note: need to see what Jean-
    Luc sees? Tap R to switch the camera behind him (auto-pan only); it's
    faster and more reliable than double tapping the C/buttons to centre the

(6) Enemies are preset, so remembering where they pop up is crucial in
    surviving the harder levels. Mandatory on Sudden Death. It's quite
    possible to avoid a lot of encounters by bypassing touchplates that
    activate enemies and by not back tracking into areas you've never
    gone to. Be observant and you'll find Winbak quite easy.

Section 300: All right, I'll stay here while you scout on ahead ...

As mentioned before, Winbak is very straight forward, etc. but in
the interest of making you feel like you didn't spend time down-
loading an inferior guide, I shall endeavour to address specific
points of interest (hidden/hard to get items) in all of the stages
as well as emphasize anything else that I think you may find useful.

The whole game is highly subjective in a tactical sense and it will not
behoove you for me to tell you when and where to jump, fire, etc. Rather
than *confuse* you, I'll leave it up to you to decide your COA, as well
as determine what weapons to use from the brief overlook of each stage.

Keep in mind Magazines and Shells are scattered everywhere, and unless
you make Jean-Luc fire like the Speztnasz (or set the damn thing on Story
Mode Hard AND fire like the Speztnasz) there should not be any ammunition

Section 310: Reconnaissance Reports (The Grounds)

The Grounds
Primary Objective - Access the main control building and secure the
                    Express Elevator to the GULF Main Control Room.

Secondary Objective - Rendezvous with any missing SCAT team members.

Grounds (1)
The long, metallic white container near the start where Jean-Luc jumps
in to begin the mission is open at one end. Look carefully and you will
see that you can go inside it and pick up a Magazine, Shells, and a
Handgun w/Silencer.

The small building where a guard stands on its roof contains a much
needed Ammunition Pouch (1 of 4).

When dealing with the Sensor trap past the checkpoint, it is possible to
ignore the trap and muscle past it with some application of measured force.
(Trying to force it on Sudden Death is suicide BTW). However, engaging to
solve the trap will allow Jean-Luc to fetch his first satchel of C4.

Grounds (2)
There is a Handgun w/Silencer in a corner where Jean-Luc starts the

After the first set of guards where the stage opens to a large loading
dock area, kneel and guide Jean-Luc's gun to a bright wooden box behind the
parked truck. If you cannot find the box, it's near the trailer's rear
wheels. If you can't find the truck, you have no business playing this game.
Destroy the box and that should allow Jean-Luc access inside the the
truck's trailer (via the loading ramp). Inside, a second Ammunition Pouch
is ready for the taking (2 of 4).

After the first laser field in this stage, you should find a box outside
besides a chain link fence. Eliminate any guards and shoot the box before
entering any surrounding buildings. The box contains a satchel of C4.

Grounds (3)
Nothing particularly special or hidden. Just be sure to pick up the
obviously placed Rocket Launcher on the roof of the ladder building
and don't use it unless necessary.

As for the gun emplacement, do yourself a favour and detonate a C4
next to the revetment. You will kill the gunner and have no problem
negotiating the area around the GULF Building.

Grounds (4) BOSS!!
Lila is easy only if you keep Jean-Luc in cover when she's firing like
a rabid bitch. For an easier time, terminate the lone soldier who rushes
to her aid in the beginning (he will appear to the right of the pillar,
but his final destination is behind a box to the pillar's left).

Destroy the box to the left of the pillar, kill the guard, and deal with
Lila with swing-out fire.

Section 320: Reconnaissance Reports (The Office)

The Office
Primary Objective - Access and secure the Express Elevator.

Secondary Objective - Rendezvous with any missing SCAT team members.
                    - Keep SCAT team members alive, if possible.

Office (5)
There are no hidden items in this stage. Take the time to acclimate to
fighting in enclosed spaces, as later levels are very tight and do not
allow the camera to function at optimum levels. On Sudden Death, the
seemingly benign Office is very deadly -- later levels are simply fatal.

Office (6)
Before heading back up the stairs to the main floor to protect Thomas,
explore a bit of the sewers and you should find Magazines, Shells, and
a satchel of C4.

