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                                 The Legend of
                                Ocarina of Time

Author: Bobby Lemke (Paper Mario2)
Email: [email protected]

Section 1                   Table of Contents
2.Kokiri Forest
3.Deku Tree
4.Hyrule Field
5.Hyrule Market
6.Hyrule Castle
7.Lon Lon Ranch
8.Lost Woods

Section 2
9.Kakariko Village
10.Goron City
11.Dodongo's Cavern
12.Goron City
13.Death Mountain

Section 3
15.Zora's River
16.Zora's Domain
17.Lake Hylia
18.Zora's Fountain
19.Jabu-Jabu's Belly
21.Temple of Time

Section 4
22.Hyrule Market
23.Ingo's Ranch
24.Kakariko Village
25.Lost Woods
26.Forest Temple

Section 5
27.Death Mountain
28.Fire Temple

Section 6
29.Ice Cavern
30.Lake Hylia
31.Water Temple
32.Lake Hylia (Updates)

Section 7
33.Bottom of the Well
34.Shadow Temple

Section 8
35.Gerudo Fortress
36.Desert Colossus
37.Spirit Temple (child)
38.Spirit Temple (adult)
39.Final Updates

Section 9
40.Ganon's Castle

Appendices (Section 10)
41.Gold Skulltula Index
42.Heart Piece Index
43.Big Poe Index

Section 11
45.Cheat Codes (sorry no gameshark codes)
46.Last Words

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Well as you can see this is going to be a HUGE walkthrough. Ummm theres
not much else to include except that PLEASE DO NOT rate my walktrough
until it's finished or unless I say in my walkthrough that I don't mind.
Thank You, and Enjoy!

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Kokiri Forest
Info: Link's quest begins in his birth place, the quiet town of Kokiri
Forest. You're free to visit the Lost Woods to the North (although this
probably isn't such a good idea), but the other exit will be blocked
until you equip yourself with a sword and shield to do the bidding
of the giant Deku Tree that awaits in the east side of the village.
The Deku Tree has summoned you, but you're not going to get there
without first doing a bit of legwork. If you head straight towards the
Deku Tree (the giant one in the far east), as your friend Saria
suggests, you'll be stopped by your pesky rival Mido, and told that you
can't proceed without first acquiring a sword and shield. The sword
is hidden in the obstacle course in the southwestern part of town, but
you'll have to buy the shield.

Kokiri Sword: You can learn a lot of valuable tips from the posted signs
and the long-haired Kokiri boy in the obstacle course near Link's home.
But the real excitement is hidden deep inside the cliff wall. You'll have
to crawl through the little hole at the end of the fences to find the
real meat of the obstacle course.



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