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-----------------------------------[YAKUZA 4]----------------------------------
------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]------------------------------
--------------------------------[Playstation 3]--------------------------------


Known as Ryu ga Gotoku 4: Densetsu o Tsugumono in Japan, Yakuza 4 is the 4th
installment in the Yakuza series. You play as four members of a clan who all
have four chapters a piece to complete. Meaning once you complete four chapters
for one guy, you go on to the next and when all 16 chapters are done, you go on
to the finale.

Much like Thor: God of Thunder, I actually enjoyed playing this game all the
way through and decided to make an FAQ for it as opposed to my previous FAQ for
Castlevania: Harmony of Despair.


Yakuza 4 and its characters are trademarks of Sega all copyrights belong to 

This FAQ/Walkthrough is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka
Ice Queen Zero and cannot be put on other sites or posted without my given 
permission nor can it be reproduced w/o proper consent.

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Shun Akiyama
Akiyama manages a company called Sky Finance, located in a building off of
Tenkaichi Street. Commonly known as the "Lifeline of Kamurocho," Sky Finance is
famous for loaning money to those who have turned down by other loan sharks.
Rumor has it prospective clients must take a special test as part of the "loan
terms" before they can receive a loan. 

Taiga Saejima
A former junior leader of the Tojo Clan's Sasai Family and the perpertrator of
the "Yoshiharu Ueno Hit" of April 1985 - an incident in which 18 members of the
Ueno Seiwa yakuza clan were killed in Tokyo. Saejima received the death penalty
a few months after the incident. As of 2010, he has spent 25 years in the Tokyo
Penitentiary awaiting his execution day.

Masayoshi Tanimura
A detective in the Community Safety Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police
Department, Tanimura is known as the "Parasite of Kamurocho." He frequents the
Kamurocho's many red-light establishments to receive bribes in exchange for
turning a blind eye towards their illegal activities. However, Tanimura does
not tolerate Japanese business owners who profit from exploiting illegal aliens

Kazuma Kiryu
The legendary ex-yakuza of Mamurocho and the Fourth Chairman of the Tojo Clan.
One year ago, he was embroiled in the infamous Okinawa resort deal incident. He
resolved the matter to protect the locals, but was seriously injured in the
process. Although his wounds were not fatal, he was forced into a long period
of recuperation. Now in 2010, he is living happily in Okinawa with Haruka after
a full recovery.


[] button = light attack
/\ button = heavy attack
() button = grab people or objects
>< button = dodge backwards, use left analog with it to sway.
R1 button = Lock on nearest enemy.
R2 button = Taunt. You can raise Heat when taunting.
R3 button = Camera view toggle.
L1 button = Block
L3 button = Map toggle
Start button = Pause
Select button = Decided if you want to quit

++Other uses++
>< button = go back (menu), speed up text (conversation)
() button = go forward (menu), speed up text (conversation)
R1 button = end conversation


-There are three gauges to note. The thin yellow one represents your experience
 points. When that fills up to the max, you level up. The red one represents
 your health. If that reaches empty, you die. The blue bar is your Heat Gauge.
 Fill that up to perform devastaing attacks.
-In Heat Mode, you will see your character with blue flames surrounding him.
 Unlike Richard Pryor, he can take it. Ti ji ji~!! ^v^
-Whenever you level up, you gain three soul points. Use these Soul Points to
 buy new abilities for whatever amount of Soul Points is needed to buy them.
 Bear in mind that some abilities are unlocked by buying previous ones first.
-You can earn memos easily by talking to people with blue arrows over them but
 some other memos are obtain by fufilling certain tasks such as starting a new
 chapter with a new character.
-Some fights can occur randomly so don't expect to see those fight in the FAQ.


White Tiger Spirit - Taunt enemies with the spirit of the white tiger to boost
morale and increase your HEAT gauge. R2 while facing nearby enemy unarmed.
Cost: 1

Phoenix Spirit - The phoenix's spirit automatically fills up the HEAT gauge if
the health gauge is flashing red. Activated when health is flashing red.
Cost: 2 (must buy White Tiger Spirit)

Tortoise Spirit - Block enemy attacks with the spirit of the black tortoise to
increase your HEAT gauge. Activated after successful guard with L1.
Cost: 3

Azure Dragon Spirit - Stay alive while in HEAT mode with the tireless strength
of the azure dragon. Activated in HEAT mode if health is flashing red.
Cost: 4

Squat Taunt - Bend down and taunt a downed enemy to greatly increase your HEAT
gauge. R2 while unarmed near a downed enemy.
Cost: 1