On the way back out to where Jake caught up with Jean-Luc (after the fight
with Lila), there is a medi-kit inside the door to the rest-room. Deal with
the emplaced gun with C4 as before. Just be sure to watch for any soldiers
who may come out to deal with Jean-Luc. Ususally, there are six soldiers to
elimiinate before the rush stops. On Sudden Death, it's better to take out
the machinegun nest with a rocket rather than risk an errant shot in the

Office (7)
Tasked with finding bombs, Jean-Luc now needs to do some bomb-squad work.
The first bomb is at the far end of the building -- away from where Jean-
Luc starts the stage. Elminate the laser traps and head for it. When
defused, our French-Canadian SpecOps guy can go back outside the door he
started next to earlier and head down the stairs (The camera is frozen in
that area).

door to the water-filled area where he disarmed the laser trap in the
previous stage. He has to make it through the building with the laser that
moves up and down to get there. In that area, a Ammunition Pouch may be
found (3 of 4).

As Jean-Luc heads back to the Express Elevator (way after defusing the
second bomb) a team of four soldiers will rush in to kill him before he
hits the door. Killing all four will net a Magazine, Shells, a Medi-kit,
and a pack of C4.

Office (8)
There are no particular items other than a few hard to get medi-kits.
I just want to mention that Lisa is quarter-Japanese. Plus, she's hot.

In the reactor room, it's possible to not trigger the deadly effects of
the gas-leak. Just be very sure to hit only the soldiers already on the
floor of the room (this insures against them hitting an explosive box by
mistake) and not any of the explosive boxes or the reactor itself. There
is a medikit in the room as well.

Office (9) BOSS!!
After meeting Thomas, the next room (partitioned in two) has a Magazine,
Shells, and a satchel of C4. Look around a bit if you cannot spot it.

After disarming the laser trap and traversing the third floor cat-walk,
head to the dead-end past the broken vending machine to find a Rocket
Launcher and a Medi-kit.

Opening the nearby door will yield a Checkpoint and a fight with Leon the
Hunter. Stay down and terminate, with extreme prejudice, the two soldiers
who will run up past Jean-Luc's box cover. When the pair are dead, run to
the pilaster on the nearby wall to give more permanent cover to Jean-Luc.
Swing-out and snipe at Leon until he's a goner. On Sudden Death, it's
imperative that Jean-Luc get to the pilaster as soon as the movie ends,
otherwise he will immediately die from the shotgun pellets. Ignore the
soldiers and make one good shot to Leon that will end the stage and the
threat to Jean's life.

Office (10)
With the third bomb disarmed, Jean-Luc is to make it back to the Express
Elevator with the codes Thomas hacked (make your way back down there as
best you can). There is now a pack of C4 behind the vending machine (where
the Rocket Launcher was in the previous stage) and another pack of C4 in
the room where you find Thomas, as well as a Magazine.

On the roof, so long as Jean-Luc blasts all the soldiers without sounding
a alarm (or in a time limit, possibly), there should not be a sequence
whereby a soldier will reactivate the moving laser that blocks the door.
To be fair, it happened to me before and I still get worked up over it.

Office (11)
Look familiar? Only some shells and magazines are hidden in a room with a
control panel, otherwise try to make haste back to the basement. Before
opening the door to the Express Elevator (and ending the stage), equip a
fully loaded submachinegun if possible.

Office (12) BOSS!!
Ryan's an asshole's asshole. Not only does he use a submachinegun, he will
toss grenades if Jean-Luc is behind cover. Try not to stay far off and weave
to the areas to the side of the elevator doors. There are medi-kits there
and sometimes Ryan's AI will keep him firing his submachinegun rather than
throwing grenades at that range. Just be aware that if he does throw
grenades, you may not have the time to get Jean-Luc clear of the explosion.

On Sudden Death, avoid the pillar and run out into the open when the chance
arises. While you needn't close the distance terribly, keep in mind that
person who scores the first successful hit wins the deathmatch. Aim and fire
and hope Jean-Luc lives to relate the story to Lisa and the kids.

