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Yugioh 5D's World Championship 2011

Guide and FaQ
by nekofjung



I. Introduction
II. Legal Garbage
III. About WC 2011
IV. Basics of play
V. Story Walkthrough
   A. Chapter 1
   B. Chapter 2
   C. Chapter 3
   D. Chapter 4
   E. Chapter 5
   F. Chapter 6
   G. Final Chapter
VI. After-Story Walkthrough
VII. Unlockables and Bonuses
VIII. Deck Lists
IX. Other Information and Credits


I. Introduction

Yo yo everyone!  I'm nekofjung and I'm back with a guide for Yugioh 5D's World 
Championship 2011!!  So basically, before I begin I'd like to give a huge 
thanks to all the people who sent me emails saying things like "Hey dude, your 
previous guides were flippin' sweet . . . I need you to do a guide for 2011 
too!!" Well, I had initially decided not to do a guide since I had already 
left the Yugioh scene about a year ago, aside from playing this game.  All of 
the encouragement and bullheadedness of my fans out there, however, was 
apparently too much for me to say no to (although I tried several times), so 
here I am again, with another in-depth guide for WC 2011.

A little bit about me - I started playing Yugioh the year it 1st came to North 
America (when it was the Yugi and Kaiba starter decks), and since then have 
competed in several tournaments, was a member of Team Splash, was an article 
team member for (where you can find the online Kaiba Corp 
Virtual Dueling System [KCVDS]), and was an admin and leader of the article 
team for, ranked the internet's largest and most active yugioh 
academy.  I have produced dozens of articles and about half a dozen very in-
depth guides for yugioh, including my in-depth deckbuilder's guide, and guides 
for WC 2009 and 2010.

So, I like to keep my guides fairly light-hearted and loose, while at the same 
time providing you with as much information as possible to make your gameplay 
experience and enjoyable as it can be with as little frustration as can be 
managed.  Now, enough about me - read on to the next section.

Seriously, read the next section.

I mean it.


II. Legal Garbage

This guide is my own creation with credit given only to people who send fixes 
and responses within 1 year after its creation to my email, which is:

[email protected]

Please do not bother sending a bunch of spam mail there, as it is not my main 
email address so anything that looks like spam is just going to be filtered to 
a spam folder and get deleted.

I am willing to allow others to post this guide on other sites so long as the 
following criteria are followed:

1. I receive credit for all of my work regardless of who posts it.
2. I receive a formal request via email, asking for permission to post this 
guide on a site.
3. After permission is granted, I must receive another email with a link to 
the posted guide so that I can check to make certain everything looks alright.

So, I think that pretty much covers the legal stuff.  What you should get out 
of this is, please don't steal my work, and I'm willing to share it as long as 
credit is given where it is due.


III. About WC 2011

If you have played any of the 5D's Nintendo DS games, then you will pretty 
much learn that the format of the game is similar here.  There are several 
types of duels you will be having here including:

Normal Duel: normal 1v1 rules of dueling.

Tag Duel: you and a partner (sometimes of your choosing, sometimes not) will 
have a 2v2 duel against opponents.  You can use all cards your partner plays 
on the field, and cannot influence any of the moves of the game during your 
partner's turn nor the opponent's turn after your partner's turn.  You and 
your partner share Life Points.  It will go in the order of: You, Opponent 1, 
Partner, Opponent 2, and repeat.

Turbo Duel: Spell cards are replaced with Speed Spells, some new traps are 
added, and you play using a constant Field Spell card called Speed World 2, 
which has the following effects that you can activate if you have a Speed 
Spell in your hand:

1. Remove 4 Speed Counters to deal 800 damage to your opponent.
2. Remove 7 Speed Counters to draw a card.
3. Remove 10 Speed Counters to destroy a card on the field.

You and your opponent each receive a Speed Counter every Standby Phase.

Tag Turbo Duel: same as a Tag Duel, but with Turbo Duel rules.

Chain Duel: You play multiple opponents, one after the other, and keep all of 
your Life Points, cards in graveyard, cards on the field, and cards in hand 
after each duel is over.

Continuous Duel: You play multiple opponents, one after the other, and keep up 
to a maximum 10,000 Life Points after each duel is over.

The card pool has increased again (as it always should).

Duelists no longer have a chance of giving you a card after random duels.  
This has instead been replaced with a "memory" bonus game involving 9 cards.  
There are 3 pairs of normal cards, a flip again card, a DP card, and an 
instant lose card.  Pairing a set of cards gets you 1 copy of that card.  The 
flip again card gives you another chance if you guess wrong (unless you hit 
the instant loss card).  The DP card gives you an amount of DP based on the 
level of your opponent's deck.  Each opponent's memory puzzle will not change 
until you clear it, and then a fresh puzzle with potentially different cards 
will appear in its place.

After 5 wins, the game can randomly add an Akiza card (momentarily reveals 1 
card on the field) and a Shuffle card (shuffles the cards on the field) in 
place of the "instant loss" and "try again" cards.  After 10 wins, you have a 
chance of getting a Crow card, which temporarily reveals 3 of the face-down 
cards, and the tear drop card, that resets the entire field with new cards.  
After 15 wins, you have a chance to get a Jack card, which destroys all bonus 
cards on the field, leaving only the duped cards.  After 20 wins, you have a 
chance of getting a Yusei card, which doubles any rewards you get.

New Story focusing away from Yusei and the gang for most of the time.

Bad News: The AI in WC 2011 is even slower than in the previous versions!!  
This means that there may be times on occassion when you are waiting a solid 
2-3 minutes for the AI to take a full turn (pausing 10-30 seconds between each 
move).  This is especially annoying for Tag Duels and Tag Turbo Duels where 
you have to wait for 3 AI's to make turns before you get the chance to make 1 

That pretty much sums up what's new and different for WC 2011.  So . . . on we 


IV. Basics of play

This section is going to be short for a few reasons.  First of all, the game 
has a pretty good tutorial in it for newbies if you are entirely new to the 
Yugioh franchise.  For everyone else who would like some more advanced tactics 
such as the art of deckbuilding and how to play in a smart manner, I'm going 
to suggest some of my previous guides to look at instead so I'm not re-writing 
things I've already said in the past.

In general, here are a few tips:

1. Try to keep a focus to your deck.  Have a strategy of either something you 
want to summon or a combo you want to utilize and make all the cards in your 
deck be effective ways in helping you make that happen.

2. Don't overextend your hand by playing too many cards to the field unless 
you know it will win you the duel in that turn.  It gives your opponent more 
information about what you have and gives you less options should the field be 
cleared by any of a number of means.

3. Keep track of the card count.  Being ahead in Life Points is fine, but 
having more cards than your opponent is typically more important, because it 
means you have more options than him/her with which to control the duel.  You 
will often hear me refer to card advantage in this guide.  A +1 effect, means 
the effect leaves you with 1 more card than your opponent if you had the same 
number of cards beforehand.  So if you both have 3 cards and you create a +1 
effect, you will either have 4 cards with your opponent still at 3, or you 
will have 3 cards while your opponent drops down to 2.  Try to avoid cards 
that lose you card advantage (have -1 effects or worse).

4. Try to use a 40-card deck.  Less cards means statistically drawing into 
your most important cards faster.  On the same note, utilize cards that allow 
you to either draw into your deck, search out your opponent cards, or in some 
cases mill cards from the top of the deck.  These will thin your deck and make 
it seem like you are using a deck of even less than 40 cards, leading to even 
higher consistency for your strategy.  Don't worry too much about decking out, 
because there are very few decks capable of doing that to you, and if you are 
dueling correctly, on average your duels should last less than 10-15 turns.

Okay, got all that?  Good, because I'm tired of talking about it so blah.  
Let's move on to what most of you really came here to see anyway - the 


V. Story Walkthrough

Okay, here we are finally!  This walkthrough/guide is going to go through 
Story Mode slowly, unlocking as much as possible along the way to make the 
road as easy as possible.  If you're just looking to blast through Story Mode 
to move on to the After Story content, this walkthrough probably isn't for 

One thing of importance to note - there are a ton of packs in this game (many 
more than in WC 2010), and therefore collecting a lot of DP is going to be 
important.  Aside from unlocking more content, 1 of the reasons I'll be having 
you constantly go back to Free Duel Mode is to gather more DP.

Another quick note - once you have 1 copy of card, you can use the Card 
Password feature to get up to another 2 copies of it for a fairly cheap price 
if you need them.  Just go to google and type in "wiki yugioh [name of card]".  
Find the picture of the card and look at the bottom left corner for the code 
to input into the Card Password section.

Now, make your character, select your country, choose your name, face, hairs . 
. . all the basic stuff.  You'll start out with 1500 DP and a few card packs 
to choose to spend it on.  Here they are with my suggestions.  Note that I 
only included a list of what I felt were key cards, disregarding most support 
cards and trash cards (and all banned cards):

Dark Beginning 1:

Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Call of the Haunted
Dark Hole
Dark Magician
Dust Tornado
Exodia pieces
Fairy Box
Giant Rat
Giant Trunade
Limiter Removal
Man-Eater Bug
Mage Power
Magic Dragon
Monster Reborn
Mother Grizzly
Mystic Tomato
Mystical Space Typhoon
Nimble Momonga
Nobleman of Crossout
Nobleman of Extermination
Shining Angel
Swords of Revealing Light
The Shallow Grave
Torrential Tribute
Trap Hole
UFO Turtle
United We Stand

Dark Beginning 2:

Airknight Parshath
Bazoo the Soul Eater
Book of Life
Book of Moon
Creature Swap
Dark Ruler Ha Des
Don Zaloog
Drop Off
Exiled Force
Guardian Sphinx
Injection Fairy Lily
King Tiger Wanghu
Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
Marauding Captain
Mirror Force
Morphing Jar
Pyramid Turtle
Reinforcement of the Army
Royal Decree
Royal Oppression
Seven Tools of the Bandit
Solemn Judgment
Trap Dustshoot
Twin-Headed Behemoth
Yamata Dragon

Dark Revelation Volume 1:

Amazoness set
Apprentice Magician
Archfiend set
Autonomous Action Unit
Breaker the Magical Warrior
Chaos Command Magician
D.D. Warrior Lady
Dark Scorpion set
Final Countdown
Gravekeeper's set
Great Maju Garzett
Lava Golem
Magic Drain
Magical Merchant
Ojama Trio
Old Vindictive Magician
Raigeki Break
Rivalry of Warlords
Royal Magical Library
Sakuretsu Armor
Skill Drain
Spirit Reaper
Tribe-Infecting Virus
Wave-Motion Cannon
XYZ set

Dark Revelation Volume 2:

Beckoning Light
Chaos Sorcerer
Compulsory Evacuation Device
D.D. Scout Plane
Dark Driceratops
Enemy Controller
Legendary Jujitsu Master
Level Limit Area B
Mataza the Zapper
Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands
Monster Gate
Night Assailant
Ojama set
Ryu Kokki
Self-Destruct Button
Smashing Ground
The End of Anubis
The Sanctuary in the Sky
Wall of Revealing Light

The 1st 4 packs consist of a crapload of random cards from the much older 
sets.  There are a few gems in these packs, but also there is a ton of trash 
that you can't use.  It is a gamble to buy these packs early on.  Many of the 
cards in these packs you can get later, and I suggest you wait until you have 
some of the good cards from other packs before venturing your DP toward the 
gems in these packs.

Synchro Awaken!!:

Ally of Justice set
Ally of Justice Catastor
Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Cyber Dragon
Dark Magician
Dust Tornado
Ice Barrier set
Flamvell set
Flamvell Uruquizas
Mist Valley set
Mist Valley Soldier
Wist Wurm
Nobleman of Extermination
Ojama set
Soul Exchange
Worm set
X-Saber set
X-Saber Airbellum
X-Saber Urbellum

There are tons of wonderful generic Synchro monsters in here that you can put 
into most of your decks.  Airbellum and Mist Valley Soldier are also tuner 
monsters with pretty good effects that can last you as your main tuners for 
quite awhile, or at least until you get enough cards to start putting more of 
a strategic focus into your deck.  Nobleman of Extermination and Dust Tornado 
are great for spell/trap removal.  Cyber Dragon is an awesome monster who can 
fit into almost any deck either as an easily summoned beatstick, tribute 
fodder for larger monsters, or he can be used as synchro material by normal 
summoning a tuner after bringing him out.

Invasion of the Worms!!:

Ally of Justice set
Ally of Justice Light Gazer
Big Piece Golem
Dark Resonator
Flamvell set
Genex set
Genex Controller
Goyo Guardian
Hydro Genex
Ice Barrier set
Mist Valley set
Mystical Space Typhoon
Nitro Synchron
Nitro Warrior
X-Saber set
X-Saber Pashuul
X-Saber Palomuro
X-Saber Wayne
Worm set

There are more useful generic Synchro monsters here.  If you're looking to 
make a Saber or Genex deck early on, you'll probably want some of these packs 
as they have some of the better cards for the sets.  Big Piece Golem is a 
decent beatstick.  Mystical Space Typhoon is an awesome card, and I struggle 
to think of a deck that doesn't benefit from having 2 copies of it in use.

Justice Strikes Back!!:

Ally of Justice set
Ally of Justice Field Marshal
Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier
Enemy Controller
Fabled Raven
Flamvell set
Genex set
Geo Genex
Mist Valley set
Morphtronic set
Naturia set
Naturia Beast
Thermal Genex
Turbo Synchron
Worm set

More good generic Synchro monsters await you in this pack.  There are also 
many excellent Genex and Naturia cards in this set for if you are planning on 
using 1 of those archetypes.  Additionally, Enemy Controller is a very good, 
multi-functional card that can be used both to attack and defend and is useful 
in many combos.

You'll also receive 1 random Starter Deck.  I highly suggest collecting the 
Starter Decks as they often have many useful cards in them, and can allow you 
to make some useful decks early on if used with the Card Password system.  For 
every 10 duels you play, a new Starter Deck will appear in the pack list and 
will replace the previous Starter Deck whether you bought it or not.  All 
Starter Decks cost 2000 DP.

Dependent on what packs you chose to purchase you may make initial changes to 
your deck in various ways.  Here's a few basic changes to make though:

-Des Koala
-2 Trident Warrior
-Axe of Despair
-Intercept Wave
-Lucky Iron Axe
-Monster Reincarnation
-1 (or 2) Seven Tools of the Bandit

From Side deck:

+Delg the Dark Monarch
+Saber Beetle
+Dust Tornado
+Trap Jammer

These changes, plus additions from whatever extra cards you got will get you 
along the way toward making a deck that focuses primarily on creating fodder 
for tribute and synchro summons.  Looking at the possible cards available to 
you right now, you may want to work toward a deck that looks something similar 
to this:

1x Breaker the Magical Warrior
1x Chaos Command Magician
2x Chaos Sorcerer
3x Cyber Dragon
2x Gravekeeper's Guard
3x Gravekeeper's Spy
1x Jinzo
2x Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
1x Mist Valley Soldier
1x Mobius the Frost Monarch
1x Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
1x Spirit Reaper
1x Super-Nimble Mega Hamster
2x X-Saber Airbellum
1x Zaborg the Thunder Monarch

2x Book of Moon
1x Dark Hole
1x Monster Reborn
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
2x Soul Exchange

2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Call of the Haunted
2x Dust Tornado
1x Mirror Force
1x Royal Oppression
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Torrential Tribute

2x Ally of Justice Catastor
1x Ally of Justice Field Marshal
1x Ally of Justice Light Gazer
1x Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
1x Goyo Guardian
1x Lightning Warrior
1x Magical Android
1x Mist Wurm
1x Naturia Beast
1x X-Saber Urbellum
1x X-Saber Wayne

Keep in mind, if you received a particularly good Starter Deck, you can always 
just use Card Passwords to get extra copies of some of those cards and make a 
legitimate deck from that.  Now head into Free Duel.  Click Duel Settings and 
change "Display Card Details" to OFF.  If you don't do this, the game will 
pause to show you EVERY CARD PLAYED, which will make your duels take 5 years 
apiece.  Turn it off.  Now, head into CPU Duel and we'll be taking on 
everyoneavailable to us to get some early DP and some unlocks.  It takes 3 
wins against opponents in both Free Duel and in Story Mode to unlock various 
things, so beat these guys 3x each.  You also need 1 win against each opponent 
in CPU Duel to receive a Star Chip, which can be used to buy things later.  
Whenever you voluntarily play an opponent, if you win at the end of the duel 
you'll get to play a short "memory" bonus game.  There will always be 3 
matching pairs of cards, a DP tile, an Extra Flip tile, and an Instant Lose 
tile.  Each time you match a pair of cards, you'll receive a copy of that 
card.  For a given opponent, his/her puzzle will not change until you clear 
it, so remembering what cards were where will help you nab extra cards and DP 
after duels.

Dingy Daredevil
Save your spell/trap destruction effects for Spiritual Forest, which can make 
this duel a bit of a pain.  He uses a deck with Beasts in it and quite a few 
searching monsters, so destroying monsters by effects rather than battle is 
optimal.  His big monster is King of Beasts, who is basically a 2500 ATK 
beatstick with no useful effect other than that he can keep getting himself 
summoned.  If you can plant a monster with >2500 ATK on the field, or just 
remove King of Beasts from play via Bottomless Trap Hole or other means, then 
you're opponent won't have much left to beat you with.

Cherry Inmato
Tomato Alliance
This guy has a lot of ways to special summon his tiny Plant critters to the 
field.  You should be trying to establish control over the field early on, 
since he doesn't have a ton of destruction effects.  If you can plant a couple 
decent beatsticks onto the field early, his plants won't be able to swarm you, 
and his means of victory won't ever come through.  He has a lot of cute 
combos, but in the end his monsters are almost all weaklings.

Hip Hypnocorn
This guy runs a Beast-type deck that focuses heavily on synchro summoning some 
very high ATK monsters.  He can also buff them up with Equip Spells like Lucky 
Iron Axe.  The best solution is just to utilize a bunch of monster destruction 

Naturia Cherries
Organic Cherries
Naturia decks are capable of negating your card effects while special 
summoning a lot of weak monsters.  You'll want some extra spell/trap hate here 
to get rid of stuff like Burden of the Mighty.  All you need to do is put out 
a 2000+ ATK beatstick and keep it alive to win against this opponent.

If you're playing perfect, you could have gotten 10 wins in a row while 
dueling this guy, which unlocks Gladiator Beast Gyzarus as a new CPU Opponent.

Watt's Up?
Many Watt monsters are capable of attacking you directly, so having some 
Sakuretsu Armors and the like will be useful here.  I suggest just working to 
keep control of the field to make swarming you as difficult as possible.  Be 
ready to take out his Field Spell Wattcastle if it pops up, so that you don't 
run into issues when attacking his monsters.  One last thing, if he manages to 
break out 2 Watthoppers onto the field, you will be unable to attack.  
Therefore, for your safety make sure you have some ways to get his monsters 
off the field via effects.

Tiki Curse
Statues: Standby
This guy uses Trap/Monsters to special summon several monsters to the field at 
once.  The good news is this - Trap/Monsters can be destroyed both by cards 
that destroy monsters AND cards that destroy spells and traps.  Use that, 
along with the fact that his backrow capacity is heavily diminished since 
Trap/Monsters take up both a backrow and frontrow space, and you should be 
able to maintain control.

Defeating Tiki Curse 3x unlocks Master Hyperion as a CPU Opponent.  If you've 
also unlocked Gyzarus, then that means 8 opponents have now been unlocked, 
which also unlocks a new card pack!  Let's take a quick look:

World Championship Edition 1:

Abyss Soldier
Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon
Gilford the Lightning
Mind Control
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
Satellite Cannon
Silent Swordsman L7
Sorcerer of Dark Magic
Van'Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord

Until later in the game, you probably won't need any copies of this pack.  
Van'Dalgyon is only good once you have access to Bountiful Artemis and more 
Counter Traps.  For REDMD you'd need more Dragons than you currently have 
access to.  The only currently useful card in the entire pack right now is 
Mind Control, so it's probably not worth the investment of your DP for now.  
Let's continue where we left off.

Master Hyperion
Galaxy Master
This opponent uses a Fairy deck.  Get rid of Valhalla and Sanctuary in the Sky 
as quickly as possible to stop many of his biggest plays.  You'll also want a 
respectable amount of monster removal and spell/trap destruction effects to 
counter his searcher monsters and his many Counter Traps.  Also, very 
important - watch out for Honest!  Any of his monsters in attack mode can take 
out any of your own in battle if he has a copy of Honest in his hand, so be 
careful when you attack.

Gladiator Beast Gyzarus
Gladiator Gradation
This guy might be too much for you right now, but try him a few times to see 
if you can get lucky.  He runs a full-fledged Gladiator Beast deck, and is 
going to be just straight up difficult to take down unless you can catch him 
with a bad hand, or with you having a particularly good starting hand.

With that, we've done all we can with Free Duel mode for the time being.  Time 
to head over to Story Mode and hang out there for awhile. ;D

Story starts out in Crash Town, with 2 guys facing each other.  Then goes to 
Duel runners.  Then some duelists are talking.  Then there's a couple more 
Duel Runners.  Then it's the Grand Prix.  Then it's a big catastrophe.  Then 
it's a few guys next to chairs.  Finally someone says something after quite 
possibly the worst ADHD intro ever.  The 3 guys talk about things you don't 

Now the game asks if you've played Yugioh before.  Say yes.  Even if you 
haven't, there's no need to read explanations when there's a perfectly good 
Tutorial system available from the main menu.


Chapter 1: The Beginning

The game starts out with you competing in the Grand Prix . . . yeah you wish.  
So you like to dream big, eh?  Well, leaves the dreams behind because you're 
actually in Crash Town and have just been in a dream sequence.  Klaus, your 
grandpa, wakes you up sounding very annoyed (maybe because you're a lazy ass 
who doesn't wake up for anything?).  Klaus "reminds" you of why Crash Town is 
around (to make fuel for Duel Runners), and then takes his leave.

Unlike in 2010, you get to start off with your actual deck right away just by 
clicking the glowing orb on the table.  Save up at the diamond with the S 
inside it so you don't have to go through that opening sequence ever again.

Head out of your home and you'll run into West and Nico.  They're your friends 
. . . your much younger friends.  After a brief talk about how the Card Shop 
will open today, West says he'll meet you at the hideout, and Nico runs off 
after him.  Well, good riddance to them, go ahead and take your leave to the 
south, realize that the game says "No, we want you to follow the storyline our 
way", and then dejectedly head back toward your home.  In the southwest corner 
of this screen, you can check the ground to find a Star Chip.  Now head north 
a screen.

The Card Shop on the right here is still setting up, so you can't enter.  The 
little flower shop on the left, however, is open.  Walk in and check the 
flowers on the left side for a Star Chip, then walk back out.

Head west 1 screen and you'll find a guy just standing around.  Go ahead and 
beat him in a duel 3x.  Note that when in Crash Town, who goes 1st in a duel 
is decided by pressing a button combination before your opponent, rather than 
by flipping a coin.

Minegishi: Scorpio
This guy has a pretty strong Chaos deck, which uses powerful LIGHT and DARK 
monsters to control the field, and then allows him to later summon Chaos 
Sorcerer who has 2300 ATK and an effect that lets him remove from play a face-
up monster on the field in exchange for not attacking.  Controlling the field 
will be important here.  He also has the hugely powerful Dark Armed Dragon at 
his disposal, so you'll need to be on top of your game to take him down.

Head east 2 screens to find another guy just standing around.  Beat him 3x.

Sparking Flint
Clint will use a bunch of cards that stop your monsters from attacking and 
have varying other side effects that can damage you.  Your best bet for 
winning here is to concentrate on spell/trap destruction.  Just watch out for 
his Honests too.  His deck may be poorly themed, but the cards he uses are 
very solid in comparison to what you are likely to have at this time.  Don't 
feel too bad if you have some trouble here.

Head back west a screen, then head north.  On the left is a shiny ball.  Click 
it for a Worm Erokin, and then continue north.

In the southwest corner of this screen is a prize box.  Open it for a 
Hanewata.  Head north from there to find West and Nico.  This tiny little 
shack is your "hideout".  After a short talk, West wants to battle you (for 
funnzies).  Ignore the explanation on Crash Town rules, I already told them to 
you.  Talk to West to duel him.

My Almighty Legend
Compared to the duels you've had so far, this should be significantly easier.  
He uses a Turbo Rocket deck.  You should have no problem surviving the small 
amounts of Burn damage, so just run over his extremely low ATK monsters with 
whatever you have on hand and add in just a bit of spell/trap hate to make 
sure you can finish the job.

If you beat West, he'll give you a copy of Spore (awesome card alert!).  If 
you don't win, then reset your game before saving and try it again . . . but 
you did win, right?  Right?

So, Nico and West are having a little spat here, and now it's time to beat up 
little girls . . . erm, I mean duel Nico!

Pretty & Prettier
Nico uses a pretty basic Plant deck.  This isn't an easy win persay, but if 
you keep your wits about you, you shouldn't have too much difficulty.  Watch 
out for Wall of Thorns, which is basically Mirror Force if she has a face-up 
Plant on the field.  Also, watch out for Return from the Different Dimension 
if she ends up with a bunch of monsters removed from play.

If you beat Nico, she'll give you a copy of Krebons (dood, another nice 
card!).  So, now that you've beaten them both, it's time for them to try to 
puzzle you . . . with some Duel Puzzles.  Translation: Free DP.  Oh, and FYI 
if I tell you to summon a monster, assume attack position unless I say 

Duel Puzzle 1:
1. Activate Raigeki Break, discarding Caucastag and targeting Gravity Bind.
2. Activate Recurring Nightmate.
3. Summon Sentinel.
4. Activate Double Summon and tribute your monsters for Caucastag.  Use his 
effect to destroy all Marshmallons.
5. Attack to win.
(200 DP)

Duel Puzzle 2:
1. Activate Gishki Vanity's effect.
2. Activate Gishki Ceremonial Mirror, summoning Soul Ogre.  Use his effect to 
get rid of Scrap Goblin.
3. Attack to win.
(400 DP)

Duel Puzzle 3:
1. Summon Gulldo.
2. Activate Thunder Crash and use Gulldo's effect to summon Skwirl.
3. Activate another Thunder Crash and use Skwirl's effect to summon Reeze.
4. Activate Limit Reverse selecting Skwirl.
5. Activate Reeze's effect, discarding Egul to swap Skwirl with Archfiend 
6. Attack to win.
(600 DP)

Duel Puzzle 4:
1. Activate Fine and chain Naturia Rock to its effect.  Discard Spore and 
Bamboo Shoot.
2. Activate Supervise and use Gigaplant's effect to summon Bamboo Shoot.
3. Activate Birdman's effect and choose to add Bamboo Shoot to your hand.
4. Summon Bamboo Shoot tributing Naturia Rock.
5. Activate Spore's effect removing Cursed Fig.
6. Synchro summon Red Dragon Archfiend using Spore and Gigaplant.  Use the 
effect of Supervise to re-summon Gigaplant.
7. Attack with Red Dragon Archfiend.
8. Attack to win.
(800 DP)

Duel Puzzle 5:
1. Activate Aegis of Gaia.
2. Summon Gale Dogra and use its effect to send Shooting Star Dragon to the 
3. Activate Miracle Synchro Fusion to summon Draco-Equiste (all effect damage 
you receive from now on will be diverted over to your opponent).
4. Activate Burial from a Different Dimension to bring back Scrap Beast, Scrap 
Goblin, and Shooting Star Dragon.
5. Activate Draco's effect and remove Shooting Star Dragon (gaining its 
6. Activate Pot of Benevolence and return Beast and Goblin back to your deck.
7. Activate Soul of the Pure.
8. Activate Draco's new effect to see the 5 tuner monsters (giving Draco 5 
attacks this turn)
9. Activate Emergency Teleport to summon Psychic Commander.
10. Activate Instant Fusion to summon Flower Wolf.
11. Synchro Summon Scrap Dragon and use his effect to destroy Gale Dogra and 
Gravity Bind.
12. Attack to win.
(1000 DP)

After completing 3 Duel Puzzles, Nico and West will give you a copy of Enemy 
Controller (a very versatile card).  You'll have to come back for the other 2 
puzzles later, since Toru is going to come in and crash your little shindig.  
He's here to pick up a tool to work on his Duel Runner with.  As there is 
never a dull moment, the card shop is now open for business and they've got a 
little grand opening tournament planned for you - so let's head over there!

When you get over to the Card Shop, West explains there is going to be a 
Rental Deck tournament.  If you enter the Card Shop, Iranami will come up and 
ask if you want to participate in the tournament since 1 of the players didn't 
show up.  Talk to Iranami again to start up the tournament.

Your 1st opponent is West (not that it matters since all these duels will use 
Rental decks anyway).  Here's my top picks for the Rental decks:

Emperor, Arise!
Lightsworn Judgment
Fusion Heroes
Dragunity Flight
Infernity Infinity
Fight, Gladiators!
X-Sabers Assemble
Fabled Invaders

That being said it is possible to win with any of the decks and they are 
generally much better decks than what you had to choose from in WC 2010.  Last 
thing to note - save before each match!  I used the GB, LS, and Monarch decks.

You 2nd opponent is Nico (again, not that it matters).

In the 3rd and final round, your opponent is Narumi (one of the workers from 
the shop).

For beating all 3 opponents (I highly recommend you keep saving and restarting 
until you do), you'll win a copy of Dark End Dragon! (one seriously kickas 
Synchro monster) Funny enough, is that Dark End Dragon used to be the normal 
grand prize of real life Yugioh tournaments. ;D  After receiving your DED, 
Iranami gets taken away to be scolded for rooting for you instead of Narumi.

If you head back to the hideout, you'll be able to finish the 2 Duel Puzzles 
you didn't get to from before.  After you're done with that, you can duel Nico 
and West 2 more times each to total out at 3 wins apiece.

Head back over to the Card Shop to find Iranami standing there.  Go ahead and 
beat her 3 times.

Iranami's Temptation
She'll use Mausoleum of the Emperor to summon high level monsters.  A nice 
trick is to wait until she activates it, then chain MST or Dust Tornado so 
that she ends up paying the LP cost, but doesn't get the ability to do the 
summon.  Other than that, she runs a pretty basic Spirit monster deck.  If you 
can swarm the field with a few monsters that have 1800+ ATK and avoid letting 
her summon her big monsters with Mausoleum, then you should be fine.

If you've been dueling all the duels I've been telling you to, then by now you 
should have probably reached the 50 duel mark.  This opens up a new card pack:

Rise of Destiny:

Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive
Divine Wrath
Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast
Machine Duplication
Mystic Swordsman LV6
Nightmare Penguin
The Creator
Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch

Overall, this pack has almost nothing worthwhile in it.  You could maybe use 
The Creator in some decks, and Thestalos is a useful Monarch.  Divine Wrath is 
good against certain deck-types and might be useful later on.  Personally, I 
suggest not getting this pack until you're at the point where you're just 
trying to collect all the cards in post game.

Head back over toward your home and you'll eventually run into Bronson.  He's 
the guy who didn't show up to the tournament and he's not happy that you took 
his position (uh, because you should always shift blame away from yourself 
even when it's your own screw up).  Therefore, he's going to duel you.

Wasteland Blokes
Bronson is using a fairly weak Gemini deck.  He can do some swarming with 
Marauding Captain and he has some halfway decent beatsticks, but overall this 
should be an easier duel for you.  Just play smart and you shouldn't have too 
much trouble.

For beating him, Bronson will give you a copy of Soul Taker (a good 1 for 1 if 
you're currently lacking a bit in monster removal effects).  You can now duel 
him another 2 times to make that vital 3 wins.

When you're done, head back to your home and talk to Klaus.  You'll be heading 
to the city tomorrow for some shopping.  Talk to him again to start the next 


Chapter 2: The Encounter

As you get ready to leave, Toru comes over to request that you pick up some 
Duel Runner parts for him while you're in the city.  Personally, I'd say he 
should go get them himself.  You're not his slave.  You don't work for him.  
Alas, the game says otherwise and forces you to agree to running errands for 
your "friend".

It is 3 seconds to get from Crash Town to The City.  When you arrive, you 
separate from Klaus and are on your own in a dangerous neighborhood with no 
directions or instructions on where to go.  What a great guy Klaus is...

Anyway, head south a bit and you'll run into Lilie.  She asks you where Crow 
is.  You point at a big black bird on top of one of the buildings.  She smacks 
you.  Continue conversation.  She says Crow has orange pointy hair.  You say 
no, crows have black hair.  She smacks you again.  She wants you to help her 
find Crow.  You agree (whether you want to or not).

Save the game at this point and head out.  By getting to Chapter 2, a new card 
pack has been unlocked!

