Strategy - Part 2 - Guide for G-Police

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Continuing from Part 1, we'll focus on the next ten missions of G-Police. Note: The 
PlayStation version of the game generates specific passwords that are different for 
each game. The passwords indicated in this guide are the cheat passwords that allow 
each mission to be played on an individual basis. The game will not continue 
successfully to the next mission if they are used. 

Mission 11: Destroy cruise missile
Password: ANDOOOO 

Primary objectives
Seek out and destroy cruise missile.
Destroy missile launch site. 

Secondary objectives
Protect bomber group X1 

Cannon, Hypervelocity (10), Firestreak (15), Starburst (5), Matra Rocket (10) 

Afterburn to the first waypoint and locate the cruise missile flying through the 
canyons. Fire a volley of Firestreak missiles and a final burst of cannon fire to 
destroy the missile before it impacts. 

Protect the G-Police bomber group from attacking Krakov fighters after the missile 
launch site has been identified. Use your IR Missiles initially, then switch to 
Starburst Missiles when multiple targets are present. Proceed with the bomber group 
to their target, then defend them against more fighters as they drop their 

Locate the large missile launcher and make several diving runs from the top of the 
dome with Hypervelocity missiles and Matra Rockets. Another effective strategy is 
to hover from directly above, just out of range from the surrounding Krakov APCs 
while firing your missiles. 

Mission 12: Protect Nanosoft residential districts
Password: KIMBCHS 

Primary objectives
Protect residents in Nori Dome.
Protect residents in Rigr Dome.
Protect residents in Ottar Dome. 

Secondary objectives
Protect all buildings. 

Cannon, Hypervelocity (20), Firestreak (15), Starburst (15) 

Afterburn to the first waypoint. Use your missiles (Firestreak or cannon when one-
on-one and Starburst with multiple targets) to destroy the attacking Krakov 

When instructed, fly to the second waypoint and destroy the next group of attacking 
fighters with the same technique. Switch to Hypervelocity missiles when attacking 
the Krakov mining robot that enters this dome. 

Afterburn to the third waypoint and destroy the last wave of Krakov attackers with 
your remaining rockets and missiles. 

Mission 13: Destroy Krakov siege guns
Password: ANDYMAC 

Primary objectives
Protect the Nanosoft research center.
Destroy siege guns.
Destroy gunboat.
Destroy siege guns. 

Secondary objectives
Protect all remaining buildings. 

Cannon, Hypervelocity (10), Firestreak (10), Starburst (5), Matra Rocket (10) 

Afterburn to the first waypoint and turn right after entering the dome. Use your 
cannon to take out the first siege gun while it's still moving over the blue part 
of the dome. If done quickly enough, you can also catch a second siege gun as it 
approaches the dome exit. These guns will not return fire and do not have strong 
ground support. When instructed to fly to waypoint two, fly through the dome exit, 
but do not go to the waypoint. Instead, turn your Havoc to face dome tunnel and 
wait for a third siege gun and any surviving Krakov fighters to emerge. Use cannon 
fire to take out this gun as it emerges into this dome. 

Fly to the second waypoint and climb towards the top of the dome. Use your 
Hypervelocity missiles and cannon fire to destroy the gunboat. Take on the Krakov 
fighters that appear until notified that ground units have entered the dome. 

Quickly fly towards the dome entrance and catch the siege guns and their APC 
escorts as they appear. Use your Starburst missiles to hit multiple targets. Time 
your missile launches so they occur just as they guns come into range, then take 
evasive action before your next pass. Use your rockets and cannon fire to finish 
off the guns to complete the mission. 

Mission 14: Bomb Krakov military hardware
Password: YERMAN 

Primary objectives
Destroy the Krakov compound.
Protect ground team delta.
Escort bomber group zeta. 

Secondary objectives
Destroy all Krakov units. 

Cannon, Hypervelocity (10), Firestreak (20), Starburst (5), Matra Rocket (40), 1000 
kg Bomb (5) 

Follow the ground team into the next dome and fly ahead of their route. Use 
Firestreak missiles and cannon fire to take out the Krakov fighters that appear. 
The ground team will pause until the fighter threat has been eliminated. 