Office (13)
Nothing to mention except to for you to be careful on Sudden Death; by now,
Checkpoints are few and far between.

Section 330: Reconnaissance Reports (The Warehouse)

The Warehouse
Primary Objective - The Express Elevator is inoperable. Access the
                    Freight Elevator and try to go into the Complex
                    from there.

Secondary Objective - Meet up with Steve and Law, if possible.
                    - Keep SCAT team members alive, if possible.

Warehouse (14)
After clearing the short sewer area, running around the side of the large
building will lead to a cache of two Magazines, two cases of Shells, and
a Medikit.

Warehouse (15)
No special items in this stage, although feel free to use a rocket to
knock out the emplaced machinegun nest down the long alley.

Warehouse (16) BOSS!!
Colonel Thunder is hard because he does so much damage and it's hard to
judge the distance from his flamethrower. Eliminating the two snipers above
Jean-Luc will help immensely in dealing with Thunder. Use the eplosive boxes
to damage the Colonel; keep in mind that there are no medi-kits available
and that three direct flame hits will kill Jean-Luc.

Sudden Death only requires two shots to deal with this menace: one to the
sniper immediately in front of Jean-Luc (cut the movie to be sure of correct
positioning) and the second to Colonel Thunder (180 degree turn).

A set of Shells and a Magazine are available for the taking after the fight.

Warehouse (17)
In your quest to bridge the gap and open the locked door, make sure not to
miss the box inside the electrified cage (the one next to the key). A new
Rocket Launcher is packed inside.

After opening the locked door, the camera becomes fixed. Don't move an inch,
kneel and shoot in the general vicinity "down the catwalk." Jean-Luc will
destroy the boxes blocking the door to the exit. Doing this before moving
will allow a fast escape into the next stage without dealing with some
soldiers who rush out to intercept on the ground below.

Warehouse (18)
Nothing special in this stage, thought eplosive boxes can be triggered as
traps that may benefit or hinder Jean-Luc's progress. Don't miss the C4 in
the box on the catwalk (the first section of conveyors).

Warehouse (19)
Nothing special here too. Be aware of the surroundings and keep in cover.
Medikits are few and not a common sight. There's one in the centre of a
roof area with explosive barrels and stand-up air-intake vents.

Warehouse (20)
Nothing special to mention. Watch the boxes -- most are covering enemies
and some provide Jean-Luc's only cover sometimes. Rare do they have
anything inside them anymore.

Warehouse (21) BOSS!!
No special items, just remember to tag the medi-kit before entering any
door. Duke is cheap in that he will get in a hit if you don't move Jean-
Luc away from the pillar immediately (the explosive barrel will be hit
by Duke's minigun and explode). Even running away from the pillar may not
keep Jean-Luc unscathed, as the weird placement of the pillar and Duke may
allow him to shoot Jean-Luc once or twice when Jean distances himself from

There is a spot where veteran players will recognise as "safe." Head there
if you think you know where it is (I do, but cannot describe it adequately).

After the explosion is triggered, head back to the pillar and shoot any
explosive objects and clear a path to allow Jean-Luc to close in better to
engage with the pistol or submachinegun. It will be a longer firefight than
with Lila, as Duke tends to hold down the trigger longer and more often.

The box maze after the fight is littered with various goodies, but try to
find the fastest path to the exit unless you are aching to refill Jean's

Warehouse (22)
A bit into the sewers, there will be a stack of crates blocking Jean-Luc's
path. Past it, towards the sewer grate, is a lone box with a package of C4.

After leaving the sewer, kill the guards, then head back to the spot where
the manhole is (where Jean came out from). Duck and shoot the explosives on
the other side of the fence (through the hole). One has to wonder why Jean-
Luc can't squeeze through the damn thing.

A bit later, when solving the sensor puzzle, there is a key that opens the
locked building at the end of the train yard. The key on the ground level
(on a box) and is located near the wall where Jean-Luc disarms the sensor
box. The building holds a shit-load of crap: four Magazines, four sets of
Shells, and two Medi-kits.