Soul of the Duelist:

Armed Dragon LV3, LV5, and LV7
Big Wave Small Wave
Hammer Shot
Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV4, LV6, and LV8
Howling Insect
Masked Dragon
Mystic Swordsman LV4
Mind Crush
Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke

There is really little here worth going after.  Mind Crush is a decent card.  
Hammer Shot is a nice 1 for 1 monster removal card if you're short on that for 
now.  Other than those, however, not much here.  I suggest not buying into 
copies of these packs.  Back to Story Mode.

You can't head south without Lilie being annoyed, so head east instead.  There 
you see I guy moving around quite frantically.  He has orange hair.  His name 
is Crow.  His name should be Cheese.  Lilie smacks you again.  Lilie runs 
toward Crow crying.  Crow sees Lilie running away from you crying.  Crow 
decides you're an asshole who made Lilie cry.  Crow wants to beat you up.

Crow Hogan
Ascending Legend
Crow uses a Blackwing deck.  They're very good at swarming the field very 
quickly and summoning some pretty decent synchro monsters.  You'll want to 
save your BTH's and such for just the right moment.  Also have some amount of 
spell/trap destruction so he can't pwn you with Black Whirlwind.

After you beat him, Lilie FINALLY tells him that you didn't do anything wrong 
. . . except get him confused with an ugly black bird.  So, Crow begins to 
apologize, but Lilie, annoying as she is, goes and runs off interrupting any 
chance at a real apology.  Don't worry though, he still has time to slip you a 
copy of Blackwing - Blizzard the Far North.

Head up the bridge to the east here and click the shiny orb to receive 39 DP.  
Head south a screen from here.  Head into the building and save.  By 
completing this short Lilie arc, you've unlocked a new card pack, so check it 

Flaming Eternity:

Chiron the Mage
Deck Devastation Virus
Granmarg the Rock Monarch
King Dragun
Lightning Vortex
Meteor of Destruction
Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys
Silent Swordsman LV5
Threatening Roar
Ultimate Insect LV5

Have you started noticing that only the crappy packs get unlocked 1st?  Well, 
at least this one has a few useful features.  Granmarg is one of the worst 
Monarchs, but he's still a decent card for you early on.  Lightning Vortex is 
good monster removal.  PWWB and Threatening Roar are both decent for certain 
deck-types.  If you really want 1 or more of those, you can invest in a few 
packs to see if you get lucky.  Otherwise, your DP will be better spent on 
other things later on.  Once again, back to story mode.

Head out of the building (nothing in here until later) and go west a screen.  
You'll find a kid standing around.  Beat him 3 times.

He's using a Normal monster deck as an Exodia draw engine.  You'll want some 
beatsticks with >1900 ATK to hold off his many 4-star monsters, and you'll 
want some s/t control to get rid of Heart of the Underdog.  If he doesn't get 
an early Heart of the Underdog, he's a piece of cake.  If he does, then you 
need to either get rid of it immediately, or kill him in your next 2 turns or 
else he'll use it to very rapidly draw into all the pieces of Exodia.  Another 
option is to have Spirit Reaper, Thestalos, and X-Saber Airbellum to try to 
discard any piece of Exodia which pretty much creates an auto-loss for him.

Northwest of Masaki are 2 punks.  Let's take the northern 1 first.

Dandy Deck
He has crafted a deck with tons of searcher monsters, and some Monarchs.  You 
should utilize monster destruction effects to keep his field as clear as 
possible so that he can't keep on summoning his stronger monsters.  I also 
highly suggest Chaos Sorcerer, Kycoo, or some other means of removing monsters 
from the grave so you can get rid of annoyances like Treeborn Frog and 

When you talk to the southern punk (Gordon), he hints that he can get you some 
cheap Duel Runner parts.  He directs you over to a shop 1 screen south.  Head 
into the shop and check the tires on the ground for 1500 DP!  Now, talk with 
the guy standing there.  Kuroe seems friendly enough when you mention Gordon's 
name, and promptly trades you some parts for Toru's money.  Head out of the 
shop and when you try to go 1 screen north, Gordon will come up behind you and 
pick your pocket!  Head east a screen to pursue him and attempt to go into the 
building.  You'll be stopped by a "Rude Man", who denies seeing Gordon and 
attempts to gang up on your with his 2 buddies.  Good news for you is that 
Kalin, Jack and Yusei are in the house and their here to save you! (notice his 
name changes to "Sinister-looking Man" [giggles]) They'll take care of the 
trash while you chase after Gordon.  You'll find him in the eastern room of 
the building.  Time to kick his ass.

Gotham World
He uses an Ice Barrier deck.  It's a horribly weak archetype.  You don't need 
my help crushing this one.

Beat Gordon and he'll give you back the parts you bought.  Now beat him 2 more 

When you leave the building you'll see that Kalin and Yusei have cleaned 
things up quite splendidly (note the name has changed to "Weak Thug" now).  
Yusei takes a look at the parts you bought, only to discover that (gasp) you 
were sold bogus parts!  The 3 of you walk down to the shop looking for an 
explanation and Kalin does some things to Kuroe that are best left unsaid lest 
some of the younger players out there become emotionally scarred.  So . . . 
point is that Kalin gets back the money you paid for the parts and gives it to 
you, but now you're back where you started with no parts for Toru's Duel 
Runner.  Yusei, however, is willing to rectify that.  Meanwhile, apparently 
you want to thank Jack for his help (aren't you the nice guy?) and Kalin tells 
you to check the card shop district for him.  Head out of this area and then 
go north 1 screen.  You'll find Jack right next to the save point.  Before you 
duel him, note that your exploits thus far have opened up another new card 
pack - so let's check that out!

Cybernetic Revolution:

Cyber Dragon
Cyber End Dragon
Cyber Twin Dragon
Des Croaking
Des Frog
Dragon's Mirror
Miracle Fusion
Power Bond
Winged Kuribo LV10

Again, not much here that you'll want at this time.  Cyber Dragon is the big 
kahuna of this pack.  Des Frog and Des Croaking could be nice later if you 
want to make a Froggy deck.  Drillroid is an overall decent card for some 
decks.  There's not enough Dragons yet for Dragon's Mirror, and not enough E 
Heroes yet for Miracle Fusion.

Back in story mode, you're ready to thank Jack.  Jack, however, doesn't want 
thanks.  He wants a duel.  Let's oblige him.

Jack Atlas
Dragons' Lair
Jack prefers strong beatsticks that can be easily summoned or special 
summoned.  He will also attempt to summon Red Dragon Archfiend, who has 3000 
ATK and an effect that destroys defense position monsters.  I suggest a fair 
number of Traps to help deal with this, and planting a good beatstick of your 
own on the field won't hurt either.

Jack will give you a copy of Vice Dragon if you beat him.  Of course, Kalin 
was watching your duel and it got him super pumped to duel you too.  So do it.

Kalin Kessler
The Enforcing Ones
Kalin uses an Archfiend deck.  If you've ever heard the joke about decks that 
"Archfiend Tier" you'll know that it means this guy is practically a pushover.  
The only upside to his deck is his high ATK 4-star monsters, but if you can 
plant any decently strong monster on the field and protect it a bit, you 
should have this won.

For beating Kalin, you get a copy of Vorse Raide (bleh).  Just as Kalin runs 
off, Yusei returns with the parts that Toru needs . . . and even hands them to 
you for free!?  Well, not that you'll complain.  It's all good.  Jack 
convinces Yusei that you're a pretty good duelist so of course Yusei is ready 
for a duel himself.

Yusei Fudo
Rallying Warriors
Yusei is using a Quickdraw deck, which is capable of summoning some decent 
Synchro monsters so I suggest having plenty of Traps ready to get rid of those 
Synchro monsters as they pop up.

Beating Yusei will net you a copy of Junk Synchron (a very nice tuner).  The 
band disperses, and you're almost ready to leave.  Before you talk to the old 
man again up north, there's a girl just south of his location who we haven't 
beaten 3 times yet.  Get on that.

Chums of Dark World
Dark World decks work by discarding DW monsters to the grave to gain effects 
that either summon them or destroy cards on the field or allow you to draw 
cards.  As such, get rid of any Airbellums or Spirit Reapers, or Don Zaloogs 
you might have in your deck before starting this fight.  Other than that, a 
2400 ATK beatstick should be enough to deal with almost anything you're going 
to see from this deck.

Ok, now talk to Klaus to head back to Crash Town.


Chapter 3: The Turning Point

You're back in Crash Town now.  However, before you do anything, save and head 
out of Story Mode.  Getting to this chapter gets you some more CPU Opponents 
along with 2 new card packs!

Shadow of Infinity:

Ancient Gear set
Chainsaw Insect
Demise, King of Armageddon
Doom Dozer
Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder
Karma Cut
Proto-Cyber Dragon
Raviel, Lord of Phantasms
Ruin, Queen of Oblivion
Treeborn Frog
Uria, Lord of Searing Flames

If you want to make a Demise deck, that may be somewhat feasible at this time.  
Karma Cut is a pretty good monster removal trap.  The big bad boy of thise 
card pack, however, is Treeborn Frog who is useful in several different deck-
types.  If you see something you want or need, feel free to invest in some 
packs.  If not, keep saving your DP for better things.

Power of the Duelist:

Alien set
Chimeratech Overdragon
Cosmic Horror Gangi'el
Destiny Hero set
Future Fusion
Mausoleum of the Emperor
Neo-Spacian set
Overload Fusion
Roid set

If you were looking to make an Overdragon OTK deck, you can do so now.  The 
Destiny Heroes have some decent monsters within them.  Future Fusion is useful 
for Dragon decks.  You could potentially focus on a Mausoleum deck as well.  
None of these choices sound particularly juicy to me, however, so I just 
skipped over this pack until later.

We've got several new opponents in CPU Duel mode, so let's beat them all 3 
times each.

Tender of the Laval Volcano
Laval-Pattern Burn
The Laval deck used here is so disjointed and unorganized that even though 
normally Laval archetypes can be made into decent decks, this one falls into 
the range of "easy as pie" (mmm pie).  Just play smart, be prepared if a 
couple Synchro monsters come out, and you should be fine.

Gishki Erial
Ritua Poor
Gishki decks use Ritual summons to get powerful monsters on the field.  If 
used properly they can be a formidable archetype, but the AI doesn't really do 
a good job of this, so what will happen is it'll end up using up all its cards 
trying to Ritual summon monsters, and will have very few cards left after the 
summon is performed.  For you, this means that if you can destroy those few 
monsters your opponent will have no follow up and you will win.  Royal 
Oppression, Solemn Judgment, Dark Bribe, and a few others can even help you 
stop the summons from occurring in the 1st place.

Genex Ally Axel
Accelerating Genex
Genex decks are sort of slow to start up, but if you let your opponent gets 
too many monsters on the field you'll start running into some serious problem.  
This duel is a lesson in the importance of controlling the field.

Gem-Knight Prism Aura
Sparkling Knights
Gem-Knights are a new type of Fusion deck.  The weak part about them is they 
require a bunch of Normal monsters in order to work.  The strong part is that 
the Fusion monsters are really frickin' strong.  Utilize BTH, Royal 
Oppression, Solemn Judgment, and as many other good Traps as you have to get 
rid of those Fusion monsters or stop them from being summoned in the 1st 
place.  Good news for you, is that after 2-3 summons your opponent should be 
getting low on cards and won't be able to do as much summoning because of it.

Thunder Unicorn
Unicorn Grit
Any AI that owns Instant Fusion will 80% of the time simply misuse it and 
damage themselves by 1000 LP for no reason.  Yay for you.  This guy uses a 
pretty weak Beast deck.  You should be able to basically steamroll him.  Oh, 
and save your spell/trap hate for Solidarity.

Wynnda, Priestess of Gusto
Me Gusto
She has an overall well-rounded deck with decent support spells and traps, but 
her strategy is not very focused at all.  By now, you should have a deck with 
at least a reasonably focused strategy, and that should be enough to beat her 
in a straight up duel.  She uses Gusto and Psychic monsters.

Beating Wynnda 3 times unlocks Power Tool Dragon as a CPU Opponent.  No reason 
not to just jump right in.

Power Tool Dragon
Vidi! Geri! Vici!
Morphtronic monsters gain different effects dependent on whether they're in 
attack or defense position.  Many are also LIGHT monsters so beware of Honest.  
Remember, for decks that use a lot of Equip cards, just using basic monster 
destruction is typically best since those 1 for 1 destruction effects can 
easily be turned into +1 or better effects when the monster they destroy is 
equipped with Spell cards.

Well, after all of that you should have saved up a respectable amount of DP.  
You've also probably gotten a bunch of Starter Decks by this time, and you 
should be using those along with Card Passwords to be making your deck into 
something fairly reasonable by now.  So, with all those long duels behind us, 
let's move back into Story Mode.

You need to go to Toru's place (just east of your home) to give him his parts.  
Toru gets blown away by how much better the parts are that Yusei gave you 
versus what he asked for.  He tells you to go tell West about your exploits.  
He's up at your hideout, so start heading north.  When you get to the hideout 
you tell West and Nico what happened in the city.  Toru shows up and tries to 
act cool but completely fails when flaws in his logic are pointed out by Nico.  
However, he does get to mention the fact that his Duel Runner is now complete!  
Toru says he and West will be waiting for you on the south side of town (near 
your home) so head over there now.

When you get there, Toru will show up on his Duel Runner and try to act cool, 
but he will fail yet again, just barely not wiping out.  Now, he wants you to 
take a spin in it.  Just hold down the A button to drive it.  Making the 
required time is super easy.  You don't even really need half the time they 
give you.

After completing the course, West makes sure to let Toru know that you 
freakin' rock compared to Toru's awful driving.  The game moves on to "The 
Next Day".

You wake up to hear Toru shouting for you to come outside.  Head out and Toru 
will be on his Duel Runner saying that he's leaving to permanently move to the 
city (boo hoo, sob?).  He expects you'll follow him to the city eventually so 
that he can show you his (improved?) skills.  The game cuts to "Some time 

West gets you and says he can't find Nico.  He starts to pull you over to the 
hideout when Klaus appears sputtering some nonsense about something terrible 
happening.  Apparently, the feud between the 2 big families of Crash Town 
(Malcolm and Ramon) is heating up.  Klaus doesn't like the idea of West going 
to look for Nico with a bunch of badasses around, but apparently he wants to 
show off his parenting skills by once again letting his grandson (you) go out 
on your own to find Nico.  Before heading off to find Nico, 1st save and get 
out of Story Mode.  Completing the Toru arc has unlocked a new pack!

Strike of Neos:

Advanced Ritual Art
Ancient Rules
D.D. Crow
Dark World set
Dark World Dealings
Gene-Warped Warwolf
Neo-Spacian set
Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
Pulling the Rug
Skyscraper 2 - Hero City
The Six Samurai set (minus Grandmaster)
The Transmigration Prophecy

There are actually a few decent cards in this pack.  Even without Grandmaster, 
The Six Samurai set is pretty decent if you like that archetype.  Hero City is 
now available, putting you 1 step closer to a solid Elemental Hero deck.  D.D. 
Crow, Pulling the Rug and Transmigration Prophecy are all solid cards when 
dueling certain archetypes.  Neo-Spacian Grand Mole is another solid generic 
card that is good against a bunch of things.  If you were working on that 
Demise deck from earlier, you now have access to ARA.  The Dark World cards 
can be a bit inconsistent until you have access to more of them, but they are 
a reasonable archetype as well.  Fix your deck up if you need to, then head 
back into the Story Mode so we can go rescue Nico!

Head back over to Toru's place and check the shelf in the northeast corner.  
Toru left you a Star Chip there.  Now exit and head north a screen.  You'll 
get stopped by Virgil.  Destroy all who oppose your mission!!

Angel's Bitter Dart
He uses an Fairy deck that focuses on Airknight Parshath and Neo-Parshath.  
Just make sure you have some decent trap ready to intercept him and you should 
be fine.  You'll also probably want a respectable amount of monster 
destruction since Fairy decks contain A TON of searcher monsters.

Keep heading north and Jemma will stop you.

Bone Destroyer
He's using a Zombie deck, so having a lot of cards that remove stuff from play 
will be useful here.  You'll also want to be getting rid of Zombie World 
before it causes you too many headaches.

Finally, you reach the hideout and find Nico there looking terrified.  She 
joins you, so start heading back toward your home.  Just as you get close to 
your home, Scotch will stop you.

Rotten Recycler
It's another Zombie deck, but this 1 is a bit better made, so be careful.  If 
you can get your hands on a Zombie Master via Goyo Guardian or Monster Reborn 
or Creature Swap while Zombie World is on the field, you can use your 
opponent's own strategy against him!

With that, the last badguy in your way is gone and you can bring Nico back to 
your home.  There's a tearful reunion and everyone is happy.  Klaus wants Nico 
and West to stay at your place until the fighting dies down.  In the morning 
he takes them back to their homes safely.  Apparently your heroic actions are 
making Klaus feel like he needs to show you his own moves at last.  Before you 
do that, save and get out of Story Mode, because by this time you probably 
have 100 (or at least close to 100) total duels played (win or loss), which 
unlocks a new card pack!

Elemental Energy:

Dark World set
Dark World Lightning
Elemental Hero set
Elemental Hero Wildheart
Pot of Avarice

There's not a whole lot here, but what there is pretty much rocks.  If you 
were considering a Dark World deck, you now basically have almost everything 
you need for it (I chose to use to go with one, at least for awhile).  
Wildheart is a nice monster for Stun and Beatdown decks.  Pot of Avarice is 
good for decks with heavy milling (and it's a +1).

At this time, I now had 3 usable decks.  A Monarch deck, a Gadget deck (card 
password + Machine Starter deck), and a Dark World deck which was my main 
deck.  Any of these will work, but I'll show you what my Dark World deck 
looked like at this point in time:

2x Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World
3x Broww, Huntsman of Dark World
3x Cyber Dragon
2x Fabled Raven
3x Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World
1x Morphing Jar
1x Sangan
3x Sillva, Warlord of Dark World
2x X-Saber Airbellum

1x Dark Hole
3x Dark World Dealings
3x Dark World Lightning
2x Gateway to Dark World
1x Monster Reborn
2x Mystical Space Typhoon

3x Dust Tornado
1x Mirror Force
1x Solemn Judgment
1x The Forces of Darkness
1x Torrential Tribute

1x Ally of Justice Catastor
1x Ally of Justice Field Marshall
2x Ally of Justice Light Gazer
1x Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
2x Dark End Dragon
1x Flamvell Uruquizas
1x Goyo Guardian
1x Lightning Warrior
1x Magical Android
1x Mist Wurm
1x Naturia Beast
2x X-Saber Urbellum

Back in story mode, it's time to challenge Klaus!

My Eyes are Clear
Klaus uses a Cloudian deck, which means you'll want to bring a bunch of 
monster destruction cards since most of his monsters cannot be destroyed by 
battle.  If you can take out his monsters with effects, winning should be a 
piece of cake.  Enemy Controller and Book of Moon are great friends for you 
here, because his monsters destroy themselves if they're ever in face-up 
defense position!

Beat Klaus and he'll give you a copy of Beast King Barbaros (a very nice 
card).  Klaus then proceeds to show you some hidden stairs leading down into a 
basement where you can find your father's old Duel Runner!  After a sad story 
about your and Toru's parents, Klaus declares that you and he will be moving 
to the city to get away from the violence in Crash Town.  He wants you to tell 
Nico and West what's going on.  If you check the tool box in the room, you'll 
find a copy of Smashing Ground.

Head north to the hideout to find West and Nico waiting there for you.  You 
give them the low down of the situation and they wish you the best of luck in 
becoming a Turbo Duelist.  When you're ready, head back to Klaus in your home 
and you'll head off to the city once again!


Chapter 4: Completion

You wind up in an apartment building in the city.  Save and head out of Story 
Mode since getting to this chapter has unlocked new CPU opponents and new card 

Tactical Evolution:

Chrysalis set
Common Charity
Crystal Seer
Damage = Reptile
Doom Shaman
Elemental Hero set
Elemental Hero Neos Alius
Frost and Flame Dragon
Hunter Dragon
Necro Gardna
Rainbow Dragon
Symbols of Duty
Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes
Vennominon the King of Poisonous Snakes
Venom set
Zombie Master

Several good cards in this pack.  Zombie Master is key to any Zombie deck.  
Necro Gardna is an awesome addition to any deck that mills or discards a lot 
of cards.  Crystal Seer is a good generic card.  Common Charity and Symbols of 
Duty are good for Vanilla (Normal monster) decks.  Hunter Dragon is worthless 
right now, but will be great later when you have access to Dragunity monsters.  
The Venom set and Reptile decks can now be created.  Those have some fun and 
interesting combos, but are more a recreational deck because they have very 
little consistency.  Still, always fun to bust out a 5000 ATK Vennominon, or 
to win via the effect of Vennominaga.  You also have access to Rainbow Dragon 
even though you have yet to see a single Crystal Beast monster (doh!).

Phantom Darkness:

All-Out Attacks
Armageddon Knight
Black Veloci
Blue Thunder T-45
Cyber Valley
Dark Armed Dragon
Dark Horus
Dark Eruption
Dark Nephthys
Desiny Hero set
Doomsday Horrow
Drastic Drop Off
Elemental Hero set
Fires of Doomsday
Future Samurai
Gemini Trap Hole
Gladiator Beast set
Neo-Spacian set
Rainbow Dark Dragon
Shadowpriestess of Ohm
Six Samurai United
Super Polymerization
Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth
The Beginning of the End
The Calculator
The Dark Creator
The Immortal Bushi
Yubel set

If you couldn't tell just by the sheer length of the above list, this pack is 
freaking awesome!!  I highly suggest getting a bunch of the cards from this 
pack.  Dark Armed Dragon, Arma Knight, Cyber Valley and others are good in 
several decks.  All-Out Attacks has a deck-out OTK with Morphing Jar #2.  Dark 
Eruption is great in any deck using many DARK monsters.  Dark Horus, Dark 
Nephthys, and The Dark Creator can come together in a DARK deck to create some 
very nice pwnage.  If you're looking to make a Counter Fairy deck eventually, 
Drastic Dropp Off is a nice addition.  Fires of Doomsday is good in DARK decks 
and others, since you can use it on your opponent's turn, and even if you have 
no high level DARK monster to use for tribute summoning, the tokens can also 
always be used as Synchro fodder.  There's some nice GB cards in here.  
Gigaplant is a necessary if you're looking to make a Plant deck in the future.  
If you were working with The Six Samurai set, then Six Samurai United is a 
100% MUST HAVE.  Super Polymerization can work well in many Elemental Hero 
decks.  You don't have enough good Fish monsters yet to utilize Coelacanth, 
but he's here if you want him.  The Immortal Bushi is almost a must-have in 
any deck that uses only Warrior-type monsters.  Finally, Yubel decks are 
another fun, although inconsistent deck-type that you can play with and enjoy.  
Personally, I traded up for a DARK deck at this point.

Now head over to Free Duel and lets check out some of these new AI Opponents!

Masked Hero Vapor
Masked Hero
He runs an Elemental Hero deck featuring Absolute Zero.  When Absolute Zero is 
removed from the field by any means, he destroys all of your face-up monsters.  
Therefore, the best way to combat him is to either negate his summoning with 
Solemn Judgment, Royal Oppression . . . etc or to just only keep a couple 
monsters on the field and have a lot of monster removal cards ready to go.  I 
might even suggest utilizing Divine Wrath to negate Absolute Zero's effect.  
This will probably be a more difficult set of duels.

King Tiger Wanghu
Wonderful Wanghu
He uses Burden of the Mighty and Wanghu to destroy almost any monster you 
attempt to summon.  Carry around enough s/t hate to get rid of Burden quickly 
and you should have a much easier time with these duels.

Skull Savant
This opponent runs a ZombieSworn deck, which utilizes a LS mill engine to get 
Zombies to the grave very quickly.  My suggestion is to use Royal Oppression, 
Solemn Judgment, and a bunch of cards that remove stuff from play to put a 
stop to this strategy.  His primary goal is to summon a very high ATK King of 
Skull Servants.

Amazoness Queen
Amazoness Law
As long as your opponent doesn't get too many monsters on the field you should 
be fine.  Keep control of the field, and bring a bit extra monster removal and 
you'll be fine here.  Oh, and make sure to get rid of her Field Spell as soon 
as it's played.

Reptilianne Vaskii
Reptilian Wrecker
Reptilianne decks utilize monsters on both sides of the field that have 0 ATK 
(she'll make your monsters have 0 ATK too).  They are slow to start up 
typically and Book of Moon can often do wonders against them.  Hit them hard 
and fast, and keep BoM around along with a respectable amount of monster 

Defeating Reptilianne Vaskii 3 times unlocks Dragunity Arma Leyvaten as a CPU 

Great Maju Garzette
I am the Great Maju!
He basically uses various means to attempt to summon a giant Great Maju 
Garzette.  Just save some traps so that you can destroy is Garzette when he 
attempts to use it.  Other than that, it's a pretty standard duel.  Oh, and 
watch out when you direct attack because he has Gorz.

Defeating Great Maju Garzette 3 times unlocks Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode as 
a CPU Opponent.

I don't think we probably have good enough decks to take on any of the 
remaining opponents at this time, so enjoy the DP you've raised, the extra 
Starter Decks you've attained, and your Star Chips and let's head on back over 
to Story Mode.

At this point, you can beat Klaus 2 more times to get your 3 wins in against 
him.  After that, head out of the room and take the elevator to the entrance.  
Exit the building.  Look just a touch to the left to find a prize box.  Open 
it for a Star Chip.  The Duel Runner shop is closed, but the guy standing 
outside is open.  This is the guy to talk to for trading in your Star Chips 
when you want to.  Right now, head has some card prints, apparel, and some 
duel disks you can purchase.  I prefer to hold out until the After Story 
section when he's selling some very expensive Duel Runners which can help you 
with unlocking more stuff later.  Your choice though if you want to pimp out 
your outfit feel free to do so.  The other thing this guy does is duel, so 
beat him 3 times please.

Want a Star?
He uses a deck based around Synchro summoning.  You can shut him down pretty 
hard with Solemn Judgment and Royal Oppression, or you can just duke it out 
with him straight up.  Your choice.

East of Kazuhiro is another guy standing around.  Take him down 3 times.

Fresh Catch
He uses a Coelacanth deck.  Keep his monster count on the field low, and save 
your Solemn and BTH's for Coelacanth, who is your only real threat.

Head north 1 screen from Honda.  On the ground is a glowing sphere.  Pick it 
up for 36 DP.  To the west side of the screen you can check the ground for a 
Star Chip.  In the northeast corner is a prize box containing Leo's Custom 
Disk.  Head back south a screen, and then east.  Head into the Card Shop over 
here and duel the kid checking out the showcase.  Win 3 times.

The Prime Dragons
Helio is using a Dragon deck featuring BEWD and The White Stone of Legend.  
His big play is to use Future Fusion to create Five-Headed Dragon.  Save your 
traps for the appropriate times and you should come out on top.

Head south from the Card Shop and you'll run into Misaki.  She knows who you 
are.  She'll tell you how she knows if you can pwn her.  Begin.

She uses a Watt deck, which uses a bunch of monsters that can attack you 
directly.  Also, watch out for Honest.  Bring some monster control cards and 
you should be fine.

She'll give you Des Wombat (good anti-burn card) for winning.  She wants you 
to follow her.  Do so.  Heading into the garage just south of you, you'll find 
Toru (turns out Misaki is his gf).  After an annoying reunion with the weirdo, 
you tell him why Klaus forced you to leave Crash Town.  Toru wants to create a 
riding team with you to be able to compete in tournaments.  He doesn't realize 
that you already have a Duel Runner, but you fill the poor codfish in.  Your 
Duel Runner magically appears inside the garage (ta-da!) but of course it 
doesn't work until it has the necessary parts.  Since the Duel Runner Shop is 
closed, Toru and Misaki suggest asking the owner of Bootleg for some advice.

Head out of the garage and east just a bit.  Now, we could head straight into 
Bootleg, but let's do some more exploring 1st.  Standing just west of the 
Bootleg is another duelist for us to beat...

Bending Willow
He runs a pretty standard Plant deck.  Be ready to see Tytannial and Botanical 
Lion, who are both pretty good beatsticks, and Snowman Eater, who is a pretty 
decent control card.

Head north a screen to reach the entrance to the prison.  We can't go in until 
the After Story, but for now we can beat the head guard 3 times.

Facility Chief
The Facility
He uses an Iron Chain deck, which is a very weak way of trying to make you 
deck out and burning you at the same time.  These 2 competing strategies in 1 
deck means he accomplishes neither very effectively.  This should be no 
trouble for you.

So, FYI at this point in the game I finally got the Monarch structure deck.  
Between that and some card password usage, I put together a new main deck that 
looks a little something like this:


3x Caius the Shadow Monarch
3x Cyber Dragon
1x Dark Armed Dragon
1x Jinzo
1x Mobius the Frost Monarch
1x Necro Gardna
3x Raiza the Storm Monarch
3x Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
1x Sangan
2x Super-Nimble Mega Hamster
2x Treeborn Frog
1x Yamata Dragon

1x Book of Moon
1x Dark Hole
1x Enemy Controller
1x Foolish Burial
1x Monster Reborn
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
3x Soul Exchange

2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Call of the Haunted
2x Dust Tornado
1x Mirror Force
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Torrential Tribute

2x Ally of Justice Catastor
1x Ally of Justice Field Marshall
1x Ally of Justice Light Gazer
1x Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
2x Dark End Dragon
1x Flamvell Uruquizas
1x Goyo Guardian
1x Lightning Warrior
1x Magical Android
1x Mist Wurm
1x Naturia Beast
2x X-Saber Urbellum

If you can get to something like that, it should last you quite awhile.

Head back south, then east.  In the southeastern corner there's a barrel on 
the ground containing a Star Chip.  Finally, the only place left to go is into 
the Bootleg, so head on in.  The only person here is the owner, so talk to 
him.  He'll help you out, but only if you can prove yourself worthy by solving 
his Duel Puzzles.  Not that you'll be solving anything . . . here's the 
answers you lazy bum.

Duel Puzzle 1:

1. Activate Raigeki Break discarding Quillbolt Hedgehog and targeting Mirror 
2. Summon Junk Synchron and use his effect to bring back Speed Warrior.
3. Activate Quillbolt Hedgehog's effect to summon him.
4. Synchro summon Junk Warrior using Speed Warrior as the other material.
5. Attack Goyo with Junk Warrior.
6. Attack to win.
(1200 DP)

Duel Puzzle 2:

1. Activate Junk Archer's effect removing Stardust Dragon from play.
2. Activate Turbo Cannon's effect destroying Red Dragon Archfiend.
3. Activate Scrap Dragon's effect destroying Turbo Cannon and Black Rose 
4. Attack to win.
(1400 DP)

Duel Puzzle 3:

1. Summon Butterfly.
2. Activate Gave and Take targeting the only cards allowed.
3. Activate Double Summon, then summon Pumpkin activating his effect to summon 
4. Activate Smashing Ground.
5. Synchro summon Leodrake using Pumpkin as the other material.
6. Attack to win.
(1600 DP)

Duel Puzzle 4:

1. Activate Brain Control to take XX-Saber Gottoms, then change him to defense 
2. Activate Foolish Revival targeting Shiny Black "C".
3. Activate Karma Cut discarding Lurrie to remove all copies of Shiny Black 
"C" and special summon Lurrie.
4. Activate Emergency Teleport to summon Krebons.
5. Summon Synchro Fusionist, then Synchro Summon Magical Android, activating 
the effect of Synchro Fusionist to obtain Miracle Synchro Fusion.
6. Activate Miracle Synchro Fusion to summon Ultimate Axon Kicker.
7. Enter the Battle Phase and attack Black-Winged Dragon with Ultimate Axon 
8. Enter Main Phase 2 and activate Dimension Fusion to summon Magical Android 
and Krebons.
9. Synchro Summon Dark Strike Fighter and use his effect to tribute all 
monsters you control for Burn damage, lastly tributing himself.
10. Activate Wicked Rebirth to summon Dark Strike Fighter, and use his effect 
on himself again (his effect is not negated, because tributing himself is a 
cost, so he is in the graveyard when his effect is resolving and is no longer 
under the influence of Wicked Rebirth).
(1800 DP)

Duel Puzzle 5:

1. Activate Limit Impulse discarding Dandylion and Core Destroyer to summon 2 
tokens (make sure they're in attack position).
2. Activate Nightmare Archfiends tributing a Fluff token to summon 3 tokens to 
your opponent's field.
3. Activate Enemy Controller tributing the other Fluff token to take 1 of the 
Nightmare Archfiend tokens.
4. Activate Allure of Darkness removing Gravi-Crush Dragon.
5. Special summon Spell Striker.
6. Activate Escape from the Dark Dimension to summon Gravi-Crush Dragon.
7. Summon Lava Golem to your opponent's field.
8. Equip Lava Golem with Scroll of Bewitchment and choose LIGHT.
9. Activate Leeching the Light and select Lava Golem.
10. Activate Gravi-Crush Dragon's effect tributing The Dark Door to destroy 
Lava Golem.
11. Attack to win.
(2000 DP)

After completing 3 of his puzzles, the Owner will give you a "Letter from the 
Owner" that you're supposed to give to Blister who's on the 4th floor of the 
apartment you live in.  He'll hook you up.  You have nothing better to do at 
this point, so head back to your apartment and take the elevator to the 4th 
floor.  There's a picture just before the eastern door, check the wall where 
it is to find a Star Chip.  Open the eastern door and enter.  You'll see 
Blister standing there, and there's also a prize box in the northeast corner.  
Open it for 2000 DP!!  Talk to Blister and he'll greet you warmly enough.  He 
happens to have a CPU on hand that he can just give to you for free (starting 
to like this guy [no-homo]).  He doesn't have the other parts you need (didn't 
really think it would be that easy, did you?), but he suggests checking out 
the Underground Duel Arena for more info.  Before we leave him to check that 
out, let's get in our 3 duels.

