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Hi,I`m gamemaster Sam and I`d like to give you a very good Boss Walkthrough.I know 
that you`ve seen many Boo Walkthroughs,but this one is different.I`ve beat all the 
bosses lots of times,so you can trust me.
I will seperate this into five parts.
4.Getting emblems because you beat every boss

Hero bosses.
1.Big foot.
You use Sonic to beat this boss.To beat him you simply wait untill it lands on the 
ground,then dodge its rockets and after it shoots the rockets,jump and do the homing 
attack on his stomach or higher.(I personally sugest that you try to hit him high up 
just to be on the safe side.)Then repeat the process until you see it fall down.
2.DR.Eggman No.1.
You use Tails to beat this boss.All you need to do with this guy is keep shooting 
him.(If you go right next to him and shoot him then it will do more damage.)
3.Shadow No.1.
You use Sonic to beat this slightly tricky boss.To beat Shadow,you wait until he 
stops attacking.Then you do one of Sonic`s attacks on the back of him.Do this three 
times to beat him.But be careful not to fall of the edge.
4.Big Boom Boo.
You use Knuckles to beat this annoying boss.Fist you dodge his attacks,then while 
you can,if you see an hourglass,jump on it.Then you`ll see his shadow 
underground.Dig on it to make a small version of him appear.Chase it around to hit 
it.Do this four times to make him go bye-bye.NOTE:You only get a certain amount of 
time to hit him after you jump on the hourglass.You`ll see what I mean when you 
battle him.
5.Egg Golem.
You use Sonic to beat him.To beat this guy,you have to wait until he`s done moving 
around.Then go up the things on his back.When your at the top,jump on the weird 
thingy.Do this five times to beat him.NOTE:After you attack him,he`ll try to attack 
you.If he spins around,go on a part of the circle platform that`s caved in,and wait 
for him to stop.If he looks like he`s going to fall on the platform,GET OUT OF THE 
To beat her,you use Knuckles.To beat this tricky boss,youhave to hit her in the back 
with on of Knuckles attacks.But she`s much harder and quiker.If the bottom opens 
up,and you`re floating in the air,just move around in circles.But DON`T go on the 
side rails.Keep repeating this process until you see her faint.NOTE:She`ll try to 
use a special attack on you.To dodge it,just run around the course.
7.DR.Eggman No.2
You use Tails to beat this boss.To beat this super hard boss, run around dodging his 
attacks while you shoot him.I suggest you stay behind him.Keep shooting him until he 
falls over.NOTE:Watch out for his special attacks because they`ll take away most of 
your health and there`s no coins so you can`t heal yourself.
8.Shadow No.2
You use Sonic to beat the last boss in the Hero story.To beat him,for the first two 
or three attacks,Dash into the back of him.Fo the last two or three attacks,after 
you know you can`t get him by dashing,try the homing attack while he`s saying 
something like ''Let me show you my true power."or,"Chaos Spear!"really fast.If that 
doesn`t work,try to stop yourself from faalling off.Then wait until he says ''Let me 
show you my true power."or,"Chaos Spear!"really fast.Dash into his back.But watch 
out after he warps or you stand there for a really long time,the ground starts to 
cave in and fall of.NOTE:His special attack is Chaos Spear.To avoid it,just do a 
sumersalt or dash right before the attack hits you.


You use Shadow to beat this boss.This boss is just like bigfoot,but you use 
Shdow,and there`s one more attack to watch out for.To avoid it,just move away from 
the red circle that follows you.
2.Tails No.1.
This boss is the same as Eggman No.1, exept you use Eggman to beat him.
3.Sonic No.1.
This boss is the same as Sadow No.1,exept you use Sonic.
4.Egg Golem.
Even though this boss is the same as another boss,you beat it a completly different 
way.You use Eggman to beat this boss.To beat him,first hover on to one of the 
platforms right next to the sand.Then go up on one of the pulley thingys, but don`t 
get on the circle platform.Shoot him all over to deflect his health.Then when he 
looks like he`s about to attack,hover back down.Then repeat the process,and if you 
see a blue patch on him,shoot it to take away even more of his health.
5.Fying Dog.
You use Rouge to beat this tricky boss.First,to beat it,dodge the rockets it shoots 
out.Then you`ll see it loading up a big lazer beam.Stay away from the red circle 
that follows you,and climb on the wall.Then glide to the top of it.Keep repeat this 
process 4 times and you beat it.
He`s the same as Rouge,but he has a different special attack,and you use Rouge to 
beat him.
7.Tails No.2.
He`s the same as Eggman No.2,exept you use Eggman to beat him.But I forget if he has 
the same special attack or not.
8.Sonic No.2.
This boss is the same as Shadow No.2,exept you use Shadow to beat this guy,and he 
has a different special attack.

3.Last (these bosses are in a hidden story you get from beating the other storys.)
You use Shadow to beat this extremely hard boss.For the first two or three attacks 
you dodge the giant blue balls it shoots out.Then grind up the flashing rail leading 
up to the red circle on top of him and go on it.For the next two or three,do a 
homing attack up the red bubbles and on to the red spot on top of him.Then for the 
last attack,you`ll be floating inthe air with red bubbles.Dodge the red bubbles,and 
look for the spot where he`s tilted down.Go on to the red circle using the tilted 
down spot.
2.(and last in the game.)Finalhazard.
You use Sonic and Shadow to beat this boss.First,you are using Sonic.Press A and 
B,to steer yourself up and down.Then the analog stick for sideways,backwards,and 
froward.Keep controling yourself.When you see a big red bump,keep controling 
yourself toward it and bash into it with A or B.Repeat the process four more times 
and you beat story.But watch out for rays and red bubbles.

4.Getting emblems cause you beat the bosses.
1.You get an extra emblem for beating a story.
2.On the screen where you choose from stage select,story,and kart race,you`ll see a 
thing that says boss.Go to it and you`ll see the rest.

1.You get more courses for 2 player mode.
2.If you get 180 emblems,you get courses and characters.
3.If you get enough emblems,you`ll get items like Omachoa`s theme,shiny eggs,and 
costumes.But you have to use rings to get them in the choa garden.

That was my walkthrough.Enjoy and start trying because it`s not easy.

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