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The Lord of the Rings:  The Fellowship of the Ring
Vivendi Universal Games, Inc.

The Fellowship of the Ring PC Walkthrough
Copyright 2003 Elladan and Elrohir
Version 1.4 - Last updated on November 19, 2003!
Includes updated instructions on Old Forest, Bree, Moria, and Amon Hen!

Version History

Version 1.0
Instructions for all levels are available, except most of Moria Labyrinth.

Version 1.1
Small corrections of spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Version 1.2
More corrections of mistakes.

Version 1.3
Includes more detailed instructions on Hobbiton, Green Hill, Forest Labyrinth, 
Barrow Downs, Bree, Weathertop, Moria, and more!  Also, new stealth method for 
on Amon Hen!

Version 1.4
Various corrections, as well as updated instructions on Old Forest, Bree, Moria, 
Amon Hen!  It also has a Q & A and info on e-mailing me, as well as a version 
and some copyright information.  I hope to soon include full instructions for 

***The Fellowship of the Ring***
This is a fun video game adapting the first part (of three) of J.R.R. Tolkien's 
classic book, The Lord of the Rings.  Most of it is fighting; however, since it 
switches back and forth from three different characters, whose fighting style and 
opponents vary, it's still fun.

The best way to learn how to play is, of course, to use the guide that comes with 
the book.  This walkthrough assumes that you have the guide and know the basics.

One piece of advice:  Use your Save option frequently!  If you get killed or make 
mistake, you certainly don't want to have to start all over again at the 

You have my permission to print this out and use it, or you can e-mail it to your 
friends, as long as you include the copyright information.  You do not have 
permission to post the walkthrough on any Internet messageboard, but you can post 
link to this page on any messageboard you choose.

After a lengthy cinematic, you begin as Frodo in Hobbiton.  The computer will 
you you need to do three things:  Find the Bag End Deed, Sell Bag End to Lobelia 
Sackville-Baggins, and Find the Bag End Key.  The Bag End Key is located on a 
near the entrance to Bag End.  The Deed is located in a chest in one of Frodo's 
rooms.  HOWEVER, the other chest in the other room (which looks identical) 
the One Ring.  If you find it first, that's okay:  You'll need to remember where 
is so you can get the Ring from Bag End later.

Once you have found the Key and Deed, set out from Bag End.  As soon as you exit 
End, walk a few steps to your right and hit the E button to talk to Sam, who will 
inform you that Merry and Pippin await you at the Green Dragon.  (An important 
to remember throughout the game:  When you want to talk to someone, you must be 
directly facing them.)  You can then set out through the pumpkins, and down to 
Gamgee's.  From there, get onto the road.   Then run on it to go to Sandyman's 

If you wish, you can talk to Ted Sandyman.  He's the guy walking around on the 
by the mill just before the bridge.  If you talk to him, he will tell you he is 
looking for a pin.  Then, if you wish, you can help him find the pin.  To do 
jump into the meadow opposite the mill and talk to a hobbit standing over there.  
will ask you to get his weather vane working again.  You can do this by hitting F 
enter first person mode and then throw a rock and hit the vane.  If you do this 
then come back and talk to him, he will thank you and give you the pin Ted 
Once you have accomplished this, go back over to Ted and give him the pin.  Then 
can cross the bridge and after a short bit of running, enter Bywater.

NOTE:  It is invaluable to explore all the Shire (Hobbiton, Bywater, and Green 
Country) as you will collect mushrooms bigtime.  I found 38, and I'm sure there 
probably more.  Mushrooms will come in handy later in the Old Forest and the 

Run into Bywater.  You can talk to various hobbits if you wish, or you can cut to 
the chase.  On the other end of Bywater, on the left side, is Lobelia Sackville-
Baggins.  Walk over and talk to her.  She will tell you that wolves are in the 
and to ring the warning bell.  The warning bell is, of course, the bell in the 
middle of Bywater.  Hit F to enter first person mode, then throw a rock at the 
to ring it.  Shirriff Robin Smallburrow will come out of the Green Dragon and 
reprimand you for ringing the bell.  Walk back over to Lobelia and talk to her 
again, and during the conversation you will give her the deed to Bag End.

