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               E A  S P O R T ' S  :  N B A  L i v e  2004
NBA Live 2004 FAQ
for PS2 (Playstation 2)
FAQ created by Jeffrey Williams
Jeffrey Williams ([email protected]
Copyright 2003 by Jeffrey Williams
Created: May 4, 2004 (05.04.04)
MSN Contact: [email protected]
Version: Final

This FAQ/Walkthrough is created for personal use only, meaning it should not
be used for anything that gains any money. Magazines, Game Guides, Websites
in particular should not have this guide with out my permission. Ripping off
part(s) of this FAQ/Walkthrough and putting it as your own results you to be
guilty of the crime "Plagiarism". 

Plagiarism is an act of stealing, ripping off, copying ideas or words of
another person and taking it as your own without a crediting the real source
the just way that he/she should have been thanked. To simply put it,
Plagiarism is bad.

Also, you could never ever use this FAQ/Walkthrough to make your own 
FAQ/Walkthrough, you must do everything yourself or if you do somehow use this
or any other guide you should give proper credit to the author. Also, you
could have this FAQ/Walkthrough on your website provided that not a single
character has been altered and you must have my permission before you could
do so. If you didn't have my permission then you have crossed the lines of the
copyrights law. By the way, you could print the whole thing/parts of
the FAQ/Walkthrough though.

"Walang nakawan pare..." (Please don't steal =P)

I.    Introduction
II.   Revisions
III.  Controls
IV.   2003 Team Roster Update
V.    Game Modes
VI.   Create Player (Ratings explained only)
VII.  Scoring Tips
VIII. Defensive Tips
IX.   1 on 1 ball checks
X.    Freestyle Controls
XI.   FAQs
XII.  Credits

                            * Introduction -

Finally completing the NBA Live 2004 FAQ for the PC version I've made up my mind
to create one for the PS2 version as well. I could say that I'm a NBA Live
master and my skill is tight enough. Anyway that isn't on our league so why
discuss it anyway the FAQ is basically composed of what you see in the content.
They're rather basic and the tips if not are already learned by you guys so I'll
just throw in some notes there. It's a pleasure to be of service again so let's
just move on!

                             * Revisions *

May 4, 2004 (05.04.04) Final Version
I guess this as a Final Version already is a great Idea as far as the guide/FAQ
is concerned people would merely need this I guess just for basis of current
rosters would be it. Overall the guide is very basic and would just supply you
with things that you possibly don't or has not yet discovered yet. So there!

                               * Controls -

*This is just the default setting as I believe most are used to it.

                       _____                  _____
                      |L1,L2|                |R1,R2|
                     /-------\              /-------\
                    /     _   \____________/         \
                    |   _| |_   ___    ___      T     |
                    |  |_   _| |Sel|  |Str|   S    O  |
                    |    |_|   __        __     X     |
                    \         /  \      /  \         /
                     \       |LAS |----|RAS |       /
                      \     / \__/      \__/ \     /
                       \___/                  \___/   

L2    - Direct Pass/Direct Switch
L1    - Face Up/Box out
D-Pad - Play calling
left analog stick - Movement
Triangle button   - Rebound/Block/Spin Move
Square button     - Steal/Crossover/Hesitation
X button          - Pass/Switch
Circle Button     - Shoot/Take Charge
right anaog stick - Freestyle Controls
R1    - Turbo button
R2    - Alley-oop/Last guy back

                              * Game Modes -

This part of the game would go deeper on the game modes option. I'll talk 
about most of what's what here. Anyway here we go!

Exhibition Game
Exhibition Game is exactly the Play Now option. The only difference is it has
more options than the Play now mode. The options are like those when playing a
game under the season/playoff/franchise mode.

In this mode you simply play right through the regular NBA season either with
the team of your choice or a fantasty draft. It's much like the regular season
have an All-Star Game, attempt for trades or sign-in free agents for help. 
After the season, the season's MVP, Rookie of the Year, Most Defensive Player,
Sixth Man and the most improved player is given an award. A playoff will 
follow afterwards. The only difference is the Season mode doesn't have net
points that has something to do with trading players. Remember taht if you
set the Fantasy Draft Option On you won't get to reset the rosters automatically
meaning that whatever trades happen here on certain teams the rosters will not
be reset back to it's original if you quit the season mode but it'll restore
back to default when you restart the game anyway.

