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By cheatr123

This walkthrough is only for the tanks game, not the rest of the games on Wii 


Tank controls and rules
Tank types
Levels 1-20

Tank controls and rules

Tanks is, by far, the best game on Wii Play and the rules are simple:

-A=lay mines
-B=Fire bullets
-Use the wiimote to point where you’re aiming and either the nun chuck or the D-
pad to move
-You can fire up to 5 bullets and lay 2 mines at a time
-If you get hit by a bullet or get caught in a mines explosion, you die
-If you lose all of your lives, game over

Tank types

-Brown-stationary tanks that fires slowly
-Grey-mobile tank that fires as fast as the brown tank
-Blue-mobile, slow-firing rocket-shooter
-Gold-mobile tank that lays mines and occasionally fires bullets
-Red-mobile tank that fires faster than the grey tank and likes ricocheting 
-Green-stationary tank that fires rockets that bounce off walls twice
-Purple-fast, smart, bullet-shooting mine-laying tanks
-White-invisible purple tanks
-Black-fast, rocket-shooters that fire extremely fast, but they first appear in 
level 50

Levels 1-20

Level 1-Brown(1)
Just go around and kill it however you want to.

Level 2-Grey(1)
Go up to the top or middle of the area and shoot him.

Level 3-Grey(2), Brown(1)
If the top grey one comes to you, shoot him first as he rounds the corner, if 
he moves away, head to the bottom and shoot him, then shot whoever is left in 
the big area opposite of where you started.

Level 4-Grey(2), Brown(1)
Shoot the two brown ones then the grey ones while dodging the bullets and 
navigating through the squares.

Level 5-Blue(2)
Shoot the lower one with all of your bullets and avoid the other one’s rocket, 
then just keep shooting at the other one until its dead.

Level 6-Blue(2), Grey(2)
Ignoring the holes in the middle, destroy the grey and blue on in the middle if 
you can, but otherwise, just chase them around avoiding rockets and bullets 
until they’re gone.

Level 7-Blue(4)
One of the hardest levels, shoot the bottom tank and the others will migrate to 
the top. Bounce bullets off of the top wall and it should hit them.

Level 8-Gold(3), Blue(2)
Shoot the blue ones that comes out of the back side and the gold ones will trap 
themselves between their own mines, just shoot them.

Level 9-Gold(2), Grey(4)
Shoot the gold and grey on at the top and the other two at the bottom and then 
ambush the ones at the top.

Level 10-Red(2)
In my opinion, these are the worst tanks in the game because they know how to 
bounce bullets off of the wall.  Shoot the one closest to the back wall with 
all of your bullets and run and wait for the other one to come around and shoot 

Level 11-Red(2), Blue(2), Grey(2)
DON’T BLOW UP ANY WALLS!!!  They will just use the open walls to confuse you.  
Instead, just go around the winding path while shooting the tanks.

Level 12-Green(2), Red(2)
Kill the red ones first!!  Then shoot the green ones from a distance and around 

Level 13-Gold(3), Blue(3)
Shoot the gold ones in the middle and the bottom and you will hopefully hit a 
blue one.  Then just avoid mines, bullets and rockets.

Level 14-Green(3), Red(3)
The really threatening part of this level are the little slits in the wall, but 
you can use them to your advantage.  Shoot the red on that comes for you on the 
back wall, then don’t leave the narrow path until the remaining two red ones 
are gone, but BE CAREFUL! Because the lowest green tank can shoot you through 
the second slit.  Just move as fast as you can to the second slit and shoot the 
middle green tank and move towards the top, bomb the wall and shoot the second 
tank and go in for the third one.

Level 15-Purple(3)
The fast, mine-laying punks will dodge most of your bullets unless you corner 
them or time your shots right.

Level 16-Purple(3), Green(2)
Shoot the purple one going to the bottom and the one coming from the top.  Then 
shoot the last purple one in the middle and very carefully, bounce your bullets 
off of the wall to get the green tank in the middle area.  Then go to the back 
and get the last one.

Level 17-Green(6)
SHOOT AND RUN!!!!  Go to the bottom corner right away, because the first on 
will shoot, then shoot him.  Next is the one to the right of him, bounce 
bullets off of the top wall and the same with the one to the left of the first 
one.  Blow up the wall by where you started and you can it the one in the top 
left corner from a distance.  Then go for the one in the bottom right corner, 
shoot bullets off of the wall to get him and shoot bullets off the top wall to 
get that 6th one.

Level 18-Purple(2), Green(1), Red(1), Blue(2)
Shoot the red and blue one and carefully shoot the green one in the narrow 
path.  Blow up the bottom wall, go through the open wall and up to get the last 

Level 19-Purple(8)
Shoot the first one right away and go up the winding path, avoiding bullets and 
mines while shooting the tanks.

Level 20-White(2)
WATCH THE TRACKS!! Shoot bullets in all directions and you’ll hopefully hit 
one, dodge the bullets and shoot the last one.

160 tanks-platinum*
84 tanks-gold
40 tanks-silver
20 tanks-bronze

*Note: To get the platinum medal, you must first beat levels 1-20, then start 
again and you can go past 20 up until 100 levels!!!


You have unlimited time!!
Watch out for bullets and mines while still shooting tanks
Use each stage to your advantage, whether its fake walls or slits in the walls
Take out the mobile tanks first, the stationary ones can’t get you in certain 
Time your bullets to hit the enemy tanks at the right time
Bouncing bullets off walls can save you many lives
You can stop bullets & rockets and explode mines with your own bullets
Have fun!!!!!!!!

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