Scolding Glare - Glare at an opponent you grab to greatly increase your HEAT
gauge. Grab an enemy from the front and press R2.
Cost: 1

Downed Taunt - Taunt an enemy while you stand up to greatly increase your HEAT
gauge. R2 while down and unarmed.
Cost: 1

Boozer's Love - Boost overall attack power when drunk. Activated when drunk.
Cost: 1

Rising Kick - A counterattack executed while down. [] while down.
Cost: 1

Sliding Reversal - A counterattack executed after being knocked away. Use
to get out of tight situations. /\ while emitting white energy in flight.
Cost: 1

Knockdown Evasion - Swiftly return to your feet after being thrown. A
technique for avoiding knockdowns. >< while emitting white energy in flight.
Cost: 1

Re-Guard - Swiftly regain your guard in tight situation where your guard has
been broken. L1 when your guard is broken.
Cost: 1

Essence of Finishing - A ruthless attack executed on a downed enemy. Mastery
may unlock a pursuit technique. /\ near a downed enemy.
Cost: 1

Double Kick - An additional kick that follows a Front Kick. /\,/\
Cost: 2

Quickstep Attack - An attack executed while Quickstepping. Technique and effects
differ based on direction. /\ while Quickstepping.
Cost: 2

Double Quickstep - Evade attacks with two consecutive Quicksteps. Use carefully
as you cannot counterattack. >< while Quickstepping.
Cost: 2

Enhance Quicksteps - Increase the ability to evade attacks by Quickstepping. ><

Dodge Combo
Cost: 2

Dodge Combo+
Cost: 2

Taunt Master
Cost: 3

Triple Finishing Kick
Cost: 3

Combo Speed Boost
Cost: 3

Guard Rail Crush
Cost: 3

Pole Crush
Cost: 3

Wall Crush 2
Cost: 3

Double Finishing Kick
Cost: 4

Counter Kick
Cost: 4

-----------------------------------SHUN AKIYAMA--------------------------------

Chapter 1: The Mysterious Loan Shark

Kamurocho, Tokyo, March 1, 2010

We cut to the scene of Sky Finance where Shun Akiyama is reading a magazine and
then he receives a call from Hana which he ignores then Hana calls him up on 
his cell phone which he ignores to at first but relents and answers the phone.
She don't sound too happy with Akiyama not answering her calls. Hana tells him
it is collection day and Akiyama tries to weasel his way out. After giving up,
he heads out. As soon as Akiyama gets on the street it starts to rain again. He
decideds to head for the Hotel District but a Mysterious Old Man stops him. His
name is Sotaro Komaki, a martial arts teacher. He hands you a memo.

You are given a message about memos. That says:
Check Memos by displaying te Pause menu with Start button. You will collect
Memos as you progress through the story and interact with people in the city.
Memos cover a wide variety of topics, all of which will be useful for life in
Kamurocho. Obtain all the Memos by exploring the city. You will earn 500 exp.

One thing I'll note right now is that if you talk to someone with a blue arrow
over their head as opposed to green, they will give you a memo and you will get
500 exp each time. You can also befriend people as well such as the bum on the
street (Homeless Man) who will befriend you if you give him mineral water. As
you continue to explore, head in the direction indicated on the map and you'll
be confronted by Street Punks. Time for your first fight.

Vs. Street Punks - Ito, Kobayashi, Takahashi

Time to learn how about fighting. First thing you are going to learn is how to
use your light attack. Use the [] button to do so. Now you can press [] rapidly
to string together quick combos. Your first objective is to get 10 hits within
the alloted time. You will earn 300 exp. 

Your next task is the light-heavy combo. You will follow the light attack with
a heavy attack. So you will press /\ after pressing [] (can press [] up to 3x
before hitting /\). Perform this combo 5x within the alloted time to earn 300

Now you will learn the grapple and bash technique. Press the () to grab your
enemy then follow up with () to throw them down, /\ for heavy attacks, or []
for light attacks. Get a total of 5 hits while grappling an opponent to earn
300 exp.

Next challenge is easy, you will learn to attack people with foreign objects.
Press the () button next to an object and then use (), /\, or [] to beat the
enemy sensless. Get a total of 5 hits for 300 exp. 

Now that all challenges are fufilled, defeat these street punks any way you
prefer. You will level up sometime during the fight and get an increase soul
points, heat gauge and health gauge. Once all three street punks are defeated,
you'll be treated to a cutscene of Akiyama lecturing the punks on knowing who
they are dealing with before they run away.

