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This FAQ is about being a SwordsMaster. If you don't plan on being one, then don't 
read it. Feel free to ask me any questions. But just to tell you, I forgot some of 
the names of the moves.

It can be pretty tricky remembering all of the moves and how to do them. To do a 
horizontal slash, go up to a bad guy and press B. To do a vertical slash, press B 
while holding L. If you do Up+B while holding L, you can do another attack (I forgot 
what it is called). If you press B, hold it down for a sec, and then let go, you 
will do a spin attack. That is my fav because if you do it close to 5 or 6 trees, it 
will knock them all down. If you press A while holding down L, you can do a jump 
attack. See, you got a lot to learn!

Now for some Q and A!

Q: How come at the beginning of the game, I can't use a sword?

A: To get the sword, go to Link's house (AKA your house), go up the ladder and see 
grandma. Then, go to Aryll (AKA your little sis) and she will give you something. 
Next, go to the 2 story house, and go to the bottom floor and do your training, and 
you will get the sword.

Q: How come on the second level I can't use my sword?

A: If you watched the little movie before you walk around, it shows your sword and 
Link fall. Link (or whatever you named yourself) fell further than the sword. So you 
have to go get it.

Q: How do I sneak past the bad guys? 

A: To sneak past them, lift a barrel, and walk past them. If they notice you, stop 
right away. If they see a moving barrel, they will put you in a jail cell.

Q: How do I get out of the jail cell? 

A: To get out, get on the bookcase, throw the pot, and crawl in the hole.

If you have any questions, just e-mail me at [email protected] If I can answer 
it, I will put it on, and if I can't, I will e-mail you back saying I can't. PS. im 
sorry, but i cant answer about how to get your sword back in level 2 

Well, I hope ya liked it!

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