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            X-MEN LEGENDS (Gamecube version) FAQ/WALKTRHOUGH
                            v1.30 2005-01-14

           (c)2004 Barry Scott Will 

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 
License. To view a copy of this license, visit
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  Creative Commons
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  Stanford, California 94305, USA.

X-Men (tm)Marvel Comics
X-Men Legends (c)2004 Activision

This FAQ/walkthrough is not endorsed by, nor is the author associated with, 
either Activision or Marvel Comics.

ASCII art by Barry Scott Will

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  \/                       Table of Contents
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[1] Overview
    [1.1] Game Review
    [1.2] Glossary
    [1.3] Frequently Asked Questions
[2] Controls
[3] Gameplay
    [3.1] Basic Play
    [3.2] Combat & Mutant Powers
          [3.2.1] Power Combo Names
    [3.3] Using the Map
    [3.4] Leveling the X-Men
    [3.5] Items
    [3.6] Hints
[4] X-Men
    [4.1] X-Men Stats
    [4.2] Power Leveling
    [4.3] Beast
    [4.4] Colossus
    [4.5] Cyclops
    [4.6] Emma Frost
    [4.7] Gambit
    [4.8] Iceman
    [4.9] Jean Grey
    [4.10] Jubilee
    [4.11] Magma
    [4.12] Nightcrawler
    [4.13] Professor X
    [4.14] Psylocke
    [4.15] Rogue
    [4.16] Storm
    [4.17] Wolverine
    [4.18] Optional Builds
[5] Enemies
[6] Walkthrough
    [6.1] Overview
    [6.2] Escape From New York
    [6.3] Interlude #1 - X-Mansion
    [6.4] HAARPo March
    [6.5] Interlude #2 - X-Mansion
          [6.5.1] Sentinel Flashback
          [6.5.2] Juggernaut Flashback
    [6.6] That's Morlock It!
    [6.7] An Arbiter-y Assignment
    [6.8] Interlude #3 - X-Mansion
          [6.8.1] Magma Qualification Exam
          [6.8.2] Weapon X Flashback
    [6.9] Nuclear Family
    [6.10] Interlude #4 - Muir Island
    [6.11] Interlude #5 - X-Mansion 
    [6.12] Illyana on the Astral Plane
    [6.13] Weapon X Part Deux
    [6.14] Interlude #6 - X-Mansion
    [6.15] Morlock, More Power
    [6.16] Interlude #7 - X-Mansion
    [6.17] Juggernaut Jig
    [6.18] 48 Sentinels on Parade
    [6.19] Got Morlock?
    [6.20] Interlude #8 - X-Mansion
    [6.21] I Fall To Pieces...
    [6.22] Sentinels 'R Us
    [6.23] Three Strikes and You're Out, Shadow King
    [6.24] Interlude #9 - X-Mansion
    [6.25] Magneto's Hunk-a, Hunk-a, Burnin' Rock
[7] Item List
[8] Trivia Game Q&A
[9] Danger Room Scenarios
[10] Version History
[11] Credits

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the brackets. For example, enter [4.17] as the search text to jump straight 
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  \/                           [1] Overview
 /  \

[1.1] Game Review

X-Men Legends is an action role-playing game in the mold of Diablo, Dungeon 
Siege or Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance. The primary "role-playing" aspect of 
the game is controlling your characters' increase in power--a process 
called "leveling"--and the occasional non-action stage, where your main 
purpose is to hunt down other characters and chat with them.

Primarily, your task is to kill people and break things; and, since your 
characters are fifteen of the uncanny X-Men, you can do this very well. For 
fans of the action/RPG genre, this is a good game. For fans of the X-Men, 
this is a good game. For fans of both the action/RPG genre and the X-Men, 
this is...well, your geek dreams have come true.

The gameplay is smooth, combat controls are mostly intuitive, and the game 
is very linear, so you don't really have to put much thought into it beyond 
"X-Men Smash!" The story involves an ongoing fight between the X-Men and 
two opposing groups: The Brotherhood of Mutants, led by Magneto; and the 
Genetic Research and Security Organization (GRSO), led by General Kincaid. 
Throw in some of the supreme anti-mutant robots known as Sentinels and you 
have the recipe for rock-'em, sock-'em fun.

Some people have been put off by the fact the characters in the game are 
somewhat clumsily rendered using a cel-shaded technique, rather than being 
full, 3-dimensional polygonal figures. You will get used to it, and it does 
help the characters pop off the screen. Considering how chaotic many of the 
fights become, this is a good thing.