Blister's Machiners
He uses a pretty weak Machina deck.  These should be relatively easier duels 
compared to what you're used to.  Machina Fortress is the only card you have 
to worry about, but if you can remove it from play then you should be solid.

Head back over toward the Bootleg.  Just southeast of it is the Underground 
Duel Arena.  Enter to find 2 people near the entrance.  Beat them both 3 

Underground Darkness
She runs a DARK deck with mostly just random powerful DARK monsters stuffed 
together.  Use your focused strategy to outplay her.

Earth's New Light
He runs a LIGHT Fairy deck, so watch out for Honest, and don't let him keep 
Valhalla or Sanctuary on the field.  You'll need a good balance of monster 
removal and spell/trap removal effects or else these duels could get rough.

Head down the steps from here.  Along the northern wall is a barrel with a 
Star Chip inside.  Grab that, then talk to the girl in the middle of the room.  
She'll tell you that anything you can find in the room is your's.  If you look 
over by the stairs again, you'll notice a glowing orb.  Grab it to obtain an 
Engine.  We're not done here though, it's time to beat both of the people here 
3 times each.

Classic Deck
She runs a Dark Magician Spellcaster deck with basic Spellcaster support cards 
and a reasonable arsenal of beatsticks.  The deck is pretty well-rounded, but 
not particularly scary unless you get a bad hand or somehow manage to let her 
get control over the field.

Modern Deck
He uses something that could almost be considered a Stun deck with Rai-Oh, 
Gorz, and a bunch of other singularly strong monsters.  His deck has very 
little synergy between its cards so he sucks pretty much when it comes to 
swarming the field or pulling off big combos, but each card he has is a threat 
in and of itself.  Therefore, I suggest trying to plant a big beatstick on the 
field early, and use plenty of monster removal to take care of problems as 
they arise.

Once you're done here, head out and go back to Toru's garage.  On your way 
there, Misaki will stop you to say that there is a frame in the plaza that she 
can't get to.  Head into Toru's garage and you'll get your 1st chance to 
complete your last 2 wins against Misaki.

Head out of the garage and go north a bit to see Blister and some other fellow 
enter the gated area.  Blister is telling that guy, Bolt (like the dog in that 
cartoon movie!), that he was planning on giving you the frame in the garbage 
there, but he wants Bolt's permission 1st since it's technically still his 
stuff.  Misaki butts in right during the argument (?) and announces that Bolt 
must be the final boss (queue Dragon Quest music!) before you can complete the 
Duel Runner.  Bolt agrees with that logic and will make you fight a Tag Duel 
with you and Misaki against him and Blister.  Before beginning the duel, nab 
the prize box over here, which contains 1500 DP!!  Now, begin what will be for 
you the 1st of a slue of grudgingly annoying Tag Duels, where your AI partner 
will almost actively try to screw you over.  Good luck (as far as not throwing 
your DS across the room goes).

A Duel of Men
Blister (Blister's Machiners)
Bolt Tanner (Ex-Champion's Glory)
Until late into the post-game when you can have an actual good partner with 
both of you using similar good strategies (such as LS), all Tag Duels are 
going to be a pain in the ass.  Just be glad that Blister and Bolt don't have 
very kickass decks - it will only get harder from here.

Bolt will give you the frame after you take him down.  He'll then also give 
you a copy of Sangan (if you didn't have this card already, it is useful in 
any deck with multiple <1500 ATK monsters).  Back at the garage, you and 
Misaki announce to Toru that all the Duel Runner parts have been obtained.  
After a few seconds of god awful cinematography, your Duel Runner is complete!  
Well, you would've gotten to race but that weakling Toru has gotten all 
"tired" and needs to sleep.  At this point, you could exit and start working 
on CPU Tag Duels in Free Duel mode, but I highly suggest waiting on that until 
you have unlocked some MUCH better partners.  Instead of that, go back and 
complete the last 2 Duel Puzzles at the Bootleg.  Completing all the Bootleg 
Duel Puzzles will net you a new card pack - let's take a look!

Steelswarm's Invasion!!:

Armed Dragon LV7 and LV10
Black Salvo
Cyberdark Dragon
Daigusto Eguls
Daigusto Gulldos
Emperor Sem
Evigishki Mind Augus
Evigishki Soul Ogre
Gem-Knight set
Gishki set
Gishki Ceremonial Mirror
Gusto set
Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8
Karma Cut
Laval Twin Slayer
Magical Android
Silent Swordsman LV5
Star Blast
Steelswarm set
The Tricky
Thought Ruler Archfiend
Volcanic set
Vylon set
Vylon Delta
XYZ-Dragon Cannon

We're finally making our 1st foray into some of the newer cards available in 
2011!  The Gishki set utilizes special Ritual summon cards to bring out some 
fairly powerful Ritual monsters without losing much (if any) card advantage.  
The Vylon set utilizes Equip cards (and I therefore don't suggest it since 
Equip cards can often end up giving you bad hands and dead draws).  The 
Steelswarm set is like a 2nd try at Monarchs.  Personally, I prefer Monarchs 
over Steelswarm, but you can feel free to try them out as you like.  The Gem-
Knight set is like a 2nd try at Elemental Heroes fusions, and it works pretty 
well, with good beatsticks and effects that will let you summon several 
powerful Fusion monsters.  Aside from the sets, we've got several of the 
strongest LV monsters here if you're into that (although I'm not).  Black 
Salvo is a good tuner monster.  Karma Cut is a nice way to remove monsters 
from play (sometimes multiple monsters).  Krebons is another awesome tuner 
who's easily summoned in many ways and can keep himself alive if you're in 
trouble and need to stall a bit.  Magical Android, Thought Ruler Archfiend and 
Vylon Delta are all good Synchro monsters.  The Tricky is useful in Fabled 

Continuing in Story Mode, head back toward the area near the Card Shop where 
you got your Duel Runner Frame and you'll find a girl standing there.  She 
does Rental Deck duels.  Any Rental deck you beat her with can then be 
obtained as 1 of the random Starter decks you can receive every 10 duels.  
Beat her with every Rental deck (this may take awhile but it's worth it and 
you'll make some solid amounts of DP too).  Now, head back to Toru's garage.  
You can take the opportunity to beat Toru 3 times as well here.

Scrap Garage
Scrap monsters gain effects when destroyed by the effect of another Scrap 
card.  They are quite good at churning out a Synchro monster every turn, but 
Toru's Scrap deck is pretty pathetic by comparison to a real one, so this 
should be a good intro to the genre.  Removing monsters from play is a good 
way to stop many of the combos of this deck.

When you're done, head back to your apartment room.  You rush in and tell 
Klaus that some dummy is neighbors with the 2 of you again.  You tell him that 
your Duel Runner is fixed and he nags you about making sure to be safe.  Then 
the game transitions to "The Next Day".

When you wake up, Klaus is there with a present.  It's a riding suit.  It does 
nothing except allow you to ride your Duel Runner on the specified tracks and 
at specified times in the story.  It's his way of apologizing for lecturing 
you so harshly.

Head back to the shop and get ready for your 1st ride on your Duel Runner 
(compared to your 1st ride on Toru's Duel Runner).  The game shifts over to a 
Mountain Pass area.  There's a Duel Runner shop here, so let's enter that 1st 
and pick up a Gamma Frame I.  Next, there's a guy in the shop near the 
entrance who we can beat 3 times.

Richard's Gishki
This will be your 1st time checking out a Gishki deck.  Remember, they do 
Ritual summons, so Royal Oppression is nearly an auto-win here.  Other than 
that, Solemn Judgment and BTH work well here too.  Just save your traps for 
the Ritual monsters.

Exit the Shop.  Go directly south and check the guard rail for a Star Chip.  
In the northeast corner is a prize box containing Mist Valley Falcon.  Next, 
you'll want to check out of Story Mode for a second, because you need to 
create a deck for Turbo Dueling.  Here's what I used:

2x Breaker the Magical Warrior
3x Caius the Shadow Monarch
2x Chaos Sorcerer
3x Cyber Dragon
2x Green Gadget
2x Krebons
1x Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
1x Mobius the Frost Monarch
1x Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
2x Red Gadget
2x Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
1x Sangan
2x Yellow Gadget

Speed Spells(5):
2x Fissure
1x Hammer Shot
1x Soul Exchange
1x Soul Taker

2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Call of the Haunted
3x Dust Tornado
1x Mirror Force
1x Royal Oppression
2x Sakuretsu Armor
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Torrential Tribute

2x Ally of Justice Catastor
1x Ally of Justice Field Marshall
1x Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
2x Dark End Dragon
1x Flamvell Uruquizas
1x Goyo Guardian
1x Lightning Warrior
1x Magical Android
1x Mist Wurm
2x Thought Ruler Archfiend
1x Vylon Delta
1x X-Saber Urbellum

With only a few Speed Spells available to you at this point in the game, I 
felt it more prudent to go with a deck that benefits from being a bit Trap 
heavy.  So I chose to work with a Gadget deck.  Back in Story Mode, speak with 
Toru to start up your 1st Turbo Duel!

Thanks, Scrap
Basically the same as his normal Scrap deck, but with Speed Spells.

After winning, the game switches it up on you to the 3 bad guys from the very 
beginning.  They're talking about a circuit in a way so that you have no clue 
what anything means.  Back where you are, Toru is complaining because he is 
weak and you are strong.  Weak, weak, weak Toru.  Man, I feel he is just the 
most annoying "I say I'm strong but am actually damn weak" character in this 
game.  Pisses me off... Anyway, Misaki will toss a copy of Gene-Warped Warwolf 
your way for winning.  After that, some punk named Breo appears telling you 
that public land belongs to him and you can't be on it.  He challenges you to 
a race, with the winner having to leave the area.  Before you challenge him, 
head back to the Duel Runner shop.  Miraculously in just 15 minutes they 
managed to restock their shelves with some new items.  Here's what my setup 
looked like:

Junk Frame
Wheel Shield I
Feather I
Booster I
Turbo Chip I

A quick note, if you begin holding A just as the "next to last" light comes on 
you can get an early speed boost in the beginning.  This takes some practice, 
but is great if you want to make races easier and crucial if you want to S 
Rank in later races.  Also, you have received a new card pack since you 
completed your 1st Turbo Duel.  It's called "Acceleration 1st Gear".  I'm not 
going to list out the main cards in it, because it's basically all Speed 
Spells and a few Turbo Duel only Trap cards.  Just know that you should get 
some copies of it to help make your Turbo decks a bit better.

Back in Story Mode, talk to Breo to start up the race.  Try to get the early 
speed boost, but either way, use 1 of your boosts from Booster I to get a kick 
start.  After that, just avoid the objects in the road and you should win 
easily.  If you feel you're going to slow, you can take off the Wheel Shield 

After the win, Breo will run off and you'll be greeted shortly by Crow.  He's 
willing to help with the repairs to your Duel Runners, which all apparently 
got damaged during the race (wtf?).  The game switches to Toru's garage, and 
Crow brings over Yusei to help with the repairs.  After a quick reunion, Yusei 
announces that he's too busy for you today, but he'll help fix up your Duel 
Runners tomorrow.  Suddenly, Klaus sprints into the garage carrying a Letter 
from Nico on him.  The letter says "HELP".  Well shit, Nico is very persuasive 
ain't she?  I mean sure, she could've given SOME details, but noooooo, she 
just wants you to come blindly to her rescue.  Apparently, your Duel Runner is 
the only 1 that's operational, so you get to head on over to Crash Town to 
clean things up there by yourself (wanna bet on whether ANYONE gets over there 
to help you before you single-handedly do that job?).


Chapter 5: Going Home

The game tells you to check the hideout to see if Nico and West are there.  I 
tell you to save at your home, and then check out the new card pack you've 
unlocked by making it to this chapter:

Crossroads of Chaos:

Battle Mania
Black Garden
Black Rose Dragon
Doomkaiser Dragon
Fragrance Storm
Iron Chain set
Iron Chain Dragon
Miracle Fertilizer
Mark of the Rose
Morphtronic set
Plaguespreader Zombie
Psychic Lifetrancer
Queen of Thorns
Revived King Ha Des
Secret Village of the Spellcasters
The White Stone of Legend
Turbo Warrior
Tytannial, Princess of Camellias

So much goodness here.  Definitely pick up copies of this pack.  There are now 
enough Plant monsters and Plant support available for you to make a Plant deck 
or a Black Garden deck.  You could also make a Psychic deck, which is 1 of 
those inconsistent but fun-to-use decks.  You now have access to Secret 
Village, which means you can make a decent Spellcaster deck.  Black Rose 
Dragon and Psychic Lifetrancer are both good generic Synchro monsters.  The 
White Stone of Legend is a good card that can help you with a Dragon deck, but 
it isn't a great card until you can get your hands on Cards of Consonance.  
The big prize of this pack, however, definitely goes to Plaguespreader Zombie, 
who is an awesome tuner that can be splashed into most decks, including any 
deck with a focus on the graveyard.  Very kick ass.  Go get your deck worked 
on after all this.

When you're done fixing up your deck, it's time to be taking on more opponents 
in CPU Duel and we'll also be working on the CPU Turbo Duel opponents.  Let's 
do it.

Karakuri Steel Shogun mdl OOX "Bureido"
Karakuri Kamikaze
The Karakuri monsters are big on changing battle positions, but without their 
support cards they can be pretty worthless.  Therefore, have some monster 
control cards and a bunch of spell/trap control cards will help you gain an 
advantage here.  He also uses some Machina monsters including Fortress so 
watch out for them, and try to keep some spell/trap control waiting to destroy 
Solidarity since you don't want to fight against all monsters with +800 ATK.

Needle Burrower
Manly Burrower
This guy has a Machine deck that is poorly put together with a lot of tiny 
monsters whom you can easily take care of with your own monsters so long as 
you destroy all of his traps.

Magical Merchant
Plateful of Monsters
The best way to deal with Magical Merchant is to use cards that can destroy or 
remove face-down monsters so he never even gets the chance to use the effect.  
This includes primarily Nobleman of Crossout (which will also take out all 
other copies of Merchant in his deck) and the Monarchs, although there are a 
few other cards you can use.  The good news for you, is that his deck is 
almost entirely monsters, so he has plenty of times when he can get bad hands 
with no supporting spell or trap cards.

At this point, I managed to reach 50 hours of total play time, which unlocks 
Evil Hero Dark Gaia as a CPU opponent.  Additionally, I unlocked 2 more packs.  
The 1st is unlocked by having completed 200 single duels.  The other, is for 
unlocking 7 CPU Tag Duel opponents.  Let's check them out now:

Cyberdark Impact:

Alient set
Allure Queen LV3, LV5, and LV7
Barrier Statue set
Black Horn of Heaven
Chain Detonation
Chain Strike
Cyberdark set
Dark Lucius LV4, LV6, and LV8
Instant Fusion
Ritual Foregone
Snipe Hunter
Vanity's Fiend
Vanity's Ruler

A few important cards in this pack.  Vanity's Ruler is great in stun decks, 
while Vanity's Fiend goes well in Monarch decks.  Justi-Break is essential if 
you're using a deck that utilizes Normal Monsters.  If you're into Burn decks 
(although I'm not personally), then Chain Detonation and Chain Strike will be 
appealing to you.  Instant Fusion is great for both Synchro decks and Monarch 
decks since it gives you free fodder to be tributed off or used as Synchro 

World Championship Edition 4:

Amazoness set
Anti-Spell Fragrance
Armed Dragon LV10
Blizzard Dragon
D.D. Assailant
Dark Simorgh
Doomcaliber Knight
Embodiment of Apophis
Fog King
Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo
Gold Sarcophagus
Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest
Kuraz the Light Monarch
The Tricky
Vortex Trooper
Winged Kuriboh LV9

Now then, you will almost definitely want to get some copies of this pack.  It 
has a lot of tasty treats inside.  Dark Simorgh decks are extremely fun, and 
can be very scary if you manage to plant Simorgh on the field and follow up 
with Anti-Spell Fragrance, making all of your opponent's spell and trap cards 
completely worthless while forcing them to summon a monster with minimum 2700 
ATK to compete with your Simorgh!  D.D. Assailant is an overall well-rounded 
monster that can fit in several decks.  Doomcaliber Knight and Fossil Dyna are 
HUGE monsters who will allow you to build a very sexy Stun deck, or you can 
add them to a Gadget deck to add even more control to the deck.  Gold 
Sarcophagus is a great card to add to any deck that centers around 1 or 2 
specific cards.  You may have to wait a couple turns, but it can often be 
worthwhile to be assured that you'll be getting the card you need.  Necroface 
is useful in some decks.  If you didn't collect The Tricky earlier and still 
want him, then you can nab him here.  Of course, I save the best for last.  
The hands down best card in the game is available in this pack!  It's the one, 
the only . . . SHAPESNATCH!  You win the duel just by placing this monster in 
your deck!  His power's exceed the limits of what the human mind is capable of 
understanding!  Use him!!

So yeah, you'll probably want to fix up your deck a bit before continuing.

Legendary Jujitsu Master
Supple Beats Strong
He uses a lot of cards that return monsters to the hand or deck.  This can 
sometimes be good for you, however, because although it is frustrating to 
fight against, he should slowly start to lose card advantage.  A card that 
works really well against his strategy is Thought Ruler Archfiend, by the way.  
Jinzo is another good choice.

Swamp Concert
Thankfully, he's not using the control version of a Froggy deck, which is a 
pain in the ass to deal with.  To beat this deck, remove Roanintoadin from 
play by any means and destroy Wetlands whenever it pops up.  Easy.

Vylon Omega
Mega Omega
Vylons use Equip cards quite often, so having a good amount of monster control 
will mean destroying monsters and all cards equipped to them for easy swings 
in card advantage.  It also means there's good chances of your opponent having 
some lousy hands.

Defeating Vylon Omega 3 times unlocks Dark Simorgh as a CPU Opponent.  We'll 
get to him later, but for now we're done with CPU Duel, and will be moving on 
to CPU Turbo Duels, so use all those new cards you have to make a decent Turbo 
deck and let's get started!

Here's what I'll be using:

3x Breaker the Magical Warrior
2x Caius the Shadow Monarch
3x Cyber Dragon
3x Doomcaliber Knight
2x Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo
2x Krebons
2x Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
1x Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
1x Sangan
1x Spirit Reaper
2x Vanity's Fiend

Speed Spells(8):
1x Angel Baton
1x Fissure
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
2x Shift Down
2x Smashing Ground

2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Call of the Haunted
2x Dust Tornado
1x Mirror Force
2x Sakuretsu Armor
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Torrential Tribute

2x Ally of Justice Catastor
1x Ally of Justice Field Marshall
2x Black Rose Dragon
1x Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
2x Dark End Dragon
1x Flamvel Uruquizas
1x Goyo Guardian
1x Mist Wurm
1x Naturia Beast
2x Thought Ruler Archfiend
1x X-Saber Urbellum

Thought I'd change things up a bit and go with a Stun deck. ;D

The Little Swordsman of Aile
Aile Be Back
Well, he uses a Warrior deck with The Immortal Bushi, but sucks 
pretty damn bad.  You should be a bit embarrassed if you lose to this.

Dragon Manipulator
Dragon Dash
1220 yeah you're an idiot if you put any Dragons in your deck when you go 
to fight this guy knowing what his name is.  Other than that, he utilizes 
cards that can take control of your own cards for a turn.  The easy part of 
this, is that most of the time, this will happen during YOUR turn, so the 
monsters he takes control of won't be able to attack you, and you'll get them 
back at the end of the turn!  This should be overall another easy set of 

Runway Train
Roid decks have a few slightly annoying monsters, but should mostly be no 
trouble to you except for their 1 Fusion spell, Vehicroid Connection Zone.  
Good news is, this guy doesn't have it.  Stomp him.

Psychic Commander
Psychic Sidekick
Psychic decks have some powerful combos, but many of their effects require 
them to lose LP.  Just keep a balanced amount of monster and spell/trap 
control, and try to deal some early damage to minimize the number of times he 
can use his effects and you should be fine.  Oh, effects that stop special 
summons should work well here too.

Defeating Psychic Commander 3 times unlocks Earthbound Immortal Asila piscu as 
a CPU Turbo Opponent.

Naturia Dragonfly
This Naturia deck is complete with most of the cards and support necessary to 
make it a reasonable threat.  I can't think of many natural weaknesses it has, 
so just try to play it straight up and do your best!  Macro and Stun probably 
are the most reasonable decks to use.

Skel's Angels
Don't ask why, but he has a Ritual deck based around Dokurorider (no effect, 
1900/1850 stats).  Ummm...crush him?  Maybe even show no mercy by adding Royal 
Oppression, Fossil Dyna, and Vanity's Fiend to your deck?

Mefist the Infernal General
Mefast Mefist
He uses monsters with piercing effects . . . and that's about it.  Just don't 
use a deck with a lot of low DEF flip effect monsters and you'll be fine.

Defeating Mefist 3 times unlocks Kasha as a CPU Turbo Opponent.

Delta Tri
Dragon Racer
He's using a LIGHT Machine deck where he powers up monsters that can attack 
multiple times with Honest and Limiter Removal.  It's an OTK deck, so it will 
probably be useful to include Solemn Judgment and Divine Wrath in your deck to 
help out here with stopping the OTK.  Other good choices are Trap Hole and 
Book of Moon.  Be wary of using Cyber Dragon here, because he does have 
Chimeratech Fortress Dragon.

Defeating Delta Tri 3 times unlocks Destiny Hero - Dasher as a CPU Turbo 

For the time being, we're done with these duels.  We could beat the rest of 
these opponents, but it will be easier once we have access to some better 
cards and it's not going to unlock anything new for us just yet anyway.  
Therefore, it's finally time to return to Story Mode!

Ok, so if you remember we just arrived in Crash Town and need to go to the 
hideout.  Head north 1 screen and to your left will be Jemma.  You beat him 
once awhile go, but now let's beat him 2 more times.  To the right is Virgil.  
Beat him 2 more times too.  When you're done, head up north to your hideout.

West and Nico will be there.  Nico's 1st line to you is "Thanks for dropping 
by."  Well [insert explitive], ain't that just the right way to greet someone 
who came after sent him a note saying only "Help!" on it?!  Anyway, it turns 
out their dad is missing and Kalin is in Crash Town.  Apparently, Kalin is 
much gloomier than he used to be (reference WC 2010 storyline).  So, their dad 
went to work for Malcolm and now is missing.  The Malcolm family controls the 
west side, so I suppose you should probably start there, no?

Head south to the card shop, then west.  Enter the building here.  Check the 
west-most table for a copy of Spell Shattering Arrow.  Well, only 1 other 
person in here, might as well have a chat.  Seluga is his name and he ain't 
letting you anywhere near Malcolm (well, he wouldn't be much of a guard 
otherwise, right?).  Well, in this world there is apparently only 1 way to 
deal with these types of situations.  Fisticuffs, right?  Just sock him in the 
jaw and walk in, right?  Bust out a knife/pistol/[insert random crazy-ass 
never-before-heard-of weapon here] and kick his ass with it, right?  Meh, I 
hate this world, the answer is always to beat him in a children's card game. -

Silent Swordsman
He runs a LIGHT beatdown deck.  His monsters and support aren't bad, they just 
don't have a very focused theme.  You should be able to fight him straight up, 
but if you don't think you can, you could cheat with some Ally of Justice 
cards or Light-Imprisoning Mirror.

Well, you beat him and now you can see the Malcolm guy . . . and there he is 
coming in from the entrance (did you think he was hiding in the back?).  Yup, 
had you just waited there for 5 minutes you would've met him anyway.  Oh well, 
that's life.  Malcolm is willing to listen to what you have to say - you just 
have to do 1 thing 1st.  Wanna guess what it is?  How are all dispute solved 
in the world again?

The Secret of X
He runs a X-Saber deck, and it's a pretty solid 1.  Royal Oppression might 
help you out here some, but other than that you'll just need to do some heavy 
duty brawling and hope he doesn't get a god hand in the beginning.

You beat him and he says he likes you (no-homo).  He wants you to be in his 
gang.  He'll pay you good money (yay, money money money).  You ask where 
Sergio is, and although he said he'd answer your questions if you beat him, 
now he's saying he'll answer if you win a duel for him tomorrow (I don't like 
being led around like this).  Of course, rather than arguing or beating the 
snot out of him you simply agree to his demands.  Before you do anything, you 
can beat Seluga 2 more times.

Heading out of the bar, you'll see 2 glowing orbs.  The left 1 contains Grave 
of the Super Ancient Organism and the 1 on the right contains Vanity's 
Emptiness.  Head back to the hideout to tell West and Nico what happened.  
Then the game skips to -The Next Day-.

Head back to Malcolm's place.  Talk to him a couple times to get this shindig 
started.  You meet up with Ramon in the center of town and Malcolm shares some 
words with him, then you get to find out that, surprise (well maybe not), your 
opponent is Kalin!  After Kalin gives you his life's story, it's time to do 

Kalin Kessler
Master of Demise
Kalin has changed his deck to an Infernity deck.  You could cheat here by 
using Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror, Skill Drain, and Royal Oppression to totally 
shut him down.  Macro decks also work quite well.  Infernity decks work by 
getting rid of all the cards in the hand to allow other cards gain additional, 
very powerful effects.

After beating Kalin, he's ready to end his life, but Yusei suddenly bursts out 
of the Flower Shop screaming for everyone to get out of the town ASAP!  His 
friend Barbara inside is apparently not such a friend (this is 1 of those "wtf 
is going on right now" parts of the storyline where I'm assuming you have to 
watch the anime cartoon in order to understand it) and she turns you all over 
to Malcolm.  Malcolm shows that he's really some sort of evil mastermind (like 
it was never hinted to?) and sends you all off to work the mines - never to 
return!! (well, maybe)  He also mentions something about his brother, Lawton, 
coming back to Crash Town soon . . . whatever it means little to you since 
they do such a horrid job of telling you anything about any of the characters 
. . . pisses me off. -_-

In the mine you meet up with Sergio who has given up all hope.  Move a bit 
west and you'll meet up with Yusei and Kalin.  Yusei he's found a way to 
possibly escape, but Sergio has his doubts.  Yusei, however, uses his silver 
tongue to convince Sergio to join up with you, although this talk seems lost 
on Kalin who is being really depressing.  You all follow Yusei through a hole, 
and Kalin nearly gets hit by some rocks, but Sergio rushes in to save him.  
Sergio gives Kalin a little farewell speech to move Kalin's heart before 
plummeting to his doom.  Did it work?  Did it?  Of course it did.  Kalin has 
gotten himself back together and is ready to be a kickass awesome guy once 
again.  It just took someone dieing a horrible death.  Think about that.  He 
fell to his death.  He frickin' fell to his death.  Isn't this supposed to be 
a child's game?  Wow.  Just wow.

Head around the crevice and check the southern side of the crevice for a Star 
Chip.  Save and head out to the west.  Turns out it does lead to the surface, 
and Toru and Misaki are right there looking to save you, even though you 
obviously don't need their help.  Toru brought your Duel Runner so you'll go 
back and fix the problems in the town while he saves the people in the mine.  
When you get to town, it turns out that the war has officially started.  Yusei 
takes on punk #1 and tells Kalin to save the kids.  Head slightly more north, 
then tell Kalin about the hideout.  Ramon bumps into you and you decide to 
take him on so that Kalin can reach the kids.

Treasure Digger
Ramon uses a Crystal Beast deck.  The easiest way to win is with a Macro deck 
to remove all his stuff from play, but any form of control deck should do a 
pretty good job.  Make sure you have enough s/t control to get rid of his 
Field Spell and Burden of the Mighty.  Also, please do watch out for Haman if 
he gets 3 or more monsters/continuous spells on his backrow.

So, you beat him and he calls it a draw . . . right.  Keep moving north to see 
Kalin beating Malcolm.  As soon as he wins, Lawton comes over and decides he's 
gonna beat you both up.  Just FYI, this is probably the most stupid duel of 
the entire storyline coming up.  Since he's alone, he starts with 10 cards to 
each of your 5.

Combat Realist
He uses a Burn deck.  Normally this would be an easy win, but when he starts 
with 10 cards it means he can potentially FTK you, and even if he doesn't he 
can deal enough damage to make it easy for him to win in the next turn or 2.  
Since it's a Tag Duel, also keep in mind that your Tag Partner, as usual, will 
typically do jack to help you out.  The best you can probably do to help 
yourself out is do as much damage as quickly as possible and toss Des Wombat 
into your deck.  If you're particularly unlucky, this could take several 
attempts to win.  It's much easier when it's just 1 on 1 and he starts with 
only 5 cards as usual.

Lawton may have lost, but he's still got plenty of confidence, because he has 
a posse and their gonna come beat you up . . . or not.  Turns out Crow, Jack, 
and Yusei already took care of the goons.  Lucky for you, not so lucky for 
Lawton.  Lawton tries to run for it and instead gets caught by Toru and 
Misaki!  It's good to have friends, isn't it?

The game moves a bit to the future to see you talking with Trudge who is 
singing you all praises for catching the criminals (isn't that supposed to be 
HIS job??).  Apparently, Kalin told Nico and West about their father, and has 
decided to take care of them from now on.  Kalin has found a new reason to 
live it seems.  Oh, and importantly the town has been renamed to Satisfaction 
Town (yeah, Kalin's ego is definitely back)!


Chapter 6: Changes

You're back in Toru's garage with Misaki and Toru.  Big news, you're going to 
join a big riding tournament called the WRGP.  Woot.  It requires a 3-person 
team to enter and compete.  Toru attempts to name your team "Team Future 
Speed" but Misaki objects.  You get to choose between the 1st name along with 
"Team Shining Storm", "Team Caprice Trio", "Team Triwinds", and "Team Twilight 
Moon".  I liked Twilight Moon the best, but pick what you like.  Sucks that 
you can't just pick your own though.  Your Duel Runners are apparently covered 
in sand since leaving Satisfaction Town so some maintenance needs to be done.  
When Misaki checks the toolkit, she finds some of Yusei's tools.  Toru wants 
you to take them back to him.  Instead, head out and save at the Card Shop.  
Then exit Story Mode.  You'll find new CPU opponents and new card packs!  I 
hope you've been saving up your DP like I told you to in the beginning, 
because you're gonna be using a lot of it right now!

The Duelist Genesis:

Dark Resonator
Emergency Teleport
Gladiator Beast set
Lightsworn set
Magical Android
Montage Dragon
Nitro Warrior
Oyster Meister
Piece Golem set
Psychic set
Quillbolt Hedgehog
Red Dragon Archfiend
Sinister Sprocket
Stardust Dragon
Thought Ruler Archfiend

Now this is what I'm talking about!  Some of the best Synchro monsters in the 
game can be found here, including: Magical Android, Red Dragon Archfiend, 
Thought Ruler Archfiend and Stardust Dragon!!  All of those are must-haves!  
Emergency Teleport works great with Krebons or Psychic Commander to quickly 
summon a 2 or 3-star tuner from your deck.  There's plenty of support for a 
Spirit monsters deck here.  Oyster Meister is a nice addition to a Fish deck.  
Quillbolt Hedgehog is a great card for Synchro-oriented decks that also happen 
to mill cards.

