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Name: Michael Whitehead
E-mail: [email protected]
Last Edited: 4/12/10
Game Title and System: Syphon Filter Dark Mirror PSP
FAQ Version: 1.0

I am submitting this FAQ to because it's the best video game code
site in the world. And it's the ONLY one I use!

Hello boys and girls. Welcome to my Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror Hidden Evidence
guide (that's a mouthful to say.) I've replayed the game and took my time
finding every piece of hidden evidence, and wrote it down so I could share it
with all you other Dark Mirror fans. Just so you know, most of the HE’s (hidden
evidence) will show up under EDSU, but not all of them.  Now enough talk. Let's
get to it.


HE#1: If you've already played through this level, you may have noticed a dead
body on the platform where Lian installs the uplink. At the start of the
mission, gas the guy around the corner and kill the squad leader. Go up to the
dead worker and take his keycard. Behind the fence to the right is a barrel.
Shoot it and it’ll blow a hole in the fence big enough for you to walk through.
 Two more bad guys appear. Cap them and find a ladder to the left of the fence.
Climb the ladder, turn right, climb the ledge, take a few steps forward, face
left and climb. Then climb the ladder, and there is the dead body. Next to the
body is a piece of hidden evidence.

HE#2: There’s a sort of work station to the left of the microwave tower. The
door is keycard access only (light bulb!) There’s an RTL to get over there.
Enter the room, turn on your EDSU’s, and it’s on the table to your left along
with and M1 Super 90 and some M67 grenades.

HE#3: This piece is actually the easiest to find. Once you climb down the ladder
into the distillation pit, it’s right there next to a wall mounted med kit and a
flak jacket.


HE#1: When you start, kill the guy up top, then the one on the turret. Climb
down the ladder to your left, turn left and go to the small fence. Use the pipe
on the left wall to shimmy over the fence. There’s a dead body back here with a
keycard and a piece of evidence.

HE#2: Go back to where you started and use the RTL. Around the corner from you
is a little alcove with H.E.#2.

HE#3: This last one is behind the door marked B1. I recommend killing all the
baddies first, then going after this one.


HE#1: Kill the guy working on the breaker, RTL to the end of the hall, crawl
through the ventilation duct, and shoot the switch to turn the gas off. This
piece is next to the pipe on the ground. If you look around with your NV
goggles, you may find something else useful.

HE#2: In the Red Section ‘lounge’, there’s a guy at a vending machine, two by a
T.V., and one by the elevator. Take care of the vending machine and T.V. guys,
and this gem is on the table next to the sofa.

HE#3: This last piece is in the locker around the corner from the T.V. that
needs a key code.


HE#1: When the elevator doors open, either shoot the guy standing there or let
him run down the steps and run to the top of the steps to watch him go boom.
This piece of evidence is on the left of the big grated thingy in front of the

HE#2: After the bomb goes off, equip the DRAGONOV if you have it. Take out all
the RS soldiers, shoot the switch to turn the gas off and RTL to the other side.
To the left of the switch is a dead body with evidence #2.

HE#3:  The last HE is in an alcove to the left of the ladder.


HE#1: After restoring power, go back upstairs to the room with the biometric
reader, turn on your EDSU’s, and it’s on the server looking thing to the left of
the stairs.

HE#2: Once you go through the door, piece #2 is on the shelf to your left.

HE#3: After the electrician opens the last door for you, shoot those two goons
but DO NOT… DO NOT shoot the pipe behind them. There’s a laptop in the corner
behind them on the right which is actually the hidden evidence.


HE#1: This first piece is directly across from the first data drive, on the
right side of the plane. I recommend clearing the perimeter first.

HE#2 + #3: These two are on the wings of the plane. Use your EDSU’s to find the
hidden panels.


HE#1: After offing the Red Section cronies outside, climb the tallest set of crates.

HE#2: This one is in the ventilation duct near the gate that blocks your path.

HE#3: After climbing down the last ladder and before diffusing the bomb, run to
the group of crates opposite the ladder, crouch and walk to the edge so you
lower yourself down, shimmy right and climb back up. And there it is…


HE#1: This one is on the wall to the left of the vent control button.

HE#2: After getting off the lift, go to the control room on the right side of
the hall. You’ll find this one on the wall to your right.

HE#3: Last but not least, this one is in the first group of plants near the
small stairs beneath the laser mine.


HE#1: When the level starts, take out the Red Sections soldiers first. Use the
RTL, and find a door on your left. I wonder what could be behind door #1…

HE#2: Climb down the first ladder, take out the bad guys, and run into the
alcove to the right they hide in. Turn on your NV goggles and run up to the
wall. There’s a piece of evidence on the wall along with something else equally

HE#3: After getting through the trench, take out the bad guys and watch for
laser mines. Before going up the stairs make a left then right. It’s in the
right hand corner.