The Franchise mode let's you play through the whole 25 NBA season with the
team of your choice or a fantasy draft again. Much like the season mode but
here you're the GM and either seal of trades as well, sign free agents or
scout for upcoming free agents. After every season the season's MVP, Rookie 
of the Year, Most Defensive Player, Sixth Man and the most improved player 
is given an award as well. After playing with the Playoffs you'll be prompted
to the offseasson part of the game where you can draft, resign, sign-free,
trade, view retiring players or draft lotteries. After which the next season
starts again. The Franchise mode makes player age, get better or stink.
Players improves through numbers and old players retires in a time so you
need a set of good rookies and veterans. Remember taht if you set the Fantasy
Draft Option On you won't get to reset the rosters automatically meaning that
whatever trades happen here on certain teams the rosters will not be reset
back to it's original if you quit the season mode but it'll restore
back to default when you restart the game anyway.

This mode is the exact same playoffs you play Season or Franchise mode. The
only difference is you'll choose which team you want to be in the playoffs.

1 on 1
A one vs one game in the court of your choice. You could pick any player in
the league and match it up on any player as well.

You can sharpen your skills here. You're alone in a gym and simply shoot
around and practice

                            * Create Player *

Like the other guide I'll basically put up what the other stats are for.
All ratings differs depending on the combination of ratings. Let say you've
given a player a 99 in rebounding but just a 50 in jumping. This means that
he won't stand a chance against a player with a 50 rebounding and a 99
jumping same goes to shooting. A 99 FG could shot almost anywhere in the
court but with a low Off. Awareness makes him shoot pretty bad when guarded.
But a player with let say a 70 in FG and a 99 in Off. Awareness could pretty
much hit shot even when guarded. Basically, creating a player needs some key
points to be distributed to create a perfect one(I'm not talking about some
player who has maxed stats.)

Template - You could choose a pre-set rating of a player either a defensive
           or an offensive one.
Field Goal - It's basically how well a player could hit a jumper from
             anywhere in the court.
3 Pointers - A 85 rating here gives the player a 3pting Icon. This determines
             how well a player could hit baskets from behind the arc.
Free Throw - This determines how slow the guage would be. The higher it is the
             better you could time your shot on the free throw land.
Dunking - A 85 rating here gives the player a Dunking Icon. This determines
          how hard and the intensity of your dunks. Note that some dunks are
          customly for players so you won't see a created player dunk like
          Kobe or T-Mac.
Inside Scoring - The higher the rating is the better he could make lay-ups
                 and the easier he could score from defenders beneath the rim.
                 Notice that MJ could always do those lay-ups despite the
                 fact that he has not much of a Dunking rating or a high
                 jumping rating. A player with a high rating here is great 
                 on dealing easy baskets beneath the rim as well as easy 
                 lay-up shots.
Off. Rebounds - It determines how well a player could crash the offensive
Jumping - This gives the character the ability to either fly like MJ or jump
          like a sumo-wrestler. Jumping affects almost a lot of aspects in 
          the rating.
Strength - The strenght determines how well you could post up and it also 
           affects some aspects of the game play.
Quickness - The quickness has some math behind it when pressing the turbo
            button so I'll probably not go deeper with it. Quickness also
            affects some roles like Blocking/Stealing or releasing the ball.
Speed - Basically the speed a player could run.
Passing - How well a player could pass it in the traffic. The higher it is
          the less chance of getting an errant pass or a stolen ball.
Dribbling - It affects how fast a player could crossover and pivot. Also it
            affects how a player could dribble the ball making a lesser chance
            for the opposition to steal it.
Off. Awareness - A very mysterious part yet after experimenting I've revealed
                 what it does. It basically a player's athleticism. A higher
                 Off Awareness could shoot the ball better than anyone else
                 and It's the player's intensity in the game as well as his
                 offensive intelligence. A result of this gives the player
                 to automatically follow up a shot.
Def. Rebounds - Detemines how good a player could crash the defensive boards.
Stealing - A 85 rating here gives the player a Tight-Defender Icon. It renders
           how well a player could steal the ball.
Blocking - A 85 rating here gives the player a Blocker Icon. It shows how
           well a player could swat the ball.
Def. Awareness - A player's defensive intensity/intelligence. A higher
                 awareness means a greater defense. Def. Awareness touches
                 the rebounding portion as well. A higher rating here
                 automatically makes the palyer steal the ball or swat it
                 away as well as crashing the boards.
Endurance - Basically the stamina of the palyer.
Hardiness - The higher the rating the less chance of the player getting
            injured and the lower it is the greater chance of him to keep
            on getting injured.
Primacy - A vital role in the rating both offesively and defensively much
          like off. and deff. awareness though this has something to do with
          clutch shots. Primacy basically determines how good the player is
          the higher it is the better level of playing he'll show.

