Strongbad and Special Natas Spin - Guide for Tony Hawk's Underground 2

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III.Orbit Natas


 To create Strongbad from, Use these parts
in Create-a-Skater from the Create-a-Modes menu.

[Hat]-Wrestling Mask
[Hat Color]-Hue:[|----------] Sat.:[--------|--]  Bright:[--------|--]

Upper Body-
[Boxing Gloves]

Lower Body-
[Pants]-Baggy Cargo
[Pants Color]-Hue:[None] Sat.[|----------] Bright:[|----------]
[Shoes Color]-Hue:[|----------] Sat.[----------|] Bright:[---------|-]


III.Orbit Natas

 In the Barcelona level,across from the "Spiral Rail" Gap,knock off
the fountain's "head".You will get a Destruction Bonus of 1000 points.
(This part is kinda tricky.)Skate towards the head.Right when you hit
the head,ollie,then Natas Spin.If done right,you should be Natas Spinning
a flying head.The head will seem to "orbit around the place where it was on
the fountain.

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