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Golden Sun: The Lost Age    by: John Broderick

Note: This is legally my walkthrough. Anyone found plagiarizing my walkthrough will 
be sued by my lawyer.

Thank you, John Broderick

Credits: Myself for writing it, the guys at Camelot for making a freaking awesome 
RPG, the website for presenting my walkthrough, my dog for 
finding my DS so I could finish this walkthrough by beating the game, the Final 
Fantasy franchise for inspiring me to buy GS1 in 2001, and all you guys out there 
reading it. I hope you enjoy it! :)

Special Thanks: My personal Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for saving me.

                 Jesus Rocks!!!!!! : )

Now for my walkthrough starting with Venus Lighthouse at the beginning


Anyway, as the game begins, we see Felix, Jenna, and Kraden in Venus 
Lighthouse. Felix Moves a statue onto a button, lowering a nearby forcefield, 
then leaves. Jenna and Kraden now start talking (you'll see a lot of this in 
both Golden Sun games). Jenna acts worried about Felix and wonders if she 
should have stopped her brother from leaving. As she and Kraden begin to leave, 
the ever-mysterious Water Adept Alex appears. Alex offends Jenna by acting 
surprised that she is concerned about her brother. Jenna asks Alex why he wants 
the lighthouses to be lit. Apparently, he and Kraden want to light the 
lighthouses for the same reason-to resurrect the glorious lost age of men. 
After this, everyone walks into Jenna (yes, into; you'll see a lot of this in 
Golden Sun games, too) and she crosses where the forcefield was. To prevent you 
from following Felix, it reactivates. If you played Golden Sun, you'll know 
that walking into the field causes you to get hurt, so stay out of it. Go down 
the stairway nearby. Not much to do here. You'll see a Carry puzzle (solved by 
Isaac and co.). Just go through the next door. There are two paths you can take 
in the next room. Don't bother with the stairs, just go through the doorway. 
Before going through the bottom door here, go through the right hand door. Jump 
across the scattered platforms and up the stairs on the other side. Take the 
Herb in the chest and head back across to the other side of the platform room. 
Go down the bottom doorway here and around the long pillar. Head through the 
door, down the hall, and exit the Lighthouse through the next door.

Notice the birds flying around. :) As you continue down, you're surrounded by 
guards and ruffians. They sound mad about Sheba being kidnapped and demand her 
back. To fight you, they also send for reinforcements. Alex steps in to fight 
them for you. He sends two of the soldiers flying with a water geyser and 
scares away everyone else, disappearing with them. After a moment, you regain 
control. Head to the left out of the area and keep going west. On the way, 
you'll meet a loose Ruffian. He is feeling braver now that Alex is gone and 
fights you. Dispatch him with Jenna's Fume Psynergy and continue on to Suhalla 


After climbing some stairs, beat another Ruffian. Climb down the vine up ahead 
and approach the cave to the right. You'll have to fight 3 more Ruffians first. 
Get them with Jenna's Flare Psynergy, which can target all of them. In the 
cave, you can use the nearby Psynergy Stone to replenish your Psynergy. You'll 
have to fight a Punch Ant first (beat it with your Fume Psynergy). Now, exit 
the cave. 


You'll see a Lemurian ship wrecked on the shore. Kraden somehow jumps into it 
briefly. Apparently, the "thingie" that makes the ship move is missing. Soon, 
Alex appears, as planned. They all notice that Venus Lighthouse still hasn't 
been lit (Isaac and co. are battling the Fusion Dragon now). Soon, however, it 
is lit, causing the ground to shake. The tremors tear the Suhalla Ridge in 
half, detaching Idejema (where you are) from Gondowan! The whole island seems 
to be floating, as it begins to drift away from the mainland. 

You soon see Jenna and Kraden lying stunned. Kraden offers the first funny 
quote of the game: "I'm hungry." How can he be thinking about food now!? In the 
final scene of the first game, Alex appears again and leads Jenna and Kraden to 
Felix and Sheba! And they're even alive! Sheba wakes up and tells everyone what 
happened on top of Venus Lighthouse. Soon, Felix wakes up. Everyone sees a new 
continent (Indra) and thinks they're saved, but Idejema misses the continent! 
Even worse, a huge tidal wave spanning the horizon (probably caused by the 
earthquake) wells up not far ahead. It strikes the island, knocking everyone 
down. After you (now Felix) wake up, say you'll check yourself for injuries if 
you want a laugh. Go around the island and wake everyone up, except Alex, who 
has disappeared. You find out that the tidal wave pushed you back to Indra! 
After more talking, exit the peninsula and head south to your first town, 

b. Daila to Kandorean Temple (Daikt)


There isn't really much to do in Daila at the moment. Stock up on new weapons 
and armor with your money (beat monsters for more money) and talk to the 
villagers to learn about various Indra locations (read their minds for more 
information). And finally, get acquainted with the various parts of a typical 
Golden Sun town. Once you're ready, exit through the south exit. You'll soon 
meet up with a Venus Djinn calling itself Echo. It will give you a basic 
tutorial on how to use Djinn and then join your party (and become your "pal")! 
You can go to the Kandorean Temple now, but you may want to train your party up 
a few levels first. Anyway, once you think your party is strong enough (and you 
have the latest weapons and armor), head to the Kandorean Temple (it looks like 
3 towers; you need to go across some rivers to reach the temple, which is south 
of Daila). 


Once you get there, you find that the front door is locked! You'll have to take 
the secret entrance. Go around to the left and up the side of the temple wall. 
Notice the leaves covering a hole on the wall here. Have Sheba cast Whirlwind 
on the leaves to blow them away, revealing a staircase leading to an 
underground cavern. Go through the cavern and climb up the rope. You're in a 
well! Once you emerge from the well, you'll be inside the walls. Now, enter the 
central tower. You'll see some monks in training practicing levitation 
(unsuccessfully), overseen by the head monk, who is on an unreachable platform. 
The only way up seems to be to climb a rope, but the rope lies untied. If you 
want to reach the other room, you'll have to enter the Temple through the door 

This temple is apparently a training ground for the monks here. If you want to 
get a new Psynergy, you'll have to pass the test. First take the path leading 
north from the entrance. Save before opening the treasure chest here; it's 
really a Mimic. Use your attacks, Djinni, and Psynergy to defeat it and get a 
Game Ticket. Now, go and take the left path (the right one is a dead end). 
There is really only one way to go here, so make your way to the staircase. You 
will be in an area covered in pillars you must jump across like in Venus 
Lighthouse. If you try to jump from the platform you start on, you'll get 
nowhere. Climb down the ladder and make your way through the pillars. Climb the 
opposite ladder. Go down to the south end of the platform and jump across the 
pillars to the door. You will soon come across a fork in a room with the sound 
of running water echoing through the cavern. The right path is once again a 
dead end, so you should take the left one. Head down the stairs to reach a room 
with the large river you heard in the above room. You can't cross the river 
yet. Head down to the bottom of the room and cross here. Head up through an 
opening on the right side of the river and make your way through the rushing 
water and rocks. Once you can reach the upper right side of the room, get onto 
land and go down and right to the door.

You'll meet up with your first real puzzle. Two circular platforms are 
periodically raised into the air by water geysers. Unfortunately, neither goes 
high enough to go anywhere. To make the platforms go higher, push the provided 
pillar onto one of the platforms to concentrate the water on the other one. Get 
onto it to be taken up to the level with the pits. First, take the right hand 
platform up. Hop off and open the nearby treasure chest. You'll find the 
Mysterious Card, the first of 3 items on of your party members can equip to 
permanently change his or her class. You probably don't want to equip it yet, 
though. Now, go back to the geyser room and push the pillar onto the platform 
you just used. Take the other one up, hop off it, and climb the ladder to the 
left. Head beck to the right and walk across the rope (don't worry-Felix, 
Jenna, and Sheba are all licensed tightrope walkers escaped from the circus). 
Get off this rope, but don't get on the second one yet. Go between the rocks 
above you and go to the right. Use Move to push the pillar across the chasm and 
jump across. Push the pillar the rest of the way, in front of the air jet. Now, 
go back and walk across the other rope, safe from being blown off. Don't climb 
down the ladder here-keep going along the walkway. Hop across the ledges here 
and climb down the other ladder. Go through the doorway at the bottom of the 
room. You'll see a Mercury Djinni near the door, but you can't get it yet, so 
keep going. Climb the ladder and 2 sets of stairs. Go around the large pillar 
here and climb the ladder. The sign here says that to cool the rock, you must 
empty your soul... But you don't need to do that. Just use Move to move the 
rock out of the way. Before you go too far up the hallway, save and equip the 
Mysterious Card to Sheba to give her the Juggle Psynergy. Now, keep going up 
the hallway and you'll meet your first Boss.


These big blue apes are not all that hard. They are weak to fire Psynergy. Have 
Jenna use Flare or Flare Wall, Sheba use Juggle, and Felix heal as necessary. 
This battle should only take a few turns; the Chestbeaters have only about 150 
HP. After you defeat them, climb the ladder they were guarding and go down the 
winding hallway. After you go through the next door, you'll be in a torchlit 
room. This happens to be the room Master Poi uses to go between the two 
platforms in the temple lobby! You will meet with Poi, who is amazed to find 
that someone not his own student made it through his challenge. He is now 
compelled to give you a sacred artifact that allows you to tie the ropes you 
have seen throughout the temple. He uses the Psynergy, called Lash, to give you 
access to the Lash Pebble. Equip it to any party member you want. You may want 
to exit, but first go back into the temple. Return to the Mercury Djinni you 
couldn't reach before. Use your new Psynergy on the coiled rope to tie it to 
the post. Climb the rope and engage in battle with the Djinni, Fog. Use your 
strongest Psynergy and heal if necessary; the Djinni is stronger than a 
Chestbeater. After you get the Djinni (you may want to keep it on standby to 
avoid messing up your classes), exit the temple and return to Daila. To get 
out, return to the room where you got Lash and exit through the door in the 
southwest part of the room. You'll be on a ledge the master used; slide down 
the triangular ramp to get to the exit.


Heal your party here and buy better weapons if you wish. After you're ready, 
exit Daila and head east to the Shrine of the Sea God.

c. Shrine of the Sea God and Dehkan Plateau (Shrdp)


As you enter this cave, you'll see two young boys (Riki and Tavi) on opposite 
cliffs. Tavi was washed away from his friend by the tidal wave that knocked 
Idejema into Indra. Go up to the rope Riki was unsuccessfully trying to throw 
and use Lash to save Tavi. Riki will come back. Overjoyed, they both talk about 
catching a strange creature. They say that it is too fast for them to catch and 
can fly... They instead go to Daila to eat, though. Shimmy across the rope and 
through the door. Head across the two wood bridges here. You'll notice that the 
next one looks cracked... And that looks like a Jupiter Djinni there! As you 
try to cross the bridge, it breaks. Climb the ladder to the Djinni, who flies 
away. Chase it and it flies away again. Chase it down a long hallway and down 
some stairs. It seems to have forgotten to fly here; its footprints show you 
which way to go.  You'll soon see a choice of 3 staircases. Take the left or 
right one and head across the bridge. You'll see the Djinni escaping under you! 
Go back down and up the bottom stairs. Climb down the ladder and follow the 
Djinni. You'll chase it to a raised loop. No matter how much you chase it, it 
keeps ahead of you. To cut off its escape, push the lit torch into the gap in 
the path. Once you catch it, standby Echo and Fog and prepare for battle. Have 
Jenna attack with Fume and Felix and Sheba use Summons the first turn. 
Following that, have Felix use Cure to heal and Sheba and Jenna attack the 
Djinni until it is felled. Once you defeat it, Breath will join your party! 
There is nothing else you can do here now, do use Retreat and exit. From the 
cave leading to the Shrine, go back to Daila and head south to a fork. Take the 
east path and follow it until you reach Dehkan Plateau. 


After climbing some stairs, you'll see some holes and cracks. You can't get 
past them; instead, just fall through. In this cavern, go through the door at 
the bottom and take the useful Full Metal Vest from the chest. Equip this 
powerful armor to whoever you want. Go back through the door and up the stairs 
to reach the other side of the holes. Now, walk right and hop across the pillar 
to get an Elixir. Notice how the pillar cracks the first time you step on it 
and crumbles the second time. Now hop across the other two pillars to the other 
side. Notice the strange pillar here. You can't do anything with it yet, so 
just go south and around the bend in the path. You can hop across the holes 
here, but first fall down the open crack at the top of all the holes. You'll 
land next to a chest containing a Mint, which raises one party member's agility 
permanently. Use it on your slowest character (probably Felix). Now slide down 
the slope, climb the vine, and go though the door. Climb the nearby stairs and 
push the pillar down. Hop across it to emerge just below the hole formation. Go 
all the way across it now and take the north exit. 

You'll now face a small puzzle to get your first Artifact Weapon. Hop across 
the pillar here to reach a fork platform. Take the upper pillar and hop to the 
pillar on the right. Hop back and on the pillar again to make it crumble. Climb 
the vine behind it and open the chest to receive Themis' Axe. Since Felix is 
the only one who can equip it, give it to him; it is a powerful weapon. Now, 
exit the area and reenter. Hop across the first pillar and take the lower path. 
Go up as far as you can and hop across some more pillars to the other side of 
the puzzle. As you take the long, winding path to some more cracks, notice how 
all the strange pillars seem to block shortcuts. Don't worry, you'll be able to 
remove them soon. You can go across the next few cracks, but there is nothing 
beyond. Fall down a crack and take the path until you emerge above ground 
again. Up ahead, you'll see a Mars Djinni! As you chase it, it will fall down a 
hole and crack the only safe path. Follow it by falling down through and 
exiting the room you fall into. Go south here and climb the vine. Before you 
exit the area, push the pillar above the exit into the valley to create a 
shortcut to where you are. Now, go to the next area.

You can go down the vine below, but you'll have to solve some puzzles for a 
Nut. Don't go there yet. Jump across the gaps in the rickety bridge. On the 
other side, the Djinni will use a new Psynergy, Pound, to pound one of the 
shortcut pillars into the ground! Go south and fall through a crack. Climb the 
stairs and return across the bridge, climbing down the vine at the other end. 
Walk across the two tightropes and push the first vine-covered pillar you see 
to the right. Climb it and jump onto the plateau, then Lash a rope. Climb it 
and take the Nut, then go back down and push the other pillar off the ledge. 
Climb down it and follow the canyon path to a tall vine. Climb this one and 
you'll be on the other side of the crack you saw before. Go across it and 
follow the Djinni east to the next area. It will jump across a pillar, 
preventing you from following that way. Climb down the vine instead and push 
the vine-covered pillar to the right. Climb up it and jump to solid ground, 
then onto some more crumbly pillars. Jump to the far one, then back to the near 
one to crumble it. Go around the loop and move the normal pillar as far left as 
it will go. Climb up it and jump on the other pillar to crumble it. Climb up 
the vine behind the crumbled pillar and push the pillar here off the plateau. 
Go back down and Move it as far left as you can. 

Get back up on the plateau and jump across. Go down the stairs the Mars Djinni 
went down. Go through the only door to emerge in an underground room filled 
with cracks and the Djinni. If you try to approach it, it Pounds you down 
through the hole. Instead, go across the cracks to the lower right door. Go up 
some more stairs to be above ground. Fall down the right hand hole to the left 
of the stairs to land right on the Djinni! It runs way, dropping a strange 
cube. No, it isn't floating, it's just above you. Go around the cracked floor 
and pick it up to find that it's the Pound Cube. Exit through the top right 
stairs and go through the door. You'll find the Djinni here, but don't go to it 
yet. Pound down the pillar behind it to cut off its escape, then battle it. 
After you beat the Mars Djinni Cannon, it joins your party. Climb the vines on 
the right side of the room and go through a door and up some stairs. You'll be 
on top of a new area. Go down two flights on stairs and up one on the left. 
Push the pillar onto the indentation to open another shortcut. Now, go down 
some more stairs to exit the plateau. On the world map, you can see a ship like 
the one you sailed off on at the end of Golden Sun! It is beached and unable to 
move, so just leave it for now. Keep going west until you reach a cave.

d. Indra Cavern to Garoh (Incmd)


There is not much to do in this cave, but what you do is important. Go up and 
you'll see a strange tablet on a platform. Use Move to slide the pillar one 
space to the right and Lash the rope to the post. Climb the rope and hop across 
the pillar to the platform. As you examine the tablet, strange runes pop out 
and fly into Felix! You can now Summon your first Combo Summon, Zagan! You need 
1 Mars and 1 Venus Djinni on standby to use it. Keep heading along the road and 
you'll come to a town south of Indra Cavern, Madra. Before you enter it, walk 
around in the large forest west of Madra. Soon, you'll encounter your second 
Venus Djinni in a random battle. When you beat Iron, it will join your party. 
If you Set it to Felix, his class changes to Knight! Now, enter Madra.


As you look around Madra, you learn that the people here are still on alert 
from a recent attack by people called the Champa, led by a pirate called 
Briggs. Apparently, they believe the person who came on the boat you saw 
earlier was a Champa, and locked him up. Enter the jail in the southwestern 
part of the city and you'll find that the man's name is Piers. As Piers insists 
he is not a Champa, one of the two men guarding his cell starts taunting him, 
causing Piers to use some Psynergy! This scares the man and his partner away. 
If you read Piers' mind, he'll sense it; he must be an adept! As you exit the 
prison, a rich lady comes up. After some talking, she gives you permission to 
cross Madra Drawbridge and enter Osenia. Before you leave, buy all the latest 
weapons and armor, and sell your obsolete ones. Also, enter the Inn, climb the 
stairs, and exit through the top floor. Jump across the awnings on the shops 
and open the treasure chest to get the Nurse's Cap. Now, go to the outskirts of 
town (outside the gate) and go around to the right. You'll soon see a ladder 
behind some trees and gravestones. Climb down the ladder to be in an 
underground cavern. 



Take the upper door here. Go around through the tunnel and through the next 
door. You'll see what looks like the ruins of a house. Go through the "door" 
and climb the vine. Up ahead, Move the pillar into the pit and walk across. 
Climb down the vine at the end of the ledge and enter the doorway. Go through 
some more doors and stairs until you reach a chest, which contains the Tremor 
Bit! Now, Retreat out of the catacombs and exit Madra. Walk northeast until you 
reach Madra Drawbridge. 


Because you met the rich lady, the soldiers allow you to pass. Keep going until 
you reach Osenia Cliffs.


Before you cross through, jump across the wreckage (of a Champa ship; maybe 
Piers really is innocent) to reach a chest containing the powerful Pirate's 
Sword. Now, go back to the shore and climb up the vines, crossing over to 
Osenia. Keep heading down the path until you reach Mikasalla (you can enter the 
Yampi Desert now, but you have business elsewhere in Osenia). 


Once you reach Mikasalla, do the usual: stock up on new items, heal your party, 
and find the Lucky Pepper in the Inn. Once you're ready, exit Mikasalla and 
head north. Then, go east until you reach a dark green patch of grass (there 
should be a cave northeast of the patch, but you can't do anything there yet). 
Search the lower part of the patch (near the triangular forest) here until a 
new Mercury Djinni appears! Defeat Sour to have it join your party. Sour is 
somewhat harder to find than Iron was, but keep looking until you find it. Now, 
go back to Mikasalla and head east. Take the southern path at the fork and 
cross some more rivers to reach the next town, Garoh.


Go up the slopes here and notice two things. As you go up, you're forced to 
push pillars that block the way back (don't worry, you'll be able to get back 
out). Also, it seems to get darker as you go on. One you reach a long path, you 
see a small, strangely wolf-like boy come up near a pond and howl, scaring 
Sheba! Could he be a werewolf? Kraden seems excited to find a real werewolf (or 
lycanthrope as he calls the boy) and wants to continue on to the town. As you 
enter the town, more strange things happen. Everyone outside is wearing long 
cloaks with hoods, saying they don't like the full moon (read their minds to 
find that they CAN'T take their hoods off; that sounds like werewolves). Also, 
the shops aren't selling anything useful now. All you can do is rest at the Inn 
and talk to the townspeople to find about a mountain called Air's Rock north of 
Garoh. Last, if you go to the northeast part of the town, a full-grown werewolf 
comes out of a seemingly featureless rock using a new Psynergy! Now, exit Garoh 
and head northeast until you reach a bridge. Cross the bridge and go west until 
you reach a mountain in the middle of the desert.

e. Air's Rock (Arsrk)


You hear the cool music here? Well, you'd better like it, because you'll be 
hearing it for all of the longest, most tedious dungeon in the game. You'll be 
spending hours traversing the surrounding area, rocky side, and interior of 
this mountain. Anyway, notice the strange rock up ahead. I call them "whirlwind 
stones", for a reason you can find out now. Cast Whirlwind on the stone from 
below to magnify the whirlwind and shoot it at a nearby sand barrier, blowing 
it away. Go through the clear area and west to another stone. Cast Whirlwind 
from above to dissolve another barrier. You can't reach the open area yet. Go 
north to the top of the ground area. You'll see a large, pink Whirlwind-shaped 
stone behind some rocks. If you want some experience, coins, and a Lucky Medal, 
battle the Mimic here. Go down and around the U-turn. You can go up the stone 
ladder north of here, but it leads to a dead end. Keep heading east to the 
northeast corner of the area and cast Whirlwind on the stone from the right. 
This clears a sand wall blocking a powerful weapon, but you can't reach it yet. 
Go straight down to the southeast corner of the area and again cast Whirlwind 
to the right. Go north, west, and south, around the rock grouping to where the 
sand wall was. Beyond it is another whirlwind stone. Cast Whirlwind on it from 
the bottom twice to clear away two sand barriers. Return to where the first 
barrier you blew away was and go east. Turn north at the fork and take the 
Cookie from the chest. Now go south and west to the first whirlwind stone. Cast 
Whirlwind from the right and go around to the entrance. Go through the cleared 
wall and down through a corridor to another fork. Go down and take the Smoke 
Bomb from the chest, then go north and cast Whirlwind on the stone from the 
bottom. Go around to the north side of the stone and go through this corridor. 
Follow the path and you'll be at the pink whirlwind stone. Cast Whirlwind on 
the stone to clear away the sand on the stone ladder. Climb up it to reach the 
first cliff area.

Walk over to the left and climb up the ladder. Take the left of two ladders and 
drop down the slope on the top. The whirlwind tiki statue will blow you to 
another ledge. Drop down the next two slopes and let another statue blow you. 
Once you stop, push the pillar to the left over the ledge to create a shortcut. 
Now, go to the right and push another pillar. Walk across the pillar in the pit 
and climb down the ladder up ahead. You can now take the item in the chest you 
opened up earlier, which contains the powerful Storm Brand (equip it to Felix). 
Climb back up the ladder and then take the left of two ladders. Climb down the 
other ladder to a ledge, where you'll be blown by another statue. Climb the 
ladders above you to be right next to a pillar getting hammered by a tiki 
statue. Push it get down and get blown by the statue. Climb up the long ladder 
and then start climbing another one. Carefully time when you climb so you don't 
get blown off the ledge as you make your way to the top. Slide down the 
indentation and push the pillar to the right. Climb down the ladder and walk 
across the statue (when it isn't shooting air) and get the Sleep Bomb. Let the 
statue blow you back up and walk right to the next area.

Climb the ladder here and don't get off at the first fork. Keep climbing and 
get off on the next landing. Move the left of two pillars to the left and climb 
back down to the landing you passed earlier. Slide down the slope to the right 
and let the statue in the ground blow you up higher. Walk over to the left and 
Move the other pillar to the left. Jump to the space you created. Slide down 
the slope and let the statue you land on blow you up high. Climb up the stone 
blocks to the left and get off on the ledge. Climb up the next ladder to a 
misty area with another pink whirlwind statue. You can't reach it from here, 
though, so just Move the pillar into the pit onto the metal plate. Go back down 
to the right of where the statue blew you upward and slide down two 
indentations. Walk to the left and climb to the top of the ladder (get off on a 
ledge below the one you were one before). Climb up the ladder to the west here 
to be on a ledge just below the one with the whirlwind statue.  First, climb 
the ladder and cast Whirlwind on the statue to clear away the mist. Now go back 
and take the alternate route back up here (where you cast Move) and climb the 
ladder above you. At the top, you'll find the powerful Fujin Shield. Return to 
the other side of the once-mist area and climb the ladder there. You're now on 
the summit of Air's Rock (finally). Cast Whirlwind on the statue here to open a 
hole on the top of the mountain leading inside! Climb down the ladder and 

If your party is running low on PP, take the Psynergy Stone here. Go around the 
path here and climb down the ladder. You'll see a gray tiki statue and a huge 
statue with its mouth closed. You can't do anything here yet, so just go around 
the ledge and to the next door. You will be in the main cavern of Air's Rock, 
with two doors to choose from. Take the left one first and climb down the 
ladder. Push the pillar onto the pad and return to the main cavern. Go through 
the other door you could choose from. Follow the only path until you reach a 
ladder. Climb down it to reach an interesting puzzle. There are 3 normal 
pillars in two "zones" and 4 Poundable pillars. Only 2 of the pillars can be up 
at once. Anyway, here is the solution. Push the pillar on the right onto the 
Poundable pillar (Pound it down first). Don't bother changing the left set of 
Poundable pillars, but push one pillar to the top right of the pushable "zone" 
and the other right below it. Now, climb back up and hop across. Go down and 
across the floating platform to another whirlwind stone. Use it to blow away 
some sand. Return to the pillars and go through the way the sand was blocking 
to... another whirlwind stone! Cast Whirlwind on it from the top to blow away 
another sand barrier. Go through where this barrier was and down the ladder at 
the end of the hallway. Push the pillar here all the way left, onto the pad. 
Climb back up and backtrack to near where you entered the room. Jump over the 
platform and to a new ledge, from which you can reach some stairs.