Note: During the fight you will probably use moves that you won't learn about
until next fight such as Heat attacks.

You will also have Akiyama's Fighting Style added to the memo as well as get a
message about Soul Points. You can use your soul points to unlock some fighting
moves. Some moves become available when you buy other ones first. 

Use the mark on the map to know where you are supposed to go. You'll meet up
with a weapons dealer named Kamiyama on the way there. He'll give you a little
catalouge. You'll know you're there when you see some guy in the jacket run by
Akiyama as if in the rush. Akiyama watches him as he rushes up the stairs. The
same guy will then enter a building and chat with some other guys before their
conversation is interrupted by Akiyama entering the room. He discusses wanting
to meet with the boss who is supposedly out handling business. When Akiyama is
gone, the boss comes out of hiding and chats with the men some more as he goes
on to describe the type of man Akiyama is. While he is drinking beer with the
street bums, Akiyama notices two men talking to each other. The older one is
talking about how much a building is worth and the younger one whom for now I
assume is Arai answers the phone as the old man is driven off. He walks away
saying he would be at the caller's destination shortly.

There is trouble going down at Club Elnard. Head there by following the map and
on the way it's time for another round against the Street Punks.

Vs. Street Punks - Ito, Kobayashi, Takahashi, Watanabe

First lesson is to move while you are in a fighting stance. Hold R1 and tilt
the left analog to move. Maintain this for 5 seconds within the alloted time to
earn 300 exp.

Next you will learn how to guard. Hold L1 and you'll block attacks from the
enemies. Block three attacks in the alloted time for 300 exp.

Now you will learn the quickstep. Press the >< button three times and that's an
easy 300 exp there.

Finally you'll learn about HEAT MODE. Increase your Heat Gauge by attacking or
taunting. When you see yourself surrounded by blue flames, your Heat Mode is
now active. Grab a weapon or enemy and press /\. Follow the on-screen button
prompts until Heat Mode ends. You beat the shit out of the guy at the end of
Heat Mode but he may still survive as long as he has energy. Beatdowns can last
based on what objects you use or where the enemy is if he is the one grabbed.
Perform Heat Mode beatdowns twice for 300 exp.

Finish everybody off anyway you like. You'll likely level up during this fight


Proceed to Club Elnard and the Staff Member tries to turn you away. There was a
fight with some customers drinking too much. Akiyama lets himself in. He then
walks up to Ihara and Mishima and they get into an argument including Akiyama
smashing Mishima over the head with a bottle. The kid in the red jacket runs in
and Ihara challenges both to a fight. Akiyama chooses to fight alone.

Vs. Ihara - BOSS FIGHT

Use nearby objects against Ihara for damage that way he can't block them. He
can break your blocks when red flames surround him. When half of his energy is
gone, he will use a HEAT Attack. Use the appropiate button to break out of his
attack. This method is called Essence of Countering. Once you succeed, finish
him off preferably with a HEAT Attack.

Ihara falls as Arai arrives. They talk to each other before Ihara gets up and
points a gun at them but seems hesitant as Arai tries to talk him out of it but
the latter ends up getting. We learn the kid in the jacket's name s Kido. Ihara
and Mishima retreat while Kido goes after them. Leave the club and run to the
spot on the map.

Ihara is found shot dead by Arai. Arai runs off as Akiyama gets arrested.


Chapter 2: The One

Akiymama is having a dream that his is a bum on the streets. A building blows
up and he and some other folks are gathering the money that falls down. This is
actually a side scene of what happened in Yakuza 1 and the blown building is
the Millineum Tower where Kazuma and Nikishi fought. A trigger bomb was shot 
out by Nikishi and yen is pouring everywhere like rain.

Akiyama is then awakened by Detective Sugiuchi. The latter explains that Hana,
Akiyama's little secretary was able to vouch for Akiyama's innocence. Before he
leaves, Sugiuchi demands that Akiyama stay away from Kanemura's gang and that
Kanemura himself is dead. Once outside, Hana tells him that work is piling up
and to get his ass over to Sky Finance immediately to do some work.

Head for the Sky Finance and you might enter into some random fights on the
way there. You may also find some keys as you go around the city. You use these
to open lockers. Once you make it to Sky Finance, Akiyama enters the building
and finds some food prepared for him by Hana. A mysterious girl walks into the
building who we will find out her name is Lily. She is looking to borrow some
money but Akiyama tells her she must do a test for him in the morning. During
the conversation, Kido calls in and he mentions being at the precinct and was
questioned about Kanemura's death since he had found him. Akiyama see Lily to
the door. Akiyama calls someone on the phone as he walks upstairs to the roof.
I assume it's not Hana whom shows up at the office door after the conversation
is over.

