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Version: 1.5
Updated: 14 May 2001

Game: WWF No Mercy
System: Nintendo 64
Author: Pop Culture Monkey
E-Mail: [email protected]

Version History

1.0 - Produced the damn thing.

1.2 - ***UNRELEASED*** Gah!  Mistakes!  Re-tested the Buffalo Sleeper after 
      messing up in a submission match and realising that it doesn't attack 
      the head, but the arm.  I've said it before and I'll say it again...  
      The game has some really weird ideas on hit points sometimes.

1.5 - Update city.  Turns out I GROSSLY underestimated the game - Some submission 
      holds have dual hit points, one even has TRIPLE hit points...  Though 
      it will harm one part faster than the other, so where there is more than one 
      hit point I have listed the 'Primary' hit point first and the 'Secondary' hit 
      point second.  Lots of changes there.
    - Fixed the 'Surfboard Stretch' hit point from 'Arm' to 'Body'.
    - Added a 'Tester' section, wanna test for hit points yourself?  Go here.
    - Added a 'General FAQ' section, oughta clear up some of the questions you damned 
      people have been mailing me.




3 - HOLDS - a. Front Grapple
            b. Back Grapple
            c. Upper Body Submission, Facing Up
            d. Upper Body Submission, Facing Down
            e. Upper Body Submission, Sitting Up
            f. Upper Body Submission, Sitting Down
            g. Lower Body Submission, Facing Up
            h. Lower Body Submission, Facing Down
            i. Irish Whip Grapple
            j. Turnbuckle Grapple
            k. Counter Attack, Punch
            l. Counter Attack, Kick
            m. Reversals





A lot of people think it's next to impossible to get a submission in 
No Mercy.  But the fact is, that it's just about the best way to deal 
with a difficult opponent and absolutely essential to clocking up a 
win in 'Iron Man' mode.

The trick to getting your win with submission holds is to know which 
part of the body that submission hold targets - You just have to beat 
down upon that part of the body until the opponent is holding that 
body part, whack it a little more for good luck, then apply your hold 
and watch 'em tap out.

But the thing is, all submission holds target the body parts in one of 
two ways and a move only ever works as a submission hold on one body 
part (Take a look at the 'Hit points and Submission points' section 
below), so sometimes the game makes odd decisions.  For example:  The 
Sharpshooter targets the legs for it's submissions, whereas the Texas 
Cloverleaf targets the body.

This guide will tell you exactly which moves target which body parts, 
then it's just a case of beating down upon that part of your 
opponent.  If you're using a Tazmission - Piledrive the crap out of 
'em.  If you're using the Rings Of Saturn - Elbow smash their arms.  
It's that simple.

Believe me, some of the moves hurt an opponent in utterly bizarre 
ways.  I wrote this as an aid in creating my own CAWs, but this FAQ 
should be of use to anyone if they like using the more exotic 
submission holds.

Oh, and bashing the buttons whilst you perform the hold does seem to 
make it work better - but that might just be my imagination.


Ooooh...  This is where it gets complicated.  Y'see, since I discovered 
that some moves hit more than one body part, I had to do a whole lot of 
research and test a bunch of moves.  What I discovered was, though some 
moves hit more than one body part - You can only get a submission on one 


Okay, let's use the Sharpshooter and the Camel Clutch as an example:

Sharpshooter:  Attacks Legs and Body
Camel Clutch:  Attacks Body

If I spend my entire match just railing on my opponent's body, he will 
start to hold his body...  At this time I can apply a Camel Clutch and 
get a submission - This is because the Camel Clutch SUBMISSION POINT is 
the Body.

However, If I were to apply a Sharpshooter, I'd be sorely disappointed 
because though the Sharpshooter's HIT POINTS include the Legs and  the 
body, it's SUBMISSION POINT is the Legs.

But, if I were to use a Sharpshooter on my opponent, it would hurt their 
legs and body, leaving them vulnerable to the Camel Clutch or a Leg 
submission hold.

To clarify: With the Sharpshooter, if you want them to submit, work on the 
legs.  Though it will also attack the body, the SUBMISSION POINT is still 
to the legs.

In this FAQ, when I list the attack area, I will list all of the HIT POINTS, 
but the SUBMISSION POINT will be listed first and in capitals.  If you want 
to make 'em submit with that move, make sure you wear down the SUBMISSION 
POINT, though the move will still be effective as an attack to set up another 
submission hold.

Don't feel bad about mailing me if you're having trouble grasping this 
simple concept.  Just TRY to understand it before firing off that E-Mail...