You'll see a pushable "zone" here without a pillar; don't worry, you'll get one 
there later. Head up and climb down the ladder, go right, and climb up the next 
ladder. Go right again to the doorway and up. You'll see an air jet being 
blocked by a pillar. Push the pillar out from the jet to make another jet 
disappear. Go through the area the jet was blocking and then up and around to 
another pillar and air jet. Move the pillar to the right from across the gap 
and go through the area previously guarded by the air jet. Move the pillar back 
to where it was at first from across the disappeared steam jet. Now climb the 
ladder and hop across the pillar. Go down and down the ladder. Push the pillar 
here onto the pad and climb the other ladder. Go down and around and push the 
next pillar onto the pad to relocate another air jet. Go back and jump across 
the other pillar you pushed onto the pad and go down. Slide down the slope, 
climb the ladder to the left, and go through the rocks that were inaccessible 
before. Now, go through the next door.

All you can do here is jump across some platforms (floating and non) and enter 
the next door. Go up and down the ladder to another whirlwind stone. Use it to 
the left to turn a huge spinning device. Climb back up and jump across it, then 
climb down and up the two ladders. Take the north path first and push the 
pillar here onto the pad to make yet another shortcut. Go back and take the 
west path, which curves up and around to another whirlwind stone. Blow the 
spinner back to its original position and go to the platform just before the 
pillar you pushed. Jump across the spinner, walk over the rope, and go to the 
next staircase. You can go around and grab the Elixir here if you wish, but 
then go back and take the long hallway north. Climb down and go across the 
floating platforms. Hop across several more platforms until you reach a ladder 
which you should climb. Hop across the nearby gap and use the whirlwind stone 
to blow the spinner above. Go north and hop across it, then go around the 
northeast side of the room and blow it back to its original position. Climb 
back up and hop across (too... much... hopping...). Don't slide down the slope 
to the left; hop across the pillar and shimmy over the rope. Go through the 
hallway ahead, hopping over some long pits, until you reach a door to the next 

Hop across the gap here in the main cavern and climb all the way to the ground. 
Go down the stairs here to emerge in a rough underground cavern unlike the 
carved out ones above. A huge Psynergy stone, the center of Air's Rock's wind 
power, is in the center of this room. Examine it if your party is running low 
on Psynergy and keep going around the room to the next stairs. You'll emerge in 
the center of the main cavern. You'll see 3 paths of floating platforms. Go 
down the rightmost one and through the doorway at the bottom of the cavern. 
You'll emerge... outside! On the side of Air's Rock! To open up a handy 
shortcut, push the pillar to your left onto the metal pad. Now, go through the 
door and beck into the rock. Hop across either of the other floating platform 
paths and you'll be near a pink whirlwind statue. Use Whirlwind on it to 
activate the huge tiki head and all the small ones in the room! Now, stand on 
the tiki statue just below you to be blown all the way up to the top floor. 
You'll be on a platform you couldn't reach before. Cast Whirlwind on the pink 
statue just above you to activate the rest of the statues. Move the pillars on 
your left and right onto the pads and hop over to the bottom right to find a 
Vial. Now go down the stairs you took the first time to reemerge in the top of 
the main cavern.

Now that the statues are activated, go to the right into the doorway; it's time 
to get a Combo Tablet. Go southeast to the pillar you pushed earlier. Hop 
across it and go northwest down the stairs. In here, go up, down and up the 
ladders, and north to another blocked air jet. You know how unblock it; do so 
and go down to the other side of some rocks and a ladder you climbed. Push the 
seemingly useless pillar one space to the right and then go up. Hop across the 
padded pillar here, go down and up the two ladders, and up to the tiki statue. 
Let it blow you across the gap and walk down to the whirlwind stone. Fire a 
gust of air straight down. The gust catches the pillar and blows it to a better 
spot. Return to where you entered the room and push the pillar to the right 
into the gap. Hop across it and go up to find... the Flora Combo Tablet! Now, 
go back to the main cavern. Go through the door to the far left again. Now that 
the tiki statues are activated, stand in front of the one nearby to have it 
blow you across the gap. Hop to the right across the pillar you pushed earlier. 
Soon, you'll find a tiki head on a pushing "zone" push it all the way to the 
top and let it blow you to the Clarity Circlet (equip this to Sheba). Slide 
down and return to the statue. Push it 5 squares down and let it blow you 
again. Through the doorway below, push the pillar onto the brown pad and go up 
and left, around to a series of platforms. Jump over to a pillar blocking an 
air jet. Move it left onto the pad. Now go back to the other side of this 
disappeared air jet and go down the stairs.

Go right and shimmy across the ropes and up the ladder. Climb across one more 
rope and down to the stairs. Go around to the left and use the whirlwind stone 
to the south and east to blow a tiki head to a good position and blow away a 
sand wall. Go over to where the sand wall was, climb down the ladder, and go 
south to the other ladder. Let the repositioned statue blow you to a chest 
containing (uh-oh) 666 coins. Slide down from the evil chest and go down to two 
ladders. Climb the right one and, before you take the stairs, keep going up and 
push the pillar down. Return to the stairs and use them. You're almost there! 
You will have a choice of two paths here. The main one has a whirlwind-spitting 
statue at the other end, preventing you from getting up. Take the left path 
(and the Vial) and at the north side of the room, Move the statue behind a 
rock. Return to the path you couldn't take before and go up it to the next 
stairway. Go over to the door and enter the main cavern one last time. Climb 
down the ladder and let the statue blow you to the other side. Climb the long 
ladder here and hop across the floating platforms to a strange door.

Enter the door to emerge in a wall-less room with a pink flashing floor. Jump 
across the platforms straight ahead of you. Don't worry about how they 
disappear; you'll be able to get back. As you approach the stone on the 
platform here, it tells Sheba to touch it. Doing so, she learns the Reveal 
Psynergy! Don't you wish someone could have just given it to you like in Golden 
Sun? Anyway, take either the left or right platform path from the large place 
you got Reveal. Use Reveal on either ring of platforms (remember the shape the 
platforms make) to find a hidden platform. The left path leads to a Psy Crystal 
and the right leads to the exit. Once you leave the room, Retreat your way to 
the beginning of Air's Rock and exit, returning to Garoh.

f. Garoh revisited to Osenia Cavern (Garal)


Now, return to the northeast corner of the town. You'll see the werewolf pop 
out of the rock. Use Reveal to find a hidden doorway and repeat his trick. Soon 
after you enter the cavern, the werewolf child appears briefly. Follow him into 
the catacombs. Soon, you'll emerge in a room with a strange rock in its center. 
As your party prepares to search this room to find where the child went, the 
adult werewolf comes out and speaks! The werewolf introduced himself as Maha. 
He deduces that you know Whirlwind and learned Reveal at Air's Rock-how did he 
know? Maha tells you about how werewolves were once slaughtered in 
"purification" and sends you to the inn to rest. You don't get healed though; 
that's what you get spending the night for free. Exit the inn (it's morning 
now!) and return to Maha to finish your conversation with him. Kraden 
accidentally insults Maha by telling him he thinks it's unusual for werewolves 
to change their shapes. Maha gives you some examples of how other animals 
change their shape and insults Kraden about not giving it enough thought. They 
talk about Adepts and how Felix and Jenna came from the base of Mt. Aleph, 
which is legendary to Garoh. They discuss how the Psynergy Stone in the heart 
of Air's Rock is giving the people of Garoh their powers. After some pacing, 
Maha gives you a Jupiter Djinni (Ether) for your help with his mysteries! 
Before you leave, try using Reveal and going into the rock Maha came out of for 
a laugh. Is that really where he lives!? Before you go, explore the catacombs 
linking Garoh's houses to find a new sword and buy some items from the shops. 
Now, leave Garoh and go to Yampi Desert (you probably saw it just after Osenia 


All you can do in the first area is Pound down a pillar in the lower right 
corner to find a chest containing the Guardian Ring. In the next area, you'll 
encounter a weary band of adventurers trying to get to Alhafra. You can't help 
them yet. Go on to the next area. You should see a pillar blocking a path 
through two plateaus here. Pound it down and go through and right. After you 
pass two Poundable pillars next to each other (don't Pound them), you'll see 
another blocking pillar. Pound it down and go northwest from it. Pound a pillar 
at the foot of a cliff to uncover a ladder. Climb it and jump your way to the 
lower right plateau. Here you'll find a new Jupiter Djinni, Blitz. Beat it to 
make it join you. Now go back to the ground level, southeast of the Blitz 
plateau. Slide down the slope and continue to the next area. If your party is 
running low on PP, take the Psynergy Stone here and then Pound the middle of 3 
pillars to uncover a ladder. Climb it and go on to the next area. Here, a shape 
is moving around under the sand. Pound down the only standing pillar to divert 
its fixed course. The shape jumps out of the sand, revealing itself to be a 
giant scorpion, and scuttles on to the next area. Obviously you should follow 
it. Before you do anything else, set Pound to L or R; you'll need timing for 
the next two areas. Use Pound on the lone pillar in this area when the scorpion 
is northeast of the pillar, near the top of the screen (keep in mind the 
scorpion keeps moving when the first is Pounding the pillar down). This should 
make it move on to the next area. If not, exit the area and try again. In the 
next area, Pound the right hand pillar when the scorpion is northwest of it, 
before he turns south. This should make him go up to a sandy pool. Before 
following, Standby your Djinn and prepare for a boss battle.0 When you step on 
it, the scorpion pops out and uses a new Psynergy, Scoop, to make you both drop 
down to an underground cavern.


The KS is the first of a long line of "joke bosses". Although he has over 1000 
HP, the King Scorpion's attacks are ridiculously weak, doing only about 10 
damage per hit. Just Summon your strongest creatures and then attack him with 
Psynergy, healing when necessary. Once you beat him, pick up the stone he 
drops. It's the Scoop Gem! Try it out on the sandy spot you landed on to 
uncover a geyser that takes you back to the surface. Return to where the 
stranded adventurers are and go south. You should soon see another sandy patch 
that you can Scoop. When you Scoop it, you'll uncover an underground cavern. 
Follow it to emerge east of the travelers, near an oasis. Climb up and down the 
ladder until the travelers notice you and follow your tracks to the hole. Go up 
from here to the next area. Scoop the lower right patch of sand in the middle 
of rock to find 315 coins, then go through the doorway to another cave. This 
cave is filled with sandy rivers flowing around. It should not be too hard to 
get the Hard Nut and Blow Mace (you need to use Pound from a square away from 
the pillar, not right next to it) in here. Once you're ready, go down the 
ladder and out of the cave. You will now be in an outdoor area filled with sand 
waterfalls. Let the first one carry you to the ground and use reveal on the  3 
by 3 patch of rocks. They form an arrow pointing to a cave you cannot reach 
until the end of the game. Keep going on through the valleys to reach another 
square. Reveal this one to find a chest with a Lucky Medal. Climb up the ladder 
beyond this and make your way past two sand waterfalls. Keep going on the pink 
cliff to a rope. Lash it to the other post and climb up it. Fall down the right 
side of the nearby sand waterfall to land on a rock. Get off the waterfall on 
the right side and take the class-changing Trainer's Whip from the chest. 
Return to the ladder near the Lucky Medal chest, go past the two waterfalls, 
and climb the ladder. Go to the right side of the first waterfall you crossed, 
go over the first fall on it, and get off the right side. Now simply walk to 
the northeast and exit the desert. Alhafra is visible from the exit of the 


As you go north to the statue in this large town, you'll see the band of 
travelers you met in the Desert reaching their destination. They soon walk off 
to see the mayor of Alhafra and talk about the menace of Briggs. As they walk 
off, you'll notice a suspicious character lurking behind some trees. If you 
talk to him, his suspicious behavior and running off make it obvious he's one 
of Briggs' lackeys! Go north and buy the latest gear, then go down the stairs 
to the east and head over to the shipyard.


As you get on board Alhafra's only ship, it's obvious that the tidal wave 
severely damaged it. Some more of Briggs' lackeys are here, observing the 
damage. You can't do anything here yet, so go down below decks. As you walk 
down a long hallway, standby all your Djinn. Soon, you'll see a sea fighter 
talking with Briggs himself! The sea fighter and Briggs are discussing the 
mayor of Madra's arrival and how Briggs and his crew aren't really pirates, 
just people trying to save their hometown of Champa from starvation. They also 
talk about how they steal from only the non-risky towns that are not on alert 
for their arrival, to ensure their success and prevent people from coming after 
them. After the sea fighter makes a comment about Briggs "having brains coming 
out of his ears", Jenna gives you away by saying that there's nothing smart 
about that. Sheba and Jenna try to tell Briggs to come with them and tell the 
mayors that Piers is innocent, but you instead get into a fight.


Once again, you'll be battling up to 3 enemies. Concentrate all your Summons, 
Psynergy, and attacks on Briggs. If you try felling Sea Fighters, Briggs will 
just whistle for more. Just keep your party well healed and concentrate on 
Briggs. After Briggs is gone, the remaining Sea Fighters will be easy. After 
you defeat Briggs, he'll drop a Vial. Briggs, always the gentleman, asks you to 
turn him in. Jenna says that he first has to say that Piers is innocent, and 
Briggs mainly agrees. Soon, a strange woman comes and asks you to forgive 
Briggs and his men. She says that she is Chaucha, Briggs' wife. Briggs tells 
you to leave his wife out of this (she is no pirate) and Chaucha once again 
says that Briggs is stealing to help Champa. Lately, the sea that the Champa 
had depending on started warming up, causing the fish to disappear. Their soil 
is also barren, preventing crops from growing. Sad... After everyone laments 
the Champa's plight, Kraden tells you that it is very far away, on the other 
side of the eastern sea. Briggs explains that they had to steal from far away 
towns, or else it would be obvious who the pirates were. Then no one would 
forgive Briggs, not even his... grandmother!? How old is she?? Then, the two 
mayors and their entourage appear at the stairs. The mayor of Alhafra is 
shocked that Briggs and his men really are pirates, and the mayor of Madra is 
insulted that the other mayor would not take his word. After some talking and 
reminiscing, everyone introduces themselves. After Briggs talks with the mayor 
about who owns the ship you're on (apparently Briggs bought is with money he 
stole), Briggs agrees to go to jail. He asks Chaucha to take care of Eoleo (he 
has a son, too?) and leaves. Another Madran leaves to go and free Piers. Before 
the mayors leave, the mayor of Alhafra invites Kraden and you to his mansion. 
Before you leave the boat, go down to where Chaucha came from. Move the box out 
of the way and enter the door. Before you leave the boat, go down to where 
Chaucha came from. Move the box out of the way and enter the door. You'll see 
some bread lying on a box. Have Felix use Tremor to knock it down and take it. 
Now go back above deck. Now that the Sea Fighters are gone, you can fix the 
boat. Here is a list of things you should do to fix it:

Move the rock just below the horizontal log one space down, then push it the 
rest of the way into the water.

Push the log in after the rock.

Walk down the mast and push the rock here into the water.

Move the large box on the sail down into the water.

Walk to the upper right tip of the mast pole and walk up the rope. On the bow 
of the ship, Lash the rope and shimmy up. Climb down the two vines and Pound 
the pillar into the water.

Use Move to move the box in the lower right corner of the area to the left, 
from below.

Go over to the left and get onto the log you pushed. Climb the rope and go all 
the way around back to the upper side of the box you Moved. Move it the rest of 
the way into the water.

Now, return to Alhafra. Give the kid at the foot of the stairs leading to the 
harbor the bread you found on the ship and he'll have his dad give you 
permission to enter the caves under the mayor's mansion. The mansion is north 
of the town; the cave is west of that. Once you enter the cave, go down the 
stairs and go roughly south from there. You only need Pound and Lash to get the 
123 coins, Ixion Mail, and Lucky Medal. Before you leave Alhafra, visit the 
mayor. Now, return to Mikasalla (there is a shortcut leading to near Air's Rock 
if you go south from where you left the Yampi Desert for Alhafra).


Go to the lower left corner of the town, to the sheep and chicken. Read the 
chicken's mind to find that you need to dig here. Use Scoop on the upper left 
part of the sandy patch (keep trying until you find the spot) to uncover a 
ladder. Follow the cave and go north from its exit to find a Mars Djinni, 
Spark. You don't even have to battle it! Now, return to the cave you saw 
northeast of the patch of grass you found Sour in.


You can use Scoop on the X here and follow the cave to get a new Summon, 
Megaera! Now, go back across Osenia Cliffs. On the southwestern side of Indra, 
you'll find the Gondowan Cliffs. 

g. Gondowan Cliffs to Kibombo (Gckib)


You can't fully explore this area until you get your 4th party member. As you 
enter, you'll see a dog sniffing around on the ground. Use Scoop on the sandy 
spot near him and you'll unearth a geyser. Stand over it and when it lifts you 
up, jump off onto the cliff. Slide down the chute and hop over the gap. Go left 
and up. Pass by the post here; you're on the wrong end to use Lash. Climb the 
two vines and head left to find three chutes. Slide down the middle one and 
keep going around the cliffs to find a large brown stump. Move it left into the 
water. Go back on this cliff and slide down the chute, then climb down the vine 
to some platforms on the water. Now that you Moved the stump down, you should 
be able to jump to another vine. Climb it and go up to another vine. Once 
you've climbed it, go down around to a short gap you can jump. Climb down the 
nearby vine after jumping. Go up and climb the series of four vines (don't walk 
the tightrope just yet). Go around the northeast part of the cliffs. You'll see 
a puddle, but you can't do anything with it yet. Keep going down to find a Mars 
Djinni, Kindle. Defeat it in battle to have it join you. Go up and right to yet 
another vine. Go southeast and climb down two more vines, go south to find the 
Laughing Fungus. Now, return to the tightrope, cross it, and go southwest to 
the other side of Gondowan Cliffs. Exit it and head north on the world map. 
You'll see a town up ahead, but don't enter it yet. Cross the bridge to the 
southwest. Go due south, crossing another bridge, to the southern tip of 
Gondowan. Walk around in the southeast forest here until a Mercury Djinni, 
Chill, appears. As usual, defeat it to make it join you. Now, return to 


There is not much to do in this tribal town. There are a few treasures like a 
Thorn Crown that can easily be reached with Psynergy. You should also visit the 
basic facilities of any town, like the shops. And before you leave, enter the 
building in the northeast corner of the town. For 20 coins and your Laughing 
Fungus, the witch doctor will read your fortune. After he's done with his 
little dance, exit Naribwe and keep going north. It shouldn't be hard to get to 
Kibombo Mountains.


Apparently, a ritual is going on in Kibombo up ahead, and the mountains are 
heavily guarded to prevent people from coming and intruding on the ceremony. 
Once you reach some stairs with two torches, avoid the guards by going to the 
right. Push the box here to as far right and up in its indentation as it will 
go, and then Move the other box to the left. Climb the vine and hop across. 
Climb up the next vine and go northwest, across the gate. Head southeast and 
push the pillar down, then climb the next vine. Go up the stairway to... A box! 
There is a guard on the other side of it, so stay behind it and push it to the 
right until you can climb the vine. Go right until you reach a chute on the 
cliff side. Slide down it and go up to a treasure chest containing the Disk 
Axe! Equip it to Felix, but save the Storm Brand; it will come in handy once 
your fourth party member joins you in the next town. Now, do back to the chute 
and use the pillar here to prevent the guard from catching you climbing the 
vine. Go back to beyond the chute and use Lash to get across the canyon. Go 
north to the other area.

You can hop right across some tree trunks to get past the guard up here, but to 
get the Power Bread, move the box on the ledge he patrols near so that it lands 
on him. You can now safely pick up the Power Bread. Continue on the path and 
climb the viney trunk. Hop across the two next trunks and push the pillar so 
that it traps the watchdog to the south of it. Climb back down and enter the 
cave north of the two tree trunks. Take the Smoke Bomb from one of the boxes 
and exit. To prevent the dog from alerting a guard now, use Tremor on the box 
to knock a bone to the ground. Now that the dog is distracted, go down to the 
area he was trapped in and open the chest to get a Tear Stone, your first 
forgeable material. Go back northeast and enter another cave. Go around the 
loop to the exit. Climb the vines and make your way along the ledges past the 
last guard. Climb down the vines and stairs and exit the mountains. Continue 
north across the small piece of land until you reach Kibombo.


Because of a ceremony concerning someone named Akafubu, all the buildings are 
blocked off with torches. You learn that Akafubu led a team of Kibombo warriors 
to steal Piers' Black Orb from Madra to replace the "faulty" jewel he used 
before. Akafubu is trying to make the Great Gabomba (the Kibombo deity) notice 
his jewel and take it in his tongue (weird...). Go back to the entrance of town 
and go left through some statues. Lash the rope to the post and climb it. Hop 
across the pillars and head north. Hop across more pillars and a rooftop to 
reach the other side of the village. Continue north to the area where Akafubu 
is performing his ceremony. You'll meet up with Piers! Your party talks with 
him about how Piers is trying to get back his Orb, which allows him to operate 
his ship. You also see Akafubu performing the ceremony. He uses the Lift 
Psynergy to move the Orb up to the Gabomba, which opens its eyes! However, it 
soon stops noticing and closes them. Piers thinks that the reason the Gabomba 
is not awakening is because something is wrong inside it. He can't find a way 
to reach the statue, though. Use Move on the pillar up ahead. Piers is amazed 
that you are Adepts and reveals that he is an Adept also. Even more amazingly, 
Piers is a Lemurian! He and Kraden have a long talk about Babi and Lemuria. 
Once they are done, Piers decides to team up with you to get the Black Orb and 
joins your party! Take the Psynergy Stone up above if you are running out of 
PP, then go around the back of the statue and climb down the vine. Use Scoop on 
the crack of ground near the vine and climb down the ladder.

h. Gabomba Statue to Madra Catacombs (Kbsmc)


Go through the tunnels to the next ladder; there is only one way you can go. 
Notice the large gears preventing you from going back. You can still slide down 
the chute, though. Strange... As you trek through the Gabomba statue, you 
notice it is more mechanical than magical... Besides the next ladder, the only 
two things of interest here are a Mimic (the chest below the entry ladder) and 
a chest containing the Bone Armlet, a useful piece of armor for Jenna or Sheba. 
After you climb the next ladder, you'll emerge in a room filled with gears. You 
can't pass through the large propeller gears here yet. Go to the upper left 
corner of the room and use Lash as the post on the rotating gear passes closest 
to you. If you did it right, the gears will be stopped, allowing you to pass 
through. On the next floor, make your way around to another ladder (ignore the 
Venus Djinni for now). In this gear-filled room, go down and around, past the 
ladder, and up to a hall leading to the left side of the room. As you reach it, 
you'll notice a mouse jump between several gears and disappear. Remember how 
the mouse jumped from the vertical gear to the horizontal one and continue on 
to the next ladder. Climb down one more ladder and go down the mazelike hallway 
to a flashing gear. You can only reach one of the two Pound posts near it, so 
Pound it in. Return to the room with the mouse and follow its path across the 
gears to the right side of the room. Climb down the ladders here to be on the 
other side of the flashing gear room. Grab the Elixir in a chest, then go down 
and Pound the other pillar to reverse the direction of the gears in the statue.