Controlling the X-Men's leveling is also a nice feature; but, a lot less 
useful than one would think. Each X-Man has a strength, and, for the most 
part, trying to make the X-Man anything else ranges from hard to 
impossible. For example, Wolverine, Beast and Rogue will never be anything 
other than hand-to-hand fighters and you can't make them into ranged 
fighters. Cyclops can be a hand-to-hand fighter if you level him that way; 
however, he will be an incredibly bad melee fighter, so why bother?

In the end, most of the X-Men end up being basically the same regardless 
how many times you play through. This does limit the replay value of the 
game; but, it is so much fun the first time (or two) through, it is 
definitely a worthwhile purchase.

[1.2] Glossary

A few terms used in this guide with which you may not be familiar...

"Boss" enemies are the super-powerful opponents you face at different 
stages of the game. Typically you will see references to a "mini-boss", 
this is a slightly weaker foe you fight midway through a mission. A "boss" 
is the foe you meet at the end of a mission. The "end boss" is the wickedly 
powerful bad guy you have to defeat to end the game.

Buff, buffing, insta-buff
A "buff" in game lingo is an increase in a character's powers. For the X-
Men, this may be an increase in ability scores or damage from attacks. An 
"insta-buff" is an increase in the team's powers that can be easily and 
immediately applied. For example, Cyclops' Command power increases the 
Strike and Agility scores of the entire team as soon as it is used, thus is 
can be described as an "insta-buff".

Critical hit
A critical hit (or, sometimes just "critical" or "crit") is an attack that 
strikes a "sensitive" area and does more damage. In X-Men Legends, 
criticals do three times as much damage as a normal attack. E.g. if your 
normal attack averages 30 points damage, a crit will do 90 points damage.

While this term originally referred to groups of enemies, it has evolved to 
refer to any enemy--even singular foes.

In this context, "spam" refers to repetitive action. For example, to "spam 
the L button" means repeatedly press the L (Call Team) button. Or, "spam 
Lightning" means use Storm's Lightning power over and over and over and 
over...You get the point.

A hand-to-hand fighter that can take a lot of damage and dish out even more 
damage. Colossus, Rogue, Beast and Wolverine are all examples of "tanks".

[1.3] Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are the ones most frequently asked via email or on 
the GameFAQs X-Men Legends message board. Look here first, if you're having 
a specific problem.

Q1) How many X-Men are playable?

A1) Count 'em from the ToC above. There are 15 playable X-Men; although, 
one, Prof X, is only playable in one mission.

Q2) I'm having trouble rescuing the crewmen from the Arbiter!

A2) First, don't save at the Galley Xtraction point if you don't have much 
time left! Second, be sure to seal up all the leaks; they're marked for you 
on your auto-map.

Q3) How do I beat the Sentinels?

A3) Nightcrawler + Teleport Frenzy + Hammer of Nimrod = dead Sentinel. If 
you're not high enough level to use HoN yet, Wolverine's Brutal Slash is 
remarkably effective.

Q4) I'm out of health packs and don't have enough money to buy more.

A4) Play a Danger Room scenario that you have not completed. You can use 
this same method to earn money, collect energy packs and equipment, etc.

Q5) What's the maximum level for the X-Men?

A5) Forty-five (45).

Q6) My team is constantly being beaten. What's the best team for (insert 
mission here)?

A6) The best team is usually Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey and a tank 
(Wolverine early, Colossus later). However, unless your team is composed of 
just Emma, Jubilee and Beast, you've got a fighting chance in any mission. 
If you keep dying, try these combat tips:

 - Don't charge ahead. Advance slowly, and, if you get mobbed, retreat the
   way you came, drawing a few enemies after you. Keep AI-controlled X-Men
   near by using the L button (Call Team) frequently. Don't let them charge
   ahead and trigger more mobs. Consider using Jubilee (Photo Flash) or
   Emma Frost (Confuse or Fear) for controlling large crowds.

 - Always be aware of rejuvenation units and take them out first (i.e.
   Morlock Goths, Acolyte Adepts)

 - Learn to hit power combos and always have Cyclops or Storm or both
   on your team (with leveled up Leadership skill) to increase the
   damage done by combos

 - Learn to read the enemies' resistances and concentrate on hitting them
   with other types of damage. I.e. don't expect Jean's Psychic Shout to
   have much effect on Sentinels.

Q7) I'm stuck! Something's blocking my way and I can't go around.

A7) Yes, you can go around. You can always go around. Just search a little 
harder. Try hitting a few nearby walls to see if they're breakable.

Q8) Can you play as (insert enemy mutant here)?

A8) Only in Skirmish or Sparring mode. In Story Mode, you are limited to 
the 15 X-Men listed in the ToC above.

Q9) I beat the game; how do I change costumes?

