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                 -  RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR        EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE  -
                 -  RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR        EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE  -     
                 -  RR           RR        EE                -              
                 -  RR           RR        EE                -             
                 -  RR           RR        EE                -            
                 -  RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR        EEEEEEEEEEEE      -        
                 -  RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR        EEEEEEEEEEEE      -    
                 -  RRR          RRR       EE                -    
                 -  RRR           RRR      EE                -    
                 -  RRR            RRR     EE                -  
                 -  RRR             RRR    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE  -     
                 -  RRR              RRR   EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE  -

Table of Contents:
3.Herb Chart
6.Event Completion Checklists

- 1. Information -
This guide was not copied nor was the information stolen. If you want to copy any 
part of this guide, e-mail me asking permission and as long as you don't copy this 
guide to a different website and personally take credit for it I won't care.If You 
have any questions about any of the other scenarios feel free to e-mail me at 
[email protected] Also for those of you that have a network adapter and 
would like to play online with me, my AOL Instant Messenger screen name is 
ZombieKiller122 and my RE online name is ZombieKiller2.


- A. Kevin Ryman -
OCCUPATION: Police Officer
STARTING ITEM: .45 Automatic Handgun
SPECIAL ACTION: Kick (Press O while holding R1) 
INFORMATION: Kevin Ryman is a good all around character and is great 
for beginners. He has strength, speed and his own gun. Being a police 
officer he shoots everything very accurately and can deal with monsters 
quite well. He has no major disadvantages.  

- B. Mark Wilkins -
OCCUPATION: Security Guard
STARTING ITEM: Standard Handgun
SPECIAL ACTION: Block (Press O while holding R1)
INFORMATION: Mark is a big guy so he is a bit slow, but his size 
gives him an advantage because he is very strong with melee weapons. He also fires 
with good accuracy. His major disadvantage is running slow as mentioned above, so 
it's not wise to use him in a scenario where you have to keep moving at a fast pace, 
especially in Decisions, Decisions. He's alright for the first scenario.

- C. Alyssa Ashcroft -
OCCUPATION: Journalist
SPECIAL ACTION: Backstep (Press O while holding R1)
INFORMATION: Alyssa is the best female you can have in the game. Her 
lockpick helps eliminate the need for some keys, she also runs fast and 
fires somewhat accurately.

- D. David King -
SPECIAL ACTION: Wrench Throw (Press O while holding R1)
INFORMATION: David can repair broken items with his toolbox function. 
This is helpful in situations where a gun might break and he can create new weapons 
by combining things in his tool box with other items. He can run at a fast pace and 
he shoots accurately. He's not nearly as combative as Kevin or Mark, but his special 
abilities help.

- E. Cindy Lennox -
SPECIAL ACTION: Duck (Press O while holding R1)
INFORMATION: She's actually tougher than she looks. She's not 
particularly good at shooting, but she can heal her partners among other 
things. Her Duck ability helps her elude attacks from certain enemies. She's pretty 
average overall. 

- F. Jim Chapman -
OCCUPATION: Train Company Employee
SPECIAL ACTION: Playing dead (Press O while holding R1)
INFORMATION: He's annoying, he constantly whines but he's a good 
character because he can play dead which helps to conserve ammo. Also this 
special action can help not get attacked, the zombies wont even acknowledge him. He 
runs fast, shoots well and is pretty good overall but if you use his special 
abillity to much the virus meter will go up very quickly.

- G. Yoko Suzuki -
OCCUPATION: University Student
SPECIAL ACTION: Escape (Press O while holding R1)
INFORMATION: She's slow, has a hard time aiming a gun, and is rather 
weak in terms of strength. But her most redeeming factor is that she 
has a backpack which helps her carry twice the amount of items. This alone helps her 
avoid constant trading and backtracking. 
Highly recommended as a partner character whenever possible. 

- H. George Hamilton -
SPECIAL ACTION: (Press O while holding or pressing R1)
INFORMATION: George is a semi-frightened doctor, and being a doctor he 
takes aim with his medical knowledge to mix up herbs and medicines and 
such. He's a bit slow, and his shooting's not as good as it should be, 
but he's recommended for health freaks out there.

