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                     Star Fox Adventures Dinosaur Planet.

                   Table of Contents/ 

                   1. Hard Returns and Rules
                   2. What is Star Fox Adventures
                   3. Who are the SFA DP charaters.
                   4. All the items in SFA
                   5. Foxes Staff Weapon
                   6. Tricky's Sidekick Moves
                   7. A sad story of what happened after this game.

                  1-1           My Rules:
                            1. Do Not I repeat Do not take any of this information 
and make it into your own FAQ, That is called Plagerism.

                            2. This FAQ is Totally clear and I don't wan't any virus 
or crap put on it. If you do I think I'll haunt you. I know where you live. Bwwaaaa 
Haaaa Haaaa Haaaa.

                         Ahem that was all for right now.

                1-2              What is StarFox Adventures?
    Well if you are reading this part either you are reading this for pleasure or 
your the stupidest kid alive. Star Fox Adventures is about a Fox named Fox and His 
team who saves the Lylat System from the evil. Normally Andross Fox's #1 arch 
enemy.Fox's team consistes of 5 other members. Slippy who helps Fox along Star Fox 
adventures and gives Fox helpful tips. Peppy who actually does almost nothing in 
this game except at the start menu allows you to change settings. Robby the Robot is 
the teams trusty servent and is also at the start menu allows you to set Language 
Settings. Their was Falco Lambardi but he got bored after a while and stole of in 
the emergency ship. And of course General Pepper who at every start of your flying 
expeirences will tell you your mission. and at the Pause menu in the game will show 
you all your valubles and stuff. Okay Pepper Out.
  1-3        Who Are The Star Fox Adventures Dinosaur Planet Characters?
Some of this imformation has come from instruction booklet!
         Well to start this out I'll tell you all the important Goodguys.

Fox- Fox is a fox with attitude and when it comes to saving the Lylat System, Fox is 
your man, I mean Fox. He's the main character who goes around on foot,practically, 
trying to save Dinosaur Planet from the Wrath of General Scales.

Foxes Team Already Mentioned: Up Above

Crystal- Crystal is the Fox who the beggining of the game is trying to find the 
Krazoa Spirits. You Play her for a short while but Fox is the

Prince Tricky- Tricky is Prince of the King and Queen Earthwalkers.His mood is 
childish and if you buy him his little rubber ball from the ThornTail Hollow store 
and play with him he might eventually change colors. Tricky partners up with Fox 
after Fox saves him. Of course if you didn't have Tricky, You could not beat the 

General Scales- General Scales rejected as a ruling tribe, and his sharpclaw army 
wish to overpower all. In recent times the General's power has recently increased, 
Is he in this alone.
      1-4         All The Items In Star Fox Adventures, Dinosaur Planet.


  Scarabs/ They are money/in star fox adventures/ and different colors of scarbs 
show how much they are worth and how hard they are to catch. A green scarab is worth 
one penny in earth terms, I think, and is the easiest to catch. a orange scarab is 
worth ten, pennies in earth terms, and is harder to catch. You can find scarabs by 
lifting up rocks or smashing curtain wooden boxes,ect.

Blue Grubtubs- they are mushrooms you can find practically every where and are what 
let's Tricky use his sidekick moves. You use your staff to collect them up by 
hitting them. During the day they will hop around trying not to get hit. But at 
night they actually sleep and are easy to get. You can have up to 15 grubtubs 
including the ones Tricky has at the top right part of the screen.

White Grubtubs- Found in a well at Thorn Tail Hollow for Queen Earth.W.

Bomb Spores- Found in certain place use your staff blaster to shoot these. They will 
explode and send out bomb spore seeds which you will have to plant at certain parts 
of the game.

Fire Flys- Use these little things to light up very dark areas. Must have the bottle 
to use them.

Moonseeds- Use these at certain soft soil areas to grow a vine like plant you climb 
up to other areas.

Fuel Cells- These are what makes Fox's ship fuel. Fuel cells can be found everywhere 
and can be help found with your Fuel Compass.

Maps- Maps are bought at The Thorntail hollow store and can be used to help you 
navigate around. Use a map by scrolling through your PDA.

Staff Energy- staff energy can be found in the plants with shiny little bulbs. Hit 
the plant with your staff to make the bulb come out which so happens to be staff 
energy. Green replenishes a tiny amount. Red brings back about a quarter. Yellow 
brings back 3 quarters. Blue brings back it all. The more the plant brings the 
harder to find.

Zoom In Device- This device can be bought at The TTS/Thorntail Hollow store at a 
certain part in the game and it lets you zoom out and let's you really far away. Up 
to 13.5.

PDA- The PDA is the device you have the entire game that let's you either see maps 
or lets you use you Fuel Cell Compass. The faster the fuel cell compass beats red 
the closer you are to fuel cells.

Artifacts- Certain artifacts can be bought during the game for certain reasons. 

       1-5              Fox's Staff Weapon!


Fox finds Crystals staff weapon as soon as you reach Thorntail Hollow. How to fight 
is in your Instruction Booklet, Assuming you didn't throw it away.

                              Fox's Staff Powers

- Staff Blaster- This allows you to shoot a small beam from your staff at stuff. 
this is the most used Power in the game.

- Staff Booster- Use this power at certain boost plates to boost you up into higher 

- Freeze Blast- This Power can be used in combat like the staff blaster to freeze 
enemy's in their tracks. It can also but out firing furnaces and other stuff.

- Ground Quake- This power is like a hugh slam and can stun big enemy's giving you a 
chance to hack away at them.

- Super Ground Quake- Getting this Power later in the game replaces the old Ground 
Quake and is extra strong and can also trigger certain things when smashing certain 
lump spots.

- Sharpclaw Disguise- This is sent to you by Slippy and with this on it will make 
sharpclaws and other enemy's think you are a sharpclaw. Very helpful.

                    !!!!!  You can find these powers by looking for certain holes in 
the ground. Also you will no because your controller will start rumbling if that 
feature is on, and your staff will get this shade of green on it.

          1-6                 Tricky's Side Kick Moves        

                         All of this coming soon.


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