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Master code:
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter EEL_NATS as a code 
to unlock all cheats. Note: "_" represents a space.

Level select:
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter XCLSIOR as a code to 
unlock the level select option on the specials menu. 

Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter RUSTCRST as a code. 

Full health:
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter DCSTUR as a code.
Unlimited webbing:
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter STRUDL as a code. 

Debug mode:
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter LLADNEK as a code. 

Big head mode:
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter DULUX as a code. 

All comic books:
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter ALLSIXCC as a code.

All FMV sequences:
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter WATCH_EM as a code. 
Note: "_" represents a space.
All gallery characters:
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter CVIEW_EM as a code. 
Note: "_" represents a space. 

Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter CGOSSETT as a code.

What If Contest mode:
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter GBHSRSPM as a code. 
In this mode, the game will be subtlety changed from level 2 onward. 

J. James Jewett:
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter RULUR as a code to 
unlock J. James Jewett in the character gallery. 

Symbiote Spidey costume:
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter BLKSPIDR as a code. 
This costume allows Spider-Man to have unlimited webbing. Alternately, successfully 
complete the game under any difficulty setting.

Spidey 2099 costume:
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter TWNTYNDN as a code. 
This costume allows Spider-Man to do double damage. Alternately, collect all comics 
in the game. 

Captain Universe costume:
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter S_COSMIC as a code. 
This costume allows Spider-Man to have double damage, unlimited webbing, and 
invincibility. Note: "_" represents a space. Alternately, successfully complete the 
game under the hard difficulty setting. 

Spidey Unlimited costume:
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter PARALLEL as a code. 
This costume allows Spider-Man to have stealth mode by pressing L2. Alternately, 
successfully complete the game twice in a row under the same difficulty setting and 
using the same costume.

Scarlet Spider costume:
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter LETTER_S as a code. 
Note: "_" represents a space. Alternately, defeat Rhino in Level 3-1. 

Amazing Bagman costume:
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter AMZBGMAN as a code.

Peter Parker costume:
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter MJS_STUD as a code. 
Note: "_" represents a space. This costume only allows two webbring cartridges. 
Alternately, find Peter Parker in the Kraven room in item hunt mode. You have to 
collect all the spheres on the top and then go into the pit. Run into a wall that 
has a "?" on it all in under one minute. Then, find Peter Parker to unlock the 

Ben Reilly costume:
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter BNREILLY as a code. 
Alternately, successfully complete level 4-2.

Quick Change Spidey costume:
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter ALMSTPKR as a code. 
Note: This costume only allows two webbring cartridges. Alternately, get more than 
10,000 points in Zip-Line training. 

Armored Spider-Man:
Unlock the Captain Universe costume. Go to the costumes and select it. Collect the 
Armored Spider-Man icon during game play to appear as Armored Spider-Man during the 
remainder of the game, including the intermission sequences.

Successfully complete the game in What If mode, and be sure to get him on your 
screen when fighting Carnage. He just stands on a rock and watches. Unfortunately, 
Stan Lee provides no commentary for him.

Hint: Defeating Carnage under the hard difficulty setting:
Web-jerk him into the sonic field immediately, and keep webbing him until he dies 
out. Do this as Symbiote Spider-Man or Captain Universe, as they have unlimited 

When you start out, simply press Triangle + Up for impact webbing. He is already 
targeted, so it will hit him plus he will not be able to attack. Do not release the 
buttons until his meter runs out, which takes awhile. After his meter runs out, you 
will have to stop the impact webbing attack. He will probably come after you, but a 
couple of punches should take care of him. 

Hint: Defeating Rhino:
While fighting Rhino, stand by an electrified pillar. When he starts to charge, hide 
behind the pillar. He will get shocked and Spidey will make a smart comment. 
Alternately, you can have him charge the barrels, and jump when he is near. This is 
the best way to get the comic.

Hint Defeating Scorpion under the hard difficulty setting:
When fighting Scorpion, fight him as much as possible until JJJ runs into the other 
room. If you attack Scorpion and quickly run back into the other room, he will not 
go after Spidey. Use the "Web Ball" attack with Symbiote Spidey or Captain Universe, 
as they have unlimited webbing. 

Hint: Unlimited fire webbing:
Use a costume that has unlimited webbing and collect the fire web icon. You will 
have unlimited fire webbing for the remainder of that stage. 

Hint: Dancing Spider-Man:
Hold Triangle + Square or Triangle + Circle while walking around.