- 3. Herb Chart -
Green Herb = 25% Heal
Blue Herb = Poison Heal
Green Herb + Red Herb = 100% Heal
Red Herb + Blue Herb = Poison Heal
Green Herb + Green Herb = 50% Heal
Green Herb + Blue Herb = 25% + Poison Heal
Green Herb + Red Herb + Blue Herb = 100% + Poison Heal
Red Herb + George's Medical Kit = Hemostat/Stops Blood
Green Herb + Green Herb + Blue Herb = 50% + Poison Heal
Green Herb + George's Medical Kit = Antidote/Poison Heal
Blue Herb + George's Medical Kit = Recovery Medicine/25% Heal
Red + Blue Herb + George's Medical Kit = Recovery Medicine/100% Heal

- 4. Walkthrough

When you start out in the hospital room, there is a nurse call button on the table 
nearby. Press it for part of your checklist completion, and then head towards the 
door. Dr. Hursh will come in, after the cut scene leave the room. To your characters 
right will be a broom up against the wall, after you pick it up turn around and make 
a left turn after you pass the room you began the scenario in. Walk forward and pick 
up the green herb on the corner shelf, then enter the silver door into room 302. On 
the end of the bed in front of you is the Male Nurse's Diary, pick it up for part of 
your checklist completion (you don't have to carry it through the whole scenario, 
just drop it when ever you need to). There will be a crutch behind you, then open 
the cabinet in the corner. Pick up the handgun and you will see the leech man come 
down through the ventilation shaft. Don't bother shooting him because you can't kill 
him, I always like to have a little fun and beat him with the crutch or broom until 
he falls on the ground but like I said, you can't kill him just yet. Exit the room 
and continue down the hallway again until you find the Nurse's Center, It's the door 
acrossed from the elevator, go inside and walk towards the two silver boxes stacked 
on top of eachother to see another cut scene with Dr. Hursh. When it's over, climb 
on top of the boxes and down the other side, find the cooler to your characters 
right side about 5 steps in front of you and take the two blood packs. Climb back 
over the boxes and exit the room the same way you came in. In that cut scene you 
just saw Dr. Hursh activated the elevator, so call the elevator right in front of 
you and go to B1F. Ignore the door in front of you, there is a First Aid Spray in 
there if you really need it but usually theres a zombie and the leech man will come 
in at the same time. Turn left and enter the door on the right side of the screen. 
Walk forward and to the right to find the computer, place a blood pack as close to 
the computer as you can (try to place it beside the computer and not in front, 
incase the leech man comes too he will be in your way if you put it in front of it). 
The leeches should jump off and you can input the codes. Possible codes for B2F are 
8211, 3555, and 5315. The code for the Rooftop is 0930, you don't really need to go 
to the rooftop but you can find handgun bullets, possibly get a gun from the police 
officer if he isn't dead (kevin and cindy get a submachine gun, everyone else gets 
either a handgun or burst handgun) and a few pesky crows. Having the elevator reach 
the rooftop is also part of your checklist completion, after you enter the codes 
leave the room. Return to the elevator and go to B2F. Enter the door in front of the 
elevator, there are two files in here that are part of your checklist completion, 
just like the Male Nurse's Diary you can pick them up and then drop them whenever 
needed. Make sure you have at least 1 blood pack left in your inventory, if not walk 
go to your characters left and there will be a cooler beside the door with more 
blood packs. Enter the Controlled Temperature Laboratory and go through the sliding 
door, wait for the leech man to drop down from the ventilation shaft and enter the 
sliding door. Then place a blood pack on the floor and exit through the sliding 
door. There will be a control panel to your characters right, turn the temperature 
to high. After the cut scene, turn it to low and enter the sliding door again. Take 
the B2F card key, exit the sliding door, and head back to the B2F hall. when you 
exit the laboratory run the the end of the hall and use the card key on the reader, 
but don't go in yet. Go back to the elevator and head to 2F. Run forward and down 
the steps but watch out for the zombie. Once at the bottom of the steps make a U - 
turn and enter the door that says "Locker Room". In front of you should be a broom, 
and beside the broom is a door, head through the door. Walk forward but stay as far 
back from the windows as you can, a zombie will break in and attempt to grab you. 
Once passed him there will be another zombie sitting in a chair, search her for the 
B1F cardkey (you can drop the B2F card key as long as you used it on the door I said 
not to go in yet). Return passed the zombie and through the door you came in, then 
head forward and through the other door you also entered. Go back up the stairs and 
try to avoid the zombie, go forward and take the elevator to B1F. Go to the end of 
the hall and use the card key on the card reader, the zombie will come out of the 
cage so kill it or head through the door you just unlocked. Run forward and turn 
left, keep going until you reach the door at the end of the passage but watch out 
for the zombie hiding in the intersection. Go in the door, once inside go forward 
and down the stairs. There are a few leeches in here so try avoiding them, once at 
the bottom of the stairs jump down the ledge into the water and go to the other end 
of the room. Climb up the ledge and find the padlock key nearby the zomies head, 
pick it up but watch out for the zombie. Exit the room the way you came in, go to 
the end of the passage and exit the door back to B1F hall and return to the elevator 
again. Go to B2F and go inside the door you unlocked that I said not to enter yet, 
there will be 2 boxes of handgun bullets on the barell in front of you, a First Aid 
Spray on the shelf near the door, and a green herb by the red gas can. Take note of 
this red gas can, if you lure the giant leech you are about to meet all the way back 
here, this gas can will blow up with 1 shot from your handgun and kill it. Use the 
padlock key on the boat, and say hi to the giant leech. He can shoot acid in the 
water, or he can attack you at long range with his torso when he is under water so 
the best thing to do is stay pretty close to him and keep shooting. There are pipes 
you can shoot that will explode and cause damagae to it, or you can shoot the red 
valve handles above you to cause damage. Besides those two you can just keep 
shooting it or use the red gas can you saw a minute ago, eventually it will die and 
all you have to do is walk to the end of this water passage to end the scenario.

