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Heralded by several sources as a breakthrough game, G-Police is a challenging 
flight simulation with intense action and an interesting plot line. This title 
brings elements of games and movies such as Syndicate, Wing Commander, Blade 
Runner, and Outland together in a single package to the PlayStation and DOS/Windows 

As with any game involving flight, an analog controller is always recommended. 
Analog control offers greater flight control, in respect to the speed and amount of 
direction and altitude change. Although the PlayStation version (analyzed), 
supports the new Dual Analog Pad (DAP), the manual is unclear about its functions. 
Use the "Controller" option to calibrate the DAP before beginning game play. 
Recalibrate as necessary, if you feel that your actions aren't being interpreted 
correctly by the console. During game play, the left analog pad controls the 
movement of your Havoc attack ship. The right analog pad controls your view and 
allows your ship to remain on course while you scan in any direction. The D-pad 
becomes a weapons selector, which is a much better solution than the default two 
button combo used by the digital controller. 

The game is divided into thirty-five missions that are separated by several 
intermission sequences. A mission is flagged as complete only after all primary 
objectives are met in the post-mission briefing. Most missions also contain 
optional secondary objectives that also may be completed along the course of the 

It's highly recommended you try the training missions after the introductory 
sequence completes. Control of your Havoc aircraft can be tricky at times, 
especially considering the limits dictated by the cityscape and domes. 

Note: The PlayStation version of the game generates specific passwords that are 
different for each game. The passwords indicated in this guide are the cheat 
passwords that allow each mission to be played on an individual basis. The game 
will not continue successfully to the next mission if they are used. 

Mission 1: Scan containers on cargo trucks
Password: MADGAV 

Primary objectives
Scan crates for illegal arms.
Seek out and destroy smuggler. 

Secondary objectives
Protect ground team epsilon. 

Cannon, IR Missile (10), Matra Rocket (20) 

Basically a continuation of the training missions, this simple mission provides 
basic flight and weapons work. The easiest way to locate the tunnels that 
interconnect the domes is to dive to street level and follow the major 
thoroughfares that lead in the same direction as the waypoint arrow. Remember, this 
isn't an open environment as found in the Wing Commander series. 

Listen and obey the frequent radio dispatches. After entering the next dome, an 
unidentified Cobra fighter will appear. Destroy it as instructed, either with 
cannon or missile fire. 

Use the next tunnel to enter the dome containing the space port. Scan the crates on 
the ground for illegal weapons. A ground arrest team will be dispatched to this 
location after you uncover the contraband crate. After they arrive, you will be 
ordered to scan four suspect vehicles in another dome. 

Upon arriving in the next dome, more Cobra fighters will appear. Take them out with 
your cannon or missiles, then locate the first truck. Follow the waypoint arrow to 
the tunnel to reach the target dome. 

The suspect trucks must be found and scanned before they can flee the area. Fly 
towards the first target vehicle located past the tunnel entrance. Slow and follow 
the truck while your scan remains active. Your dispatcher will notify you that the 
target is safe and set a new target on the waypoint arrow. Remain at street level 
and quickly fly to the next target. When the opportunity presents itself, fire a 
missile to quickly kill the single fighter that buzzes your Havoc in this dome. 
Scan the second target in the same manner as the first, then quickly locate the 
next truck after dispatch indicates the cargo is safe. Once again, scan this target 
until told it's safe. Arm your rockets and proceed to the location of the final 
truck. Keep your crosshairs on the truck during the scan. The vehicle will drop its 
container walls and open fire with a gun pod. Immediately return fire with a 
missile barrage until it's destroyed to complete the mission. Note: To complete the 
secondary objectives, afterburn to ground team epsilon's location and destroy all 
enemy presence. 

Mission 2: Escort arrest team
Password: DOLMAN 

Primary objectives
Escort ground team delta.
EPP escaping suspects.
Protect disabled vehicle. 

Secondary objectives
Destroy all gang units. 

Cannon, IR Missile (10), Matra Rocket (20), EPP (5) 

Launch and immediately take out both Cobra fighters in front of G-Police HQ. Follow 
the ground team and eliminate two more Cobra fighters en route. As the convoy 
approaches the tunnel entrance, two Mantra fighters will appear. Arm your rockets 
and fire into the tunnel as they appear to take care of them before they can do any 
serious damage. Keep your cannon and rocket fire aimed carefully to avoid any 
friendly fire damage. The ground team will enter the tunnel after both fighters 
have been destroyed. 

Lead the ground team to the target building and be prepared to dodge some incoming 
fire from gun turrets. Note: These turrets must be destroyed to meet the secondary 
mission objectives. Two cars will escape from the rear of the building. Arm the 
EPPs, drop to ground level, and chase them when instructed by dispatch. Disable the 
cars in this dome or early in the next dome. 

Two more fighters will appear after the vehicle chase and attempt to destroy the 
disabled cars. Use your missiles to eliminate them. The ground team will capture 
the prisoners from the disabled vehicles to complete the mission. 