You now have access to the hideout (your office). You can save, move items.
reminisce and view stats. Also, your health recovers while at the hideout. The
reminisce option lets you catch up on old times from Yakuza 1 to 3 and it earns
you a History Buff trophy if you watch them all. Go outside and head down the
alleyway and you'll get a call from Kido. He wants to meet with you somewhere
at a red building in Theater Square on the roof where there is privacy. As you
head out, Hana will also call and says there is a customer who wants to speak
with Akiyama about some important matters. Head back to the office to speak to
Shiobara whom is seeking a loan. He had let his father's company (which he had
inherited) go bankrupt and is seeking a loan to build a new company. He needs
five million yen and Akiyama agrees to give it to him if he can pass the test.
You can tell him to...

1. Find three business partners.
2. Bring me ten presidents' business cards.
3. Invite a hostess here after the club closes.

It doesn't matter what you choose. After he is gone, Hana and Akiyama will cast
doubts on the guy thinking he won't past the test but will still lend it to him
if he passes with beginners luck. Lo and behold, he failed all three chances he
was sent out. JAJA!! He begs for one very last chance to help bring Paradise
Advertising back from the red then it is curtains for him if he fails. Little
does Shiobara know is that the place will have to downsize which he wanted to
avoid with his company. Akiyama sets out to check on him. You can do so anytime
you prefer but lets gets back to business.

Head to the red building and go to the rooftop to meet Kido. Kido and Akiyama
discuss the killing of Kanemura. The former explains what he saw after he got
away from the Ueno guys and found Kanemura dead on the couch and there is some
speculation that a woman could've done based on the position he was in. After
more talk a group of Yakuza called the Shibata Family arrives on the scene to
trash them. Akiyama sends Kido on his way while he takes care of the Shibata

Vs. Shibata Family - Yuasa, Uchiumi, Kubo, Ueda, Horii, Asahina

A couple of the enemies carry weapons. You may want to take them out first. It
may look like a disadvantage to you but if you have your Heat Gauge filled, you
can grab an enemy and throw him off the rooftop using HEAT for an instant kill.
However, it is best not waste it on someone who is almost dead already which
you can beat them dead instead. You can also steal a discarded weapon and use
it against these guys as well.

After the fight, Akiyama questions the head of the particular gang, and he says
that some more men are on their way to Akiyama's office but he isn't worried. I
wonder why... Detective Sugiuchi shows up on the scene with his fellow cops and
rather than hear the truth, he sends the po-po after you. Now it's time to get
away from them. You get a tutorial about a Chase Gauge. Your goal for this one
is to reach Sky Finance. Follow the red line and if the po-po get close, press
/\ to execute a HEAT action to stop them temporarily. You can only do this once
per chase. You will also learn about Quickturns. Tilt the left stick left or
right while holding R1. When you reach a jump point, press the correct button
to successfully jump the gap. When the line turns green, you are home free. At
Sky Finance, Hana proceeds to beat up the rest of the Shibata Family which is
what Akiyama was expecting all along. He walks in and collapses on the couch
and gets a drink of water. Kido on the other hand is looking around thinking
what the hell just happened. End of Chapter 2.

Chapter 3: Trouble in the Tojo Clan

The chapter starts out with Akiyama and Kido taking a leak in the bathroom and
they are talking about Sugiuchi being overly curious of Akiyama and Arai about
when they met and what the terms of the loan with Kanemura. As they walk away,
speak of the devil... Sugiuchi just walked out the bathroom looking at them. As
Akiyama goes to take a walk, he notices two Street Punk holding up a helpless
lady. He goes over there to stop them and a fight breaks out.

Vs. Kamurocho Men - Yagi & Miyakawa

You faced guys like these before. Nothing really worth noting except they tend
to use a little more defense (blocking) and that's really it. Just beat them as
you've done with countless others. They tend to stay on the ground longer after
being knocked down.