Warehouse (23) BOSS!!
Make sure to kill the soldier who runs on the line of crates which block
access to the heli-port, or you'll be sorry.

After running the gamut of machinegun nests, eliminate the four soldiers
who guard the door to the Freight Elevator. Before heading inside however,
head around the crates and parked trucks to attack the machinegun nests
from the backs and sides. Past the last machinegun nest, a Rocket Launcher
and the last Ammunition Pouch (4 of 4) can be found in two innocuous boxes.
This will also be the last Rocket Launcher in the game. Use it sparingly (I
only fired it twice on Sudden Death after this stage).

Just be prepared for the multiple ambushes as Jean-Luc makes his way to the
coveted prize. When you've taken your fill, direct Jean-Luc back to the door
to the Freight Elevator and go in. Kill the soldiers and then, switch to
something you are comfortable with before proceeding down the sloped
vehicular path (it will be a Checkpoint when you reach near end).

After a movie sequence, Gunt will attack our intrepeid SpecOps guy with a
homemade rocket launcher. Sudden Death only requires one direct shot (pistol
preferred), but other modes require some weaving and dodging. The rocket
launcher is the preferred weapon on Max Power mode, but Story Mode will
require Jean-Luc to fire, then roll to avoid the swarm of rockets. Head
shots help immensely as the damage from Gunt's rockets will do obscene

Try have a fully loaded subamachinegun (or if want, Handgun w/Silencer)
before opening the door to the Control Centre.

Section 340: Reconnaissance Reports (The Centre)

The Centre
Primary Objective - Get down to the Main Control Room and stop the
                    GULF Satellite System. Time is short, so git
                    movin' boy.

Secondary Objective - Meet up with the others who're alive.
                    - Find the person responsible for killing
                      Jean-Luc's teammates.

Centre (24)
Upon entering the control room overlooking the conveyor bay Jean-Luc
started the stage in earlier, do not throw any switched and just cross
the bridge that spans the conveyor room to net two Magazines. The bridge
needs to be moved afterwards to continue onwards.

Centre (25)
Nothing special, conserve ammo by using the pistol when possible. Try to
reach the Centre's Main Elevator and map out your path accordingly. Most
of the medi-kits are in out of the way places, but are otherwise not too
hard to get.

Centre (26)
Cut the movie to buy time to roll underneath the moving blue sensor laser.
Then rush at Banderas to send him running to another area of the Main
Elevator. Not tripping the first set of sensors is vital to beating the
stage without too much ammo and hurt as it will detonate and kill a set of
guards who come to aid Banderas halfway through the fight.

Making sure Jean-Luc is not in the room with the explosives is a logical
bonus. Attack Banderas by swing-out from the cover of the elevator bay
doors. When he is about to die, Banderas will attept to rush Jean-Luc with
guns blazing -- try to time the reloads as to have a fairly full clip (of
any weapon) BEFORE you deliver the last hit. Having a loaded weapon to
start the next stage will be a big help.

On Sudden Death, cutting the movie is the first big part in surviving the
fight; the next is to duck and aim at Banderas' knee-caps/feet and getting
off the first shot before the door fully opens.

Centre (27) BOSS!!
Inside the "Tool Room" past the Death Star shaft area are two Magazines and
a Medi-kit. The laser filled "Locker Room" has three Magazines between each
laser set. The room with the sensor box has a Medi-kit.

When the door to the "Generator Room" is left unprotected by the laser trap,
head in with a shotgun or rocket launcher. If you did not take excessive
time reaching this point of the game, Jean-Luc will fight a boss, otherwise,
you can see the grisly results for yourself.

Jin is only armed with a pistol, but like Ryan, he also enjoys tossing
bombs. That, coupled with his dark clothing in a dark room and monkey laugh,
make him annoying to take out. The catwalk does not offer much protection
unless Jean-Luc is far enough away to use a submachinegun and avoid the
bombs when they drop short due to their arcing flightpath.

On Sudden Death, it's either Jean-Luc or Jin, so make sure the first pistol
shot counts -- because it does.

