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                             Back To The Hood

You’re back in your old haunt, but Los Santos isn’t quite the same as it was 
before...luckily for you, you’ll soon be reunited with your brother, who’ll help you 
through the endgame missions. 


Beat Down On B Dup 

After you get the hood under control, it’s time to go after the source of the crack 
influx. The first mission Sweet has lined up for you isn’t too hard; all you have to 
do is initiate a gang war in Glen Park (which is indicated on your map with a green 
airplane, for some reason), take over the territory, then kill off all of B Dup’s 
guards before interrogating him. 

Grove 4 Life 

Now that you’ve got a bit of a foothold, you’ll have to expand your territory once 
again. This time you’ll be required to take over two territories in Idlewood. Don’t 
forget to bring along some bangers from Grove Street, and check around the area 
after your first takeover to locate armor and health pick-ups. 


Vertical Bird 

"You just have to steal a military jet off an amphibious vehicle, and use it to 
destroy a flotilla of spy ships." Nothing to it! 

Although the game intimates that a stealth approach to infiltrating the aircraft 
carrier is best, ignore it and go in hog-wild. There are only five or six guards 
inside, and the interior spaces are quite large, so whip out your M4 or SMG and kill 
everyone before finding the SAM sites and disabling the ship’s defenses. When that’s 
done, grab a Hydra from the second floor of the ship and take to the skies. 

The Hydra is unique in that it can flip between plane physics (by pressing forward 
on the right analog stick) and quasi-helicopter physics (by pulling back on the 
stick). Since you’re going to have to take down a few other fighter jets, you’ll 
want to be in plane mode at the outset. 

There are three hostile planes to take down, but they should be relatively easy to 
deal with, so long as you fly around in circles and vary your altitude a lot. Keep 
your R1 key depressed while you’re flying, and as soon as you see a red targeting 
circle, start tapping away at L1 to fire off your rockets. Each plane will take a 
few blows before it goes down, but you probably won’t be taking any fire at all, so 
as long as you can avoid crashing, you should be golden. 

The ships in the bay above the dam can be tricky to hit, but take the game’s advice 
and go into hover mode by clicking R3 before you attempt to kill them off. Do this 
when you’re well above the ground, though, as it can be difficult to gain altitude 
while you’re in hover mode. After all the ships are destroyed, get the plane back to 
the airstrip to finish the mission. 

Home Coming 

Now that Sweet’s out of prison, you’ll have to convince him that you still have 
respect for Grove Street by taking the territory back from the Ballas. After you 
arrive back at your house, you’ll need to initiate a gang war and survive three 
waves of incoming troops. This shouldn’t be too difficult - you can grab a Body 
Armor in Madd Dogg’s mansion before you begin the mission, if you don’t already have 
one, and you should have plenty of high-tech weapons and ammo. The most annoying 
aspect of it is the way that Sweet seems to enjoy walking in front of you when 
you’re trying to get a bead on the incoming Ballas. 

After the Ballas are dead, track down and kill the crack dealers to end the mission. 
Before you do, though, move any cars that are in Smoke’s driveway, as you can 
sometimes spawn inside of them during the ending cutscene, which will force you to 
reload your game. Also note that you can save your game at CJ’s house by jumping 
through the mission circle in front of the door. 

Cut Throat Business 

This mission is seemingly unfailable. You’ll have to chase OG Loc on hovercraft, and 
then switch over to go-karts when he makes landfall. You can’t overtake him, or even 
come up alongside him for a drive-by, so just stay on his tail until you reach your 

The Endgame


All you have to do here is drive Sweet from the mansion to Grove Street. The 
eponymous riot is ongoing, though, so be careful for exploding cars. 

Los Desperados 

Cesar needs you to help him clear out the Vegas out of the barrio. They’ve fortified 
their position pretty good, but this is still just another corridor crawling 
mission; go in with plenty of ammo, full health, and a set of body armor, and you 
should come through just fine. The only scary spot is the enemy with a rocket 
launcher at the end, but so long as you don’t move after you spot him, he shouldn’t 
be able to hit you. 

After this mission, Sweet’ll tell you to roll out and take over some more 
territories. Hope you like the gang war mechanism, because you’re going to have to 
get Scarface on those punks for an hour or so of playing time before Sweet finally 
hits you up on your cell phone and lets you know that he’s located Smoke. Note that 
the already omnipresent police force is now even more densely stuffed onto the 
streets; even a single star will thus mean that you’ll have nonstop harrassment from 
the cops when you’re on the street. Note also that the cars and vehicles on the 
streets are weakened, and will explode very easily; in most cases, the best vehicle 
for you will be a police car, should one roll up and the driver gets out. Other than 
that, a bike makes a surprisingly useful ride here. 

End Of The Line 

Time for Big Smoke to die. Grab the SWAT tank (approach from the south, or the 
Ballas’ll blast you), then ram through the wall into Big Smoke’s Crack Fortress. 
Apparently he’s built quite the empire while you were out of town, and now resides 
on the top floor of a full-fledged crack factory. You’re gonna have to bust in there 
and shut the place down, much like Robocop. 

On the first floor, you don’t have much to worry about, save one huge room full of 
crack fiends. This occurs just after you see the first body armor pickup, so if 
you’re near full on the armor, save that pickup until after you clear out the next 
room. There’s also a health pickup and an automatic shotgun in a small room near the 
doorway leading to the next floor. The next couple of floors are similar affairs; 
just blast through the baddies, keeping your back to a wall, and check all of the 
rooms for extra health and armor. 

The top floor, as mentioned, is Big Smoke. He’s got body armor on, so he can take a 
bunch of damage, and the lights will go out while your fighting, making it difficult 
to see. He’ll also call in some backup during the fight, so keep an eye open. 
Although the game tells you to aim for other parts of his body, you can still kill 
him with bodyshots, and this is probably the preferable way to do it; just get into 
a corner, lock on to him with your M4 or AK, and hold down the button until he 
drops. If you enter the fight with most of your health and armor intact, you should 
be able to take him down without a problem. 

Tenpenny arrives afterwards; apparently you will be able to kill two birds with one 
stone. As he leaves, he sets the building on fire, so you’ll need to grab a fire 
extinguisher and use it to douse any flames that are in your path. You have extra 
time to work with here - even a leisurely pace should get you ou with a minute or so 
to spare - so buck down all the fools in your way and get out of the building. If 
you’re running low on health or armor, feel free to check the side rooms along your 

Tenpenny takes off in a firetruck when you reach the street, with Sweet in tow. All 
you can do for a long time is follow along; eventually a cop will start pounding on 
Sweet’s fingers, and you’ll have to drive underneath him to pick him up. Thus begins 
the final portion of the game, another rail-shooting mission. You won’t be able to 
damage the firetruck, so concentrate on the cop cars and motorcycles that follow 
along. When Tenpenny finally crashes, he’ll check out and you can watch the credits 
roll. Of course, if you skip past the credits, you’ll be able to continue on with CJ 
and attempt to do any side missions that you avoided on your first play-through. One 
of the notable changes to the game world is that Toreno’s house to the west of San 
Fierro now houses pickups for all four of the game’s heavy weapons, so if you’re 
looking for heat-seeking missiles or a minigun, head out that away. 

The last mission is without a doubt the longest mission in GTA history

Congratulation you've just beaten Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.  Put the fun does 
not have to wnd there.

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