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By: Bahmat([email protected])

Table Of Contents

I.   Random Ravings

II.  Legalities

III. Spoiler Alert and Advice

IV.  Character Guide

V.   Few Tips and Advice on playing Suikoden 4

VI.  Acknowledgements

I. Random Ravings and Rantings

First of all, being the egoist that I am, I wanna give MYSELF a big hand for 
returning to the FAQ writing business. Finally! I got my PS2 fixed! Let the abuse 
begin!! Whoooooo!!

Secondly, before we get to the FAQ, let me gripe a little about this game that's 
suppoxed to be the latest installment in what I believe is a very good RPG.

1. What in the buh-lack hell was Konami thinking returning the title character to 
being a brainless moron without any identifying and unique personality whatsoever? 
Why is there absolutely no exploration of character here? They took Suikoden to the 
next level in Suikoden 3, with three different heroes who actually interact with 
the people around them and companions who interact with one another, while 
endearing themselves to the players and come out a REAL people. What was Konami 
doing regressing back to the days of generic heroes who say a couple of cornball 
lines but are ultimately forgettable?

2. What is up with the story? In Suikoden 3, the story was very deep and 
characterization was something almost akin to Hayao Myazaki would have done, where 
not everything is in black and white. In Suikoden 4, it went back to being nothing 
more than just another straightforward, linear, predictable RPG whose only strength 
is character harvesting, much like Suikoden 2. The only thing that kept me playing 
was that "Pokemon" effect of gathering all those different characters. Without that 
feature, this stupid game would have fallen so very flat on its face.

3. The graphics are BLAND with a capital B. I thought this was Suikoden 4 for the 
PS2, not for the PS1. Why not stick with the usual anime intro and just improve on 
the same graphics of Suikoden 3? Or better yet, cel-shade them all! 3-D graphics 
are VERY over-rated. You see, kids? That's why always say no to drugs. Otherwise 
you end up like game developers too lazy to improve a good product.

4. Why are the towns and cities so f***ing small!? I love to travel but the cries 
of my wallet are too loud to ignore. So the next best thing would be to explore 
places on an RPG world. Sad, I know, but its one of the joys of playing an RPG. In 
S4, where is the exploration!?

5. Who gives a fig about sea battles!? Sure you can move things around like a chess 
game, but the "strategy" is nothing more then getting the right counter Rune and 
preventing the other from boarding your ship/boarding the other ship. Thumbs down!

OK. Whew. Good to get that out of my system. Now. On to the FAQ.

II. Legalities

A minor note but very important nonetheless. As we all should know by now, 
plagiarism is a CRIME.How would you people feel if, after working and slaving over 
the best FAQ this side of the world, some bum simply waltzes in and copies your 
work, taking all the credit for all your hardwork in the process while you get 
zilch? Not very good eh?

I'm a very reasonable guy. I don't ask for royalties or anything like that for FAQs 
like this one. Anyone can copy this for PRIVATE USE ONLY. All I need from those who 
would copy this or any other FAQ by me is the plain decency to ask me. Hell, I'll 
almost always say yes, anyway, so just email me at [email protected] or 
[email protected], ask permission to copy and print this FAQ from me and I will be 
more than happy to give you my time.

This guide can be found only on

Thanks alot.

III. Spoiler Alrt and How To Use This Guide

Before we get started, I want all the readers to know this. DO NOT TREAT THIS FAQ 
AS A GUIDE TO RANDOMLY GET CHARACTERS. This FAQ has been set in accordance with 
game progression and time management. It ensures that you can get characters 
quickly and easily. It also ensures that you don't get confused as to who to get 
next. Don't jump all over the place, randomly getting characters here and there 
without considering how long or when each character can be acquired. That just 
allows you to get lost alot easier. Follow this guide according to number and you 
will be fine. Promise.

The best way to use this guide is to read while playing.

SPOILERS Alert!! This FAQ will also contain many, many spoilers. If that's not cool 
with you, then go to another FAQ.

Also, this FAQ is not the be all and end all of character harvesting. Of you think 
that a certain character can be gotten earlier than what was written, feel free to 
email me. When I update this FAQ, you'll get full credit.

Let's get it on!!


1. Bahmat - Tenkai

 You start with this poor excuse for a lead character. Whassamatta, boy? Cat got 
your tongue? You can give him a name before you start the game. I named him Bahmat 
and so Bahmat he will be for the rest of the FAQ. Why does he look like such a 
dork? Lady Chris, where are you, sweet Silver Maiden?

2. Paula - Tenman

 One of four characters you can choose aside from Snowe. If you didn't choose her 
during your time in Razril, she will be yours upon liberating Razril later in the 
game. I chose the ladies first, so #3 and 4 they are.

