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The Chao 2

Hey all the cool people reading this, it’s me, “sigh”, again, Miles “Tails” Prower 
and I come with another Chao guide. Yes I know that I said that I would come out 
with another guide about the game, without chao, but all in favor of another guide 
speak now or forever hold your controller… it’s a tie 0 to 0. So I’ll just do this 
one for now.

Table of contents 
I. Chao 
a. Basic’s (stuff that you should already know) 
i. The Chao gardens 
ii. What you’ll find in the gardens () 
iii. How to feed Chao 
b. Improving your Chaos’ level 
i. Chaos drives 
ii. Animals 
iii. Chao fruit/nuts 
c. Chao evolution 
i. Characters 
ii. Hero 
iii. Neutral 
iv. Dark 
v. Chaos 
d. Things for the garden 
i. Seeds 
ii. Items 
iii. Balls 
iv. Other (varies on garden) 
e. Kindergarten 
i. Classroom 
ii. Principles Office 
iii. Doctor 
iv. Fortune Teller 
v. Black Market 
vi. Bulletin Board 
f. How to get your Chao to do the basics 
i. Swim 
ii. Walk 
iii. Planting Seeds 
iv. Fly 
II. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Eggman, Rouge, Shadow 
a. Their role 
i. Emblems 
ii. Chaos drives 
iii. Animals 
iv. Rings 
My Chao 

Hi, I call myself Miles “Tails” Prower and having played this game so long I know 
most of its secrets. 
a. The basic (If you played already for a while than skip this stuff but if you’re 
new than you should read this). 
i. Chao Gardens There are three Chao gardens in the game and each hold eight Chao so 
either get more memory cards or just use sparingly 
Neutral Garden- you start out with this garden only and this is also where you enter 
to the races and Karate. 
Hero Garden- after successfully creating a Hero Chao you will automatically get the 
garden and all its glory. 
Dark Garden- I personally do NOT like this garden at all but in order to get it you 
must successfully create a dark Chao. 
ii. What you’ll find in the gardens Every garden has its own unique characteristic, 
which will soon be displayed. 
Neutral Garden- carries two eggs, waterfall, entrance to Chao karate and races, 
cliffs, fruit, and (with Knuckles or Rouge) a pumpkin. 
Hero Garden- carries one egg, a big pool, a balcony, a fountain, a logo of a pair of 
feathered wings on the shape of a Chao head, a roof that you can only reach with 
tails, fruit, and (with Knuckles or Rouge) a pumpkin. 
Dark Garden- carries one egg, a large red pool, a piece of ruble with a pair of bat 
wings on the shape of a Chao head, a cage that you can jump in (or put a Chao in), 
fruit, and (with Knuckles or Rouge) a skull. 
iii. How to feed your chao 
There are three ways to feed your chao: 
1. Feed it fruits/nuts growing on trees in your garden.
2. You can buy fruit from the Black Market 
3. Get a shovel and a watering pale from racing and give your chao the seed to plant 
and water it. 
b. Improving your Chaos’ level 
i. Chaos drives you can find these in MOST robots to improve your chao. 
Color Power-up 
Green Speed 
Red Power 
Yellow Swim 
Purple Fly 
ii. Animals There are ten hidden animas through out the stage so look carefully 
(they are also found in Chao boxes and pipes). 
1. Rabbit 
2. Phoenix 
3. Gorilla 
4. Skunk 
5. Tiger 
6. Dragon 
7. Condor 
8. Penguin 
9. Seal 
10. Raccoon 
11. Sheep 
12. Peacock 
13. Unicorn 
14. Sea Otter 
15. Skeleton Dog 
16. Bat 
17. Half-fish or alien looking thing 
18. Cheetah 
19. Boar 
20. Bear 
21. Parrot 
iii. Chao Fruit/Nuts 
The fruits are found in the Neutral, Hero, and Dark but there are others that you 
can buy. Fruit Cost 	Effect	/	Increase 
Normal 	        0 		increases stamina by 4
Chao Fruit 	200 		increases all by 5
Round Fruit 	80 		eaten by Chao that like round
Triangle Fruit 	80 		eaten by Chao that like triangle 
Square Fruit 	80 		eaten by Chao that like square 
Hero Fruit 	120 		helps chao become heroes, also 
Dark Fruit 	120 		helps chao become heroes dark 
Mushroom 	300 		helps keep Chao healthy 
Smart Fruit 	??? 		??? 
c. Chao evolution 
i. Characters The character you use will vary the Chaos’ evolution (also Known as 
maturity) Character Outcome 
Sonic Hero 
Tails Hero 
Knuckles Hero 
Shadow Dark 
Eggman Dark 
Rouge Dark 
ii. Hero 
These Chao are very cute and usually have an innocent look but it’s their Garden 
that’s cool. How to get- I like to pet them a lot with a Hero character but that’s 
just me. You can give them lots of Hero fruit and that will help your chances. 
iii. Dark 
These Chao look tight and are pretty cute when they are smiling and laughing How to 
get- pretty much like how to get Hero Chao but the opposite. 
iv. Neutral 
These look the best of the three but they are extremely difficult to get but it is 
possible. How to get- I just leave them sitting around (unpaused) and just wait an 
hour or so but frequently check so you don’t over shoot it. 
v. Chaos Chao 
I haven’t got one yet but I’m trying How to get- I’ve heard that after they get 
Reincarnated twice and they only receive one each of all 21 animals (before they 
evolve) then they become Chaos Chao. 
d. Things for the Garden 
i. Seeds There are only to be 7 trees at once in the Garden so use sparingly. Also 
you can only get the things to plant trees in the first two beginner races on the 
third level. 
Seed                   Cost item produced 
Hero Seed 		400 Hero Fruit 
Dark Seed 		400 Dark Fruit 
Tasty seed 		200 Delicious Fruit 
Long Life Seed 	        500 Special Fruit* 
Round Seed 		300 Round Fruit 
Square Seed 		300 Square Fruit 
Triangle Seed 		300 Triangle Fruit 
ii. Items 
These are very expensive so save up your rings. These can only be put on the Chao by 
fist giving them a skeleton dog. 
Item 				Cost 
Apple 				2000 
Bucket 			        6000 
Moving Box 			2000 
Paper bag 			4000 
Skull 				0 
Pumpkin 			0 
Stump 				4000 
Flower Pot 			6000 
Wool Hat Red & Yellow	        8000 
Blue 				10000 
Gray 				20000 
iii. Balls (I know what your thinking so stop thinking that)
You must win the half waypoint of Challenge, Hero, and Dark races in order to get 
the ball for the gardens. iv. Other these vary on the Garden you are in. You only 
obtain these special items by winning the end of every race. Race Item won Challenge 
TV (Neutral Garden) Hero Horse (Hero Garden) Dark Stereo (Dark Garden) 
e. Kindergarten 
i. Classroom 
I do this to make my Chao do cute things but the wait for them to get out is too 
long for my liking. 
Music- Trumpet, Bell, Drum, etc. 
Dance- Spin Dance and go go dance. 
Art- Drawing, this is the cutes one because when they get better you can see artwork 
of their favorite character. 
ii. Principles Office (somebody’s Choa’s in trouble!)
He isn’t very helpful but he gives you tips somewhat like the ones that I’m giving 
iii. Doctor 
This one is extremely helpful so I recommend that whenever you hatch a Chao go to 
him to check health and the status (S, A, B, C, D, E) 
iv. Fortune Teller 
She doesn’t tell you your future but she names Chao but if you don’t like it 
press “no” twice and she’ll ask if you want to name it yourself. 
v. Black Market 
This is where you purchase all items and sell them too. Note: More Emblems mean more 
vi. Bulletin Board 
This doesn’t do much but tell you Sonics homepage. 
f. How to get your Chao to do the basics 
i. Swim 
This is only possible when your chaos’ swim ability has reached 100+ (not level the 
number on the right side) 
ii. Walk 
This is only possible when your chaos’ run ability has reached 100+. 
iii. Planting Seeds 
When you finish the third level of Stump Valley and Crab pool then you get the 
Shovel and the water can, now just let your Chao walk around until it finds a nice 
iv. Flying 
This is only possible when your chaos’ fly ability has reached 100+. 

II. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Eggman, Rouge, Shadow 
a. Their role 
i. Emblems 
These enable rarer items to appear at the Black Market and are very difficult to 
get. When you get all emblems for a character there is a new car for the cart 
racing. When you get all A’s for a character you can change how they look in 2P 
ii. Chaos Drives 
These are found and only found in GUN robots, different colors the will vary the 
amount of increase. 
iii. Animals 
Somewhat like the Chaos drives these are found in Eggman robots (like the E-102 look 
alike they can be found in Eggman’s pyramid base). 
iv. Rings 
This is the Chao currency (money) so collect as many as possible. There is a glitch 
that if you sell something (eggshell, fruit, item, etc.) after saving it in a Garden 
and you press the reset button on the “cha-ching” you will have the rings and the 

My Chao 
1. Cheese- my oldest and most developed Chao has B in everything but Stamina (C) 
2. Celebi- this was one of the strangest Chao I have, when it was laid from its 
Shiny Orange and Lime Green parents I was baffled on what it would be. When it 
hatched, at first it looked like a strange mix of Lime Green and Orange but it was 
also Shiny, I later discovered it was a Shiny Lime Green Chao which costs 15000. 
3. Shadow- this chao is a Silver, Dark, and Running Chao it has a big evil grin and 
is pretty cool. 
4. Dark Cody- He is my oldest Dark Chao and I’m hoping to make him a Chaos Devil 
5. Steelix- it was the best name I could come up with so there! But anyway it is a 
Hero swim Chao. 
6. Sonic- he was first named “Martin” for some reason but by accident I gave him run 
chaos drives and then he evolved into a Nuetral Run Chao. It wound up that his Run 
ability was an S. 
7. Tails- this Gold Hero Chao is strange because he is a run Hero Chao. 

Legal what’s it called stuff that no one really pay’s attention to anyway:
I would like to thank Sega, Sonic Team, Nintendo, and, and the 
inspiration to write this and the first one marjo5858 who provided some of the 
Thank you I hope you enjoyed reading my guide, I will try to make one on the game 
itself but until then, Bye (no promises)
E-mail: [email protected] 
Date of submission: 4-8-2005 

Did you actually think I would stop there?

I feel like solving the “accident” on the ark

Professor Gerald had discovered the robot “Gizoid” an ancient robot 4000 years old 
with the ability to copy moves. With this technology the professor did the research 
with the use of a Chaos Emerald. Before he began his research with the Gizoid he 
created Shadow the ultimate life form. When he united Gizoid with the chaos emerald 
and it started to move. So he got all seven Chaos emeralds and hooked them up to 
Gizoid and then he awakened it’s true power and then it happened. It attacked 
everybody it could. Until the professor was able to stop it. Among the casualties 
was his granddaughter Maria. So to prevent the tragic mishap from happening again he 
installed hearts to Gizoid and Shadow. Unfortunately he never put one into the 
prototype to the ultimate life form and so it attacked and also why Shadow 
sacrificed himself. 

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