The punks run away as does the lady. A guy in a tank top chats with Akiyama and
he is impressed with his fighting. His name is Saigo. A pickpocket then jacks 
Akiyama's keys and its time to chase him down. This time you are the "cat" in
the chase (you are doing the chasing). Reduce his chase gauge to zero by using
the [] button to do a shoulder block on him or using () to throw objects at him
and be sure to keep your chase gauge from running out as well. When you get the
thief's health to zero you hace caught him. It was another test by Saigo to see
Akiyama's speed. The two of them talk on the rooftop of the red building. Dash
Kick is now unlocked. You can choose to train now or later but remember that
Saigo wields a machine gun. After you are done with Saigo, make your way back
to Sky Finance and there are officers outside with Sugiuchi waiting for you in
the the office. He says he wants to protect you from the Shibata Family and has
officers acting as security and says shit is about to hit the fan in the name
of Isao Katsuragi and tells a story.

Tojo Clan Headquarters 12 PM

Daigo Dojima is conducting a meeting with Isao Katsuragi. Tojo offers Ueno some
money as an apology for their inconvience to the latter. Kazuo Shibata enters
and bows. He is the same guy we saw in the limo talking to Arai earlier in the
game. He walks up to Katsuragi and kneels in begging for forgiveness. However,
Katsuragi says there is no need to kneel in shame and Dojima asks Katsuragi for
his suggestion. The latter talks about family values and it is revealed to be
a finger (maybe Shibata's) that was in the plastic wrap. Katsuragi demands the
death of Ihara's killer, Arai or control the business that Majima is running.
Money is not the issue but saving face as a yakuza is. Katsuragi leaves Dojima
to think before making a decision then the story ends.

So the true point of the story is that the police are keeping watch on people
Arai may contact as they want him before the yakuza gets to him. Akiyama then
inquires about Sugiuchi handling the case but the latter says its not Akiyama's
business. Lily walks in and has a seat. The test is for her to date Akiyama.
The two of you go out on the town, Lily will warp to wherever you go so don't 
worry about her catching up. Go to Milestone and pick out any dress since it is
free. It is located in the underground mall. Now go to Le Marche on Showa St.
Buy anything your prefer. It is free. Akiyama lets Lily do the rest and meet
him at the club Elise (across from the Millineum Tower). Head over to Elise and
Akiyama spots a wierd looking man hanging out the club who spent 5 million yen
over the past couple years. His name is Taniguchi who wants to go out with Miki
whom works there. Akiyama says he will give him some advice on how to woo Miki
by helping him change his looks. Enter the club. Lily is in the back room, time
to play a minigame. Simply dress her up with the two items you got her before
and that's it. The second part of the test for Lily to be the number 1 hostess.
Just make 3 million yen in three days is what she has to do. Akiyama has to run
some errands but he asks Lily out on a real date after hours at Theater Square.

For now, just run around and see how many more memos you can find. When your
phone rings, the Manager will inform you that Lily made 500,000 yen in sales on
her first day. The manager asks Akiyama to check in on her next shift. Out of
the blue, Lily appears. She wants to go over to the Champion District. Like I
said before, she'll warp to your position when you reach your destination. They
camp out on top of an old building from where Lily once grew up and talk about
how men are always looking up and using money to get what they want when they
end up working to death. The two eventually kiss. ABOUT DAMN TIME!! The Shibata
gang appear again.

Vs. Shibata Family Hitmen - Miyamoto, Sasaki, Uchida, Suzuki, Ogawa

Be careful in this fight. Miyamoto wields a sword so take him out first. Then
there is Sasaki with a handgun. Get rid of him next. Everyone else you can beat
them anyway you like. As before, you can toss the guys over the roof while in
HEAT mode for an instant death. Grab the sword that Miyamoto left behind and it
is a slash party for you. Sucks to be the bad guys. Ti ji ji~!! ^v^

Akiyama and Lily escape before more Shibata show up. The two of them call it a
night and Akiyama wishes Lily luck tomorrow.


Chapter 4: The Promise

Kido and Akiyama are chatting at Sky Finance. They discus how Arai has gone in
hiding and then Akiyama gives Kido a sum of money to find Arai before anyone
else does. It turns out that Arai saved his live five years ago around the time
of Yakuza 1 where Akiyama was homeless after he got fired for embezzlement that
he had nothing to do with and the Millineum Tower exploded and it rained yen 
everywhere. Some street thugs jacked Akiyama and Arai beat them up and gave it
back to Akiyama. Now, Akiyama bets that Arai will be the king of the concrete
jungle that is Kamurocho.