Afterwards, turn around and walk to what will be your left side, the Green Dragon 
Inn.  Walk inside, where you can talk to Shirriff Robin (who is suddenly not mad 
you anymore, and is quite pleasant), Rosie Cotton (the bartender), Merry and 
(who are standing by the fireplace), or Ham Gamgee (who is sitting in a corner).  
Talk to Merry and Pippin, who will tell you to meet them at Maggot's farm.  You 
talk to any of the other characters in the inn if you wish.

If you want to, you can then go on the path past the Green Dragon, which cuts to 
right.  You will soon see Old Noakes sitting on a bench.  If you talk to him, he 
will ask you to get some healing herbs for him.  To get the healing herbs, you 
continue on the path.  After some running on the path, you will enter Green Hill 

**GREEN HILL COUNTRY** (You only need to read if you are getting healing herbs 
Old Noakes)
Continue running on the path.  You will quickly come to Mugwort, who is standing 
the small bridge.  You can hold a hilarious conversation with him, or you can 
for healing herbs.  One healing herb is on the bank of a pond.  The pond is 
opposite the place where you talk to Mugwort.  Next, cross the bridge on which 
Mugwort is standing, and follow the path down alongside the river.  Collect any 
mushrooms you find along the way.  You will need them later.  As you run by the 
river, there will be a log on your right, which contains the second healing herb.

You will soon come to Farmer Maggot's.  There will be a couple of healing herbs 
mushrooms in each of the two pens.  However, one of the good farmer's ferocious 
is guarding each pen. If one sees you, you are caught.  This is a good time to 
practice stealth -- an important skill you will need later.

The left pen can be gotten into by jumping over the fence where there is a small 
hole in the top.  Use stealth when you can, and when you're going to be walking 
across a spot where the dog will see you, throw rocks somewhere else to distract 
dog away from that spot.  You can get both healing herb and mushroom.  If you get 
caught by the dog, don't panic.  All that will happen is Farmer Maggot will come 
and reprimand you.

Once you have picked clean the left pen, go to the right pen.  This time you can 
just walk right in.  Repeat your tactics from the left pen to get the necessary 
items.  Once you have picked up the healing herbs and mushrooms from both pens, 
can leave Green Hill Country and return to Bywater.  On the way back, make sure 
haven't missed any healing herbs or mushrooms on the wayside.

Give Old Noakes the healing herbs, and he will reward you with a measly three 
mushrooms.  Then go back to Hobbiton.

Here the tough part of the game begins, but not yet.  You must return to Bag End 
get the One Ring.  Remember, it's in a chest in one of Frodo's rooms.

Once you've gotten the Ring, leave Bag End.  It will immediately switch to 
Go down the path to your left and climb up the ladder into the treehouse.  Jump 
the board on which you are standing to another board, then get close to the top 
board and jump.  Frodo should grab that board.  Push the up button and he will 
himself up.  There are three mushrooms there to reward you for your trouble.  Now 
get back on the ground and run along the path past Bag End toward the Gamgee's.  
will quickly see a cinematic where a Black Rider talks to Ham Gamgee, then Frodo 
talks to Ham Gamgee and gives him the key to Bag End.  From here your goal is to 
make it past the Black Riders.  There are three of them in Hobbiton:  one is on 
path on the left straight from where you are at the Gamgees', another is in the 
opposite direction near the treehouse, and the third is on the bridge leading to 
Bywater.  You can tell the general location of a Black Rider because it will be 
especially dark there.

There are several methods for getting past the Black Riders.  Mine was quite 
simple.  After talking to Ham Gamgee, I immediately turned to my left and jumped 
into the meadow there.  Then I sneaked to the other side, where Robin 
house is.  Next I jumped onto the road and sneaked toward the bridge.  When doing 
this, you'll have to be careful, because the Black Rider patrols the road on your 
right, so back up when he's coming.  When I was almost to Sandyman's mill, I 
into the meadow that borders the river (it's opposite the mill), and threw rocks 
get the Black Rider off the bridge.  When doing this, you must first hit the mill 
with them.  The Rider will trot forward a little.  Then throw a little farther 
still on the path.  When he gets to the fork in the road, that's your cue.  I got 
back onto the road, got on the bridge, and was off to Bywater!