Return to the gear-filled room, to the two pink vertical gears. While standing 
above the left gear, walk down to ride it and fall down to the floor below. You 
are now in position to get the Venus Djinni Steel (you'll have to fight it 
first). Use Lash and return to the floor above. Go down from this ladder to the 
ladder on the bottom of the room. Climb it to reach a new floor. Now that the 
gears have been reversed, you can walk through the propeller gears and climb 
yet another ladder. The room you emerge in happens to be behind the Gabomba 
statue's mouth; you can see its tongue retracted on some gears! Also, notice 
the groove in the floor leading to a miniature Gabomba statue. Climb the next 
ladder to emerge behind the Gabomba's eyes.

As you reach a floor with strange looking tiles, you hear Akafubu telling his 
priests to focus their energies. He is getting ready to try the ceremony again. 
As he makes the Orb float, energy flows along some circuits on the floor in the 
room you're standing in. Some of the tiles are not turned right, so the energy 
stops and the Gabomba statue closes its eyes. Kraden reasons that you should 
use Pound and the two switches on top of the room to complete the circuit. If 
the ceremony succeeds, the Orb will be in the statue so you can get it. To 
solve this puzzle, first Pound the pillar on top of the room (you may want to 
set Pound to L or R) to make the brown tiles float. Press either of the two 
buttons on top of the room to rotate all the tiles. When a tile is in the right 
position, Pound it down to stop it from rotating. I can't give you any more 
help, because the puzzle is randomly set up. The puzzle is reminiscent of the 
energy circuit puzzles in Venus Lighthouse, so GS1 experience helps greatly. 
You need to make energy pulses from the red and blue statues in the room reach 
the Gabomba head in the middle. Also, note that Akafubu will try again 
automatically, whether you're ready or not, but if he tries before you finish, 
don't worry; just continue where you left off after he starts counting down 
again. After you solve the puzzle, the Great Gabomba responds to the orb by 
sticking its tongue out and grabbing the Orb! Akafubu follows the Orb and walks 
into the statue on its tongue. Your party is standing around another miniature 
Gabomba with a hole in its base. You see the Orb come in through the tongue and 
roll into the hole. How will you follow it? Sheba notices there is light on the 
other side of the hole.

After Kraden says there must be a room on the other side, then Akafubu comes in 
and sees you! He demands to know what you are doing here, and Piers says he is 
taking back his Orb. Jenna shows Akafubu the puzzle you solved to help him 
complete the ceremony. After that, Akafubu puts something (maybe the old jewel) 
into the statue that Orb rolled through and opens it. After you regain control, 
follow Akafubu through the doorway. Go through the hallway to the elevator, 
which automatically descends. You soon see Akafubu, who has followed the old 
witch doctor Oeia's instructions to the final chamber. After he finishes 
talking, take the Orb. The statue holding the Orb makes it float and gives 
Akafubu the feather and robe of a witch doctor. Akafubu runs off, happy to be a 
witch doctor. The statue then turns to you. It tells you that Akafubu ran off 
too soon and forgot some magic that he will need. It decides not to give this 
magic to anyone yet. To get it, you'll have to return later when you can use 
Cyclone. Now, take the Black Orb. The narrative tells you that, despite being 
mute, Felix told the story of the Gabomba to Akafubu, somehow making it last 
all night! After talking with Akafubu and his father Oeia, you can go around 
and enter Kibombo's buildings. Buy the latest weapons and armor, sleep at the 
inn, then leave Kibombo. Backtrack all the way to Madra. As you go, there are 
some things you should do in Kibombo Mountains and Gondowan Cliffs.


After climbing the first 3 staircases leading to the mountains, go south to a 
puddle. Have Piers use Frost on it like you saw him do in jail to turn in into 
a pillar. Climb another staircase and hop across the pillar. Climb a vine and 
use Growth on the plant (give Felix a Mars Djinni or Jenna a Venus Djinni to 
get it). Climb up this vine and get your new Jupiter Djinni, Waft (you'll have 
to fight it first). Now, continue through Kibombo Mountains and make another 
stop at Gondowan Cliffs (the guards are all gone now that the ceremony is 


After you climb to the cliff top and start going west and south to the next 
area, you should pass another puddle. Freeze it, climb the vine up north, and 
hop across. Slide down the chute and head southeast to get some Healing Fungus. 
Now, continue on to Madra.


As you talk with the villagers, you learn that a sea monster has been causing 
fish to wash up dead on the shores near Madra by raising the ocean's 
temperature (don't worry, the Inn serves only fresh fish). The sea monster can 
only be defeated with a trident of some kind and seems to reside in the eastern 
sea. Also, you learn a little more about two more boats. First, there has 
finally been some progress in the boat in Alhafra. And more importantly, some 
travelers have passed through here, coming in a ship identical to Piers'. You 
soon learn that the travelers are Isaac and his party looking for Lemuria! 
Anyway, go to a two-story building around the middle of town. Talk to the old 
man and give him your Healing Fungus. In return, they give you their pet Mars 
Djinni, Char! Obviously, you won't have to battle it. Now, go to the mayor's 
house in the northwest corner. As you approach the steps leading to it, a red-
haired woman laments not being able to find her sister, Menardi. MENARDI!? 
Could she really be the sister of one of the villains in Golden Sun? She also 
seems to be denying Menardi's death. Although she is just as mean as her 
sister, this woman is no threat to you now. You can also get a clue by learning 
that she is an Adept and senses Psynergy.

Now, enter the mayor's house. He apologizes for losing Piers' Black Orb. Piers 
tells them he already went to Gondowan and got it back. As you leave, the mayor 
gives you the Cyclone Chip! After you finish your talk, the strange woman 
overhears your name. Sheba tells her that her sister is dead. She says that 
Felix would never be a match for her sister. She says that although she can get 
to the remaining Lighthouses, you will have to find your own way. She vows that 
you will help her find Isaac and avenge her sister, revealing her name to be 
Karst before she runs off. Everyone worries about Karst now, and Piers notices 
that Karst said "we", not "I". Could Karst have a partner like her sister? 
Sheba suggests warning Isaac about Karst and her partner, but Kraden says you 
would probably end up fighting them. Sheba asks Jenna why she can't do 
something, since she and Isaac are an "item" (obviously, this makes Jenna turn 
bright red and start to stammer, commenting "stupid Sheba"). Kraden ends this 
awkward moment by reminding everyone of your next destination: Jupiter 
Lighthouse. Jenna asks what they will do about Garet and the others. Sheba asks 
her if she means Isaac, embarrassing and enraging Jenna even more. Kraden once 
again breaks them up. He tells them to keep going as Saturos and Menardi would 
have done, then lets you regain control. Now, head back to the Madra Catacombs 
through the entrance behind the city walls (the other one was blocked off by a 


Go down the path to a closed door. Use Reveal to find a switch to the right of 
it and press it to open up the door. Go northwest to find a doorway. All you 
can do in this ruined room now is go through the right hand door and take the 
staircase leading up. Head down the hall and take the down staircase to find a 
Lucky Medal. Now, exit the building. Cast Frost on the puddle to the right and 
go northeast to find a vine-covered pillar. Move it into the indentation. Go 
down to a chest in some ruined walls containing an Apple. Move the pillar to 
the right into its indentation and climb up the viney pillar. Make your way 
around the right side of the catacombs (use the rocks blocking the other 
entrance as a platform) to a rope. Lash it to the other side, climb it, slide 
down the chute, hop across the frost pillar, and enter the door. You can now 
reach a new door in the building. Enter it and use Tremor on the bookshelf 
(from the left across the chasm) to make the chest on the bookshelf fall down. 
Exit the building and go around the left side of the catacombs. Climb down to 
an ultra-useful Mist Potion, then slide down and use the entrance to the 
building you used a little earlier. Go straight from the entrance to a double 
door. In the room beyond, you'll find the chest that dropped, which contains 
the Ruins Key. Exit this room and take the right doorway in the "lobby". Go 
down the nearest stairs here and use the key to open the doors. On the other 
side lies the Combo Tablet for the Moloch Summon!

Now that you have it, Retreat from the catacombs and exit Madra. If you talked 
to the mayor of Vault after the bandits in GS1 escaped and linked up, the 
bandits will appear. They demand to know where he went. When you don't tell 
them, they fight you. Use Psynergy, Djinn, and Summons to beat them and win the 
Golden Boots! Afterwards, return to Piers' ship, near the Dehkan Plateau. Here, 
use Frost on the puddle and hop across the pillar. Search the boxes to get a 
Cookie. Climb the ladder onto the ship. Before you can set sail, you first need 
to go below decks and restore power. Enter the door and the next level.

i.	Lemurian Ship to Shrine of the Sea God (Lmssg)


Go through Piers' quarters to the actual level. Don't bother going down the 
stairs here. On the only real path lies an Aqua Jelly. These enemies are not 
much tougher than normal enemies and shouldn't be too hard, but they inhabit 
the whole ship. When you defeat one, it turns into a freezeable puddle. Don't 
freeze the first one; hop over it. Climb down the ladder, then defeat and 
freeze the next one. Hop across the pillar and grab the Potion, then go down 
the next stairs. Enter the only accessible door to emerge in a room with a 
whole lot of Aqua Jellies. You can't fight them yet, so just continue on. Enter 
the next door now. You'll see 5 reachable Aqua Jellies. Defeat and freeze the 
bottommost two and move the box in between them. Hop across the pillars and 
exit the room. Move the box to the left down to make a shortcut, then continue 
to the next room. Here, you want to try to defeat and freeze every Aqua Jelly. 
This shouldn't be all that hard. The only tip you should need is to Move the 
box to the lower left corner of the pushable area to create a chain of pillars. 
You may also want to check the boxes in the upper left corner for an Antidote 
(use Reveal to find out which one it is in quickly). Continue on to an old 
room. You'll spook an Aqua Jelly as you enter. You can't cross the unstable 
blue bridge here yet. Defeat and freeze the scared Jelly to stabilize the 
bridge. Enter the door and go through one more hallway to emerge in the room 
filled with Aqua Jellies. Save your game and Standby 3-4 Djinn of every 
element, then try to fight the Jelly in the middle.


This guy is a joke. Your initial Summon attacks should take off at least 1500 
of his 2276 HP. After that, use strong Psynergy and attacks to finish him off. 
The Aqua Hydra attacks only once per turn, so healing shouldn't be a problem. 
After you beat the Aqua Hydra, he'll drop a vial and fill the room with water. 
Don't worry about the treasure chest right now; you'll need the Parch Psynergy 
to get it. Hop across the raised crates to the next door. Go down the hallway 
and the ladder to... a cave? Since when to ships have caves in them? Push the 
hollow pillar on the right onto the teardrop tile and use Douse on it to open 
the door. Go down the long hallway to the ship's power core. Piers comments on 
how the monsters got on board (he is sure he locked the ship-maybe they came in 
liquid form), then sets the Black Orb in the pedestal, starting the ship. Once 
you're sailing, Piers tells you to take the tier and practice sailing. Jenna 
says some places she wants to go, and Piers agrees. Kraden tells you that Vale 
would be impossible to land on because of the rocky cliffs surrounding it. You 
also can't land at Tolbi, because the people of Gondowan are "looking for you". 
You decide to just explore the Eastern Sea and gain control of the ship. Get 
used to the controls and sail your way to the northwestern side of Indra, to a 
small island with a single house on it. Don't land there, though-land on 
Gondowan just behind it. Head left to be north of the Kibombo Mountains. You 
should be able to find your way back to Kibombo from there.


Stay at the Inn and talk to the locals again if you want, then go north to the 
Gabomba Statue, Enter on its tongue.


Go through the doorway the Black Orb rolled through. Return to where you got 
the Black Orb originally. The last time you were there, the statue created a 
ladder you couldn't do much down yet. Well, now that you have the Cyclone Chip 
from Madra, you can explore the area under the ladder to get a Djinni and a 
strange book.


There are lots of weeds in this cavern, which can be blown away by Cyclone. 
Climb down the ladder and walk as close to the large patch of grass left of the 
ladder you entered by as you can (a rock blocks the way). Use Cyclone and you 
should be whisked down to the floor below and land right next to a Venus 
Djinni. Battle Mud to have it join you, then slide down the chute and climb the 
ladder and stairs to the upper floor. Slide down this chute and go left to the 
upper left corner of the room and another grass patch. Use Cyclone here to be 
carried off again. Go left through the hallways and to the next room. Go around 
the right side of the room, using Cyclone on the grass patch you find to get a 
Mint. Climb down the ladder and Cyclone the grass a ways down to uncover a 
puddle. Freeze it, then climb back up and hop across. Use Reveal in the middle 
of these plants to reveal the next staircase. 

You'll emerge in a room with a rushing river. Go left to the river and make 
your way straight across it. Go up and left to some plants. Use Cyclone while 
standing on the two you can reach to uncover a puddle on the other side of some 
rocks. Return to the river crossing and make your way up the river to another 
shore on the left side. Go down and freeze the puddle you uncovered. Return to 
where you cast Cyclone and go left to find a ladder. Hop across the ice and 
take the next stairs. Climb down the nearby ladder and head down the hallway. 
You can fight a Mad Plant by using Cyclone on the large grass patch (it isn't 
too hard). Keep going up and climb the ladder to find yet another Gabomba 
statue. The statue tells you that because you have reached this place first, it 
will give its magic to you, not Akafubu. It holds up a black book and gives you 
the conditions for it giving its magic to you. It tells you not to mention that 
you have passed this test to Akafubu, who should have passed it but was not 
ready. Now, take the black book, which turns out to be the Tomegathericon. No, 
that's not a typo, its name is the Tomegathericon. This book of necromancy is 
your third class changing item. Try it out if you want, then exit Kibombo and 
return to your ship. Sail around Indra to the beach on Idejema where your 
adventure began. Get off your ship and revisit Daila. Enter the temple-like 
Sanctum there. Climb down the ladder in the back and have Piers freeze the two 
leftmost puddles. Hop across them and get the Sea God's Tear. When you're 
ready, return to the Shrine of the Sea God.


When you revisit this cave/tower, return to where you found Breath. Go over to 
the left and have Piers freeze the 3 puddles. Hop across them and head through 
the door. You'll be outside above the ocean. Hop across the left side of the 
pillar formation to more land. Push the wood pillar down and hop to the path 
leading to the stairs. You'll be above a wide river. Head up and climb down the 
ladder at the upper left corner of the room. Go down and climb the other 
ladder, hop over the gap and cross the bridge, then step onto the cracked 
bridge. It breaks and floats down to a rocky area. Get off it and go north, 
through some rocks and past a rope. Climb the ladder and get the Rusty Staff 
from the chest. Climb back down and use Lash to get back up to above the river. 
Go up and past where you got the Rusty Staff. You should soon see another 
cracked bridge. Step on this one to have it float you down a long ways. Get 
off, climb the ladder, and go up the stairs. Go right and climb down the 
ladder. Move the pillar here into the indentation to make a shortcut, then 
climb back up and go down the stairs. Hop across the rocks and logs here until 
you reach 6 rocks in the Reveal pattern. Use Reveal while standing on the 
bottom one to make a seventh one appear. Hop across to a statue like the one in 
Daila. Use the Sea God's Tear on it to have it float you up to another room. 
Climb the ladder here to emerge in a manmade section of the Shrine. Hop the 
gaps and climb the next ladder to be on top of the tower. Climb two more 
ladders and take the Right Prong from the pedestal. This item is useless now; 
you'll need to find the two other pieces. 

Now, Retreat from the Shrine and return to your ship.

j. Yallam to Apojii Islands (Tsaai)


Before you head off to Yallam, you should first start a side quest that will 
eventually allow you to get a very powerful Summon. Look for a small snowy 
island southeast of Garoh on your map. Sail to it and enter the small 


The only humans living here are an old couple, their son, and a healer (check 
the jars in the house to find a Lucky Medal). I said the only humans because 
there is also a penguin couple. The female, Pengulina has unfortunately been 
separated from her mate, Pengus and hurt her leg. To start off your trading 
sequence, you'll have to reunite them. Hop across the moving icebergs below the 
male penguin to the side the female is on. Climb the ladder and push the 
rolling log down to create a bridge. Because the female has hurt her leg, she 
still doesn't move. Climb back down and go across the log. Use the Psynergy 
Stone if you need to and push the female back to her mate. The happy couple 
gives you a Pretty Stone for your help. Now, set sail for an island north of 
Alhafra (there are two islands north of Alhafra; choose the northern one).


Like all the other islands on this trading sequence, SE Angara Islet is a small 
settlement populated only by a few people and animals. First, check the crates 
on the barge to the right for a Lucky Medal. Now, climb the first two 
staircases (pass by the first crate for now) and push the second crate off the 
cliff. Move it so that it is 2 spaces right of the puddle (which you should 
freeze) and south of the other crate. Now push the other crate on top of it. 
Hop from the 2 crates to the frozen pillar and climb up the vines. Up here, 
you'll see a bird fly to its nest. Mind Read the bird and give it your pretty 
stone to receive a Red Scarf. You can't do anything more in this sequence, so 
get back on your boat. Sail south until you reach Osenia, then down to 2 
beaches split by a river on the southeast side of Osenia. Get off on the beach 
on the left side of the river and go north to Yallam, the next town.


As usual, you should first get used to the new town: visit the shops, heal at 
the Inn, and most importantly, find the blacksmith! He resides in a house on 
the northwest side of town. Give him your Rusty Staff to forge, leave the town, 
and return to him. He'll have forged it into the Glower Staff, a great weapon 
for Sheba. You should also have him forge your Tear Stone from Kibombo 
Mountains. Once you do that, go to the East Side of town. You see some kids who 
will teach you a popular song made by a legendary fisherman of Yallam, Yepp. 
They may seem nonsensical, but they are actually directions for navigating the 
lair of the sea monster you heard about in Madra, so pay attention. After you 
have a general idea of what to do, you can leave Yallam to the north. Follow 
the shore and turn south when you get to mountains. Cross the river and you 
should soon find Taopo Swamp south of Yallam.


Before you start, you should probably know that the Taopo Swamp is an optional 
dungeon. You only get a Djinni and some forgeable items from it, so skip it if 
you wish. Anyway, there is nothing to do at first, just go on to the next area. 
Move the stump on the bridge towards you and jump across. Jump to the north 
ledge and use Whirlwind on the left patch of leaves. Check between the 3 rocks 
in this cave with Scoop to find another Tear Stone. Now go down the stairs 
outside and make your way across the swamp. With each step you take, you'll 
sink farther into the goo. To raise yourself back up, step on a bubble. Make 
your way across the bubbles to the southwest part of the area. Go up the stairs 
and to the previous area to a Cookie. No go east and climb the stairs on the 
wall. Use Whirlwind on the leaves and enter another cave. Head down the hall 
and the stairs. Go down and right to find some air jets like in Air's Rock. Use 
timing to get past them without getting blown down and Move the pillar in front 
of the last one. Now go up and down another staircase. Go down some more stairs 
and even farther down to find another buried Tear Stone. Scoop it up and return 
to the air jet room. Go right and make your way past more air jets. Move a 
pillar in front of the final air jet. The redirected jet will blow a Venus 
Djinni nearby down. Slide down the chute to the right of the one below the 
pillar you pushed. Hop over and battle the Djinni, Flower, to have it join you. 
Now, Retreat from the cave and enter the main Taopo Swamp area.

Use Growth on the plant next to you, climb it, and slide down the two following 
chutes. Use Whirlwind on the leaves here and enter another cave. Go through 
this waterfall area to the next one. Make your way to the right doorway and 
enter. Get past the first air jet to find a bowl-like indentation in front of 
an air jet. As soon as the jet stops, quickly fill the indentation with Douse, 
freeze it with Frost, and hop across before the air jet melts the ice. Slide 
down the chute on the left and climb down the stairs. The rope you will see 
leads to an exit, but instead go down some stairs to the right to emerge in a 
lava filled room. Taopo Swamp must be above a volcano! Simply go down here to 
the next cave. Hop right across the platforms here to an air jet. Hop from the 
top rock when the air jet isn't going. Make your way to the lower left corner 
of the room from here. Use Douse on the glowing rock and Move it into the lava 
to act as a platform. Go back to the air jet and hop to the platform from the 
lowest rock near the jet. Open the chest for a Vial. Go back past the air jet 
and to the right side of the room. Cool and Move the rock here and use it to 
hop to the other side of the lava river and the next area. The top pillar in 
this revisited area has a large rock on it. Use Tremor to shake the rock off 
and redirect the lava flow. Walk across the cooled lava and to another 
staircase. Not much to do in this room. Just Douse the glowing rock and push it 
so you can pass. Use Douse (from a space away) on the rock in this final room 
to find another glowing object. Check the source of the light and Scoop up some 
Star Dust. Now Retreat from the swamp and reenter Yallam.


Before you leave on your boat, forge your Star Dust and 2 Tear Stones. Now, get 
ready to set sail again. Sail to an archipelago northeast of Yallam on the edge 
of the world and enter the tropical huts.


As usual, stock up on the latest armor here and talk to the locals to learn 
about the nearby Aqua Rock (the Inn owner's wife tells you that Isaac and co. 
have been here too). Before you leave, use Douse on the round blue stone in the 
middle of town. You'll see some water-spitting tiki statues in Aqua Rock 
realign. Get back on your boat and set sail. Southwest of Apojii Islands is an 
island with Aqua Rock sitting on the middle of a lake.

k. Aqua Rock (Aqurk)


Because of the event you triggered in Apojii Islands, you can now enter this 
water-covered mountain. Head along the only path and climb the ladder. Go left 
and climb two more ladders. Climb the left ladder and make your way up, using 
timing to get past the water-spitting moai. Move the pillar in front of the 
statue's mouth and climb to the other side of it. Move the pillar to the right 
and in front of the other statue. You can now climb the other ladder that was 
guarded by the statue. Let the waterfall carry you down and get off it on the 
right. Climb down the ladder and use Douse on the parched moai to make it spit 
water. Let the left waterfall carry you down and once again get off on the 
right. Go down the waterfall you created and around the next few paths. Use 
Douse on another of the blue stone here to reverse the direction of the 
waterfall behind it! Climb the ladder to the left and take the right fork. Time 
your climb to get past the statue. At the top of the ladder, go to the left and 
push a pillar onto the metal plate to open a shortcut, then go right and let 
the magical waterfall carry you up. Once up, Move the two blue rocks onto their 
metal plates on the river. You can now reach a chest containing an Oil Drop. 
After you get that, climb the ladder to reach a fork. Climb the left ladder 
first and freeze all 3 puddles you'll see. Climb the other two ladders and hop 
across the top 2 ice pillars. Open the chest to get the powerful Mist Sabre. 
Hop across the other pillar and down the next two ladders. Use Douse on the 
next blue stone to create a whirlpool in the middle of a nearby lake. Climb 
down and jump to the center of the lake, and into the whirlpool.

You'll emerge through a waterfall in Aqua Rock's interior (don't worry, you can 
still get out). Go to the next room and take the Psynergy Stone if you need it, 
then hop across the water and enter the room to the right. Keep going through 
the next door to a room with a chest, 2 pillars, and 2 air jets. Push and Move 
the pillar so that you can get past the air jets and have the pillars as close 
to each other as possible. Climb the ladder, hop the pillars, get the Vial, and 
continue on. Move the pillar here in front of a moai to dry up the pool in this 
room. Cast Frost on all 3 puddles down here and hop across to yet another room. 
Stay on the lower hallways and hop a small pool. You should reach a door 
leading to some Crystal Powder. Go back to the beginning of the hallway room 
and go around to the left to another door. Go through the next two rooms and 
hop to another water stone. Cast Douse on this one to create a path of 
turbulent water that you can walk on between platforms. Walk across the path 
and enter the door.

At the fork here, take the left path and hop your way to an air jet. Use Move 
to get the pillar to the right in front of a jet. Let the remaining jet push to 
you a platform and go past the air jet, through the next hall, and to a puzzle 
room. Before you fill this room with water, climb down. You'll see that the 
pillars that would form a path of water are out of alignment. Push the top 
right pillar one space right and down, then climb back up, fill the room with 
the moai, and use the water stone. Walk across the water path. Hop over some 
small pools to reach a hallway leading to a large room. Descend the stairs to 
the Psynergy Stone core of Aqua Rock. You can't reach the magical gem yet, so 
just climb the other stairs. Climb down the ladder, pass under the tightrope, 
and hop down to a door in the bottom left of the room. You'll emerge in a room 
with a rushing river. Don't climb down the ladder; go left and make your way 
across the river and down the waterfall. Once on the left bank of the river, 
continue down and get onto the river above some rocks just above a ladder. Go 
right and down the waterfall. You'll be in position to Move a pillar to the 
right. Go back up and wade to the waterfall so that you can get onto the 
pillar. Hop to the next pillar and claim the Tear Stone. Slide down and enter 
the next floor down.