Escort the ground team into the next dome and quickly engage the fighters that 
appear at this point. Afterburn towards the dome exit and use your Hypervelocity 
and Starburst missiles to take out the gunboat before the ground team arrives at 
this location. 

Quickly enter the next dome and stay with the ground team. Once again, eliminate 
the Krakov fighters before they destroy the ground team. Ignore the immobile Krakov 
transports sitting on the ground. 

When instructed, afterburn towards the bomber group waiting at waypoint one and 
provide air support. The ground team will again come under attack. Afterburn back 
to their location. 

Eliminate the fighter threat, then target the Krakov building. It's defended very 
well by multiple turrets. Drop your bombs, then take out any surviving targets. 

You'll be instructed to destroy the previously ignored transports before they lift 
off the ground. Use your rockets and cannon fire to do the job. 

Mission 15: Support data retrieval unit
Password: OLLIEB 

Primary objectives
Download data from Krakov HQ.
Protect ground team epsilon.
Destroy Nanosoft aircraft. 

Secondary objectives
EPP Krakov officials. 

Cannon, Hypervelocity (10), Firestreak (20), Starburst (5), Matra Rocket (50), EPP 

The ground team will come under attack almost immediately. Fire a quick Starburst 
missile round and finish off the attackers with cannon fire and rockets. Quickly 
follow the data retrieval team into the next dome. 

Use a rocket salvo to quickly destroy the slow flying K-tek droid, if it appears. 
Then, turn right at the intersection in front of the dome exit and quickly fly to 
the last building on the left side of the road before it curves. A pair of Krakov 
turrets is guarding the dome exit just past this point. Arm your Firestreak 
missiles and obtain a lock through the building. Then, face an open area and fire. 
The high maneuverability of the missile will allow it to turn the corner and hit 
the turret. Quickly destroy both turrets using this technique before the data 
retrieval unit gets into range. 

Enter the next dome and fly ahead to take out the Krakov defense units before the 
ground unit comes under fire. Fly over this path: Immediately turn left after 
entering the dome. Turn right at the next intersection. Turn left at the next 
intersection. Turn right at the next intersection. Fly forward and slow down before 
Krakov headquarters appears. Lock onto the first group of gun turrets and take them 
out with Firestreaks. Slowly move forward again and take out a second group of 
ground turrets at the opposite end of the building. Then, concentrate on taking out 
the K-tek droid in this section. Use another Starburst round to damage the incoming 
fighters, then finish them off with cannon fire. The G-Police heavy transport will 
land and begin downloading data. 

Don't worry if the Krakov officials escape. It's more important to stay with the 
data retrieval unit and defend them from the Nanosoft fighters. Use your remaining 
Starburst missiles to damage multiple fighters, then pick off the survivors with 
the last of your Firestreaks and rockets. 

Mission 16: Defend G-Police barracks and residential districts 
Password: THEYOLK 

Primary objectives
At least 2 residential buildings must survive.
Destroy Nanosoft fighters attacking residents.
Destroy Nanosoft bombers attacking residents.
At least 3 barracks must survive.
Destroy Nanosoft gunboats attacking barracks.
Destroy Nanosoft bombers attacking barracks.
Destroy Nanosoft auto-tanks attacking barracks. 

Secondary objectives
At least 4 residential buildings must survive.
Destroy Nanosoft patrol in Dia dome.
All of the barracks must survive. 

Cannon, IR Missiles (30), Hypervelocity (10), Firestreak (20), Starburst (10), 
Matra Rocket (60) 

This challenging mission requires your Havoc to defend locations in two separate 
domes. Time is also limited, as the mission will fail if too many buildings are 
destroyed. Begin by afterburning at high altitude towards the first waypoint 
destination. Use your Hypervelocity missiles to help take out the gunboat from 
above. Then, target the Nanosoft fighters before being directed to the barracks. 
Afterburn to that location. 

When entering the dome between the residential district and the barracks, turn 
right and launch a Starburst round just as the oil rigs come into view. This should 
catch the three Nanosoft fighters when they come into range. Spin around and fire 
another Starburst, then pick off the survivors. Head towards the dome exit and 
target the Nanosoft auto-tank. Order your wingman to attack, then follow with 
rocket salvos to take it out. Use the tunnel it was guarding to enter the barracks 

There are two gunboats directly in front of the dome entrance. Unfortunately, the 
dome ceiling at this point is too low to use the fire from above tactic. Make 
several strafing runs from the dome entrance and use up your remaining missiles. 

