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Wu Tang:Shaolin Style FAQ v1.0
by Professer Revolution([email protected])
Wu Tang: Shaolin Style is copyright(c) 1999 by Activision
This document (c) by the author

Revision History--v1.0(11/30/99)Added descriptions of the 36 Chambers.

                             v.0.5(11/23/99)Started this document. Still pretty barren,
                                      but the main combos for each character are in. 

This document is intended for personal use and is freely distributed around the
internet, but if you do use all or part of this document please give the author credit.
This FAQ is not to be used as incentive to buy a product.

2.Basic Controls and Gameplay
3.Character Combos
4.The 36 Chambers
5.Fighting Lei Gong <>
6.Fighting Mong Zhu <>
7.Next Revision


  Wu Tang:Shaolin Style is a great fighting game by Activision that features the
Wu Tang Clan. I'm not a big fan of rap, but I dig The Wu's Music. Even if you don't 
like their music though, this game offers enough to keep you playing.
  This is the first playstation fighting game to allow for 4 Players at once, it's
also very bloody and gruesome. A combination for fun! You need a code to bypass
the Parental Lockout at the beginning to view the bloody stuff. It's listed in the
Manual but in case you don't have one(or you're a low-down stealing thief using
a CD-R), the code is: /\ O X X [] /\ O []


  The controls are like a simplified Tekken. [] and /\ are your punches, and X and O
are the kicks. Each character has at least two throws, which are done by pressing
[]+X or O+/\(ala Tekken again). Each fighter also has a switch move done by pressing
[]+O, as well as a taunt performed with /\+X.
  You can dash in any direction by hitting the D-Pad twice in that direction. Various 
moves are performed by hitting either chains of buttons or buttons and d-pad presses.
I suggest you take some time and use each fighter in the Practice Mode and learn most
of their moves. There aren't that many for each character so it's not that hard to become
quite skilled with all the fighters, unlike some other, more complicated fighting games.



  Right now the only combos for each character are the ones that will allow you to 
open up all the combo based Chambers. Most of them go up to or beyond 10 hits(with
the exception of Ghostface Killa, which is only an 8 hit for now), so for those chambers
that only require 6 or 7 hits, just stop once you reach that number. Simple eh? In the 
future I'll be adding more varied combos. Feel free to send in your favs! Full credit will 
be given of course^_^

  Key Move: The Key Move is the one that starts the combo, it's like a launcher in Marvel
vs Capcom. Each character has two or three launchers, but I've chose the what was the
best for each character in terms of ease of use, hit probability, and of course, time
allowed for juggling.
  Also note that these combos require you to have your enemy with his/her back near the
wall to complete fully. Again, these are combos to help you open up the Chambers 
mainly, but they can also be used in Vs. fights and whatnot. While I give the commands
you'll still have to work a bit at getting the timing down, it's not that hard though.


/\--Triangle Button
[]--Square Button
X--Cross Button
O--Circle Button

-> Toward opponent

+--press simultaneously(ex: /\+[] or ->+O)
 (Note that -> O and ->+O are different)


Key Move: -> O O
->O O, [] [], [] [], Cr+X, [] []

Key Move: -> O
->O, [] [], [] [], [] []. Cr+X,[] []

Inspectah Deck
Key Move: -> -> /\
-> -> /\, [] [], [] [], [] [], Cr+X,CR+[] [] [] []...

Masta Killah
Key Move: []+/\
[]+/\,[]+/\,[]+/\, [], [], [], Cr+X,Cr+[] [] []...

Key Move: -> [], []+/\
-> [],[]+/\,[] /\, [] /\, [] /\, Cr+O, Cr+/\ /\

Method Man
Key Move: -> [] []
-> [] [], /\ /\ /\...

Ol' Dirty Bastard:
Key Move: ->/\
->/\, /\ /\ /\ /\, ->O O, [] [] []

Key Move: /\ [] O
/\ [] O, [] [], [] [], [] [], Cr+X, Cr+O O O...