3. Jewel - Tentai

 One of four characters you can choose aside from Snowe. If you didn't choose her 
during your time in Razril, she will be yours upon liberating Razril later in the 

4. Chiepoo - Tenfu

 As Dagget once said, "AAAAAAAHHHHH What a freeeeeek!!!" A half man-half cat should 
look cute, yes? You'd think that, wouldn't you? Seeing Chiepoo, cute is faaaaaaar 
from my mind. But my description is not fit to see print. The very moment you're 
allowed to leave the Knight's Stronghold, go to the Razeil equipment shop, turn the 
camera to the left and talk with the freak. During your exile, one of your 
companions should discover him on your boat.

5. Lilin - Chisatsu

 Follow this system when your exile boat gets to the deserted island:

a. Explore cave
b. Explore the back of the island
c. One of your party members will state the obvious
d. Choose to get off the island
e. Volunteer to do chores
f. Go into the cave all the way to the Subterranean Lake
g. Meet Lilin
h. Complete chores
i. Rest
j. Do steps E to I again until she starts talking to you. Always
choose the first options.

Then, after you get to use the Obel patrol boat later in the game, after gathering 
2 or more characters, she'll join you just as soon as you dock in Obel Harbor.

6. Rikie - Tensui

 When King Lino tells you to visit the ruins to learn more about the Rune of 
Punishment, do so. Buy an Escape Talisman before you go. When you exit the oterside 
of the ruins and take out 2 bosses, she'll join after much explaining about the 
Rune. Be sure to use the Escape Talisman then.

7. Rakgie - Tenrou

 Joins with Rikie.

8. Tov - Chiman

 When Desmond shows you where your Obel residence will be, Tov will introduce 
himself and will join.

9. Louise - Chiin

 Joins with Tov.

10. Chadli - Chiku

 Joins with Tov.

11. Desmond - Chisuu

 Joins with Tov. Hey, man. Your spine just called. He's asking if he can come home 

12. Ornan - Chihi

When you get control of the Obel patrol boat and after you've been to both the 
ruins and the HQ, look for the back part of Obel where a couple of ladies are 
rummaging through their laundry. Mornin' ma'am. Anyways, there's a guy there who 
sez he's searching for someone. Like we should care. Ask him to join and he does.

13. Rita - Chikei

Perhaps one of my favorite characters. She swings a hammer. Need I say more? 
Anyway, Talk to Manu near your cave/HQ so you can take the elevator all the way 
down to the docks. Take the patrol boat out for a spin. Head North from Obel to get 
to Mordo Island. Enter then leave. Now from Mordo, head east until you get to Donut 
Island. You can't miss them. Go down then back up the ship. You get no characters 
here for now. I'll tell you why you went here in the first place.

Now, chart your course North from Donut Isle. After a while, you should get to Na-
Nal Island Harbor. Once you dock, head for the Na-Nal Village Inn and talk o a 
little girl by the desk. She then challenges you to a game almost similar to 
Mahjong. There are 2 ways to beat her:

1. Reduce her Life mean pocket money to 0.
2. Beat her 2 out of 3 sets (10 games = 1 set)

I know this will be very frustrating, but keep at it. When you beat her, she joins 
if you talk to her again and ask her to join. Believe you me, she is WORTH the 

14. Mitsuba - Chiin

After grabbing Rita, head over to Na-Nal Square. At the gate, you'll find a cueball 
who sez you have to teach some naughty girl a lesson. Somebody get me a mirror. I 
wanna see if have the word "sucker" on my character's head.

Go into the square and you'll find a girl with a biiiiig sword. Talk to her, she'll 
challenge you. Say that when you beat her, she has to join you. After you do just 
that, she joins.

Another one of my favorite characters. Just so we all understand each other.

15. Reinhold - Chibou

 Joins with Mitsuba. Don't slow me down, baldy.

16. Cedric - Tensokou

 When you retun to Obel, head for the inn and a small cut scene will take place. Go 
over to the lady at the foot of the stairs and she'll ask you to catch him. Follow 
the runt all the way back to HQ and to the bar. Louise will rat him out and he 
joins after a small sermon over the facts of life. If you don't put him in your  
party, he gives your character a speed boost in map movement. Which is pretty nifty 
if you want to move from one place to another fast, fast, fast.

17. Oleg - Chima

 No big trouble. When Lino tells you to go get him at the Nay Island Hotel, do so 
and he's yours after a while.

18. Ramada - Tenritsu

 After presenting Oleg to King Lino, go back to the ship. Halfway there, you'll be 
accosted by 3 losers. Familiar? They should be. You played nursemaid to them a 
while back. Now they want some? Fine. They wanna throw down? Be my GUEST!! 

 After what should be a short battle, take them to Lino and they'll join.

19. Akaghi - Chikou

 Joins with Ramada.

20. Mizuki - Chikyou

Joins with Ramada.

21. Adrienne - Chiko

During the siege of Obel, go down to the inn and talk to the girl (yes, she's a 
girl) standing near the entrance. She's the smith of Middleport. Talk to her and 
she's yours. She can upgrade your weapons depending on the kind of hammer you give 
her when she sets up shop later.

