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                              Mario Party 5

Table Of Contents
1.Update info
2.Machine BODIES,cost, and description
3.How to get points
4.What should I pick?
7.Special Thanks info
1.Update Info
MARCH 4, 2004:Well I was finally able to update this walktrough. My goal was to get 
more in depth for the descriptions of the bodies and I did it.  I also added another 
body to the list I didn't know how to spell it so I got my game out. The last thing 
I did was to make a Special Thanks (go check it out for more details)!  My next goal 
is to list some tires on my next update.


Well there is not much to say so I'll give a short description of the vehicles 
(including the secret ones).


Mushroom Body 0 points
A standard body with standard abilities.

Star Body 5 points
A speedy body that's light and inexpensive.

Heart Body 5 points
A cute, heart-shaped body thats very durable.

Choo-Choo Body 5 points
An engine built for speed that's quite strong and durable.

Egg Body 7 points
A body made of shells from Yoshi's eggs with increased defense and offense abilities.

Spiny Body 7 points.
A slow, spine-covered body that increases offensive abilities.

Lakitu Cloud Body 10 points
A fast body made of clouds with poor defensive abilities.

Boo Body 10 points
A fast body with low defensive that's visible only to radar.

DK Body Body 15 points (you have to unlock it)
A slow body made of barrels that increases defensive and offensive abilities.

E. Gadd Body
A hi-tech body that's very well-balanced, designed by the professor.

Skolar Body 0 points ( you gotta unlock it)
I never got it but I read that it was a HUGE rip off (I never would have expected it 
being that it's the last part and costs a HUGE 20 points).

Bomb-Omb Wall 30 points (you also have to unlock this)
I never recieved it but i will get it and update soon.

Bowser Punch 30 points (Sigh you HAVE to unlock it)
You need 30 battle points and be in close range. It goes nicely with the spiny 
collection. If I can remember it also does two hearts worth of damage. (check the 
special thanks to find out who contributed this hint)

Getting points is simple you must first play a mini-game and you must either win or 
lose to recieve 1 point in whaetever category you played in.

4 player mini-game equals BODIES
1 vs. 3 mini-games equals TIRES
2 vs. 2 mini-games equals ENGINES
Battle mini-games equal GUNS

Well it all depends on the battle.

Normal Battle: You should pick a machine that is very durable like the heart body.
Flag Competition: Pick a very fast machine like the choo choo parts.
Robo Rabitt: ..... I don't have a strategy but I like the DK or Choo Choo body, choo 
choo or DK tires, Dk engine, DK gun.

Flag cometition: beat HARD BATTLE
DK BODY: beat dk on hard on any game
Skolar body,bomb-om body,?????: beat all games on every difficulty

6. FAQ
Q:How do I get battle points?
A:Very simple just play a normal party mode game and if it's a 4 player mini-game 
then sometimes just out of the blue it will be a battle game (this got me very 
frustrated when I couldn't find out)

Special Thanks
Okay at the moment one person is on the Special Thanks.  If you would like to be on 
special thanks please give me some type of valuable information (Except bodies,tires 
ect. or there description)I'm sorry but if I get information like that I won't put 
it on. Also the next person that gives me information, if they want can have their 
name by that two down there.  If you want to give information to me my e-mail 
address is [email protected]

1.Chereyl Dawson 
2. info
Robert Lemke is the rightful owner of this walktrough if you want to post it 
somewhere else e-mail me and 99.99 percent chance I'll say yes. Also like I said I 
WILL UPDATE THIS WHEN I GET A CHANCE. I will also name more and more parts like the 
tires, engines, and the guns. THANK YOU.




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