Mission 3: Track Rogan Edwards
Password: SONAGAV 

Primary objectives
Follow Rogan.
Eliminate gang fighters.
Protect ground team gamma.
Eliminate Rogan Edwards. 

Secondary objectives
Destroy all gang units. 

Cannon, IR Missile (10), Matra Rocket (20), EPP (5), Beacon (5) 

Match Rogan's speed and tail his aircraft at a safe distance. Follow him into the 
tunnel to the next dome. 

Although you may choose to ignore the fighters that appear in this dome, you can 
quickly take them out with missiles before following Rogan into the next tunnel. 

Rogan's ship will be on the ground, next to a building. Keep a safe distance as he 
takes off, then mark this location with a beacon. Stay at this location as ground 
team gamma approaches the beacon. The ground team will come under attack by 
fighters as Rogan once again lands next to another building in this dome. Use this 
opportunity to quickly eliminate the fighters with your missiles before 
afterburning to Rogan's current location. 

Multiple fighters will attack. Destroy all of them as Rogan's ship remains on the 
ground. Deploy another beacon as instructed at Rogan's location. Trail him after he 

Rogan will land in front of a hanger. Fighters will launch and attack from the 
hangar as Rogan attempts to escape. Shoot down Rogan's fighter, then eliminate the 
other fighters in this dome to complete the mission. 

Return to ground team gamma's location and escort them to the raid location to 
complete the mission. 

Mission 4: Clear spaceport of suspicious vehicles
Password: ACEDUF 

Primary objectives
Rendezvous with Tachikawa.
Protect the Presidential shuttle.
Seek out and destroy vehicles attacking shuttle. 

Secondary objectives
Destroy all gang units. 

Cannon, IR Missile (15), Matra Rocket (20) 

Launch from G-Police HQ and destroy the gang fighters en route to the first 
waypoint. Help Tachikawa destroy the fighters at this location. Follow the 
dispatcher's instructions and proceed to the spaceport dome. Save your missiles 
during these dogfights. 

Locate Argenta's shuttle (bracketed in red) and fly just below it. Arm your 
missiles and scan the trucks on the ground. Launch your missiles when the first 
truck opens fire. Order Tachikawa to attack the fighters that appear, while you 
keep your Havoc near the shuttle and scan the ground targets. Eliminate the next 
truck to open fire as well as any fighters that slip by your wingman. Repeat this 
procedure to eliminate all four trucks, at which point the shuttle will land. The 
mission will end when Argenta transfers to her private ground vehicle. 

Mission 5: Escort Argenta to Krakov Corporation HQ
Password: JOJOGUN 

Primary objectives
Escort President's limo to Krakov HQ. 

Secondary objectives
Rendezvous with President's limo.
Destroy roadblock.
Destroy roadblock 2. 

Cannon, IR Missile (20), Matra Rocket (30) 

Approach the Presidential limo at the bunker and quickly destroy the fighters that 
appear. Drop to street level and fly to the first roadblock when instructed. Use 
your rockets to take out the gun turrets before blasting the cars from the road. 
Let Tachikawa handle the airborne attackers and eliminate any fighters that get too 
close to the limo. 

Tachikawa will be lost in action at this point. This is part of the story and can 
not be avoided. Take out the remaining enemy fighters. Stay close to the limo to 
prevent the driver from kidnapping Argenta and follow the entourage through the 
tunnel to the next dome. 

Shoot down both fighters that appear near the tunnel entrance without wandering too 
far away from the limo. After this is accomplished, follow the limo through the 
tunnel to the next dome. 

Fly ahead and blow up the second roadblock. As before, concentrate fire on the gun 
turrets first before destroying the vehicles. More fighters will appear. Eliminate 
them as the entourage approaches Krakov HQ. The mission will end when the limo 
arrives at the building. 

Mission 6: Destroy malfunctioning mining droids
Password: WENSKI 

Primary objectives
Destroy robots attacking civilians in Nar Dome.
Destroy robot in Loni Dome.
Destroy robots outside GPHQ. 

Secondary objectives
Minimal damage to Nanosoft compound.
Minimal civilian damage in Nar Dome.
All GP fighters survive.

Cannon, IR Missile (6), Matra Rocket (40), Firestreak (6) 

Time is critically short in this mission. The mission will end if the droids do too 
much damage to the city. Immediately drop to street level and afterburn to the next 
dome. Arm your rockets and line the first droid with the crosshairs. Continually 
hover up and down and launch a rocket whenever the droid ends up in the center of 
your sights. This should minimize damage from the droid's powerful laser. After 
eliminating the first droid, afterburn to the location of the second mining robot. 

Use the same technique at this location, making sure that your rockets are launched 
while your Havoc is above the street level of the raised area that the robot is 
attacking. Afterburn to the tunnel to reach the next dome after eliminating this 

Target and destroy the next mining droid using the same vertically moving 
technique. Then, help your wingman take out the enemy fighters in the vicinity. 

Afterburn back to G-Police HQ when dispatch informs you of the droid attack at that 
location. Rearm, then fire your missiles and rockets to destroy both mining droids 
to complete the mission. 