As soon as you come into Bywater, it will show a short cinematic where a wolf 
attacks Shirriff Robin.  You must rescue Robin by killing the wolf.  Fortunately, 
the wolf shouldn't fight you at all; he's just manhandling Robin.  Use the stick 
you can easily defeat the wolf.  If you want Robin to thank you for saving his 
however, you'll have to talk to him.  Otherwise he just walks off.

Next, take the path to the right by the Green Dragon (the same path you took 
to get to Old Noakes and Farmer Maggot's).  When you get into the meadow where 
talked to Old Noakes, a short cinematic will come on with wolves.  The wolves 
begin attacking you.  This part is easy:  all you have to do is run on the path 
the wolves.  They won't catch you.  Some players recommend using the Ring at this 
point; I don't.  As a matter of fact, I never recommend using the Ring.  You can 
easily beat the game without it.

In a matter of moments, you will pass from Bywater into Green Hill Country, where 
the wolves will no longer be chasing you, but another peril awaits.

Run straight on the path.  When you get to the river, it will show yet another 
cinematic where yet another Black Rider is guarding the road.  Here, you will 
to immediately sneak into the river (Yes, you can get in the water!).  When you 
reach the big rock, turn and face the road to your right.  Throw rocks on it.  
Black Rider will come in a few moments.  Once you've lured him to that point, 
and throw rocks at the path you just came on.  However, be careful!  Once the 
is near you, strafe to your left a little so there's no chance of him seeing 
Then throw those rocks.  The Rider will go there in a few moments and you are 
to sneak through the river, back onto the road.  Once you've turned the corner, 
to Farmer Maggot's.

It will then show a short cinematic where you talk to Merry, Pippin, and Sam, and 
then Farmer Maggot comes out and offers to take you down the road in his wagon.  
Frodo agrees, and then the scene will switch to the Old Forest.

This is a difficult part of the game.  Frodo must find his three hobbit 
Easy, right?  Nope, because the trees shift and there's lots of giant spiders 
must fight.  Here's where all those mushrooms Frodo collected earlier will help 

Begin by running along the path.  A tree will soon block your way; what's up with 
that?  Run right up to the tree, then turn and run back to where you began.  When 
you run back to the tree, presto!  It's gone!  Run along the path.  You will soon 
meet a spider.  Using the stick, kill it.  Don't worry if you lose some health; 
that's what all those mushrooms are for!  Once you've killed the spider, run down 
the path on the right.  You will hear Merry calling out to you.  When you reach 
intersection of paths, you've found Merry!  From that point, run straight on the 
path until you reach a two-way intersection.  Go left, then when you reach a 
intersection, head left again.  (Hmm, did the left-wingers write this game??)  
you hear Pippin's voice, you should go right.  Go straight until you find 
Once you've found him, come back the way you came and go down the path on the 
You will reach a three-way intersection.  Go right, then when you hear Sam 
go right again.

Throughout this, you will encounter spiders.  When you find a hobbit or two, he 
help you to beat the spiders.  The spiders are tough; you just have to keep 
them and eat mushrooms when your health gets low.  Pick up any mushrooms that you 
find, and remember that spiders are usually near mushrooms.

If you get lost, or you take a path and then try to go back and the way is 
don't panic!  Remember that the trees shift.  If you go far enough away from 
where a 
tree blocks the path, it will usually move.

When you have rescued Sam, Merry, and Pippin, the game will show a short 
of the hobbits' campsite.