Centre (28)
No special items; retrace the path to the Main Elevator where Jean-Luc
fought Banderas -- he will need to go through the cargo "attic" to bypass
areas that are sealed off and deactivate laser traps and move crates and
boxes out of the way. Some traps are downright diabolical -- and on Sudden
Death, it's no laughing joke. The goal now is to make it to the door on the
side of the Death Star Shaft and get to the Conference Room on the first
floor. Since the catwalks do not allow Jean to get to it, he must route
around with clever detouring through areas he's gone through.

Centre (29) BOSS!!
Starting out in the Death Star Shaft Elevator, direct Jean-Luc through the
gamut of enemies and reach the set of double doors. There should be a Medi-
kit nearby (to warn you of impending Boss fights). Try and have submachine-
gun handy when you go in.

After the cinematic, make Jean-Luc head around the table, stopping on
occasion to fire at (and hopefullY eliminate) any soldiers trying to assist
Deathmask. The safe spot is the pilaster directly across from Jean-Luc when
he starts the fight. Since Deathmask does not use explosives, Jean-Luc can
stay in cover for as long as necessary. Terminate the two soldiers from
cover and then direct fire towards Deathmask. At around half-life, pistola
ninja will erupt from his makeshift fort and rush Jean-Luc. The answer is
a fully loaded shotgun or submachinegun from cover.

On Sudden Death, Jean-Luc must have a submachinegun or at least a fully
loaded weapon to fight properly, otherwise, it may be wiser to restart the
level. The first thing is to cut the movie, then quickly aim and shoot the
soldier to Jean-Luc's right. Next, run -- like the wind Jack -- like the
WIND!! to cover by the pilaster and take out the second soldier before he
can fire again. Once those two are killed, the fight is easy. Wait for
Deathmask to pop-up and drill him right in the kabuto.

Centre (30)
Longest, hardest stage in the game, mostly with the soldiers popping up
when one least expects it. There are several points to watch for.

First, starting off in the Conference Room on Sudden Death is tantamount
to suicide. Equip a submachinegun or pistol and head to Jean's left. Drill
two soldiers running towards his way -- never run past or they will strike
with a gun-butt and it'll be over. Run off a bit towards the door (but do
not face it) and shoot the third guard and try to either kill the last guard
or run through the door where the soldiers initially came in to escape the

The dark room with two machinegun nests can be handled on any mode with a
single rocket launcher to the LEFT gun -- Jean-Luc can run on the left side
of the room and attack the right gunner with lighter weaponary.

Just past the dark double gun nest room, the door opens to a mag-crane
lifting a set of explosive barrels towards Jean-Luc's platform. Don't give
the bad-guys a chance to use them by shooting the barrels immediately --
whit luck, the explosion will kill some or all the soldiers on the distant

A little later, a single machinegun nest guards a narrow bridge. The only
safe spots on either side of the bridge are trapped with lasers. Pull out
the rocket launcher and blast the gunner from a distance. Gordian knot
solved. And besides, ammo's meant to be spent.

The last are home to C4 using guards. Let them blow themselves up and
advance to the exit in a timely fashion. There is at least one Magazine
inthis area, and other ammo may be scattered around, depending on which
enemies were killed and when. Make sure to have a fully loaded submachinegun
(no less) before opening the double set of doors. BTW, behind the stage exit
is the Express Elevator door -- man, so you mean, we coulda cut 20+ stages
if Ryan had his legs blasted so he couldn't blow the controls? That sucks!

On Sudden Death, a fully loaded Pistol or Handgun w/Silencer may be

Centre (31) BOSS!!
If you came here too late, you will fight Cecile. If you get here within the
appropriate limits, you will fight TWO bosses (one after another) instead of

Cecile will come in through the door Jean-Luc did and fire his pistol with
alarming accuracy. Since Jean-Luc starts on the mid-level and Cecile is on
the top-level, you should try to close the gap and go back up the ramp.
Defeat the laser trap by going half-way and make the shot to the sensor on
the inside of the protective wall of the top-level. Use the handy machine-
gun nests to finish off Cecile without breaking a sweat.