Mission 7: Disable and save virus infected aircraft
Password: SAEGGY 

Primary objectives
Disable Krakov shuttles in Tinor Dome.
Protect shuttles in Tinor Dome.
Disable Krakov shuttles in Nar Dome.
Protect shuttles in Nar dome. 

Secondary objectives
All shuttles survived. 

Cannon, IR Missile (8), Matra Rocket (40), Firestreak (8), EPP(12) 

Arm the EPPs and afterburn to the first waypoint, just outside G-Police HQ. Quickly 
disable the infected aircraft, then use your missiles and cannon to take out the 
attacking gang fighters before the civilians are killed. Always stay near the 
disabled aircraft to protect them. Then, drop to street level and use your cannon 
to kill the ground units. 

Re-arm the EPPs and follow the waypoint arrow to the indicated dome. Afterburn to 
the infected aircraft and disable them. Switch back to your missiles and rockets 
and eliminate the enemy fighters and ground targets to complete the mission. 

Mission 8: Eliminate terrorists at Krakov assembly yard
Password: MAZMAN 

Primary objectives
Destroy gang bikes laying explosives.
Protect the yard from continued attack.
Destroy gang base. 

Secondary objectives
All yard buildings must survive. 

Cannon, IR Missile (10), Matra Rocket (40), Firestreak (10), Bomb (6) 

Afterburn towards the waypoint arrow to reach the Krakov yard in the next dome. The 
yard is surrounded by a high wall. Use your missiles to eliminate the fighters, 
while keeping an eye out for the combat bikes that ride into the compound. Break 
off the airborne dogfights to destroy the bikes, then return to the fighters. Drop 
to street level and eliminate the enemy ground units when instructed. After all 
enemy units have been eliminated, dispatch will instruct you to search and destroy 
the gang base. 

Follow the waypoint arrow to the next dome and arm your bombs. Fly over the deep 
canyon in this dome and follow it until reaching an area with several gun turrets 
guarding a building. Use the bombs to take out this group, then eliminate any 
remaining gang vehicles, both in the air and at the top of the canyon to complete 
the mission. 

Mission 9: Stop runaway land train 
Password: DAZMAN 

Primary objectives
Collect 3 bombs from train and dispose of them.
Stop train before it hits the dome exit. 

Secondary objectives
All three bombs dropped in safe area. 

Cannon, IR Missile (10), Matra Rocket (40), Firestreak (10) 

Fly towards to the first waypoint and eliminate all ground and air targets with 
your cannon. Quickly position your Havoc at ground level to face the building that 
the contains the land train. Arm your IR missiles and wait for the train to appear. 
The land train consists of an engine followed by six cars that alternately contain 
either a gun turret or a bomb. Quickly lock on and fire two IR missiles at the 
first turret. Switch your targeting to the other turrets and eliminate them in the 
same manner. It's important that the cars carrying the turrets survive your attack. 
Too much damage will destroy the entire train and end the mission. 

Fly just above the train and match its speed. If needed, use your cannon to 
carefully take out any surviving gun turrets. Scan the cars until the "Bomb 
Attached" message appears on the HUD. Note: The bombs are located on the cars with 
the flashing lights. Immediately afterburn towards the waypoint arrow. The arrow 
will lead to a safe drop zone in the net zone. Make sure you switch your weapons en 
route until "Drop Bomb" is displayed. The waypoint arrow will flip around when you 
pass over the safe zone. Drop the bomb when this happens, then afterburn back to 
the previous dome. Ignore any fighters that appear in this area. 

Locate the land train again. Ignore the enemy fighters that appear, and just take 
the damage from their strafing runs. If you've acted quickly, you should be able to 
catch the train while it's in the open girder area. Match its speed and attach the 
next bomb. Afterburn back to the safe zone in the next dome and release the bomb. 
Afterburn back to the first dome and locate the train. 

By this time, the train is probably on its final approach to the tunnel. Quickly 
attach the final bomb, but don't take it to the safe zone. Instead, climb straight 
up and release the bomb in the current dome. Then, switch to your remaining 
missiles and rockets and quickly destroy the front of the train before it reaches 
the tunnel. 

Mission 10: Destroy gunboat attacking Krakov HQ
Password: DELUCS 

Primary objectives
Destroy gunboat. 

Secondary objectives

Cannon, IR Missile (14), Matra Rocket (50), Firestreak (14) 

Afterburn towards the waypoint arrow to reach Krakov HQ in the next dome. Ignore 
the fighters that appear en route. Position the Havoc directly over Krakov HQ, then 
hover straight up until you reach the top of the dome. Push your nose down until 
it's facing the ground and slowly move forward until the gunboat appears as a 
target. Fire all the IR and Firestreak missiles. If you're at a sufficient distance 
and at the correct angle, the gunboat won't shoot back. Ignore any of the enemy 
fighters that are providing cover. 

After exhausting all your missiles, begin firing rockets. You may have to move in 
closer before they register any damage. The gunboat can easily be shot down using 
this approach. 

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