At the beginning, all you have to do is run straight to your left.  In a few 
it will show a cinematic where Old Man Willow captures Merry and Pippin.
*Old Man Willow*
Old Man Willow is not that hard to beat.  All you have to do is get between his 
trunk and the spikes.  Then hit Ctrl to block his fist.  When his fist comes down 
and you block it, hit him with the stick.  He will rare back to the right, which 
how you know you hit him.  When he rares back, move up a few steps so the force 
his fist won't eventually knock you into the sticks.  After several hits, Tom 
Bombadil will come and sing a song to get Merry and Pippin out of the tree.
*Water Lilies*
You have to get 12 water lilies for Tom.  They are almost all guarded by 
But don't worry!  You don't have to fight the spiders at all; merely run past 
and get the water lilies.  The spiders won't catch you if you keep running.  Or, 
you wish, you can try to kill them all, but I don't recommend this for 
You will find plenty of mushrooms along the way.  When you get the lilies, find 
get in front of him, and press E.  Voila!

After you leave Tom and Goldberry, take a right on the road going upwards (you 
explore a bit around the house to find a couple extra mushrooms).  You will meet 
several wolves on the way up.  Once you get them killed and continue up the road, 
will switch to a cinematic where the hobbits are camped in the Barrow Downs.

Next you will have to find your hobbit friends and rescue them from a Barrow-
who has captured them.  At times Barrow-wights will come up out of the ground.  I 
wouldn't advise trying to kill them all.  Instead run away like you did with the 
spiders.  But BE CAREFUL!  There are several deep gullies with lakes at the 
that you may fall into and you will die instantly.

Start by taking the path immediately ahead of you.  Head up the hill on your left 
side.  Now go right and you should see two mushrooms, one right in front of you 
one on the ledge.  When you get the second mushroom, turn left and go back down 
ledge.  You should soon see a hill on your left.  Go up that hill and then turn 
left.  Go up to the top and then turn left again to get to the barrow where your 
friends are.

Next you are inside the barrow.  There is a little ledge on your right.  Jump up 
onto it, grab the mushroom and go to the chest.  It will open, and a Westernesse 
Dagger will pop out.  Grab it, and you will be ready to fight the Barrow-wight.

You must kill the Barrow-wight five or six times before Frodo sings for Tom.  To 
this, DO NOT FACE HIM!!  If you do, he will breathe green smoke, which takes away 
ton of health points.  You're quicker than he is.  Hit him from behind or to the 
side, and he will disappear, only to pop up again.  Keep getting him.  Eventually 
Frodo will sing for Tom and Tom will come and sing another corny song.

Tom takes you to Bree, where you'll be at the Prancing Pony Inn.  From where you 
at the beginning, go forward, then follow the passage to the right.  At the 
intersection, take a left to enter the Common Room, where several interesting 
persons will be.  You can talk to any of them you choose, but you need to talk to 
Strider, the tall man standing near a table on the right.  He will tell you to 
register.  To do that, go back into the room from which you started.

After the cinematic with Butterbur, go back to the Common Room, where a lengthy 
cinematic will come on.  After the cinematic, you are Aragorn outside the 
Pony Inn, trying to find Merry.  Run around until you meet Bill Ferny, with whom 
will pick a fight.  Kill him by using your L Mouse combo.  (NOTE:  In this game, 
despite the fact that the guide says Space Bar finishes an opponent, it doesn't.  
Mouse does.  Bill Ferny, for some reason, is the only character in the game whom 
cannot finish.  Just keep knocking him down until he dies.)

The rest is pretty self-explanatory.  After a bit of wandering, you will find 
and then wolves will come into Bree.  You will have to fight them, but they're 
that tough.  Always be on the lookout for the sparkly stuff -- not all of it are 
items you need for the hobbit decoys.  Some are cram (which restores 30 health 
points), and lembas (which restores all of your health points).  You will have to 
a bit more fighting, but it shouldn't be that tough.  Fight well, because this is 
your practice for Weathertop and the Troll Shaws.  Learn to use Aragorn's combo 
the finish.  When you collect the necessary items, return to the Prancing Pony.

After the cinematic with the Black Riders (those guys are bad dudes, huh?), run 
uphill, past the campfire (after collecting the lembas by the fire).  You will 
for the first time Wargs, who look like black dogs and wolves mixed.  They will 
when you hit them with the downstroke, but will usually quickly get up again.  
second time you knock them down should finish them off.  Or you can just stand 
them and give them the finishing blow.

