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Hello! This is the Grand Theft Auto Vice City Sunshine Auto Car Location Guide. In 
this you will find the location and description of the car. So enjoy


today I started the guide 

continued from where I left off. And completed the guide.


Car Location Guide

Sunshine Auto is a car dealership in little havanna  and you need to collect certain 
cars to get a reward. And if you’re struggling on finding the cars this will help 
you out.

Garage 1
Blista Compact

Garage 2

Garage 3

Garage 4
Cuban Hermes
Baggage Handler
Mr. Woopie
Pizza Boy

Garage 1

Landstalker---   this is a fairly easy car to find. It is mostly found in Downtown 
(that’s in the second island) near the Dirtbike track. The car is a boxy type of 
carthat has lousy speed and terrible handling ):

Idaho---- This car is a little harder to find. It is found at various places, it is 
normally driving around at the North point mall. The car is long kind of bulky and 
has a big trunk. The car is usually grey.

Esperato--- to me this car is  hard to find but I found a location of the car is 
around downtown and it even is sometimes around Sunshine Autos. The car has a long 
front with a short trunk. The trunk is kind of boxy. (the car is NOT a fastback.)

Stallion--- the stallion is a fairly easy car to find. The car is found at the car 
parking garage in Ocean Beach. The garage is a multistory garage. And it is there 
when you do the Cone crazy mission. The car is again long in the front and short in 
the back with a squarish trunk. It is also a convertible.

Rancher---- this car is easy to find like the landstalker, but it can be hard to 
find if you don’t keep your eye open for it. It is usually found around Washington 
beach. But it is still hard to find if you don’t look for it. The rancher looks like 
the landstalker but is bigger and does not have a spare tire in the back.
Blista Compact---- this little car is a medium car to try and find. This car is 
normally found driving around  downtown and other places on the second island.

Garage 2

Sabre--- this is a car that isn’t easy but it isn’t hard to find. The saber is 
located at ocean beach, downtown, and little havanna. The car is a fast car with a 
small trunk and a long front. That’s the only way I can describe it sorry):

Virgo--- this car is hard to find. But there are a few locations where it can be 
found. But they are driving around. They are driving around north point mall, 
downtown and prawn island. The car has a quarter convertible top and looks like a 
normal car. But it is HARD!!! To find.

Sentinel--- this car is super easy to find its driving around everywhere. But is you 
don’t feel like stealing a car is inside the showroom of sunshine autos. The car 
usually has ground effects and looks like a Virgo.

Stretch--- this car is kind of easy to find, If you own Diaz’s mansion . if you do 
own it, it is in beside the steps that lead to the inside of the mansion. The car is 
a limo. Nuff said.

Washington---this car is pretty easy to find. It is at the airport driving around. 
It is also anywhere. This car is kind of boxy looking. Looks sort of like the 

Admiral--- this car is a little easy to find. Its sometimes on the main road going 
into starfish island. Or on starfish island its at the northwest house. This car is 
like the Washington except the front end is a little different and the back is a 
little shorter.

Garage 3

Cheetah--- this car is easy to find. The car is at the west house on starfish island 
or driving around ocean beach. This car has a long front end a short fast back back 
and has a hood scoop.

Infernus--- the infernos is an easy car to find. Simply go the diaz’s mansion and it 
is right there beside the garage in the front. The infernos looks like a Lamborghini 

Banshee--- this car is mudium on a hard scale to find. The car is found driving 
around mostly on the first island. The car looks like a corvette.

Phoenix--- this car is hard to find. The car is moistly driving around the lower 
half of the first island. The car looks like a corvette with a hood scoop and a 
little different of a front end.

Comet--- this car is easy to find. Go to the leaf links golf club and in the 
driveway is the comet. The comet looks pretty weird. It has no roof just a strip 
that runs in the middle of the gap. And its back is a fast back.

Stinger--- this car is a mother f***er to find.  The car will sometimes pop up on 
starfish island and near the hyman memorial stadium. This car is a convertible and 
has a slanted front end with a short back.

Garage 4
This garage has all the fun cars to collect. (I call them the oddball cars)

Voodoo--- this car is easy to find. Go to auntie paluets house. There will be one 
sitting in front of it. This car is a lowrider. The hinatians drive around in them 
all the time. The can is a dark redish color and has a long back end that slants 
down in the middle. (press l3 to make the car pop up.

Cuban hermes—this car is hard to find. But it is normally driving around little 
havanna. This car is easy to point out. The car has flames on the hood and sides.

Caddy--- this car (caddy) is easy to find. It is simply driving around of on the 
leaf links golf club. The caddy looks like a golf cart. If you want to get one off 
the golf course there is a jump near the front so you can get out.

Baggage handler--- this car is easy to find. Its driving around the airport. This 
thing is super small and boxy.

Mr. woopie--- this car is easy to find if you bought cherry poppers factory. Mr. 
woopie is found parked outside to cherry poppers factory. The car looks like an ice 
cream truck.

Pizza boy--- this car is found at the pizza shops. The shops are in downtown and on 
the first island. Sometimes it is not there so drive away from the pizza shop and 
come back in a few minutes. The pizza boy is a faggio with a pizza boy on the back. 
And it has slices of pizza painted on the sides of it.

Well that is the location of the cars for sunshine autos.

Here is a little secret when you complete the lists the company will give you a cool 
car. When you complete the first list they give you a blista compact. When you 
complete the second list they give you a sabre turbo. When you complete the third 
list they give you a tricked out landstalker. And when you complete the fourth list 
they give you a bloodring racer.

Hope you like my guide c ya.

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