                            * Scoring Tips -

This part will help you score baskets and beat almost any one. These are
simple yet very effective tips but I tell you experience and proper knowledge
of the game is the key here tips are just to remind you of what's right.

o !Easy Baskets! o

Tip 1 - Who's who?
Know who the player you're using. You don't want to make Ben Wallace attempt
to take 3 pointers. The Icons are helpful to know what kind of player they are
and what can they do. If you know that this guy is great at slamming it down
the stretch then that's that.

Tip 2 - Make space with the cross over dribble.
A dribbling stationary player could create space with simply hitting the
crossover button this'll either make the defense shake a little OR running it
to the basket with a crossover and some jab steps would do. Just watch out for

Tip 3 - Pivot!
Do you know that when a player who had the ball but hadn't put it down could
perform pivot moves? Yes they can. Simply press the Spin Move button + any
directional button will make him pivot. Know the right buttons here, ones 
you've learned them all. Taking a Pivot move pushes the defender back or will
give the ball handler space.

Tip 4 - Dash
Using the Pivot then calling an Isolation play is a great combination. Pivot
then run all the way to the basket with a crossover dirbble plus the turbo
button will give you decent looks at the basket.

Tip 5 - Jab Step/Hesitation move.
As you run towards the basket press and hold the Cross over key and the
character will perform a jab step. You can pull up for a jumper and earn
a high percentage shot with this. The Jab step creates an opening for the
dribbler and possibly pushes the defender a few steps away.

Tip 6 - Fake
Faking the opponent off the dribble and before shooting is a great idea.
Before shooting perform pump fakes and at times the defender would bite the
fake if he does then convert a quick jumper.

Tip 7 - Shoot on top of the Jump
When shooting you not just let it go right away. You have to press then
release the ball on top of the jump. This way the shot is converted to a
higher percentage shot and would be tougher to block.

Tip 8 - Post up
This is great with bigger and stronger big men. You can back down on your
defender and take a fake. Mostly players would bit the fake when the posting
player attempted it really really near the basket. If he do bit the fake
slam it home or convert a jumper.

Tip 9 - Looking for the double team
Down low players automatically double up posting players. If he does pass
it to the wide open man. 

Tip 10 - The Hook
Simply have a player post up then hook it right up. A hook shot is a very
high percentage shot and is very tough to block.  You could pour in a
couple of easy baskets with this.

Tip 11 - Pick and Roll
Pick and roll is a great play that delivers an easy basket. Set a pick and
roll and either take a shot of the screen or pass it to the rolling player
to convert it to an easy basket.

o !Trick Shots! o

Tip 1 - Jordan's fade away
This is a very effective move but will need practice to master. Have a decent
shooter back down on his defender. After 2 or three steps back turn left or
right and take a straight jumper or press back and shoot. The release of the
ball is simply a second right after the jump.

Tip 2 - Jab Step Fade away
Prime guards with a fast speed could do this. When dashing hold the turbo and
perform a jab step at the same time releasing the turbo and letting go off a
fade away jumper. This is a high percentage shot again but is hard to master.

Tip 3 - Laying the hook shot
This is a very hard art to master but quite easy to learn all you gotta do is
to have a quick player run inside and instead of letting the usual shot go
quickly perform a hook shot. Small but quick players could shine in this way
even against taller opponents.

o !Extra Scores! o

Tip 1 - Easy 3 point plays
When driving in the lane quickly do a fake if the guarding player bites the
fake quickly dunk the ball before he could fall back down at times it will
cause a foul right away.