Always keep running uphill, in the direction of the summit, which you can see in 
distance.  When you reach the bridge, you will meet Orcs for the first time.  
are fairly easy to kill, especially the archers.  You will need to finish the 
regular Orcs, but the archers will die when you knock them down with the combo.  
Have fun killing Orcs and getting up to the summit.  When an Orc dies, be sure 
check to see if any cram or lembas spawns on his dead body, as this sometimes 

Here at the top you will meet your first troll.  He is a mere practice for the 
trolls you will later meet in the Troll Shaws.  You can fight him with the sword, 
but be sure to get out of the way of his powerful club!  I would advise running 
a way and shooting him from arrows.  Be careful, though!  He will walk toward 
and you will need to get out of the way again to avoid him.  Repeat the procedure 
until he dies.

This is an extremely tough part of the game.  You must protect Frodo (yes, that 
stupid Ringbearer; why in the world did he put on the Ring?) from the Nazgul 
getting killed yourself.  First, pick up the lembas by the fire.  Then charge out 
meet a Nazgul -- don't make them come to you.  Beware their swords and watch your 
health -- getting hit by these guys takes away a lot of health!  Use cram and 
when your health gets low.  Each Nazgul will have to be knocked down two or three 
times before he runs away.  Do NOT let them gang up on you.  When you get all of 
them to run away, the level is over.  In my opinion, this is the most fun level 
the game -- making those fearsome Ringwraiths run away with their tails between 
their legs!

Tough, tough, tough.  But don't worry; it's beatable.  You will meet four trolls, 
including two at once near the end, with a good helping of Wargs and orcs thrown 
into the bargain.  You have plenty of experience fighting orcs and Wargs, but 
you'll have to fight several at once, which will obviously be a bit tougher.  Use 
cram and lembas wisely, and watch for one of the above in the midst of the dead 
bodies of your enemies!

Fighting the trolls:  I recommend you make sure the hobbits keep up with you, 
though they're much slower, and poor Frodo limps along pitifully.  Sometimes when 
you're fighting trolls the troll will be distracted by the hobbits and start 
pounding them.  However, if you let him pound them too long, he will kill them.  
the troll-killing procedure you used at Weathertop.

The two trolls you meet at the end (right after a host of orcs) will be the 
part of this level:  you must be continually moving in order to have a chance at 
beating them.  To make matters worse, some Wargs will probably come in to 
the fight.  However, on occasion the trolls will accidentally kill the Wargs, so 
don't have to worry about fighting them much.  Just focus on the trolls.  Once 
trolls and Wargs are dead, a message will come on saying all enemies have been 
cleared from the area!  Doesn't that just make you feel great?

Next, your company will meet Glorfindel, after which a short cinematic will 
showing the dramatic Flight to the Ford.  Next is the simple Rivendell.

I hesitate to call this a level, because there's no action.  The Council of 
is shown in MUCH abbreviated form.  Then you can talk to the Fellowship members, 
you wish, then go through a door to meet Bilbo.  He will give you Sting (his 
dagger, which works as a sword for a hobbit) and a coat of mithril.  Then the 
stage begins, as you are Gandalf at Hollin Gate.

Here you get to be Gandalf for the first time.  After the cinematic, pick up the 
miruvors by the campfire, then take off on the path to your right.  You will meet 
many orcs and wargs on the path.  You can toast them with spells, but for 
I advise merely running past them.  You will soon meet a fork with a troll.  Take 
the left path.  You will go uphill and meet many orcs.  Ignore and run past 
When you get to the lake, run along the left side until you get to the gate.

*The Watcher on the West*
Now you are Aragorn, trying to "keep the beast at bay" so Gandalf can think of 
password to open the doors.  This part is simple:  back up as far as you can, 
shoot at each of the creature's tentacles (except the one in the middle).  After 
three or four shots apiece, the tentacles will fall, Gandalf will remember the 
password, and into Moria you go.