You have arrived at a hub room of Aqua Rock, connecting several other rooms and 
the outside of the Rock (you can't go outside until you have the Psynergy deep 
within the rock). For now, hop over the small pond and take the left exit of 
this room. Climb down the ladder, up the ladder next to the moai, and use Douse 
to fill the room with water. Hop across to the next room. From here, just hop 
left and go down. You'll arrive in a puzzle room. You can fill this room at any 
time and empty it by leaving and reentering, but there is a problem. The blue 
rock sitting on the bottom of the pool prevents one of 3 adjacent tiles from 
floating up. To get the Water of Life here, push the blue stone over the center 
tile and fill the room. Claim the Water of Life and exit. Reenter, push the 
stone over the left tile, fill the room, and enter the room you were in before 
from a new door. Hop over the platforms and Move the pillar into the 
indentation to open a shortcut. In the room through the top doorway, just push 
the pillar along the groove into the pit, and use it to hop to the stairway. 
You're back in an old room again. Walk across the tightrope, climb down the 
ladder, and hop over some platforms to an exit on the bottom of the room. 
You'll be in a large puzzle room. Before you use Douse on the moai and water 
stone, you'll have to push the pillars in the unfilled pool so they align. This 
shouldn't be too hard, just imagine the path the jet of water will have and 
push the pillars where they need to be. Once you're ready, fill the room and 
Douse the water stone. Go through the exit and through the stairs up ahead.

You'll be near the hub room you saw before. Push the pillar right off the ledge 
and hop across it to another door. Hop across the various bridges and platforms 
in this room (fight the Mimic if you want) and exit into the Psynergy Core 
room. You can now access the Psynergy Stone to refuel if you need it. Come back 
here any time you're running low. Exit through the south to emerge from a 
waterfall near a huge pool. Douse the water stone nearby to create two bridges. 
Hop to the chest directly to your left and pick up some Lucky Pepper. Make your 
way to the raised island directly below the water stone. Climb the ladder and 
open the chest to find the Aquarius Stone. Return to the water stone and walk 
across the right side of the lake to solid ground. Head south down the two 
ladders and take the left door to reemerge in the hub room. Go through the door 
1 to the left of the one you came from. You'll be below the large lake, next to 
a waterfall. Place the Aquarius Stone in the pedestal to part the waterfall and 
create a path. Go through the water to a door that had previously been 

You'll be near a platform sitting on an endless sea. Go up to a tablet like the 
one in Air's Rock. Examine it and Piers learns the Parch Psynergy! Suddenly, 
the lowered area you went through just before fills with water. Try out your 
new spell on it to dry the water up. Why not just Retreat, you ask? Now that 
you have Parch, there are two other things you can get. Back in the hub room 
south of here, use Parch on the pool without platforms on it to open a shortcut 
to the ground outside Aqua Rock and gain access to a Rusty Sword. From the hub 
room, take the rightmost door, then go through the door just right of where you 
come out. Go down the long hallway to a room with a long river. Cross the 
river, go north a ways, then cross over to the right side of the river, near a 
ladder. Climb it and go to the top of the room, near a moai and Mercury Djinni. 
Use Parch to dry up the moai, allowing you to reach Steam (you'll have to fight 
it). Now, feel free to Retreat your way out of Aqua Rock. Return to Apojii to 
rest if you want, but then get back on your boat. Make a stop back in Yallam to 
forge your Rusty Sword into the powerful Robber's Blade, then keep going south 
to E Tundaria Islet. Go west from here and you should reach an icy beach 
surrounded by rocks. Get off here and follow the LONG path leading to the next 
level: Tundaria Tower. Before entering it, however, go southwest to a different 
colored icy patch. Walk around on it until you find a Jupiter Djinni, Wheeze, 
in a random battle. Once you've captured it, go back to Tundaria Tower.

l. Tundaria Tower to Izumo (Tutiz)


Enter the actual tower, then use Parch on the two pools of water on either side 
of the entrance. Go down the right staircase to the next room. Go through the 
tunnel and pits here to a staircase, On the next floor up, take the lower door. 
Climb down the ladder and slide across the ice to a Mint. From solid ground, go 
left, down, left, up, right, up, right. Return to the previous room and take 
the north door. Get the coins along the north wall and slide along the ice, 
down a cliff (that must hurt). Follow the hallways to emerge on the left side 
of the Mint room. From normal ground here, go right, up, left, down, right, up, 
left. Climb the ladder, go through the next room, and climb the stairs. You now 
have a choice of 3 more stairs to choose from. Take the lower center one first. 
Slide across the ice at the top and you'll land on a platform in the middle of 
a frozen pond. To get the nearby Mars Djinni Reflux, go left, up, right, up, 
left, down, right, up, right from where you land. You'll bump the Djinni to 
solid ground when you collide with it. Follow Reflux and battle it to make it 
join you. Slide over to the left exit and down the chute to the 3 stairways. 
This time take the left stairs. Pound in the pillar and go through the hall to 
a small puzzle. Pound in the left pillar and the left pillar ONLY, then get the 
easy Crystal Powder and Hard Nut. Return to the 3 staircases once again and 
take the remaining right one. Go down the hallway to the strip of ice you slid 
along and fell down. Slip across it and take the next stairs up. After one more 
hallway, you'll have a final puzzle.

There are two frozen areas that are walled off. In the one nearest where you 
enter, Move the pillar left, up, and then right. Go to the right frozen area 
and Pound the right hand and middle ice pillars. Move the pillar here down, 
left, and up. Climb up the ladder you didn't use before and Move the right of 
two adjacent pillars into an indentation. Use the other pillar you Moved to 
push the remaining pillar out of the way and climb the stairs. After even more 
hallways, you'll emerge at an ice wall. Notice the symbol the 3 blocks form 
when reflected on the ice wall... Use Reveal to show a doorway in the wall and 
climb the ladder. At the very top of the tower you'll find the Burst Brooch! 
Retreat back to the foot of the tower and take the center path in the first 
room. Try out your new Psynergy on the ice crystal here to obtain the Center 
Prong. Go back and take the left path. Use Burst to blow the ice wall open and 
enter the hallway behind it. This passage leads to two treasure rooms 
containing a Sylph Feather, Lucky Medal, Vial, and powerful Lightning Blade. 
After you've plundered that treasure, Retreat from the tower and return to your 
ship. Sail far, far north to a long island north of Apojii. You'll be able to 
see what looks like another Rock and a torn on it. Enter the town.


Izumo has been seeing strange times recently. A nocturnal serpent that used to 
be the guardian of the village was awakened when Mt. Aleph erupted and has been 
demanding female sacrifices ever since. The villagers have become used to this 
new way of life; they even use a lottery to choose the next sacrifice. 
Unfortunately, the beloved maiden Kushinada has been chosen as the next 
sacrifice. In desperation, her lover Susa has gone to the nearby mountain (the 
home of the serpent; called Mt. Mikage by the locals) to try and slay the 
beast. Anyway, after stocking up on items and resting, exit Izumo and go around 
the mountain range to the brown Mt. Mikage. If you want a rare Water of Life, 
walk behind a tree to the right of the inn (directly northeast of the town's 
entrance) and hop across a log behind it. Follow a trail around the left side 
of the village and to the top. Inside a jar at the northmost part of Izumo is a 
Water of Life.

m. Gaia Rock to Alhafra Revisited (Gralr)


As you arrive at the foot of this new mountain, don't enter the large door yet. 
All you can reach through it is the level boss, who cannot be defeated right 
now. Instead, go between the trees and the rock to the left to find a ladder. 
Climb it and push the pillar to the right, so that it falls. Climb the ladder 
it was in front of and then descend to the ground next to it. Move the pillar 
onto the metal plate and go to the right. Descend to the ground and climb the 
first ladder again. Hop across the pillar and climb up the next ladder. The 
next series of ladders are not too hard and I won't even bother going into 
detail on them. You should not have too much trouble getting the Nut in the 
chest. Once you have the Nut and arrive at the top ledge of the rock, go left a 
ways to a ladder leading down. At the foot of the ladder, you'll notice a 
whirlwind statue blowing a vine back and forth. Climb down another ladder and 
use Whirlwind to imitate the trick on the vine to the left. Swing across the 
vine and Move the pillar one space to the left. Because of a blocking rock, you 
can't Move it all the way. Go back across the vine and climb down farther. Go 
left and climb a ladder/vine setup until you reach the pillar you Moved. Push 
it into the gap, onto the metal plate, and climb up two more ladders. Walk 
further left to the next area. There is really only one path in this area, so I 
won't bother going in depth.

Be ready for a long climb in the next area. This vertical trek is made even 
harder by the tiki heads that pop out at you if you pass over them, forcing you 
to start the climb over. At the ground before the climb, go up the right ladder 
and keep to the right path, climbing up, back left, and to another fork. Take 
the left path and stay as far left and up as you can until the third fork. Once 
again, stay to the left and up as you climb to avoid a painful fall. Climb up 
some more ledges to reach the summit of Gaia Rock. In the next area, stay to 
the top of the bluff you're on and hop across the pillar. Follow the path and 
take the Apple from the chest. Return to the first bluff and climb down the 
ladder on the south side of it. Go right and climb up a ladder, then Move the 
pillar as far down as it will go. Return to where you entered and hop across 
it. Follow the path and climb some more ladders to reach the highest point of 
the rock. Your prize for this long climb is... an empty pedestal!? Don't 
despair though; just look at the symbol the 6 pillars around the pedestal form. 
I shouldn't even have to tell you how to get the strange Dancing Idol. Now, 
Retreat to the ground. (you don't really want to climb all the way back down, 
do you?)

Enter the Rock and place the Dancing Idol on the pedestal like on top of the 
Rock. This makes the two evil-looking statues on either sides of the boss 
hallway slide away to reveal two doors. Take the right door and stairs first. 
On the next floor, go down and around the long hall to a short staircase. Use 
Cyclone in the middle of the large weed patch to turn some of the weeds into 
lean, green floating machines. Return to the pedestal room and take the left 
door. You'll emerge on the level of the floating platforms from the stairs. 
Jump your way across the platforms to a previously unreachable ledge. Go 
through more long hallways and take the right path at the fork. Go down the 
stairway you'll arrive at. Cast Cyclone on the grass here to reveal a hole that 
a beam of light shines down. You'll see the fabled Serpent in its lair, 
drinking something (it's surprisingly tame). Suddenly, the beam on light you 
shone reflects off a mirror onto the Serpent, causing it pain. The only way to 
make the Serpent defeatable is reflect light onto it from all four mirrors. To 
open another hole for light, use the Dancing Idol on the pedestal nearby. Now 
return up the stairs and around the perimeter of the lowered area to more 

Use Cyclone on the patch of weeds below the stairs to fight a Mad Plant if you 
want. Now just continue on to the next room. Before you tackle the wall ladder, 
go down the short stairs in this long hall and go through the doorway. Use the 
Dancing Idol on this pedestal to shine a third light on the Serpent. Return to 
the last room and get onto the wall ladder. There are more tiki statues in the 
wall here, in 3 large areas of brick ladders. Stay to the top of all the bricks 
and you'll be able to reach the next room. DON'T slide down the chute in here 
yet. Use Cyclone around the edge of the huge spider web to break it and send 
the pedestal falling down to the floor below. Now slide down and use the 
Dancing Idol to reflect the fourth light on the Serpent. Now Retreat to the 
first room and head down the center hallway. In the room you'll reach, you'll 
encounter a Move puzzle. Set Move to L or R before starting. Now, Move the 
lower rock up two spaces and right one space into the indentation. The Move the 
top rock two spaces right, two spaces down, and one space left. You can now 
proceed into the catacombs leading to the Serpent. Before you begin, have Jenna 
and Felix trade one Mars Djinni with one Venus Djinni to turn them both into 
Brutes with the Growth Psynergy, Set Felix's and Jenna's Growth to L and R and 
enter the maze. In each area here, if you pick one of the 2 wrong exits, you'll 
start over at the beginning. To find out the right way through the misty maze, 
use Growth on the plant growing in the middle of every area. One of its leafs 
will swell and point the way. The only two things of importance in the maze are 
a Mimic and a Rusty Mace. Keep proceeding though the maze with Growth until you 
reach the Serpent's Lair.

As you enter this water-barrel filled room, you see the hero Susa standing near 
the dragon, drinking from its dish, talking about saving Kushinada before the 
next full moon, presumably when the Serpent will eat her. He attacks it, but it 
doesn't even notice his attempts. The Dragonsbane he has been feeding the 
Serpent doesn't seem to be helping either. The Serpent knocks him down with a 
small fireball and keeps drinking. After this short scene is over, save your 
game, standby your Djinn (preferably 5 Jupiter, 6 Mercury, and 4 Venus), and 
Fight the Serpent (it doesn't notice you, so try talking to it to battle it).


I sure hope you reflected all 4 beams of light onto the Serpent. If not, it 
will recover all its HP at the end of every turn. As usual, use your strongest 
Summons at the start of the battle (have Jenna Summons Moloch so she can still 
heal with Aura spells) to remove over half of the Serpent's HP. You probably 
won't even have to heal after that, just concentrate on it with your strongest 
Psynergy and Djinni and you should easily beat it.

After you defeat the Serpent, you learn that although it was beaten, it isn't 
close to dying. Susa appears once again and deals the final blow to the 
Serpent. He thanks you for your help and leaves to see Kushinada. Soon, a 
tablet like in the end of Air's and Aqua Rocks rises from the sand next to the 
slain Serpent. Examine it to have Felix learn the Sand Psynergy! Try out your 
new Psynergy to get a powerful blade Susa dropped on his way out. Though he 
doesn't tell you about it until you return to Izumo, you can get it right now. 
Use Sand to get to the right side of the Serpent and examine the right side of 
the pool that appeared when Susa killed the Serpent (its blue blood, maybe?) 
You'll find the powerful Cloud Brand sword! Now, exit the room then Retreat to 
the outside of the Rock. You'll notice Susa lying outside the rock. Don't 
worry, he's just tired. As you try to leave, he asks you to take credit for 
slaying the Serpent, even though he killed it. Now, return to Izumo.


Now that the Serpent is gone and Kushinada is rescued, everyone is having a 
dance festival. You can get into the Festival Spirit by entering the house to 
the right of the tool shop. Use Reveal to check the boxes in here and search 
one of them to find a Festival Coat, which increases the luck of the wearer. 
Enter Lady Uzume's house in the northern part of town. You'll see a warrior 
explaining how you defeated the Serpent to her. Kushinada is worried since Susa 
never came down from Gaia Rock. Lady Uzume sees you and orders you to leave, 
until the warrior tells her you are the ones who defeated the Serpent. You 
introduce yourselves and explain Psynergy to them. It turns out Lady Uzume, 
Susa, and Kushinada are all Adepts, but they never knew what their power was 
called! Susa suddenly appears, explaining why you needed the Sand Psynergy and 
overjoying Lady Uzume and Kushinada. Kraden explains more about Psynergy and 
Alchemy (and calls Kushinada a "smart young lass"... 0_o). You soon reenter the 
debate about who really killed the Serpent. This doesn't last long, however; 
Kraden says that you will have to be leaving soon for Lemuria, but you take an 
oath that you will return when the Lighthouses are lit. Before you exit the 
house, talk to Lady Uzume and give her the Dancing Idol (you won't need it any 
more). She gives you the Mars Djinni Coal in exchange! As you leave, Susa 
belatedly tells you about the Cloud Brand, which you should already have. After 
the storyline advancement if over, head up the right riverbank under the bridge 
leading to Lady Uzume's house. Up ahead, you'll see an island with six pillars 
almost forming the classic Reveal symbol. Move the leftmost pillar into 
position. The man on the bridge leading to the island is amazed that the pillar 
is back in alignment, and he thinks Susa or Kushinada must have moved it when 
he wasn't looking (they must also know Move like Lady Uzume).  Now toy can use 
Reveal and enter the cave under Izumo.


What you want to do in the first room is freeze both puddles and use them and 
the 2 Pound pillars to hop to the exit. Unfortunately, the only way to reach 
one of the puddles seems to be Pounding a pillar in, but this prevents you from 
hopping across. Instead, use Sand to get under the pillar. After you have 
frozen both pillars, hop across them to the next room. At the fork up ahead, 
first take the right path. Climb down the ladder and Pound in the pillar to the 
northeast. Use Sand to get under the rocks and Move the ahead pillar one space 
to the right when you find it behind some rocks near a ladder. Return to the 
fork and go around the longer path. Hop across the pillar you Moved and climb 
down the ladder. Climb the short ladder at the foot of the long one. Follow the 
tunnel and hop over the two pillars south of the ladder you entered on to a 
chest containing the Phantasmal Mail. Return to the entry ladder and Pound one 
of the pillars you hopped over and turn left down the tunnel. Climb the second 
of two ladders you'll pass and use Parch on the lake up ahead. Climb down the 
revealed ladder and through the small doorway. Up ahead in a room at the end of 
the hall, examine the stone tablet to gain the Ulysses Summon! And also, don't 
bother using Reveal; despite the 6 pillars forming the Reveal symbol, there is 
nothing there.

You can now Retreat back to Izumo and leave for your boat. Sail back to Apojii 
Islands-you can now get a new Djinni with Sand.


Go to the beach in the southwest corner of the island town. Use Sand to get 
under some rocks on the right side of the beach, then follow the wet coastline 
along the bottom of Apojii to Gaia Falls. Go to the bottommost shallow part of 
the wet area you're in and try to walk off the falls. You'll slide down to a 
small ledge hanging on the endless waterfall. Enter a tunnel hidden in the 
water behind the ledge. Use Whirlwind on the third leaf wall you pass to 
uncover another tunnel. Follow this one to the Jupiter Djinni Haze, which joins 
you without a fight. Wondering how to get out? Return to the main tunnel and 
continue on, passing the leaves. Use Lash on the rope outside and climb it to 
the main island. Now, sail west to a small island north of Alhafra and south of 
SE Angara Islet.


The 5-person family living in this cozy settlement with their cow has been 
trying to cross the fog in the Sea of Time northeast of here for 3 generations, 
but have always failed. Their son is determined to do it, though... Check a 
barrel in the left side of the family's house for a Lucky Medal, and then exit 
the house. Use Sand on the sandy patch south of the family cow to cross the 
barrels and fence. Mind Read the cow and exchange your Red Scarf for some Milk. 
Exit the settlement and head to an islet sandwiched between Indra and Gondowan, 
southeast of Kibombo.


A great bargeman and his family are the only residents of this waterlogged 
islet.  Check one of the barrels near the barge here (what's with all the 
barges?) and go over to the dog sitting in the shallow water. Use Mind Read to 
exchange your Milk for a Li'l Turtle (ah! A turtle slave trade!) and exit. Now 
head for the island between Izumo and Apojii Islands, east of the Sea of Time. 
You'll see a tiny island and cave in the middle of some rocks, but get off on 
the main island and enter the settlement.


The only two people living on this tropical island are 2 old men. Check the 
barrel under some trees left of their house to find yet another Lucky Medal. 
Then go off the right stairway from their porch and down some steps to find a 
turtle. Mind Read him to find he is "Lonesome George". He notices your Li'l 
Turtle and gives you passage to the island surrounded by rocks you saw earlier 
in exchange for it. When you reach the tiny island, enter the cave.


From the stairs, go up, down more stairs, and up to a strange circle. You can't 
do anything with it until you get the final Psynergy, but there are other 
things you can do. Roll on the log to the left and get the Turtle Boots from 
the chest. Then hop to the right and enter the other large room. Roll the log 
over to the other side of the pool, hop down, and roll the log on the bottom of 
the room all the way up. Fight the Venus Djinni you'll get off by (Meld) and 
have it join your party. You should have 6 of every Djinni by now! Before you 
Retreat, roll the log back down and go up along the wall to the log you saw 
next to Meld on the right. Roll it to the left and reenter the main room. Roll 
the log here all the way to the left, grab the Rusty Staff, and Retreat. Mind 
Read the turtle and return to the Sea of Time Islet, then get on your boat and 
sail to Yallam.


Forge your Rusty Staff and Rusty Mace, and also do anything else you need to. 
Then, get back onto your boat and sail to a beach just west of Alhafra. Get out 
and walk back east to Alhafra.


Heal if you need to, but set out for the port soon.


Finish the repairs on the ship by getting rid of the large rock on the mast 
with Burst. Now, start to exit the port. As you are getting off the ship, some 
workers notice the rock is gone. They leave to tell the mayor that the ship can 
be repaired and used again. Eoleo and Chaucha come out and see that the rock is 
gone too. They leave to go tell Briggs the news. Now try to leave again. As you 
reach the end of the dock, the mayor comes and sees that the block is gone. 
They talk about how the rock was moved and then notice you. Kraden tells him 
that they did destroy the block. The mayor sends off his workers to begin 
raising the mast and offers to have you rest after destroying the rock. Back at 
the mayor's manor, Jenna and Sheba comment on how suspiciously nice the mayor 
is being (but he hears them). The lights suddenly dim and everyone finishes the 
conversation with various symbols. Later, the mayor sends his advisor to check 
on the progress of the repairs, but a soldier rushes in with bad news. Briggs 
has escaped from prison (Yay! Jenna's battle music!). The mayor demands that 
you help him catch Briggs in exchange for staying at his house. Before you 
catch Briggs, why not take a look at the repaired ship? After you leave, head 
back towards the harbor.

All the men at the dock are knocked out; Briggs has commandeered the ship! 
Briggs yells to the mayor from "his" ship that he is not a thief because he 
paid for the ship (with his stolen money). His wife joins in to say that the 
mayor is the thief because he took their ship. Kraden calls to Briggs, making 
him worry about you returning. Briggs' wife reassures him that they're safe out 
to sea when you're on land. Chaucha reminds Briggs that he wanted to do 
something to you next time you met... what was it?? Briggs suddenly remembers 
and starts taunting you. Chaucha scolds Briggs for coming up with such a bad 
taunt (or something). He decides to continue taunting and tells you to keep 
Alhafra safe from thieves and bandits-and politicians, too! He taunts you some 
more as he sails away into the distance. The mayor starts fuming at his two 
assistants for letting Briggs escape, revealing even more of his self-centered 
personality. The mayor is also mad at you, and decides not to give you the 
reward he never promised. Kraden talks to you and guesses that Briggs is headed 
to his hometown of Champa. Rather than follow Kraden's advice and leave ASAP, 
first revisit Alhafran Cave. Briggs moved some pillars in his escape from the 
cave, allowing you to reach a Psy Crystal, a Potion, and 777 coins (your lucky 
day!). Also, slide down the chute and head farther down to Briggs' cell. Check 
the crates to find some Power Bread. Now leave Alhafra and return to your ship.

Sail all the way across the Eastern Sea to a town northwest of SE Angara Islet, 
almost directly north of your ship.

n. Champa to Champa Revisited (Chanr)


It seems that Briggs has brought jewels to his hometown that have made his 
thankful neighbors so rich they quit fishing. The thankful people are 
considering making him the first chief of Champa. Do they even know he's a 
pirate? The only other important figure in the town seems to be someone named 
Obaba, who is the only one with the secrets of the Ankohl civilization and a 
master blacksmith. Check the gravestones northeast of the entrance to town with 
Reveal to find a Viking Helm. If you saved Hsu in the first Golden Sun, a 
strangely familiar purple-haired girl runs up to you as you head towards the 
main part of town. She asks if it is really Isaac (does she need glasses or 
what?). She asks where Isaac is and then where she can find him. She introduces 
herself as Fiezhi, a friend of Isaac. She wants to repay him for his bravery in 
saving Ulmuch (I thought is was Hsu... 0_o). Kraden creates a rather awkward 
moment by asking if Fiezhi wants to find Isaac because she likes him. 0_o 
Obviously, this makes her kind of mad. He starts teasing her like a little kid 
and promises to tell Isaac how she feels (I almost feel sorry for Fiezhi). She 
almost seems thankful after being embarrassed and gives you a Golden Ring as a 
good luck charm for him on his mission! After Fiezhi leaves, head to the Inn 
and Shop as usual.

As you head up the stairs near the Inn, you'll see Briggs and two Sea Fighters! 
They are all alarmed that you followed them and run away. Follow them into the 
Champa caves. Make your way up to the top floor of the caves, to a large brick 
pit. Briggs tells you to stop in your tracks. An old woman (Briggs' grandma) 
asks him if you are the warriors he told her about. Briggs tries to tell his 
grandma to do something about you before you take him away, telling her to 
think about Eoleo. When his grandma tells you to go away, say yes for now. Put 
4 Jupiter, 4 Venus, 6 Mercury, and 2 Mars Djinn on standby, save your game, and 
approach Briggs' grandma again. This time, don't leave. She throws something 
into the large pit, causing it to bubble with lava! Suddenly, something roars 
and jumps out of the magma to attack you!