Tip 2 - Easy 3 point plays (Part II)
Have a quick player (Players like Bryant, Pierce, Iverson etc...) to drive in
the lane and simply do a spin move before shooting the ball. If you time it
right the player running after you will automatically be charged with a foul
just be sure that he's using turbo and he's running after you.

Tip 3 - Come back to papa!
When shooting a free throw miss the last one. The easiest way to rebound
the ball back is to quickly switch(note that using the direct switch would
rather be tricky) the switch will automatically switch you to either of the
two teammates near the basket. Just screen out and press the turbo and 
time your jump if you're able to master this art then 60% of the time you'll
managed to get the ball back.

                            * Defensive Tips -

o !Crash Boards! o

Tip 1 - Switch to the nearest man
To grab the rebound switch to the nearest man underneath the rim and hold
the turbo button before hitting the rebound button. This makes the player
jump higher and get those boards.

Tip 2 - Boxing out
You simply press the box out button and position yourself on front of the 
player who'll be fighting for the ball. Screen them out and take the high
jump for the ball.

Tip 3 - Run after the ball
Switch to a good leaper mostly some shooting guards could leap high. Press the
Turbo button and make him run towards the basket and jump for the rebound.
This is a very effective strategy more so with a smaller player who could 
grab boards.

o !Forcing Turnovers! o

Tip 1 - Face up
If a player you're guarding is near the line. Face up on him and let 
him move. Around the defender 2 of 5 times he'll be stepping on the line.

Tip 2 - Take charge
When you see the ring rotating quickly(the one that's being controlled the one
they're stepping on) that means they're using the turbo. Simply step up and 
press the take charge once. Time it right. It could easily create a turnove 
plus the foul. 

Tip 3 - No post allowed
If a player decided to post up and back down on you. After a push or two 
hit the take charge button. Chances are an offensive foul will be called if
not then you've just awarded him an easy shot.

Tip 4 - Force shots
When defending always make use of the face up icon and simply move in front
of yur man. A player doing this close enough lowers the chance of the ball
getting. This could cause for a quick rebound and fast break.

Tip 5 - Disrupting Passes
When a player tries running the fast break and he tried a court cross pass
simply have the nearest player jump or press the steal button. At times 
it'll go out of bound.

o !Rejecting and the Steal! o

Tip 1 - The Rejection
Always control the defender and try not to bit fakes. If he do take the shot
jump and reject it.

Tip 2 - Not in my house
Let the defender play one on one and if it looks like he'll take it to the 
hoop switch to a high leaper and have him turbo his way and attempt for the
double team or possibly block shots.

Tip 3 - Steals
To perform steals simply face up the dirbbling player and press the steal
button. He could slap it off or if you were too agressive you'll be
asserted for a foul. Sometimes simply moving around the defender on the
side of the ball while facing up causes a steal.

o !Nearly Cheating! o

Tip 1 - Move out of the way
At times when a player in full turbo dashes towards the ball handler. At times
the ball handles wouldbe pushed down and will leave the ball bouncing for you
to run after. This works well with players who have a high speed. Simply 
press the turbo and normally bumping from the sides or from the back results 
to a more successful push.

Tip 2 - Hey! I didn't pushed him!
When a player with the ball is near the line. Step back and press the turbo
button and dash towards him. Then press the block button and your guy will
jump and smahs the air hard. The turbo and the jump would push the ball
handler back and will cause the ball to be out of bounds. Sometimes you'll be
called for a defensive foul.

Tip 3 - Nearly Goaltending
Sometimes you could swat the ball while it's trying to roll it's way in.

Tip 4 - Eat my Knee!
When a player tries to hold the ball and tried pivoting. Switch to a quick 
high leaping player and have him rush up to the pivoting player and have him
swat the ball if your luck enough the ball will magically appear on his hands
and quickly perform a fast break for a quick score.

                         * 1 on 1 Ball checks -

Here's a section just to tell you about different ball checks in the 1 on 1

Pass - A simple pass. The Ball will simply be handed over to the player.
Turbo + Pass - The ball will be rolled over to the other player. It'll be
               picked up from the floor.
Face Up + Pass - Chest pass

                      *  Freestyle Controls *

Okay, here's what separates NBA Live 2003 from all other NBA 2003 titles.
They'll simply be separated by simple stances like while holding the ball,
dribbling and standing still. Anyway here they are.