Hana arrives and reminds Akiyama that he had a debt to collect from Marimba but
that was three days ago. She send him there to collect it. Tanuma calls in the
moment Akiyama is outside and asks him to come to Elise to give some pointers.
You also get a text email about Forex Ciel Trading. Go to Elise and Tanuma then
gives you 100,000 yen to help train her. Naoki goes in the back with you a few
things about dressing up Lily. What you want to do here is make Lily look a bit
conservative so forget the short dresses. Hell, even what she wore before will
do just fine but the White Long Dress takes the cake. No make-up is needed. 
You'll learn this when you go around the club and listen to other people's 
conversations but I'll just cue you in right now. If she is with someone, you
did great. If she is all alone, then you need to improve her style. Remember 
the key word is "conservative" A big clue as to the right choice of dress is 
when you here Lily say "Sugoi". It is Japanese for "AWESOME" and no she is not
like the Miz :p

You got three shots at this. Afterwards, go to the Championship District and go
to the waypoint where Marimba is supposed to be. You might get into some random
fights on the way. No one is at Marimba but there is a place called Drama Queen
that is open. It is a gay bar and a crossdresser is outside trying to woo at
Akiyama. Once inside, you notice the owner has been dead a few days now. Take a
look at the lighters on the desk. Those are the type that Lily smokes and also
note that the owner was affiliated with the Shibata family. Walk back to Sky
Finance and you will find Hana knocked out. Some goons from the another gang
fucked up bad. Actually one guy hit her with the butt of a gun and the others
trashed the place. The head guy is Midorikawa and he and his friends are from
the Hatsushiba Clan. Kido was beaten and hauled away somewhere. They also stole
the client registry.

Go outside and you'll some wierd black guy named Mack talking about Revelations
where you see something wierd, snap a photo with R3 and center on the person
and press ><. Now press the displayed button on the screen and choose the right
option when they appear. In this case this is a dude swinging around stealing
undergarments and swing around like Spiderman with them before he falls to his
death. Choose option 1 here. You will learn the Essence of Triple Strike. Mack
gives you a clue about Tenkaichi St. You get an email from Mack about "Perfect
Shot" and these provide two opportunities for Revelations. Head over to Theater
Square and there is a businessman who will give you a clue saying there was a
group of men dragging someone who looked beat up past some lockers where there
uses to be an Underground Mall. Just outside Kamurocho Theater there is a guy
who says he saw the men two or three hours ago. The guy next to him will give
you a Locker Key Radar. Run inside and as you proceed, a homeless man will say
he saw the yakuza men and that they locked the door shut behind them. But the
homeless man says to go to the elevator at the back of Millinneum Tower and it
leads underground to an area under the theather. That was the homeless men's
spot before the Hatsushiba kicked them out now they want you to do the same to
them. Head to the waypoint and use the elevator. Follow the path and enter the
door. Five Hatsushiba will surround you and start a fight. This is the first of
many fight in the gauntlet.

Vs. Hatsushiba Clan Members - Hakugawa, Kaneko, Watanabe, Ono, Maeda

Watanabe wields an army knife. Other than that, these guys are just pushovers.
There are plenty of weapons to pick up during the fight. Once all the guys are
down, head over to the Destructible Door and attack it until it is destroyed. A
homeless man will attack you with a bottle. Press the correct button to avoid
the hit. His name is Kogoro Sukegawa and he decides to join you in the fight
against the Hatsushiba Clan. Get the Toughness ZZ and go into the next room.
More yakuza show up to fight.

Vs. Hatsushiba Clan Members - Abe, Takahashi, Kobayashi, Miura, Tsukata. (After
you kick the door down) - Akita, Asada.

Sukegawa wields a bottle and uses it in the fight. Beat them down and one thing
to note is that there are five to fight then you will kick one of them through
a door and two hooded figures will join the fight against you. Defeat them and
run down the hall into the next room to face...

Vs. Hatsushiba Clan Members - Shinozaki, Ito, Kasai

Kasai functions as the head boss of the three thus his lifebar is always on the
screen. He is the one clad in purple. Ito wields a metal bat. Take care of him
now and then take care of Shinozaki. Now use your bat against Kasai for an easy
fight. Save all your HEAT attacks for him. When his energy is down, he will run
away like a bitch. He will lock a door behind him but now it's time to Kakuda.
Run all the way back to what looks like trash bins. You might hear someone say
yikes. That's the guy over there. Take him over back to the foor and more of
the yakuza show up.

vs Nishimura, Murata, Nakao, Okada

These guys are nothing special. Nakao hides in a back room at the start of the
fight then joins his buddies against you. Treat them to a old-fashioned beating
and run to the back. 

Vs Hashimoto, Kimura, Nomuda, Yamamoto, Kusai, Soto

Kusai may have the boss meter but Soto is the one to watch out for as he is in
the back wielding a couch. He will stay there the whole fight so beat the other
guys first then throw bottles at him from afar and when you run out, use your
hit and run tactics on him as he can still swing the couch while being hit. It
is another locked door for Kakuda to unlock.