Hint: Censored codes:
Enter an obscene word as a code. Spider-Man will appear in one of his costumes, 
punch the code, and another word will appear.

Hint: Characters speak out:
View the characters in the special mode and press Square or Circle after Stan Lee 
finishes talking. Some characters will say something or perform an action. 

Hint: Comic book locations:
Book Level Location 
1 Bank Approach  On top of the Fantastic Four Building 
2 Hostage Situation  Under the chair in the cubicle. The cubicle is located on the 
second half of the level  
3 Stop the Bomb!  After freeing the hostages, return to the hallway just prior to 
the first security door  
4 Race to the Bugle  When the game cuts to the FMV of the two henchmen, you can find 
the comic on the right side of the big building  
5 Spidey Vs. Scorpion  After destroying all of the furniture in the room, the comic 
will appear in the middle  
6 Police Chopper Chase  On the last building, look behind the box on the right-
7 Building Top Chase  Inside the Goblin Crane Lair. 
8 Scale The Girders  On the left side of the building on the ledge.  
9 Police Evaded  The building with the skylights that get destroyed has the comic. 
Shoot the broken glass. It will be located behind the class  
10 Spidey Vs. Rhino  After destroying every barrel in the level you can find the 
comic in the middle of Electric Pylons.  
11 Catch Venom  Located on the incomplete building 
12 Catch Venom  Located on the roof of one of the buildings  
13 Spidey Vs. Venom  Lift the car and toss it aside. The comic will appear.  
14  Sewer Entrance  This comic is located inside the first hallway. Walk to the 
Cavern and then return  
15 Sewer Cavern  Behind the waterfalla  
16 Sewer Plant  Walk down the hallway and make your first left, walk to the endm  
17 Hidden Switches  Press the fourth switch and return to the third switch  
18 Tunnel Crawl  Hit the switch on the first box, the comic will be in the second 
19 The Lizard's Maze  Talk to the lizard, the comic will appear near by  
20 Symbiotes Infest Bugle  In the vent with the Hostageo  
21 Elevator Descent  Walk down the Hallway, it will be at the bottom-left.  
22 Stop The Presses  Lift and throw the stack of paper located on the second half of 
the level  
23 Bugle's Basement  Shoot all four leaking pipes. The comic will become revealed 
when the furnace on the left explodes.  
24 Spidey Vs. Mysterio  Destroy all of the target on the first stage, the comic will 
become visible on the bottom level  
25 Waterfront Warehouse  Look in the alcove 
26 Waterfront Warehouse  At the end of the level, just prior to opening the vent 
that leads to the next level, you must locate the hidden room behind the grating. It 
is the last grating before the end of the level  
27 Underwater Trench  In the second machinery room is a hidden switch. Return to the 
part where all of the gun turrets are (at the beginning of the level) and access the 
secret door  
28 Stopping The Fog  In the center column, a small room will be located in the 
bottom portion  
29 Spidey Vs. Doc Ock  It will appear after Doc Ock's shield regenerates the first 
time. It will only appear for a few seconds, so grab it quickly  
30 Spidey Vs. Carnage  In the middle of the bubble it will appear and disappear and 
then appear and then disappear  
31 Spidey Vs. Monster-Ock  At the first bend in the pipe 
32 Spidey Vs. Monster-Ock  About 3/4 of the way through the levelHint: Easy enemy 

Thug: If you have enough web fluid, just web trap him until he is down and he will 
disappear. You can also just web yank them into a wall, impact web them off a 
building, or grapple them and punch them until they are gone. 

Bank Thug: Same strategy as for Thug. 
Police and Swat: Do not bother fighting them, just keep moving. 
Police Helicopter: When you see the target, move. The easiest way to get out of the 
way is to jump towards the nearest building and web swing over. You cannot destroy 
the helicopters. 

Lizard Men: Strategies vary, depending on where you are. If facing multiple men in a 
tunnel, web yank one to you and finish him off with your fist one at a time. If one 
is near water, web yank or impact web him into it. If one is on a pipe above a pit, 
impact web him or yank him in. 

Symbiotes: First, destroy the generators. If alone (without fire webbing) jump and 
hit punch or kick to hit him from above, then hit with a 1, 2, 3 combo and repeat. 
If near a furnace, knock him into it to set him on fire. If you have fire webbing, 
impact web him or web trap him until he catches fire. When in the warehouse, pick up 
a can or box that is labeled flammable and throw it at them. If you are low on 
energy and on the subway or fighting a large group of symbiotes, constantly create 
web-domes until they are all gone, or the sub stops. 

