The 4 Jewels Locations(Holodrum Secret) - Guide for The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

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This FAQ is based on where all 4 Jewels.Here are the Locations:
                            ***THE X SHAPED JEWEL***
           Items Required:
           Sling Shot
           Ember Seeds
           Mystery Seeds
            It does not matter which season it is to get the X Shaped Jewel.
            Go to the Beach(where the Hero's Cave is)and go down 1 screen
            from the Hero's Cave.There should be a torch in the water.Light
            the torch and the bridge will appear.Go across into the next   
            screen and there should be a ? on the ground.Shoot it with
            a Mystery Seed and it should disappear and a black monster
            will come out.Kill the monster and a cheat will appear
            with the X Shaped Jewel in it.

                          ***THE SQUARED SHAPED JEWEL***
           Items Required:
           Rod of Seasons(summer)
           Zora Flippers
           Roc's Feather

            It needs to be summer to get this Jewel.Go to North Horon.
            Go to the screen where Din was Dancind at the very beginning
            of the game.Jump on the Tree Stump and change the season to summer.
            Then go down 1 screen and jump the gap in the ground and go 1
            screen left.There should be a cracked wall in the wall.Blow it up
            and enter the cave.There will be a chest in the middle of the water 
            cantaining the Suared Shaped Jewel.

                          ***THE ROUND SHAPED JEWEL***
           Items Required:
           Zora Flippers
            It doesn't matter which season it is to get this Jewel.
            You have to have beaten Levels 1 through 5 to get this Jewel.
            After that go to the screen where level 1 is.Then go over 1
            screen to the left by swimming and then go 1 screen down.You 
            should end up at a place where there is a tree house.
            Go in it and talk to the man and he will give you the Round Shaped

                           ***THE PYRAMID SHAPED JEWEL***
           Items Required:
           Zora Flippers
           Gale Seeds
            Again,it doesn't matter what season it is to get the Jewel.
            Go to Sunken City.It will be quicker if you use Gale Seeds and
            warp there.Then find Syrup's Potion Shop and go 1 screen
            down.There should be a deep puddle that you can dive in.
            After you are in there there should be a treasure chest.
            Open it up and there will be a monster.That monster is Onix's
            henchmen.He put the pyramid on the cliff in the cave                  
            you are in now.So exit the cave and warp back to Sunken City
            and dive in the puddle again.Now you will be on the cliff 
            with the Pyramid Shaped Jewel.
After you get all these Jewels you have to go to Tarm Ruins and place the right 
Jewel into the right slot and the door to Tarm Ruins will open.
This FAQ is for the Holodrum secret.If the secret is not put in the Jewels will be 
in different Locations.

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