Incidentally, if you got the Golden Hammer back in Obel ruins before the siege, 
give it to her later and she will upgrade your weapon to level 16, baby.

What's that? The Angel Puff guarding that hammer is too tough for someone with low 
levels? My friends, thats what Gamesharks and Codebreakers are for. :)

22. Yuu - Chirei

 Remember the doctor who charged you 500 potch per treatment at the foot of the 
stairs on the 2nd level of Obel? Talk to him now and he'll join.

23. Lino El Kuldes - Tehgou

 The man who tries so hard to sound like Dirty Harry joins you when your ship is 

24. Nico - Chisin

 Joins when the ship has been launched.

25. Pablo - Chijikuu

Joins when the ship has been launched.

26. Haruto - Chimon

Joins when the ship has been launched.

27. Viki - Chitatsu

After the Obel Ship leaves, DO NOT FOLLOW KIKA!! Head instead back to Nay Island. 
From the harbor, make your way through Stonecutter's Field to the bridge going to 
Nay-Kobold Village.

When you reach the bridge, a VERY familiar figure sneezes her way into the picture. 
Yep, it's Viki the ditzy teleportress. Whoo! Bless you, sweetheart. Cross the 
bridge, enter Nay-Kobold, then return to the bridge. Say that you'll protect her 
and she's yours. You also get, just as in the previous Suikodens, the Glowing Hand 
Mirror, an invaluable device that will save you alot of time and save you from the 
monotonous task of sailing from island to island.

28. Bang - Chikai

Head now for Nay-Kobold Village. Talk to the old guy in what looks 
like a tickt booth. He practically begs to join you. What could be 

29. Perrault - Chiyou

Go next to the Nay-Kobold Trading Place. Talk to the guy with the spikey hair to 
the left of the counter and he joins. You now have a newspaper man. Yes!! Something 
to do during those long sea voyages. Be sure to buy a couple of flower seeds before 
leaving. You'll see why.

30. Ugetsu - Tenson

Go back to your ship and talk to Viki at Deck 2. Teleport to Na-Nal Harbor. In 
front of the Trade Shop is man with something weird on his back and an even weirder 
story to tell standing near the docks looking out to sea. Talk to him and he joins 

31. Jeanne - Chiketsu

After getting Ugetsu, go to Na-Nal Seaside Town. First go to the Open Air Baths and 
talk to the perv who apparently gets his kicks by spying on some old Rune Mistress. 
Then go to the armor shop and talk to the guy in front of it who also does the same 
sick thing. How can you two meatheads get so worked up over some old crone?

We'll see about that. Head over to the Rune Shop and ask to see this Rune Mistress. 
Let's get to the bottom of this.

Hmmm. Cut scene. (BGM: Shaggy's Hey Sexy Lady) Yeah, well..(Bahmat sees Rune 
Mistress) what the...!!!?  HOMINA, HOMINA, HOMINA, HOMINA, HOMINA....

W-w-what's that? Y-Y-You'd l-l-like to join us? S-S-S-Sure. W-W-Why not? eheh... 
Why is it so hot in here? Why are my pants so tight? Somebody open those windows 
wide!! NOW!!!

32. Manu - Chisou

Go back to the inn where you first played with Rita. Remember the elevator guy? 
Well, he made it out of Obel in one piece. Talk to him and he joins. He gives you 
an elevator and unlocks Decks 3-5.

33. Mao - Chitou

Go back to your ship and rest in your room. Now go out through your door. Before 
you do, Tov will say something about a strange presence. You don't say. Go down to 
Deck 5 and enter the 1st room to your left. Someone will say, "Who are you?" Who am 
I!? WHO ARE YOU, BUDDY!? Go in, ask the creampuff to join and he does.

34. Nao - Chishou

After getting Mao, go back to your room and sleep again. Head for the door. Tov 
will say that he feels ANOTHER presence in the same room. Where is the option to 
tell him to grow some balls and check it out himself? Anyway go back to that room 
and some idiot who looks like Mao (Holy double visions, Batman!!) will say, "Who 
are you?" No, no, no, my friend. The question is, who are YOU!? Ask him to join and 
he does.

35. Shiramine - Tenhai

Go back to your ship and go to the Rear Deck near Viki's mirror. Talk to Ugetsu and 
he'll fish up his friend! Ay Caramba!!

36. Lilan - Chii

After the Shiramine incident, talk to Shiramine and tell him to drop the net. Next, 
depart and roam around the waters between Nay and Na-Nal for a minute or two. 
Return to the ship and speak to Shiramine to pull that net up. If you got it right, 
a cut scene will commence and you get your second mermaid who looks like a cocker 

37. Taisuke - Chiretsu

Using both Razril and Nay as reference points, head South-West from Nay Island. So 
you don't get lost look at the map and trace a path directly East of Razril. Soon 
you'll be back in the Deserted Island. Go into the gave. You'll be stopped by some 
dude in the pool!! Gah!! Put some skivvies on, man! You're grossin' out the ladies! 
He asks you to leave. DON'T USE AN ESCAPE TALISMAN!! Instead, head for the 
Subterranean Lake's exit. The guy will stop you and ask you to get his clothes for 
him. What do I look like, man? A maid!?