A9) Press X (Skin) in any team select character screen (at beginning of a 
mission or when using Change Team at an Xtraction point). In other words, 
you can't change costumes until you get most of the way through the first 

Q10) Do I keep my comics, sketch books and X-Men levels when I start a new 

A10) No. Every game plays exactly the same way. You can use the Review 
option from the main menu to view all previously unlocked load screens, 
cinematics, concept art and comics. In the game itself, you still have to 
start at level one with all X-Men, unlock the X-Men in the same order, find 
all the comics, DR discs and sketch books, etc.

Q11) I missed a Danger Room disc. Now what do I do?

A11) If it was one of the standard (i.e. not the Challenge or Nightmare 
discs) scenarios, it will eventually show up in Healer's shop and you can 
buy it. You may also get any DR disc from Healer's Grab Bag, but trying 
over and over again to get one can be frustratingly tedious.

Q12) I've unlocked all 15 characters, and there's still an empty slot in my 
team selection screen. Who is the missing X-Man?

A12) Prof X. That's his slot for when he's playable during the first Astral 
Plane mission.

Q13) What's the best way to use (insert X-Man here)?

A13) General leveling and tactics tips are covered in this guide. For more 
exhaustive information on using each mutant, refer to the GameFAQs FAQ page 
for X-Men Legends. As of this writing, every X-Man has an individual guide 
with the exception of Rogue, Jubilee and Prof X (who doesn't really need 
his own guide).

 \  /--MEN---------------------------------------------------------------
  \/                            [2] Controls
 /  \

 - A comma between two buttons means press the first button and release, 
then press the second button. Example: A, A, B means press-and-release A, 
press-and-release A again, then press B.

 - An addition symbol between two buttons means press-and-hold the first 
button, then press the second button. Example: R+A means press and hold the 
R (right shoulder) button and then press A.

 - A, B, X, Y, Z are the buttons on the controller that are labeled with 
those same letters

 - L and R are the Left and Right shoulder buttons

Just another reminder, this refers to the control layout for the Nintendo 
Gamecube. If you're trying to use this FAQ for the PS2 or X-Box version, 
none of this is going to make sense (or even work). The controls for the 
menus are covered where appropriate in Section 3, Gameplay below. This 
section covers the in-game controls.

[2.1] In-game control chart

A................Standard attack, basic mutant power
B................Knockback attack, Strong jump, Alternate mutant power
X................Use, Down while flying, Defensive/Buffing mutant power
Y................Jump, Flight, Up while flying, Xtreme mutant power
Z................Use health pack
X+Z..............Use energy pack
R................Activate mutant power menu: hold, then press A, B, X or Y
L................Call teammates to you
Control stick....Move
D-pad............Switch player control to a different X-Man
C-stick..........Move camera
Start............Bring up game menu

[2.2] Detailed descriptions

[2.2.1] Standard Attack (A button)
This is your basic melee attack (punch, kick, some X-Men use a weapon) and 
does the least amount of damage.

[2.2.2] Knockback attack (B button)
This is a stronger, slower melee attack that has the ability to knock your 
opponent backwards. Use A and B in different sequences to deliver special 
attacks. For example: A, A, B is a popup; A, B, A is a trip; etc. You can 
learn and practice special attacks in the Danger Room.

[2.2.3] Use (X button)
This is the button you press to open doors and pick up items. You also 
press X to talk to other characters, activate Xtraction points or to use 
certain control panels. You will get a notice on screen if you can press X 
to use anything. X can also be used to pick up people or other objects and 
throw them; and is the button fliers use to pick up and carry people. 
Fliers can also use X to fly lower.

[2.2.4] Jump/Double jump/Flight (Y button)
A single press of the Y button will cause your character to jump. Pressing 
Y again in mid-jump will cause the character to use his or her special 
mutant ability, assuming you have purchased points in that ability. For 
example: Iceman creates ice slides; Magma creates lava slides; some X-Men 
can fly; some X-men can double-jump; etc. Fliers use Y to fly higher. Any 
X-Man can perform a high jump when you press Y, B. The high jump ends with 
a powerful attack, which is very useful against tall enemies, such as 
Sentinels. You can also use it to clear large gaps or tall obstacles.

[2.2.5] Use health (Z button) or energy (X+Z buttons) packs
To use a health pack for your current character, press Z. To use an energy 
pack for your current character, press-and-hold X and then press Z.

[2.2.6] Activate mutant power menu (R button)
Press-and-hold the R button to open the mutant power menu, which will show 
in the upper-left portion of the screen. All currently available mutant 
powers will appear mapped to the appropriate button. Press the 
corresponding button to activate the mutant power. The buttons for the 
mutant powers are:

A - Basic offensive power, all X-Men have this power from the beginning
    of the game. All other mutant powers must be purchased with level-up
    points. The A-power icon is the bottom icon on the menu.

B - This is an alternate offensive power. It may be a variation of the
    A-Power, or a different ability altogether. The B-power icon is the
    left icon on the menu.