HOLD                       DAMAGE                     AREA


Bearhug                       E                       Body
Butterfly Lock                F                       Head
Canadian Back Breaker         E                       Body
Choke Takedown                D                       Head
Cross Heel Hold               E                       Leg
Flipping Armbar               F                       Arm
Guillotine Choke              F                       Head
Headlock                      F                       Head
Iron Claw                     A                       Head
Leg Sweep/Strong Punching     F                       Head
Mandible Claw                 D                       Head
Reverse Armbar                F                       Arm
Rolling Leglock               F                       Leg
Rushing Armbar                E                       Arm
Six Seconds Magic             F                       Arm
Standing Armbar               F                       Arm
Sweep w/ Mounted Punching     F                       Body
Two Handed Choke Lift         E                       Head
Ultimate Armbar               F                       Arm


Abdominal Neck Wrench         D                       Body
Abdominal Stretch (Floor)     F                       Body
Abdominal Stretch (Standing)  E                       Body
Chicken Wing Headlock         E                    HEAD - Arm
Eastern Stretch               D                       Body
Jumping Armbar                E                       Arm
Octopus Stretch               D                    BODY - Head
Rear Naked Choke              E                       Head
Reverse Armbar                E                       Arm
Sleeper Hold                  E                       Head
Spinning Torture Rack         B                       Body
Surfboard Stretch             E                       Arm
Tazzmission                   D                       Head
Torture Rack                  D                       Body


Armbar 01                     G                       Arm
Armbar 02                     G                       Arm
Choke Hold                    G                       Head
Clutching Punch               G                       Head
Dragon Sleeper                G                       Head
Eastern Stretch               G                    HEAD - Body
Eye Gouge                     G                       Head
Front Headlock                G                       Head
Gangsta Stretch               F                       Leg
Goku-Raku Stretch             G                       Body
Head Pound                    G                       Head
Mounted Position Punching     G                       Head
Neck Wrench                   G                       Head
Sleeper Hold                  G                       Head
Strangle Hold                 G                       Head
Surfboard Stretch             G                       Body
Triangle Hold                 G                       Head
Ultimate Punching             G                       Head
Venis Grind and Punch         G                       Head


Camel Clutch                  G                       Body
Crippler Crossface            F                       Head
Rear Naked Choke              G                       Head
Rear Naked Choke w/ Delay     G                       Head
Rings Of Saturn               F                       Arm
Sitting Reverse Armbar        G                       Arm


Buffalo Sleeper Hold          F                    ARM - Head
Dragon Sleeper Hold           F                       Head
Eastern Stretch               F                    HEAD - Body
Front Headlock                F                       Head
Neck Wrench                   F                       Head
Ne-Han                        F                       Body
Sleeper Hold                  F                       Head
Surfboard Stretch             G                       Body


Camel Clutch                  G                       Body
Rear Naked Choke              G                       Head


Ankle Lock                    G                       Leg
Boston Crab                   G                       Body
Figure Four Leg Lock          G                       Leg
Leg Lock                      G                       Leg
Reverse Figure Four Leg Lock  G                       Leg
Sharpshooter                  G                    LEG - Body
Side Leg Lock                 G                       Leg
Single Leg Crab               G                    LEG - Body
Spinning Toe Hold             G                       Leg
STF                           G                    LEG - Head
Texas Cloverleaf              G                    LEG - Body
Walls Of Jericho              F                       Body
Wishbone                      G                       Leg


Ankle Lock                    G                       Leg
Boston Crab                   G                       Body
Bow and Arrow Lock            G                 LEG - Head - Body
Indian Deathlock              G                       Leg
Mexican Surfboard Stretch     G                       Leg
Reverse Achilles Lock         G                       Leg
Single Crab                   G                    LEG - Body


Abdominal Stretch             E                       Body
Crippler Crossface            A                       Head
Double Handed Choke Lift      E                       Head
Lou Thesz Press Knuckle       E                       Head
Reverse Armbar                F                       Arm
Sleeper Hold                  E                       Head


Flury                         G                       Head
Foot Choke                    G                       Head
Jumping Armbar Takedown       D                       Arm
Knee Strikes                  G                       Body
Multiple Chops                G                       Body
Multiple Clothesline          G                       Body
Shoulder Thrusts              G                       Body
Stomp And Choke               G                       Head
Thump                         F                       Body
10 Punch                      G                       Head
10 Punch With DX Pose         G                       Head


Reverse Armbar                F                       Arm


Standing Ankle Lock           F                       Leg


Counter Armbar                E                       Arm


So, how do you test to determine which moves strike where?  I've covered 
the submission holds for you, but what about the others...  First things 
first, use your common sense - Piledrivers hit the head, DDTs hit the 
head, an Arm Breaker hits the arm, etc...  But some moves are hard to figure 
out by looking at them, so just follow this guide:

Step 1: Create a blank CAW, call him 'Tester'.  Give him a costume if you 
        want, it doesn't matter.
Step 2: Make him average in every way.  Make him 6'0, 250lbs, Medium Body, 
Step 3: Set his fighting style:
        Stance - Normal
        Ring entry - Normal
        Counter/Reversals - Heavy
        Speed - Normal
	Submission Skills - Normal
	Irish Whip Evasion - Yes
	Recovery Rate - Normal
	Bleeding - Normal
	Reaction To Blood - Normal
	Endurance - Normal
	Turnbuckle Climbing - Climbing
	Jumping Distance - Normal
	Specific Weapon - Random
Step 4: Set every number on 'Parameter' to a '3'.