The second of the "joke" bosses, Avimander should not be much harder to defeat 
than a few random enemies. Just Summon Thor, Ulysses, Judgement, and Boreas on 
your first turn, then follow up with strong Psynergies. You should kill him one 
or two turns after the initial Summons without even having to heal. After you 
defeat this pathetic beast, he blows up and Briggs' grandma acts surprised that 
you won. Briggs keeps asking his grandma to do something before you "take him 
away". Sheba tells the old woman not to listen to him call you evil if he's a 
pirate himself. This surprises grandma; obviously Briggs never told her. Kraden 
reassures Briggs that they won't take him away, but this only makes grandma 
madder. She starts chasing Briggs around the pit and arguing with him. Chaucha 
appears and stands up for Briggs. Briggs was only a pirate until he started 
finding jewels on an unknown island. You all decide to forgive each other and 
Chaucha rushes Briggs out, convinced he has a cold. After the conversation is 
over, talk to Briggs' grandma. Give her both your Trident pieces for her to 
keep. She seems to recognize them... could she be Obaba? Now, leave (try 
reading Eoleo's mind to find a hint on where he got his jewels). You can also 
confirm that Briggs' grandma is Obaba.

As you are leaving the town, you hear Alex talking to you, saying you've caught 
up with him! Alex asks if you are going to cast him away like "trash" now that 
you have a new water Adept. Jenna and Sheba ask why they should care if he was 
the one who left them behind. Kraden tells Alex they can light the Lighthouses 
without his help. Suddenly, Karst appears and asks if they really can. When you 
ask what is going on, a strange man appears and says Alex is demonstrating his 
foresight. You were apparently right in Madra; Karst did have a partner, he 
just stayed at their ship before. The man introduces himself as Agatio and 
reveals that he already knows your names. He calls you a bunch of "ragamuffins" 
and Alex agrees that you are useless. Still, he thinks he may have been hasty 
when judging you. Karst asks what makes you so useful. Alex explains that you 
are resourceful because you retrieved Piers' Black Orb from the warlike 
Kibombo. Soon, Agatio and Karst get tired of talking and demand to know when 
you're going to light the two remaining Lighthouses. Alex tells them to remain 
calm and also the purpose of your meeting. He thinks that with Saturos and 
Menardi gone, you wouldn't feel hurried on your quest. He has taken Agatio and 
Karst with him to give you some "incentive". The two leave angrily. Before Alex 
leaves, he tells Kraden that his quest has been for nothing. Babi has run out 
of Lemurian Draught and died. Alex warns you not to return to northern Gondowan 
in case the people of Tolbi think you had something to do with Babi's death. 
After Alex leaves, Kraden talks about how he still must continue his quest for 
Lemuria even if Babi is dead. Kraden starts to explain why he is still looking 
for Lemuria, and neither of the girls understand him. You are the only one 
Kraden has told about his quest, so Jenna and Sheba both demand to know. Kraden 
says he'll tell them when you reach Lemuria. After you regain control, get back 
onto your boat and sail a little to the northeast, around a mountain range near 
Champa to a Tundaria-like Tower.


The tower of Ankohl is a very confusing level. Although it isn't long, it's 
very easy to get lost, so follow me closely. Because a tree blocks the main 
door of the courtyard, go in through a hole in the wall. In the actual tower, 
don't bother with either of the side, leaf-covered doors. The treasure chests 
inside them are empty (maybe Briggs plundered them for treasure). Whirlwind the 
middle of 3 leaf covering on the top of the room and pass through. In this 
room, you'll find 7 large statues of faces. You'll notice the middle of the 
center statue is gone. For this room, I'll call the statues 1 through 7 from 
left to right. Anyway, use Move to pull out the middles of 1, 2, 6, and 7. Grab 
the 210 coins from 2 and the Crystal Powder from 7, then enter 6. At the end of 
the hall, you'll see a pillar blocking you from using Sand from another part of 
the room to reach a chest. Move the pillar right into the pit, go back to the 
statue room, and enter 1. After passing through the antechamber, use Sand to 
reach the chest containing a Nut. Go back to the statue room and go through the 
door under 1. Go straight down to a corner and turn left. Hop over the pits and 
go left this way until you reach some stairs. From the stairs, go around the 
path to some sand. Use Sand to follow it to a small room containing the 
Thanatos Mace. Even thought it may be weaker than any of your weapons, you can 
still sell it if you want.

Go back to the corner of the sand, surface, and go up to the next room. Keep 
heading up to a statue with one of the pieces of its head sitting on a nearby 
ledge. Push the piece into the statue to make it open its mouth and spit sand 
out. Return to the room below and before the one with the Thanatos Mace and go 
to the part of it near the door to the statue room. Go left and blow away the 
left of two leaf patches to find more stairs. Go up from the top of the stairs 
and climb down the vines. Walk across the sandpit you created and take the 
Power Bread from the chest. Use Sand to get under the low arch and climb the 
vine and stairs on the other side. Go down and into the right doorway from the 
stairs. Go up to a T-fork and go left. Like before, Move the pillar into the 
indentation, then return to the previous room. From the stairs you reached this 
floor on and go left. Go up at the fork and through the door. Use Sand to reach 
a Vial and return to the other room. Go straight down from the door and follow 
the path to 365 coins. Return to the T-fork near where you Moved the pillar and 
take the right path this time. Enter the door here to the sand room. In this 
sand room, you are forced to step on a switch that causes a nearby statue to 
periodically fill the room with more sand. You must stop on the similar switch 
near the statue once the sand rises enough, but before it covers the switch to 
stop the sand and unlock the door. If you are too late, exit and reenter, then 
try again.

After the sand room, go down the hallway to a room with a chute. Slide down it 
and you'll land right next to another statue piece. Push the pillar nearby into 
the pit to open a shortcut, then push the piece into the statue. You still need 
one more piece, though. Go through the door behind where you landed. Don't 
climb the stairs; go right and once again free a sandy shortcut by Moving a 
pillar. Now use Retreat and return to the statue room. Go through the door 
under 7 and make your way to the stairs (ignore the leaves). After jumping a 
pit, use Whirlwind on the left of 3 leaf coverings and enter the room behind it 
to find the Muni Robe. Return to the hall and enter the next room. Climb down 
the vines and go up. You'll see a sandbar and incomplete statue, but ignore 
them for now. Just hop the gap, climb the vine, and then go up the stairs. Go 
up the hallway and use Sand to use the passage you opened earlier. Go right 
after surfacing and Whirlwind the first leaves you find. Enter the door and get 
the Sylph Feather. Return to the hall and keep going right and down. The next 
room is another sand room, slightly harder this time. Go through it as fast as 
you can and you should be able to make it to the next room. After hopping some 
pits in this hall, Whirlwind the first leaves you find and go through. Push the 
pillar and get the Potion down the vine.

Return to the hallway and go left to the next door. Hop your way down the next 
hallway and enter the door. Go up and push the statue piece into the statue. 
Make your way back through the last several rooms until you climb down some 
stairs to the room with the sandbar and statue you just completed. Ready 
yourself: as soon as you jump over to the path the statue lies on, it chases 
you! To avoid getting run over, run away from it to the sandbar and use Sand to 
have it pass right over you. Once it has passed, surface and go up to where the 
statue was. Use Sand on the thin sand vein and climb the vines on the other 
side of it. Go left and climb 2 more stairs. Go through another hall and Move 
another pillar for another shortcut. Don't feel bored; you're almost done with 
the level (hopefully you aren't lost). Now head down. You'll see a statue piece 
seemingly trapped in a block corral. Use Reveal to find that the center block 
is actually a pit, then Move the piece into it. Climb down the stairs above you 
and push the piece into the statue. It will create a sand waterfall. Go back to 
the room before the statue piece corral room and use Sand to reach another 
staircase through the shortcut you opened. You'll recognize this room; go left 
and down to the sand waterfall room. Climb down to the sandpit at the foot of 
the waterfall and burrow it. You can actually climb up the waterfall with Sand! 
Once at the top, get off on the left and climb more stairs. Go through one more 
hall to another sand waterfall room. Climb this one with Sand and then climb 
the vine at the top left. You're on top of the ruins! Climb a few more vines 
and take your prize: the Left Prong. Now Retreat and return to Champa.


After doing the usual town things, return to Obaba and give her the final 
Trident Prong. She tosses the 3 pieces into the forging pit. At first, nothing 
happens. The pit fills with lava. Out of a geyser, the Trident appears. But 
what's making it float? To reach it, use Reveal and hop over the invisible 
platforms. Equip it to your fastest character (probably Sheba) and set out on 
your boat once again. Sail off for the misty area ESE (East-Southeast) of 
Champa. Enter the rocky area through the two boulders.

o. Sea of Time to Hesperia Settlement (Soths)


You remember the song you were taught in Yallam? Well, now it's time to put it 
to use. First, here are some techniques you should know:

Transferring from one whirlpool to another: Whirlpools litter the Sea of Time. 
To get from one whirlpool to another, get to the outside edge of the current 
and try to sail with it until you are adjacent to the whirlpool you want to 
transfer to. Then, angle your direction towards the other WP and you should 

Getting from a whirlpool to a square area: This is kind of tricky. Once again, 
go with the current on the outside edge of the whirlpool. When you are just 
starting to pass the entrance to the square area or maybe just before, start 
trying to sail into it and you should enter.

Using the volcanoes: The volcanoes are used to briefly turn off the angular 
currents near them. First, sail so that you are around the volcano but as close 
to the angular current as possible. Pause for a moment, then sail around the 
volcano, never stopping, until the current stops. Quickly sail across where it 
was before it comes back and sweeps you away.

Now, here is a basic walkthrough of the Sea of Time. Go straight up across some 
whirlpools to a volcano, Sail around it until the current disappears and sail 
across where it was. Go right across it to another whirlpool and get off it to 
a calm area. After you get in, go up across some more 'pools to another 
volcano. Use this one and go up to the star symbol. Go left across 3 more 
whirlpools and use the volcano to go back down. Keep going down to a calm area 
and left to another volcano. Turn off the current and go down to the moon 
symbol. Keep going down to another volcano. Go across the current zone to the 
left and to a calm area, then up across 6 whirlpools to the final volcano. 
Deactivate the current above you and sail to the next area. Cross one more 
whirlpool, but save and standby 6 Mercury, 2 Mars, and 4 Venus and Jupiter 
Djinn before going up the short current. After it takes you to near 3 large 
volcanoes, the beast that caused the tidal wave and ocean warming appears in a 
whirlpool: it's time for a Boss battle!


If you remember, the only way to damage Poseidon is with the Trident. Hopefully 
you equipped it to your strongest character. Use it as an item on Poseidon to 
breaks the forcefield that protects him from damage. After the Summon rush, 
have Sheba continue to use the Trident to damage Poseidon while Jenna heals, 
Felix uses Ragnarok, and Piers attacks or uses Diamond Dust. Repeat and keep 
well healed until Poseidon is beaten. Be careful of his Watery Grave and 
Counter-Rush moves. If Poseidon uses Counter-Rush, he'll automatically attack 
anyone who damages him this turn. And besides damaging all your party member, 
Watery Grave has a chance to automatically down a character! Keep Waters of 
Life or the Revive Psynergy on at least two characters and don't waste your 
time with revival Djinn. After you defeat Poseidon, he disappears into the 
water and several rocks appear around him. Head north from where he was and 
exit the Sea of Time. What's that tower/city up ahead? It's...


At last, you're in the fabled civilization of Lemuria! To reach the actual 
city, sail through the catacombs (ignore the rock like in the Sea of Time) and 
head right to the dock. Weird... 7 other ships identical to your are parked at 
the dock. Sail up to the far right dock and you'll automatically switch to 
controlling Felix on the deck. Before you disembark for the lost city, enter 
the ship again. Head through the door from Piers' cabin and go down the stairs 
to the right. The boxes that made your trek through the ship so much longer 
have been removed, so go through the far door after them. Use Parch on the 
water here from the platform you enter on and climb down the ladder. Open the 
chest to get a Mist Potion. Now leave you ship and get off. Head around the 
ruins to some stairs. You'll see a statue blocking you from jumping over a gap. 
Use Move to get it out of the way. Someone up ahead recognizes Move as 
Psynergy! The two teal-haired Lemurian guards up ahead must be Adepts! They ask 
who you are and if you defeated Poseidon. After they find out you did, they say 
you are too dangerous to enter Lemuria because of their king's orders. Kraden 
asks who their king is and they reply it's King Hydros. He has ruled over 
Lemuria for centuries (probably with Lemurian draught) and decreed that Lemuria 
must be kept safe from outsiders. Piers asks if they consider him too dangerous 
also. The guards are obviously surprised that Piers has returned, but don't 
listen to his promise that they won't cause trouble. Kraden asks if their king 
is really so important, making them mad enough to call him an insolent "pup". 
Kraden is offended and says that he's twice as old as they are. Piers warns him 
that either of the guards is older than your whole party put together. Everyone 
hardly grows older in Lemuria because time passes so slowly there. After Kraden 
apologizes for getting mad, the guards wonder if King Hydros would make an 
exception for them; he has been waiting for new from outside. They tell you to 
wait and leave for the King. Because time passes slowly for Lemurians, you 
could be kept waiting for a very long time, so the guards decide to just let 
you in. 

Lemuria is the most advanced civilization you have reached yet. There are no 
diseases, no wars, and everyone lives for centuries. It may seem like a 
paradise, but everyone is getting tired of living the same life day after day. 
There are only two children in Lemuria because they remain children for so 
little of their life. Lemuria is even duller because there is a law preventing 
people from leaving; Piers is the only one to see the outside world. If you 
want some interesting information, you should eventually go to the Senate house 
on the left side of town. The Senators here don't seem to want Alchemy restored 
to Weyard, fearing that men will abuse it again. They tell you that the King 
thinks that sealing away Alchemy has caused the world, and Lemuria, to decay. 
They disagree, though, and think that sealing away Alchemy saved the world, not 
causing it to decay. One other Senator tells you that Lemurians used to bottle 
Draught that allowed them to live a long time anywhere, and used this freedom 
to travel around the world. After a man named Babi (!) came to Lemuria and 
stole all their Draught, they built a fountain flowing with the Draught and 
settled down in Lemuria. The first thing you should check out in Lemuria is the 
Lucky Springs, which flow with waters that preserve life (you can preserve your 
life like any Inn by facing the springs and pressing A to drink). You can throw 
the Lucky Medals you have been accumulating into the spring. Depending on how 
they bounce off the crabs and turtles in the springs, you'll win useful and 
powerful items. It is a good idea to get items like the Hestia Blade and Leda's 
Bracelet, but the best prize of all is the level 5 Combo Summon, Eclipse. You 
will automatically win Eclipse the first time you manage to get a Lucky Medal 
to land in the blue center (it's easier than it sounds).

After you've used your Lucky Medals, head up the stairs behind the springs. 
Kraden will see the King's castle and is amazed. He runs up and tells you to 
come see. Although it isn't a good idea to come near the King, go up the steps 
to the castle. As Kraden is admiring the castle, the guards stop him. They soon 
recognize you as the people traveling with Piers (whom they call the "Lost 
One"). Piers asks if the King knows you're here. The message of your arrival 
has been sent to the King, but he hasn't received it yet. He cannot be 
disturbed in his meeting with Lord Conservato. Piers doesn't seem happy at the 
sound of the name. Piers asks what Kraden has seen of Lemuria, and Kraden says 
that the castle and city are magnificent. Piers says that long ago, Lemuria was 
even more lovely, livelier, and grand then it is now. The King had lived 
through those days and still tells of them. Over the years since then, 
Lemurians have lost vigor, enthusiasm, and creativity. Lemuria is collapsing 
without its spark, only a shadow of the legendary civilization (could it be the 
loss of Alchemy?). Kraden wishes he could see the city as it was, then asks 
what Conservato has to do with this. Piers changes the subject again by saying 
King Hydros thinks the decay of the city has something to do with Alchemy. King 
Hydros and most of the other Lemurians want to stop this decay, but senators 
like Lord Conservato are stubborn and unable to accept change. Kraden reveals 
more of his stupidity by asking what a senate is. The senate determines various 
goings-on in Lemuria and Conservato is their leader. Lately, the senate has 
been resisting any new ideas suggested, preventing them from reaching the King. 
Because the King's conversations with Conservato are very long, Piers suggests 
you look around Lemuria until then.

Go around to the left side of the castle and use Scoop around the butterfly to 
find some Star Dust. Go back down and Mind Read the dog to the left to find out 
there is treasure buried around here. Use Scoop on the flowers with a butterfly 
flying around them to get a Bone. It may seem useless, but it will probably do 
something undiscovered. Keep going down to the area just above the Lucky 
Springs and go right. Use Scoop on the flowers near the chicken to get a Rusty 
Sword. Now use Growth on the plant below the chicken and climb down. Go past 
the cow (a cow and a chicken... scary) and use Cyclone on the large patch of 
grass to find a Hard Nut. Now, head to the house northwest of the Spring and 
enter. Wow, whoever lives here seems to be drinking a lot of something. Talk to 
the man to find he is Piers' uncle! The man comments on how "timid young Piers" 
has become a warrior and how his sister, Piers' mother, would be proud. Piers 
asks where his mother is and notices how messy the house has become. Piers asks 
if his mother is sick again. Kraden asks if there is still sickness in Lemuria. 
Piers' mother was born with a weak heart and became ill after the tidal wave 
washed Piers away. Sadly, he came too late to see her again. Piers' uncle tells 
him where to find her grave and he rushes out, leaving your party for a while. 
As you leave to follow Piers, his uncle asks you to let him mourn, than asks if 
they came to learn about Alchemy. Piers' uncle reveals that he was given a 
mission by King Hydros himself; even if the tidal wave had not come, he would 
have left Lemuria. The man is amazed that Piers told you nothing about his 
mission into the outside world before now. While Piers mourns his mother, His 
uncle writes a letter to Lunpa (does he mean Lunpa the Righteous Thief? What is 
he doing in Lemuria?) so that he will admit you to his tower.

Leave the house and go across a bridge to the tower on the right side of town. 
When you try opening the door, Lunpa tells you from the top floor that it's 
broken. Strange... If you played Golden Sun, you'll remember that Lunpa's son, 
Donpa, was an old man. Yet Lunpa only looks the age of his grandson, Dodonpa. 
The time-slowing Lemurian magic must also work on non-Lemurians. You'll have to 
climb in through the window above the door. This is why you couldn't leave the 
Lash Pebble on Piers. Without it, you are permanently stuck. Use Lash and climb 
to the window, then enter Lunpa's tower. Go down the stairs on either side of 
the ladder and meet Lunpa. He is amazed that you could travel to far in this 
age, all the way to Lemuria. He asks why Piers isn't with you and Sheba 
explains where he is. He asks if since Piers was traveling with you, you are 
also trying to break the seal on Alchemy. This must be why Piers' mission was 
so secret; the King had to send him off without the senators finding out he was 
trying to release Alchemy. Jenna says the only reason they are trying to light 
the Lighthouses is to rescue her parents from being kidnapped by the Fire Clan 
of the north. Lunpa then asks Kraden what he is doing with you. Sheba says that 
Kraden joined them for Lord Babi. Lunpa only knows one Babi, but he says it 
couldn't be him. Lunpa is amazed that Babi is still living in the outside 
world. Kraden tells him that Babi recently died. Lunpa says to himself that he 
no longer knows anyone from the outside world. Jenna asks if he even knows his 
son Donpa from Angara. Lunpa remembers that he settled that village a long time 
ago. Kraden tells him the village is ruled by Dodonpa now, who has been causing 
lots of trouble in Angara. Lunpa is surprised his son would let this happen, 
but Kraden changes the subject and asks if Lunpa knows how old his son is 
(Donpa is at least as old as Kraden).

Before you start your actual discussion, Kraden asks if he can explain his 
personal reasons for going on this quest. Kraden says that he thought it was 
odd that Lord Babi sent him to study Alchemy. Anyway, there were once many 
civilizations around Weyard as advanced as Lemuria. When Alchemy was sealed 
away, most of those civilizations disappeared. Kraden thinks that his theories 
on Alchemy are related to Lemuria, so he waited until now to tell you. Lunpa 
asks that if his theories are right, the world itself will eventually vanish 
without Alchemy. Lunpa says that he, King Hydros, and many others have the same 
theory as Kraden does. He then describes the basic course of civilization. He 
asks you if you have seen any capable of building the Lighthouses and other 
great Sanctums you have seen. He says that this is one sign of the decay caused 
by Alchemy's absence. Lunpa then suggests that you hear the rest from King 
Hydros himself and says that you will go visit him. Lunpa gets angry when 
Kraden says he is meeting with Conservato. He says he will meet with the King 
and press their evidence on Conservato. Unfortunately, he can't get out of his 
stupid broken door. He steps back, charges up Dragonball Z style (Wha-!?) and 
charges the door, breaking it open. He then leaves for the castle. You should 
still know the way, so follow him up to the King.

One of the guards admits you to the King as "Lord Felix" (which is correct if 
you have only Venus Djinn on you and followed my walkthrough). Up ahead, you'll 
see the King with Conservato. You can see Conservato's stubborn personality 
first-hand as he complains about even having to approach you, even when the 
King says he want to show something to everyone. The King comes to you and 
welcomes you to Lemuria. After you are all introduced, Hydros confirms Kraden's 
theory that the world is decaying without Alchemy. Naturally, Conservato 
opposes this. He says that the ancient civilizations would have decayed with 
Alchemy; this is the way of the outside world. He even says that Lemuria in 
unchanged! Hydros says his best scholars support him and Piers has confirmed 
this on his mission (Conservato interrupts again and says that he violated 
senate's order by using the tidal wave to send Piers away). Kraden asks what 
Hydros sent Piers to confirm, and the King hold out his hand and makes a map 
appear on the floor. The map shows the ancient world, when Lemuria traded with 
many other similar civilizations. For once, Conservato agrees with the king 
that it was a glorious time. The King then shows the map Lunpa brought with him 
when he arrived 150 years ago (! That would make Donpa at least 100 years old 
and Dodonpa an old man! That doesn't seem right...). Kraden notices that the 
continents seem smaller than on the other map. The King accentuates this by 
displaying the maps one after the other (actually, the continents seem the same 
size to me; the world looks smaller). Conservato starts arguing with Hydros yet 
again. The King has Piers confirm that Lunpa's map is much more accurate than 
the ancient one but still shows the world as being larger than it was 150 years 
ago. Kraden compares Weyard to a living animal requiring the 4 Elements for 
nourishment. Ever since Alchemy was sealed away, the world has been slowly 
dying and has started "hibernating". By using less energy, Weyard is lasting 
longer. If Alchemy were released, the world would "wake up" and start to 
flourish again. But because its "spring" is never coming, the world is slowly 
dying. Conservato challenges this theory, but King Hydros asks why Poseidon 
would have returned. The King says that he fears the threat of Alchemy being 
abuse, but also of the world dying without it. Conservato asks if the King 
intends to send Piers away again and warns that he will never be able to return 
if he does (don't worry about Conservato; you can always reenter Lemuria). He 
then leaves, saying he will never take part in this plan. The King says that he 
knows the dangers of Alchemy, but that you have to light the other two beacons. 
Sheba tells him you can't enter the Western Sea, so Lunpa makes a chest appear 
in front of you from back in his thieving days in Angara. The King says that 
Lemurians are unable to use the Psynergy contained in it and that you may be 
able to use it better, having an Earth Adept on your team. The King tells you 
they call the Psynergy Grind and that it can clear out reefs that block your 
way to the Western Sea. The King sends you on your way to light the remaining 
beacons and gives you control again. You can now leave Lemuria and return to 
your ship.

As you leave, Sheba asks Piers how old he really is. Jenna and Kraden join in, 
thinking they haven't shown him respect for his age. Piers say to just treat 
him as you have all along, but Sheba demands to know. Piers tells them to stop 
making demands if they want to respect him, but Sheba, Jenna, and Kraden all 
start laughing. Piers tells you to get them off his back, but you obviously 
don't say anything, making him think you're also involved in the "conspiracy" 
(funny, no?). After leaving Lemuria, however, reenter. With your new Psynergy, 
you can get a new Djinni. Go to the large rock you saw in the tunnels earlier 
and get rid of it with Grind. Sail down the tunnel and dock near the now-free 

Walk along the dock wall and enter the door.


