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                     The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

            Ok this game is so cool and you may think my guide here is so dopy 
because I am refusing to put everything I swear that I have beaten the GAME AND I 
you beat it with a guide so if you really need help use the guide but if you CAN do 
it DO NOT USE MY GUIDE CAUSE IT WILL NOT WORK everywhere I am a little rusty you 
know. HOW AM I RUSTY? I'm rusty because you      S cant beat ZELDA OOOO that is so 
funny I beat the #$%* game when I was ten. Hah Hah Hah I could laugh all day. But I 
am not reffering this to users bellow 15 because Zelda is a hard GAME remember 
never do that stuff at home. I must thank my friend Chris Cumbo for helping me to 
right this guide by allowing me to use his N64 and his mom for letting us in his 
room. Thanks from Philip Weisbrod

This guide is copyrighted to Philip Weisbrod any copys made without my permission 
may result in LEGAL matters. Thanks again from Philip Weisbrod.

PART 1: Characters
PART 2: Places
PART 3: The Guide
PART 4: Cool stuff to do

                          Part 1: Characters

         Ok you know Link pretty well what about these...

          Saria: Well Sarias kinda cute considering she never grows fully into a 
women with         cause she is a kid forever but very helpful.

          Malon: Malon is one of my personel favorite     s in the game now you say 
shes ugly when shes young but wait until shes older she will even be more shy. 
(refer to PART 4)

          Rudo: You may say she a      and ugly      you Just wait until older.

          Zelda: Never call this main charater TOOTHLES cause when she is older you 
will regret it JUST LIKE ME.

           Impa: Ok so Impa has a bad makeup decade but underneath she helps the 
game and heres one more thing I am NEVER going to bed with her cause I would lose 
some pretty importent stuff.

          Naboroo: Ok this is one neat and HOT desert chick.

                   Part 2: Places

              Ok heres the places........
              Kokiri Forest: A nice place to relax.
              Zeldas Castle:A nice place to visit but not to stay.
              The Hyrule Village: A great place to buy stuff.
              Village near I think       Mountain: Its nice there O and go to the 
graveyard at night there is a guy called Dampy its fun to walk with him
               Zora Kingdom: If you want paradise come here.
               Ummm o yeah Lon Lon Farm: A nice place to visit.
              Guardo kingdom: Cool after your a member.
              Desert temple: I have to put this because it is so NEAT!!!!!

                    Part 3: The Guide

             Ok still dont have this but I will soon

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