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Hi, this is my first Faq, so I hope you enjoy it since it's the only one around 
this website.


Activating the Regis Cave


First, you have to open the 3 regis cave. To do this, do the following:



You have to get a Relicanth. This pokemon is normally rare, so don't get mad and 
give up. You have to go to route 124 until you see a dive spot. When you dive in 
it, you'll end up underwater. It'll look like you're in a light spot, but when you 
go down, you see lots of seaweed. Go to the large patch on the right when you get 
there. Keep moving around until you find a Relicanth. You can use Relicanth at any 
level, so don't bother raising it if you have one.( Raise it only if you really 
want to, it's not weak, just weak attacks.)




Getting Wailord is very easy. If you have a super rod, go to route 129 and use a 
super rod( You can get a super rod from the fisherman in the house in mossdeep) and 
fish for a wailmer. It doesn't matter what level because with a super rod, it'll 
vary from 32-37. Wailmer evolves to Wailord in level 40 and Wailord can be at any 
level for the regis.


Activating the Regis' caves


Fly to Pacifidlog Town. You're going to need the following HMs' to activate and get 
to the regis cave: 

HM 2: Fly( just so you can get to Pacifidlog Town without surfing there, you don't 
need this to activate the caves for the 3 regis)

HM 3: Surf( You need it to get to the cave to activate the caves for the 3 regis)

HM 8: Dive( So you can get to the cave)

Dig: Go to the guy who likes to dig. Talk to the little kid and he'll give you the 
TM for dig.

Ok, surf a little west from pacifidlog, you'll end up seeing fast currents. Go as 
down as you can so you can get to the next part of the land. There's a rock on the 
left side of the island, go under it so you can surf to the next thing of land.
Go to the most bottom part of the little and use surf and you'll end up on another 
island. Use surf on the most left part of the island. You'll end up on another 
island. When you're all the way there, go as left of the island as you can. Go down 
and go four steps up. This isn't an actual island, it's a water thing you can stand 
on, I don't know what they're called. Use surf and if you get to the middle, use 
dive and go under water. Pass the entrance and you'll end up in a big area. Go down 
and you'll see writing on a wall, use dive while you're next to the writing and 
you'll end up in a place called" Sealed Chamber", go up and you'll see a wall with 
3 things for it's writing, use dig and it might say"return to the entrace?", use it
(it might take you to the entrance, and sometimes it takes you to another place), 
then the cave thing might open, so you go in it, and you should end up in a cave 
with 7 different small rocks. Go up and you should see 3 things on the wall, 
Press"a" on it and leave it on the screen a few seconds. It'll then say something 
like" something has opened from far away", get out of sealed chamber. Be sure to 
stock up on many balls( Timer Balls, Ultra Balls, Nest Ball, Luxury Balls, and 
Premier Balls are best)


Getting to the Regis


You can put Wailord and Relicanth away and get your regular pokemon group.

Regice: Island Cave

To get to the cave for Regice,Fly to Dewford Town and head to route 104. You'll see 
a Ruin Maniac running up and down. Surf on the waters edge and go up. You should 
see a strange rock that's open for you to go in. When you go in read the braille( 
you don't really have to read it, just press"a" on it, then "b"), run a whole lap 
around the cave sticking on the walls. This means you go from the middle of the 
braille and run around it. You'll find yourself finding a level 40 Regice. Beat it 
up(don't beat it)so it's weak enough to catch.

Registeel: Ancient Tomb

Fly to Lilycove. Keep a poke'mon with you that uses flash. Go to route 120 in the 
cave. Read the braille. When you go in the cave, go 4 steps up in the cave.
(Directly in the middle of the cave)Use flash in the middle and the thing will 
open. You'll find yourself finding the registeel in the cave. Weaken him enough to 
catch him.

Regirock: Desert Ruins

Fly to Mauville. Make sure you have a pokemon with rock smash. Go to route 111(the 
sandstorm desert place past Mauville) and go down to see the rock. Go in it. Read 
the braille in the middle and go two steps down from it and two steps left. Use 
rock smash and the cave will open. You will fight Regirock. Weaken him enough to 
catch him.

Hope you enjoyed the guide. ^_^

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