X - Defensive/buffing mutant power. Some X-Men's defensive powers cover the
    entire team, others only protect the individual X-Man. Some X-Men have
    a buffing (stat-increasing) power rather than a pure defensive power.
    The X-power icon is the right icon on the menu.

Y - Xtreme mutant power. This is a super-powerful mutant power that can
    only be purchased once an X-Man has reached 15th level. The Xtreme
    power icon is the top icon on the menu.

[2.2.7] Call team {L button)
Press L to call your teammates to you. If you are currently engaged in 
combat, your teammates will target your opponent with their mutant power as 
defined in their character sheet (see section 3.4 below for more 
information on character sheets). Use this button, in combination with one 
of your own mutant powers, to score combos (see section 3.2 below).

[2.2.8] Move (Control stick)
Use the left control stick to move your character around the screen.

[2.2.9] Switch X-Man (D-pad)
Use the directional pad on the left side of the controller to switch to an 
"open" X-Man. Any X-Man that is not controlled by a human is available for 
switching. Look at your team icons in the lower left of the screen to see 
which direction to press the D-pad to switch to a character. For example, 
your team icons look like this:

Storm <--------> Rogue

You would press up to take control of Cyclops, right to take control of 
Rogue, down to control Wolverine and left to control Storm.

When playing with more than one player, each X-Man on the team appears in 
one of the four corners of the screen, with a diagram of the D-pad next to 
the X-Man's portrait that shows which direction on the D-pad you should 
press to take control of that X-Man. 

[2.2.10] Move camera (C-stick)
You have some limited control over the camera using the yellow C-stick on 
the right of the controller. Left/right rotates the camera, up/down zooms 
in and out. There's no way to change the camera angle except through the 
options menu.

[2.2.11] Game menu (Start button)
Press Start to bring up a menu that allows you to view your current 
objectives, access your current teams' character sheets, load a game, turn 
the map on or off, etc.

 \  /--MEN---------------------------------------------------------------
  \/                             [3] Gameplay
 /  \

[3.1] Basic Play (Story Mode)

The following information is for playing through the main story. There are 
some special game modes that can be accessed through the Danger Room 
selection at the main menu (the one you get when you first start the game). 
Those game modes--Sparring and Skirmish--are not covered in this guide.

Gameplay in X-Men Legends consists of action-oriented missions interspersed 
with interludes where all you do is talk to other characters. During the 
interludes, you are limited to playing as Alison Crestmere (AKA Magma). 
During the missions, you will have up to fourteen X-Men from which to 
choose. (The fifteenth character, Prof X, is playable only in two specific 

You progress through each mission with a team of up to four X-Men. There 
are a few missions where the number of available X-Men is less than four. 
Anywhere from one to four players may control the X-Men on the current 
team. Any X-Man not controlled by a player will be controlled by the game's 
artificial intelligence (AI).

NOTE: A player can take control of an X-Man simply by plugging in a 
controller and hitting Start. If a player has to leave, you have to bring 
up the game menu (Start button) and select the Players option to render 
their controller inactive. If there are fewer players than there are X-Men, 
any player can switch control to any "open" X-Man on the team.

In addition to finding and eliminating resistance, each mission will have a 
variety of objectives you must complete. You might need to destroy a 
certain number of machines, or find a specific character or rescue other 
people. You can review your current mission objectives by bringing up the 
game menu and selecting the Objectives option.

During missions, you can bring up an auto-map (see section 3.3 below) that 
shows you where you've been. The map shows objectives (a yellow X inside a 
circle) and Xtraction points (a blue X inside a circle). You should always 
use the map to help you find your way around the different stages.

Xtraction points are marked by a glowing, blue X in a circle on the ground. 
At an Xtraction point, you can do a variety of things:

Change Team
Allows you to change the members of your current team. Choosing this option 
brings up the team select characters screen. Highlight any character and 
press A to switch to a different character. While in this mode, you can 
revive fallen X-Men using tech bits (see section 3.5 below) and re-add them 
to your team. If your current roster is not subject to change, this option 
will not be available. NOTE: all fallen X-Men are revived at the end of a 
mission, so only pay to revive an X-Man if you absolutely must do so.

Save Game
Allows you to save your current progress. Saved games require 25 blocks on 
a GCN memory card. You should use a memory card with enough free space to 
store at least two saved games, preferably more. You will also need 1 block 
for game configuration options, so your memory card must have at least 26 
blocks and should have 51 or 76 blocks free for playing X-Men Legends.

Load Game
Allows you to load a saved game. You can also do this from the game menu 
(i.e. you don't need an Xtraction point to load a game).