World Championship Edition 2:

Arcana Knight Joker
Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
Dark Calling
Destiny Draw
Destiny Hero - Malicious
Destiny Hero - Plasma
Dimensional Prison
Elemental Hero Divine Neos
Elemental Hero Stratos
Evil Hero set
Gaia Plate the Earth Giant
Hidden Armory

If you're looking for Destiny Heroes or Evil Heroes, then you'll want this 
pack.  Stratos is 1 of the most important parts of an Elemental Hero deck, so 
be happy that you can finally get him here!  Dandylion is an AWESOME card - be 
sure to pick it up!  Chimeratech Fortress Dragon is useful to have in your 
Extra Deck, especially if you yourself are running Cyber Dragon.  Dimensional 
Prison is an incredible trap as well and you now finally have access to it.  
Definitely invest in this pack until you have everything you need.

World Championship Edition 7:

Botanical Lion
Burden of the Mighty
Crystal Beast set
Dark End Dragon
Elemental Hero Absolute Zero
Grave Squirmer
Grinder Golem
Hand Destruction
Hero's Rule 2
Ice set
Light End Dragon
Nurse Reficule the Fallen One
Thunder King Rai-Oh
White Night Dragon

Some of these you might already have, but others you don't.  Botanical Lion is 
a huge addition to a Plant deck.  You should already have Dark End Dragon from 
earlier.  Burden of the Mighty is a good card you've encountered before.  You 
finally have access to Absolute Zero, which is just awesome!  You can now make 
a really strong Elemental Hero deck!  Hero's Rule 2 is a great card to counter 
certain archetypes.  Nurse Reficule work like Bad Reaction to Simochi if you 
want to make an anti-heal deck.  Lastly, Thunder King Rai-Oh is a seriously 
kickass monster who can fit into many decks!  Definitely at least pick up 
Absolute Zero and Rai-Oh.

Acceleration 2nd Gear:

Again, I'm not going to go through these types of packs, but their basically 
all Speed Spell cards and you should probably pick up a solid number of these 
packs to help build your Turbo deck.

We're going to be fighting more CPU opponents now.  Here's a look at the deck 
I'll be using thanks to the new cards available:

2x Genex Controller
3x Elemental Hero Alius
1x Elemental Hero Stratos
2x Elemental Hero Wildheart
2x Genex Undine
3x King of the Swamp
1x Mobius the Frost Monarch
1x Thunder King Rai-Oh
2x Treeborn Frog

1x Burial from a Different Dimension
1x Dark Hole
1x Future Fusion
2x Miracle Fusion
1x Monster Reborn
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
3x Polymerization
2x Skyscraper 2 - Hero City

2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Call of the Haunted
3x Dust Tornado
1x Interdimensional Matter Transporter
1x Mirror Force
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Torrential Tribute

1x Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
3x Elemental Hero Absolute Zero
1x Ally of Justice Catastor
1x Black Rose Dragon
1x Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
1x Goyo Guardian
1x Hydro Genex
1x Mist Wurm
1x Red Dragon Archfiend
2x Stardust Dragon
1x Thought Ruler Archfiend
1x X-Saber Urbellum

Yay for an Absolute Zero deck finally!  Ok, let's get down to business!  Head 
over to CPU Duel 1st.

Naturia Bamboo Shoot
Bamboo Shoot Forest
It's another Naturia deck, this time with some extra EARTH monsters and a full 
synchro lineup.  You should know what to do against this archetype by now.

Watt Killers
You've already experienced this archetype before and this deck is really about 
the same as the last.  Just go a bit heavier on the traps and you should be 

Fabled Ragin
Cry of the Fabled
Fabled decks utilize discarding their monsters to gain effects allowing them 
to swarm the field and synchro summon big monsters.  Royal Oppression and 
Vanity's Fiend can shut the deck down hard, as can to some extent, Light-
Imprisoning Mirror.  Just make sure you're not using cards like Spirit Reaper 
and Airbellum in this fight.

Worm Illidan
A Worm Feeling
Worm decks work by flipping monsters down and back up and gaining extra 
effects for doing so.  They don't work well unless they're able to get control 
of the field, so if you can stop him from getting more than 2 monsters on the 
field, you should have a quite easy time with this duel.  I suggest some form 
of control deck be it Gadgets, Monarchs, or whatever.

Koa'ki Meiru Maximus
Feeling Koa'ki
He's going to have a lot of very powerful 4-star monsters.  You'll either need 
a control deck that can get rid of them as they appear, or you'll need a deck 
that can simply clear the field and swarm in some bigger monsters.  This can 
be a tough fight if he gets a good starting hand.

Gravekeeper's Visionary
Graveyard Closed!
Gravekeeper decks use Necrovalley to power up their monsters while making it 
so the opponent can't use several types of graveyard effects.  As such, don't 
use a deck that relies heavily on graveyard effects here.  Shadow-Imprisoning 
Mirror, Skill Drain, and Nobleman of Crossout are your friends if you need 
help in this fight.  Keep in mind, most of his face-down monsters will have 
1900 or 2000 DEF.

Defeating Visionary 3 times unlocks Thunder King Rai-Oh as a CPU Opponent.

Now, let's move on to some CPU Turbo duels.  Make sure to update your Turbo 
deck if you haven't.  Here's mine:

3x Cyber Dragon
2x Green Gadget
1x Machina Force
3x Machina Fortress
3x Machina Gearframe
1x Machina Peacekeeper
2x Red Gadget
2x Thunder King Rai-Oh
2x Yellow Gadget

Speed Spells(12):
1x Angel Baton
2x Fissure
2x Hammer Shot
2x Limiter Removal
3x Mystical Space Typhoon
2x Pot of Avarice

2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Call of the Haunted
3x Dimensional Prison
3x Dust Tornado
1x Mirror Force
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Torrential Tribute

2x Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
1x Ally of Justice Catastor
1x Black Rose Dragon
1x Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
1x Flamvell Uruquizas
1x Goyo Guardian
1x Magical Android
1x Mist Wurm
1x Naturia Beast
1x Red Dragon Archfiend
2x Stardust Dragon
1x Thought Ruler Archfiend
1x X-Saber Urbellum

Yeah, got that Machina starter deck and pimped it out with some card 
passwords.  Good stuff, now let's get going!

Vylon Sigma
Sigmax Speed
Remember, Vylons use lots of Equip cards, so having plenty of monster control 
will get you oodles of card advantage.  Watch out for both Honest and Shrink 

Defeating Vylon Sigma 3 times unlocks Gaia Drake, the Universal Force as a CPU 
Turbo Opponent.

That's actually the only Turbo opponent we need to take care of for right now 
(anti-climactic, I know).  Therefore, let's continue with the Story Mode!

If you remember, you just found out you're competing in the WRGP and you have 
to bring Yusei some tools he forgot at Toru's garage.  Before heading out too 
far, note that the Duel Runner shop is selling new parts that you may want to 
pick up.  If you're done, exit the entire area through 1 of the orange exits 
and head to . . . Satisfaction Town!  Yup, we're gonna take a bit of a side 
trip here.  From the Card Shop area, go east a screen and enter the restaurant 
there.  In the northwest corner of the building is a prize box containing 1500 
DP.  Scotch is also here in the building so beat him (or her, I'm not sure) 2 
more times.  Just doing that takes care of the last Satisfaction Town duelist 
beaten 3 times, which nets us a new card pack!

The Lost Millennium:

Ancient Gear set
Batteryman AA
D.D. Survivor
Des Wombat
Elemental Hero set
King of Skull Servants
Megarock Dragon
Reshef the Dark Being

Ok, so maybe not up to the standards of some of the recent packs we've 
unlocked, but there's still some gems in here.  King of Skull Servants has 
some fun decks based around him, although you don't have all the pieces for 
that yet.  Batteryman AA is a necessary part of the Batteryman OTK deck, so if 
you're looking to eventually make that, then you can collect him here.  Other 
than that, the original Elemental Hero monsters and Fusions can be found here, 
which may or may not be useful to you depending on how nostalgic you want your 
Hero deck to feel, although if you're aiming for a Normal Heroes Fusion deck, 
then you can probably use these cards.

There is 1 more thing to be done in Satisfaction Town.  Kalin has taken up 
residence in your old home.  You can beat him 2 more times.  That will get you 
Kalin as an available Tag Partner.  Actually, if you want to be really smart 
and tenacious, you could duel Kalin a bunch more times in order to get the 
entire Infernity set earlier than you would normally be able to via the game 
after your wins.

Next, you can head out of Satisfaction Town and over to the mine.  Just 
outside the mine is Siegel, who you can beat 3 times.

Laval Lover
Laval decks have a mix of special summon effects, synchros, and burn damage.  
A Macro deck could make pretty good work of them, since they need to have 
several monsters in the graveyard.  OTK decks also work well, just don't use 
something that takes too long to kill them, because if their graveyard starts 
filling up your job will get harder.

Head into the mine.  In the 1st screen, go west a bit then south to find a 
prize box containing Book of Moon.  Go west 1 screen, then move south just a 
bit and check the ground for 2000 DP!  Ok, everything is clear here for now.  
Time to get back to the actual storyline.  Head out and go to the Fountain 
Plaza.  Just west of the entrance is Dexter.  Beat him 3 times.

Angel Inside
Dexter uses a Fatty Fairy deck, which utilizes Valhalla to summon powerful 
Fairy monsters.  You need monster control in case he gets them out, but make 
sure you have enough spell/trap control to take out Valhalla quickly.

In the northwest corner of the area, hidden by a fruit stand, is a prize box 
containing Super-Nimble Mega Hamster.  In the southwest corner are 2 ladies 
for you to beat 3 times each.

Carly Carmine
She uses a Fortune Lady deck.  Royal Oppression or Vanity's Fiend will shut 
her down pretty hard.  Make sure you have enough s/t control to break her 
Field Spell when she puts it out.  Other than that, just don't let her keep 
too many monsters on the field and you'll be fine.

Fresh Blue-Eyes
As you might tell by her deck's name, she runs a BEWD deck.  Watch out for 
Future Fusion, and using Royal Oppression will, as usual be helpful against 
Dragon decks.  A Macro deck can also be useful here.  This shouldn't be hard 
though, her deck isn't very strong.

Check the fountain in the center of the screen for a Star Chip.  Finally, 
Yusei's place is in the southeast corner of this screen.  Go head there now.  
In his place, head up the stairs and out the door to the back.  To the west 
here is a prize box with a Leather Top and Bottom Set (a new wardrobe).  Talk 
to the guy over here and he'll tell you to pick the right box for a lucky 
item.  Well, you just need to pick the "right" box, aka the 1 on the right.  
Say yes to him 1,000,000 times and he'll open it up and give you the "Lucky 
Item".  Once that's done, you can beat him 3 times.

He's actually got a pretty good Zombie deck.  Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror will 
help you here, as will Royal Oppression.  Other than that . . . good luck?

Alright, head back in and finally talk to Yusei.  You'll give him his tools, 
then Trudge and Mina will join you.  Trudge is here to inform Yusei that there 
have been attacks on turbo duelists recently.  The culprit is some unknown 
named Ghost.  Don't worry, you'll never have to meet him and duel him and beat 
him, because this game would never make you do such a thing, right?  After 
Trudge and Mina leave, some guy named Bruno shows up.  Bruno has amnesia, and 
only remembers how to ride a bike and play a children's card game.  Yusei 
suggests going to tell your friends about Ghost.  There's nothing more you can 
do in this area, so head on back to Daimon district.

Rather than going to Toru's garage, instead head over to your apartment.  Go 
up to the 4th Floor and check the room on the left.  That "Luckey" you got 
earlier behind Yusei's place will open the door.  In the room, check the table 
for Revived King Ha Des.  There are also 5 prize boxes here containing: Suit 
Style (a wardrobe), 2 Star Chips, KPC-000 (for the Duel Runner), and Shield 
Wing.  Not too shabby for a quick run.  Now you can head on over to Toru's 

When you arrive, you tell Toru and Misaki what's going on.  Toru decides that 
the most cautious action is to go out and ride your Duel Runners (seriously?  
really?).  Well, Toru wants you to head to the outer rim.  Before you go, make 
sure your Duel Runner is prepared.  Here's my setup:

Junk Frame (you can use Gamma Frame II if you're having difficulty not 
crashing, but for pure speed it's gotta be the Junk Frame until much later 
when there's better options)
No parts (optionally can use Wheel Shield I or II, but it will slow you down 
Feather II
Booster II
Turbo Chip II

When you're ready, leave the area and head to the Outer Rim.  When you get 
there, just north of the entrance is a prize box containing Rose, Warrior of 
Revenge (a nice 4-star tuner).  Check the bench in the southwest corner for a 
Star Chip.  Finally, save and talk with Toru.  Talk with him again to start up 
a training race.  However, as soon as the race begins you'll be confronted by 

This guy has the insanely OP Meklord Emperor Wisel.  You could potentially 
shut him down with Royal Oppression, but most of the time he's gonna be able 
to summon him at some point.  I suggest not using a Synchro deck here, since 
Wisel can steal your Synchro monsters.  He also has 2500 ATK, so be wary of 
that as well.  Aside from his 1 overpowered monster, his deck is actually a 
bit of a pushover featuring mostly Ally of Justice cards.

Win, and Ghost will fall back.  Toru decides to fall back as well for the time 
being so the game skips to "A few days later...".  Crow joins you at Toru's 
garage looking to help Akiza Izinski who is a rookie turbo duelist (so she 
sucks at riding bikes, but if you know the story from WC's 2009 and 2010 she 
certainly isn't a rookie at dueling).  Crow wants to know if he could use your 
group as practice partners for Akiza and himself.  Because Toru never thinks 
that "hey, helping the competition might be a bad thing" he agrees right away 
without letting you get a word in edgewise.  Before he leaves, Crow lets you 
know he'll be waiting at the outer rim.  Toru decides he'll join up with you 
while Misaki finishes with the tune-ups.  You can head on over to the Outer 

When you reach the place, Crow drills you on where Misaki is (well yeah, she's 
gotta be a better duelist than Toru).  Turns out you'll be up 1st against 
Akiza.  Talk to her to initiate it.

Akiza Izinski
Feel the Wind
Akiza uses a Plant deck, although fortunately you won't have to deal with 
Black Garden since there's only 1 Field Spell in Turbo Duels.  However, be 
ready to face several strong 4-star beatsticks along with the potential for 
some pretty powerful Synchro monsters.  Her spell and trap lineup is also 
fairly impressive too, but you should be able to craft a strong enough deck by 
now to deal with it.

For winning, Akiza will give you a copy of Glow-Up Bulb (a very powerful card 
that is useful in any deck that mills cards to the graveyard!!).  Next up is 
Akiza vs Toru.  Meanwhile, Crow wants to train with you too.  Well, go oblige 

Crow Hogan
Driven on Blackwing
Basically, he's still running Blackwings just like his normal deck.  He's just 
added a bit more support than last time you fought him.

If you beat him, Crow will give you a copy of Blackwing - Elphin the Raven 
(bleh).  Toru comes back grinning because he just barely won (meaning a novice 
almost beat him, which says SOOO much for his skills).  Now Crow just wants 
you to do a timed run without dueling before going home, and you're (as usual) 
1st to go.  With 3 minutes available, I will tell you it is possible to do it 
in under 30 seconds.  However, just completing the race isn't the end of 
things.  Some lady decides she's gonna party with you a bit.  She tells you 
that you need to be better at Synchro summoning (what a bitch!) and then 
leaves you on those words.

Afterwards, Toru notes that you're faster than him (as usual), and the rookie 
Akiza agrees.  Crow dotes on the good qualities of team training (even though 
you're all rivals) and then everyone takes their leave.  The game does another 
jump in time and you're back in your room with Klaus, who is complaining about 
some guy riding aorund in the middle of the night disturbing the peace.  Now, 
I know you must have seen that glowing orb after your race, so head back over 
to the Outer Rim and pick it up!  Inside, you'll find Seven Tools of the 
Bandit.  Next, head back to the Daimon district and over to Toru's garage.

It turns out Toru's Duel Runner has gone missing!  Turns out someone stole it 
in the middle of the night.  Misaki wants you to ask Yusei if he knows 
anything.  You've got nothing better to do (this is like, the longest we've 
stuck with the storyline, eh?) so head over to Fountain Plaza and Yusei's 
place.  When you get there, you find out that Jack's Duel Runner was also 
stolen!  Egads, we have a serial bike thief in our midst!  Trudge and Mina are 
already on the scene and explain that there is some sort of syndicate 
responsible for the thefts.  Jack takes off after them, then you tell Trudge 
that Toru was hit too.  Mina questions whether the Duel Runner parts that have 
been popping up in Satellite might have something to do with all of this, so 
she has Trudge go with her to Satellite to investigate.  You should do the 

When you arrive in Satellite you'll see a policeman near the entrance.  Looks 
like fodder for 3 more wins to me.

Boneyard Battle
Your opponent is using another Zombie deck.  Not the most difficult one you've 
faced to date, but nothing to laugh at either.

Check near the foot of the bridge to the east to find a Star Chip.  You can 
find Lilie a bit to the west.  Beat up the little girl 3 times, because that 
the way we do things around here.

Nurse's Medicine
She runs a deck meant to keep her Life Points high so that she can use effects 
that cost her Life Points and to take advantage of Fire Princess.  It 
shouldn't be too much for you to deal with at all.

Just south of her is another guy to beat 3 times.

Bass/Assault Mode
He will attempt to summon Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode.  You need to make sure 
that doesn't happen or else you're pretty much toast.  Use s/t control to 
destroy Assault Mode Activate! before he gets the chance to use it, and if he 
summons Stardust Dragon, make sure to either have something with higher ATK to 
summon, or find a way to use an effect that returns to hand, removes from 
play, or returns to the deck without destroying to get rid of it before he can 
bring out his ultimate monster.

Head west a screen to find a prize box containing Solemn Warning (FINALLY!!).  
Just to note, Solemn Warning can be added to almost any deck that has room for 
it.  A single copy of Solemn Warning with a copy of Solemn Judgment can allow 
you to negate many of your opponent's biggest plays during a duel.  There's 
also a save point just north of here if you need it.

Head south from here a screen.  Just west of the entrance is a prize box 
containing 1000 DP.  If you check near the tree in the southeast corner you 
can find a copy of Sakuretsu Armor.  Head east a screen and check the corner 
of a building just north of the entrance for a Star Chip.  Head back to the 
west a screen and then head south and enter the building here (where you got 
conned on your 1st trip to Satellite).

Kuroe is there to greet you, but he isn't quite able to remember you at 1st . 
. . but Kalin's beating seems to have jogged his memory quite well.  You ask 
him about the thieves and he tries to play koy - how cute.  Well, he's not 
going to spill the beans until you beat him (although I think you probably 
knew that by now going into this), so let's go ahead and put him out of his 

Masterful Magician
He uses an Endymion (Spellcaster) deck.  It's pretty decent, but not something 
that should trouble you too much at this point.

After winning, he tells you that someone named Syd sold him the parts for a 
"good price".  Kuroe tells you he can probably be found around the port.  
Before heading out, make sure to beat the snot out of Kuroe 2 more times.  
When you leave, just outside his "shop" is a glowing orb containing 
Solidarity.  Head north and save, because beating Kuroe for the 3rd time along 
with all the other Satellite scum has unlocked a new card pack for you!

Enemy of Justice:

Banisher of the Radiance
Batteryman D
Bountiful Artemis
Clock Tower Prison
Destiny Hero set
Dimensional Fissure
Elemental Hero set
Forced Back
Herald of Green Light
Herald of Purple Light
Icarus Attack
Macro Cosmos
Majestic Mech set
Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon
Victory Viper XX03
Voltanis the Adjudicator

Most of this stuff you should already have access to, but some of it is new.  
If you were wanting to build a nostalgic Destiny Hero deck, then you now have 
access to all the card you should need for it.  Batteryman D and Voltech 
Dragon are both good parts to a Batteryman deck.  Victory Viper is useful in a 
LIGHT Machine deck.  Grab these packs if you need any of these cards.

Back in Story Mode, head out of the area, and go north to the Port.  On the 
north side of the area is a prize box containing 1500 DP.  If you continue 
east, you'll bump into Ida and Kameno who are boasting over their recent haul 
including Jack's Duel Runner (hmm...maybe these are the guys we're after?).  
Turns out, the ship is a hideout for the syndicate.  The 2 of them spot you, 
but Jack is there to help you.  Team up with Jack in a Tag Duel to defeat 

DragonATK, TurtleDEF
Kameno (Lucky Turtle Shell)
Ida (Ida Dragons)
Ida uses a Dragunity deck, while Kameno uses a Gem Knight deck.  Both decks 
have some good qualities, but if you can bust out a halfway decent monster 
(and hope for SOME support from your partner), then you should be able to pull 

After losing, the dumb duo realize that Jack being the "former" King doesn't 
make him a weakling, so they run their 3rd friend to make it 3v2.  
Meanwhile, Syd (the boss) sneaks up behind you to challenge you to a 1v1, to 
make it a 3v1 for Jack.  Well, I'd rather do 1v1 than 1v3, so let's go beat 
the crap outta Syd!

Breaking Wheel
Syd uses a Burn deck so as long as you don't dawdle too much in taking him out 
this should be relatively easy.

Syd is a bit spiteful that you beat him, but is still willing to continue 
fighting the bad fight ... until he realizes that Jack has taken out all 3 of 
his goonies.  Then, at just the right time to take credit, Trudge jumps in to 
take the leader to jail.  Syd attempts to run away by jumping into the ocean, 
remembers that he doesn't know how to swim, and gives up on that plan allowing 
the police to nab him.  You and Jack get thank yous from Trudge and Mina, and 
Trudge attempts to recruit you into Securities (but seriously, why be a cop 
when you can be a pain in the ass for cops?).  Thankfully, both you and Jack 
decline the offer.  Trudge makes sure that the Duel Runners get returned and 
the game skips over to Toru's garage.  Toru thanks you and Misaki, and then 
heads off to thank Jack too.  Suddenly, Akiza steps in asking for more 
practice help.  The subject of Yusei and Bruno working on Duel Runners comes 
up, and Misaki decides she wants to meet him.  However, rather than just going 
over there, she send you (errand boy) to go get him and bring him back to 
Toru's garage (yeah, whatever - you're not her servant but the game says you 
gotta do it to progress further . . . screw that).

Well, seriously annoyed that you don't get anything for getting this far into 
the story, so let's just continue it further (yawn).  Head on over to Fountain 
Plaza, then to Yusei's place.  When you enter, you'll find Yusei and Bruno 
doing what they do best - fixing up Duel Runners.  Apparently, Toru challenged 
Jack to a Turbo Duel (he thanks him by showing Jack that he sucks at dueling 
so there's nothing to fear from the competition).  However, you make it known 
that you don't care at all for Toru.  You want Bruno, or more specifically, 
Misaki wants him.  He heads off to meet her, and Yusei starts taking off to 
train with Akiza.  You can start to head out when Leo and Luna suddenly erupt 
into the building.  Leo has apparently been on a roll recently, so he figures 
he'll challenge you to a duel.  Teach him that you're a few tiers above his 
school friends! Mwahaha!!

Equipped! Click!
He uses a Morphtronic deck.  Watch out for Honest and make sure you can take 
care of his s/t support cards, but other than that this is a pretty simple 
duel.  Just do your best to make sure he never gets more than 2 monsters onto 
the field at a time.

Leo will give you United We Stand for breaking his winning streak.  Luna and 
Leo decide to compare you to Yusei, and then let you know they'll be rooting 
for you in the WRGP.  Now, finish off Leo by beating him 2 more times, then 
move on to the innocent Luna.

Inverse Order
Luna uses an Anti-Heal deck.  You'll be fine as long as you take down Bad 
Reaction to Simochi and Nurse Reficule when they each come out.  Also, watch 
out for Honest.

When you head out of Yusei's place, Jack will just be entering.  He informs 
you that Bruno has prepared something in Toru's garage, so you'd better go 
check it out.  Looks like Bruno has been working on a new program for your 
Duel Runners.  In exchange, Misaki allow Bruno to take a look at your team's 
boosts, to which Toru makes his 1st ever intelligent comment reminding Misaki 
that he's from a rival group!  Misaki says, and I quote, "Stronger rivals 
means we try harder."  Really?  Really?  Personally, I'm all for the path of 
least resistance.  What Bruno did give you is the ability to do a Start Dash 
by hitting the go button as the "next to last" light comes on in a race.  It's 
a good thing to learn how to do, but takes fairly unforgiving timing.  Misaki 
wants to try it out at the Bay Parking course, and the game transitions to -
The Next Day-.

Head out of the area and over to the Bay Parking zone.  Just south of the 
entrance is a prize box containing a Star Chip.  Just west of that is a 
glowing orb containing The Six Samurai - Zanji.  In the southwest corner 
(hidden behind a pillar) is another prize box containing another Star Chip.  
Talk to Toru and Misaki will arrive.  Misaki reminds you how to do the Start 
Dash.  Talk to Misaki to begin the race.  You have 3 minutes, but completing 
it in under 45 seconds is completely obtainable.

As you complete the race, a very "dark"-looking Jack will come up to you and 
challenge you to a duel.

Jack Atlas
Tyrant's Reign
He's using a beatdown deck with primarily 4-star monsters and some 4-star 
tuners that can get him Red Dragon Archfiend.  It's not an easy duel persay, 
but you've seen tougher by this point.

After winning, you find out that you were actually dueling an android that 
only looked like Jack (and somehow had his exact same deck).  The real Jack 
shows up to spit on the corpse of fake Jack (black Jack?).  The game reverts 
back to those 3 weirdos whom we know nothing about.  Still muttering stuff 
about circuits.  We only know that they made the ghosts and the android.


Final Chapter

It's the start of the WRGP!!  Yay!!  Woot!!  Ok, I'm bored again.  Let's hear 
the rules.  Each duel is 1v1.  However, the winner of each duel gets to keep 
everything in his/her hand, field, and graveyard, along with all of his/her 
current LP.  Therefore, if you are assured of a win, wait until you are in a 
dominating position with 9+ cards available to you, so that when your next 
opponent comes out with his measely 6 cards, you can be already prepared to 
stomp him.  Your 1st opponents are Team Unicorn.

Games switches back to Toru's garage.  Everyone is getting prepared.  You 
should do the same, so save and exit so that we can check out new card packs 
available from getting this far in the story!

Crimson Crisis:

Alien set
Arcanite Magician
Arcanite Magician/Assault Mode
Assault set
Black Salvo
Blackwing set
Blackwing Armor Master
Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind
Cosmic Fortress Gol'gar
Debris Dragon
Doomkaiser Dragon/Assault Mode
Dupe Frog
Gladiator Beast set
Hyper Psychic Blaster
Hyper Psychic Blaster/Assault Mode
Hyper Synchron
Morphtronic set
Psychic set
Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode
Trap Eater
Turret Warrior
Twilight Rose Knight
Wall of Thorns

You can now finally make a Blackwing deck!  It won't have all the new 
Blackwing cards unless you've dueled Crow a bunch of times, but it should have 
enough.  I don't recommend any Assault Mode decks aside from Stardust 
Dragon/Assault Mode, but that isn't available to you yet.  Debris Dragon is an 
excellent tuner if you're using many low-ATK monsters in your deck.  He works 
especially well with Dandylion.  Dupe Frog gets you 1 step closer to a Froggy 
deck (which is an amazingly fun deck-type that I recommend trying out once you 
have the cards).  You've got more support for a Gladiator Beast deck here too.  
There's also more support for Psychic decks and Plant decks and Morphtronic 
decks.  I would say 1 of the biggest finds in this pack, however, is Arcanite 
Magician who is a great Synchro monster that you should add to any deck that 
uses any Spellcasters like Lyla, Breaker the Magical Warrior . . . etc.

Acceleration Finish:

Contains the "best" Speed Spells, well at least it contains many good ones 
that are worth checking out.

So, let's get to this.  My suggestions:

1. Don't use Gadgets, they're great in general, but they lose you too much LP 
and only rarely reach the dominating position you want to be in at the end of 
each duel.
2. Don't use Solemn Judgment, and try to stay away from cards that cost you LP 
to use.  Reasoning is simply that you don't want to start the next duel with 
too little LP.  By the same reasoning, summoning Thought Ruler Archfiend and 
using him to destroy a few monsters can be very helpful.
3. Suggested decks include: Chaos deck, Monarchs, Destiny Heroes (keep in mind 
you can use 3x Destiny Draw and Allure of Darkness since speed spells are 
unaffected by ban lists), Macro Monarchs, Blackwings (only if you've got some 
more cards from fighting Crow earlier), Light Beatdown/Stun, and Dragons.
4. Don't kill your opponent right away unless he has a chance to make a 
comeback.  Once you're in a big lead, get as many powerful monsters to the 
field as possible so that you can crush your next opponent(s).
5. It's okay to have a slightly more than 40-card deck for these duels, since 
you not only don't want to deck out, but you also don't want to use up all 
your best cards just in the 1st duel.  That being said, I don't suggest going 
much over 45 cards.

Personally, I'll be using a Chaos deck like this:

1x Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind
1x Caius the Shadow Monarch
2x Chaos Sorcerer
2x Cyber Dragon
1x Dark Armed Dragon
3x Destiny Hero - Defender
2x Destiny Hero - Malicious
1x Glow-Up Bulb
2x Honest
1x Krebons
1x Necro Gardna
1x Plaguespreader Zombie
3x Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
1x Sangan
2x Thunder King Rai-Oh

Speed Spells(10):
2x Allure of Darkness
1x Burial from a Different Dimension
3x Destiny Draw
2x Last Will
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Pot of Avarice

2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Call of the Haunted
2x Dimensional Prison
2x Dust Tornado
2x Escape from the Dark Dimension
1x Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute

1x Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
1x Ally of Justice Catastor
1x Black Rose Dragon
1x Blackwing Armor Master
1x Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
2x Dark End Dragon
1x Goyo Guardian
1x Magical Android
1x Mist Wurm
1x Red Dragon Archfiend
2x Stardust Dragon
2x Thought Ruler Archfiend

Before we start our WRGP debut, you can head over to the Duel Runner shop 
where they're selling more new toys.  However, once you're ready talk with 
Toru to get things started.

You all arrive at the your designated pit area.  Toru is a wreck, but notices 
how calm you look (because you're not a friggin' n00b like him!!).  Toru 
decides that he'll go 1st, with Misaki 2nd, and you'll hold the rear post.  
Before you start the race, head west 1 screen.  Check the computers on the 
north side of this area for Chiron the Mage.  Head back east, then south.  Go 
into the western room here and check the plant for a Star Chip.  In the 
eastern room there is a prize box in the northeast corner containing 1500 DP.  
In the main lobby area, talk to the announcer to the north and beat him 3 
times in a duel.

Fight! Impact!
His deck tosses high-star Normal monsters to the grave and then revives them.  
You could use a Macro deck, but you shouldn't really need to.  The rest of his 
deck is primarily Normal monsters and their support cards.

Next up is the lady just south of him.

Auction Price!
She runs a deck-out deck.  If you want to totally destroy her, just add in 
Nobleman of Crossout and Shield Crush.  Otherwise, you shouldn't have too much 
trouble anyway as long as you're not too slow about beating her up.

In the eastern room, take out the guard standing between the tables 3 times.

Thrilling Twin Attack
He uses Burden of the Mighty along with monsters that can attack twice to deal 
some pretty good damage.  Make sure you have enough s/t control to deal with 
the Burden.

Lastly, beat the clown just south of him 3 times.

Court Jester
He special summons monsters from his hand so he can tribute them off for 
bigger, better monsters.  If you're prepared for them though, then all he's 
doing is losing card advantage.

Beating Lazar 3 times will add him as an available Tag Partner.  Now, if 
you're sufficiently warmed up, let's start this party!  Go talk to Toru to get 
things underway.

Round 1: Breo vs Toru
Toru's gets to go 1st and starts out swinging, but Breo gets the deck-out 
victory (you didn't think Toru would actually win even 1 duel here, did you?).

Round 2: Breo vs Misaki
Misaki does the right thing and tries to finish things quickly before Breo can 
deck her out too.  Breo attempts to turn the tides, but Misaki is ready and 
waiting, making her counter play to win the duel.

Round 3: Misaki vs Andre
Misaki and Andre are apparently evenly matched, but Andre manages to pull 
ahead in the end for the victory.  Now it's time for you to step up to the 

(A quick note, I'll be going over all these guys' decks later on, but for now 
I'll be assuming that after the 1st duel you complete you're in a dominating 
position and can win the remainder easily through sheer card advantage, so I 
may not give a complete synopsis of the decks of anyone except the 1st person 
you duel).

One Horn, One Strike
On his field area face-down monster (Playful Possum) and Thunder Unicorn, who 
has 2200 ATK and an effect that can decrease the ATK of 1 of your monsters 
each turn, and he has only 2000 LP remaining..  Misaki left you with One for 
One (worthless unless you happen to have a useful 1-star monster in your deck) 
and Mystical Space Typhoon.  Fortunately, the card advantage starts out evenly 
for you, so you don't have to worry about making a comeback here.  I found One 
for One nice, however, since I had Necro Gardna and Caius in-hand with Glow-Up 
Bulb in my deck, which made for a very nice opening play!  With how low his LP 
is, you should be able to get in some quick hits and finish with a minimum 6-7 
cards to use left on the field/hand (giving you a card advantage against the 
next opponent) and full LP.