Return to the residential dome when instructed and hit the slow moving Nanosoft 
bombers with your rockets and cannon. Destroy as many bombers as possible before 
being ordered back to the barracks. When this occurs, stop and re-arm at the supply 
depot next to the dome exit. 

After arriving in the dome containing the barracks, slowly move forward along the 
street until the Nanosoft tanks can be targeted. Quickly fire off a missile volley 
and back up when targeted by their lasers. Finish them off before the barracks are 
destroyed. Gain altitude and take out the bombers attacking the barracks. Then, 
attack the remaining Nanosoft fighters. 

The mission will be completed after all Nanosoft craft in both domes are destroyed. 

Mission 17: Defend radar uplink stations
Password: TONYMASH 

Primary objectives
Protect GP uplink tower Bavorr.
Protect GP uplink tower Dia.
Protect GP uplink tower Goll.
Protect GP uplink tower Kari. 

Secondary objectives
Destroy Nanosoft patrol in Fulla dome.
Destroy Nanosoft patrol in Buga dome. 

Cannon, IR Missiles (30), Hypervelocity (10), Firestreak (20), Starburst (10), 
Matra Rocket (60) 

Proceed to the first waypoint. Fly close to the base of the uplink station and 
destroy the siege guns with rockets. Then, gain some altitude and eliminate the 
Nanosoft bombers, followed by the fighters. 

Follow the waypoint indicator to the next uplink station. Destroy the Nanosoft 
rocket APC that is moving along the road en route. Use your Starburst missiles to 
attack the bombers when they're grouped, then pick off the survivors with your 
rockets. Target the fighters, then proceed to the next dome when ordered. 

Fire a Starburst missile to catch the intercepting Nanosoft fighters and finish off 
the weakened survivors. 

When arriving at the uplink station, use Hypervelocity missiles to quickly destroy 
the auto-tank. Then, take on the Nanosoft bombers and fighters with missiles. 
Another auto-tank will appear during this time. Quickly take it out with rockets. 
Proceed to the next dome when ordered. 

Destroy the auto-tank before it can do any harm. Then, eliminate the airborne 
targets using your remaining missiles. 

Mission 18: Resupply patrol team
Password: ANDYCROW 

Primary objectives
At least 4 GP patrol units must survive.
Destroy Nanosoft units attacking GP patrol.
Destroy Nanosoft base fighters.
Destroy Nanosoft base defenses.
Destroy Nanosoft fighter base.
Rearm with supply pod. 

Secondary objectives
Destroy Nanosoft patrol in Dia dome.
Destroy Nanosoft patrol in Bavorr dome. 

Cannon, IR Missiles (30), Hypervelocity (10), Firestreak (20), Starburst (10), 
Matra Rocket (60) 

Follow the waypoint arrow into the next dome and dock at the refueling station to 
receive the supply pod. Launch and follow the waypoint arrow on afterburners. 
Ignore the warning about Nanosoft hostiles while en route. You will encounter these 
craft later in the mission. 

After locating the ground patrol, use Starburst missiles to thin out the air 
attack. Then, hit the overhead Nanosoft freighter with rockets. Cycle through the 
weapons until "Supplies" appears after the Nanosoft attack slows. Drop them on the 
patrol using the bomb targeting system. Keep fighting off the Nanosoft craft and 
wait for the patrol to confirm receipt of the supplies. 

Keep attacking the Nanosoft aircraft as you follow the ground team. Take on the 
Nanosoft hostiles bypassed previously when you enter the next dome. 

Fly to the waypoint when ordered. Destroy the freighter, then fire your 
Hypervelocity missiles to take out the nearby Nanosoft building. Next, clean up the 
remaining fighters. Switch to rockets and make several strafing runs at the gun 

Afterburn to bomber group zeta's position when ordered. Then, follow the waypoint 
arrow to the target. Keep a safe distance and watch the bombs send the Nanosoft 
base skyward in a series of explosions. 