Vs. Ito, Hashimoto, Takase

Takase wields a couch. Save the HEAT for him and take care of the other goons
with regular attacks.

One unlocked door later and there is a scientist name Minamida (looks like Doc
Brown from Back To The Future) being harassed by yakuaza and they are trying to
break his machine

vs Yoshida, Kato, Hirose, Asano, Kobayashi (after someone is kicked through the
door) you face Akita, Asada, and Tsukada.

Minamida and Kakuda hide while you and Sukegawa beat up these guys. Nothing out
of the ordinary here. Just beat them down. After someone is kicked through the
door, beat the other three. 

After the fight, Akiyama tells Sukegawa he'll fly solo from here. He has Kakuda
unlock one more door. Akiyama walks in to see Kido on the floor on his kness
with his hands behind his back. He confronts Midorikawa and his boss. Akiyama
asks for both Kido and the registry back and the boss tells him, that it wasn't
let to the Hatsushiba Clan it was given to them. Midorikawa says he will send
Akiyama back to his bitch secretary in a fucking body bag.

vs Hatsushiba Clan Lieutenant: Takumi Midorikawa and Goto, Matsuda, Taniguchi,
Fujiwara after Midorikawa retreats after Round 1.

Midorikawa carries a pistol and loves to use it. This is a good fight to use
your sidesteping skills as you can avoid bullets that way though you may take a
few hits. Careful when you try to bumrush him, Midorikawa can pistol whip you
if he is within range. Try to gather HEAT and when he is at least halfway down
on energy, execute the HEAT near the table to win the first round. Midorikawa
will run away and send four goons after you. Make use of the desk if you like
but I prefer to save those for Round 2 with Midorikawa whom comes back in with
a chainsaw. It's going to be ugly if you try to go toe to toe with him as you
will get knocked down each time he hits you. Use those desk from afar to fight
him safely. Just remember to press the appropiate button at the start to block
the chainsaw with a pipe then the next few buttons to garner HEAT and smack him
around with the same pipe for massive damage. When he flares orange, he really
does look lie Richard Pryor in this case and may try to use a HEAT attack of
his own which you can fight out of. If you are really sure you want to end the
fight quickly, you can still beat him with your fists and feet but just hit him
when he rears back to interrupt his attack. If you are fast enough you can beat
him without him using his HEAT attack.

Hatsushiba is a total wimp. He tries to run away with the registry and Akiyama
stops him. He gives it back and begs not to be beaten senseless. He confesses
that the Shibata were looking for Lily and he doesn't know why either. Head to
Sky Finance. Today is Lily's last day. Head to Elise and you can now use some
Training on her. You'll learn eventually that they are looking for talkers so
train Lily in conversation tips. Also work on motivation. Give her free time
to lower her stress. Head to the back room after three shifts to finish up the
survey and head back to Sky Finance for results. I don't know what happens if
Lily fails but if she passes, Akiyama congratulates her and agrees to meet her
at the rooftop of Millineum Tower. So run and take the briefcase there. The two
have a chitchat on the roof and Lily admits she was gonna run away with the yen
but Akiyama changed her life around. I wish they admited they loved each other.
It was obvious from the start. Akiyama also admits he was testing himself as a
person. He confides that Lily had been killing people and that attack from the
Shibata on their date was them after her. After the conversation, she goes on
her way.

Akiyama gets a call from Hana and she is awaiting test results but she is glad
Kido and the registry are safe. As you head back to Sky Finance, Tanuma calls
and says the club is in danger of going under with finances. Lily made them 3
million yen are you shitting me? This justa side story so head back over to Sky
Finance first if you prefer. Hana will be waiting for you once you arrive at
Sky Finace. When he finds out that Lily got the money, she quits in a fit of
rage and runs away. Chase her down until you reach the park. Hana is fast for a
fat lady, I'll give her that. Hana wants to know why Akiyama loved Lily so much
and it was because she looked like his ex, Eri. After a talk, Hana says she had
quit for other reasons than the Lily episode.