This place almost looks like Lemuria; it even has a flooded spring! 
Surprisingly, it plays no significant role in the game. Go to the southwestern 
corner of the area and use Cyclone on the shrub on the other side of the wall. 
A Mercury Djinni pops out and enter a nearby statue. Use Tremor to evict it. 
Rime will join your party without a fight. Now you can exit Lemuria. Return to 
the Sea of Time through the boulders.


Grind the rock blocking a path to the left. Grind one more rock and let angular 
current carry you out of Lemuria. You may now want to check the ocean for some 
Rusty Weapons; here is a list of the ones in the ocean. Note that they are all 
found by checking on shallow areas in the sea.
Rusty Axe: A little ways southeast of Lemuria.
Rusty Mace: East of Treasure Isle on the edge of the world.
Rusty Staff: Almost directly north of Shaman Village.
Rusty Sword: West of Atteka Inlet (you need your ship's wings).
Rusty Sword: East of Tundaria Tower.

After you've collected all you can, forge them in Yallam, then sail to Gondowan 


Use Grind on the rock blocking the way and sail through to the Western Sea! 
After getting more Rusty weapons, head to a small settlement on the southwest 
corner of the northern continent in the Western Sea (Hesperia). Get off on a 
beach that isn't spilt by a river and enter the...


Once again, the Hesperia Settlement is populated only by a single family. They 
tell you about the nearby Shaman Village, which seems to be vary wary of 
strangers. You'll also see a new Djinni here! To reach it, go to the western 
part of the area and climb the vine. Go left and use Growth on the plant, then 
climb it and go around a large rock to an area with a box. Move the box so it 
falls down the left hole in the fence and climb back down. Push it off the 
ledge it landed on, then climb down further and Move it to the right. Now climb 
back up and hop to the box. Climb the rocks to the left and enter the cave to 
find 166 coins. Exit and climb over to the Mars Djinni, Tinder. You don't even 
have to battle it! Now climb back to outside the cave and slide down the chute. 
Exit the Settlement and get back on your boat. Sail along the Hesperia 
coastline to the east until you reach a river in between two beaches; sail up 
it to a large lake. Go to the upper left part of the lake and you'll see two 
rivers to choose from. Sail up the right-hand one and get off at the end near a 
cave, which you should enter.

p. Shaman Village Cave to Contigo (Svcco)


This cave is incredibly short and simple the first time through. You'll come to 
a 3-way fork at the first room; take the left fork and uncover some vines with 
Whirlwind. In the next room, just walk around the outer edge of this room and 
enter the next room (ignore the round rocks and Mercury Djinni here for now). 
In the next room, push the pillar to the right to open a shortcut through the 
cave, then hop over the gap and go on to the exit. Enter the town up ahead on 
the world map.


Right off the bat, you'll notice that the people of Hesperia are extremely 
xenophobic. They won't even talk to you! You'll have to use Mind Read to find 
that their chief, Moapa, has outlawed speaking to any outsiders except their 
longtime friends from Contigo, telling them that they can't be trusted. Enter 
the Inn and go down the lower floor. Go through the lower left door to outside. 
Now go up and hop over the creek. Use Growth on the plant and climb up to the 
Spirit Gloves. Now go to the building next to the chest with the Gloves. As you 
try to enter, Chief Moapa himself (and two guards) comes out in front of you. 
They stress the point that they don't like intruders and tell you to leave.  He 
says that if you have something to say, you should say it fast. Walk up to him 
and when the menu appears, show him the Shaman's Rod. The Chief is amazed (it 
is the SHAMAN'S Rod, and it is also called the Rod of HESPERIA) and says it was 
a gist to a past chief, thought lost forever. The Shaman's Rod represented a 
promise to take care of the Hover Jade, and they are charged to give the bearer 
of the Rod the stone. Moapa looks at each of you, puzzled, and says he won't 
give you the Hover Jade because you aren't Contigo. Kraden asks if there is 
some way they can get the Rod, and one of the guards suggests the "test". This 
test is Trial Road, and only the giver of the Rod to the old chief could walk 
it. He then walks off and asks for you to follow him. After you get your 
control back, follow Moapa and go through the next area. Talk to Moapa here to 
find that you need to make the sand here disappear to get the Hover Jade. Blow 
it away with Whirlwind and the pink statue. The chief is amazed you cleared the 
path and his guards say that Sheba must be the one from Contigo. Moapa almost 
seems in denial as Piers asks for the Hover Jade. He says that the sand was a 
test to see if you're worthy to take the test to obtain the stone (what a 
mouthful). You still must pass through Trial Road. The guards are amazed that 
Sheba will also be made to do the test. Sheba gets mad and asks if they are 
saying she can't be the chosen hero. Moapa says that the heroes have always 
been men, making Sheba even madder. You eventually taunt Moapa into letting you 
take the test, but he warns you that a great battle awaits you at the top. 
After you regain control, standby your Djinn for the battle ahead beforehand (I 
suggest putting 6 Jupiter, 4 Venus, 2 Mars, and 6 Mercury on standby) and go up 
to a clearing.

Moapa explains the rules to you now. The legends say that the past leaders of 
Contigo and Shaman Village tested each other's skills here in the road and 
fought on top of the mountain. Moapa then has his two guards demonstrate what 
to do. The rooms ahead are filled with traps and puzzles; you must use your 
Psynergy to pass them. To open each of the four doors to the next room, you'll 
have to put some items in the chests next to them. OMG OMG!!!! Felix actually 
talks!! He says his first word in the game: "Why?" Anyway, the chief answers 
that the doors are locked until the chests are weighed down with the proper 
amount. The first person to each door must put in one item and the second has 
to put in two! To put an item in, open the chest and select use on an equipped 
weapon or armor. If you are feeling overwhelmed and want to start over, there 
is a button you can press to end the Trial and return to the clearing.

Before choosing a path to race on, climb the ladder to the left and go down to 
the Hard Nut. Now, choose your path (I recommend the left one, but it doesn't 
really matter; the 4 rooms you'll face are randomly chosen from the following 
8). The starting timer counts down and the race begins! Run into the first room 
from the starting line. Because there is no definite order of the rooms, I will 
do separate walkthroughs for each room. Once you enter a new room, pause and 
check to see which one it is. Finally, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME GETTING THE 
CHESTS. You can reenter the road after the race and get them.

Room 1
Defining Features: A huge sand waterfall
Use Sand to get up the waterfall and get off on the right. Use Whirlwind to get 
rid of the leaves and climb the vine to reach the end.

Room 2
Defining Features: 3 rolling logs
Push the bottom log and the second log left, then right into the water. Climb 
the vine to the right and then climb down to in the enclosure made by the logs. 
Push the pillar up and to the right as far as it will go and push the bottom 
log back down. Push the other log right into the water and hop across it. Climb 
the vines to the next area.

Room 3
Defining Features: 5 pillars, 2 of them vine-covered
Ignore the viney pillars; push the center free pillar down and the other 2 
towards the center one. Climb the vine to the right, hop across, and climb 
another to the next area.

Room 4
Defining Features: 2 water geysers
Align the pillar with the two water geysers, climb a vine, and hop across the 
water geysers when they are shooting water, then go to the next area. Or, run 
up to the upper part of the area. The left or right Scoop spot (I can't 
remember which) contains a geyser that blasts you right up to the top.

Room 5
Defining Features: 4 Poundable pillars, only 2 raised at a time
Use Pound on both of the pillars to switch them with their nearby counterparts 
and push the two vine-free pillars onto where the Pounded pillars were. Then 
hop to the next area.

Room 6
Defining Features: 4 pillars in long tracks; 1 vine-covered
Push both lower pillars up to align with the other two and hop across. Push the 
pillar up here to the left and climb the vine.

Room 7
Defining Features: 2 Burst pillars
Use Burst on the right-hand pillar, hop up to the vine, and climb it to the 
next area.

Room 8
Defining Features: 2 torches and 2 ice pillars
Pull the 2 pillars 1 space south each with Move and then push the left torch 
next to the corresponding pillar to melt it. Push the torch away, jump over the 
puddle, and refreeze it. Then go up the vine ahead and hop over the pillars and 
climb the last vine.

After you have cleared 4 randomly selected rooms, you will climb some stairs in 
the last room to the peak of the mountain. Climb the vine and hop over to the 
strange circle. Moapa and his guards appear and, as prophesized, they battle 


Since when are Indian warriors called "knights"? Anyway, if you followed my 
standby tips before Trial Road, you can Summon 2 Eclipse, Judgement, and 
Ulysses. Like all other human enemies, Moapa and his guards are equally weak to 
every element. The Summons should take away quite a lot of his HP (remember to 
focus on Moapa). After that, have Jenna heal with her Aura spells and the 
others attack. The Indians should go down soon after the initial Summon rush. 
Be warned, though; Moapa and his knights love attack items like Bramble Seeds 
and Crystal Powder. They can be quite damaging, so always keep your party well-

After you beat Moapa, he gives you the Hover Jade as promised. Everyone then 
goes back to the village to rest. After you get up, you'll find that every 
building is unlocked and everyone will talk to you! Go to a two floor house on 
the eastern part of town and exit through the second floor door. Go around on 
the path to a pillar behind a rock. Use Move to get it into the pit. Then go to 
the basement of Moapa's house and exit. Use Lash and climb up the rope. Follow 
this path around to the east and hop across the pillar. Go and get the Jupiter 
Djinni, Aroma ahead! Also, check the Shaman's teepee in this area. One of the 
jars inside holds some Lucky Pepper. Check the Shop and also return to Trial 
Road to pick up the items you missed. Now, exit Shaman Village when ready. Go 
back through the cave and get on your boat. Sail back out to the ocean and head 
northeast along the coast to another river in between two sandbars. Sail up it 
a long way to a fork. Because the lower path leads nowhere, take the north one 
and get out on the north side of the river once you pass the small mountain. 
Walk around on the ribbon like strip of land's forest until a Venus Djinni 
appears. Defeat Petra and have it join you, then sail to the continent south of 
Hesperia. Get off on either of the two beaches on the west side of the 
continent (Atteka) and go north or south depending on which beach you got off 
on. When you can take a long, forested path right a little way north of the 
lower beach, do so. Follow this peninsula to its end and walk around in the 
large forest on it until a Mars Djinni, Core, appears, Once again, beat it to 
have it join you and return to your boat. Go to a river in between two sandbars 
on the east side of Atteka and sail into it. Take the left path at each of the 
forks (your left, not the ship's) and you should end up inside a reef visible 
from the ocean. Sail up and enter...


Some people have brought a giant wing here according to a prophecy. They say 
they'll attach them to the sacred vessel when Mt. Jupiter is lit (could they 
mean Jupiter Lighthouse?). Maybe the sacred vessel is your ship... you'll have 
to beat the next dungeon to see! Before leaving, go up the ladder left of the 
house in the next area and follow the cliff path around to a Vial near the 
wing. Notice the strange spider-like symbol on the arch leading back to the 
world map. After you leave, go northeast to a town next to a HUGE crater.


The people of Contigo are all descended from the legendary Anemos civilization, 
and some have even inherited their wind Psynergy power. The Anemos had the 
ability to hover in the air and see into the future, but they're dead now. 
However, the two siblings who now possess this power have left Contigo. You'll 
learn that one of those siblings was taken by a man named Hammet: Ivan! So Ivan 
is Contigo; who is his sibling? Whoever the sibling is he or she seems to be 
more powerful than Ivan. To the right of the village, on the edge of the huge 
crater, you will find the temple of the Anemos, a geoglyph of the sacred 
vessel, and the other wing, still under construction. Besides the prophecy of 
the winged vessel, there is also a prophecy that when the power of the Anemos 
is lost, a group of heroes will come to light the Jupiter Lighthouse beacon. 
Could that mean you? You also find that Contigo and Shaman Village have not 
always been allies. The friendship was formed between the two through constant 
war. And finally, it's finally time to use your Game Tickets at the Contigo 
Slots! There are also two dice games that you can win coins with. Now that you 
know the facts, time to get a Djinni. Go to a large patch of weeds east of the 
entrance to the town. Don't use Cyclone; use Scoop in the only clear area in 
the middle of the weeds to unearth Salt, which joins you without a fight! Once 
you have checked out the shops and used your Game Tickets, (also, go to the 
Anemos Temple and use Reveal to find that the center door is open, then enter 
and follow the halls to reach a Dragon Skin), you can head out of Contigo and 
go northwest to Jupiter Lighthouse.

q. Jupiter Lighthouse (Juplh)


Hey, it's the same spooky music as in Akafubu's ceremony! I hope you like it, 
because Jupiter Lighthouse is one of the longest and most important levels. 
Enter the Lighthouse door. The large door up ahead is closed tight, and you 
can't open it from this side. Take the path to the left until you reach a fork 
outside. Take the right-hand path and use Cyclone on the weeds at the end of 
the short path to find a Mint. Go back and go the other way to a Cyclone 
portal. Use Cyclone while standing on it to be transported to some catacombs 
under the Lighthouse. At the fork up ahead, go down first and Cyclone the grass 
to fight a Mad Plant for another Mint. Go back up and to the other path. You'll 
have a choice of two door; take the left to find a room with a Psynergy Stone 
like in the first two rocks, though you probably won't need it at the beginning 
of the level. Take the other door and climb down the ladder. Use Hover on the 
glowing tail of the glowing bird-like design on the wall and floor and walk on 
the air over to the opposite ledge. Up ahead, use the Cyclone portal to get 
back into the Lighthouse. Go up the path here and push the pillar onto the 
switch to open the door you couldn't pass earlier and another door. Go up into 
the new door to the "lobby" of the Lighthouse.

You'll notice a long, swirling stream of Psynergy here. Go through the door on 
the left side of the tall room first. Just go up and into the next room here. 
You'll be confronted with a small log-rolling puzzle. Roll the log next to the 
stairs you came up on up, then the only other moveable one up. Go under the 
first pillar and push the vertical one left, then the one to the right up. Push 
the vertical pillar back to the right so it fills in the gap. Hop across it and 
open the chest to receive the Erinyes Tunic. Now go through the door on the 
bottom of the room. Back in the main room again. Use the nearby Cyclone portal 
and enter the door you arrive at. Go up and Move the pillar near the chain to 
the right off the ledge, then go back down and go through the door past the 
Cyclone portal. You'll emerge outside. Unlike the other 3 Lighthouses, Jupiter 
LH has an expansive outdoor area. Go southeast to the next door, back inside. 
Climb the next set of stairs and go through the door. Go up the hall (note the 
red door. The Cyclone portal you passed before going outside leads to it). Use 
Reveal on the pillars forming the symbol and hop across to more stairs. You now 
have a small jumping puzzle. Jump down to a chute and slide down. There will be 
3 pillars in grooves. From right to left, move the first one all the way left, 
the second one space left, and the third all the way up. Climb the ladder left 
of the third pillar and jump across the ones you moved and the normal pillars 
to a chest containing the Meditation Rod, a powerful weapon for Sheba. Now hop 
back to outside the block enclosure and take the door on the bottom left corner 
of the room.

Back outside again. You'll notice that pressing the button here causes a bridge 
up ahead to fall away like a trapdoor. Push the pillar blocking your way across 
the bridge onto it and press the button. No more pillar. Go back in the way you 
came outside and go up, past the Meditation Rod chest to some stairs you didn't 
take before. Slide down the chute and go across the room to a ladder. Climb it 
and go along the ledge to another room. Climb the stairs to the right, then go 
down to the door. You're on the Jupiter Lighthouse aerie! "But John, I 
thought you said Jupiter Lighthouse was long!" It is, and be quiet! There is a 
huge plug on top of the hole you need to throw the Jupiter Star into, 
preventing you from lighting it yet. Go down the symmetrical stairs on the 
other side of the aerie and back up to some more stairs. You'll be on the other 
side of a previous room. Slide down the chute and approach the tall pedestal. A 
voice tells you to use the power of Anemos. Climb up to the top of the pedestal 
and use Hover. All the hover symbols in the Lighthouse are now powered up 
(except those with broken circuits)! Hop over to the right across the suspended 
pillars and go back to the room you first entered this one through. Push the 
pillar along the center of the room up onto the Hover spot to make it float. Go 
down and use the lower Hover spot to float to the left and grab the Red Key. 
Slide down the chute, hop over the floating platforms, and return to the 
jumping room. Go down and through the door to the outside and go across the 
trap bridge. Enter the other door and return to the original stairs in the 
jumping room. Go back left across the 6 Reveal pillars on the lower floor and 
go down to the door. Notice the Red Door again; this is where you're headed. In 
the next room, go down the stairs and through yet another door. Outside, go up 
to the last door on this trek and use the Cyclone portal just inside. You'll be 
taken up to next to the Red Door. Use the Red Key (what else?) to open it and 
go through the hallway and outside. You'll be on a long bridge leading to a 
tower next to the main Lighthouse. As you near the towers, a statue spits 
whirlwinds at you whenever you get onto its line of sight, blowing you away 
like in Air's Rock. Use the alcoves made by blocks to get past it and enter the 

After the first room, go to the left and fight the Mimic. Then go fright and up 
the stairs. Go through the next room to more rolling pillars. Go past the 
right-hand two and up the next stairs. You'll be in a maze with some cracked 
floor tiles like the cracked ground in Dehkan Plateau. Go to the right and down 
to the next room (never step on a tile more than twice), but then go back to 
the first room. Over to the left from the door, Move a pillar left into a pit. 
Now go around the left edge of the room and get the Mist Potion from the chest 
(exit and reenter, then get the 306 coins if you think they're worth it). 
Anyway, after you're done, return to the door at the bottom of the room and go 
through the next few doors. The next room is practically empty, so go through 
it too. The next room is filled with cracked tiles. Carefully walk over the 
semi-intact tiles to the left Hover pad. Hover to the left solid ground and 
Move the pillar onto the switch to open a door like at the beginning of the 
Lighthouse. Go along a path to the right-hand Hover pad and Hover down across 
the cracked tiles. Go through the door. Don't fall down the cracked tile up 
ahead. Go up the stairs and through the door to be at the top of the tower. 
Push the missing circuit to the Hover link into place to make the archer statue 
fire an arrow at one of the statues holding the plug on the aerie. It raises up 
and lifts part of the plug up. Go back to the room with lots of cracked tiles 
and fall down the cracked tile surrounded by 8 normal tiles. You'll land in the 
blank room. Fall down the cracked next to you, and the next one, and take the 
Blue Key you land next to. Now Retreat to the beginning of the Lighthouse.

Go back to the "lobby" and go through the left door you first went through. 
Climb down the ladder in the next room and Move the rightmost pillar below to 
the left, onto the Hover pad. Jump across the floating pillars and go up the 
stairs. You'll be in the first pillar-rolling room; go down, hop over the gap, 
and reenter the main room. Push the circuit piece block off the ledge, then 
slide down and move it into the broken circuit. Use the activated Hover pad to 
hover to the ledge on the left, then use the next one to Hover right into the 
glowing stream of light. In here, you can solve a small puzzle to the left for 
a Potion. After that, go right and through the door. Go up, right and into the 
other door. Don't use the Cyclone portal; open the Blue door and go through the 
doorway behind it. You'll see another deactivated Hover pad. Slide down the 
chute and push the missing conduit into the circuit to activate the Hover pad 
above. Go through the door behind you and all the way up to another chain and 
pillar. Move the pillar left into the pit to complete a shortcut, then use 
Retreat. Return to the reactivated Hover pad behind the Blue Door. Use it and 
fly in front of the statue. It will blow you to the right-hand tower.

Inside the tower, go through the first room and through the other door directly 
ahead, not the stairs. In this room, there are two conduits and 3 slots for 
them. If both conduits are placed, a Pound pillar pops up, which you can use to 
pop the conduits out. To reach the conduits, you'll need to use Hover on two 
different spots. To get the Jupiter Djinni, Whorl, push the straight conduit 
into the lower right slot and the other one into the lower left slot. Then use 
Hover and float to the Djinni (you'll have to fight it first). Then, pop the 
pillars out and push the straight one into the upper slot and the other into 
the slot the straight one was in before (I hope I didn't confuse you). In the 
next room, you have a VERY tedious puzzle. The Hover conduit also serves as a 
means of readjusting the pillars here, but only one at a time. You can solve a 
puzzle for Water of Life, but it isn't worth the time. Just push the pillars so 
the look like this:
P = Pillar on Hover pad
O = Hover Pad
| or - = Hover line

|  |  ||
| P-OO-|
| |  | |

After this, push the Hover conduit back into the slot and hop across to the 
next room. Push the pillar onto a switch to make a shortcut and go up the 
stairs. Just go through the next room; there is nothing to do in it. In the 
next room, follow this path to make it to the final room:
All the way to the left wall from the entrance
Down 2 spaces
Right 3 spaces
Down 1 space
Right 2 spaces
Down 3 spaces, past the whirlwind statue (don't get blown away)
Left 2 spaces, across a cracked tile
Down 1 space
Left 2 more spaces
Down 3 spaces, let this statue blow you across
Up 1 space
Right 2 spaces
Down, left and to the next stairs
That was boring, wasn't it? The final puzzle room is filled with Hover pads and 
is rather tricky. Use Hover on the one you are standing on and Hover to the 
left. You won't fall because of the Hover pads below you. To get past the first 
whirlwind statue on the left, just run past it on the leftmost row of Hover 
pads. The next one is harder. On the row of pads 2 spaces down from the 
lightning rods, run northwest onto the cracked tiles. If you are over these, 
the statue will miss you. Get back onto the Hover pads as soon as you pass the 
lightning rods. Open the chest here to receive the powerful Phaeton's Blade. 
Now return to the center pad and go to the right. Get past the first statue on 
the right just like the first on the left. The final one if trickier. When you 
reach the row of lightning rods, go right onto the cracked tiles and run up. If 
you get back onto the hover pads a split second too early, you're blown away by 
the statue. Too late, and you run out of Hover time. I have found that the 
precise moment to turn to the northwest, back onto the Hover padded ground, in 
right as the whirlwind from the statue is crossing onto the rightmost Hover 
tile. With practice, you should be able to get this maneuver every time like 
me. Once you get past the final statue, Hover to the stairs and climb them. Go 
down the last hallway to the top of the right tower. Activate the statue here 
just like you did the other one to raise the plug on the aerie high enough for 
you to through the Jupiter Star in. Now Retreat to the beginning and make your 
way back to the door where you first went outside, near the Cyclone portal 
leading to the opened Red Door. Before you go through the next door, give all 
your Water of Life to Piers and put 6 Mercury, 4 Venus, 6 Jupiter, and 2 Mars 
Djinn on standby.

As you exit the Lighthouse, you hear your old Golden Sun party! Mia has 
apparently falling fallen somewhere up ahead and Garet is trying to save her! 
You hear something falling with a crash. Ivan and Isaac call out to them (yes, 
Isaac. He apparently transferred his mute virus to Felix during their Venus 
Lighthouse encounter, and is now quite a chatterbox). Your party starts talking 
about whether you're on the same side and if you should help them. You run up 
and see Garet dangling from a ledge, Mia trying to save him. It looks like 
Isaac or Ivan unwittingly triggered the trapdoor you saw earlier and sent Mia 
and Garet falling down to a precarious platform. Mia tries to pull Garet up and 
isn't strong enough. As Isaac tells himself he has to save Garet fast, Agatio 
appears and says he won't be. Obviously he's accompanied by Karst. Isaac tells 
them to go away if they aren't going to help, but they tell him about Karst's 
grudge against Isaac. For the first time, Karst reveals where the Fire Clan is 
located: the town of Prox, far to the north. Agatio says that Prox is in dire 
trouble because of the seal on Alchemy; this must be why the pair wants the 
Lighthouses lit. After they tell of their plans for after Prox is restored, 
Ivan asks if they think his party would let them after that. Isaac asks if you 
were trying to help them, and they reply they don't know why you want the 
Lighthouses lit, but they don't care whether you or them light the Lighthouse. 
Isaac and Ivan tell them to get out of the way so they can stop you and add a 
small threat. Agatio and Karst ask if they would leave their friends "hanging". 
They must have triggered the trapdoor. As they start winding up to a fight, 
Ivan says he hopes they don't mind a fair, two-on-two fight. Karst tells him 
that Alex is with them, expecting him to take his cue and appear. But, he 
doesn't. Agatio gets mad and reveals that he wanted to get rid of Alex all 
along (he does seem like a "weak link" to me, with his "sneering smile"). They 
then get into a fight, which looks pretty funny (it has all the battle sound 
effects, but they don't enter the battle screen).