Mission 19: Recapture power station
Password: BIONIC 

Primary objectives
Capture Oski power station.
Destroy defending Nanosoft aircraft.
Destroy power station turret defenses.
Destroy Nanosoft ground units.
Destroy Nanosoft fighter reinforcements.
Destroy Nanosoft freighter and escort.
Destroy Nanosoft fighter backup.
GP air trans and 1 GP delta unit must survive. 

Secondary objectives

Cannon, IR Missiles (15), Hypervelocity (15), Firestreak (20), Starburst (15), 
Matra Rocket (45), Bomblets (80), Beacon (3) 

Fly ahead of the ground team to the next dome. Turn right and position your Havoc 
so that it faces the road. Fire IR missiles at the Nanosoft bombers and fighters 
that appear from this direction. Stay near this intersection and defend the ground 
team as the enter the dome. Switch to Starburst missiles when multiple targets may 
be hit. Accompany the ground team into the next dome, then afterburn to the first 
waypoint when instructed. 

Arm your bomblets and take out the ground defenses at the base of the power 
station, then deploy a beacon. Fly towards the waypoint arrow when informed that 
Nanosoft ground units have entered the dome. Lock on to each target and quickly 
destroy them with Firestreak and IR missiles. Order your wingman to attack other 
targets in the same convoy. 

Use your remaining Starbursts to take out the Nanosoft fighter groups that appear. 
When the Nanosoft freighter appears, take it down with Hypervelocity missiles. 
Clean up the remaining fighters to complete the mission. 

Mission 20: Destroy crevasse bridges
Password: TSLATER 

Primary objectives
Destroy retreating Nanosoft air convoy.
Destroy Nanosoft turrets.
Destroy retreating Nanosoft gunboat and truck.
At least 1 GP Delta unit must survive.
Destroy second retreating Nanosoft air convoy.
At least 1 GP gamma unit must survive.
Destroy retreating Nanosoft ground convoy.
Destroy Oski bridges to cut off Nanosoft retreat. 

Secondary objectives
All GP delta units must survive.
All GP gamma units must survive.
Destroy 2 crate transports. 

Cannon, IR Missiles (20), Hypervelocity (15), Firestreak (20), Starburst (10), 
Matra Rocket (45), Bomblets (80), Bomb 500 kg (8) 

Fly to the first way point and slowly approach the construction girders next to the 
bridge. Quickly fire two Starburst rounds before taking evasive actions. Destroy 
some of the fighters that were weakened by your surprise attack before 
concentrating on the freighters. You must flame them before they reach the tunnel 
entrance at the opposite end of the dome. Order your wingman to attack one 
freighter, while you concentrate on the other vessel. Mop up any remaining Nanosoft 
fighters after both freighters are gone. 

Follow your orders to escort bomber group zeta to the bridges in this dome. Help 
them destroy the target bridge sections. Proceed to the next dome when ordered. 

Take out the Nanosoft truck on the road leading from the dome entrance. Slowly fly 
along the road and follow it as it turns left. Don't use the rearming station at 
this point - there's a gunboat just past the construction girders. Use the girders 
as cover as you approach and target the gunboat. Order your wingman to attack, then 
use the distraction to take it down. 

Re-arm, then fly along the road towards the crevasse. Quickly destroy the turrets 
guarding entry to both bridges and the front of the dome exit. When ordered to 
provide covering fire, afterburn to the bridge that G-Police forces are crossing. 
Locate the targetable bridge section at the far end and use your cannon to bring it 
down to less than 15%. Keep this section targeted and move back to avoid incoming 
fire from Nanosoft ground units on the bridge. When the ground team starts 
signaling that they are across, fire a missile or rocket at the weakened bridge 
section to take it, and the retreating Nanosoft convoy, out of action. 

Nanosoft fighters will enter the dome. Use a Starburst to weaken the group when 
they appear, then dogfight them one on one. When you have the opportunity, take 
down the freighter that will follow the fighters into the dome. 

You will be ordered to cover a second G-Police convoy after the Nanosoft aircraft 
have been destroyed. Quickly fly to the bridge next to the one previously 
destroyed. Once again, locate the targetable section at the far end and weaken it. 
Finish destroying the section after the G-Police units are across to complete the 

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