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S U P E R  S M A S H  B R O S.  

1. Characters
2. Stages
3. Items
4. Secrets
5. 1 Player Game

C H A R A C T E R S 
Mario: Although best known as the mustachioed plumber who
battles the Turtle Tribe with his distinct jumping action,
this internationally-famous hero has also acted as a 
referee, a driver, and even a doctor. He's been linked to
Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom for years, but to
this day their true relationship remains a mystery.

DK: Donkey Kong and Mario started out as arch-rivals, but
they've patched things up in recent years. These days DK
spends his time searching the jungle for bananas instead
of kidnapping beautiful maidens. In the past few years,
other members of the Kong family have cashed in on DK's
fame as well, including his favorite nephew, Diddy.

Link: Link is the valiant boy hero of The Legend of Zelda
series in which he fights against the evil Gannon to
recover the Triforce. Though his tools may change with each
adventure, his strength and righteousness remain constant.
With his trusty sword and a variety of weapons, he takes
adventure head on.

Samus: Samus Aran is the toughest bounty hunter in the 
galaxy. Using a sepcial suit powered by the technology
of the bird people which allows her to execute daring
acrobatic feats, Samus pursues the airborne life form,
Metroid, throughout the universe.

Yoshi: Yoshi is the friendly dinosaur of Yoshi's Island.
He began as Mario's partner, but has since built his own
identity, and now appears in many games. He uses his
unique ability to turn whatever he swallows into an egg
as his foremost attack. Yoshis come in a rainbow of
colors and are said to have a high IQ from a very early

Kirby: The 8-inch high Kirby hails from a distant, 
peaceful star. Like his simplistic appearance, he is an
easily-understood character. True to his insticts, Kirby
eats when he gets hungry and sleeps as soon as he grows
tired. Nevertheless, Kirby remains a formidable opponent.
In addition to his distinct flying and swallowing skills,
he also has the ability to copy enemy attacks for ever-
changing action.

Fox: Following in his dead father's footsteps as the young
leader of the Star Fox Team, Fox McCloud's piloting of the
super-high-performance combat ship ARWING for the Lylatian
System is stil fresh in our memories. His one weakness may
be his difficulty earning the trust of his teammates.

Pikachu: Pikachu.
Mouse Pokemon.
Height 1'4"
Weight 131 lbs
When several of these Pokemon gather, their electricity
could cause lightning storms.

Secret Caracters:
Captain Falcon

Other Characters:
Master Hand
Fighting Polygon Team
The Pokemon

S T A G E S 
Peach's Castle: Threats: Bumper
Congo Jungle: Threats: None
Hyrule Castle: Threats: Tornadoes
Planet Zebes: Threats: Rising Lava
Yoshi's Island: Threats: None
Dream Land: Threats: Whispy Woods
Sector Z: Threats: Arwings
Saffron City: Threats: Attacking Pokemon

Maxim Tomato-Brings damage % to 0%
Heart-Lowers damage %
Beam Sword-A powerful sword
Homerun Bat-Instantly KO's if powered up
Fan-An item to hit with
Star Rod-Shoots out a star if powered up
Ray Gun-Shoots beams(limited ammo)
Fire Flower-Shoots fire(limited fire blast)
Hammer-Damages/instantly KO's on contact
Motion Sensor Bomb-Explodes when touched
Bob-omb-Moves back and forth if left alone/can be thrown
Bumber-After thrown damages on contact
Green Shell-An item to hit with
Red Shell-When thrown moves back and forth
Pokeball-Unleashes a random Pokemon

S E C R E T S 
Unlock Luigi: Complete Break The Targets with all 8 original

Unlock Ness: Complete the game with any character, on the normal
difficulty, with 3 lives, without continuing.

Unlock Captain Falcon: Complete the game with any character, on
any difficulty, with any amount of lives, in under 20 minutes.

Unlock Jigglypuff: Complete the game with any character, on any
difficulty, with any amount of lives.

Unlock Classic Mushroom Kingdom: Complete the game with all 8
original characters.

Unlock Sound Test: Complete Break The Targets and Board The
Platforms with all characters including the secret characters.

1  P L A Y E R  G A M E
This is the chronological order in the 1 Player Game.

1. Vs Link
2. Vs. Yoshi Team
3. Vs. Fox McCloud
4. Break The Targets
5. Vs. Mario Bros.
6. Vs. Pikachu
7. Vs. Giant DK
8. Board The Platforms
9. Vs. Kirby Team
10. Vs. Samus Aran
11. Vs. Metal Mario
12. Race To The Finish
13. Vs. Fighting Polygon Team
14. Vs. Master Hand

Vs. Stages: 5 minutes
Bonus Stages 1-2: 2 minutes
Bonus Stage 3: 1 minute

E N D 

Walkthrough By: Colton Kenney

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