Call of the Trihorn
Well, I didn't actually get to see much of his deck since I started with such 
a strong advantage, but it looks like it's a Beast deck with some somewhat 
weak support cards.  You should be able to crush him no matter what if you 
properly waited for a dominating position in your duel against Andre.

With that, your team has made it through the 1st qualifier!  The game sends 
you back to Toru's garage where he tells you that the 2nd qualifier match will 
be against Team Catastrophe.  After saying that you'll all meet up at the pit 
tomorrow, the games transitions to -The Next Day-.

Head over to the stadium and you can go north until you reach the pit.  You'll 
meet up with Toru and Misaki.  Toru still wants to go 1st, but this time 
you'll be 2nd with Misaki bringing up the rear.  If you're ready, talk with 
Toru again to start things up!

Round 1: Hans vs Toru
Toru takes the corner to win the 1st move again, but this time apparently it's 
because Hans wanted him to.  Toru pelts him with attacks, and Hans just takes 
them.  Toru finishes him off with a direct attack (wtf, Toru won?).  In 
between, however, it looks like Hans threw the match (so it wasn't that Toru 
won off his own skills).

Round 2: Toru vs Hermann
Toru almost manages to win quickly and decisively here, but suddenly trouble 
is afoot!  Hermann's Duel Runner glows a dark color and Toru horribly crashes!  
If Toru can't switch off with you, then it's a loss for the team (those damn 
dirty cheats!).  Thankfully, what Toru lacks in skill he makes up for in 
tenacity as he pushes his Duel Runner into the pit to allow you to take his 

Nightmare Clown
You know, considering how dominating the announcer made that 2nd duel seem, 
Hermann actually isn't so bad off.  He's got Dream Clown on the field, with a 
face-down (No Entry!!) and 3 cards in-hand with half of his LP left.  Toru 
left you with a Scrap Goblin (in case you wanted to Synchro summon on your 1st 
turn), and a face-down Smashing Ground and Pot of Avarice.  Note that Hermann 
can flip No Entry!! to change Dream Clown to defense position and knock out 1 
of your monsters (unless you managed to summon Stardust Dragon or Thought 
Ruler Archfiend before that).  He uses a Clown control deck, but you're 
starting with a significant card advantage and LP advantage so you should be 
fine.  To give an example of how to finish someone off in these duels, when I 
finally destroyed him I had Stardust Dragon, Dark Armed Dragon, Gale the 
Whirlwind, and Dimensional Prison on the field.  Plus, I hadn't yet used the 
face-down Smashing Ground of Pot of Avarice Toru leaves you, and I had a 
Destiny Hero - Defender in-hand, 10 speed counters, with 6000 LP remaining.  
That is what I mean when I say dominating position.

Karakuri Squared
He runs a Karakuri deck the likes of which you've faced before, and you've 
faced better before, and you should already have an overwhelming advantage.  
Make short work of this guy.

After beating him, Nicolas attempts to de-rail you in the same way Hermann did 
with Toru, but his plan backfires and he is the 1 whose Duel Runner explodes!  
Apparently, 1 of those 3 sinister dudes was working behind Team Catastrophe 
and pulling the strings there.  AFterwards, Misaki makes Toru get patched up, 
and you hear Nicolas walk about complaining about "the power of darkness".  
Misaki decides to investigate a bit.  She heads over to Team Catastrophe's pit 
and glares at them for awhile, making them all (and me) feel a bit uneasy (and 
that reminds me, don't piss that woman off) until they all run away.  You meet 
up with Toru in the lounge area and he explains that the doctors patched him 
up and that he'll be ready for the next match.  Congratulations on making it 
through the qualifiers!  The game moves on to -The Next Day-.

You're back in Toru's garage, and he's super hyped that you're in the main 
event and just 3 wins away from total victory!  Yusei comes in to congratulate 
you, and Toru congratulates him right back on making it to the main stage 
(shouldn't defending champs be seeded or something?).  Toru tries to act cool, 
but Misaki shows Yusei the weakling Toru really is.  Before leaving, Yusei 
lets you know that Crow is looking for a practice session over in the Bay 
Parking area.  Go over there and show him what he's up against!

This will be a time trial race, not a Turbo Duel (and not a 1v1 race either, 
surprisingly), so here's what I'm using:

Junk Frame
No parts (Wheel Shield III optional.  If you're using Gamma Frame III instead 
of the Junk Frame, Overheat is another option.)
Feather III
Booster III
Turbo Chip III

You get 3 minutes, you need only 45 seconds if you're doing it right.  After 
completing the race, a big talking statue will give you a blank card 
(umm..quasi-woot?).  Apparently, 1 of those 3 bad guys isn't very happy about 
that, and then the other 2 join him in his displeasure.  You get back, Crow 
compliments you, and that's all for now.  Just south of Crow, is a glowing orb 
containing (oh god yes finally) Colossal Fighter!  That is 1 sexy Synchro 
monster who should be in pretty much all of your decks!

When you head back to Daimon district, Misaki approaches you and just says "Be 
Careful" (wtf).  The game immediately progresses to -The Next Day-.

When you exit your apartment, Toru is there to pick you up (you're his hot 
date).  He wanted you to know he'll be at the outer rim to give you some 
advice.  The game wants you to go there.  You must go there.  Go there.

When you get to the outer rim it turns out Toru just wants to be training 
"super hard" today.  Before you start, make sure you're using Gamma Frame III, 
and NOT the Junk Frame or the Overheat add-on.  You'll see why eventually.  
When you start up the race, a bunch of guys will come out of nowhere.  Misaki 
will hear it and respond appropriately bay turning into a superheroine.  Those 
guys start knocking out people on Duel Runners and Jack rides over to you 
asking what's going on.  He's got a bad feeling about this and so do I.  The 
Ghosts are back and their wrecking up all the Duel Runners!  Your's included!  
Run away!

The strategy behind this "Run Away" race is to start on 1 side (say the left), 
then slow down and those guys will shoot balls of energy at you.  When the 
balls come, speed up and move to the other side, then proceed to slow down 
again until the balls get near you again.  Rinse and repeat and hopefully you 
shouldn't take too many hits.  The reason for not using the Junk Frame here is 
that speed doesn't matter for this race.  All that matters is being able to 
survive for a specific amount of times.  For that you need something with 
decent handling, but also decent health - therefore the Gamma Frame III is the 
best choice imo.

Afterwards, the Ghosts are still chasing you, but superheroine Misaki is there 
to destroy them!  And yes, this plotline makes no sense as usual.  I totally 
expect that you must see the animated show to understand ANY of this (which I 
haven't D;).  Apparently, Misaki is here to protect you in particular (again, 
don't ask why.  I don't know).  However, she can't protect you against Primo!  
That's something you'll just have to do on your own!

Meklord Ruler
Before you ask, yes if you lose to him you also have to do the entire race 
sequence again.  Yes, it does suck.  For his deck, he's also got that OP 
Meklord Emperor Wisel, so be careful with summoning too many Synchro monsters 
prematurely.  Other than that, however, the rest of his deck should be a piece 
of cake for you by this point.  I even managed to win with an ultra crappy 
starting hand.

Primo questions how he could lose to you . . . and then explodes.  Apparently, 
all your friends won their duels against the Ghosts as well, but low and 
behold - finally the evil threesome show themselves to you.  Their names are 
Primo, Jakob, and Lester.  They are the Three Emperors of Yliaster (brush up 
on your Norse mythology please), and they're going to destroy New Domino City 
in order to save the world!  They know that in the future Ener-D will explode 
and destroy the entire planet, so they're here to stop that from happening!  
Yes, they are the good guys and you should just accept their story, give up 
now and go find a new place to live before they blow up your current 

There is a twist though, apparently Yusei, Jack, and yourself have been given 
cards from the gods to defend yourselves with (although your's is still blank, 
doh!).  You will have to fight it out with your god cards vs the Meklord cards 
that those 3 have to decide whether New Domino City is destroyed or not.  
Basically, you're the bad guy and you want to destroy the world!  Yay, I'm 
finally starting to enjoy this storyline even though I still don't understand 
anything that is happening!!

Well, the good guys will be going back into the past to fix Primo and place 
themselves into the WRGP main event so that they can duel you in the finals.  
That is all.  The game transfers you over to Toru and Misaki (who apparently 
got out of her superheroine costume) and you explain what happened to them.  
Misaki is telling Toru that his injuries have worsened because he got too 
excited, and when Toru suggests that Misaki might've gotten hurt, she responds 
with, and I quote, "...I'm not as weak as you, Toru." At this point I am 
laughing in my chair shouting "Of course not!  Nobody is as weak as Toru!!" 
Toru finally admits his weakness and allows you to team up with Yusei and 
Jack, leaving your current team behind to give everyone the best possible 
chances of winning (I guess that means Crow is a weak link too, sorry Crow!).

The game jumps to Yusei's place.  Yusei mentions that Crow and Akiza managed 
to get hurt in the scuffle so they're out, leaving no problem for you to join 
up with Jack and himself.  Suddenly, Crow busts in shouting that there is 
serious trouble afoot!  Apparently, nobody remembers the Ghosts except for 
those who dueled them, and the town is totally repaired and back to normal!  
Yusei deduces that they changed the past because too many Duel Runner crashes 
could end up canceling the WRGP, but they left everyone else injured to make 
sure that you, Jack and Yusei ended up competing together.  Team New World has 
been added to the WRGP teams (take a guess who that is).  The game moves on to 
the day of the WRGP main event.

You're back in Toru's garage getting words of advice and support from Misaki 
and Toru.  Head over to the stadium and north to the pits.  Toru, Misaki, and 
Crow will be in their seats rooting you on, so don't disappoint them!  As they 
head for their seats, Misaki notices that a "Rude Man" has bumped into Luna 
and is trying to start something.  She gives him her patented "glare at him 
with intent to kill until he runs away" stare and he does as he's supposed to.  
Luna thanks Misaki, then Leo shows up (a bit late) and he also thanks Misaki 
for helping Luna (because he wasn't around to help out his own sister!).  
Akiza shows up and gets the exaggerated version of the story from Leo, and 
then Misaki runs away.  The rest take their seats and Bruno shows up last 
feeling left out.

As the 3 of you make plans for the tournament, a lady named Sherry shows up to 
tell you that she and her butler will be your next opponents (that's right, 
only 2 of them).  She wants to be the 1 to take down Yliaster (again, nobody 
knows how this character is connected unless you've watched the anime, and 
this game will never tell you).  The lineup is gonna be Yusei 1st, with you 
coming up 2nd and Jack bringing up the rear.  Talk to Yusei to start the 

Round 1: Yusei vs Elsworth
Yusei gets to make the 1st move, but soon begins to falter as Elsworth's 
combos deal some serious damage.  Elsworth breaks through Yusei's defenses and 
takes the win against Yusei (I thought Yusei was never supposed to lose?)!

Well, with that you get to take on Elsworth right away.

Chivalric Keeper
He has 2 cards in-hand and Driven Daredevil on the field with 6000 LP 
remaining.  Driven Daredevil has to be destroyed by a card effect, so be wary 
of that.  Yusei leaves you with Starlight Road, Angel Baton, and Bottomless 
Trap Hole.  There's almost no reason not to use Angel Baton right away to 
improve your hand.  You are also sitting on an immediate +6 card advantage, so 
you should be able to keep it up and take him down reasonably easily.  He runs 
a Warrior deck and already has The Immortal Bushi in his graveyard, which 
he'll typically use to combine with tuners for Synchro Summons.  I was able to 
end it with 9200 LP and Chaos Sorcerer, Black Rose Dragon, Thought Ruler 
Archfiend, and Thunder King Rai-Oh on the field with a face-down Starlight 
Road and Dimensional Prison and Gale and another Chaos Sorcerer in-hand. for a 
total of 8 cards that Sherry will have to go through in the next duel.  If you 
can achieve those results or better, your next duel should be a breeze.

Sherry LeBlanc
Flower of Vengeance
Her deck uses a bunch of "Joan" monsters, who are all LIGHT, so she has Honest 
with them.  However, overall Elsworth actually has a much stronger deck than 
her, so she shouldn't give you too much trouble.

With that, you move on to the next round!  Yusei and Jack give you some 
appropriate congrats.  Sherry comes by to say that revenge is not enough fuel 
to win with (so she has to take revenge on something that trio did?  
Seriously, super confusing that they don't say ANYTHING!!) and she wishes you 
luck on defeating Yliaster.  The game skips ahead to -The Next Day-.

You're back in Toru's garage (why can't they just spawn you at the track?!).  
Head over to the stadium and north toward the pits.  On your way there you'll 
run into Jack who seems seriously peeved at the person he's conversing with.  
Harald (your next opponent) doesn't think you have what it takes to defeat 
Team New World, and believes that instead his team will be the ones to defeat 
them and save the world (I thought you were trying to save New Domino City and 
destroy the world??).  Harald doesn't think much of Yusei's lineage and 
assures you that your team won't win against his Team Ragnarok.  Really 
annoying how there are so many conflicting storylines and this game does such 
a horrible job when it comes to explaining ANY OF THEM!!!

Back at the pits, the order is gonna be Jack 1st, with you coming up 2nd.  
Talk to Yusei to start the match.

Round 1: Jack vs Dragan
Jacks gets the opportunity to go 1st and the match proceeds seemingly evenly.  
Unfortunately, Dragan begins to take the advantage and then the duel in its 

Your turn.

Thor's Hammer
Dragan has only half is LP and 2 cards in-hand (Speed Force, which can keep 
his monsters from being "destroyed for 1 turn, and Scapegoat) with Thor, Lord 
of the Aesir planted on the field.  If you destroy Thor by either card effect 
or battle, Dragan can resummon him in the End Phase provided he has a Nordic 
monster in his grave.  Therefore, you need to either remove him from play or 
use a return to hand or return to deck effect to take him off the field.  Jack 
has left you with 4 face-downs including: The End of the Storm, Mystical Space 
Typhoon, Ultimate Offering, and Prideful Roar.  None of that really helps you 
deal with Thor, but it does take up a lot of room in your s/t zones.  I 
managed to bust out Brionac, send him back to the extra deck, then summon Rai-
Oh with Ultimate Offerings and attack with enough damage for the win.  If you 
can get him to activate Scapegoat by targeting it with MST while you have very 
few monsters, then activate End of the Storm and you can clean up quite 

Loki's Tricks
His deck, like the others in this team, focuses around Nordic monsters.  The 
regular monsters themselves aren't too much of a problem as long as you don't 
let him bust out his Synchro monsters.  Hopefully, you were able to end the 
1st duel with at least somewhat of a decent lead.  Try to take any small lead 
you got at the end of the 1st game and turn it into a big lead by the end of 
this 1.  At the end of this duel I had Brionac, Stardust Dragon, Goyo 
Guardian, and Cyber Dragon with Ultimate Offerings, The End of the Storm, and 
Prideful Roar still on the field, Torrential Tribute in-hand, and 7600 LP 
remaining (partially thanks to a Magical Android I summoned).

Odin's Spear
Once again, it's a Nordic deck.  This should be much easier though since by 
now you should have created a commanding lead going into this duel.

Harald can't believe that you won, and neither can the MC!  More congrats from 
Jack and Yusei occur, and now you are go for the final match!  Harald comes 
over to apologize and give his own congratulations, wishing you luck against 
Team New World.  The game skips to The Day of the Finals...

And once again you're back in Toru's garage (WHY WHY WHY???).  This time, you 
will automatically get led back toward the pit with Toru and Misaki, bumping 
into Yusei along the way and meeting Jack at the pit.  Yusei checks your god 
card to find it is still blank (bleh), so he decides to stick you at the end 
with Yusei going 1st and Jack in the middle.  Talk to Yusei to begin the 

Round 1: Yusei vs Primo
You were able to beat Primo earlier, so Yusei should have no problem, right?  
Wrong.  Primo mops the floor with Yusei.

Round 2: Jack vs Primo
Jack announces he'll finish off Primo, but Primo only cares about the loss he 
had against you, and he wants himself some revenge.  He blows through Jack 
with the greatest of ease.

So yeah, you of course knew you'd have to beat all 3 of them?  Right?  
Furthermore, you know you won't be in a very advantageous situation going into 
this duel against Primo, yes?  Well, everyone is cheering for you so don't 
disappoint!  Just as you're about to start the duel, your blank cards change 
into 3 Synchro monsters - Ally of Justice Decisive Armor, Trident Dragion, and 
Trishula Dragon of the Ice Barrier.  You now get a chance to change your deck 
and add those cards in if you desire.  Decisive Armor is nifty, if you think 
you can summon it.  Trident Dragion is worthless unless you're running a 
Dragon deck.  Trishula is friggin' amazing and should definitely be added to 
your extra deck!

Meklord Ruler
He has full LP along with a Meklord Emperor Wisel equipped with Red Nova 
Dragon giving him a total 6000 ATK!  The good news is, you have a Sangan and a 
face-down trap - Synchro Material!  You can activate the Trap, then summon a 
Tuner and use Wisel as 1 of your own Synchro material monsters!  Very very 
handy!!  After that, with the rest of your card advantage you should be able 
to get a strong lead and work your way to a big victory.

Primo is not happy about losing to you again, and Lester's teasing seems to 
have REALLY PISSED HIM OFF.  Not that it matters, here comes your next duel.

Sky Meklord
Lester has a lot of stall cards and some Burn abilities.  He may not be able 
to defeat you in all likeliness, just make sure he doesn't drain too much of 
your LP or too much of your deck so that you can still be kicking for your 3rd 
duel.  He has Meklord Emperor Skiel, who is also capable of taking your 
Synchro monsters, and can attack you directly, so have something prepared for 

Lester feels bad now about making fun of Primo, and it's time for you to move 
on to your final opponent.

Land Meklord
He runs a Beast deck that uses King Tiger Wanghu, Super-Nimble Mega Hamster, 
and Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter.  His Meklord is Meklord Emperor Granel and along 
with taking your Synchro monsters, and can take the equipped Synchro monsters 
and summon them to his own side of the field!  Personally, I had such a huge 
advantage going into this duel, however, that it was a piece of cake.

Jakob admits defeat and you get magically transported to a very white place 
with the trio surrounding you.  They inform you that you won and have saved 
New Domino City, but the threat to the world yet remains.  You then get 
teleported back to your pit, managing to spook Yusei and Jack out of their 
wits.  You explain to them what was said, and then your cards turn blank again 
(NO!!  MY POOR TRISHULA!!  GIVE ME MY PRECIOUS!!).  Anyway, you all take your 
victory lap, because more important than saving New Domino City or the future 
of the world, you have just won the WRGP!!!  Hurrah and rejoice knowing that 
Yusei and Jack defeated exactly 0 duelists and you quite literally did ALL of 
the work!

The game skips to "A few days later" where you are once again back at Toru's 
garage.  You, Toru, and Misaki head to the stadium.  Misaki gives the cutest 
speech with the most emotion she's shown all game long.  Of course, you're 
here because you need to determine whether the champions should be yourself, 
Toru, and Misaki; or Crow, Yusei, and Jack.  I have just 1 thing to say . . . 
roll credits!!

You have just finished the Story Mode.  Stick around for unlocking all sorts 
of stuff during the After Story!


VI. After-Story Walkthrough

Make sure to click Continue, and not New Game or New Game (existing data).  
You'll find by beating the game you've unlocked new CPU opponents, a new Duel 
Disk, new music, and 1 new pack!  Let's check it out:

Duelist Revolution:

Amazoness set
Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste
Lightning Tricorn
Naturia set
Pot of Duality
Scrap set
Scrap Dragon
Solemn Warning
Thunder Unicorn
Ultimate Axon Kicker
Voltic Bicorn
Watt set

You now have all the materials necessary to make an Amazoness deck if you're 
into that kind of thing.  You basically have enough for a halfway decent Watt 
deck too.  Solemn Warning you should already have.  This pack does give the 
finishing touches to an excellent Naturia deck, which I highly suggest at 
least trying out.  You can also make a pretty decent Scrap deck (although you 
don't have all the materials for the best version of this quite yet).  Scrap 
Dragon can also be useful in other decks.  The biggest star of this pack, 
however, is Pot of Duality, which is especially useful for decks that don't do 
a lot of special summoning anyway, and is still useful for any deck that has 
room to add it.  When you're done perfecting your next deck, let's head on 
over to CPU Duel to keep the fun going.  I'll be using a Scrap deck like this:

2x Dandylion
1x Glow-Up Bulb
1x Necro Gardna
1x Plaguespreader Zombie
3x Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
1x Sangan
3x Scrap Beast
3x Scrap Chimera
2x Scrap Goblin
2x Scrap Golem
2x Thunder King Rai-Oh

1x Dark Hole
1x Foolish Burial
1x Mind Control
1x Monster Reborn
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
3x Scrapstorm

2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Call of the Haunted
1x Dimensional Prison
2x Dust Tornado
1x Mirror Force
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Solemn Warning
1x Torrential Tribute

1x Ally of Justice Catastor
2x Black Rose Dragon
1x Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
1x Colossal Fighter
1x Goyo Guardian
2x Naturia Beast
1x Red Dragon Archfiend
3x Scrap Dragon
2x Stardust Dragon
1x Thought Ruler Archfiend

Remember, beat everyone 3 times.  We won't be unlocking much by doing this, 
but we'll need the DP for when we do start unlocking packs (and believe me, 
we'll unlock plenty).

Herald of Perfection
Herald Generation
It's a Ritual deck attempting to summon Herald, who can negate all your spells 
and traps as long as he has a Fairy in his hand to discard.  Very annoying, 
but easily defeated by Royal Oppression, Vanity's Fiend, and Fossil Dyna.

Flamvell Baby
True Flame Backdraft
Flamvell decks load the grave with monsters, then use Rekindling to 
potentially max out the field or bust out some huge synchro monsters.  A Macro 
deck works well here, or anti-special summon cards.

Beating Flamvell Baby 3 times unlocks Queen Angel of Roses as a CPU Opponent.

Scrap Twin Dragon
Ruin & Renewal
This is basically an improved version of Toru's deck, but not quite as good as 
what I posted above.  Again, Macro decks and anti-special summon cards will 
work well here.  I decided to fight this guy a few more times to pick up some 
extra cards from the set.

Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu
Unbound Immortal
Understand that Earthbound monsters must have a face-up Field Spell on the 
field or else they are destroyed.  Therefore, if you just save some s/t 
control effects, you can destroy the Field Spell after he tries to summon his 
Earthbound Immortal taking out 2 for 1 (and more considering the monsters he 
had to tribute).  This is 1 of the reasons Earthbound Immortal decks are 
primarily just good in Turbo Duels where the Field Spell cannot be destroyed.  
His only chance is tribute a Hardened Armed Dragon when summoning the 
Earthbound Immortal, which will make it unable to be destroyed by its own 
effect or by any other effect (you gotta remove it from the field without 
destroying it via a card effect.

Defeating Ccapac Apu 3 times unlocks Meklord Emperor Granel Infinity as a CPU 

Steelswarm Caucastag
Steelswarm Space
These guys are similar to Monarchs in many ways, although I still prefer a 
Monarch deck over them anyday.  Mask of Restrict and Zombie World are both 
instant wins for you fyi.  You'll probably also want a way to remove 
Steelswarm Scout from play, since it is a very annoying card like Treeborn 
Frog or Immortal Bushi.

That's all with this for the time being.  We'll do more later.  Gotta pace 
ourselves or else we risk getting bored!  Let's head over to Story Mode and 
check some stuff out.

When you enter Story Mode, you'll be in Toru's garage talking to Toru and 
Misaki.  Apparently, you can swap out Tag partners at the Bootleg.  
*IMPORTANT* swapping monsters in story mode is different than swapping them in 
WC Mode!  Your WC Mode partner is not your Story Mode partner, so make sure 
you keep track of who you're with for each!

Head over to Bootleg and you'll see a guy just south of the owner at the bar.  
He's who you talk to, to change Tag Partners in Story Mode.  Off the bat here, 
you should be able to choose between Toru, Misaki, Kalin, and Lazar (if you 
beat Kalin and Lazar 3 times each like I told you to).  Of the initial 3, 
Kalin has the best deck hands down, but Lazar is good at providing you with 
fodder for Synchro and Tribute summons.

Head out of there after choosing a partner, and head west to the guy who sells 
you stuff for Star Chips.  You should have 60+ Star Chips at this point, so 
dole out 25 for the Omega Hawk, which is the best Duel Runner you can get for 
the most part.  After that, you can spend the rest on whatever you like.  You 
can head into the Duel Runner shop next and pick up some of their new 
equipment.  With that, let's do some S Ranking!  Here's the setup I'll be 
using for it!

Omega Hawk
No Parts
Feather III
Booster III
Turbo Chip III (optionally, you can do Quick Chip III, and it's recommended 
for the shorter courses)

Use the computer on the right in the Duel Runner shop to access the tracks.  
You have to at least B Rank on each difficulty to unlock the next difficulty, 
but if you can get S Ranks on every track and every difficulty, you'll unlock 
the Yusei-Go, and even more powerful Duel Runner!  This is also a good way to 
pick up some extra DP and Speed Spells.  S Ranking on the toughest difficulty 
typically can only be accomplished by hitting no objects or walls and 
achieving the Start Dash.

Ok, I basically used that to spout off some steam and cool down from the 
constant dueling, but we'll be getting right back into things now.  Head over 
to Satisfaction Town and enter the flower shop.  You can finally duel against 
Barbara here, so beat her 3 times.

Nasty Cyber Lady
She runs a Harpie deck, which means she can do a pretty decent job of clearing 
your back row while swarming several monsters to the field.  Destroy her field 
spell quickly before she can start picking off your traps.  That should even 
the odds more than enough for you to beat her heads up.

Head over to the mine next.  Go north into the mine and in the northwest 
corner is Sergio.  He can't remember who he is, and is determined not to 
leave.  Head back out of the mine and back to Satisfaction Town.  Go all the 
way north to the hideout and talk with either Nico or West to tell them that 
their dad is still alive!  West and Nico head right over to see him, but he 
doesn't remember who they are.  Talk to him again and he'll wonder if there 
could be a clue to his memories back where he had the accident.  Go west a 
screen and check the wall to the north to find Sergio's Pendant.  Go back and 
talk to Sergio again and his kids will recognize the pendant.  They give the 
pendant to their father, which is enough to uncloud his amnesia!  Yay (I'm not 
crying - I promise not to cry)!  With good news for all, everyone heads back 
to town.  Head to the short straightaway just south of the hideout to find 
Sergio again.  Now you need to beat him 3 times in a duel.

Dad's Revolver
He runs an Ancient Gear deck, complete with Geartown.  Geartown should be the 
only troubling part, since if he sets another Geartown on top of it, he'll get 
to summon the 3000 ATK Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon directly from his deck!  
As long as you can have something ready to beat up Gadjiltron Dragon you 
should be fine, since the rest of his deck only has 1 other decent beatstick.  
In general, traps that respond to attacks will be near-worthless in these 
duels so don't bother bringing them along (Dimensional Prison, Mirror Force) 
and replace them with anything else you can use.

Beating Sergio 3 times should unlock a new card pack - let's check it out!

The Shining Darkness:

Ally of Justice set
Batteryman set
Black-Winged Dragon
Blackwing set
Chaos Goddess
Chaos King Archfiend
Delta Tri
Herald of Perfection
Infernity set
Infernity Doom Dragon
Inmato set
Koa'ki Meiru set
Morphtronic set
Splendid Rose
Watt set

Oh yes there is a lot of excellent stuff here.  If you've been eyeing a 
Batteryman deck you'll have some useful cards in here for that.  If you've 
been working on a Blackwing deck, well we still don't have Vayu and some of 
the Synchro monsters, but the cards in this pack will let you build a 
respectable deck all the same.  Herald of Perfection decks are great fun too 
and I highly suggest at least trying it out to see if you enjoy it.  You 
finally have access to some Infernity cards, and if you were dueling Kalin a 
bit, then you probably have more than enough now to build your own Infernity 
deck which is an awesome and powerful deck-type!  Infernity Doom Dragon is, 
regardless, a nice generic Synchro monster that can be added to many decks.  
If you're a Morphtronic kinda guy/gal, then you've got some more support for 
those here.  There's also extra support for Plant decks and Watt decks.  
Lastly, Ronintoadin is over here, so if you're like me and enjoy a good Froggy 
deck, feel free to pick him up as well.

I also achieved 100 hours of play time at this point, unlocking Guardian Eatos 
as a CPU Opponent.  This also gave me just enough CPU Opponents unlocked (48) 
to unlock another card pack:

World Championship Edition 3:

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Dragon Master Knight
Elemental Hero set
Five-Headed Dragon
Gaap the Divine Soldier
Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
Inferno Reckless Summon
Light and Darkness Dragon
Roid set
Spear Cretin
Splendid Venus
White-Horned Dragon

This pack has all the Dragon Fusion monsters you need to make the best use of 
Dragon's Mirror, so be happy for that.  Light and Darkness Dragon works very 
well in some Monarch decks.  You finally have access to Scapegoat, which is a 
good defensive card, and can be used to create material for Synchro summons.  
The important reason to get this pack, however, is Gorz.  He is useful in ANY 
control deck, decks that use very few Traps (and no Field Spells), and decks 
that clear the field.  When your opponent direct attacks you while you have a 
totally empty field, you can summon him (2700 ATK) along with a token that has 
ATK/DEF equal to the damage you took!  It's a very powerful effect.

So please, go make changes to your deck before we continue.  When you're done, 
head back to Daimon area and talk to Toru.  He'll tell you he's heading back 
to Satisfaction Town.  Form a Tag Team with Toru at the Bootleg, then head 
back to Satisfaction Town.

When you arrive, Toru begins reminiscing.  The 2 of you bump into Sergio, and 
then meet up with West and Nico.  There's some happy greetings with Toru 
getting made fun of (as usual).  The end result of the conversation, however, 
is a Tag Duel!

Power Cuties
West (My Almighty Legend)
Nico (Pretty and Prettier)
Their decks may have leveled up a bit, but they're still as crappy as ever.  
If you are having any troubles at this point . . . then you suck.  Run a Scrap 
deck here with Toru also running Scraps as your partner and it will be even 

Looks like everyone had fun, even though the kiddies lost.  With that done, 
Toru decides it's time to head back to the city.  Before you go, the kids give 
you a copy of Cards of Consonance as a memorable gift.  Hey, you know what I 
think is fun?  Unlocking new packs.  Guess what completing this event did?

Extra Pack 2:

Alien set
Avenging Knight Parshath
Cactus Fighter
Charge of the Light Brigade
Colossal Fighter/Assault Mode
Dark General Freed
Dark Voltanis
Gladiator Beast set
Hand of the Six Samurai
Herald of Orange Light
Lightsworn set
Magical Exemplar
Maiden of Macabre
Night's End Sorcerer
Psychic set
Rose, Warrior of Revenge
Royal Swamp Eel
Tempest Magician
Treacherous Trap Hole

Hurray for Lightsworn support cards!  Now we just need to unlock the other 
pack that contains the rest of them... but anyway there's other stuff here 
too.  Cactus Fighter is good for Plant decks.  Dark decks gain a bit of 
additional support.  Herald of Orange Light is a good tuner, and excellent in 
Fairy decks (like Herald of Perfection and Fatty Fairies).  Izanami rounds out 
your Spirit monster collection nicely if you want to make a Spirit deck.  
There's several cards here that work well with an Endymion deck.  Royal Swamp 
Eel is a must-have for making a good Coelacanth deck (summon 2 Eels and 2 non-
tuner 4-star Fish to instantly bring out 2 8-star Synchro monsters).  Tempest 
Magician is a good Synchro if you have spellcasters in your deck.  Last, 
Treacherou Trap Hole works well with decks that use very few or no traps (like 
Lightsworn decks).

Alright, I've been avoiding this for a long time, but we're going to be 
getting into a lot of Tag Duels in the near future.  I will be making a B-Line 
toward getting the rest of the Lightsworn set and a Lightsworn duelist for a 
partner as quickly as I can with you, since that's gonna be probably your best 
Tag setup since the AI doesn't screw with you too much when using that 
archetype.  Until then, you basically have 3 options:

Option 1: Use your best deck along with Lazar as a partner and just let him 
provide you with fodder and hope he survives each turn reasonably.
Option 2: Create a Scrap deck and partner with Toru who is also using Scraps.  
The issue here is not that Scrap decks are bad, but rather that the AI sucks 
at using them, and Toru's support spells and traps sorta suck.
Option 3: Duel Kalin a whole bunch of times until you have the extra cards 
necessary to put together a good Infernity deck, then team up with Kalin.