Your party starts talking about the fight and Garet's position. You all decide 
to help Isaac, so after you get control, so go through the door behind you and 
go back to the ledge they are fighting on. As you approach the door to the 
ledge, Alex appears (literally) and asks if you are going to light the beacon. 
He then asks if you're sure that's ALL you're going to do. He saw you watch 
Isaac's party fight Agatio and Karst. He knows that you will regret it if you 
leave them behind; you can't leave people who have served their purpose behind 
like he can. He encourages you to go and help them, then fully heals your 
party! Maybe Alex isn't so bad after all... As you go outside, you see Ivan 
being downed. The battle screen appears and Agatio finishes Isaac off with the 
cool-looking Rising Dragon. As the two talk about their victory, Isaac stirs. 
They are amazed he is still alive and prepare to finish him. Kraden warns Isaac 
of the danger and follows you to the battle. As Kraden asks what they are 
doing, Karst tells you to be grateful for their "favor". They get mad that you 
haven't lit the beacon yet and tell you to hurry up. Sheba says they will, but 
won't leave Isaac and co. behind. Karst gets mad at your betrayal and once 
again prepares to finish Isaac off. Jenna defends Isaac and says Agatio and 
Karst will have to fight your party first. Karst, realizing how tired they are 
from fighting Isaac and Ivan, decides to do as you say and leave. Agatio tells 
her to stay and asks why she isn't mad about her sister's death. They decide to 
leave, but only if you light the beacon immediately and take Isaac's Mars Star. 
Kraden, amazed, asks how they knew about the Mars Star. Isaac says he trusts 
you and gives you the Mars Star. Agatio and Karst then leave and head for the 
aerie. As you leave to follow them, Piers comes with you, not trusting the 
pair. Now return to the aerie. As you arrive, Agatio and Karst get mad that 
you're late and order you to light the beacon. After you do so, Piers tells 
them to let you go. Agatio and Karst refuse and say they can't trust you after 
you betrayed them. Now that Jupiter Lighthouse is lit, they have no use for 
you. Karst explains this by telling you Mars Lighthouse is close to their 
hometown, Prox! Before you can comprehend this, she steals your Mars Star! 
Piers asks what will happen to Felix's parents after all the beacons are lit. 
Agatio confirms he'll keep his promise and release them, even if you're not 
there to take them home to Vale. They then fight you. It's time to die, Felix!


Because only Piers joined you on your ascent, you'll have to start the battle 
two-on-two. Begin by having Felix Summon Judgement and Piers using Diamond 
Dust. Because Felix should have Revive and Piers will have Water of Life, they 
can revive each other if needed. Now, onto the enemy's description. Karst, the 
weaker of the two, has two unique attacks. Her Death Scythe does a good amount 
of damage to one character and has a chance of felling them instantly. She also 
has Djinnfest, which creates a song that puts one Djinni from each of your 
characters on recovery mode. Agatio, the physically stronger of them, has some 
extremely deadly attacks. His Stun Muscle does several hundred points of damage 
to one character and may stun them. His Rising Dragon attack, which you saw him 
finish Isaac off with, does even more damage with no special effects. His 
Rolling Flame Psynergy does several hundred points of damage to several of your 
characters; it's very deadly. And lastly, Agatio has one of the strongest 
attacks in the game, Meteor Blow, which deals massive damage to all of your 
party and may even be enough to fell a party member in one hit. It is similar 
to a Summon in that it does more damage to characters with higher HP. Because 
Karst has less HP than Agatio and the Death Scythe attack, you should 
concentrate your strongest Psynergy and attacks on her. After two turns, Jenna 
appears and asks what's taking so long. Piers explains what's happened and 
Jenna joins the fray! Use her two Mars Djinni to Summon Ulysses and take 
advantage of her Aura spells for healing. After another two turns, Sheba joins 
up. You can now Summon Eclipse on the dastardly duo twice! This battle is 
really only difficult because you start out with half your party, despite 
Agatio's devastating attacks. After Sheba joins you, you should have no problem 
winning. Also, note that this is the only Boss Battle in the game you don't 
have to win; the storyline progresses regardless of the outcome. Winning is 
still recommended, however; you get the rare, forgeable Dark Matter when you 

After you defeat them, Agatio tells you to finish them off. Karst asks you what 
would happens to your parents if they, Saturos, and Menardi didn't return to 
Prox. Jenna doesn't believe they are implying their parents would be killed, so 
Agatio once again tells you to finish them off. After you reply, Alex appears. 
He warns you that Karst's threat may be true and to not kill them. He then 
proceeds to revive the two! He shows you that they are still weak and tells 
them to leave. Sheba asks how he will get past Kraden and Isaac's party, who 
are coming up. He says they'll take the... elevator? If you played Golden Sun, 
you'll remember the two elevators on each side of every Lighthouse aerie. As 
Kraden appears, they get on the elevator and descend. Garet, who came with 
Kraden and the others, is mad that they got away. How typical... Ivan says that 
you should head back to Contigo and rest and Kraden agrees. Isaac leaves on the 
other elevator and you take the one Agatio and Karst used, which just came back 
up. After you get back down, climb down the ladder below and exit the 
Lighthouse. Return to Contigo now to reunite with Isaac.

r. Contigo Revisited to Gondowan Settlement (Corgs)


You can now learn that the giant crater next to Contigo is where the Anemos 
civilization stood before it lifted off into the sky and became Weyard's moon! 
Wait, didn't you hear that Sheba fell from the sky when she was young? Could 
Sheba be an Anemos? Because Jupiter Lighthouse was lit, the prophecy of the 
Anemos was fulfilled and most of the citizens have left to take the remaining 
wing to your boat!


Now, go to the house to the northmost part of the town, the one that was empty 
before. Isaac and his party greet you (oh, and get used to the music that's 
playing; it's the new World Map theme). You debate on whether Isaac's party 
should trust yours and agree that you are allies. Ivan also makes a comment 
about Isaac worrying all the time about Jenna since she was kidnapped at Sol 
Sanctum. Hmm... Could they... You then talk about why you and your party 
avoided Isaac. Ivan asks why you helped Saturos and Menardi. Naturally, you say 
nothing. You start talking about the night Sol Sanctum was invaded by Saturos 
and Menardi and the storm that followed. Jenna says that she was relived to 
find that Felix survived the boulder 3 years ago. Kraden adds that everyone 
survived the boulder. Does this mean Isaac's father Kyle is alive? After this, 
Kraden explains why you want the Lighthouses lit: to save Weyard. You are faced 
with the conundrum of whether you should light the beacons and risk the World's 
destruction immediately or let it die for certain more slowly. What a choice... 
Isaac says he would have helped you before if he had known, but Kraden tells 
him that would have violated the teaching of Vale. Suddenly, the most unlikely 
person imaginable enters: Master Hamma! What is she doing so far away from Xian 
Temple!? She tells you that she is a descendent of the Anemos and Ivan's 
sister! She tells you not to worry about that now and says that the elements 
are unbalanced with only 3 beacons lit. Weyard is slowly freezing because the 
Mars beacon has not been lit yet. Jenna tells her Agatio is going to light it, 
but Hamma doubts he will be able to. She senses a powerful force that doesn't 
want to see the beacon relit. You will have to combine your powers if you want 
to succeed. Hamma says that she also has a gift for you, in Atteka Inlet. After 
a little more talking, both your parties join up! Before you leave Atteka, use 
Force (you did give Isaac the Force Gem in your password, right?) on the stump 
just southwest of the house you joined up in. A Mars Djinni, Shine, pops out. 
You don't even have to fight it! Now, leave for Atteka Inlet.


In the southwestern part of the area you enter Atteka Inlet in, use your new 
Lift Psynergy to lift the boulder and then use Cyclone on the weed to unearth 
the strongest attack Djinni in the game, Geode! Like Shine, you don't have to 
fight it. Go to the area with your boat for a surprise: the wings have been 
attached to your boat! As you go to the gangplank, Hamma greets you and shows 
you're your ship. Using the Hover Psynergy, your boat can now fly! If you 
rescued Hammet in Golden Sun, a messenger from Vault will bring a chest 
containing rare Orihalcon as you leave. Try out your new wings to fly over the 
small rocks blocking your way out. As you fly, everyone but Sheba is happy 
about the wings. Sheba finally reveals why she is on her quest. She thought 
that if she went to Jupiter Lighthouse, she would learn who she was. Sadly, she 
didn't find any answers with Felix's party. After talking some more, Kraden 
says he is like Sheba in that he can barely remember the poor family he was 
born into. When he was 4, Babi adopted Kraden and took him to study as a 
scholar. He never got to know the comforts of a true family. How sad... Anyway, 
use your new wings to get a Rusty weapon from inside a reef west of the Inlet.  
Now sail to an islet southwest of Atteka: the SW Atteka Islet (what else?)


This tiny settlement teeters precariously over Gaia Falls. To get a Dragon 
Skin, climb down the vines below the tent and push the pillar into the water. 
Climb back up and push the box off the left part of the island into a small 
waterfall. It should fall over but be stopped by the pillar. You can now hop to 
the Dragon Skin. Also, Lift a boulder and hop over to a Jupiter Djinni if you 
didn't have all of them in your transferred party. Now you can return to your 
boat. Then return to Yallam (you can fly over a land shortcut near Mikasalla).


First, forge anything you might have and visit the shops to sell excess items. 
Then go to the upright log outside the blacksmith's house. If you have the 
Force Orb, use Force on the log to knock it over and hop across it to a weed 
patch. Use Cyclone to reveal a ladder. Climb down it and go through the cave, 
then take the powerful Masamune sword at the end. Now, leave Yallam and return 
to the Western Sea. On the southern tip of Atteka you'll see a seemingly 
unreachable cave. Well, not anymore. Go to a beach northeast of the cave on the 
east side of Atteka. It's the left side of a river delta. Fly your ship down 
through the trees to the cave and enter.


To get the Summon Tablet in here, go to the right side of the cavern and use 
Parch on the water from as close as you can get. Then climb a ladder up to a 
high ledge and to, then climb up from the empty pool to the Summon Tablet, 
Coalticue! Leave the cave and return to Shaman Village Cave in Hesperia.


As you enter the cave, 3 gladiators enter looking for Isaac. He apparently beat 
them in the Colosso Tournament before (you did win Colosso in GS1, right?) and 
they want revenge. They think his use of Psynergy was cheating. They then fight 
you again. They are not to hard; just use Psynergy, Summons, and Djinn on them. 
Also keep in mind that Azart seems to be the weakest of the 3. After you beat 
them, forgive them for accusing Isaac and they give you the useful Golden 
Shirt! Now go through the center door at the fork. In the next room, Lift the 
1st, 3rd, and 4th boulders from the left. Use Frost under the puddle behind the 
first and then Whirlwind the leaves on the ladder on the top of the room. Climb 
the ladder and hop over the ice pillar. Hop to the ledge right of the one the 
ice pillar was next to, the one with the Mercury Djinni on it. It will hop over 
to the next platform. Follow it; because of the pillars you lifted, it will be 
trapped. Battle Eddy and make it join your party, then continue on to Shaman 
Village. After you've gotten reacquainted with everyone, reenter Trial Road.


Go all the way to the top of Trial Mountain to where you got Hover. Use it on 
the Hover pad left of the left-hand exit from the Road. Hover to the left and 
enter the cave.


Use Lift on the boulder near the entrance and go down the long stairs to the 
exit. There is a Mad Plant in the weeds left of the exit to the cave. Then, go 
to the bottom right pool. There is a Jupiter Djinni that flies around the pool 
and always stays opposite of you. Use Reveal (notice the symbol) and hop across 
the hidden platform. The Jupiter Djinni gets stunned in confusion. Go up to 
Gasp and battle it to get it to join you. After that, go back through Trial 
Road and Shaman Village Cave. Get back on your boat and sail southeast to 
Gondowan. Southwest of Kibombo is a small river between two sandbars. Sail up 
it to a very wide, long river. Keep going up until a rock blocks the way 
further. Get out on the left side and go north across the bridge. Up ahead, 
you'll see a red mountain. This is Magma Rock, but don't go there yet. Go along 
a path to the west and up to Gondowan Settlement.


Gondowan Settlement looks similar to Kibombo in terms of decor, but it is much 
smaller. Only 3 people live here in one family, and they are all afraid of 
Magma Rock. You'll be traveling there despite their warnings, but first climb 
some stairs behind their house and go down to some gravestones of their 
ancestors. Use Reveal and take the Lucky Medal hidden on one. Then go to the 
southwest part of the Settlement and use Cyclone on the weed on the left side 
of the fence. Down the revealed ladder you will find some Star Dust. Now leave 
the Settlement and return to Magma Rock.

s. Magma Rock (Magro)


Use Lift to get the large boulder on the ground out of the way. Don't bother 
Bursting the pillars up ahead or entering the rock yet, but look at the statues 
shooting fireballs at each other. Climb up the ladder around the door and climb 
up the ladder to the right. Use Burst from behind the tiki head and it will 
shoot a fireball at a pillar, which blows up. Go back and climb up the ladder 
the pillar was blocking. Push the other pillar out of the way and climb up. 
Slide down the ledge to the left and use Burst of the statue here. It doesn't 
spit fire; instead, it starts flashing Climb up the nearby ladder and jump on 
top of it before it blows its top and you'll be lifted up to another ledge. 
Make your way from here around two more ladders. Push another pillar and climb 
to the next area. You can climb down the ladder to the right of this area to 
get an Oil Drop. Then use Growth on the plant next to the ladder you came up on 
first, then climb up the one to the right. Use Growth on the two other plants 
and Burst on the statue. Climb up the right-hand plant you grew and go left to 
a ledge. Slide down it and use Burst on this tiki statue, then slide down 
another chute and climb up the first vine you grew. Use Burst on this statue 
and get on it. Prepare for liftoff! Jump off when it rockets you up and push 
the nearby pillar left onto the plate. Go over to the left and you'll have a 
choice of 4 chutes to slide down. Slide down the second and take the coins from 
the chest. Slide down more and use the statue to the right to get back up. Take 
the third chute now and Lash the rope. Climb it and use Burst on the tiki head. 
Quickly slide down the left chute below the tiki and hop the gap to the right. 
Climb up the ladder and jump onto the tiki head before is explodes. Climb up 
the ladder after you go up and over to another pillar. Push it and climb over 
it (don't go up to the next area yet). Go to the next area with the right-hand 

One of the two ladder paths is blocked by a Burst pillar. Hop over the gap 
above the other ladder and climb another ladder under a tightrope. Use Move to 
move a pillar across a rock away from you and return across the gap. Climb two 
short ladders and hop across the two Burst pillars and normal pillar to the 
left so that you collapse the second Burst pillar. Use Burst on the tiki and go 
across the tightrope. Slide down and climb to where the pillar you blew up was. 
Push one more pillar and go right, up a ladder. You can climb up a ladder 
ahead, but instead go down a ladder. Go down another one, then get the 
Salamander Tail and push the pillar. Go back up and climb the ladder you saw 
earlier. Use timing to get past the fighting tiki heads without getting knocked 
off by a fireball. Once you reach the top, walk right to another ladder. On the 
higher ledge, pass the first ladder and use the tiki at the bottom of the 
second. It strikes the large fire stone and makes it explode, blowing a hole in 
the side of Magma Rock. Return to the first ladder down and enter the rock.

Go through the first room in here and the next one too. Go around the large 
wall and back into the previous room. Hop over the gap and use the small tiki 
statue to hit the large one with Burst, which fills the room with lava. If you 
missed at least one Mars Djinni in Golden Sun, you can find one in the bottom 
of this large room, near what looks like a floodgate. Anyway, return to the 
last room and use the moving platform to reach the next hall. Just go through 
the empty hallway and enter the door below this one. Take the Lucky Medal from 
the chest and go back. Go down to the bottom of the room and use the button 
near the floodgate to open it and drain the room. Return to where you entered 
the room and climb down the ladder into the lava bed. Push a large pillar into 
the indentation so it aligns with 6 circular pillars and makes a convenient 
shortcut. Then enter the tall doorway near the small tiki statue. In the lava 
bed in the next room, enter the stairs with the blue diamond above them to 
reach the next lava area.

Before filling the room, climb down to the floor of this series of rooms and go 
through a large door under a tightrope. You now have a choice of two tall doors 
to go through. Go through the top one first and push the square pillar down 
into the pit. Go back to the last room and take the bottom door. Go to the left 
side of this long room and climb the ladder to a Mars Djinni! Defeat and 
capture Fury, then go back and fill the lava room. Exit the room into the door 
southwest of the large tiki head. Use the moving platform to reach a Mist 
Potion, then jump across the pillar you just pushed and go down to the next 
room. Go right and use the moving platform here to exit through the rightmost 
door. Use Burst on the pillar ahead and also on the one after that. Now go back 
to the room above and drain it with the floodgate. Return to the room below 
through the wide door under the tightrope and climb up a ladder where a cracked 
pillar was. Climb down a ladder to the right and go down the stairs with a blue 
diamond over them.

Climb down the ladder and go through the room below, then back through the 
first room and up to the lava pool room. Hop over a gap and fill the room as 
usual. Use the moving platforms to get to the other side of the large room and 
go through the southwest door. Ignore the chains in here for now; just go down 
to the bottom room. Now use the floodgate to drain the lava and return to the 
previous room. Swing across the chains like the vine in Gaia Rock and descend 
the ladder. Then go to the upper room through a tall doorway. Climb a ladder to 
the right and take another Salamander Tail, then go up again to the drained 
lava room. Push the 3 square pillars you'll see so that they align in their 
indentations. Now go to the tall doorway you first hopped past to fill the lava 
room. Enter it and take the forgeable Golem Core from the chest. G to the lower 
door in the large lava room you didn't enter through, entering the lowest level 
of the room you first entered this floor on. Push the pillar next to the door 
into the indentation and climb up. Go back up and refill the rooms. You can now 
use the 3 pillars you aligned before to get into the other side of the chain 
room. Go through to the next room and use the two moving platforms to cross 
over. In this revisited room, you are in a position to push a pillar left into 
the lava. Drain the lava and return to this room. Climb down the now reachable 
ladder and down one more flight of stairs.

You'll be in the room right inside the entrance of Magma Rock you passed 
earlier. Push the blocking pillar off the ledge to the left and climb down. 
Fight the Mimic inside the treasure chest to win an Apple and enter the door on 
the left. You can't get past the pillar here yet. As you hop onto the series of 
scattered platforms, flaming rocks shoot out from the center of the lava. Pay 
special note to the glowing, not flaming rock the camera centers on. Anyway, 
hop to the top center door and enter. Go up to a large chamber with a strangely 
familiar door on it. Enter the door. You'll see some platforms floating on an 
endless sea of lava. Hop to the far platform. Like in Air's Rock, the platforms 
disappear behind you. Examine the tablet at the end of the platforms. Jenna 
will touch the tablet and learn the Blaze Psynergy! Try it out on the stone 
platform on the way back to the previous room (don't Retreat yet). Use Blaze 
facing the unlit torch from behind the lit one to shoot a stream of flame and 
make the pillar blocking you sink down! Hmm... Where else have you seen a 
pillar like this? Return to the room filled with scattered platforms and use 
Blaze on a flaming rock near the entrance you first used to light the nearest 
torch. Then use the lit torch to light the other one and pass through the 
exposed door. Go along the path in this room and hop over to the glowing rock 
after you reenter a different part of the platform room. Examine it and somehow 
reach inside the glowing rock. You'll receive the Magma Ball! Now Retreat from 
Magma Rock and get back on your ship. Sail around to a town on the western 
coast of Angara, roughly north of Magma Rock and southeast of Hesperia.

t. Loho to Prox (Lotpr)


Loho is a recently established mining camp filled with dwarves. It is built 
over ruins of an ancient civilization, and the dwarves are trying to reach the 
quarry the stone for the buildings was mined from. Unfortunately, a solid wall 
blocks the way. They have a cannon, but no ammunition. Solve this problem by 
using your Magma Ball on the cannon. The cannon fires and blows the wall to 
bits. In gratitude for your opening up more digging space, the dwarves carry 
the cannon off to your ship. Enter the space behind the wall. Use Scoop to dig 
up a partially buried Golem Core and another one under a Liftable rock. Also, 
dig around in the ruins for 2 Game Tickets. Climb the ladder in the back of 
this space and go over to the roof of the Sanctum. The Jupiter Djinni there, 
Lull, will join you without a fight. Also, before you leave, visit the all-
purpose shop and dig up some rare Mythril Silver behind a wall in the southwest 
corner of the town. It is between two small rocks and the eastern part of the 
wall. Once you're done in this town, exit to the world map. The dwarves tell 
you they attached the cannon to your ship with no problems. They return to town 
to excavate the new area. Get back on and return to Yallam to forge the new 
items (if you want to go all the way back, which isn't recommended-you'll soon 
get a new Psynergy to get there in the blink of an eye), then go to a beach 
north of Loho. Keep going north to a cave (you can actually see Vale and Sol 
Sanctum across the mountains near the cave!).


At the bottom of the stairs, the Combo Tablet Haures can be yours if you solve 
a small Carry puzzle. First push the block on the ground one space to the 
right, then climb the ladder and push the upper block to the ledge. Use Carry 
to get it down, then go back down and Move it left so it aligns with the other 
block. Carry the lower block on top of the other one and jump across the 
stacked blocks to the Summon Tablet. Now exit the cave and sail to a snowy 
island northwest of the cave.


Only an old couple lives here. They used to trade with Agatio and Karst's 
hometown of Prox to the far north, but because the Mars Beacon has not been 
lit, the sea has frozen over. You'll need your Magma Ball to get through to the 
north. Could this mean you're going to Prox? Anyway, if you have the Catch 
Beads, you can use them to grab an Apple on a tree outside (how does it grow in 
the cold?) by sliding out onto the frozen pond and down. To reach the Mercury 
Djinni you saw earlier, slide right from where you got the Apple, up, left, up, 
right, up, left, up, right, up, left (kind of boring, no?), down, and left. 
Climb the ladder, use Lash on the rope, and go over and get Gel without a 
fight. Now leave Kalt Island and sail north to an opening in the sea of rocks 
surrounding the...


Weave through the maze of rocks here to reach some icebergs. As you go up 
through them, Jenna notices a huge wall of ice blocking the way. Kraden and 
Sheba agree that you should use your new cannon to blast the wall down. Get 
between the two small icebergs in front of the wall and fire! After the wall is 
gone, sail north to a blizzard-swept landscape so far north is doesn't even 
seem to be on the map. Get out of your boat and enter...


Wow... I can sure see why Agatio and Karst say Prox is in danger. If it doesn't 
get eroded away, it will be frozen solid! Because the northernmost part of 
Weyard is all land, a bottomless rift replaces Gaia Falls at the end of the 
world. Amazingly, the people here welcome you BACK; Felix must have traveled 
here with Saturos and Menardi! The Proxians here agree with King Hydros in that 
Mars Lighthouse must be lit, or else Prox and all of Weyard will be destroyed! 
Prox was forgotten by everyone as it slowly died after its nearby beacon was 
extinguished long ago. Prox sent elders to the center of the beacon-dimming 
operation, Vale, but they wouldn't listen and drove the messengers out. Agatio 
and Karst have already gone to Mars Lighthouse, but haven't returned. The 
village elders and leaders have become worried about them and are waiting for 
them on the northern edge of town. You probably remembered the deal that your 
parents would be freed when you returned to Prox. No deal! They somehow 
vanished without a trace from the house they were kept it. Could they have gone 
to the Lighthouse, too? After checking out the Inn and Store, go to the 
southern part of the town near where you entered and use Lift to get rid of the 
boulder. Walk along the pond to some buried Dark Matter. Use Scoop to dig it 
out like you did the other forgeable items in Loho. Then get onto the snowy 
pond near the top of this area of Prox and walk along on it to the next one. 
Slide over to the Venus Djinni and it will slide into a far wall and get 
covered in snow. Slide up and use Scoop to dig it out. Even if you did push it 
into a snow bank, Mold still joins you without a fight. Also, check for a 
random Mercury Djinni from Golden Sun in the house your parents were in if you 
missed at least one in the first game.