You now have a totally average CAW, so now you just set a move to one of his 
buttons.  Let's test the ambiguous-looking 'Snap Powerbomb 01', does it hit 
the Head or the Body?

Step 5: Set 'Snap Powerbomb 01' to Strong Grapple 'B'.
Step 6: Save the CAW.
Step 7: Enter a two-player game with nobody on the second pad, wrestle against 
        a clone of yourself.  
Step 8: Strong Grapple your opponent and hit the Powerbomb.  Pick him up and 
        do it again, keep doing it until they're holding a body part.  (In the 
        case of the Snap Powerbomb 01, it takes about 18 slams and they end up 
        holding their Body.)

And that's that, try it with other moves if you're unsure.  By doing this, you
can create a wrestler who's entire movelist is geared towards performing a 
submission finisher.

It's the same process with finishing moves, only it'll take longer since you 
have to taunt your bar up to 'Special' first.


Q.  Does it matter how high your bar is and how low his bar is?

A.  Kind of, it doesn't make the move more damaging, though it does certainly 
    appear that it's harder to escape from a hold if your bar is lower than 
    theirs.  But it doesn't seem to affect how fast they'll submit.

Q.  So what do the letters on your guide mean?

A.  *Sigh*  The better the letter, the more damaging a move is...  In the game, 
    'S' is the highest possible damage level, decreasing in power with 'A', 'B', 
    'C', and so on...  the weakest attack level is 'G'.  They're pretty much useless 
    as a standard attack, but as submission holds, 'G' attacks work fine.

Q.  With submission holds, I can get a submission as easily with an 'G' attack as 
    I can with an 'A', does this mean that the letters mean nothing?

A.  Not really, though it's as easy to get a submission with an Abdominal Stretch as 
    it is with an Iron Claw providing you've worn down the body part first, the moves 
    with 'high' letters are better for actually wearing them down in the first place.  
    Therefore:  If you put the Iron Claw on someone who's hurting but not yet holding 
    their head, you may still get a submission as it'll do a lot of damage...  To get a 
    submission in the same way with a Mandible Claw you'll have to get 'em either holding 
    their head or close to holding their head first.

Q.  What is the best submission hold in the game?

A.  Six Seconds Magic, no two ways about it.  You don't have to do a lot of damage 
    to their arms, it still makes 'em tap out in a few seconds.  Though the Iron 
    Claw and the Crippler Crossface are both rated higher than the 'Magic, don't 
    believe it for a second...  The 'Magic kicks ass.

Q.  What does 'CAW' stand for?

A.  'Create A Wrestler', genius.

Q.  Some of the dual-hit holds don't see to be very effective when I target the 
    secondary hit point...  Why?

A.  Read the bloody 'Hit points and Submission Points' section.

Q.  Is there any chance of you doing a hit points list for the other moves in 
    the game?

A.  Not if I live to be a million.

Q.  Should I try and make one?

A.  You can try, but it's waaaay too big an undertaking, trust me - I've tried.  
    As a simple guide, if it looks like it's hitting a certain body part, 
    that's the HIT POINT, but don't count on that as a perfect guide.  
    Chokeslams hit the head, for example.  But, I mean, Christ...  If you 
    piledrive 'em, you pretty much count on their head hurting.  It's not 
    rocket science folks.  But doing a comprehensive guide to slams would just 
    be too big.

Q.  But I really want to know how a particular attack hits... I'm not sure 
    about how to test it, how do you do it?

A.  Go and take a look at the 'Tester' section.

Q.  Do you mind if I contact you?

A.  Not at all, just make sure you're not a total arse.


This guide written by the aforementioned Monkey.  It is entirely my 
copyright.  So don't even think about it.  Don't distribute it, don't 
sell it, don't use it in your own FAQ.  If you want it for any reason 
- mail me, we'll talk.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, corrections, abuse, 
child-like ramblings or inane thoughts, mail me at the address at the 
top of this guide.

Visit my site at: 
We're going live in August with all kinds of great stuff.

Take it from our drummer 'Puff'.  Being good, it gets you stuff.

Copyright Pop Culture Monkey 2001 - It's good to be King.

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