HE#1: Kill the guy on the balcony, the one on the ground, and the guy on the
turret. While on the roof, grab the thick cable looking thing and shimmy to your
right. Go through the vent duct around the corner ands when you come out, you’ll
hear some guy pistol whipping a girl. Kill him and he drops H.E. #1.

HE#2: Kill the guy on the balcony outside the room Addison is being held. Turn
on your EDSU's and shoot the small tank by the motor bike. It'll go boom and
crash into the wall opposite of it, and kill a bad guy standing there. (Sucks
for him) You can climb up into the room and open the little floor safe. The
combo is six (6) nine (9) four (4)

HE#3: After killing the guy in the room with Addison, face where the bike was
and go to the corner. Make a left then a right and you should see some crates.
Climb over the crates and what do you find..? You find a dead body and what do
you find on the body..? I have no idea ;-)


HE#1: After you're done on the turret, go to the right and climb down the
ladder. You should see a big fire behind some crates. You can put out enough of
the fire to climb back there. And what surprises are back here?

HE#2: After getting the first HE, you should see some stacked crates to your
right. Run past them and the tall wooden fence and around the corner you'll see
a fire extinguisher. To the right of the extinguisher is an area with a dead
body... I guess dead men really do tell tales.

HE#3: Directly across from the turret is a watch tower of sorts. Go climb that
ladder, use the AZL, and run to the other end where there's an open window. Next
to the window is a crate. Climb onto the crate and shimmy to your left, and
there is the final piece of this level.


HE#1: Just climb back up the hole Logan drops down from. It's behind that big
crate. And there's a laser mine so be careful.

HE#2: Go down the ramp, make a right around the containers, past the first
puddle of the sludge stuff. Make a left, two rights and two climbs.

HE#3: This last one is in the room with the frequency hopper by the med kit.


HE#1: Just before the boarded up door, make a left.

HE#2: After killing all the bad guys, if you're outside the command tent and you
face the front of it, it's behind the tent on the left.

HE#3: After climbing the last ladder, turn around and turn on your EDSU's.
There's a small gap in the catwalk, but you can make it. Logan will grab the
edge of the other side.


HE#1: After climbing the ladder, it's on the other side of the debris and junk.
You may be able to see it a little under EDSU.

HE#2: After the explosion and BEFORE going through the doorway upstairs (if you
can even call it an upstairs) look to your right...

HE#3: There is a wooden board almost directly above the cache by the door. You
need to cross that board in order to get to this last piece of hidden evidence.

PART 4: THE TROJAN HORSE-NO HIDDEN EVIDENCE (You’re being shot at by a tank. Who
has time to look for anything other than a way to save your butt?!)


HE#1: At the start, to the left of the door is the body of a dead escort in a
small pile of snow. She's wearing more than just a skimpy dress…

HE#2: In the bedroom next to the security chief's suite is HE#1. It's on the
floor by the bed.

HE#3: In the lobby behind the stairs on the right, there's a painting with a secret.


HE#1: This one is in a small underground-poker-looking room connected to the one
Yavlinsky is in.

HE#2: After going through the 4-1-5 coded door, go upstairs. In this little room
is a wall safe to your left. The code is nine(9) one(1) nine(9). No, there isn't
money in here...but you'll find something just as valuable.

HE#3: There's a small coat check area near the security room. (I've always
wanted a leather coat...)


HE#1: If you go to the ledge opposite the ammo cache, there's a small area to
your left with a backpack.

HE#2: After snuffing out the first two snipers, and when you get to the last
two...turn on your EDSU's and look in the direction of the furthest sniper. Yes
kiddies, another dead body.

HE#3: When you run around on the catwalk and reach a ladder, climb up the ladder
and the hidden evidence is to your left.


HE#1: This one is in the elevator with the two civilians in it. It's the lady's
purse. Use your EDSU’s.

HE#2: This piece is in the plant in the lobby. The plant closest to the door you
enter through.

HE#3: Last but not least, this gem is in the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom. And
make sure you wash your hands before returning to work. =)


HE#1: This hidden evidence is in the truck you and Lian are next to at the start
of the level.

HE#2: After crawling through the ventilation shaft, make the first available right.

HE#3: This last one is on top of the big blue crates. You can see it before you
use the AZL.


HE#1: This first one is in the control room on the panel closest to the door.
(After the timer to save Blake starts)

HE#2: And this one is on the table farthest from the door. If only they were all
this simple.

HE#3: And this last one is on the terminal at the bottom of the right hand stairs.


HE#1: This hidden evidence is the easiest to find. After Lian opens the door for
you, just run up to the wall directly in front of you.

HE#2: This one can be found directly across from the elevator.

HE#3: This last piece of hidden evidence can be found on the back of the
centrifuge piece that went boom.

PART 4: MATTER'S END-NO HIDDEN EVIDENCE You’re only responsibility is to
eliminate Singularity.

And there you have it ladies and gents. Good work. I hope this guide was able to
help you.

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