I personally suggest doing Option 3.  It is worth it to spend the time beating 
up Kalin, rather than spending a lot more time losing half or more of your Tag 
Duels due to incompetent partners.  The AI does a reasonable job handling 
Infernity deck (not great, but reasonable), and it should suffice until we get 
the LS strategy up and running.  Additionally, having an Infernity deck for 
Single Duels is also a great idea.  Just use a stun or beatdown deck with 
Skill Drain, Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror, Royal Oppression, and Consecrated 
Light and you're duels against Kalin will be a piece of cake.  Remember, once 
you have 1 copy of an Infernity card, you can make 2 more with Card Passwords.

If you're ready, head over to Bay Parking.  Sherry and her butler are both 
here.  Beat them each 2 more times, then challenge them to a Tag Turbo duel 
and win 3 times (that means you'll have to team with either Toru or Misaki 
unless you've been unlocking more partners behind my back).

Sherry LeBlanc
Flower of Vengeance
She uses a Warrior and Spellcaster deck containing several cards with Joan in 
their name.  She's actually pretty easy to beat.

During these duels, I unlocked Judgment Dragon by having 12 Speed Counters in 
a single Turbo Duel, which unlocks Judgment Dragon as a CPU Turbo Opponent.  
That also makes 16 CPU Turbo Opponents unlocked at this point, which unlocks 
another card pack!

World Championship Edition 8:

Armory Arm
Chaos-End Master
Elemental Hero set
Elemental Hero Gaia
Exploder Dragon
Ido the Supreme Magical Force
Machina set
Neos Wiseman
Red-Eyes Wyvern
Spell Striker
Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode

The only big gem here is Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode, which makes for a very 
fun and moderately powerful deck.  If you're making a Dragon deck and haven't 
collected Wyvern or Exploder Dragon, then you can get them here too.  A bit of 
Elemental Hero support is here, and Armory Arm is an interesting Synchro 
monster useful in some decks.

Chivalric Keeper
He uses many powerful 4-star monsters in his Koa'ki beatdown deck.  Just make 
sure you can plant some decent beatsticks and you should be fine.

Beating the 2 of them 3 times each is enough to unlock the card pack that I 
was trying to get to as quickly as possible.  Let's take a look:

Light of Destruction:

Arcana Force set
Arcana Force 0 - The Fool
Batteryman set
Cloudian - Storm Dragon
Destiny End Dragoon
Destiny Hero set
Froggy Forcefield
Gladiator Beast Gyzarus
Judgment Dragon
Lightsworn set
Neo-Spacian set
Simorgh, Bird of Ancestry
Solar Recharge
The Lady in Wight
Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem
Volcanic Queen

This pack can help us put the finishing touches on several decks!  If you've 
been getting more and more excited as I've talked about Froggy decks, well you 
now have access to every card but 1 that is useful in them, so that is more 
than enough to make it worthwhile to make the deck!  If you're into GB decks, 
Gyzarus is here, which should be the last piece you need to complete that 
deck.  If you haven't picked up Honest yet, it's available here.  If you like 
King of Skull Servant decks, you'll want The Lady in Wight.  You can now also 
complete the building of a Batteryman OTK deck, which can be quite powerful is 
created/used properly.  Last, but certainly not least, you now have all the 
parts for creating the very powerful Lightsworn deck!  If you're not making 
deck changes after this pack, then I'm afraid I may have to call you a 
psychotic freak suffering from a severe neurosis that makes you unable to see 
how awesome cards can be!

Team Sherry
Even with a new LS deck, these duels will probably be annoying just because 
your only current options are Toru or Misaki.  You probably won't win 3 in a 
row unless you get quite lucky, but the good news is that beating them 3 times 
in Tag Turbo duels will unlock both of them as Tag Partners.

From here, head to Daimon district and change your partner to either Kalin or 
Lazar.  Next, head just southeast a bit to the Underground Dueling Area.  
Challenge Angie and Nelson to a Tag Duel and win 3 times.

Light & Darkness
Angie uses a DARK deck, while Nelson uses a Fairy deck.  Both are decent, but 
neither is great.  Just watch out for Honest, and you don't need to bother too 
much about getting rid of tuners right away, because they have only 4 Synchro 
monsters between the 2 of them.

Beating them 3 times unlocks them as Tag Partners.  Go over and make Angie 
your new Tag Partner.  Save before leaving the Bootleg.  When you exit the 
Bootleg, a couple of Angie's fans come up to you accusing you of being her new 
boyfriend.  Well, that's not very pleasant of them.  They challenge you to a 
Tag Duel.  Beware, this will not be an easy one.

Bad End Boys
Morrison (Forsaken Light)
Graton (Fallen Light)
One of them runs a Fabled deck, while the other runs a LS deck.  These will be 
hard duels even though Angie is a decent partner, just because both of your 
opponents do have pretty good decks.  By the way, can you guess who we'll be 
shooting for as a future Tag Partner?

After winning, Angie will correct them that you aren't her boyfriend (rats), 
so they decide to leave you be and go after her real boyfriend!  You rush over 
to make sure he's ok, and it turns out he took them both out with ease.  For 
protecting Angie, her real boyfriend gives you a copy of Hardened Armed 

Head back to your apartment building and have a talk with Klaus.  He mentions 
some strange noises on the floor above you that he wants you to check out 
(damn noisy neighbors).  More importantly 1st, check the other room on the 
same floor as your own to find the 2 guys you just got done beating!  Beat 
them each separately 3 times, then together 2 more times.

Forsaken Light
He runs a Fabled deck, you've seen them before.  This one is about average - 
not bad, but not superior.

Fallen Light
This may actually be your 1st fight against a LS deck.  Light-Imprisoning 
Mirror, Royal Oppression, and Macro decks could be helpful, or you could fight 
him heads up with your own LS deck.  Lightsworns mill cards from the deck in 
order to summon Judgment Dragon and to use the effects of cards that like 
being in the graveyard.

Yes, having to beat these guys in their Tag Team 2 additional times is a pain 
in the ass, but it's worth it in the long run, just so you can have Graton as 
a partner from now on.  Beating their Tag Team 3 times unlocks them both as 
Tag Partners, so we now have a LS deck and a LS partner.  Awesome.  This will 
make all of our Tag Duels much much easier.  Time to check out what Klaus was 
talking about - head up to the 3rd floor.

When you get there, Lenny will be there and he will proclaim it to be his 
floor so you can't check things out . . . unless you beat him up.

Bug Stampede
He uses an Insect deck complete with the new Koa'ki Meiru Beetle.  Insect 
decks are pretty straight forward in that they typically just try to summon 
beatsticks while using several searcher monsters.  You should be able to beat 
this without resorting to any particular tricks.

Head over to the east room and check the bed for a copy of Lion Alligator.  In 
the west room are 2 weirdos dueling, and 1 of them talks like "Sss ss ss ss 
ss" which is the strange noise that Klaus was hearing.  Turns out he's not 
such a bad guy, he just has a weird way of talking and will try to keep it 
down.  Also in the room is a prize box containing Mystical Space Typhoon.  
Head back to Klaus and talk to him to tell him what happened.  As a reward for 
helping out, Klaus will give you a DWE-CG for your Duel Runner.  Additionally, 
completing this "quest" nabs you a new card pack!

Extra Pack:

Allure of Darkness
Aztekipede, the Worm Warrior
Dark Grepher
Darknight Parshath
Darklord Zerato
Gladiator Beast set
Golden Flying Fish
Grandmaster of the Six Samurai
Il Blud
Lonefire Blossom
Prime Material Dragon
Royal Firestorm Guards
Test Tiger
Volcanic Rocket

This pack has some seriously important cards!  Allure of Darkness should be in 
any deck you have that contains more than 6 DARK monsters.  Dark Grepher is a 
big support card for several decks such as Dark Simorgh decks and Infernities.  
You are now completely able to make a Coelacanth deck, as you now have access 
to all the relevant Fish monsters that you would need for it.  Royal Firestorm 
Guards compliments a Flamvell deck quite well, and Test Tiger is indispensible 
in a Gladiator Beast deck.  I would say the best card in this pack, however, 
is Grandmaster of the Six Samurai!  This finally gives you the last card you 
absolutely needed (still some more out there that are useful though) to make a 
Six Samurai deck - which is a very powerful archetype!  Enjoy, and when you're 
done head back to Story Mode.

Back in story mode, go back to the 3rd floor and beat Lenny 2 more times.  
Next up are the 2 guys in the west room.  Beat them separately and together in 
Tag 3 times each.

Cc: Sea Hunter
His big play is using Deep Sea Diva to summon Spined Gilman, then synchro them 
for Sea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon, who has 2300 ATK and that ups to 3000 ATK for 
1 turn if a 3-star or lower monster is sent from the field to the graveyard.  
Basically, that's all he has to throw at you.  If you can beat that you can 
beat him.

The Sea's Torment
He's also using a WATER deck, although his is a bit different from Larry's.  
He uses Fishborg Blaster and several monsters that gain effects when Umi is on 
the field.  The good news is that he actually uses Umi, and not A Legendary 
Ocean, which makes things much easier for you.

Ocean Folk
This should be a relatively easy tag duel if you're using LS with Graton as 
your partner.  You shouldn't need any extra advice for this.

Beating their Tag 3 times unlocks them as Tag Partners.  Now, head up to the 
4th floor and go to the east room where Bolt will be waiting for you.  Blister 
explains that he wants you to decipher some code that he and Bolt came up with 
to see whose was better.  You'll get a card for guessing the correct location 
of the cipher.  We'll get back to that in a bit.  First, beat Bolt 3 times, 
then beat their Tag Team 2 more times (you beat them once when getting parts 
for your Duel Runner, remember?).

Bolt Tanner
Ex-Champion's Glory
Bolt is using a Spider deck, which concentrates on making your monsters go to 
defense position and then destroying them with effects from his monsters.  If 
you can get rid of his support traps this will be a bit easier, so I suggest a 
bit more s/t control effects in your deck for this.  However, that's not 
saying this is a particularly difficult fight, because it's not.

Beat their team 3 times unlocks them as partners.  Now we can start up with 
their little puzzle.  Head over to Fountain Plaza and check 1 of the tables in 
the southwest corner for a Reinforced Human Psychic Borg (cipher #1).  Next, 
head to Satisfaction Town and go east from the Card Shop, checking out the 
sign that says Ramon's Diner for a copy of Trap Stun.  Now, head back to 
Daimon district and to the 4th floor of your apartment to Blister and Bolt's 
room.  They're happy you solved both (it doesn't matter which 1 you said was 
more difficult).  Also, the 2 of them have worked together to make an extra 
hard cipher for you that you don't have to figure out because I'm going to 
tell you the answer.

Head out again, and this time go over to the Mine.  Go to the last area of the 
mine and check an overturned card on the west side for a Dark Grepher, then 
head back to Bolt and Blister.  They will both admit defeat to your (well my) 
brilliance at codebreaking.  Yeah, that's all there is.  No more rewards.  
Sucks, don't it?

Head over to the Duel Runner shop by your apartment and fight the guy standing 
around and win 3 times.

Duel Catenaccio
He runs a Rock deck, where he'll use flip effect monsters and monsters with 
high DEF to defeat you by bouncing your monsters back to the hand and deck, 
and hitting you with recoil damage when you attack.  Cards that can destroy 
face-down monsters will give you a HUGE advantage in this duel.

With that you've been the list of "everyone standing around inside a card or 
duel runner shop" and that gets you a new card pack!

Force of the Breaker:

Alien set
Archfiend set
Blaze Accelerator
Crystal Beast set
Elemental Hero Captain Gold
Gravekeeper's Commandant
Harpie Queen
Raiza the Storm Monarch
Sky Scourge Enrise
Sky Scourge Invicil
Sky Scourge Norleras
Volcanic set
Warrior of Atlantis

If you're looking for more support cards for a Volcanic deck then you've come 
to the right place.  If you've been itching for awhile to make a Crystal Beast 
deck, now you can do it.  If your Gravekeepers have been feeling inconsistent, 
you now have Commandant to help smooth things out.  The other card in this 
pack to look for is Sky Scourge Norleras.  Normally, he's too difficult to 
summon, but a Phantom of Chaos deck is the right place for him to go, since 
PoC can simply remove him from the grave, then take and use his awesome 

Next thing to do is beat each of the shopkeepers at the Duel Runner shop 3 
times each.  You can duel Shop Keepers now that it is the After Story.

Gladiators Award
Gladiator Beasts send themselves back to the deck in order to summon others of 
the archetype who gain effects when summoned by the effect of a Gladiator 
Beast.  It is a very powerful control deck that has 2 very powerful contact 
fusion monsters.  Royal Oppression and Skill Drain are going to be some of 
your best methods of shutting them down, along with a respectable amount of 
s/t control.

Kalisse Noula
The Samurai
He runs a Sasuke Samurai deck.  The only annoyance here is Sasuke Samurai #4, 
who has a 50% chance of winning every battle via a coin flip.  If Second Coin 
Toss is on the field, that goes up to a 75% chance of winning each battle - 
not good.  The best way to beat this is to just have a high amount of monster 
destruction effects.

If you head north from the apartment area you'll find an empty area, except 
for Mina.  Beat her 3 times.

Mina Simington
Hidden Feelings
She runs an End of the World deck with Demise and Ruin.  As with any Ritual 
deck, cards that stop special summons are nearly an instant win.

Beating Mina 3 times adds her as a Tag Partner.  Next, head over to the Card 
Shop near Toru's garage.  You'll be fighting each of the Shop Keepers here 

Endymion's Award
She runs an Endymion deck, so beware of using too many Spell cards and look 
out for the typical Spellcaster support cards too.

Alina Noula
Where's the Arcana?
Arcana monsters all have a coin flip when they're summoned to determine what 
effect they'll receive, although this can be bypassed with the Field Spell and 
aided with Second Coin Toss.  They're all LIGHT, so beware of Honest.  Other 
than that, the effects of the main monsters are not really all that rough.  
Arcana Force 0 - The Fool, has the most annoying effect since he can be tough 
to destroy, but other than that you'll only need to watch out for her high-
star monsters who you shouldn't even see unless you allow her to get a bunch 
of monsters on the field.

Next up on the list of people's butts to kick, head on over to Toru's garage.  
Now you've already beat them in normal duels, but now you also need to win 3 
times in Turbo duels, Tag duels, and Tag Turbo duels!  You already know their 
decks by now, so I don't think I need to go over that again.  For the Tag 
Turbo duels, I teamed up with Elsworth.  Enjoy!  Beating them in all those 
ways will open up a new card pack for ya!

Omega's Judgement!!:  (I would like to note that "Judgment" only has 1 "e", 
stupid programmers need to spellcheck)

Advanced Ritual Art
Arcana Force 0 - The Fool
Battle Fader
Daigusto Sphreeze
Drastic Drop Off
Elemental Hero set
Evigishki Tetrogre
Future Fusion
Gem-Knight set
Gem-Knight Citrine
Gem-Knight Prism Aura
Gishki set
Gusto set
Laval set
Laval Stannon
Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands
Mystic Tomato
Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys
Steelswarm set
Vylon set
Vylon Alpha
Vylon Omega
Wall of Revealing Light

Well, there is certainly a lot of "stuff" in this pack, although much of it is 
available elsewhere and most of it is not crucial unless you're aiming for to 
work with a specific archetype.  If you're looking to make a Vylon deck, you 
now should have all the parts you need.  If you're going after a Gishki deck, 
you can now make a semi-respectable one, although not quite perfect yet.  
Laval decks get some support from here too.  If the Gem-Knights appeal to you, 
then you've got a good chunk of support for them in this pack as well.  The 1 
card that really stands out to me from this pack is Battle Fader, who is an 
excellent defensive card and heavily useful in Monarch decks, since he can be 
used as a tribute after he stops the opponent from attacking.

Back in Story Mode, head over to the Underground Dueling Area southeast of 
Bootleg.  You need to win a Tag Duel 3 times against the duo in the basement 
who you already beat previously in single duels.  Beating their tag team 3 
times unlocks both of them as Tag Partners.  Now, head north from the Bootleg 
to the prison.  There's a big robot blocking your way this time.  Apparently, 
the Chief needs help because the robot is malfunctioning.  It has jailed the 
jailors and won't let anyone pass without a duel.  Time to break some 

Guard Robot
Lock 'n' Burn X
It uses a Burn deck, but most of the cards it uses are so incredibly weak 
(Hinotama?!?) that this should be a piece of cake.  The very fact that all the 
guards lost to this thing indicates that they suck at dueling like bugs suck 
at not getting squashed when they enter my house!

After beating it, the robot calls for the end of the lockdown and the Chief 
gives you a D.D. Assailant as thanks.  You can now enter the jail.  Once 
inside, beat the robot 2 more times.  Next, take down the guard just west of 
the robot 3 times.

Today's Guard
He runs a Scrap deck, but it is more heavily based on the EARTH aspect than 
most should be, so look for less synchro summoning, and more generally 
powerful beatsticks that can be given high ATK via his Field Spell and some 
other ATK-boosting cards.

Head north a screen and duel the guard by the entrance here.

Remove from Fray
He is running a Macro deck, so you may want to change things up if you're 
using a deck that focuses heavily on the graveyard (or add in A LOT of s/t 

Ok, time to start beating up prisoners.  I'm just gonna make a sweep of the 
rooms from west to east.  First up is Kameno and Ida.  Beat them each 3 times 
separately, then 2 more times (you already beat their tag once) in tag.

Lucky Turtle Shell
He runs a deck with a bunch of monsters that happen to be turtles (not an 
actual archetype).  Some are good cards, some aren't.  He also has a handful 
of Gem-Knight cards, but not enough to be worthy of calling his deck focused.  
He has decent spell/trap cards, but not anything great.  This should be an 
easy fight.

Ida Dragons
He runs a Dragunity deck, which sends monsters to the graveyard, then equips 
them to monsters on the field to gain additional effects, swarm the field, and 
bust out some pretty nasty Synchro monsters.  Royal Oppression and Skill Drain 
are both useful here, and Macro decks work well too.  Make sure to get rid of 
his Field Spell, as that is what adds most of the consistency to his deck.

Next up is Syd, who you can beat 2 more times.  Also, in his room is a prize 
box containing Necro Gardna.  In the next room, check the eastern bed for a 
copy of Chaos Sorcerer, then move on to beating Lawton 3 times.

Combat Realist
He's not nearly a scary as before when he started with 10 cards.  With only 
the normal number of starting cards he can't do nearly as much Burn damage 
right off the bat, and he will end up losing enormous amounts of card 
advantage in the process, which you can take full advantage of.

In the next room, check the floor for a Star Chip and then beat up Malcolm 2 
more times.  There's a prize box in the last room containing Blackwing - Gale 
the Whirlwind.  Finally, take down Ramon 2 more times so that you've beaten 
everyone in the prison 3 times each.  Of course, that unlocks a new card pack!

Genex's Onslaught!!:

Arcana Knight Joker
Botanical Lion
Divine Wrath
Dragunity set
Dragunity Knight - Trident
Dragunity Knight - Vajrayana
Elemental Hero Darkbright
Fabled set
Genex Ally set
Genex Ally Triarm
Icarus Attack
Ice Barrier set
Jester Lord
Jurrac set
Jurrac Meteor
Limiter Removal
Naturia set
Royal Oppression
The Fabled Unicore
White Night Dragon

The Genex Ally set adds some much needed support to the Genex archetype, so if 
you like that archetype you now have enough to make a decent deck from it.  
You also should now have enough to make a halfway decent Fabled deck.  Jurrac 
decks are not particularly good (I don't recommend them), but you now have 
enough cards that if you wanted to make 1 just for fun, feel free to do so.  
There is also now enough support for you to make a pretty good Dragunity deck, 
which I do recommend since it is a powerful swarm deck capable of summoning 
Synchro monsters on every turn.  It's only weakness is how much it relies on 
its Field Spell card.

The next place to head to is the Mountain Pass.  On the north side is a 
shining orb containing Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter.  There's 3 people here to duel 
(from the prelims of the WRGP), and 2 to do tag duels against.  Let's start 
with the single guy off to the east.  Turbo duel against him and win 3 times.

Stealth Blaster
His deck focuses on using Fairy Box along with defensive monsters to keep you 
from attacking and punish you when you do.  Bring along a solid amount of s/t 
control and the monsters will present less of a problem.

Beating Hans 3 times unlocks him as a Tag Partner.

The other 2 are Hermann and Nicolas.  You've beaten each of them once before 
separately, so beat them 2 more times individually and then 3 times in a Tag 
Turbo duel.  I chose Elsworth again, although you could pick Hans if you want 
someone who will definitely defend you on his turn(s).  Since both of your 
opponents are using the same archetype, this could be a bit more difficult of 
a match than you've seen recently.  Beating everyone here 3 times in every way 
nets you another card pack!

Ruler of Chaos!!:

Blackwing - Bora the Spear
Burial from a Different Dimension
Compulsory Evacuation Device
Elemental Hero Prisma
Fabled set
Fabled Leviathan
Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Ice Barrier set
Junk Synchron
Jurrac set
Jurrac Velphito
Lava Golem
Locomotion R-Genx
Naturia set
Naturia Barkion
R-Genex set
Smashing Ground
Threatening Roar
Worm set

If you are enjoying a Fabled or Naturia deck, this pack has the support cards 
you need to make them into truly terrifying decks.  The R-Genex set is a 
support set for Genex that gives them enormous amounts of swarm potential that 
can lead to several OTK's.  Note that if you have multiple R-Genex monsters in 
your hand, you can basically summon all of them to the field with their 
effects 1 after the other.  The downside to R-Genex is that it leaves you with 
very little left in your hand, so your backup plans if the OTK doesn't work 
are limited.  Worms and Ice Barrier still suck imo.  There's some more Jurrac 
support here too if you like that archetype, and several decent generic cards 
that you can also find in other places.

The next place to head to is Fountain Plaza.  Carly and Stephanie in the 
southwest still need to lose 3 times in tag duels.  Oblige them if you would.  
Beating their tag team 3 times will add them as partners while also unlocking 
a new card pack!

Revival of the Fableds!!:

Ally of Justice set
Black Rose Dragon
Card Trooper
Fabled set
Fabled Valkyrus
Genex set
Goblin Zombie
Ice Barrier set
Jurrac set
Jurrac Giganoto
Mark of the Rose
Mist Valley set
Mist Valley Thunder Lord
Montage Dragon
Morphtronic set
Naturia set
Naturia Leodrake
Twilight Rose Knight
Windmill Genex
Worm set

Many of the cards in this pack can be found in other places, but a few cannot.  
Of the new cards, this pack should give you enough to make a damn good Fabled 
deck, which is quite a powerful archetype that relies on discarding its 
monsters for effects that give control and swarming ability, along with a 
multitude of Synchro monsters to summon.  There are also some very important 
Naturia monsters in this pack if you're looking to make a Naturia deck.  There 
is also some pretty decent Genex support here.

Next, head over to Yusei's place and talk to Bruno in the corner.  He'll tell 
you something is wrong with the computer.  If you check it, you'll have to 
face off against Team 5D's, 1 after the other in this order:


This is the 1st of 3 ghosts that we'll have to deal with.  Don't be reckless 
with your LP, since you will be keeping the same amount from 1 duel to the 
next.  That being said, this isn't like the duels where you keep all the stuff 
on your field for the next duel, so if you're using something like LS, don't 
worry about holding back since you're not gonna instantly deck out on the next 
duel.  Keep in mind that your LP is important here, because if it gets low 
your opponent can win quickly with a couple shots of -800 from Speed World 2, 
so if you're given the chance summoning monsters like Magical Android and 
Thought Ruler Archfiend will be helpful here for keeping yourself out of the 
danger zone.  For beating this ghost you receive a copy of Gold Sarcophagus.  
Talk to Bruno again and he'll say how impressed he is with you, and that will 
also unlock a new card pack!

Stardust Overdrive:

Black Brutdrago
Blackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant
Divine Grace - Northwenko
Djinn set
Earthbound set
Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua
Earthbound Immortal Uru
Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca
Explosive Magician
Faustian Bargain
Fortune Lady set
Gemini set
Gemini Counter
Gemini Spark
Infernity set
Koa'ki Meiru set
Level Eater
Lord British Space Fighter
Majestic Dragon
Majestic Star Dragon
Moray of Greed
Preparation of Rites
Quickdraw Synchron
Red Lotus set
Reptilianne set
Reptilianne Hydra
Spider set
Stardust Xiaolong
Swap Frog

Hopefully you can tell by the size of the list that this pack has A LOT OF 
AWESOME SHIT IN IT!!  Oh my gosh, where to begin?  You now have a bunch of new 
Gemini support, so you can make a Gemini deck or use Gemini Spark, Crusader of 
Endymion, Neos Alius, and other LIGHT Gemini monsters to make a LIGHT Beatdown 
deck that is a great control deck.  If you are into Gishki decks or Herald of 
Perfection decks, then you'll just love the Ritual support cards available in 
this pack including the Djinns and Preparation of Rites.  While I don't 
recommend them for normal duels, in Turbo duels the Earthbound Immortals cards 
fair very well either just with a couple copies by themselves, or by making a 
deck around them and using their Earthbound support cards.  There's some 
important Infernity support in this pack, as well as some good Koa'ki Meiru 
cards too.  If you're into a LIGHT Machines deck, then you'll be wanting Lord 
British Space Fighter.  Level Eater is a particularly tasty card for any deck 
that revolves around bringing out Synchro monsters or high-star monsters in 
general (like Monarchs), and that can do some graveyard milling.  It is 
basically a free monster that can keep being summoned as long as you have a 5-
star or higher monster on the field.  You could make a Fortune Lady deck here, 
or you could steal just a few Fortune Lady cards (Wind and Dark) and use them 
in a Dark Simorgh Lockdown deck, which is a particularly fun treat.  You use 
Fortune Lady support along with Dark World support to mill quickly through 
your deck, then bust out a Dark Simorgh or 2 and set Anti-Spell Fragrance 
along with either Divine Wrath, Solemn Judgment, or Solemn Warning.  It's a 
lot of fun to play with.  Quickdraw Synchron allows you to now make a 
Quickdraw DandyWarrior deck (not my fault for its weird name), which is a 
control deck based on using Dandylion, Quickdraw Synchron, and Drill Warrior 
to slowly whittle down your opponent.  Moray of Greed is a great addition to 
Coelacanth decks, who often suffer from bad hands due to some of the weaker 
monsters they are forced to use.  The Reptilianne set is based on making your 
opponent's monsters have 0 ATK, and tributing 0 ATK monsters on either side of 
the field to special summon monsters and use effects (this includes 0 ATK 
tokens btw).  Lastly, Swap Frog is a huge addition to Froggy decks, and is a 
cornerstone of the Froggy Monarchs deck, which utilizes Swap Frog to easily 
get Treeborn Frog to the grave for easy and consistent Monarch summonings.  
Notice how I didn't even mention Majestic Star Dragon?  That would be because 
despite the fact it is nearly an instant win if you summon it, its summoning 
condition is so ridiculous that most of the time when you try to make a deck 
around it you'll end up with nothing but bad hands and horrid defeats.  Just 
something to keep in mind.  Anyways, you definitely want to invest in this 
pack because it is flippin' awesome!

Back in the land of Story Mode, it's time to deal with the twins Leo and Luna 
by beating them 3 times in Tag Duels.  Beating their tag team 3 times unlocks 
both of them as Tag Partners.  The next place to head to is the Outer Rim.  On 
the ground is a shining orb containing Brutal Potion.  Over here are Trudge 
and Akiza.  Akiza you've had 1 Turbo Duel with, but need to beat her 2 more 
times and win 3 regular duels as well.  Trudge you have not yet faced and need 
to beat 3 times in a Turbo duel.  Then, you need to beat both of them 3 times 
in a Tag Turbo duel.

Tetsu Trudge
Tetsu's Justice
Trudge uses a bunch of very defensive monsters, but he doesn't really have a 
lot of ways to beat you.  His best plan is to get your monsters into defense 
position then take them out with effects.  Just be aggressive and you'll break 
through his defenses.  His monsters aren't much to worry about, so investing 
in extra s/t control will do some good here.

I went with Nicolas this time for my turbo tag partner.  Beating their tag 
team 3 times unlocks them as Tag Partners (Akiza is a pretty decent partner 
for Turbo duels btw), and beating them in all ways 3 times unlocks a new card 

Whirlwind of Dragunity!!:

Ally of Justice set
Ancient Fairy Dragon
Book of Moon
Debris Dragon
Destiny Hero set
Dragunity set
Dragunity Knight - Gae Bulg
Dragunity Knight - Gae Dearg
Elemental Hero Stratos
Fabled set
Fabled Ragin
Ice Barrier set
Jurrac set
Naturia set
Night Assailant
Power Tool Dragon
R-Genex set
Red Dragon Archfiend
Skill Drain
United We Stand
Vindikite R-Genex
Worm set

Quite literally about half of the cards in this pack can be found elsewhere.  
However, that's not to say there aren't some major gems.  If you've been 
working on a Dragunity deck, there is some serious support here for the 
archetype and the same goes with the Fabled archetype.  This should allow you 
to make some seriously powerful Fabled and Dragunity decks, which are both fun 
and competitive.  This pack contains Ancient Fairy Dragon, who is a wonderful 
Synchro monster who is useless in Turbo decks, but if you can afford a slot 
for it in your regular deck it can serve you well.  The R-Genex set gets a 
boost from this pack, and this pack also contains Power Tool Dragon for you 
Morphtronic fans out there.

Back in Story Mode, if you talk with Trudge he has a deck for Duel Bot that he 
would like you to run over and deliver it.  Head back over to the prison area 
and talk to the guy outside on the Duel Runner.  He'll give you a copy of 
Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier as thanks.  Of course, you also need to 
beat him 3 times. ;D

Duel Bot
He uses an Ally of Justice deck, so I wouldn't suggest running LS against him.  
Basically, use any deck that doesn't have a bunch of LIGHT monsters and you'll 
be fine.

Next up, head over to Satellite.  On the bridge is a shining orb containing 
The Six Samurai - Irou.  Now, head over to Kuroe's "fake" shop in the 
southwest and talk to Kuroe.  He'll tell you his computer is acting up.  Guess 
what?  It's another ghost.  This time it's Team 5D's, but in regular duels 
rather than Turbo duels.  Here's the lineup:


At this point there are several good decks you could make to get through this, 
although that trusty LS deck will almost always work, and remember that a 
well-placed Thought Ruler Archfiend or Magical Android can help give you the 
LP you need to make it through these duels.  Win, and you'll get a copy of 
Torrential Tribute, then talk to Kuroe again to freak him out and unlock 
another card pack!

Raging Battle:

Blackwing set
Blackwing Armed Wing
Deep Sea Diva
Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu
Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu
Exploder Dragonwing
Forbidden Chalice
Grave of the Super Ancient Organism
Koa'ki Meiru set
Magic Planter
Mirror of Oaths
Morphtronic set
One for One
Power Tool Dragon
Sea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon
Trap Stun

Finally you can make a reasonably powerful Blackwing deck (minus only a couple 
good cards)!  That is a very strong archetype that I highly recommend testing 
out.  Deep Sea Diva is a great tuner who works well in WATER decks, Zombie 
decks (surprisingly enough), and Absolute Zero decks.  She can either bring 
out another copy of herself, or she can bring out something like Spined Gilman 
for an instant 5-star Synchro monster.  There are more Earthbound Immortals 
here, so if you're looking to use them in your Turbo deck . . . here they are?  
If you are looking to build a Koa'ki Meiru deck (I haven't had much success 
with them, but I know people who like them), then you should have all the 
components you need at this point.  If you're into Morphtronic decks, there's 
some more support for you over here.  Gishilnodon is an interesting choice for 
a 5-star Synchro monster, so feel free to run it in decks where you think 
you'll be able to summon it and use its effect well.  One for One is a card 
that is useful in a few decks, including Froggy decks (and Froggy Monarchs) 
and Saber decks for summoning Ragigura.  Lastly, Trap Stun is a nice card for 
decks that run <8 Trap cards, since it acts like Royal Decree, but only lasts 
for 1 turn so as not to mess too much with your own traps.

Next up, head over to the port.  In the southeast corner you can check behind 
the large container for a Star Chip.  There's a lady here with her little 
girl.  You know how I feel about beating up poor defenseless women . . . so 
please do it for me.  Beat each of them 3 times, then beat them in tag 3 times 
as well.

Wandering Naturia
She's got some halfway decent Naturia monsters along with 1 of the worst s/t 
lineups known to Duel Monsters.  Without any decent support, her monsters 
should fall easily.