Visit the Danger Room
Some Xtraction points allow you to jump straight to the Danger Room in X-
Mansion and play scenarios there. If you are finding a stage difficult, use 
this option to level your characters some more so you have more power to 
get through the stage.

Visit Healer
Healer is a Morlock friendly to the X-Men. Once you have talked to him 
during the third mission, you will be able to use Xtraction points to visit 
his shop. He sells health and energy packs and certain Danger Room discs 
you may have missed along the way. He also has a very expensive Grab Bag 
that produces a random item. Sometimes this can be a very good item; most 
of the time it will be worth far less than what you paid to reach into the 
bag. Healer will also buy any of your surplus items.

Visit Forge
Once you have unlocked Forge during the first interlude, you may use an 
Xtraction point to visit his shop and either buy or sell equipment. Forge 
will buy anything you carry; however, he sells only armor, backpacks and 
belts. If you are in desperate need of protection, you can buy some things 
from him. Mostly, you will use Forge to reduce your inventory so you can 
pick up more loot.

Not all stages have Xtraction points and not all Xtraction points allow the 
full range of options listed above. (Save Game and Load Game are available 
at all Xtraction points; the other options vary.) Whether or not a stage 
has an Xtraction point is noted in the walkthrough below.

As you play through each mission, you should try to pick up as much stuff 
as you can. This means breaking things. At least half, if not more, of all 
the placeable objects in the game are breakable, and some produce 
equipment, health or energy packs or tech bits. The most likely candidates 
for useful items are the container objects: barrels, trash cans, crates, 
etc. Beds, chairs, computer consoles and other such items rarely produce 
anything; but, they're fun to break anyway. (Or, pick them up and throw 
them at the bad guys...)

[3.2] Combat & Mutant Powers

Combat, and lots of it, is the name of the game in X-Men Legends. Each X-
Man has two primary melee attacks: standard and strong/knockback. Standard 
attacks are made with the A button, strong attacks with B. By hitting an 
opponent with different sequences, you can perform a special attack that 
does more damage. Some of the special attacks are:

 - Triple Hit: A, A, A
 - Knockback: B, B
 - Popup: A, A, B
 - Trip: A, B, A
 - Stun: B, A, B, B
 - Power sequence: A, B, B, A, A, A

While some X-Men can be effective just unloading melee attacks on the bad 
guys, the best way to win fights is to use your X-Men's mutant powers. Even 
better, you should learn how to hit "power combos"--two mutant powers used 
on one opponent at the same time.

Hitting combos in multiplayer requires communication between the players 
and a good sense of the timing of each mutant power being used. Wolverine's 
Brutal Slash, for example, is much faster than Storm's Lightning Strike. If 
a player controlling Wolverine wants to hit a combo with a player 
controlling Storm, the Wolverine player must watch the timing of the LS and 
initiate the Brutal Slash immediately before the lightning hits.

In single player, hitting combos is part luck and part skill. In combat, 
you press L repeatedly to call your teammates to you and have them attack 
your opponent with their mutant powers. Again, timing is an issue, but you 
don't have much control over when the computer AI will actually unleash its 

The primary method of hitting combos in single player is to hold down the R 
button and repeatedly press both the L and either the A or B button. 
Experiment to find different teams that work well for hitting combos. 
(Note: Emma Frost's Confuse and Jubilee's Photo Flash powers do not appear 
to cause power combos.)

Make sure you always have either Cyclops or Storm (or both) on the team for 
the bonuses they provide to power combos. The Leadership skill possessed by 
both X-Men adds bonus damage to power combos and bonus experience points 
earned from an enemy on whom you used a combo. You do not have to actually 
defeat the enemy with the combo. As long as you used a combo on that enemy 
at some point, you get the bonus XP. Also, you only need Storm or Cyclops 
on the team for the bonus, other X-Men can actually hit the combo.

The damage bonuses from the Leadership skills "stack"; i.e. if both Cyclops 
and Storm are on your team and both have Leadership 5, you'll get 300% 
bonus damage to your combos! The XP bonuses, alas, do not stack. Still, the 
primary purpose for Leadership is the damage bonus, so having both X-Men 
leaders on your team is a good thing.

You can also score combos even if you are just fighting hand-to-hand; just 
keep pressing L while you're punching to keep your teammates blasting away 
with their powers. There's even a "Batter Up!" combo that is scored when 
one X-Man hits with a strike sequence at the same time another X-Man hits 
with another strike sequence.

Examination of gameplay videos shows the powers do not have to hit exactly 
simultaneously. There is a small window of opportunity surrounding each 
power when you can cause a combo. Powers that temporarily stun your 
opponents are especially good for combos as you can hit with the second 
power any time while the foe is stunned. Area-of-effect powers also give 
good chances for hitting combos as multiple enemies are affected.

