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Get Rich!
Get Bells!
Get some hard-earned dough!

This guide (made by the best guide maker - doogy300) shall teach you a few tips 
how to make some quick cash in the popular real-life game Animal Crossing.

Current number of money-making tips: 14

1. Dump Hunting

Every day, the stuff at the dump changes.  Grab all the stuff in the dump, 
you like the stuff, head for the police station, grab anything there, go down 
the beach, grab the seashells, and go sell it all to Tom Nook.  You can get a 
5,000 Bells or more if you're lucky.

2. Gone Fishing

Fish not only make good pets, but they make great money too!  Get out your 
rod, head down to a river, the Big Pond, and the ocean, and start fishing.  The 
best fish are of course, the big fish.  But sometimes, small fish can be a 
too.  The Cherry Salmon, for example.  When I sold that, I got, like, what, 
5,000 Bells for it?  Just capture each and every fish you can find.  Take them 
to Tom Nook, sell them, go get more, and keep on doing this until you think you 
have enough!  You could get over 10,000 Bells for just one Tom Nook visit!

3. The Money Tree

You know about the glittering lighted ground and the money you get from it, 
Well, plant as much money as you can in there!  Wait about 4-5 days, and go 
back to 
the new tree.  Wow!  Look at that!  There are three bags of cash hanging from 
tree!  And each bag contains the amount of money you planted!  So, if you 
30,000 Bells to start with, you can get 90,000 Bells!  Amazing!  Who ever said 
money doesn't grow on trees?

4. Fruit Collecting

Your town is a one-fruit town, meaning some trees carry only one type of 
Each fruit from your town can be sold at 100 Bells!  If it's a fruit not from 
town, Tom'll sell you 500 Bells for it!  Better start planting trees with 
kinds of fruit!  (To plant a fruit tree, bury a fruit)

5. The Turnip Cartel

Joan the Turnip Seller appears every Sunday morning, selling turnips from 10 to 
100.  Her prices change.  Grab as much turnips as you can from her!  Now, go to 
Nook.  Choose `Other Things` then select `Turnip Prices`.  He'll tell you the 
prices he's buying turnips for.  Sell your turnips to him!  You could make a 
maximum of 99,999 Bells! And that's the max you can carry!

6. Tropical Paradise

This can take some time.  You also need a GameCube to GameboyAdvance Link 
not to mention a Gameboy Advance!  First, grab as much fruit as possible.  Talk 
Kapp'n, travel to your island, put all your fruit in the middle of the island, 
grab the coconuts too!  Put every fruit on the island.  Now leave.  On your 
Advance, get your islander to eat a fruit, and shake a tree.  Once he/she eats 
fruit, and shakes a tree, then a money bag falls out!  Put the money bag(s) at 
dock, or your islander will take them.  Keep on doing this until all fruit and 
money bags are eaten and at the dock.  Now go to the island (on the GameCube 
silly), grab all the bags, and voila!  An instant upgrade to your wallet!

7. The Rockies

Get out a shovel or an axe.  The shovel doesn't break, but is slow.  The axe is 
quick, but can break, so be wise about your decision.  Go out and find a rock.  
you think it wasn't there yesterday, then give it a good whack.  If you are 
it will turn red and a bag of money will fall out.  Now, start whacking that 
You need to do it as fast as possible.  Usually you can get about five bags of 
cash.  How much bells is in each depends on your money luck.  Try digging holes 
behind you to stop yourself from backing up when hitting a rock.

8. Re-decoration

This one can get you a random amount of money depending on what you own.  Get 
the stuff in your house that you don't really want.  Such objects can be 
lamps, fossils (you can get a minimum of 2,500 if you sell fossils!  But they 
to be cleaned first), whatever.  It's your choice.  Sell them to Tom Nook.  Who 
knows what dough you can earn just by redecorating your house!

9. Happy New Year

If you play to January 1st, check your mail when morning comes.  There's a 
from home with 10,000Bells in it!

10. Choo-Choo-Cha-Ching

2 memory cards
1 with town data
1 memory card (with at least 3 blocks)
1. Deposit all your money in your account.
2. Talk to Porter and go on the train.
3. Take out the memory card with travel data.
4. Enter your file looking like a person without eyes or a mouth. The person 
has holes on his/her face. 
5. Go take out all your money in your account and drop them outside in any acre.
6. Save and Quit the game.
7. Once back in the title screen you can insert the memory card back in.
8. Click Yes when they say that you already returned.
9. Once off the train go to the post office.
10. You will notice that you have money in the bank and out in the acres you 
them in.

11. Don't Bug Me For Money

Fish and fossils can make cash, but what about bugs?  Sure, your museum 
wants 'em, 
and some make good pets, but ever thought about selling them?  They can be 
worth a 
lot.  So get out your net and start catching them!  If you can get to Animal 
then you can find the summer bugs there.  Tom Nook is generous enough to give 
average of 7,000 Bells per bug hunting session.

12. Crazy Redd's Crazy Prices

Although Redd sometmes offers rare items, his prices are ridiculously high.  
buying price is ridiculously low.  NEVER buy anything from him UNLESS you want 
of his items extremely badly.  I never did trust a fox.  Especially a Crazy 

13. Return To Sender

You know those special codes that you write in a letter, send it off to someone 
get some really rare item back? Well there are plenty of money codes and
apparently, this one will nab you 30,000 (send it to many animals to get more):


Write that code in a letter (exactly like that, capitals and small-cases), send 
to some animals, then check their replies.
If they come with presents then the code was a success. Write to me to see if it
works for you.

14. Holes

The golden shovel is not just a new look for the ol' miner's tool. This handy 
item can nab you Bells! With the golden shovel equipped, dig a hole here and 
there. Occasionaly, you'll dig up 100 Bells! "Who put that there?"

NOTE: To get the golden shovel, buy a shovel. Make sure you have at least one 
other shovel (so you need two shovels). Bury one shovel (no really, bury it). 
The shovel will, miraculously, grow into a tree. But this tree doesn't bear 
fruit - no. This tree bars not one but THREE golden shovels! First money, now 
shovels?? This game breaks practically every rule in the book of reality!!

In case you find out any other way to gain money not described here, please e-
me with what you got!  My address is [email protected]  Don't forget!

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