Now, use an Escape Talisman. The exhibitionist's clothes are just outside the cave. 
Taje it and bring it back to him. He joins after that.

38. Lilen - Chiyuu

After Taisuke joins, leave the Subterranean Lake and go right back  in. She's 
standing on the same spot where Taisuke once was. Talk to her and she will join.

39. Natalie - Chiri

Port back to Nay Island and scour the beach for a bottle. Got it? OK. Now, from Nay 
Island, go directly North. It could take awhile so use the opportunity to level up. 
You'll soon reach an island called Iluya. That's right. It's the place that bought 
it BIG time.

Anyway, put Mizuki in your party and head for the ruins. Watch it. The enemies are 
pretty tough.

In the 1st set of ruins, you should see Natalie's figure standing among the ruins 
if you turn the camera to the right. Go and talk to her and she joins.

40. Isak - Tenyu

From the ruins, head straight till you get to the next screen. Follow the path 
straight until you get to the center of the circle. He'll be there and he'll join 
you if  you get him a flower seed. Remember the Flower Seed I told you to get back 
in the Nay-Kobold Trading shop? Give it to him and he joins.

41. Kate - Chisoku

From where you got Isak, move to the right and heep going until you see a ruined 
alley way. Kate's in there. If you have Mitsuba and you've identified yourself, 
she'll join you.

42. Rene - Chikou

Port back to Donut Island. Now aren't you glad I told you to go to Mordo and Donut 
Isle before? Doing so unlocks the islands for Viki. Talk to the blonde treasure 
hunting kid on the island and she'll join if you have the bottle.

43. Kika - Tenkou

Now, head for Pirate's Nest. It's on your map, marked with a blue arrow. When you 
enter, first walk across the beach and talk to some guy who sez he's seeing 
mermaids nearby. Riiiiiiiight. Now go into the Nest and talk to kika whereby the 
hero will make a stirring speech to convince the pirate queen to join your cause, 
all while moving neither face nor lips. She'll then join.

44. Sigurd - Chiki

Joins with Kika.

45. Hervey - Chimou

Joins with Kika.

46. Dario - Chibi

Joins with Kika.

47. Nalleo - Chikou

Joins with Kika.

48. Phil - Chisui

After Kika joins, talk to the guy with long hair directly behind you. He joins if 
you have 43 people. If you've followed my guide, that should be no problem.

49. Bartholomew - Chikyou

Go back to your ship and read the 2nd Section of Perault's newspaper which should 
be about some wanted man. Okay. Port over to Nay-Kobold Village and go up the 
stairs leading to the upper part of the village. Enter the first house in front of 
you. Talk to the guy inside and he'll join.

50. Lilon - Chisa

Still with me? We're half way there. This one's kinda tricky. Port back to Pirate's 
Nest after chasing that bastard Snowe and watching him get less than what he 
deserves. Talk again to the pirate who sez he's been seeing mermaids. Talk to 
Rakgie and depart. Go forward a little ways, then set course back home. Done 
right, you should be hailed by a Lucy Liu look-a-like mermaid. She'll join you then.

51. Elenor - Tenki

After Kika sets up the meeting between you and this Elenor, go to Hermitage Island 
just to the left of Pirate's Nest. Keep going unti;l you reach a house. Enter and a 
whole slew of cut scenes occur. If you do as Lady Elenor asked, she'll join you 
just after one last swig. I see someone isn't afraid of cirrhosis. Oh well.

52. Agnes - Chifuku

Joins with Elenor. Honestly. Why does this game even need characters with the 
title "strategist" when YOU'RE the one deciding who goes where and what will use 
what. Waste of space.

53. Katarina - Tenju

Every character from here on in can only be recruited after you get the Golden 
Seal. Just after leaving Hermitage Isle, Head back to Pirate's Nest and go to 
Kika's room. Katarina will give you the 3rd degree again, but it's understandable. 
She then asks if she could come along for the ride. Of course, my lady. You don't 
even have to ask.

54.Gau - Tensatsu

From pirate's Nest, head back to Hermitage Isle. Go forward ONE screen and start 
fighting random battles. sooner or later, a weirdo in costume shows up with 4 
wolves. Beat all of them back and ask freak boy to join you. Man. I knew it all 
along!! Survivor rots your brain!

55. Aldo - Tenei

Go to Elenor's place and go through the back door into the woods behind the house. 
Keep going unil you see a guy standing there, apparently lost for so long that he's 
talking to the birds now. Take pity on stupid creatures and save them from him by 
asking him to join.