Once you get to level 15 and purchase Xtreme powers for your X-Men, you can 
use these powers by pressing R + Y. You can hit super power combos by 
hitting a combo with one or two Xtreme powers. Xtreme powers require Xtreme 
icons, which will display at the bottom center of the screen. In order to 
fill these icons, you need to collect Xtreme tokens the same way you 
collect health packs, etc. Each token fills one-quarter of an icon, so you 
must collect four tokens to get one full icon and use an Xtreme power once.

The Xtreme power icons are shared by all X-Men. Thus, if you have one icon 
filled, and Gambit uses 52 Pick Up, Storm cannot then immediately follow 
with Cyclone Fury until you pick up more tokens. At level 15, you can have 
one filled Xtreme icon. At level 20, you can have two filled icons. At 
level 25, you can have three; at level 30, you can have four; and, at level 
35 and after, you can have five filled icons.

Xtreme powers are most useful for crowd control. The best Xtreme powers are 
those that launch enemies away from you, such as Colossus' Seismic Smash. 
Try to avoid using Xtreme powers against bosses, as most Xtreme powers are 
large area-of-effect powers that are intended to damage multiple enemies. 
Against a single enemy, they're a lot less powerful. Use focused, single-
opponent powers and combos against bosses.

Another method of dealing with your enemies is to throw things at them. A 
character with the Might skill can pick up and throw cars, trucks and other 
really heavy things--or Wolverine for a Fastball Special (see section 4.17 
below). Any character can throw barrels or crates; the exploding barrels 
are especially nice. Gambit and Jubilee can both charge objects and throw 
them before they explode--sort of homemade grenades.

As you attack enemies, keep an eye on the enemy status bar in the top 
center of the screen. This shows your opponent's health status and any 
damage resistances possessed by the enemy. For example, some enemies are 
physical resistant. This means attacks causing physical damage are less 
effective. Team up on the foe with energy and mental attacks. The same goes 
for opponents listed as mental resistant, etc.

Keep an eye out for rejuvenators. Various mobs have a special unit that can 
revive fallen comrades. If you don't take out the rejuvenator, the bad guys 
will keep coming and coming and coming and coming. See section 5, Enemies, 
below for a list of rejuvenator units.

Finally, if you can, avoid combat on bridges (especially bridges built by 
an X-Man) or near ledges. The computer AI is just stupid enough to 
occasionally send your teammates jumping into the abyss after enemies that 
have fallen over the edge. That's a bad thing.

Combat in X-Men Legends is fast, furious and goes on forever; so, you'll 
get plenty of practice in taking care of the bad guys. If, for some strange 
reason, you can't get enough combat, try the Danger Room.

[3.2.1] Power Combo Names
Every power combo or super power combo has a name composed of an adjective 
and a noun; e.g. Atomic Blades or Electric Quake. The two words are taken 
from the X-Men powers that were used. The first power that hits determines 
the adjective; the second power determines the noun. To determine the name 
of a combo, just look up the adjective and noun for each power. Thus:
  Cyclops Optic Beam + Wolverine Brutal Slash = Optic Claw
  Wolverine Brutal Slash + Cyclops Optic Beam = Adamantium Beam

Here is a list of adjectives and nouns for most of the offensive mutant 
powers. Emma Frost's Confuse power and Jubilee's Photo Flash power do not 
appear to cause combos, perhaps because they do not harm your foes.

| Character    | Power               | Adjective    | Noun         |
| Beast        | Pinball             | Rolling      | Strike       |
|              | Propeller Kick      | Simian       | Kick         |
|              | Orbital Bombardment |              |              |
| Colossus     | Power Smash         | Charging     | Smash        |
|              | Concussion Slam     | Catastrophic | Slam         |
|              | Seismic Smash       | Diving       | Quake        |
| Cyclops      | Optic Beam          | Optic        | Beam         |
|              | Optic Sweep         | Immobilizing | Shockwave    |
|              | Optic Rage          |              | Rage         |
| Emma Frost   | Confuse             | n/a          | n/a          |
|              | Fear                | Spectral     | Terror       |
|              | Psychic Bedlam      |              | Shellshock   |
| Gambit       | Charged Card        | Atomic       | Cards        |
|              | Staff Slam          | Charged      | Slam         |
|              | 52 Pick Up          |              |              |
| Iceman       | Freeze Blast        | Icy          | Chill        |
|              | Ice Shards          | Piercing     | Blades       |
|              | Freeze Frame        |              |              |
| Jean Grey    | Telekinesis         | Lifting      | Kinetics     |
|              | Psychic Shout       | Shrieking    | Scream       |
|              | Phoenix Force       |              |              |
| Jubilee      | Energy Burst        | Dazzling     | Sparklers    |
|              | Photo Flash         | n/a          | n/a          |
|              | Independence Day    |              |              |
| Magma        | Fiery Blast         | Burning      | Blast        |
|              | Lava Fissure        | Molten       | Eruption     |
|              | Volcano             |              |              |
| Nightcrawler | Teleport Leap       | Quantum      | Leap         |
|              | Teleport Flurry     | Leaping      | Flurry       |
|              | Blindside Blitz     |              | Chaos        |
| Professor X  | Hammer Legend       | Astral       | Flash        |
|              | Blast Legend        | Cerebral     | Nova         |
|              | Psychic Maelstrom   |              | Maelstrom    |
| Psylocke     | Psychic Slash       | Crushing     | Slash        |
|              | Psychic Bolts       | Slicing      | Bolt         |
|              | Psychic Onslaught   |              | Devastation  |
| Rogue        | Southern Strike     | Vampiric     | Strike       |
|              | Ability Drain       | Devitalizing | Diffusion    |
|              | Energy Drain        |              |              |
| Storm        | Lightning           | Electric     | Surge        |
|              | Whirlwind           | Tempestuous  | Twister      |
|              | Cyclone Fury        |              |              |
| Wolverine    | Brutal Slash        | Adamantium   | Claw         |
|              | Claw Flurry         | Bestial      | Assault      |
|              | Savage Rampage      |              |              |