On the other hand, the good ending requires some more foot work (and ammo).
Jean-Luc will fight Cecile Carlysle after this bonus boss -- who will attack
from the low-level (while Jean-Luc is on mid-level). There will be laser
traps to restrict movement, so stick around and make for the medi-kit(s)
only if you are desperate. Eliminate this "bonus boss" by shooting the
barrels on the lower-level and having the explosions do major damage. After,
a new cinematic will occur right before Cecile makes his entrance.

This is the shortest, easiest stage on Sudden Death (just make sure to cut
all movies to make sure Jean-Luc is in the correct location). Point, aim,
and fire. Bonus man dead. Cut the movie. Point, aim, and fire. Cecile dead.

Damn. Sure beats that other crap, eh?

Section 350: Operation Winbak Accomplished!

Save your game if you want to see the ending you earned with your time
without having to fight the last battle again.

Section 400: chk-chk-chk-chk-Multi Battle

Multi battle is fun, but only with more people. Koei didn't utilize the
Hi-RAM Pak to allow for 3-4 player matches with the 2 player characters
and that is a damn shame.

Players can also do one maneuver not available in the solo play game.
Pressing action while running against a low railing will have the character
vault over the railing and onto a lower level. Useful if someone is running
after you and you need a quick escape.

Section 410: Characters

Initially the top row characters are the only ones available, but do your-
self a favour and input the multi-code and access everyone immediately.
There are so much more you can do than just play this game. Characters with
weapons that do not require reloads cannot pick up weapons, but they can be
blocked by them (behaves like an indestrucable crate).

Make a note of that Mr. Joshua.

-- Top Row --
Jean-Luc Couger - normal
  Roll?   - yes
  Siddle? - yes

Daniel Stewart - uses a special pistol / normal in 3-4 player mode
  Roll?   - yes
  Siddle? -  no
** Dan's gun doesn't do much more damage than any normal gun, but since he
   doesn't reload, it counts as a "super weapon."

Steven Legal - normal / starts with shotgun in 3-4 player mode
  Roll?   - yes
  Siddle? - yes
** Steve is da'shit in 3-4 player as he starts with a shotgun.

Lisa Roberts - normal / starts with SMG in 3-4 player mode
  Roll?   - yes
  Siddle? - yes
** Lisa and Steve teams are lethal in 3-4 player as they start with so much
   initial fire power, they can get ahead by half a bar or more before they
   run dry.

Jake Hudson - normal
  Roll?   - yes
  Siddle? - yes

Mike Hawkins - normal
  Roll?   - yes
  Siddle? - yes

Thomas Smith - normal
  Roll?   - yes
  Siddle? - yes

Law Bruford - normal
  Roll?   - yes
  Siddle? - yes

Matthew Brown - normal
  Roll?   - yes
  Siddle? - yes

Keith Birdy - normal
  Roll?   - yes
  Siddle? - yes

-- Centre Row --
Lila - uses a Browning Automatic Rifle
  Roll?   - yes
  Siddle? -  no
** Ah, lovely Lila is a fairly good choice as her gun does fairly good
   damage; plus she can roll. Firing while crouched increases her rapidity.

Leon - uses a sawed off shotgun
  Roll?   - yes
  Siddle? -  no
** Leon's shotgun spreads upwards more than it does sideways like the
   regular shotgun, which probably explains why he killed me once when I
   tried to roll past his shots -- all the shell fragments hit Jean-Luc
   and he was dead before I knew it. Unfortunately, he can be kept away with
   regular gunfire, but other than that, he's Steve with infinite shotgun.

Ryan - uses one SMG
  Roll?   - yes
  Siddle? -  no
** Infinite Lisa. His SMG though, seems to have a pretty short range
   compared to the regular SMG.

Thunder - uses a wide shot pistol & flamethrower
  Roll?   -  no
  Siddle? -  no
** Yyyyess. I am Marv Albert. This is the man to use as his pistol behaves
   like a shot gun (wide pattern), and his flame thrower does an ungodly
   amount of damage. Unfortunately, his inability to roll or siddle
   presents a poor defence to someone with a SMG in an open arena.