56. Lo Seng - Tenken

Port over to Mordro island and enter the hot spring bath. a scene will occur and a 
trio of people will give you the best bath of your life. AAAAAHHHHHHHH. OOOHHHH how 
my muscles need to unwind after kicking ass for so long. Hmmmmmmokay. Let's see the 
bill. It's worth every penny. What th-!? What's this!? 100000 potch for the bath 
alone!? Forget that! Oh ho! You wanna settle this outside!? Fine, fine!? Beat these 
three down and they join if you ask them to and tell them that your army accepts 
all kinds. That's how desperate your people are...

57. Lo Fong - Tenzai

Joins with Lo Seng.

58. Lo Hak - Tenpai

Joins with Lo Seng.

59. Igor - Chido

After getting the 3 losers and going back to your ship, port back to Mordo Isle and 
go to the pier. There's a guy standing in front of the bath house. Ask this one to 
join and he does. HE IS ONE OF THE 108 Stars of Destiny!? OK. Who's been giving 
Lady Leknaat Jesus Juice!?

60. Nalkul - Chitan

Take Chiepoo and port back to Nay Harbor. He'll say something about wanting to see 
Nay-Kobold Trade Shop. Do so. Go to the trade shop in Nay Kobold Village and talk 
with the shopkeeper who hints at his products being supplied by snatchers. Then go 
out and towards the bridge outside the village. Halfway across, a couple of cats 
like Cheipoo come your way and bump into you. Hey, careful there, little fella. 
Huh!? The Seal's gone! Time to beat couple of crooks back to the straight and 
narrow! Go back to the village and go to the back of the warehouse. Gimme back that 
seal, you crooks! A small mini-game happens in a pathetic attempt by Konami to be 
funny. Get all 3 mice and these two kobolds join you.

61. Champoo - Chikaku

Joins with Nalkul.

62. Liloon - Chisa

Can only be gotten if you have all 4 of her sisters. If you followed my guide, 
that's not gonna be a problem, is it? Port back to Iluya. At the pier, there is a 
set of stairs to your right going down. Spin your camera round and you'll find her 
standing there. Talk to her and she joins. Yay! You've completed all 5 
mermaids. DO you get some super dooper, extra special terrific weapon that'll help 
you beat the game's top boss with one blow? Nope. Just 5 pairs of eyes that look at 
you from the Accessory Attelier. In other words, USELESS.

63. Keen - Chisa

On the mission to free Middleport, bring Sigurd. On the docks, talk to a creepy 
looking old fart at the side of the trade shop. Then change party members, remove 
Sigurd and talk to the old man again. He'll join you for how much? 10000 Potch!? 
That's robbery! THIS IS A STAR OF DESTINY!? Who's destiny, exactly?! Anyway, pay 
him and he joins up. For some reason, he'll set up the Confession Booth in your HQ, 
something to amuse you for a while.

64. Deborah - Chiyuu

Go over to Middleport Inn and talk to the old lady on the left sitting at a table 
with....The King of Pop!? Anyway, she'll say you have an interesting fortune. You 
don't say, but would you mind joining us? She does so and leaves the Gloved One 
wannabe alone. which of course doesn't sit to well with him/her.

65. Oskar - Chizoku

Joins with Deborah, but you will never know when. Sometime in the game, he gets off 
his high horse and joins you. Just Beat It!

66. Reinbach - Tenki

        Overdressed poppinjay with a good heart. May not look it, but he's all muh-
male. He joins you after getting the Rose Brooch from Gunther in the Nay Island 
Inn. While you're there in the inn, talk to the guy in the room beind Gunther's. 
He'll say something about a powerful female tearing the Middleport Inn a new one. 
Cool! AFter this, port back to Middleport and give the brooch to Reinbach and he 

67. Micky - Chibou

Joins with Reinbach. so this is how a human worm looks like. He's one of you 

68. Helga - Tenkuu

Put Reinbach in the group and go to Middleport Inn. There's the woman whom the guy 
in Nay Inn said was raising all sorts of hell. Talk to her and ask her to lend you 
her strength. She'll tell you to piss off. Do it again and she'll be surprised you 
didn't ask her to join for her good looks. whoah, whoah, whoah! We're here for 
your power, honey. Not your fantasies. Some dude named Charlemagne will then allow 
her to join you. Be sure to talk to Charlemagne 
before you leave the inn.

69. Ettiene - Chiraku

Go to the gates of the Reinbach Mansion. There you'll meet a clown in blue. Talk to 
him and, if Reinbach is with you, he'll join. Great. Just wha we need. A minstrel. 
Pffft. :P. Be sure to talk to Charlemagne again.

70. Gareth - Chiyou

Port over to Nay Village inn and talk to Gareth once again. If Reinbach's with you, 
he'll join cause he wants to keep an eye on the Rose Brooch. Seek help, man.

71. Axel - Tenmou

Go to Na-Nal Island. Rocker dude/ass-clown joins you automatically after you 
liberate Na Nal. That's a pretty big sword you got there, dude. Compensating for 

After you get him, return to the village square. If done right, there should be a 
woman in red who challenges you. Well, I aim to please. Beat and and she runs away. 
Yeah, that's right. You BETTER run!