[3.3] Using the Map

The large auto-map is an essential part of success in X-Men Legends. 
Without the map, stages can become confusing and impossible to navigate. 
With the map, you can always see in which direction your next objective 
lies. The stages are very linear, but some of them can twist around enough 
to leave you confused unless you can see where you are and where you are 
going on your map.

The map contains a number of useful markers to help you find your way 
through each stage:

A blue X marks an Xtraction point. See section 3.1 above for more 
information about Xtraction points.

A yellow X marks a stage objective. It might be a control panel that needs 
to be operated, a person who needs to be rescued or a device that needs to 
be destroyed. Your primary goal in each stage is to go to each yellow X and 
do whatever needs to be done. Then you head for the exit and the next 

A red arrow marks the exit from the stage. Once all objectives have been 
cleared, find and use the exit.

By default, the map is hidden when you start the game. To turn on the map, 
bring up the game menu using the Start button. Scroll down to the Map 
option, which defaults to Map Hidden for story missions and Small Map for 
DR scenarios, and press A to switch maps. The order is Map Hidden - Small 
Map - Large Map. The small map overlays the right center portion of the 
screen, and is the best option for DR scenarios as they take place in very 
small areas.. The large map overlays the center of the screen and can show 
nearly an entire area in story missions.

The large map overlay can be daunting when first used; however, it is an 
invaluable tool and you should quickly grow accustomed to its presence. In 
no time at all, you will be able to look right past the map whenever you 
are in combat and then refocus on it when you are ready to move on.

[3.4] Leveling the X-Men

[3.4.1] Introduction
Each X-Man has a "level" that indicates how much experience and how much 
power the X-Man has. This level can be seen on the character screens, the 
character sheet of each X-Man and next to the X-Man's health and energy 
meters during game play. As you play the game, the X-Men earn experience 
points (XP). At specific totals of XP, each X-Man increases in level and 
can "level up".

Here is the list of total experience points required to reach each level:

Level   Total XP Required
-----   -----------------
  1                   0
  2                 100
  3                 265
  4                 505
  5                 830
  6               1,320
  7               2,070
  8               3,190
  9               4,720
 10               6.880
 11              10,015
 12              14,415
 13              20,610
 14              29,190
 15              41,265
 16              58,065
 17              81,440
 18             113,810
 19             158.630
 20             220,650
 21             306,345
 22             424.545
 23             587,450
 24             811,610
 25           1,119,830
 26           1,543,300
 27           2,124,650
 28           2,921,870
 29           4,014,295
 30           5,510,355
 31           7,557,660
 32          10,357,460
 33          14,183,785
 34          19,410,055
 35          26,544,400
 36          36,278,080
 37          49,551,280
 38          67,642,160
 39          92,287,785
 40         125,847,705
 41         171,526,730
 42         233,674,980
 43         318,196,770
 44         433,102,210
 45         589,255,845

Each time you defeat an enemy or fulfill your objectives in a mission, you 
earn experience. Each active X-Man on your current team receives the full 
amount of XP; inactive X-Men ("dead", not on the team or not unlocked) 
receive a percentage of the XP. The percentage received by inactive X-Men 
is sufficient to keep them about three to four levels behind active X-Men 
even if you never use them on any team.

For example, if you defeat an enemy worth 499 XP, each active X-Man on your 
team will receive 499 XP. All inactive X-Men will receive a percentage of 
499 XP. The percentage varies based on level, type of XP earned, etc. If 
you use Cyclops on every team and never use Beast at all, by the end of the 
game, Cyclops will be about 38th level and Beast will be about 34th level--
even though Beast was never an active X-Man.