Duke - uses a GE gatling gun (see Terminator 2)
  Roll?   -  not just no, but hell no
  Siddle? -  no
** Lila on steroids. His gun fires just slightly faster but does way more
   damage. Too bad it takes forever to rev up and he is such a large target.

Gunt - uses a rocket launcher
  Roll?   -  no
  Siddle? -  no
** Does more damage than Thunder, but has the uncanny ability to kill
   himself before the other guy dies. He also requires time to brace
   before firing, makng him extremely low in initiative. Nevertheless, he
   rules if he traps someone against a wall, as 3 explosions will wipe out
   any lifebar.

Banderas - uses two SMG's
  Roll?   - yes
  Siddle? -  no
** Better than Ryan. Next!!

Jin - uses a pistol with the range of a SMG
  Roll?   - yes
  Siddle? -  no
** the mad monkey rapist is hard to hit, but luckily he doesn't have the
   bombs he had in Solo Play, so he isn't as threatening.

Ash (Death Mask) - uses two pistols ala John Woo
  Roll?   - yes
  Siddle? -  no
** Best of the pistoleers. Next.

Cecile Carlysle - uses a pistol in a horrifyingly gay manner
  Roll?   - yes
  Siddle? -  no
** Worst of the pistoleers, plus he looks fruity. It takes him forever to
   raise his gun and fire -- meaning he gets gayraped before he can
   retaliate. The only reason he was so hard in Solo Play was due to the
   cheap death laser traps.

-- Bottom Row --
Random Select (both ends) - n/a
** Randomly picks a character each time the multi-player game is started.
   No one knows who it is until the game starts.

Terrorist (Ski Mask) - normal
  Roll?   - yes
  Siddle? - yes
** Why can't he start with a special pistol? He has one in the select

Terrorist (Gas Mask) - normal
  Roll?   - yes
  Siddle? - yes
** Why can't we use the assault rifle he's holding? Asshole.

Terrorist (Shades) - normal
  Roll?   - yes
  Siddle? - yes
** Shotgun, aw man . . .

GULF Engineer - normal
  Roll?   - yes
  Siddle? - yes

"George" (Pentagon Chief) - normal
  Roll?   - yes
  Siddle? - yes

"Kevin" (Pentagon Aide) - normal
  Roll?   - yes
  Siddle? - yes

Nancy (Pentagon Aide/Squeeze Toy) - normal
  Roll?   - yes
  Siddle? - yes, but you can't look up her dress.
            Believe me, I tried.

Kenneth Coleman - normal
  Roll?   - yes
  Siddle? - yes

Section 500: Codes and such

Section 510: Cheats

On the "Press Start" Screen hit the following on the D-Pad; note
that you need to PRESS AND HOLD the last button in each sequence
as you press START.

  All Characters -  u, d, d, r, r, r, l, l, l, l, C/up [hold] + START
  Trial Mode     -  u, d, d, r, r, r, l, l, l, l, C/down [hold] + START

On the "Press Start" Screen hit the following on the C-Pad and
shoulder buttons; note that you need to PRESS AND HOLD the last
button in each sequence as you press START.

  Max Power    - L, r, l, r, l, d, u, d, u, L [hold] + START
  Sudden Death - L, l, r, l, r, u, d, u, d, L [hold] + START

Section 520: Ending Parameters

There are three (3) endings to Winbak. I will not spoil them for you,
nor the rest of the story and trust that you actually give a damn about
what happened to everyone in the course of the game to try and get the
best ending.

The seemingly crucial points are the bosses Jean-Luc must fight if he
must be successful. The crux is apparently how long it takes for him
to reach the LAST CHECKPOINT of Stage 27.

  Good Time Limit  - under 3:00:00 and not a second more.
  Bad Time Limit   - over 3:00:00, but under 6:00:00.
  Worse Time Limit - at or over 6:00:00.

I have only got the first two endings and do not wish to see what the
worse ending is. If you want, watch it, then tell me about it. Also,
I've always reached the crux point with an hour left to finish the game,
so if you experience some undescribable scenes, do tell, lad.


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