72. Selma - Teni

After freeing Na-Nal, go down to the Harbor and you'll see the elf who freed you 
standing behind the trade shop, bumming for a job. Hey, one good turn, always 
deserves another and let no one say that you never pay your debts. Allow her to 
join and she does.

73. Eugene - Chishuu

Go to Na Nal Inn and talk to the pair on the stairs. The mother aparently wants her 
son to grow a pair. Pronto. Fine. Come along, boy. We're gonna make you strong. 
Even if it kills you. :)

74. Pam - Chisou

Go to Nay island and talk again to the Village Chief. Show him that Golden Seal and 
he cooperates but tells you to come back a little later. Go out and go to stone 
Cutter Field. There you'll soon come across a very familair lady in red. 
Whatssamatta for you, honey? Didn't get enough the last time? Beat her in battle 
and she runs away AGAIN, saying that she'll never forget this. Yeah. Pretty 
hard to forget the guy that WHOPPED YA!! Anyway, go to the Inn and sleep for a day 
or two. Then return to the village chief who will introduce you to Pam and Kevin. 
They'll ask you if they can join and, if you're head is strapped on straight, 
you'll agree.

75. Kevin - Chekei

Joins with Pam.

76. Millay - Chikyuu

After freeing both Nay and Na Nal, put Reinbach in your party and port back to 
Middleport. Talk to a guy there who sez that Lord Reinbach is searching for a girl 
whom he wanted to force on his son. What the!? Before you leave, talk to the dice 
player in Middleport Square. Doesn't matter if you play or not. Then talk to
Charlemagne again.

Anway, port over to Na Nal Harbor and you'll see to no goodniks cornering a woman 
on the beach. Two against one? Not very fair, eh? Now, four against two. Very 
fair....for us. Beat them and she'll join if you have Reinbach.

77. Django - Tenbou

Just before you free Razril, go back to HQ and enter your room. Desmond The 
Spineless Wonder will say that there are 2 men in your room. Say again!? I don't 
know what you've heard, Des, but I don't swing on the same side of the tree. 
Anyway, enter and there'll be two dudes to whom soap must either be something very 
complex or a deadly weapon against them. They pratically force themselves into your 
group. That's 2 more members without breaking a sweat.

78. Brek - Tenkoku

Joins with Django.

79. Helmut - Chian

Put Katarina in your party and head for Razril. During the liberation of Razril, 
beat this guy in the sea batttle and he'll join.

80. Tal - Tenyuu

One of four characters you can choose aside from Snowe. If you didn't choose him 
during your time in Razril, he will be yours upon liberating Razril later in the 

81. Keneth - Tenshou

One of four characters you can choose aside from Snowe. If you didn't choose him 
during your time in Razril, he will be yours upon liberating Razril later in the 

82. Basil - Chison

When you land, go to where Razril Inn is. To the left of the entrance, on a small 
stage to the left, a boy is standing there. Go to him and ask him to join and he 

83. Maxine - Chihei

Go into the Razril Inn. Turn right near the counter and who should we see but the 
lady in red who now has a name. She asks to join you. You'd be suspicious, right? 
She'll just say that Ramada sent her before he joined up. Simple as that. What? you 
didn't want to know about that ahead of time? Whoops. Told ya there were spoilers.

84. Konrad - Chikatsu

After grabbing maxine, turn to the left and talk to someone who's probably been to 
one too many Star Wars conventions. Obi Wan? Nope. It's just Konrad, Katarina's old 
master. If you have her in your party like I said before coming to Razril, he'll 
join you. Hope you can hack it, old man.

85. Funghi - Chishuu

After gathering people to the Razril Knight's Hall (where the hero gives the most 
brain dead pep talk possible) and showing Snowe's dad who's boss now, go over to 
the pier of Razril. A sunset scene will commence. then go home and rest. You're now 
free to collect characters galore cos the sky's blue again. After waking up, go to 
the kitchen and talk to Funghi twice so that he can join. Just what you need. more 
cooks. One can never have too many cooks.

86. Ameria - Chimei

Go up the Spire, past the late Commander's room and all the way up to the top. 
You'll find a woman in furs there. Watcha doin' out here, sweetheart? She'll say 
that she was hired to be Razril's protector of sorts, but now that the place is 
free, she moves on and wants to join you. Cool.

87. Gretchen - Tenbi

Go outside and to Razril Equipment Shop. By the door is a chick in chainmail. Talk 
to her and she'll spout somethin' about having trained a long time in the 
mountains. She believes she can swing a sword with the best of them and then some 
and would like to work for you. With those qualifications, what else is there to 
say but, "You're hired!"

88. Frederica - Chikatsu

Go into the Razril Armor Shop and talk to the archer staring at the shelves to the 
right. She says she's searching for this here Vanishing Village, vanished courtesy 
of Graham Cray. How about you join us and we give you the opportunity for some much 
needed payback? how's that sound? Great. Askher to join and she does.