Unimpeded Fruit
She also runs a Plant deck, but its an Inmato deck, rather than Naturia.  She 
has very slightly better s/t cards to back up her deck, but it's still is 
pretty much something to laugh at considering the types of decks you are 
capable of making.

Beating both of them in tag 3 times unlocks them as Tag Partners (not that you 
would ever WANT them as such).

Ok, last place to go is the Stadium.  First, let's enter the Duel Runner shop 
to the east and beat both of the Shopkeepers here 3 times apiece.

Growing Up!
He uses a deck with the Familiar-Possessed and Charmer set.  As long as you 
can summon something with >1850 ATK you should be fine.  He's got a halfway 
decent s/t lineup to back thme up, but the monsters are not particularly 
powerful.  Bring extra s/t control.

Lagoon Noula
Arcana Presence
This deck is more a Fairy deck than anything with a bunch of annoying searcher 
monsters and stall cards.  I suggest bringing copious amount of monster 
removal so that he can't stall until his strategy is ready - to but out a huge 
Arcana Force monster that requires 3 tributes and can kick your butt.

You'll get a new wardrobe and a new hairstyle for beating all the Duel Runner 
shopkeepers.  Now, head over to the Card shop in the west and take out the 
shopkeepers sitting pretty behind the counter over there 3 times each.

Colorful Jurrac
Jurrac have some swarming ability and a lot of very high ATK monsters.  Your 
best option is to simply keep a solid amount of monster control in your deck.

Salida Noula
Picture Musketeers
She has an Arcana Knight Joker deck.  The monsters in it are bad.  The spells 
and traps in it are decent, but not decent enough to make up for the awful 
monsters.  Her only win condition is to somehow summon her ultimate monster, 
and even that isn't a guaranteed win.  Crush her.

As you probably suspected, beating all the shopkeepers unlocks a new card 
pack!  Let's have a look!

Vylon's Descent!!:

D.D. Crow
Elemental Hero Ocean
Foolish Burial
Gem-Knight set
Laval set
Laval the Greater
Lavalval Dragon
Level Eater
Majestic Red Dragon
Majestic Star Dragon
My Body as a Shield
Necro Gardna
Spear Cretin
Trap Stun
Vylon set
Vylon Epsilon
Vylon Sigma

If you're interested in the Vylon or Laval archetype, you now have all you 
need to make a full-fledged version of either of those decks.  The same can be 
said for the Gem-Knight archetype.  Many of the good cards in this pack are 
available elsewhere, but this is the 1st place you've found Elemental Hero 
Ocean, and he is very necessary if you want to make a Little City deck, or 
really anything based around Elemental Hero fusions.

Next up is beating the 2 guys just outside the Stadium 3 times each in Turbo 

Hunter Pace
Burning Speed
He runs a Zombie burn deck that utilizes Flame Skull and some decent support 
cards.  Macro or Royal Oppression can help you here if you're having trouble.

He runs a Reactor Burn deck that uses Trap Reactor, Spell Reactor, and Summon 
Reactor to make you pay to activate certain cards or summon monsters.  Getting 
out a Magical Android or Thought Ruler Archfiend here can be helpful for 
maintaining your LP.  He's also got Speed Fusion, which he uses to summon 
Ignition Beast Volcannon, who can immediately destroy itself and 1 of your 
monsters, then deal damage to you equal to your monster's ATK...which is quite 
a lot of damage if you have decent monsters on the field.  Last, he has a 
bunch of pretty decent 4-star beatsticks along with Cyber Dragon, so you'll 
need to be able to plant a decent monster on the field early on.

Enter the lobby area to the north, then check the west room to find another 
guy to beat 3 times.

Knight's Oath
Hmm...he runs a Warrior deck that basically seems to have a bunch of good 
albeit random 4-star warriors with good s/t support.  A focused deck should be 
able to take down this LIGHT Beatdown deck pretty consistently.

Beating those 3 duelists from WC 2010 unlocks a new card pack!

Gladiator's Assault:

Alien set
Ancient Gear set
Cloudian set
Elemental Hero set
Evil Hero set
Evil Hero Dark Gaia
Gladiator Beast set
Light-Imprisoning Mirror
Roid set
Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror
Six Samurai set

This list may be short, but there's good stuff in this pack!  Some very nice 
Elemental Hero fusion monsters are here, along with the Evil Heroes and their 
fusions, including Dark Gaia, who is capable of some wonderfully fun OTK 
strategies.  If you are a GB fan, then this pack has all the rest of the 
pieces for your GB deck to be fully complete.  The Imprisoning Mirror traps 
are over here, which are great against specific archetypes.  Last, there is 
some major Six Samurai support in this pack including Enishi, Cunning of the 
Six Samurai and Spirit of the Six Samurai, so if you've been working on that 
6SAM deck, then this will help bring it that much closer to completion.

In Story Mode, head into the eastern room now and talk to Lazar.  He's having 
troubles with his computer (hmm...just like 2 other people we know).  Go take 
a look at it to challenge the last of the 3 ghosts.  This time its Team New 
World in Turbo duels!  Here's the order:


As usual, getting out a Thought Ruler Archfiend or Magical Android can be very 
helpful.  I went with a Froggy Monarchs deck for this ghost.  For beating them 
all, you get a copy of Mind Control.  Talk to Lazar and he'll get confused, 
but that's ok because it unlocks you another card pack!

Absolute Powerforce:

Cards of Consonance
Consecrated Light
Cyber Dragon Zwei
Djinn set
Drill Warrior
Garlandolf, King of Destruction
Gravekeeper set
Koa'ki Meiru set
Majestic Red Dragon
Moon Dragon Quilla
Reptilianne set
Spider set
Sun Dragon Inti
Tuner's Scheme
Widespread Dud
X-Saber set
XX-Saber Hyunlei

Lots of powerful stuff in here.  Codarus is great for most WATER and Fish 
decks.  Consecrated Light works great against DARK decks, Gravekeepers, 
Blackwings, Destiny Heroes, Infernities, and others.  Cyber Dragon Zwei means 
you can make a pretty kickass Cyber fusion deck if you like.  Drill Warrior 
allows you to complete the Quickdraw DandyWarrior control deck.  Gravekeeper's 
Visionary and Descendant are big and important additions to any GK deck.  
There's a bit of Koa'ki Meiru support in here.  You could make a Sun & Moon 
deck, although I've found them to be quite inconsistent and difficult to get 
good clean wins out of.  Tuner's Scheme is a nice card to use against any type 
of Synchro deck.  If you like Sabers, then you'll love Hyunlei and Saber Hole 
as a couple more awesome additions to your Saber deck (although we're still 
missing a couple cards).

Head up north to the tracks.  Just east of the entrance you can find a prize 
box with a Star Chip.  Go east a screen and just north of the southern 
entrance to that area (behind a big blue thingy) is another prize box - this 
one containing Quickdraw Synchron.   Next go to the western section.  In the 
northwest corner is a glowing orb containing Minoan Centaur.  Breo, Jean, and 
Andre are 
all over here.  Beat them each 3 times individually, and beat Jean and Andre's 
Turbo Tag 3 times as well.  For these duels, you'll have to do a quick race to 
determine who goes 1st.  Getting a Start Dash here is all-important if you 
want to go 1st in the duel, and using the Quick Chip helps too.

Card-piercing Bihorn
He uses a deck-out strategy that works . . . slower than 1 normally should.  
If you want to throw a huge wrench in his plans, just add in some copies of 
Nobleman of Crossout.

Beating Breo 3 times unlocks him as a Tag Partner.

Call of the Trihorn
He runs a Beast/Warrior deck.  There really isn't a whole lot to say about it 
since the strategy isn't very focused.  He can summon some okayish beatsticks 
and can make them stronger with his support cards and does have access to some 
Synchro summoning, but it's not something where he should be dominating you.  
His s/t lineup definitely could be a lot better.

One Horn, One Strike
He's using a deck very similar to Jean's deck.

For these guys I changed it up and used a Gladiator Beast deck to win.  For 
the Tag Turbo Duels, I chose Akiza as a partner and ran a Quickdraw 
DandyWarrior deck, which has a solid amount of synergy with Akiza's plants.  
By the way, if you're interested in any of these decks I'm talking about and 
aren't sure how to make them, I have posted examples of each deck later on in 
this guide.

Beating Jean and Andre's tag team unlocks them both as Tag Partners.  Now, 
let's head over to the eastern area where we can find that team that uses all 
Nordic decks.  You'll need to beat each of them in a Turbo duel 2 additional 
times, then 2 of them in a Tag Turbo duel 3 times.

Loki's Tricks
Nordic decks basically like to stall until they can make a play to summon 1 of 
their big synchro monsters.  Keep along Solemn Judgment, Solemn Warning, 
Thunder King Rai-Oh, and maybe Royal Oppression and you should be fine against 
any of these Nordic decks.

Defeating Brave 3 times unlocks him as a Tag Partner.

Odin's Spear
Basically, same strategy as Brave.

Thor's Hammer
Uses a few more searcher cards than the other 2, so destroying monsters by 
effects rather than in battle is important here to keep him from gaining card 
and field advantages.  Otherwise, same basic strategy as Brave and Harald.

Again, for the Tag Turbo duels, using Akiza with a Quickdraw DandyWarrior deck 
is a good way to go about things.  Here, you could also potentially use Brave, 
who has a pretty solid deck that can get you lots of good tribute/synchro 
fodder while placing down decent s/t support and then use just about any deck 
that can utilize that, but I prefer the synergy that DandyWarrior has with 
Akiza's deck.

Beating their tag team 3 times unlocks them as Tag Partners.  Additionally, 
for beating all of the teams you faced in WRGP, you now get a new card pack!

Storm of Ragnarok:

Atomic Scrap Dragon
Blackwing set
D.D. Sprite
Karakuri set
Karakuri Steel Shogun mdl 00X "Bureido"
Legendary Six Samurai set
Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En
Loki, Lord of the Aesir
Nordic set
Odin, Father of the Aesir
Scrap set
Six Samurai set
Symphonic Warrior set
Thor, Lord of the Aesir
Vylon set
Watt set

Mmm.... num nums!!  So, since we just got done taking out Brave and his gang 
you should basically understand how Nordic decks operate.  They're not too 
shabby if built properly, so if you want to try 1 out they do tend to be fun.  
There is some nice support here for Blackwing decks and Vylon decks.  The Watt 
set is here, but you also could've found those cards in other places.  If you 
were looking to make a Karakuri deck (not my personal taste, but hey if you 
like it that's fine), then there are cards here to help you with that.  There 
is some VERY nice support cards for Scrap decks, which were already powerful, 
so if you liked playing with that archetype (I know I did), then you can now 
remake your deck with some of the new support!  Most importantly in this pack, 
however, is the Legendary Six Samurai set, along with tons of additional Six 
Samurai support cards.  These guys make Six Samurai decks just absolutely 
ridiculously powerful.  They are like a combination between Six Samurai and 
Blackwings, so they help you gain additional effects when you have multiple 
monsters, and they also help you swarm the field with monsters so that you can 
get those additional effects!  They work great with both Grandmaster and Great 
Shogun Shien, and they even have a kickass Synchro monster - Shi En, who can 
negate s/t effects, and if he would be destroyed you can destroy a different 
Six Samurai monster on the field.  If you want a heavy-duty competitive deck, 
I'd definitely suggest giving these guys a run through.  I know I will.

Back in Story Mode it is finally time to face off against Team 5D's!  Let's 
start with Crow.  You should've beaten him twice so far in Turbo duels, but 
you have not yet faced his current normal deck.

Crow Hogan
Rise, Black-wing!
Hey guess what?  It's a Blackwing deck.  As usual, Consecrated Light and Royal 
Oppression create a nearly auto-win against this archetype.  This is nearly a 
full-fledged Tier 1 deck at this point, so be careful with your play.

Beating Crow 3 times in both ways unlocks him as a Tag Duel partner.  Go make 
a Blackwing deck and use him for your Tag Turbo duels from now on, and you can 
also use him for Tag Duels if you're sick of LS by this point.

You've played Jack and Yusei in Turbo duels, but not yet in a regular duel (at 
least not with their current decks), so you'll need to win 3 times against 
each of them in regular duels, twice in turbo duels, 3 times in Tag duels, and 
3 times in Tag Turbo duels.  Let's do it.

Jack Atlas
Burning Inferno
He can special summon Vice Dragon, then summon a 3-star tuner to bring out his 
main weapon - Red Dragon Archfiend.  Be prepared to eventually deal with this 
3000 ATK beatstick with some means.  Well, that's all there is.  Summoning 
that monster is really the main focus of his deck.  The rest of his deck is a 
few Dragons, some random tuners, and some decent s/t support.

Yusei Fudo
Awakened Mind
He uses a Synchron deck that can pretty consistently summon decent high ATK 
aaSynchro monsters, but the main monsters being used are quite a bit lacking 
so it should be possible to pull out a win due to that.  Using anti-special 
summon cards will also be useful here.

If you want an extra outfit and duel disk you can beat both of them 10 times.  
Meanwhile, you've also unlocked a new card pack by beating them 3 times in 
every possible manner!

Starstrike Blast:

Blackwing set
Dark Trap Hole
Formula Synchron
Gaia Drake, the Universal Force
Glow-Up Bulb
Ice Barrier set
Karakuri set
Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 "Burei"
Koa'ki set
Naturia set
Red Nova Dragon
Scrap set
Scrap Twin Dragon
Shooting Star Dragon
Supreme Arcanite Magician
Swift Scarecrow
Watt set

There's good cards here.  More support for Blackwing decks, and some very 
scary, although difficult to summon monsters are available here.  You can also 
pick up the Karakuri set if you like that archetype (I personally find them 
inconsistent and weak) and there's some extra Scrap support here.  If you're 
into Watt monsters, there's good things for you here, and Wightmare is an 
awesome card to add to a King of Skull Servants deck.

Talk to Jack and he'll give you his clothes.  Yes, that is very awkward, but 
now you can dress up like Jack!  He tells you to advertise his clothes while 
talking to men in overalls.  There's 3 targets to talk to, so put on Jacks 
outfit, then head on over to Daimon area and go talk to Corse in the 
Underground Dueling Arena (southeast of Bootleg).  While you're in Daimon, 
head over to the Duel Runner shop and talk to the guy standing around in 
there.  Last, head to Satellite and go to the northeast section (where you 
should appear).  Bass is standing around in the southern portion of this 
section, so talk to him.  With that done, head back to the King (Jack).  He's 
happy you were able to show off the suit, but pissed that nobody wanted to 
order it.  As a reward, Jack will hand you the DWE-X, an awesome part for your 
Duel Runner.

So, I totally forgot to have you guys beat up Nico and West 2 additional times 
in Tag Duels.  Hurry back over to Satisfaction Town and get that done!  Doing 
that unlocks both of them as Tag Partners!

Ok, now head over to Fountain Plaza.  On the north end is Dexter whom we 
already defeated.  This time, just talk with him.  He'll ask if anyone has 
Dark Grepher.  You should have one from Story Mode, but it's also available in 
the Extra Pack.  He'll give you a D.D. Warrior Lady for showing it to him.  
Next, he wants to see Revived King Ha Des.  This was also available in Story 
Mode if you paid attention to the guide, and is also available in Crossroads 
of Chaos.  He'll give you a Creature Swap for showing it to him.  Next, he 
wants to see Speed Spell - Enemy Controller, which you should have if you did 
buy a decent number of those Speed Spell packs.  He hands you a D.D. Crow for 
showing it to him.  The next card he wants to see is Dimensional Prison.  It 
is available in World Championship Edition 2.  He gives you Swift Scarecrow 
for showing it to him.  The last card he is looking or is a bit tougher to 
find.  It is Speed Spell - Deceased Synchron and it is unavailable in any of 
the card packs.  To get it, you have to do that final race (Battle Royale) 
with the DWE-CG to make the cards you find on the track rarer, then survive 
the Battle Royale (the one where guys are shooting stuff at you) and collect 
the cards on the ground while hoping 1 of the ones you receive is the card you 
need.  If you're able to obtain Speed Spell - Deceased Synchron, Dexter will 
toss a copy of Synchron Explorer your way!

Now, while we're still in Fountain Plaza, there is a door that has been locked 
forever.  By defeating those 3 ghosts, however, apparently the cards we 
received were considered "keys" for unlocking this door (strange that they 
don't look like keys).  So anyone, head on in and you'll see a bright light.  
Head toward the light!  Along the eastern wall of the room search the ground 
for a Star Chip.  Near the north of the room is a little coded message.  Read 
it if you want, but I'll be helpin you out anyway. :p

So, the message said 9,0,3,0,12.  This refers to directions on a clock.  You 
want to go left, up, right, up, up (0 and 12 are the same on a clock).  This 
will get you to the Spirit World!

You'll be greeted ere by Torunka (the little annoying wizard from WC2010).  
Torunka will tell you that he saved a bunch of his thoughts (not sure if it's 
he or she, but going with he for now) inside computers and knows you're the 
one who defeated them all (the ghosts).  He'll give you a copy of Dimensional 
Prison as a prize for defeating his thoughts.  He then introduces you to 
Regulus, who is apparently hungry and looking for some nice mage flesh to chew 
on (yay, entertainment!).  Before dueling them, there are 5 prize boxes on the 
ground.  Check them out for a Giant Trunade, a "Missing Ring", a Stuffed 
Collar Uniform, 5730 DP, and a Star Chip.  Now let's go ahead and beat those 
guys 3 times each!

Legendary Magician
He uses a Spellcaster Endymion deck.  Just don't let him swarm the field too 
easily and you should be fine.  The most annoying thing he can do is bring out 
a Defender, the Magical Knight while Citadel has several counters on it, 
making it difficult to destroy him, but you can always knock him out in a 
manner that doesn't "destroy" too.  He also has several plays that can bring 
out Arcanite Magician, who is a pain to deal with if he can take a bunch of 
Spell Counters from Citadel to destroy all cards on your field without losing 
any ATK.  Also, be careful not to let him keep Royal Magical Library on the 
field for too long, lest he gain load of card advantage with it using Citadel 
as well.  In fairness, this is a decent deck with some good spellcasters and 
some pretty decent support, but you should have enough top tier decks that it 
shouldn't be too much of a problem for you.

Lion King's Pride
He basically is running a Beast deck with a bunch of high ATK 4-star 
beatsticks in it.  Whom he powers up further with his s/t support.  Because of 
this type of structure, he can be apt to getting some bad hands, and as long 
as you can place down a few good beatsticks of your own (or deal with his 
support cards) you should be fine.

Beating each of them 3 times unlocks a new card pack!  Let's check it out!

Ancient Prophecy:

Ancient Forest
Ancient Sacred Wyvern
Archfiend Zombie-Skull
Blackwing set
Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua
Earthbound Immortal Cusillu
Fishborg Blaster
Flamvell set
Fortune Lady set
Future Visions
Infernity set
Jester Lord
Koa'ki Meiru set
Morphtronic set
Psychic set
Shiny Black "C"
Turbo Cannon
Water Hazard
X-Saber set
XX-Saber set
XX-Saber Gottoms

Alright, yet another pack with tons of good stuff in it!  If you were building 
Blackwings, you now have access to all the cards, including Vayu!  There's 
some more Earthbound Immortals here if you've been building an Earthbound 
Turbo deck.  FalchionB works wonders in a LIGHT Machines deck.  There is extra 
Fish support with Fishborg Blaster and Water Hazard here.  Infernity Beast is 
a good addition to your Infernity deck.  If you've been making it work with 
Koa'ki Meirus, then there is even more good, solid support in this pack.  
Flamvell Firedog is finally here so you can complete a Flamvell deck (using 
some LS in Flamvells is typically a good idea to load up the grave for 
Rekindling).  Shiny Black "C" is finally available to you, which works wonders 
against any deck focused on Synchro summons, but requires you to have a deck 
capable of milling cards to the graveyard.  Finally, and most impressively, 
you can now create a real X-Saber deck with all the bells and whistles!  That 
is a very powerful Tier 1 archetype so definitely go have some fun playing 
with it.

Additionally, this should now mean you've dueled every possible opponent in 
Story Mode, which unlocks yet another card pack!

Pulse of Trishula!!:

Ancient Flamvell Deity
Anti-Spell Fragrance
Dragunity set
Dragunity Knight - Barcha
Elemental Hero set
Fabled set
Genex Ally set
Genex Ally Axel
Genex Ally Triforce
Grave Squirmer
Ice Barrier set
Infernity set
Instant Fusion
Naturia set
Naturia Exterio
Neo Flamvell set
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
The Fabled Kudabbi
Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

There's good support for several sets in here.  The Dragunity set gets some 
great support from this pack, so if you've been building a deck for that 
archetype you should be very pleased with this pack.  The same can be said for 
Fabled decks.  Genex Ally and Neo Flamvell cards are like extra support for 
Genex and Flamvell decks, and they're really quite good, so if you want to 
play around with those archetypes feel free.  There's also some really great 
Naturia support in here.  Of course, there is 1 card above all others that 
stands out in this pack, and that is Trishula!!  She is a BEAST!!  Put her in 
any deck that you think can summon her.  She can be run either with Mist Wurm 
or in place of.

Now that you've unlocked the Spirit World, head back to Toru's garage and talk 
with Misaki.  She tells you she wants to meet a lion, and you just saw a lion.  
Make her your Tag Partner, then head back to Spirit World.  When you enter, 
Torunka will greet the both of you, followed shortly by Regulus.  Misaki wants 
to pet the lion (meh, one track mind).  She is even willing to feed Torunka to 
the lion if he'll let her pet him (yay yay yay!!).  Instead, however, she just 
decides to pet him while you duel him.  So go beat the lion for the 4th time 
now.  After winning, Misaki takes off to pet the pretty kitty (most terrified 
you will EVER see Regulus).  Regulus is finally tamed, you get transported out 
of the real world, and Misaki will give you a copy of Naturia Barkion as 
thanks, but that's not all!  Your actions have also unlocked a new card pack!!

Extra Pack 3:

Djinn set
Earthbound set
Flamvell set
Gateway of the Six
Gravekeeper set
Hardened Armed Dragon
King of the Beasts
Koa'ki Meiru set
Lightsworn set
Psychic set
Reptilianne set
Super-Nimble Mega Hamster
Swallow's Nest
XX-Saber set

Before I say anything, a quick note at this point.  If you have 100% 
completion of every pack you've unlocked up to this point, you have now 
collected enough cards to give you a new ban list that allows you to use 1 
Forbidden card in each of your decks.  This can be useful later on for 
completing all the bonuses, so please keep that in mind.  Now, back to this 
card pack.  Gateway of the Six is an incredible boost to your Six Samurai 
deck, and there should now be nothing left to add to that deck-type.  
Gravekeeper's Priestess is a nice addition to GK decks.  You could make a King 
of the Beasts deck (although I don't particularly find it appealing since all 
it does is allow you to keep bringing out a 2500 ATK beatstick who doesn't 
have any useful effects once he's on the field).  There are a couple new LS 
monsters in this pack, including a Fairy-type LS monster who, when combined 
with Honest and Celestia, allows you to run Archlord Kristya in your LS decks, 
which solidifies any strong position you find yourself in by locking down 
either player's ability to special summon monsters.  The fact that she can 
also re-add a copy of Honest to your hand is also praise-worthy.  Metabo-Shark 
is a good addition to a Coelacanth deck.  Lastly, if you've been working on 
those Saber decks, this pack has almost all the rest of the Saber cards you 
didn't have before, allowing you to nearly perfect the deck (just missing 
Gottoms Emergency Call) and make it into a truly unstoppable killer archetype.

Back in Story Mode, you can once again head over to Fountain Plaza.  Head to 
the southwest corner and talk with Stephanie.  She'll mention that her shop is 
in a real crisis and she needs your help in passing out coffee coupons to 
people.  She wants you to find people in suits to give them to.  First, head 
over to the Daimon district and the Underground Dueling Arena.  Talk to Nelson 
at the entrance there.  Next, head to that area just north of your apartment 
where Mina is at and talk to her.  Exit Daimon district and head to the 
Stadium.  Go to the lobby area, then head to the eastern room and talk with 
Alvaro.  In the main lobby is Seria, so go talk to her to give out the final 
coupon.  Head back to Stephanie and she'll give you a Waiter Tuxedo (new 
costume) for your efforts.

Head over and make Misaki your partner again.  Now head back up north to Mina 
and have a chat with her.  She takes Misaki inside with her for some secretive 
stuff (although I prefer to believe that they were doing "this and that" in 
there).  Misaki wants you to bring her parts J-ACK-A (ss edition).  Head over 
to Kuroe's junk shop in the southwest corner of Satellite district to pick up 
the parts.  Make sure you select the correct one or else you'll have to come 
back.  Once you get it, head back to Toru's garage and talk with Misaki.  You 
both head back over to Mina and they have some more (sexy) time together.  
Turns out they've fixed up the Jack Atlas robot for you to duel to your 
heart's content.  For your efforts, Mina will hand you the Lambda Frame, which 
can be considered the 2nd best possible frame to use for your Duel Runner 
(nice!).  Head back over to "Fake Jack" and beat him in 2 additional Turbo 
duels (since you already beat him once).

Once again, make Misaki your Tag Partner.  Now head to Satellite and go over 
to Kuroe's shop in the southwest.  Just outside his shop is Ghost, and Misaki 
is willing to fix up the Duel Bot.  For doing this, Ghost will hand you the 
Duel Phantom (a pretty nice frame for your Duel Runner).  Ghost can be found 
in the southeastern area of Satellite, so go there and beat him an additional 
2 times (since you beat him once already in Story Mode).

Head back to Satellite and join up with Crow as a Tag Partner again.  Head to 
the northeastern section of Satellite (where you appear) and talk with Lilie.  
She'll be delighted that Crow is back.  The 2 of them duel . . . and Crow 
loses!  Wow!  As thanks for letting you meet up with Lilie again, Crow will 
give you a copy of Blackwing Armor Master.

Next up, while you're in the Stadium, meet up with Randsborg in the room west 
of the lobby.  He wants to meet with Sherry.  Take him to her as he wants a 
duel.  Unfortunately, she only does Turbo duels and Randsborg has no Duel 
Runner, so she'll be dueling you instead and he'll just watch.  You've beaten 
her before, you can do it again.  Randsborg gets in a bit of a tiff with 
Sherry after the duel, the end result being Randsborg handing you a Golden 
Shield Disk.

Ok, we are FINALLY done with Story Mode.  From now on, it's all WC Mode!  
We'll start out with regular old CPU duels.  I'm going to use some Six Samurai 
for these (and maybe I'll switch it up with some Infernities too while I'm at 

Deep Sea Diva
Diva of the Dead
She is running Diva Zombies, a deck-type capable of pushing out tons of 
Synchro monsters, so you'll want either anti-synchro support or anti-special 
summon support.  Macro decks work well too since it is a Zombie deck.

Defeating Deep Sea Diva 3 times unlocks Bountiful Artemis as a WC Mode 

Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode
Assault Academy
Ok, 1st off that's a horrible name for an academy.  That being said, he's 
gonna try to summon Stardust Dragon, then bring out his Assault Mode version 
(who is ultra powerful).  Your best bet is going to be using anti-special 
summon cards along with Divine Wrath to negate Stardust or Stardust/AM when it 
tries to use its effect (this will also prevent it from being summoned during 
the End Phase).  You can also try keeping a lot of s/t destruction to get rid 
of Assault Mode Activate! before it has the chance to be used.  This is also 
useful since he runs Burden of the Mighty.

Dark Simorgh
Mist Vale Blackwings
The mixing of the Mist Valley and Blackwing archetypes is only so that he can 
summon Dark Simorgh.  The mixing of archetypes damages both strategies in a 
huge way, making the deck highly inconsistent and prone to bad hands.  That 
being said, make sure you have either monsters who can summon synchros without 
s/t support, destroy/remove large monster or have plenty of ways to get rid of 
spells and traps, because if he brings out Dark Simorgh and then flips Anti-
Spell Fragrance, you'll no longer be able to use any spells or traps in your 

Thunder King Rai-Oh
Gemini of Light
He runs a LIGHT Beat deck.  It's fairly consistent and will basically summon 
powerful 4-star monsters every turn, while destroying your monsters with s/t 
cards and through the use of Honest.  The deck doesn't have any great secret 
weakness other than that it doesn't really swarm monsters to the field 
quickly.  It doesn't use OTK's, it is a control deck made to keep you from 
doing anything while he attacks you each turn for reasonable amounts of 
damage.  Only way to deal with that is to just beat it straight up.

Bountiful Artemis
Counter Angel
Best way to beat a Counter Fairy deck?  Just use Royal Decree, Trap Stun, and 
Jinzo!  Problem solved, auto-wins, gg.

Queen Angel of Roses
Such a Fallen Angel
She uses a Plant deck with Debris Dragon in it for additional special summons 
and synchro opportunities.  You've faced several Plant decks before, and while 
this 1 isn't a pushover by any means, you should know what to expect.

Meklord Emperor Granel oo
Meklord Summon Works
I suggest running a Six Samurai deck against Meklords since they don't need to 
summon Synchro monsters, and can easily deal with the ATK power of a Meklord 
via Gateway of the Six, Great Shogun Shien, and a variety of other ways.  
Another good option is Froggy Monarchs.

Evil Hero Dark Gaia
Gaia Impact
The name of the game here is don't let him summon Dark Gaia in the 1st place.  
Once on the field, he can be a near-unstoppable force if he has enough ATK.  
Royal Oppression and anti-special summon cards are a good way of dealing with 
this deck, as is Skill Drain.  This is an OTK deck, so you just need to make 
it through his initial wave in order to have a huge advantage.  If summoned 
with Dark Fusion (not Dark Calling), Dark Gaia cannot be targeted by effects, 
but he can still be taken out with Torrential Tribute, Mirror Force, 
Bottomless Trap Hole, and most of the 1 for 1 spells like Smashing Ground.

Guardian Eatos
Dimensional Love
He'll use a Macro deck so be prepared for the basic D.D. stuffs with the free 
2500 ATK beatstick Eatos to be special summoned almost at will.  Fight back 
with pretty much any deck that doesn't rely heavily on the graveyard (my 
choice will be to use another Macro deck, butSix Samurai, Gladiator Beasts and 
several others work well too).

For defeating Guardian Eatos 3 times, you'll unlock Archlord Kristya as a CPU 

Dragunity Arma Leyvaten
Dragon-Riding Beasts
You've seen Dragunity decks before, so you should know that you're up against 
something heavily graveyard dependent.  A Macro deck will work well here, or 
you can just try to go heads up against it - just make sure you bring enough 
s/t control to take care of the Field Spell.  Funny enough, if you place 
Dimensional Fissure on the field while Dragon Ravine is on the field, I've 
seen the AI screw up so horribly that literally every turn it will just 
activate Ravine's 2nd effect, mindlessly discarding cards in its hand while 
removing from play all the monsters in its deck!

Ok, we're basically done with CPU Duel.  We could unlock a few more opponents 
by summoning specific monsters during a duel, but none of that is going to get 
us any more card packs - just a few more Star Chips.  So let's go ahead and 
move on to CPU Turbo Duel opponents!  I think that this time I'll just pick 
and choose opponents to get to new opponents, then we can go back and clean up 
the rest later, ok?

Ally of Justice Searcher
In Justice's Name
As usual, don't use a deck with LIGHT monsters and have enough s/t control 
cards that he won't be able to turn all your monsters into LIGHT monsters.

Beating Ally of Justice Searcher 3 times unlocks Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo as a 
CPU Turbo opponent.  The only way to unlock more opponents now for CPU Turbo 
duels is by summoning specific monsters, which we'll get to later.

CPU Tag Duel is our next target.  There are only 3 reasonable ways to approach 
these duels:

1. Akiza Izinski + Quickdraw DandyWarrior or Plant deck
2. Graton + Lightsworn deck
3. Crow Hogan + Blackwing deck

There really isn't a way better than those for making consistent wins that the 
AI won't completely screw you over about.  Now, let's pick and choose what Tag 
opponents we want to duel so we can unlock new things (definitely don't want 
to fight any more Tag opponents than we have to, just because of how 
frustrating it can become).

Downy Duo
Spore (The Spoils of Spore)
Watapon (Wat a Ponisher)
Spore's deck consists primarily of Plants, while Watapon's is more down with 
the searchers and annoying stall cards.  Expect a lot of special summons to be 
coming your way, so if you want to toss in a bit extra monster destruction 
effects, feel free.

Defeat Downy Duo 3 times and it'll unlock Forbidding Fellows as a CPU Tag 

Fool Around Get Hurt
Masked Chopper (Go, Chopper!)
KA-2 Des Scissors (Bisque's Revenge)
Expect Masked Chopper to bust out a bunch of tinier monsters with a lot of 
special summons, and about the same from Des Scissors.  Bring some extra s/t 
control and then steamroll the weakling monsters.