You are Gandalf once again.  After the conversation with the Fellowship, pick up 
miruvor by the fire and run forward.  You will meet several orcs.  Gimli will 
you kill them.  Use spells if you need to, but mostly just use Gandalf's sword 
Glamdring.  You will find he is not nearly the swordsman Aragorn is, but he can 
knock his orc opponents down for an easy finish.  When you have killed all the 
press E on the right of the door to go through.  Go through the next door, and 
will meet a level with several orcs, easy kills.

I'll leave the rest of the Labyrinth for you to discover; it's pretty easy to get 
past, but there are a ton of Orcs, some levers that will need to be pulled, 
dangerous pits, and one troll, whom you can kill by using lightning.  You will 
advance to 3 Passages.

Go forward; kill orcs...ugh, haven't we seen that pattern somewhere before?  When 
you get into the big room with the 3 Passages, take the far left one first.  
will be an orc archer and an orc swordsman.  Kill them, and at the end of the 
passage there will be a miruvor.  Go back into the main room, and then enter the 
middle passage.  There will be nothing in it except a lembas at the end.  
enter the 3rd passage, the one on the far right.  There will be many orcs.  You 
either cast spells on them or run past them.  Then you get to the door, pull the 
lever, and into the 21st Hall you go.

While the rest of the Company is fighting the cave trolls, you'll want to first 
any stray orcs that may have come behind you through the door.  Once you've 
of them (if there are any), go to the middle of the 21st Hall, where the huge 
statue stands surrounded by four pillars.  Hold down E and move forward to push 
pillar onto a corresponding pressure pad near the statue.  When you get all four, 
the trolls will be dead and a huge door will be open.  Run through it, and from 
there to the Chamber of Mazarbul.

After the cinematic in the Chamber of Mazarbul, you are once again Frodo with 
in the 2nd Hall.  Run forward.  There will be several orcs but don't pay 
to them.  Take a right, then jump over the small gap to the next ledge, then go 
right and jump over the next gap.  From there go up the slope/ladder to a ledge 
top.  Kill the orc archer who stands there, get the cram, then push the huge 
shaped rock off the ledge onto the ground.  Then go back to where you were, and 
the rock onto a pressure pad, which will open the door at the far side.  Now the 
challenge is getting to that door, and believe me, it's not easy.

On the left near the pressure pad will be some cram.  Pick it up.  Then go to the 
left of where you originally started (your right).  Pull the lever to connect the 
bridge.  Run across the bridge and go up the ramp things.  Go to your right 
(avoiding the orcs who will pop out on the left) until you reach the ladder.  
go up the ladder.  When you reach the top, run on the left side past the orcs 
you reach the other ladder (you can pick up some cram along the way if you 
Step onto the ladder and go down it.  From there, pull the lever to connect the 
second bridge, then turn and run to the door, avoiding the orcs who will run at 
you.  On to the Bridge of Khazad-dum!!!

Ah, at last!  The big battle between Gandalf the Grey and Durin's Bane, a Balrog 

The Balrog is actually easy to beat; he just takes repetition. First, you go to 
inventory and select Lightning as the spell to cast.  You can alternately cast 
Strike if you wish, but you have to be close enough to him. You can't cast Fiery 
Blast; he's immune to fire. If you're low on spirit, you may also want to grab 
extra miruvor.

Next, cast the lightning spell at the Balrog. This will stun him. As soon as he 
stunned, run up to him and hit him a few times with Glamdring -- not more than 
or four times. Then back up, and repeat. When you're low on spirit, Aragorn will 
say, "Gandalf! Take this!" and another miruvor will be in your inventory. So you 
quickly hit "I", hit "Enter" on the miruvor, and go back to the stun and hit 
routine. Eventually, after a while of fighting, a little video will come on where 
Gandalf destroys the bridge, and he and the Balrog both fall.  From there the 
Company goes on to Lothlorien.

Again, this is basically a non-level.  After the conversation with Celeborn and 
Galadriel, you can talk to the other Fellowship members if you wish.  Otherwise, 
just head towards the ladder in the room opposite the one where C and G are.  
the lengthy cinematic with the Mirror of Galadriel, it's on to Orc Dam.