Any enemy can be grabbed and punched or kicked except the Bosses. Often the grab 
maneuver followed by a punch or kick will do the job. Most often the punch is more 
effective because you can perform it as many times as needed to successfully kill 
the enemy. Note: This tactic does not work as well on the pink Symbiotes. They can 
sometimes throw you over their back. 
Unlock the enhanced strength costumes, then use the web gloves to kill enemies 
easier: thugs (1), henchmen (1 or 2), lizardmen (1 or 3), and symbiotes (3) 

Hint: Easy training:
Enable the "Invincibility" and "Unlimited webbing" codes, then do a training 
mission. This is the easiest way to unlock Quick-Change Spidey.

Hint: Level 1.1: What if mode Neversoft reference:
The building with the long trench down the middle of the roof and a thug 
has "Neversoft" written across it in neon letters.

Hint: Level 2.1: What If mode JJJ suicide: 
Get to the Bugle (where Scorpion is after JJJ). They play Marco Polo. If you let JJJ 
die, he offers to throw himself out the window.

Hint: Level 5.3: Hidden room:
In level 5.3 (the level before Mysterio, downstairs in the Daily Bugle), you have to 
destroy two Symbiote generators and then find the imposter Spiderman-Mysterio. After 
finding the first generator and destroying it, find the second one. The wall behind 
the second generator is holographic. It does not appear so, but when you try to 
climb it, you will go right through. Two web cartridges and one flame cartridge are 

Hint: Police Chase level: What If mode Spidey Armor:
On the second part to the Police Chase in What If mode, there is a crane to the 
extreme far right. Look at it to see a pumpkin and the word "BOMB" on the side. 
Swing to it to find an open hatch. Jump inside to find the secret lair of Green 
Goblin, where you can get a Spidey Armor.

Hint: Scorpion level: See J. James Jewett: 
Enable the "What If? mode" and "J. James Jewett" codes. Play the Scorpion code and 
you will see J. James Jewett instead of J. Jonah Jameson.

Hint: Stop The Presses level: What If mode flattened Spider-Man:
If Spider-Man falls into the printing press, a flattened Spidey in his red and blue 
suit will be stuck to the paper (no matter which suit you use). 

Hint: Waterfront Warehouse level: What If mode hidden armor:
Go to the waterfront warehouse in "What If" mode. When you start, there will be a 
stack of boxes next to you with one of the generators on it. Go past this stack to 
find a box that appears different from the rest. You can take off the cover of the 
box just by doing the same action to lift objects. Inside the box is Spidey armor 
and "The Ark Of The Covenant". 

When playing the level after fighting Mysterio you will at one point reach a fan 
with a cage over top, so you cannot fall through. When you go to the next one in the 
level it will not have a cage over the top. Jump down through the fan and quickly 
press R2. If done correctly, you will stop between the two fans and find another 
entrance that contains "Trusty Spidey Armor". Note: Do not move around too much or 
the first fan will hurt you and Spidey will most likely fall all the way down 
because he is "stunned".

Hint: Waterfront Warehouse level: What if mode No-Prize envelope:
When you first enter the Waterfront Warehouse level, go to the left and jump up on 
the boxes. The boxes on top will have the Marvel Comics "No-Prize" envelope wording 
on them. 

Hint: Make Spider-Man sleep:
Start the game in "What If" mode and do not do anything. Spider-Man will eventually 
will shoot a web straight up, cling on it, and start sleeping. Note: This only 
happens in indoor levels, or in levels with a ceiling.

Hint: What If mode:
What If mode adds small variances in the game, for example The Torch will be on the 
FF building. You will know that it is definitely unlocked, if you see the Watcher 
just after the second FMV sequence (featuring the helicopters). He will have new 