After you're ready, go to the northernmost part of town to where the village 
elders are waiting for Agatio and Karst. Puelle, the village leader, is getting 
impatient for Agatio and Karst's return. They start debating on whom will go to 
the Lighthouse to search for the two. The village elder says that none of them 
will be going; it's too dangerous. Walk up to the village elder (in between a 
rock and a Proxian soldier) and you'll introduce yourselves. They are slightly 
surprised to see Isaac, who killed Saturos and Menardi at Venus Lighthouse. 
Isaac explains why he had to fight them and what they had done in Vale. Your 
party eventually decides to go to Mars Lighthouse to search for Agatio and 
Karst and light the beacon. They tell you to get the Mars Star from Agatio and 
Karst, and then send you off. Back on the world map, go north around a mountain 
to the final Lighthouse, just below Gaia Rift.

u. Mars Lighthouse and Ending (Mrlhe)


First, climb a ladder right of the entrance to the Lighthouse and grab an Apple 
below one of the elevator shafts, then enter the door below. In the Lighthouse 
lobby, climb the right-hand stairs and fight the Mimic behind the Pound pillar 
for a Cookie. Then enter the door right of the stairs at the top of the room. 
Ignore the large ice block and exit the other door. From this door, exit the 
lobby from the leftmost door. Go around through this hallway to the stairs. Up 
ahead, use Pound to get through the pipe and enter the next room. You can't get 
the Mars Djinni in here for a while, but you can Grind the block of ice (this 
is the top of the ice slab you saw on the lower floor). This makes a huge crack 
in it below. Return to that room and finish the ice off with Burst, then go 
through the door. You'll see a large, ornate circle in here, but you can't do 
anything with it yet. Go off to the left hallway and climb the short stairs. 
Enter the door at their top. This room gets kind of frustrating, so save often 
to avoid having to start all over. Basically, you must use Move to get the 
dragon-shaped statue to the other side of the room. The dragoon statue blocks 
any jets of flame from the dragon heads that are on the top wall. 
Unfortunately, when Moving it farther to the right, you must briefly relinquish 
your cover. Only Move the statue when the dragon head it's in front of is far 
away, quickly get behind it again, and save often so you don't have to start 
over if you mess up. Once you get it into the indentation in front of the 
stationary dragon head to the right, go down the next staircase.

In here, first go left onto the frozen pool. From the ground, go left, up, 
right, down, left. Then go down into the door and through the hall. Use Blaze 
to light the unlit torch and fire the dragon head. This cracks a large block of 
ice. Return to the ice pool room and use the door you didn't already. Go down 
the stairs below and use Burst to break apart the cracked ice. Don't enter it, 
take the unused doorway back up the short stairs. Once again, use Blaze to fire 
a dragon head and go through the exposed door. You'll be in an ornate hallway. 
Go through the middle of the 3 doors and take the precious Orihalcon from the 
chest. Then take the right door to a long hallway. Every few seconds, a 
dragon's head at the top of the hall shoots a massive fireball down the central 
corridor. Go up the paths on both sides of this central corridor and Pound down 
all the pillars in the small "nooks" on either side. Then use these nooks to 
avoid the fireballs as you make your way to the door. At the end of a long 
hall, you'll arrive at a large ice pool. Use Move on the dragon statue directly 
left of the door to move it left across a small piece of ice. Then, get onto 
the ice rink and go: down, left, down, left, up, right, up, left, down, left, 
and down to a Mercury Djinni. Defeat Balm and have it join you, then go back up 
and go up the stairs. You'll arrive above another circle. Time to get a new 
Psynergy: slide down the chute and take the Teleport Lapis from the chest! Try 
it out on the Teleport circle to teleport to the one you saw earlier. Return 
through the hall to the left and down the stairs. On this floor, return to the 
door you defrosted but skipped. It seems empty, but look at the blocks. Use 
Reveal, then Teleport to get to a ledge above the Orihalcon chest (hopefully 

Enter the staircase to reach a very tricky room. Before you attempt the 
gauntlet here, go down the short stairs and walk all the way to the left, 
checking out the Pound course in the corridor and the looming dragon head at 
the end. Take the powerful Valkyrie Mail from the chest above the dragon's 
head. Return to where you entered the room. You now have two options after you 
slide down the chute. You'll trigger a glowing dragon head to start moving 
along a track as you land. This head is heading straight for the large dragon 
head you saw on the other side of the room. When it gets there, it will shoot a 
huge fireball down the corridor! Your first option is to race the head down. 
This is entirely possible; just run all the way and set Pound to L or R. If you 
don't want to risk getting hit by the fireball, wait on the button you landed 
on for a while until the flame passes safely by. This not only gives you twice 
the time to reach the far door, it also clears out all the obstacles from the 
path. Once you exit this room, don't use the Teleport circle yet. Go up through 
the hall ahead to find out what would have happened if you had used it. You 
would have appeared right in front of a loaded dragon head! Use Move to get a 
statue in front of the torch controlling the dragon head to disable it. Return 
to the Teleport circle and use it now. Climb the ladder and go through another 
hall. When you reach the next room, you'll probably see the chest and think 
"oh, another Nut. Oh well." Well, DON'T IGNORE THE CHEST! It contains the most 
powerful weapon in the game, the Sol Blade! It can only be equipped to Isaac of 
Felix, but it has a huge attack bonus and the best unleash in the game, which 
can easily deal over 1000 damage to many enemies! To reach it, you'll have to 
do a new pillar hopping puzzle. Some of the platforms have ice on them. You 
must avoid jumping so that you slide down to the floor below. It still isn't 
too hard to reach the insanely powerful Sol Blade, though. After you get it, 
slide down to the floor below, reclimb the stairs, and hop across to the next 

Follow the series of hallways, stairs, and doors until you reach a larger room. 
At the end of a walkway above a frozen pool, you'll see two dragons encased in 
a huge slab of ice. Standby all the Djinn you'll need for Summons; there's a 
Boss Battle coming up. When you're ready, use Blaze to light the unlit torch, 
then Burst the cracked ice slab. The dragons thaw and attack you!


These bosses are not all that hard if you set enough Djinni to standby. 
Remember to Summon Haures and Eclipse often and concentrate on one dragon. 
After you've Summoned all you can, finish off the dragon you weakened most with 
Psynergy and the Sol Blade. Then repeat for the other one. Remember to leave 
enough Set Djinni on at least one party member so they can have the Wish series 
of Psynergy. You'll notice something strange in the fight. The Flame Dragons 
have many of the same attacks as Agatio and Karst, like Rolling Flame, Meteor 
Blow, Djinnfest, and Stun Muscle. Rising Dragon is supplemented with Flame 
Breath, but their movesets are very similar-could there be a connection?

After you defeat the Dragons and get a Psy Crystal, they transform into, you 
guessed it... Agatio and Karst! They obviously don't know what happened when 
they were transformed into the Flame Dragons. They start to remember their 
mission. They wandered around lost because the Lighthouse was frozen, unable to 
find the aerie. Now that you've beaten them, they are too drained to finish 
their mission! They even feel cold, which the Fire Clan is supposed to be 
immune to. They start to think they're going to die up here in the Lighthouse. 
Agatio suddenly remembers something else. An eye told them they don't have the 
will to go further... was this "eye" an illusion? Do you even remember ever 
seeing an eye on your journeys? You should if you played Golden Sun. Could the 
eye have turned them into dragons? They start to remember their fight against 
you. Agatio suddenly notices you standing next to him. Because they are too 
weak to even stand, Agatio and Karst beg you to finish their quest and give you 
the Mars Star. Go up to the dragon head behind the other two that helped 
defrost the dragons and give it the Mars Star (it's in Felix's Mythril Bag). 
This doesn't light the Lighthouse, but it definitely warms it up. The 
Lighthouse glows red and once again fills with lava. Now Retreat and enter the 
lobby again.

Climb up the left stairs and use Blaze to fire the dragon head at the ice on 
the right side of the room. Use Burst to blow it up, then go through the door 
and make your way to the Mars Djinni you saw earlier, Fugue. Defeat it, then 
return to the lobby and go up the stairs in the center of the room. On this 
floor, hop over the platforms on the lava and go up more stairs. The large 
dragon head in this room will tell you telepathically that to scale the heavens 
and reach the aerie, you must light the 4 symbols. It doesn't mean the 4 
symbols in this room, though. It does open 4 new paths. Walk in front of each 
symbol to reveal a path you can take to one of the 4 towers on the top of Mars 
Lighthouse. I'll start with the fish symbol.

Go through the hallway to outside the Lighthouse. Get across the freezing 
bridge and enter the tower. Go through another hall to an ice pond. To reach 
the top door, go left, down, right, up, left, up. Go down the stairs to a 
puzzle room. In here, there are 2 puddles and 3 pushable sections of pipe. Push 
the middle section up first, and then Freeze both puddles. Roll the top pillar 
to the right and the middle pillar back down, and then roll the bottom pillar 
up. This will light a torch in the previous room. Return to that room and slide 
down to a pit on the bottom of the room. Climb back up to the normal level and 
go to the ladder (the directions are like before only the second to last step 
is right, not left). Use Blaze to ignite the steam the small dragon head is 
shooting, which activates the big one and clears a path. From the right side of 
the room, go left, down, right, down, and left. Enter the next hall and exit 
through the bottom door to emerge at the top of the tower. Use Blaze on the 
blue torch facing the top wall of the enclosure to make a burning fish symbol 
appear. Now use Retreat and return to the symbol room. The blue torch around 
the dragon head will be lit.

Now enter the bird symbol. Go through the hallways until you reach a choice of 
two Cyclone portals. Take the left one and you'll be at another choice. Take 
the left one again and use Move of the dragon statue to the right to move it in 
front of a fire-breathing dragon head. Slide down the slope and climb the 
ladder to the right. Go through the two Cyclone portals to be at the first room 
and take the left one again. This time take the right portal at the second fork 
and walk up. Climb down the ladder and go to the right to 6 blocks in the 
Reveal symbol. Use Reveal, then Cyclone. Go through the next Cyclone portal and 
to the northwest. Use Move to get the Hover conduit into place when the nearby 
dragon head is up near the ceiling. Then let it push you over the ledge. Return 
to the ladder and use Hover to get over the other moving dragon head, to 
another Cyclone portal. Prepare yourself as you use it; you'll appear right in 
front of a loaded dragon head! Quickly dash off to the left and take the Psy 
Crystal, then run down the corridor as soon as it spits fire again. Use Reveal 
at the 6 platforms and hop out of the path of the fireballs. Go down and 
through another door to the top. Light the bird symbol like you did the fish 
symbol and then return to the symbol room. Take the dragon door this time.

After the usual hallway and bridge, don't enter the tower yet. On the right 
side of the ledge around it, take Alastor's Hood from the chest. Then enter the 
tower. Use Burst on the two cracked walls in this chamber and enter the left 
one. Hop to a button in the upper left corner of the room and press it to make 
a dragon head light a torch. Then hop from the right doorway and use Blaze to 
make the dragon head in the center of the room crack the center wall in the 
room before. Burst this one open and hop to the next doorway. Go around a bend 
in a pipeline here and push a pipe upward into place. Go down through the way 
the pipe was blocking and you'll have a choice of two stairs leading under pipe 
to choose from. Take the bottom one first (notice the dragon head blocking the 
path) and use Move to get the dragon statue left, closer to the dragon head. 
Take the other stairs and Move the statue in front of the head. Go up the way 
it was blocking and through a longer tunnel on top of the room. Push the pipe 
you pushed up earlier back down and return to before the last stairs, to the 
other fire-spitting head. Go through the way it was preventing you from taking 
and through the bottom doorway to the dragon symbol room. Light it like you did 
the others and return to the symbol room. Now take the final door: the human.

Once you reach the inside of this tower, you'll have a choice of 3 statues to 
move aside. One contains a door; the other two have fire-spitting dragon heads. 
Move aside the right-hand statue and go through. You now have 4 statues to 
choose from. A doorway has already been revealed. Move aside the far left 
statue and enter. Take the stairs up to the main room. You'll have to solve a 
Carry puzzle. Don't push the block on the ledge into either of the slots; fill 
those with the blocks on the ground and push the higher one across to block a 
dragon head. Walk over a tightrope and push a statue right onto the ground to 
open a shortcut past the Carry puzzle. Save before attempting the next part. 
Because glass is made of sand, you can somehow use Sand on the two glass 
squares to the left. Use Sand to get past the two dragon heads and exit the 
room through the bottom. Finally, light the human symbol and return to the 
symbol room. The dragon head will make a Teleport circle appear. Save, adjust 
your party, and put your Djinn on standby according to my Doom Dragon FAQ. 
That's right: you're almost to the final boss! Before you engage the Doom 
Dragon, however, you are strongly recommended to go on the 4 sidequests in the 
following chapters to make your final battle much easier. Anyway, once you've 
done those and returned with all the powerful Summon attacks, prepare yourself 
to Teleport on the new circle.


As you approach the aerie, a voice calling you "betrayers" welcomes you. You 
can't see the speaker through the strong winds, but you decide to throw the 
Mars Star in before it's too late. The voice asks if you still want to light 
the beacon and seems to recognize Isaac and Garet. It tells you to search your 
heart, and Garet, somehow acting smart, realizes it's the Wise One from the 
beginning of Golden Sun! What's he doing here, and why does he still think the 
Lighthouses shouldn't be lit? He must have been the one who turned Agatio and 
Karst into dragons! You start talking about the Wise One's power and how he 
held back the eruption at Mt. Aleph. The Wise One asks why you have come to 
light Mars Lighthouse after he gave you the task of preventing just that. Jenna 
tells it that Prox will be destroyed if they don't, but the Wise One says you 
should leave them to the fate they deserve after trying to light the 
Lighthouses. You try to convince it of the danger the world is in without 
Alchemy. The Wise One seems to hold many of the same views Conservato did and 
has the same stubbornness. The Wise One says that the end of the world by 
mankind's hand will come sooner than you think if you light the beacon. The 
Wise One tells you that your "friend" Alex is climbing Mt. Aleph right now. 
Jenna asks what Alex is doing there (but now how he got there when you can't) 
and the Wise One replies that he knows more about what will happen when Alchemy 
is released then you do. The power of the Lighthouses will all gather at Sol 
Sanctum and merge into the Golden Sun (you were wondering how the series got 
its name, weren't you?). The Golden Sun is the pure power of Alchemy finally 
made real and is what forms the Stone of Sages. The Wise One says that this has 
been Alex's objective for all these years: to act weaker than he is and 
manipulate people into lighting all the Beacons, and then receive the power of 
Alchemy at Sol Sanctum!

Even if you are risking giving Alex infinite power, Isaac decides that you must 
still light the beacon to save Prox. The Wise One says he can't interfere with 
your actions. Jenna says that he can't stop you from lighting the beacon if 
this is true. As you try to light it, the Wise One blocks you! He says that he 
cannot hold you off from lighting the beacon. But what if a miracle were to 
suddenly occur, one that stopped you from lighting Mars Lighthouse? Obviously 
the Wise One is up to something; he says you can only light the beacon if you 
can defeat a miracle. Suddenly, miraculously true to his word, a 3-headed 
dragon swoops down from the sky and lands in front of you! Garet comments that 
he and Isaac already beat a two-headed dragon on Venus Lighthouse; how much 
harder could this one be? As you move to fight the beast, Kraden, remembering 
who the Fusion Dragon really was, realizes who this dragon really is and cries 
out to you not to fight it. Too late, though. You're already in battle with 


Difficulty: 5/10
Location: Mars Lighthouse Aerie
HP: 16000
PP: 150+
ATK: 470
DEF: 155
Agility: 200
Exp: N/A
Coins: N/A
Weakness: Jupiter

The Doom Dragon is the final boss of GS2. He has 3 heads. Every time you take 
away 1/3 of his HP, a head will disappear. The Doom Dragon may seem 
intimidating, but you should be able to beat him easily using my strategy.

John Broderick's Doom Dragon Strategy

First, the DD's attacks of note (he attacks 4 times a turn):
=Djinn Blast/Djinn Storm=
These can both seriously mess up your strategy. Djinn Blast puts all the Djinn 
of a character on recovery, and Djinn Storm puts ALL your current party's Djinn 
on recovery. Luckily, he only replaces Blast with Storm when he is down to one 
head. (see below) The best thing to do is try to cope with Djinn Blast when it 
happens (he doesn't use it often). Once he is down to one head, kamikaze him 
with Summons before he uses Djinn Storm.
=Cruel Ruin=
This is the new version of Outer Space. Once again, it does lots O' damage to 
your party. It looks cooler, though. :)
You may want to make sure you have a way of removing evil spirits caused by 
Make sure at least two of your characters can revive.
=Guard Aura=
This is Doom Dragon's version of Flash. It pretty much just makes you waste a 

All right, here is my way of beating the Doom Dragon easily. Here is my team 
---Main Team---
Isaac: 4 Mars, 5 Jupiter, all set, has Sol Blade, Hyper Boots, Mythril Helm, 
Riot Gloves and Valkyrie Mail
Ivan: 4 Venus, 5 Mercury, including Shade, all set, has Psychic Circlet and 
Iris Robe
Mia: 2 Mercury, 7 Mars, including Flash and Tonic, all set, has some Waters of 
Garet: 5 Venus, 4 Jupiter, including Granite, all set
---Backup Team---
Sheba: 9 Jupiter, all but one on standby
Felix: 9 Venus
Jenna: 7 Mars, 2 Mercury, both Mercury and 5 Mars on standby
Piers: 9 Mercury, all but one on standby

Here goes: with Isaac, start attacking (he should unleash Megiddo every time) 
from the start. You may also want to consider Death Leap/Plunge because of the 
DD's Jupiter weakness. Never stop using Death Leap/Plunge or attacks with him, 
ever. Constantly alternate Flash and Granite with Mia and Garet, switching to 
Ivan's Shade if either of them has to do something else. Because of his PP 
restoring items, Ivan can cast even Pure Wish every turn. Use Revive or Water 
of Life if a character is downed (like by Spirit of Death). If an evil spirit 
grips a character, use Tonic. If Ivan doesn't need to heal during a turn, have 
him use a Plasma series attack. Keep doing this, trying to regulate yours and 
the DD's pattern as much as possible (just try to cope if it uses Djinn 
draining attacks, or restart if you wish), until it kills your first party. It 
should have one head (BTW, it loses heads as you do damage to it) and sustained 
lots of further damage by now. If not, you're screwed. Anyway, once your backup 
GS2 party is staring the weakened, one-headed DD in the face, have them let 
their summons rip it apart. Especially use Jupiter Summons like Eclipse and 
Catastrophe. This barrage should kill the Doom Dragon. I hope this strategy 

As you fight it, I'll let you do some guesswork on whom the Doom Dragon really 
is. Here are some hints: first, what 3 characters do you think could have 
merged to form this monstrosity? Could the color of the Doom Dragon's heads be 
the answer? Maybe its two yellow heads and one red head mean it's made out of 2 
Venus Adepts and 1 Mars Adept. And also, what 3 characters would be free to 
come up here and fuse? In other words, which 3 Adepts could have gone to the 
Mars Lighthouse without you noticing them before?
After you beat the Doom Dragon, it splits apart into 3 unfamiliar people. Or 
are they? Everyone asks Kraden why he asked you not to fight the dragon. He 
says you didn't just kill the dragon, you also killed the 3 people it was 
formed from. Because it couldn't stop you from lighting the beacon, the Wise 
One instead played a cruel trick on you. Jenna tells Sheba to help her see who 
the 3 people were as you try to sort this out. Kraden tells her not to look; it 
will only bring her pain. As Jenna sees the face of one of them, she backs 
away, too horrified to speak. The 3 people that formed the Doom Dragon were 
actually Jenna and Felix's parents, and Isaac's father! The Wise One must have 
taken them from Prox and formed them into the Doom Dragon. Mia and Piers try to 
heal them, but it doesn't work. Kraden tries to comfort Jenna by saying that 
being turned into a dragon requires a huge amount of energy, as you saw with 
Agatio and Karst. Even if the Doom Dragon had won, it still would have died. 
Garet, Sheba, and Piers start getting mad at the Wise One and yell out to him. 
Isaac tells them to be quiet and says he knew who he was fighting as soon as 
the battle started. You decide that you still have a mission, as painful as it 
may be. Control switches back to you (alone as Felix). Talk to your party and 
dying parents if you want, but then light the Beacon when you're ready.

After you light the beacon, some children begin talking to you telepathically! 
They tell Mia that they're at the base of Mercury Lighthouse. They say that in 
a dream, "he" told them to spread the warning to everyone at Mercury Lighthouse 
to stay clear of it, and Mt. Aleph. Garet demands to know who "he" is, scaring 
the little children. Mia asks them and they describe the Wise One to her! 
Everyone wonders why the Wise One would try to save people from the Lighthouses 
and the power of Alchemy if he's so evil. Master Hamma starts talking to you 
and says that although the Wise One looks evil, he is really caring. Everyone 
asks what's so caring about making you kill your own parents. Hamma asks if the 
Wise One is really so evil if he was warning people away from the Lighthouses 
to save them. She warns you to get off Mars Lighthouse fast, and then is gone. 
Just as you are deciding if you'll take your parents along, the beacon changes 
to an evil black and yellow-the Golden Sun is forming! As you talk about what 
is happening and your escape, Garet suddenly thinks he's being grabbed by 
someone. This is never explained in The Lost Age, but it soon ends. As you try 
to escape with your parents, a bright flight flares up as the scene ends.


You are in the town hall here. The Prox elder and leader are congratulating you 
on lighting the Lighthouse and saving Weyard. But did your parents make it out? 
Anyway, the Proxians describe the sight of the beacon being lit and the Golden 
Sun appearing over Vale. You start to say your goodbyes, but you then find out 
that the Proxians brought your parents back from the brink of death! Somehow, 
the fire Psynergy from Mars Lighthouse recharged them (you found that Earth and 
Fire have a symbiotic relationship when this same thing happened on Venus 
Lighthouse) and rekindled their life. Jenna comes in and says that everyone 
else is ready to go and that you should hurry up. After saying goodbye again, 
you regain control. Once you're ready, go to the entrance area of Prox. Your 
parents are waiting for you! You discuss the fate of Vale and your trip back 
home, and then your parents, Mia, Sheba, and Piers leave. Garet asks Kraden if 
he thinks Vale will be all right when they arrive. Kraden says he doesn't know, 
but Garet's parents will definitely be safe because of the Wise One's warning. 
Before Isaac, Kraden, and you leave, Kraden guesses why the Wise One made you 
fight your parents. He must have been testing you to see if you would sacrifice 
your parents to save the world and thus be worthy of Alchemy. You probably 
passed that test! As the credits roll, you see Alex climbing Mt. Aleph, just 
like the Wise One said. He is hurrying to reach the summit before the Golden 
Sun rises. You also see the Lighthouses sending their beams to Sol Sanctum. 
After the credits finish, you see Alex standing on Mt. Aleph with his arms 
outstretched. A huge beam shines on him. When it ends, he is excited by his new 
power and tests it by creating a storm over Vale. But, nothing happens. He 
tries again, but still nothing. The Wise One flies up to him and asks if he 
wants limitless power. Alex says he already has it and shows the Wise One his 
new strength by pushing it backwards when it says his power is not as limitless 
as he thinks. The Wise One demonstrates the limits of Alex's power by slamming 
him on the peak of Mt. Aleph and stunning you. When Alex demands to know why he 
isn't invincible, the Wise One tells him he put some of the Golden Sun's power 
in the Mars Star, which transferred it to Isaac. An earthquake starts. Alex, 
unable to get up, falls into the earth as Mt. Aleph is swallowed.

The screen changes to black on black as your party and family approaches Vale. 
Isaac and you decide to go ahead to see if anything has happened. In his most 
amazing feat since Trial Road, Felix manages to speak a near-complete sentence! 
In more famous words, "I'm sorry, Jenna, but... Vale... Mt. Aleph... They're 
gone!" Isaac, Kyle (his dad) and Garet mourn the loss of their families. Felix 
amazingly talks more, telling them to go to nearby Vault to rest and think. 
Garet says that would be easy for someone who isn't all alone in the world to 
think. Now Sheba utters one of the strangest quotes in the game: "Aw... Poor 
baby..." This leads Mia to think Sheba and Garet... You can guess whet she is 
thinking even if she doesn't say it. As Garet is getting mad at everyone 
laughing, someone tells him to cheer up. A little kid also laughs and says he 
got to see his brother crying-it's Garet's family! Isaac's mother also made it 
out of Vale! After a few touching images of everyone greeting each other, the 
game ends and you can save your clear data (MAKE SURE TO DO IT ON A DIFFERENT 

I hope you enjoyed my help, congratulations on beating the game! You no longer need 
the video game sage anymore, your training is complete. I should have a completed 
walkthrough of the 3rd Golden Sun (not out yet) by late 2006-early 2007.

Peace and love man, John Broderick

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