This is a fun level.  You are Aragorn, and it's you, Boromir, Gimli, and Legolas 
against orc archers, a ton of fighting Uruk-Hai (those are the tall dudes) and 
trolls.  Have at it, and have fun!

*Obtaining Xiphiidae*
Ah, the final level of the game!  But a lengthy one, nonetheless.  You are 
attempting to rescue Sam.  First, it will be very beneficial to you if you obtain 
Xiphiidae, Gollum's strange but totally awesome fish sword.  Doing this is a 
complicated procedure, and uneasy to explain.  First, go directly to your far 
toward a small cliff in the rock.  Kill the Warg, and then on top of the cliff 
will see Gollum!  He will hiss at you, then run away.  Now run on the path beside 
the rocks until a path opens up on your right.  You will see Gollum again, repeat 
performance.  You can shoot him with arrows until he sees you, however; I found 
great fun as he runs away with a bunch of arrows sticking in him!

Once he runs away, run back to the camp and into the water as far as you can go.  
Next, take a right and go up the small hill.  You will immediately see a hill 
an orc archer.  Go up the hill, kill the orc, and collect the cram by the fire.  
may also alert a Uruk-Hai and a Warg; if so, kill them too.

Now, run along a little path that goes around the hill.  You will see a campfire 
ahead of you, and some huge rocks on its left.  Before that, immediately ahead of 
you, is a big tree that stands between you and the fire.  Go straight up to the 
tree, and wait there.  After a few moments you will see three Uruk-Hai coming 
the horizon.  They will run by the campfire and eventually disappear into the 
rocks to your far right.  Next, go to the campfire and get the cram.  Now go into 
the water (behind you) and run toward the rocks.  Look up, and you should see 
yet again. Once again, he will hiss and run away.

NOW, go back to the last campfire and run up the ledge on your far left.  A small 
log bridges the gap, and you will get to talk to Gollum and obtain Xiphiidae, 
is truly a sword to be reckoned with, even better than Anduril!  It will kill orc 
archers with one blow, and it will kill trolls with several.  Kill the orc archer 
that is shooting madly at you, then go back and find the three Uruk-Hai.  Kill 
them.  If you wish, you can go up to a cave on your left.  There will be a Uruk 
several Wargs.  After you've killed them, you can go into the cave and collect a 

*Trolls and Wargs and Orcs, Oh My!*
Now go back to the campfire and run to your left, where an orc archer will be 
shooting at you in the distance.  You can shoot him from a distance (three shots 
bring him down) or run up and kill him with one blow of Xiphiidae.  On the right 
the orc archer, you will see two trolls and some Wargs.  Stay out of sight of 
of them until the trolls kill the Wargs, then shoot the trolls until they're both 
dead, or run up and hit them with Xiphiidae.  Next run up to their dead bodies.  
the left will be a fire with two crams. Grab them.  Now turn around and run to 
huge rocks.  Another troll will come out, and you can kill him with Xiphiidae.  
through the gap he created and kill the Wargs.  Don't worry; you're almost done.

Now run up the steps, kill the orc archer that stands there, go up the steps on 
left, and go down the ledge.  Orc archers will be shooting at you, but I 
paying no attention to them.  Run until you meet yet another troll, and kill 
Now keep running until you see a ledge on your left.  Run up it, grab the lembas 
cross the bridge.

*Frodo:  Getting to the Top*
Now you are Frodo for the last time, and must make it to the top of Amon Hen.  
worry; it's an easy task.  From where you start, run directly forward into a gap 
rocks.  You will see two Uruk-Hai running far ahead of you.  Run to the path 
running on, then simply outrun all the Uruk-Hai and orc archers until you make it 
the top.