Beating up Fool Around Get Hurt 3 times unlocks Burn Girls as a CPU Tag 
opponent.  That should also give you 12 Tag opponents unlocked (maybe), which 
unlocks a new card pack!

World Championship Edition 5:

Armityle the Chaos Phantom
Elemental Hero set
Evil Dragon Ananta
Fiend's Sanctuary
Gallis the Star Beast
Tethys, Goddess of Light
The Wicked Avatar
The Wicked Dreadroot
The Wicked Eraser
Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen

All the Fatty Fairies and support can be found in other packs, but they're 
here if you don't have them.  There is some pretty good Elemental Hero support 
here.  If you're looking for monsters that may not be easily summoned, but can 
come out with a big bang, this pack is the 1 you want.  Unfortunately, the 
only unique card to this pack that is good enough to warrant purchasing up 
this pack is Tragoedia, who works awesome in Froggy Monarchs alongisde Battle 
Fader and Gorz, and is basically an awesome and generic defensive card.

We're done with Tag duels, but we're not done unlocking Tag Duel opponents.  
We can unlock another card pack if we unlock 16 Tag opponents and we'll 
accomplish this by summoning certain monsters during any normal duel and 
winning.  For these duels, I suggest dueling Nico or West, since they are 
extremely weak and will let you assert your strategy with ease.  Here's a list 
of the cards we need to summon, who the card unlocks, and helpful hints for 
summoning the card:

Summon: Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste
Unlocks: Team Dimension Walkers
Hints: I highly suggest using Dandylion and Debris Dragon to summon Stardust 
Dragon (although there are plenty of other methods), then just find a nice 2-
star warrior monster like Fortress Warrior, Mystic Swordsman LV2, Sasuke 
Samurai, Jutte Fighter, or X-Saber Pashuul and use Polymerization to fuse 
them.  Jutte Fighter and Pashuul are recommended since they can also be used 
with any Monarch to bring out Stardust in the 1st place.  Reinforcement of the 
Army can make sure you have the warrior you need, and King of the Swamp or 
Fusion Sage can make sure you have access to Polymerization.  Use Foolish 
Burial to mill Dandylion and get tokens, then summon Debris Dragon to bring 
back Dandylion and use Debris, Dandylion, and 1 token to make Stardust Dragon.

Summon: Koa'ki Meiru Maximus
Unlocks: Team Flash! Fusion!
Hints: Well, you obviously will need Iron Core of Koa'ki Meiru, so you might 
as well make a Koa'ki Meiru deck.  Now, that being said while most Koa'ki 
Meiru monsters are individually awesome, the ones you'll want for an archetype 
deck will need to be specific, because you need to be able to have the right 
cards in-hand to show in the End Phase to keep your monsters from being 
destroyed.  Book of Moon is another way to prevent this and is a good generic 
utility card anyways.  Anyway, here are some of the Koa'ki Meiru monsters that 
can be useful for this deck (you don't need to use all of them): Boulder, 
Crusader, Guardian, Hydro Barrier, Rooklord, Sandman, Urnight, and War Arms.

Summon: Five-Headed Dragon
Unlocks: Team Girls-Only Duel
Hints: Future Fusion and Dragon's Mirror make this easy.

Summon: Steelswarm Hercules
Unlocks: Team Moon & Sun
Hints: You just need to build a Steelswarm deck.  Steelswarm Scout and Cell 
are useful in getting and easy 1st monster on the field.  Gatekeeper is a 
great way of getting extra summon(s) each turn.  Genesoid can count as 2 of 
your 3 tributes.  Mystic Tomato and Sangan are great additions to the deck, 
along with Recurring Nightmare for searchability of your monsters.

Summon: Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings
Unlocks: Queen's Collection
Hints: Crystal Beast deck.  Easy as pie.  Hamon is a nice way to clean up 

There's 1 more card we could summon for an additional opponent, but we don't 
need to do that just yet.  It doesn't matter, because the above is enough to 
unlock the card pack we are after!

World Championship Edition 6:

Alector, Sovereign of Birds
Angel O7
Beast King Barbaros
Beast Machine King Barbaros Ur
Burial from a Different Dimension
Dark Bribe
Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord
Genesis Dragon
Helios - The Primordial Sun
Helios Duo Megistus
Helios Trice Megistus
Machine Lord Ur
Metal Reflect Slime
Phantom of Chaos

There's quite a bit of crap in this pack and some things you can get 
elsewhere, but there are also a few hidden gems.  Angel O7 does wonders in a 
Fatty Fairies deck.  Genesis Dragon can be useful in Dragon decks.  Phantom of 
Chaos has a few decks dedicated to using its effect for maximum damage, and 
can also be run in some Twilight decks.  Most importantly are 2 of our best 
Zombie friends - Shutendoji and Mezuki.  These 2 will finally allow you to 
create a respectable Zombie deck (which is loads of fun and has always been 1 
of my favorite archetypes).  Enjoy!

Let's move on to CPU Tag Turbo Duels.  We just need to defeat 3 specific teams 
of these guys and summon 2 additional monsters during duels (actually, we need 
to only do 3 of those 5 things) in order to unlock 2 more packs!  Well, let's 
get right on that, eh? (no, I'm not Canadian, but yes I do like to say "eh?" 
at the end of my sentences)

Sonic Sprint
Sonic Chick (Highway Sprinter)
Sonic Duck (Mach Quacker)
You can expect fairly strong but random Winged Beasts from 1 opponent, but 
without their Field Spell they're relatively tame (although can still end up 
with decently high ATK if you let them swarm too much).  The other opponent 
uses smaller 2-star monsters with support like Junk Synchron.  Both opponents 
are capable of Synchro summons.

Defeating Team Sonic Sprint 3 times unlocks Team We're on a Mission as a CPU 
Tag Turbo opponent.

Food Chain Friends
Super-Nimble Mega Hamster (Hamster Strike!)
Gilasaurus (Gila Monster)
Gilasaurus runs a pretty decent Jurrac deck, while Hamster runs what I suppose 
can just be referred to as a Synchro deck that has practically no focus other 
than to get out Synchro monsters, which it does quite poorly on most 

Beating Team Food Chain Friends 3 times unlocks Team Underworld Cops as a CPU 
Tag Turbo opponent.  This should now give you 8 CPU Tag Turbo opponents 
unlocked, which unlocks a new card pack!

World Championship Edition 9:

Andro Sphinx
Blackwing set
Clear Vice Dragon
Colossal Fighter
Darkness Neosphere
Elemental Hero set
Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth
Gottoms' Emergency Call
Guardian Eatos
Junk Archer
Junk Gardna
Koa'ki Meiru set
Masked Hero Goka
Masked Hero Vapor
Orichalcos Shunoros
Parallel World Fusion
Road Synchron
Road Warrior
Scarred Warrior
Seven Swords Warrior
Skull Flame
Snowman Eater
Sphinx Teleia
Supersonic Skull Falme
Theinen the Great Sphinx
Vision Hero Adoration
Vision Hero Trinity

So yeah, this is a HUGE pack.  There's TONS of awesome stuff flying around in 
this pack.  Blackwings get some seriously awesome support here, including 
Zephyrus!  There's tons of awesome Synchro monsters here, many of which have 
generic summoning conditions.  If you are the type who like Hero decks, then 
you'll want tons of this pack because the support in here can actually help 
make your Heroes competitive (that's right, I'm saying they weren't before.  
Got a problem with that?).  An ENORMOUS boost for Saber decks is here in the 
form of Gottoms' Emergency Call, which will allow your Saber deck to reach 
Tier 1 status.  There's some nice Koa'ki Meiru support here.  Snowman Eater is 
an excellent control card, and works awesome in Absolute Zero decks.  Overall, 
there's overwhelming amounts of Warrior and Hero support in this pack, and 
plenty of other delicious goodies that should make your mouth wet.

Continuing on with our last Tag Turbo duel...

Down to the Sea
Shark Cruiser (Shark Attack)
The Legendary Fisherman (Wave Runner)
The good news here is hugely good news.  Most Water decks can't function 
properly without Umi or A Legendary Ocean, so that automatically is going to 
give you a much easier time.  Shark Cruiser runs a Fish deck, while Fisherman 
sticks with just your simple and reasonably effective Water deck.

Defeat Team Down to the Sea 3 times to unlock Team Unified Darkness.  Having 9 
Tag Turbo opponents unlocks 1 pack, and having all the WC Edition packs 
unlocks another pack!  That's it!  We've just unlocked all the card packs!  
Let's take a look at our achievement!

World Championship Edition 10:

Card of Sacrifice
Coat of Justice
Cyber Eltanin
Dark Diviner
Darklord Asmodeus
Darklord Desire
Darklord Edeh Arae
Darklord Superbia
Frozen Fitzgerald
Hundred Eyes Dragon
Ice set
Infernity set
Justice Bringer
Ojama set
Scrubbed Raid
Starlight Road
Stygian set
Stygian Sergeants
The Atmosphere
Underground Arachnid
Worm set
Zeman the Ape King

Ok, so prepare for a lot of "oohs" and "ahhs" here.  Coat of Justice and the 
Darklord cards from this pack allow Fatty Fairies to be a competitive (not to 
mention exhilerating and fun) archetype, so enjoy your duels with them.  
There's a few good Synchro monsters in this pack.  Cyber Eltanin is the coup 
de gras for your LIGHT Machine deck, which is 1 of the best OTK decks you can 
build (since it's capable of OTK'ing your opponent using SEVERAL methods).  
There's a couple really good Infernity cards in this pack for you Infernity 
players out there.  For those of you who like fun archetypes, I highly 
recommend running an Ojama deck now that you have access to Blue, Red, and 
Ojama Country!  Very fun OTK deck and good for pissing your opponent off by 
being able to win with very tiny monsters.  Scrubbed Raid is an EXCELLENT 
stall card (remember, you can activate a spell or trap, and then chain 
Scrubbed Raid so that it loses you no card advantage) and works great in Chain 
burn decks and other decks that utilize stall cards like Froggies.  Starlight 
Road is a great card to include a single copy of in your deck to counter 
Torrential Tribute, Mirror Force, Dark Hole and others, and you can side in 
more copies against decks like Blackwings that use Icarus Attack and the like.  
A free Stardust Dragon while negating an opponent's card is always welcome.

Well, happy enough with that pack?  I hope not, because here's another one!

World Championship Edition 11:

Barbaroid, the Ultimate Battle Machine
Blaza Fenix, the Burning Bombardment Bird
Chevalier de Fleur
Crimson Mefist
Dark Highlander
Driven Daredevil
Emes the Infinity
Fallen Angel of Roses
Gem-Knight set
Gladiator Beast set
Ignition Beast Volcannon
Laval set
Malefic set
Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Malefic Cyber End Dragon
Malefic Paradox Dragon
Malefic Rainbow Dragon
Malefic Red-Eyes B. Dragon
Malefic Stardust Dragon
Malefic Truth Dragon
Meklord set
Meklord Emperor Granel oo
Meklord Emperor Skiel oo
Meklord Emperor Wisel
Mosaic Manticore
Naturia set
Scrap set
Sorciere de Fleur
X-Saber Souza

Awesome stuff here, almost too much to comment on.  The Malefic monsters are 
super OP.  You just remove a card from your deck or extra deck (depending on 
which Malefic monster you are summoning) and you can bust out 1 of these bad 
boys for free, although like the Earthbound Immortals, they need a Field Spell 
around or else they die.  There's also the Meklord set here which you've faced 
firsthand before, and so you should know just how OP those cards are as well!  
There's the Fleur set here and a bunch of nice Synchro and Fusion monsters, as 
well as some extra support for Laval, Naturia, Sabers, and Scrap decks.

Of course, that's not saying enough just yet, because by unlocking that card 
pack (and all the other ones) we've also unlocked the card pack (as long as 
you have at minimum 95% card completion):

All at Random:

Has all cards in the game.

Congratulations!  You have now unlocked all the cards in the game!  All that's 
left to do is unlock some more opponents, and try to accomplish all the 


VII. Unlockables and Bonuses

Well, you now have access to all the cards, so let's get down to completing 
all the Bonuses!  Each bonus activated gets you 1 extra DP per duel, so 
completing these early on can really add up!  Here's a list of the bonuses, 
with explanations and help as necessary (some are pretty straight-forward):

Egyptian God Finish - win with an attack from Obelisk, Slifer, or Ra (not 
possible without wi-fi or cheating)
Sacred Beast Finish - win with an attack from Uria, Hamon, or Raviel
The Wicked Finish - win with an attack from The Wicked Avatar, The Wicked 
Dreadroot, or The Wicked Eraser
Exodia Finish - win with the effect of Exodia (hint: Normal monsters + Heart 
of the Underdog)
Destiny Board Finish - win with the effect of Destiny Board
No More Cards - win by decking out your opponent
Final Countdown Finish - win with the effect of Final Countdown **note - 
unlocks Infernity Doom Dragon as a CPU Opponent**
Skull Servant Finish - lower your opponent's LP to 0 with an attack from Skull 
Servant (hint: boost his ATK) **note - unlocks Team Dark Sea Ritual as a CPU 
Tag opponent**
Sparks Finish - lower your opponent's LP to 0 with the Sparks spell card
Vennominaga Finish - win via the effect of Vennominaga (attacking 3 times)
Exodius Finish - win via the effect of Exodius (by milling all 5 pieces with 
his effect)
Quick Finish - win in 5 turns or less
Reversal Finish - win on a turn where you started out with less LP than your 
Opponent's Turn Finish - win on your opponent's turn
Low LP - win with 500 or less LP
Extremely Low LP - win with 100 or less LP
No Damage - take no LP damage throughout the entire duel
Over 20000 LP - finish the duel with 20,000 or more LP
Low Deck - Finish the duel with 3 or less cards in your deck
Extremely Low Deck - Finish the duel with no cards left in your deck
Spell Card - Activate 10 Spell cards
Trap card - Activate 10 Trap cards
No Spell Cards - don't use a Spell card
No Trap Cards - don't use a Trap card
Fusion Summon - perform at least 1 Fusion summon
Ritual Summon - perform at least 1 Ritual summon
Tribute Summon - perform at least 1 Tribute summon
Synchro Summon - perform at least 1 Synchro summon
Normal Summon or Set - Normal summon or Set monsters at least 5 times
Special Summon - Special summon at least 5 times
No Special Summon - don't special summon
Chain - create a chain of 3 or more links
Graveyard Activation - activate a card from the graveyard (i.e., 
Plaguespreader Zombie)
Max ATK - have a monster with at least 3,000 ATK
Max Damage - deal 3,000 or more damage in a single attack
LP Differential - have 4,000 or less LP than your opponent at some point
Max Reflected Damage - deal damage by your opponent attacking your defense 
position monsters
Exactly 0 LP - have no overkill when you bring down the last of your 
opponent's LP
Battle Damage Only - only deal damage via battles (not effects)
Effect Damage Only - only deal damage via effects (not battles)
Destroy in Battle - destroy at least 5 monsters in battle
Battle Reversal - increase your monster's ATK or decrease your opponent's 
monster's ATK after an attack is declared to swing the favor of the battle in 
your direction
Destroy by Effect - destroy 5 or more monsters with effects
Remove from Play - remove at least 3 cards from play
Hand Destruction - discard at least 3 cards from your opponent's hand
Deck Destruction - mill at least 5 cards from your opponent's deck
Return to Hand - return at least 5 cards to your opponent's hand
First Damage - inflict damage before your opponent does
Key Card - summon/activate your Key card (can be selected during Deck 
Luck - win 3 or more coin flips in a row
Spell Counter - create 3 or more Spell counters
Union - equip a Union monster to an appropriate monster
LV Monsters - level up a LV monster
Position Change - change battle positions by effects at least 5 times
Gemini - Second summon a Gemini monster
Alien - create 3 or more Alien counters
Crystal Beast - place 5 or more Crystal Beasts in s/t zones
Max Speed - win with 12 Speed counters
Same Card - summon/activate the same card 3 or more times
All Monster Card Zone - fill all 5 of your monster card zones
All Spell & Trap Card Zone - fill all 5 of your s/t zones
No Monster Card Zone - use effects to stop your opponent from using any of his 
monster card zones
Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth - summon
Wall Shadow - summon
Gate Guardian - summon
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon - summon
Metalzoa - summon
Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon - summon
Obelisk the Tormentor - summon (impossible without wi-fi or cheating)
Slifer the Sky Dragon - summon (impossible without wi-fi or cheating)
The Winged Dragon of Ra - summon (impossible without wi-fi or cheating)
Valkyrion the Magna Warrior - summon
Dark Sage - summon
XYZ-Dragon Cannon - summon
Exodia Necross - summon
Ojama King - summon
Mokey Mokey King - summon
Spirit of the Pharaoh - summon
Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon - summon
Cyber End Dragon - summon
Water Dragon - summon
Elemental Hero Tempest - summon
Armed Dragon LV10 - summon
Uria, Lord of Searing Flames - summon
Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder - summon
Raviel, Lord of Phantasms - summon
Cyber Laser Dragon - summon
Elemental Hero Electrum - summon
Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill - summon
Cyberdark Dragon - summon
The Wicked Dreadroot - summon
The Wicked Avatar - summon
The Wicked Eraser - summon
Destiny Hero - Dogma - summon
Destiny Hero - Plasma - summon
Winged Kuriboh LV10 - summon
Arcana Knight Joker - summon
VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon - summon
D.3.S. Frog - summon
Volcanic Doomfire - summon
Sky Scourge Enrise - summon
Sky Scourge Norleras - summon
Rainbow Dragon - summon
Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes - summon
Elemental Hero Chaos Neos - summon
Gladiator Beast Heraklinos - summon **note - unlocks Legendary Six Samurai - 
Shi En as a CPU opponent**
Arcana Force EX - The Light Ruler - summon
Armityle the Chaos Phantom - summon
Five-Headed Dragon - summon **note - unlocks Team Girls-Only Duel as a CPU Tag 
Mirage Knight - summon
Berserk Dragon - summon
Theinen the Great Sphinx - summon
Sorcerer of Dark Magic - summon
Machina Force - summon **note - unlocks Machina Frotress as a CPU Turbo 
Princess Pikeru - summon
Princess Curran - summon
Super Vehicroid - Stealth Union - summon
Elemental Hero Marine Neos - summon
Elemental Hero Magma Neos - summon
Rainbow Dark Dragon - summon
Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare - summon
Elemental Hero Storm Neos - summon
Arcana Force EX - The Dark Ruler - summon
Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem - summon
Road Warrior - summon
Neos Wiseman - summon
Elemental Hero Divine Neos - summon
Flying Fortress SKY FIRE - summon
Archfiend Zombie-Skull - summon
Majestic Star Dragon - summon
Blackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant - summon **note - unlocks Blackwing - 
Zephyrus the Elite as a CPU opponent**
Jurrac Meteor - summon
Majestic Red Dragon - summon
Chaos Goddess - summon
Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste - summon **note - unlocks Team Dimension Walkers 
as a CPU Tag opponent**
Ultimate Axon Kicker - summon **note - unlocks Team Hurricane Regiment as a 
CPU Tag Turbo opponent**
Malefic Truth Dragon - summon
Supreme Arcanite Magician - summon
Gaia Drake, the Universal Force - summon **note - unlocks Team Sky Masters as 
a CPU Tag opponent**
Shooting Star Dragon - summon **note - unlocks Junk Destroyer as a CPU 
Red Nova Dragon - summon **note - unlocks Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon as a 
CPU opponent**
Vision Hero Trinity - summon
Meklord Emperor Wisel - summon
Meklord Emperor Granel - summon
Meklord Emperor Skiel - summon
Thor, Lord of the Aesir - summon
Loki, Lord of the Aesir - summon
Odin, Father of the Aesir - summon **note - unlocks Machina Fortress as a CPU 
Atomic Scrap Dragon - summon
Steelswarm Hercule - summon
Vylon Omega - summon **note - unlocks Elemental Hero The Shining as a CPU 
Mega Ton Magical Cannon - activate
Yu-Jo Friendship - activate
Dark Scorpion Combination - activate
Ojama Delta Hurricane!! - activate
Blasting the Ruins - activate
The Law of the Normal - activate
Inferno Tempest - activate
Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan - activate
Elemental Burst - activate
HERO Flash!! - activate
Flash of the Forbidden Spell - activate
Miraculous Rebirth - activate
Straight Flush - activate (almost impossible without help, but try Tag duels)
Accumulated Fortune - activate
Vanity's Call - activate
Crystal Abundance - activate
Assault Mode Activate - ...activate
Crimson Fire - activate
Magic Triangle of the Ice Barrier - activate
Mirror of the Ice Barrier - activate
Six Strike - Triple Impact - activate
No Monsters Deck - run a deck that doesn't have monsters
No Forbidden Cards Deck - ...okay I seriously have know idea how to get this 
No Limited/Semi-Limited Cards Deck - your deck can't have any limited or semi-
limited cards
1 Copy per Card Deck - your deck can't have more than 1 copy of any card
Limited Type Deck - your deck can contain only 1 type of monster (i.e. 
Limited Attribute Deck - your deck can contain only 1 attribute of monster 
(i.e. DARK)
All Monster Levels Deck - your deck must contain at least 1 copy of a level 1, 
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12-star monster
Level 1 Monsters Deck - all your monsters must be 1-star (and you must have at 
least 1 monster)

In case you're curious, that's a total of 180 available bonuses.  Imagine an 
extra 180 DP for each duel you win.  Beating just 3 people, 3 times each, you 
would gain 1,620 extra DP than usual!  If you don't want to run into troubles 
with running low on DP, it is important to clear these bonuses as early as 


Now, aside from these, there are a few extra unlockables that do not include 
getting extra cards or more opponents to duel.  I'll label these as 
"miscellaneous" unlockables, that include Duel Runner parts (not including 
those already unlocked in the walkthrough), Outfits, and Duel Disks.

Duel Runners and parts:

Achieve an S Rank for Battle Royale on all difficulties

Bloody Kiss/Delta Eagle
Defeat Toru and Misaki in 10 Tag Turbo duels

Wheel of Fortune
Achieve an S Rank for all Battle Races on all difficulties and all tracks

Achieve an S Rank for all Time Trials on all difficulties and all tracks

Duel Disks:

Barbarian Disk
Defeat Elsworth in 10 Turbo duels

Blackbird Disk
Defeat Crow in 10 duels

Storm Disk
Defeat Sherry in 10 Turbo duels

Wheel of Fortune Disk
Defeat Jack in 10 duels

Yusei's Hybrid Disk
Defeat Yusei in 10 duels


Duel Academia Outfit
Defeat Leo and Luna in 10 Tag duels

Team 5D's Crew Outfit
Defeat Jack and Yusei in 10 Tag Turbo duels


VIII. Deck Lists

Ok, that's pretty much everything you can unlock in the entire game!  Woot 
woot!!  The only thing left to do is to polish up on your dueling skills, 
construct a killer deck, and play against other duelists in wi-fi mode!  To 
help you along, here are some generic versions of fun and useful decks (as I 
promised to provide a couple times in the walkthrough).  First off, a few 
things to note:

1. These decks can be used as a goal, so if you don't have all the cards 
unlocked yet don't worry - just get as close as you can.

2. If you don't like my card choice for a deck, don't email me about it 
telling me so.  I don't want to hear it.  These are generic decks and you can 
trick them out and make changes as you desire.

3. Don't use these decks 3 times and go "oh, this deck sucks!" Many of these 
decks require some skill and familiarity for them to be used effectively, so 
be patient and play a dozen or more games before deciding that you don't like 
an archetype.

4. I won't be including Extra deck choices in these lists.  Just know you 
should always have 15 cards there, and use your best judgment - the Extra deck 
is often quite a bit based on personal preference save a few cards that 
everyone already knows belong there all the time.

With those things said, here's the decks!

1. Gadgets

3x Cyber Dragon
1x Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
3x Green Gadget
3x Red Gadget
1x Sangan
1x Thunder King Rai-Oh
1x Tragoedia
2x Yellow Gadget

1x Dark Hole
1x Limiter Removal
1x Monster Reborn
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
2x Pot of Avarice
2x Pot of Duality
3x Smashing Ground

2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Call of the Haunted
3x Dimensional Prison
2x Dust Tornado
1x Mirror Force
1x Royal Oppression
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Solemn Warning
1x Torrential Tribute

2. Absolute Zero

3x Deep Sea Diva
3x Elemental Hero Neos Alius
3x Elemental Hero Ocean
1x Elemental Hero Stratos
1x Elemental Hero Woodsman
3x King of the Swamp
1x Mobius the Frost Monarch
1x Treeborn Frog

1x Burial from a Different Dimension
1x Dark Hole
1x Future Fusion
2x Miracle Fusion
1x Monster Reborn
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
3x Polymerization
1x Pot of Avarice
1x Reinforcement of the Army

2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Call of the Haunted
2x Dimensional Prison
2x Dust Tornado
1x Interdimensional Matter Transporter
1x Mirror Force
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Torrential Tribute

3. Machina Gadgets

3x Cyber Dragon
3x Green Gadget
1x Machina Force
3x Machina Fortress
3x Machina Gearframe
3x Red Gadget
2x Yellow Gadget

1x Dark Hole
1x Limiter Removal
2x Machina Armored Unit
1x Monster Reborn
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
2x Pot of Avarice
3x Smashing Ground

2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Call of the Haunted
3x Dimensional Prison
2x Dust Tornado
1x Mirror Force
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Torrential Tribute

4. Scraps

2x Dandylion
3x Meklord Emperor Wisel oo
3x Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
1x Sangan
3x Scrap Beast
3x Scrap Chimera
1x Scrap Goblin
2x Scrap Golem
3x Scrap Orthros
2x Super-Nimble Mega Hamster

1x Dark Hole
1x Foolish Burial
1x Mind Control
1x Monster Reborn
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
3x Scrapstorm

2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Call of the Haunted
1x Dimensional Prison
1x Mirror Force
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Solemn Warning
1x Torrential Tribute

5. Twilight

1x Aurkus, Lightsworn Druid
1x Celestia, Lightsworn Angel
2x Chaos Sorcerer
1x Dark Armed Dragon
1x Ehren, Lightsworn Monk
1x Garoth, Lightsworn Warrior
1x Glow-Up Bulb
1x Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
2x Honest
1x Jain, Lightsworn Paladin
2x Judgment Dragon
1x Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner
1x Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress
1x Meklord Emperor Wisel oo
1x Necro Gardna
1x Plaguespreader Zombie
1x Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
1x Shire, Lightsworn Spirit
1x Tragoedia
3x Wulf, Lightsworn Beast

1x Burial from a Different Dimension
1x Charge of the Light Brigade
1x Cold Wave
1x Dark Hole
1x Giant Trunade
1x Monster Reborn
3x Monster Reincarnation
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
3x Solar Recharge

1x Treacherous Trap Hole

6. Lightsworn

3x Archlord Kristya
1x Aurkus, Lightsworn Druid
3x Celestia, Lightsworn Angel
1x Ehren, Lightsworn Monk
1x Garoth, Lightsworn Warrior
1x Glow-Up Bulb
1x Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
2x Honest
1x Jain, Lightsworn Paladin
2x Judgment Dragon
1x Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner
2x Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress
1x Necro Gardna
1x Plaguespreader Zombie
1x Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
2x Shire, Lightsworn Spirit
3x Wulf, Lightsworn Beast

1x Charge of the Light Brigade
1x Cold Wave
1x Dark Hole
1x Giant Trunade
1x Monster Reborn
2x Monster Reincarnation
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
3x Solar Recharge

1x Treacherous Trap Hole

7. Six Samurai

1x Enishi, Shien's Chancellor
3x Grandmaster of the Six Samurai
2x Great Shogun Shien
3x Legendary Six Samurai - Kizan
3x Legendary Six Samurai - Mizuho
3x Legendary Six Samurai - Shinai
1x Meklord Emperor Wisel oo
1x The Six Samurai - Irou
1x The Six Samurai - Kamon
1x The Six Samurai - Yaichi
3x The Six Samurai - Zanji

1x Cold Wave
1x Dark Hole
3x Gateway of the Six
1x Giant Trunade
1x Monster Reborn
3x Six Samurai United
1x Six Strike - Triple Impact

1x Call of the Haunted
1x Mirror Force
3x Musakani Magatama
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Torrential Tribute

8. Blackwing

3x Blackwing - Blizzard the Far North
3x Blackwing - Bora the Spear
1x Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind
3x Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow
3x Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame
3x Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn
2x Blackwing - Vayu the Emblem of Honor
1x Blackwing - Zephyrus the Elite
1x Dark Armed Dragon
1x Gorz the Emissary of the Afterlife

1x Allure of Darkness
1x Black Whirlwind
2x Dark Eruption
1x Dark Hole
1x Mind Control
1x Monster Reborn
2x Mystical Space Typhoon

2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Call of the Haunted
2x Delta Crow - Anti Reverse
3x Icarus Attack
1x Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute

9. Infernity

1x Dark Armed Dragon
3x Dark Grepher
3x Infernity Archfiend
1x Infernity Avenger
3x Infernity Beetle
2x Infernity Destroyer
1x Infernity Guardian
3x Infernity Mirage
3x Infernity Necromancer
1x Plaguespreader Zombie

1x Allure of Darkness
1x Burial from a Different Dimension
1x Dark Hole
1x Foolish Burial
1x Infernity Launcher
1x Monster Reborn
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x One for One
1x Pot of Avarice

2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Call of the Haunted
1x Infernity Force
2x Infernity Inferno
1x Mirror Force
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Torrential Tribute

10. Sabers

1x X-Saber Galahad
2x X-Saber Palomuro
2x X-Saber Pashuul
3x XX-Saber Emmersblade
3x XX-Saber Faultroll
3x XX-Saber Fulhelmknight
2x XX-Saber Gardestrike
1x XX-Saber Garsem
1x XX-Saber Ragigura

1x Cold Wave
1x Dark Hole
1x Giant Trunade
1x Gold Sarcophagus
1x Mind Control
1x Monster Reborn
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
2x Saber Slash

2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Call of the Haunted
3x Gottoms Emergency Call
3x Saber Hole
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Solemn Warning
1x Torrential Tribute

11. Froggy Monarchs

3x Battle Fader
3x Caius the Shadow Monarch
3x Cyber Dragon
1x Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
2x Light and Darkness Dragon
1x Mobius the Frost Monarch
3x Raiza the Storm Monarch
2x Ronintoadin
1x Sangan
3x Swap Frog
1x Tragoedia
2x Treeborn Frog
1x Yamata Dragon

2x Book of Moon
1x Dark Hole
3x Enemy Controller
1x Giant Trunade
1x Monster Reborn
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
3x Soul Exchange

1x Treacherous Trap Hole

12. Gem-Knights

3x Gem-Knight Garnet
1x Gem-Knight Sapphire
3x Gem-Knight Tourmaline
3x Gem-Armadillo
3x Gem-Knight Alexandrite
2x Gem-Knight Emerald
3x Gem-Merchant
2x Gem-Turtle
1x Gorz the Emissary of Darkness

1x Dark Hole
1x Future Fusion
3x Gem-Knight Fusion
1x Giant Trunade
1x Monster Reborn
2x Mystical Space Typhoon

2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Call of the Haunted
2x Gem-Enhancement
2x Pyroxene Fusion
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Solemn Warning
1x Torrential Tribute

13. Quickdraw DandyWarrior

2x Caius the Shadow Monarch
2x Dandylion
3x Debris Dragon
1x Glow-Up Bulb
1x Jinzo
2x Level Eater
1x Light and Darkness Dragon
2x Lonefire Blossom
1x Plaguespreader Zombie
3x Quickdraw Synchron
3x Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
1x Sangan
1x Spore
1x Super-Nimble Mega Hamster
1x Tytannial, Princess of Camellias

2x Book of Moon
1x Charge of the Light Brigade
1x Dark Hole
1x Giant Trunade
1x Mind Control
1x Monster Reborn
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x One for One
2x Pot of Avarice

3x Royal Decree

Keep in mind that these are only some of my favorite decks.  There are tons of 
more good and powerful decks out there, and I'm sure you can find example of 
them on wiki or just about any Yugioh site on the net.  Find what works for 
you and make it your own.  Enjoy!


IX. Other Information and Credits

Anybody who sends me genuinely 
useful fixes or edits (not "ooh, you spelled this wrong" or "there should be a 
comma here") will receive credit for them in this section.  Again, if you want 
to contact me for edits, corrections, questions, or to ask to place this guide 
on your site, my email is:

[email protected]

Zeoknight: correction on %completion to reach All at Random pack and some 
hidden prize boxes. 

Wilko Heiken: correction for unlocking Elemental Energy pack.

So, with that I say to you all have a wonderful time playing this 

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