89. Karl - Chiaku

Go all the way into the Back Alley of Razril until you come to a place where a 
couple of pillars stand ruined. Amidst the rubble is a dude who doesn't believe in 
the need for upper clothing. Talk to him and he'll say that he will put his 
strength to work for you. Neat. Another Power Ranger reject with the fighting style 
to match.

90. Jeremy - Chisatsu

Put Mitsuba in your party and port back to Na-Nal Village Square. Then go to the 
place where you first met Mitsuba. There'll you'll meet a guy who's been harboring 
a grudge against our lady friend. So she got you too, eh? Sucker. If Mitsuba's in 
your party while you talk to him, he will join.

Now go to the place near the inn, where two ladies are talking about some poor 
creature on the beach. If you turn a little bit to the right, you'll find Gunther 
again. Talk to him and then leave.

91. Charlemagne - Chichin

Port back to Middleport Inn. By this time, you should have talked to Charlemagne 
enough to convince him(?)to join.

92. Ted - Tenkan

After getting everyone on the list above, before you go to Obel after freeing 
Radzil, enter the War Room after the little meeting to rescue Obel. A scene should 
happen that a ghost ship is bearing down on you. You, of all people! Never heard of 
ghosts with death wishes before. Oh well, form up your party and follow the hooded 
man into the ship. Mind you this is a looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggg 
dungeon and it will get tedious from time to time. Twice, the hooded man will 
appear and question your motives. Always pick the first options. Soon you will 
reach the end of the ship and be confronted with the boss of this outfit. His 
lackey then decides he too wants to join you. The boss reveals the hooded man's 
name to be.....TED(!!) And when the boss sez, "Oh Ted..." AH HA HA HA HA HA HA 
HA!!!! I was expecting some super duper name for the owner of the Soul Eater Rune 
like Kamala, Reihnhart or Garonn. The best Konami can come up with is TED!?

After you beat the boss, the ship will come crashing around your ears. Lino will 
say he has a bad feeling about this. Gee, Yer Highness. What was your first clue? 
Make your way out. (YOU CAN'T USE ESCAPE TALISMAN!!! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!) When you 
escape, an FMV will show Konami's poor comedic timing and after that Ted joins if 
you ask him to.

93. Tanya - Chikai

Head back to Pirate's Nest after freeing Razril and talk to the blonde giving the 
two pirates at the door grief. Tell her that you know Elenor and that she can see 
her only if she joins you. She does and now you have a library.

94. Warlock - Chizen

Go down to the Rune Cannon Control Room in your HQ and speak with Pablo about the 
creator of these WMDs. Now go back to Middleport, into the square, turn left and go 
into the place marked Empty House. Talk to the big chest in the center and 
answer "24". I know it also doesn't add up to me. If Konami thought this would be 
challenging, man they weren't trying hard enough.

You'll fall into a small dungeon. Soon, after a boss battle, you'll find Warlock. 
Convince the goat to join and he does. Now port outta there.

95. Flaire - Tenkou

Now go again into the war room and prepare for confrontation. Go to Obel. Lino's 
little girl will join you when you liberate Obel.

96. Setsu - Chizen

 Joins with Flaire.

97. Pecola - Chizou

 Go back to Middleport from Obel and talk to the four ladies near the inn. One of 
them will hand you a book about Interior Designing. Whatever. Go back to the "Empty 
House" and where the chest was will be Pecola. Speak to her and she will join.

98. Noah - Chikuu

 Put Yuu in the party. Go into the Obel Royal Palace then into the Throne Room. 
Walk up to the throne and swing the camera around. She's there, behind the throne. 
Tell her you're not buying any of her crap. She then joins and asks you to feed 
her. Done. No one's going hungry on my watch.

99. Gary - Chii

Go to the Royal Palace and talk to the pair by the pools. They'll ask if you fight 
for justice. Yeah. Whatever. Has anyone heard anything lamer? Anyway, tell them 
that you do and they will join.

Be sure not to miss their FMV just when you come back to Obel to  reclaim your 
house. What they say is hilarious! Last time I heard a   speech as sappy as what 
Gary gave was in Samurai X! Fighting for justice! Hah! you can't even use this sap 
as a fighting character and he wants to fight for justice?

100. Emma - Chiei

Joins with Gary. Again, another useless character who likes to talk big but never 
backs it up.

101. Travis - Tenshou

Go back to the ruins and back to the place where you found Rikie and Rakgi. 
There'll be some guy who claims that he made it all the way through the dungeon 
alone. He says that it's impossible to make it through the dungeon without an 
Escape Talisman. Oh yeah? I got one, see? Whoops. What the? I'm back where I 
started! Why that m***********!!! Go all the way back to where the guy was. Man! 
If I was the hero, I'd forget about asking him to join me. I'd be too busy tearing 
him a new behind to care. Anyway, he'll apologize and join up.

