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Alright if you are having trouble with any of the bosses in DK:ZH just read this.

Boss #1:Boss Hog

 If you have the BMF Thunderstrike in your arsenal use it.You can obtain it by 
destroying the barrols in the base and by swimming to it in the wetworld or 
waterworld(i can't remember it's name but it is the secret level after Nukelear 
Winter)save the ammo for this boss.If all of your hit's are a success you can kill 
him in three or four blows then you are sent into the past.

Boss #2:Cyborg Scorpion

 Use your SMG's to blow away it's lethal missile shooting arms.Then all you have to 
is run into the center platform(if you haven't already)and collect the Gattling Gun 
and start shooting to high heaven.After it is dead you will be sent to another 

Boss #3:The Alien Brain
 This guy is really easy all you have to do is enter the first door and kill the 
H2O Generator.Then head for the second one.Flip the switch on it and then the power 
of this huge boss will go down.Now head for the third one.Just walk into the room 
and then turn and run as the entire place will start to come down.This time it's a 
whole lot harder because you have to dodge sniper rounds.Just hit all the switches 
and the one in the room and blow the last generator.You will be sent to the present.

Boss #4:Zero 
 This can be Duke's final hour or his finest you choose.All you need to do is jump 
from every roof and get ammo for the BMF Thunderstrike this time it is weaker than 
usuall.Find the AGL-9 Launcher and the Havoc Multilauncher and start hitting him 
with the ammo you fire.Once you kill him he will blow into flames.You just saved 
the world.

 Now you can ask yourself."Was it Duke's final hour or his finest?" You can answer 
that yourself.

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