*-                                  -*
*- Not Using the Right Analog Stick -*
*-                                  -*
|              Key                         |        Freestlye Move       |
| Hold the Cross over key while dribbling  |         Jab Step            |
|       Tapping the Square Button          |      Various Crossovers     |

*-                                -*
*- Dribbling while standing still -*
*-                                -*
|              Key                         |        Freestlye Move       |
|              Up                          |     Jab-Step Forward Fake   |
|             Right                        |     Jab-Step Right Fake     |
|             Left                         |      Jab-Step Left Fake     |
|             Down                         |            Back Step        |
| Tapping Left then Right (vice-versa)     |         Crossover Fake      |
| Half circles (Either Left to Right or    |    Simple Crossover fakes   |
|       from up then down                  |                             |

*-                        -*
*- Dribbling while moving -*
*-                        -*
|              Key                         |        Freestlye Move       |
|              Up                          |           Spin Move         |
|             Right                        |        Jab-Step Right       |
|             Left                         |    Crossover to the left    |
| Tapping Left then Right (vice-versa)     |        Fancy Crossover      |
| Half circles (Either Left to Right or    |       Fancy Dribblings      |
|       from up then down                  |                             |

*-                                 -*
*- Standing while holding the ball -*
*-                                 -*
|              Key                         |        Freestlye Move       |
|              Up                          |     Post Up/Turn back       |
|             Right                        |       Jab-Step Right        |
|             Left                         |       Jab-Step Left         |
|   (HOLD)     Up                          |     Sway the ball down      |
|   (HOLD)    Down                         |Holds the ball at the back   |
| Half circles (Either Left to Right or    |       Swing the ball        |
|       from up then down                  |                             |

*-             -*
*- On Defense  -*
*-             -*
|              Key                         |        Freestlye Move       |
|              Up                          |Hold hands highs/Raise hands |
|             Right                        |     Steal with Right        |
|             Left                         |     Steal with Left         |
|             Down                         |     Face Up lower           |

                              * FAQs -

1. Is it possible to be playing 2 players in Franchise mode?

A: Yes! Actually we do it all the time as well as turning the Fantasy
   Draft on.

2. Any tips on a successful trading when the points are on?

A: The computer AI is rather stupid as sometimes would trade a weak rated
   player for their strong/young ones. At the very beginning try combining
   players to match the player you want on your team and just trade away
   at the very first season trading is way easy as you could trade 2 players
   for 1 super star even those 2 players are not that good. Just match the
   trade points a little.

3. Why is it that  is not on the NBA rosters?

A: I guess most are rookies as the game is released way early than the
   actuall season so the best thing here is to try and arrange them.

4. Why is it that  has a poor rating completely
   contradicing their performance?

A: The rating system has a formula that it follows and is actually based
   on their stats during their last season. Some rookies have poor rating
   as their actuall performance in the game is rather unpredictable. I
   suggest you tweak them to your own opinion it's your game anyway.

5. Hey! I wanna create  since he isn't on the game.

A: The only thing that I could assure you is that they have a very similar
   ratings to that of the PC version and just base their stats there. As
   for their looks it's upto you to how you'll be conjuring them up since
   it's difficult to make one look exactly like the real one.

6. Why is it that when I created a player his surname is mentioned?

A: Surnames that are listed/who has the same surname to any of the current
   rosters in NBA Live 2003 is mentioned.

7. About the Total Net Points in my roster. Will anything happen if I
   reached its limits?

A: Actually they have no limits. I once managed to reach negative 2
   Million points and still nothing happens. Even those players would
   decide to stay around my team after the offseason.

8. Help! One of my player refuse to stay in my team!

A: I suggest you save after the champion is decided and just load the
   game if a roster refuses.

                              * Credits *

I would like to thank the following:
EA SPORTS - For creating such a wonderful game. They've done a heck of a job
            this time.
GameFaqs - The best FAQ site in the world nuff' said. - For the supply of various NBA knowledge as well as the rosters.
YOU - This won't be called a guide with out anyone being guided. Thank you.

If I ever missed someone e-mail me. I'm just tired and desperate to finish
the guide early enough to get it on the site. THANK YOU!!!!

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