- 5. Passcodes

- Below Freezing Point -
Chemical Storage Room:          0634, 4509, 9741
Security Room:                  A375, J126, C582, B482, D580, A194

- The Hive -
Control Room Codes For B2F:     3555, 5315, 8211
Control Room Codes For Roof:    0930

- Hellfire -
Security Room Keypad:           0721, 2287, 6354, 5128
Room 101 safe:                  JIA, BAE, DCH, GGF

- Decisions, Decisions -
1F Elevator Activation Codes:   4032, 4161, 4927, 4284

- 6. Event Completion Checklists -

|                         Outbreak - Event Checklist                          |
| Event                                                                       |
| [] Built barricade out of barrels.                                          |
| [] Used the staff room key.                                                 |
| [] Used the key with blue tag.                                              |
| [] Solved painting puzzle.                                                  |
| [] Unlocked cabinet (Alyssa).                                               |
| [] Moved cargo with the forklift.                                           |
| [] Destroyed liquor room shutter.                                           |
| [] Destroyed wire fence on rooftop.                                         |
| [] Read all graffiti with lighter.                                          |
| [] Built patrol car barricade.                                              |
| [] Opened gasoline tanker valve.                                            |
| [] Used lighter to ignite gas.                                              |
| [] Activated detonator.                                                     |
| [] Killed zombies and survived.                                             |
| [] Escaped zombies and survived.                                            |
| [] Collected every map.                                                     |
| [] Died in gas tanker explosion.                                            |
| [] Obtained "newspaper."                                                    |
| [] Obtained "Jack's memo."                                                  |
| [] Obtained "staffer's diary."                                              |
| [] Obtained "Raccoon Today."                                                |
| [] Screams in the owner's room.                                             |
| [] Saw a crow fly into the Drawing room.                                    |
| [] A bottle fell in the wine room.                                          |
| [] A bottle fell in the liquor room.                                        |
| [] Screams in front of J's Bar.                                             |
| [] Watched "Will Becomes a Zombie."                                         |
| [] Watched "Bob Gets Worse."                                                |
| [] Watched "Bob's Suicide."                                                 |
| [] Watched "Bob Becomes a Zombie."                                          |
| [] Watched "Block Staff Door."                                              |

|                   Below Freezing Point - Event Checklist                    |
| Event                                                                       |
| [] Unlocked locker with lockpick.                                           |
| [] Thawed frozen wrench.                                                    |
| [] Used wrench to open panel.                                               |
| [] Used valve handle to open door.                                          |
| [] Watched "Used V-JOLT in B7F."                                            |
| [] Watched "Used V-JOLT in B6F."                                            |
| [] Watched "Monica Runs Off."                                               |
| [] Watched "Giant Moth Attacks."                                            |
| [] Watched "Comp. Room Desertion."                                          |
| [] Unlocked comp. room w/ card key.                                         |
| [] Unlocked shutter with card key.                                          |
| [] Watched "Used Blowtorch."                                                |
| [] Used key to activate turn table.                                         |
| [] Watched "Missed Turntable."                                              |
| [] Watched "Turn Table Goes Up."                                            |
| [] Moved locomotive.                                                        |
| [] Watched "Defeated Mutated G."                                            |
| [] Received item from researcher 1.                                         |
| [] Got item from staffer 2 (Yoko).                                          |
| [] Obtained map.                                                            |
| [] Obtained "Top-Secret Memo."                                              |
| [] Obtained "Researcher's Will."                                            |
| [] Obtained "Staff Memo."                                                   |
| [] Obtained "Interoffice Memo."                                             |
| [] Obtained "Laboratory Memo."                                              |
| [] Obtained "Monthly Passcode."                                             |
| [] Obtained "Custodian's Diary."                                            |