Tanuma calls in again and says there is trouble going on at Elise. The Shibata
came looking for Lily and know she was there. Get some health if needed and go
over there. Minami is in there throwing a concert before Akiyama shuts it down.
They get in an argument and the final fight of chapter 1 starts.

vs Minami - BOSS FIGHT

This guy loves to quickstep a lot and he likes to block. Do bother grabbing him
either, he'll swat your arm away. Use your Essence of Finishing as your HEAT
attack when he is on the floor. It's also best to corner him so you can pummel
away at him with ease. The first time the HEAT is used, it will grow bigger.
Check the abilities for more info. This case Akiyama as a knee to the skull to
the (looks like Soccer Kick move). When Minami glows pink watch out when he
takes a drink. He'll spit in your eyes and pummel you if you don't counter in
time. Now just keep up the attack in the corner. Now he has pink flames, he
will warp all over the place and evade you. Try to fight or better yet outlast
this mode and beat him down when it stops. Now go after him before he drinks
again and finish him off.

The Tojo boss Goro Majima arrives and reveals Lily's true name as Yasuko and 
that he was only wanting to protect her. Akiyama wants to know why and Majima
says he wants to make amends for what happened in 1985. Part 1 comes to an end.

----------------------------------TAIGA SAEJIMA--------------------------------

Taiga Saejima will be what I work on next.

Chapter 1: Flight for the Truth


Chapter 2: The Tiger and the Dragon


Chapter 3: The 25-Year Blank


Chapter 4: Oath of Brotherhood

---------------------------------MASAYOSHI TANIMURA----------------------------

Chapter 1: The Parasite of Kamurocho


Chapter 2: The Mastermind


Chapter 3: Door to the Truth


Chapter 4: As a Detective

-----------------------------------KAZUMA KIRYU--------------------------------

Chapter 1: Reunion


Chapter 2: To Kamurocho									  


Chapter 3: The Encounter

Chapter 4: Chain of Betrayals

--------------------------------FINALE: REQUIEM--------------------------------


Under construction



4 Sub-Stories
Complete 4 sub-story missions

20 Sub-Stories
Complete 20 sub-story missions

40 Sub-Stories
Complete 40 sub-story missions

Arena Star
Earn the title “Arena Star” in the fighting arena

Boiled Turkey
Get a turkey in bowling

Emblem Collector
Collect 10 emblems from the remaining gang members after finishing Kiriyu’s 
team encounter missions

First Carom
Score the first point in a game of four ball

Hat Trick
Get a hat trick in darts

Hot Spring Ping-Pong Magistrate
Smash the ball 3 times in 1 ping-pong match at the hot spring

Human Karaoke Machine
Do all the karaoke songs once

Kamuro Gourmet
Eat all the food from restaurants in Kamuro

Kamuro’s Master of Ecology
Pick up 20 pieces of trash (Hidden)

Let’s Go Out After!
Go on a date with a cabaret girl after her working hours

Master of Weapon Categories
Make 1 weapon from every weapon category

Mr. Dress Up
Buy one of every type of dress in the “Making the No.1 Cabaret girl mission”

Mr. Outdoors
Play golf and fish 5 times

Mr. Pause Menu
Obtain all memos for the pause menu

Mr. Two Birds with One Stone
Hit two targets at the same time at the batting center

Become a VIP at the massage parlor

Name Hunter
Obtain all cabaret girls name cards

Novice Gambler
Play all Japanese casino games once

Novice Teacher
Train a fighter with Saejima and win 1 tournament with them

Promotion Season
Promote one piece in Shoji

Rampaging King of Kamuro
Knock 100 pedestrians to the ground

Revelation Detective
Complete 3 Revelations

Review Master
Review all scenes from Yakuza 1, 2, and 3

Road to Becoming Pachinko King
Buy the Pachinko King trophy at the Volcano Pachinko Parlor

Rookie Gambler
Play all Western casino games once

Seven Pairs
Win a hand consisting of 7 2-set pairs in mahjong

Strong Man of Kamuro
Travel 100km on foot

The Joy of Giving
Give a present to a cabaret girl that she wears

The Way of the Key Master
Open 5 coin locker doors

Walking Bank
Obtain 10,000,000 yen

Welcome to Club Sega
Play all games in Club Sega once


Akiyama Award
Obtain 1,000,000 yen with Akiyama

Kiryu Award
Break 100 weapons in battle with Kiryu

Saejima Award
Buy 5 pistols with Saejima

Tanimura Award
Win 10,000 points at the casino with Tanimura

The Persistent Man
Clear the NORMAL difficulty setting without having cleared the EASY difficulty 

The Strongest Champion
Get all characters to level 20


Amon Crusher
Crush Amon and finish all 62 sub-story missions (Hidden)


Platinum Trophy
Get all trophies


Sega for making this game.
GameFAQs and others for hosting.
You for reading this FAQ.


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