However, there is an alternative to this simple procedure that also gets Frodo to 
the top.  I think it's more fun, personally.  OK, when you see the two Uruk-Hai 
ahead of you, stop at the two big rocks, and hide behind them.  The Uruk-Hai will 
eventually run down the path and run past you.  Once they do, run up the path 
were on.  Now, run directly ahead.  You will experience a slight change in 
and come up to a platform ahead of you.  When you're right next to it, jump.  
should grab the end.  Then push the up button, and Frodo will pull himself up.  
There are a couple of other platforms, so repeat with those.  You will soon be on 
the bridge.  Wait while a Uruk-Hai and an Orc archer run by.  They should not see 
you.  Another orc archer will be just behind them and will set up in a guard 
position.  That's when you should begin moving to your right (yes, Frodo can move 
around while grabbing things) until you end up on the other side.  The orc archer 
will be gone.  Now, move down to your left and sneak around the little curve.  
will see another platform, repeat performance.  Wait there while yet another Uruk-
Hai and an orc archer or two run by.  Then pull yourself up, grab the next 
pull yourself up, and jump down.  You can grab the cram by the fire if you wish, 
I'd leave it for Aragorn since you won't be doing any more fighting.  Now, go up 
steps and turn the corner.  Sneak forward until you come to the next bridge.  
and grab hold of the left side.  About this time an orc archer will come to guard 
the bridge, but he probably won't see you.  Move to your left until you're across 
the bridge, then jump down.  NOW, sneak forward just a little bit toward the next 
steps until you can see more Orcs, which should then start coming toward you, 
they probably haven't seen you yet.  Turn around and get back on the side of the 
bridge.  The orc archer who was standing there will be gone.  Wait until all 
Orcs have passed.  Then run up onto the steps.  Alas, there is one last Uruk-Hai 
guard the entrance, but just run past him and you're at the top!!!

*Aragorn:  Getting to the Top*
Now you're Aragorn.  You have it a lot easier than Frodo.  Have fun getting to 
top, killing enemies along the way.

*Fighting the Fell Beast*
Avoid the green breath (just like you did with Frodo against the Barrow-wight).  
to get in past its head and start hitting it with Xiphiidae.  After a few minutes 
this, the final challenge begins.

*Hitting the Mark*
Climb up onto the throne in the middle of the camp, and shoot the Nazgul as it 
close.  It may take two or three shots, and you may not hit it at first.  Don't 
discouraged!  After you've shot it, Legolas will shoot it, and...GAME OVER!!!  
Congratulations! You have finished the Fellowship of the Ring!  You get to watch 
credits as a reward!!!


Q & A:
Q:  Who are you?
A:  My name is Luke Hobbs, but you can find me at the Lord of the Rings 
Boards ([email protected]@.ef6f931) and the 
Barrow Downs Boards ( under 
screenname of Elladan and Elrohir.

Q:  Will this walkthrough help me on the FOTR game for other platforms?
A:  I haven't played it on any of the other platforms, but I'm told the PC game 
similar to the PS2 game, so it might help with that.  The Xbox and Gamecube games 
are apparently drastically different from PC and PS2, so it probably wouldn't 
with those.

Q:  Is this game worth the money?
A:  Well, I got it for Christmas, so I'd have to say, "Yes!"  But seriously, I 
it is.  It is rather short (only a few hours long from start to finish), but the 
landscapes are majestic, the characters are very realistic-looking, and the 
keeps you busy.  Plus, it's Lord of the Rings!  What more information do you need?

Q:  Has Vivendi made other LOTR games?
A:  Vivendi recently released The Hobbit.  There are two other soon-to-be-
games, War of the Ring and Middle-Earth Online.  The latter is actually an online 
game.  They were making a sequel to Fellowship, called "The Treason of Isengard," 
but that game was eventually abandoned, and it remains to be seen whether they'll 
continue the saga of the Ring.

Q:  Is the game based on the movie?
A:  No.  The game is based on the book.  It has no affiliation with the Lord of 
Rings movie trilogy, released by New Line Cinema, and it also has nothing to do 
The Two Towers video game released by EA.

Q:  Is the game as good as the book?
A:  Definitely not!  The game is good; get it if you can, but the book is FAR 
better!  Get the book and read it at all costs!  You'll love it!


If you have any comments, questions, or criticisms about the walkthrough, or the 
Fellowship of the Ring PC game, please e-mail me!  My e-mail address is 
[email protected]

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