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S       T   R   R E     E       T    F     I G      H   H   T   E     R   R
    S   T   R  R  E     E       T    F     I G   G  H   H   T   E     R  R
SSSSS   T   R   R EEEEE EEEEE   T    F     I GGGGG  H   H   T   EEEEE R   R
EEEEE X   X  33333   
E      X X       3   
EEEE    X     3333   
E      X X       3   
EEEEE X   X  33333    

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Punches and Kicks
3. Throwing
4. Surprise Blows
5. Character Edit Mode
6. Original Mode
7. Medals
8. Training Mode

1. Introduction:

 Hi! This is my very 1st FAQ I wrote. I wrote all this to tell you the basics of 
Street Fighter EX 3 and to maybe help you to get further in the game. So let's get 
things started!

2. Punches and Kicks:

 There are 3 levels of punches and kicks each. Low-punch/kick, medium-punch/kick, 
and high-punch/kick. Each higher level takes more damage, but are slower. Although, 
using those levels can increase more damage than low when you use those punches and 
kicks as part of one of your moves on your command list. Now about the PPP and KKK
(punch x3 and kick x3). It's actualy special kicks and punches to use for performing 
meteor combos. If you don't know how to punch or kick x3, go pause the game during 
battle or go to options and to controller config. Choose any button(s) you feel 
comfortable with for PPP and/or KKK, even R3 or L3, press and hold that button in 
particular and scroll up or down until you see Punch x3 or Kick x3 and release 
buttons and exit. Or you can press the 3 punch or kick buttons at the same time to 
perform a PPP or KKK.

3. Throwing:

 Throwing is a great way to attack opponents who block a lot. Simply press low-punch 
and low-kick at the same time to throw an opponent, but you have to get close to 
him/her to throw. Each fighter has 2 basic throws, the 2nd throw is to press back + 
low-punch + low-kick at the same time. Some fighters can grab in mid-air by pressing 
down + medium-punch or high-punch while jumping, but you and your opponent have to 
be close to each other in mid-air. You can escape a throw by pressing the throw 
command at the moment your opponent is about to throw you. After that performance, 
you will notice a messege saying tech-hit, this will raise your combo meter a little 
bit. Unfortunately, you can't escape special throws like Zangief's Atomic Supplex 
and mid-air throws.

4. Suprise Blows:

 A suprise blow is a special attack for stunning opponents. A successful suprise 
blow is when you perform one when your opponent is guarding while crouching. They 
will then be stunned for a couple of seconds, you can add more damage to it by 
attacking your opponent when they're stunned, but don't perform a super or meteor 
combo move when they're stunned or it'll be worth less damage. To perform a suprise 
blow, press medium-punch + medium-kick at the same time. It takes a little time to 
perform a suprise blow.
5. Character Edit Mode:

 In this mode, you can upgrade this character Ace and edit his moves by completing 
trials, earning skill points and spending them for moves you can buy for him. Ace 
has 3 super move slots, 2 super combo slots, and 1 meteor combo slot. There are two 
difficulty levels for the trials, normal and hard. Some normal trials are quite 
easy, but not worth as much skill points as in hard difficulty. If you've already 
completed a trial, you can still do the trial again and again and still earn skill 
points, but earn less skill points as before you completed it. There is a 3rd 
difficuly level, maniac. In this level of trials, there are only 3 trials in this 
level, but are at the S rank meaning the hardest of all trials. You can earn this 
difficulty level by completing enough trails in both normal and hard difficulty. 
Here's something I found out, in test mode(not training mode), pause the game and 
set the no-namer opponent to human and then set the super combo limit to off. While 
playing the 2nd controller, the training dummy will play all of Ryu's moves.

6. Original Mode:

 In this mode, you get to play multiple battles in a series of fighters like on an 
adventure. In the first stage, you get to choose which of the 2 team opponents of 3 
fighters to fight at once, but they are at less than 1/3 of their life bar. Once you 
win that battle, you get to choose if the fighter you last beaten can add 
him/herself to your team. You can have a maximum # of 3 fighters on your team. Once 
you advance to the next stage, you get to choose one of the 2 team opponents of 2 
fighters to fight as a tag battle. Once you made that selection, you can choose to 
let your team fighter(If you have any) fight on your side as your tag partner or 
fight alone. Then you get to choose 2p manual meaning that your tag partner can be 
player2 with another controller. Once you win, the same goes at the end of the 1st 
stage. Now you have to fight your 1st boss, Garuda in a dramatic battle with you and 
your partner or fight alone. Then you get to choose either 2p manual or manual 
meaning that your partner imitates what you do behind you. Garuda is a little poor 
at defense, but is cheap with his spike attacks. Now you advance to your next stage 
which is the same as the 2nd stage, a tag battle. After that, you fight the big oaf, 
Sagat in a tag battle or fighting alone. He's a huge blockhead and is very cheap 
with his Tiger Shots, so grab a lot and try to be cheap on him. Now it's time for 
the final stage with Bison. If you have any team fighters at that point, you get to 
choose who will fight 1st and 2nd and 3rd, the fighter you chose as your main 
character will fight last. Each fighter will appear after another once each has been 
knocked out cold, also if Bison gets hurt and knocks out one of your fighters, he 
will heal himself a bit. If your main fighter is left, then he/she will have a full 
combo meter and fights Bison. Bison is cheap with his Psycho Crusher move and blocks 
a lot too so be aware of that. Once you win, the game will show some info about 
your character and you will have a little bonus round at the end during the credits.

7. Medals:

 Earning some medals are difficult to get but some are easy. In Adventure mode, in 
order to earn medals, you need to choose at least the normal difficulty to earn 
bronze and silver medals. On hard, you can earn gold or even platinum medals. You 
can't earn any medals if the game is on easy. Although there is a task to do to earn 
them, like succeed in 20 hits or more, succeed in this many meteor combos, etc. If 
you earn all bronze, silver, gold, platinum, or all medals you get...(see hints and 

8. Training Mode:

 This mode is a great way to learn the moves, be better at this game, get revenge 
out of a fighter, and all kinds of benefits. The opponents you choose won't be doing 
anything but stand and heal every attack. But you can pause the game and set your 
opponents to a computer which you can do battle with him/her with infinite health. 
You can also duel with a friend for long when you set that fighter to human. There's 
other actions you can set your opponent to like all guard, jumping, crouching, etc.

   The End
   E-mail me for any comments and/or complaints
   [email protected]

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