The following differences will be present when What If mode is played under the easy 
difficulty setting: 
Level 1.1: None 
Level 1.2: Speech by Watcher, Torch on FF building. 
Level 1.3: Dancing Spidey. Goointo room which you opened by pressing button 1 and 
step on the platform. 
Level 1.4: Back of wall says "Hans was Here". 
Level 2.1: Fireballs/comets falling from sky at start, JJJ/Spidey/Scorpion 
Vs. Scorpion: When Scorpion chases JJJ intoothe next room he says "Heeeeerrrrre's 
Level 2.2: Spidey blimp two seconds into level. Now, you can do two things: Go 
through the level as usual, the copter guy says something else; or swing to the 
blimp. If youllook quickly enough, you will see the Silver Surfer pass by. To beat 
the blimp, fall off the side which you came on, and you will go straight to the 
Level 2.3: Heamakes alcomment about Wolvie and Jerry Swinger as he passes their 
signs. (Swinger has Cap on his sign). 
Level 2.4: Man on copter sings that traditional war song. 
Level 2.5: None 
Level 2.6: First billboard aboutamonsters in NY sewers... Spideyamakes alsmart 
Vs. Rhinoo(level 3): None. 
Level 4.1: Different and funnier dialogue as they fall through the building. 
Levels 4.2, 4.3, 4.6, 4.7: None. 
Level 4.4: Venom with alnew saying. 
Level 4.5: There is alrubber ducky in the first pool you come by (upstairs). 
Level 4.8: Water has been replaced by lava, another smart Spidey comment. 
Level 4.9: Lizard will not tell you the path again -- he will repeat once. 
Vs. Venom: MJ has some.... nice things toosay to you. 
Level 5.1: The hostage in the cleaning duct has lost all hope. 
Level 5.2: Spidey with aldifferent saying at start of level. 
Level 5.3: When Spideyameets his imposter, and goes into FMV, instead of staring at 
each other, they go into the famous "Matrix bullet time scene". 
vs. Mysterio: He has fish swimming around in his head. 
Level 6.1: None. 
Level 6.2: Man in the submarine talks throughoutamost of the thing, challenges you 
tooalrace, and gives you a code if you defeat him (watch the FMV). Different Spidey 
Level 6.3: In FMV, Cat is dancing, and realizes it. 
Game: The lids of the fog are bananas. 
vs. Doc Ock:It looks like alhippie palace. Flower designs and bright colors 
everywhere. Someone named Dr. Love is on the walls. Ock isamuch smaller -- and if 
you go to the edge of the walls, his tentacles cannot reach you. 
vs. Carnage: Shark floating around, Carnage has alreal whining voice. Prince Namor, 
the Sub-Mariner, is seen on a rock outside the structure just watching. It is hard 
to find him, but once you see him, you never lose sight. He also appears in the 
character section. 
vs. Monster Ock: None.

Hint: Moves:
Back Breaking Kick
Press Circle + Triangle then press Circle again. This attack does really well 
against the Symbiotes in the basement of the Daily Bugle. 

Head Punch
Walk up to an enemy and press Square + Triangle and keep pressing Square. You can 
only press Square a maximum of three times once you have jumped on the enemy. Note: 
Doing this attack makes you vulnerable to being thrown by your enemy, so execute 
with caution. 

Hint: Other moves:
Press Square(3).
Press Circle(3).
Press Square(2), Circle.
Press Circle(2), Square.
Press Square, Circle.
Press Circle, Square.
Press Square(2), Triangle.
Press Circle(2), Triangle.
Press Square, Triangle.
Press Circle, Triangle. 

Hint: Knocking off and trapping enemies: 
In any outdoor level, swing to a building with an enemy. Make sure the building does 
not have a ledge. Climb or sneak-up on the enemy, then web yank him left or right or 
use the impact webbing. The enemy will fall off the building. Sometimes you will 
accidentally trap the enemy with your web. This trick also works in the subway train 
level with lizard men.

Hint: More costumes:
Go to career mode as Spider-Man style B and get 100% on the first and second levels. 
On the third level, get 90% (or a gold medal) and on the fourth level get 30%. Then. 
go to "Spend Some Cash" and change Spider-Man's style. If done correctly you should 
have Spider-Man costumes C and D.

Hint: Tony Hawk appearance:
After you defeat Scorpion, he will knock over a desk with a television. As it falls 
you can see Tony Hawk skate boarding on the monitor.

Hint: Tony Hawk comment:
Play the level after you go up on the long skyscraper with the choppers shooting at 
you. At the next level you will see a big logo sign. Climb on it, and turn over on 
your back so you see the picture. You will see the Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 logo. Go 
on the picture and Spider-Man will say "Ah, Tony Hawk, I've skated with that guy 

Glitch: Level 1.4 (The Bomb): Guard walks through safe:
After destroying both cops in front of the television, jump to the roof and sneak 
past the guard that appears. Kill the robbers, pick up the bomb and throw it to the 
back of the safe. Before shutting the doors, aim and hit the guard that you went 
past with just a little web. As he runs at you, run to the back of the safe. Face 
the guard, and as soon as he approaches you, jump over him and shut the safe. He 
will stay in the safe until the scene almost cuts away. He will pass through the 
safe's door and start hurting you.


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