|                         The Hive - Event Checklist                          |
| Event                                                                       |
| [] Used blood pack.                                                         |
| [] Used nurse call button.                                                  |
| [] Turned on power to shutter.                                              |
| [] Opened 1F shutter.                                                       |
| [] Opened waiting room shutter.                                             |
| [] Had the elevator go to B2F.                                              |
| [] Elevator reached the roof.                                               |
| [] Bled at the nurse station.                                               |
| [] Unlocked door with B1F card key.                                         |
| [] Unlocked door with B2F card key.                                         |
| [] Defeated Leech Man.                                                      |
| [] Got item from policeman on roof.                                         |
| [] Used chain key.                                                          |
| [] Obtained map.                                                            |
| [] Obtained "Male Nurse's Diary."                                           |
| [] Obtained "Repair Work Memo."                                             |
| [] Obtained "Setting Manual."                                               |
| [] Obtained "Piece of Memo."                                                |
| [] Got "Chemical Code Message."                                             |
| [] Obtained "Researcher's Diary."                                           |
| [] Got "Investigation Request."                                             |
| [] Obtained "Card Memo."                                                    |
| [] Obtained "Security Guard Guide."                                         |

|                         Hellfire - Event Checklist                          |
| Event                                                                       |
| [] Unlocked safe in Room 101.                                               |
| [] Provided emergency power.                                                |
| [] Solved Europe map puzzle.                                                |
| [] Dropped crate in owner's room.                                           |
| [] Destroyed 304/305 wall.                                                  |
| [] Cleared with Len's tag.                                                  |
| [] Cleared with Charlie's tag.                                              |
| [] Cleared w/ Len and Charlie tags.                                         |
| [] Obtained Apple Inn map.                                                  |
| [] Obtained "Guest Memo 1."                                                 |
| [] Obtained "Guest Memo 2."                                                 |
| [] Obtained "Guest Memo 3."                                                 |
| [] Got "Janitor's Repair Memo."                                             |
| [] Got "Janitor's Daily Report."                                            |
| [] Obtained "Guard's Notebook."                                             |
| [] Obtained "Emergency Manual."                                             |
| [] Obtained "Guest List Copy."                                              |
| [] Got "Hotel Charge Breakdown."                                            |
| [] Defeated Regis Licker.                                                   |
| [] Opened secret security rm. door.                                         |
| [] Used motorized ladder.                                                   |
| [] Used card key to unlock door.                                            |
| [] Used passcode to unlock door.                                            |
| [] Used gold relief key.                                                    |
| [] Used silver relief key.                                                  |
| [] Rang front lobby bell.                                                   |
| [] Opened locker with lockpick.                                             |
| [] Watched "Call over Radio."                                               |
| [] Watched "Regis Licker Appears."                                          |

|                   Decisions, Decisions - Event Checklist                    |
| Event                                                                       |
| [] Set red jewel in stuffed moose.                                          |
| [] Set blue jewel in stuffed moose.                                         |
| [] Solved Cuckoo Clock puzzle.                                              |
| [] Played piano on 2F (Cindy).                                              |
| [] Pulled string, moved statue arm.                                         |
| [] Pulled string, zombies came out.                                         |
| [] Used V-Poison in incubator.                                              |
| [] Used P-Base in incubator.                                                |
| [] Used T-Blood in incubator.                                               |
| [] Used Daylight on yourself.                                               |
| [] Killed Thanatos R with Daylight.                                         |
| [] Defeated Thanatos R.                                                     |
| [] Routed power to emission tower.                                          |
| [] Unlocked door with red tag key.                                          |
| [] Unlocked water tank area door.                                           |
| [] Electocuted Thanatos.                                                    |
| [] Thanatos came in through window.                                         |
| [] Collected every map.                                                     |
| [] Used glasses on 2nd statue.                                              |
| [] Used card key.                                                           |
| [] Input elevator code.                                                     |
| [] Unlocked university doors.                                               |
| [] Restarted Incubator.                                                     |
| [] Obtained "Geneology Facts."                                              |
| [] Obtained "Blood-Stained Memo."                                           |
| [] Got "Reagent Generation Memo."                                           |
| [] Obtained "Section of a Diary."                                           |
| [] Obtained "Cable Repair Request."                                         |
| [] Obtained "Torn Memo."                                                    |
| [] Obtained "Part of Torn Memo."                                            |
| [] Obtained "Orders."                                                       |
| [] Obtained "Peter's Diary."                                                |
| [] Obtained "Number Memo."                                                  |
| [] Watched "Peter Discovered."                                              |
| [] Watched "Hunter (Gamma) Appears."                                        |
| [] Watched "UBCS vs Thanatos."                                              |
| [] Watched "Greg and Yoko."                                                 |
| [] Watched "ED: Chopper Zombie."                                            |
| [] Watched "ED: George and Cindy."                                          |
| [] Watched "ED: Mark and David."                                            |
| [] Watched "ED: Kevin and Jim."                                             |
| [] Watched "ED: Alyssa and Yoko."                                           |
| [] Watched "ED: Regretful Ending."                                          |
| [] Watched "ED: Remain Hopeful."                                            |

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