Ghostface Killa:
Key Move: -> O
->O, ->O, ->O(or ->+O), /\ /\, Cr+X, Cr+[] []

 In the future, in addition to adding more combos I'll also try to give some tips on 
timing and whatnot.

4. The 36 CHAMBERS

The key to unlocking all the secrets in this game lie in the 36 Chambers. Your goal is
to open up all 36 for each of the Wu Tang Clan members. While they all receive different
secrets and bonuses for opening the chambers, the chambers themselves are opened the
same way for everyone. The following descibes how to open each Chamber.

Chamber 1--Enter the first fighting area
Chamber 2--Defeat Courtyard Bonus Area
Chamber 3--Complete 2 Levels in a row without continuing
Chamber 4--Perform a 4 Hit combo
Chamber 5--Beat "Under the Bridge" level
Chamber 6--Complete 4 Levels in a row without continuing
Chamber 7--Perform a 5 Hit combo
Chamber 8--Perform a 6 Hit combo
Chamber 9--Perform a Swap Move([]+O)
Chamber 10--Perform a 7 Hit combo
Chamber 11--Perform an 8 Hit combo
Chamber 12--Perform a 9 Hit combo
Chamber 13--Perform 4 Throws in 1 match
Chamber 14--Perform Fatality 2
Chamber 15--Eliminate 3 enemies while "Powered Up"
Chamber 16--Block 5 enemy attacks in a row
Chamber 17--Beat Barge Bonus Area
Chamber 18--Evade all enemies for 15 seconds
Chamber 19--Use the Power Meter(all 4 face buttons when Meter is full)
Chamber 20--Beat Warehouse 1 Bonus Area
Chamber 21--Perform a Tech Roll(Block button as soon as you hit the ground)
Chamber 22--Beat Warehouse 2 Bonus Area
Chamber 23--Beat Chinatown Square Bonus Area
Chamber 24--Beat China Sewers Level
Chamber 25--Perform a 10 Hit combo
Chamber 26--Beat Airport Hangar Level
Chamber 27--Complete 1 Level without losing a life
Chamber 28--Perform Fatality 3
Chamber 29--Complete 6 Levels in a row without continuing
Chamber 30--Complete 8 Levels in a row without continuing
Chamber 31--Beat Forgotten Temple Level
Chamber 32--Beat Shaolin Temple Level(Lei Gong)
Chamber 33--Complete 10 Levels in a row without continuing
Chamber 34--Perform Fatality 4
Chamber 35--Eliminate an enemy without losing any energy
Chamber 36--Beat Mong Zhu(Inner Sanctum, must have all other Chambers open)

5. Fighting Lei Gong
 Lei Gong is the Sub-Boss of the game. He's found in the Shaolin Temple in the last
level. For some characters he;s nearly impossible, for others he;s a piece of cake. In
this section I hope top accumulate some helpful, character specific, tips on how to 
defeat this guy.


6. Fighting Mong Zhu
  Mong Zhu is the main boss of Shaolin Style. Again, for some charcters he's pretty
easy while others really struggle with him. Just like the Lei Gong section, I plan
on putting some character specific tips on beating this guy here.


7. Next Revision

  The next update might not be for awhile, finals week is bearing down. Plus I'm spending
most of my gameplay hours with Gundam 0079 for the DC and working on the FAQ I have 
for it. I do intend to update this document regularly though.

About the Author

 My E-Mail is [email protected]

 Feel free to E-Mail me if you have any questions about this or any other game I've
written a FAQ for. I try to respond to all of them quickly, but I do let some slip through
the cracks every now and then. If I'm online but don't feel like reading mail or answering
stuff(lazy days), I usually save the letters in my computer and get back to them later.
Admittedly, I lose or otherwise forget about some of them, so if you've sent a ? or tip
and I do get back to you within a week, it's probably safe to say I screwed up and lost
 the letter somehow.

My Web Page: Professer Revolution's Joint

It hasn't been updated in awhile due to college and my general laziness, but the coming
weeks should see some activity. Stay tuned!


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