102. Trishtan - Chihi

Go down to the place where you found Adrienne back in the Obelian siege. There's a 
guy roaming around the same spot, searching for the doctor to cure an ailment of 
his that's never really there. Man, S4 just never seems to run out of pathetic 
characters. Anyways, talk to him and if Yuu is with you, he'll join.

103. Carrie - Chijuu

 Go down again to the spot where Yuu's "office" was and you'll find an attractive 
girl waling about. Talk to her and if you have Yuu, she'll join.

104. Nabokov - Chisei

Look for the Obelian Appraiser. Talk to him and he'll join. Like 
you really need him at this point in the game. Gimme a U! Gimme an S! Gimme an E-L-
E-S-S! What's that spell?! 

105. Gunter - Chishuu

Search around the 2nd and 3rd levels of Obel for the guy you played dice with. If 
you had talked to him in Middleport and Na Nal, he'll join you.

106. Wendel - Chitai

Go all the way down to the docks and go to the right. Hey, Nico went ashore? Nope, 
it's Wendell, some tough little lass who's after Nico. Talk to her and she'll 
literally force herself on you people.

107. Rachel - Tenyuu

Go back to HQ and put Cedric in your party. Now go all the way back to the cave 
where your HQ was once situated in. There's a girl there who's after Cedric for 
some rather outstanding food bills, the moocher. She'll comment that he's kinda 
cute if Cedric's in your party. What? There's a war going on here and you kids are  
only thinking about your hormones? Geez! Pay his bill (5000 Potch) and she joins 
up. You'd think she's be another support character. You'll know you're wrong when 
she brings it. And then some.

108. Snowe Vingerhut - Tenan

OK. Someone please explain me why, why, OH WHY, should this SOB be recruited? 
Perfect ending? Pffft. The ending is no different from the format of Suikoden 1 and 
2. Big deal. Extra cut scenes? So? Belive me, it's not WORTH it! What else?

Just to give me peace of mind, I purposely got the good ending (107 stars) just so 
I'm not irritated anymore by the game than I already am.

Follow me on this:


1. He's your bossom buddy.


1. He chickened out of a mission and revealed himself to be nothing more than a 
spoiled brownnose with a yellow streak a mile long.

2. He framed you for murder and was responsible for your exile.

3. He and his family sold your country out and tortured Lady Katarina.

4. He stabbed you in the back again by becoming a pirate and attacking you (only to 
get his ass so sorely whipped that it was no longer funny) showing that he is a 
biiiig rat.

5. When and if you do recruit him, he brings absolutely NOTHING to the table. No 
special skills, no high stats, no great items, nothing.

Cons seem to outwiegh the pro. What!? You still want him? Oh, alright. For this to 
happen, you have to let him go during the times you capture him (yes I know. hurts 
like all get out to do that. I would have gutted him there and then)

When you have all 107 Stars (you should by the time you're reading this. If not, 
what exactly have you been doing all this time?), DO NOT GO INTO THE WAR ROOM OR 
THE DECK after liberating Obel. Instead, port over to Mordo Island and talk to the 
rumor monger who sez that he saw a guy just floating out there in the middle of the 

After that, sail WEST of Mordo. Straight west. Soon, an FMV will commence and 
you'll see Snowe floating like the turd that he is. You haul him up and he'll ask 
for your forgiveness (sort of). And in a brief moment of enlightenment, he'll admit 
his uselessness. No argument here, bub. Ask this twit to join and he does. 

So what exactly do you get for having all 108 Stars of Destiny? A big bag 

V. A Few Tips To Playing Suikoden

1. Equal opportunity for everybody. Don't play with just one team of characters and 
say, "Oooo! These guys/gals are my faves and I'm gonna use them until the end of 
the game!" What are you, crazy? The characters are the only things that makes this 
game playable. Take that away and you got squat. Plus the fact that at some point  
in the game you're going to have to use other characters, equal opprotunity makes 
sure that the game will never catch you with your pants down. So use and level up 
every character. It's gonna take forever, but it's gonna be worth it.

2. Water beats Fire, Lightning beats Water, Earth beats Lightning, Wind beats 
Earth, and Fire beats Wind. Learn it. Master it. This applies to everything in the 
game, from the sea battles to random battles to Noah's card game.

3. The whole strategy element is laughable. You move a ship or ships along a grid 
and it's called strat? All you do is pick the Rune user who can beat whatever the 
enemy is dishing out.

A complete waste of time.

Forget setting all that Rune crap here and there. Like I said, equal opportunity. 
If you appllied that before to ALL your characters from the start, during sea 
battles, skip the strategic placements of ships and BOARD 'EM! Easier and less time 

4. Always check out the Armor shops after every liberation. They give good stuff.


I wanna send a big shout out to my little brother who helped me find more than 50% 
of the entire roster. This FAQ would not have been possible without his help. Which 
is why I owe him a Coke and a cheeseburger.

Anyways, that's all I have to write. Until we meet again, readers, this be bahmat, 
signing out.


Suikoden 4 Character Walkthrough
Bahmat ([email protected])
March 20, 2005

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