Whenever an X-Man on your team has increased in level, you will get a 
notice on screen (it's kind of hard to miss). You may also see a smaller 
notice on screen if you start using an X-Man who has increased in level, 
but has not yet been leveled up. This notice shows bottom center and says 
"Level Up" with a small gray circle to the left of it. The small gray 
circle represents the Start button. Additionally, any X-Man that needs to 
level up will have a gold double-helix rotating around his or her feet.

Every time an X-Man increases in level, he or she receives one point to add 
to stats (stat point) and one point to add to powers/skills (skill point). 
At every fifth level (5, 10, 15, 20, etc.), the X-Man receives two stat 
points and two skill points. If you play the game normally--i.e. without 
power leveling--the X-Men will end the game around 38th level, which means 
you will be able to spend a total of 44 stat points and 44 skill points.

If you power-level using the Danger Room, you can get your X-Men to level 
45, which is the maximum. At 45th level, you will have earned 53 stat 
points and 53 skill points. Purchasing all levels of all powers and skills 
for each X-Man varies, but is usually around 65 or 66 points. It is 
impossible, no matter how much power-leveling you do, to max out all powers 
and skills. The descriptions of each X-Man in section 4 will list those 
powers and skills you can most easily do without.

You are not required to level up the X-Men every time they increase in 
level. You can wait as long as you wish, saving the skill points in order 
to buy more expensive powers or skills; i.e. those costing 2 points rather 
than 1.

[3.4.2] Character Screen
To level up an X-Man, you must bring them up on the character screen. You 
can get to the character screen through the game menu (Start button) and 
choosing the option Characters. At the beginning of each mission and when 
you select Change Team at an Xtraction point, you get the team select 
character screen. The team select character screen allows access to all 
available X-Men. The character screen accessed from the game menu only 
allows access to the members of the current team (including "dead" X-Men).

The character screen shows four X-pads, typically with a mutant on each 
pad. The pads are in the same configuration as the X-Men on the D-pad icon 
on your game screen. To the right are each X-Man's vital statistics, in 
order from top to bottom of top, right, left and bottom X-pad. The stats 
show each X-Man's level and current and maximum health and energy. If the 
X-Man needs to be leveled up, a gold double-helix will be rotating next to 
his or her name. To select an X-Man on the screen, use the control stick or 
D-pad to highlight an X-pad.

Below the character stats are your current number of tech bits, health 
packs and energy packs. Along the bottom of the screen is the menu.

B - Back: cancels everything you've done and returns to the game; do not
    press this unless you want to go back and start over from the point
    where you first opened the character screen. At the team select
    character screen, this button also selects the team that appeared when
    you first opened the screen.

X - Skin: changes the current X-Man's costume (not all X-Men have alternate
    costumes); available only after you have beat the game and unlocked
    extra costumes and only useable on the team select character screen.

A - Replace: changes the X-Man at the currently selected X-pad; only
    available on the team select character screen.

Y - Details: opens the currently selected X-Man's character sheet

Start - Accept: commits all changes to memory and returns to the game; once
        you accept changes made to the X-Men's stats, powers and skills you
        cannot undo them. On the team select screen, this selects the
        current team with changes made since you opened the screen.

If you are at the team select character screen and you press A to change an 
X-Man, a filmstrip of available X-Men portraits opens on the bottom of the 
screen. You can scroll left and right on this filmstrip with the control 
stick. Fallen X-Men's portraits are darkened with "Revive" overlaid and the 
cost (in tech bits) to revive him or her. The cost increases as the X-Men 
increase in level.

From this filmstrip, highlight an X-Man and press A to revive (if the X-Man 
has fallen and you have enough tech bits). Press A to place that X-Man at 
the currently selected X-pad. Press Y to access that X-Man's character 

[3.4.3] Character Sheet
You level up the X-Men, change their equipment, change the AI that governs 
them and view all their information from the character sheet. At the top 
left of the character sheet is the character's portrait. To the left of the 
portrait, you can see the L and R button icons; press L or R to switch to 
the character sheets of the other X-Men on your current team. If you are 
accessing the character sheet from the team select filmstrip, you can 
switch to any unlocked X-Man.

To the right of the portrait are three icons representing three pages that 
you can access. Underneath these page icons is the character's current 
level and the number of points (stat or skill) available for the selected 
page. The three pages are:

Shows the character's Strike, Agility, Body and Focus scores; the AI level; 
the AI heal rule and the character's AI mutant power.

Shows the character's mutant powers and skills and current level in each.

Shows the character's equipped backpack, belt and armor and the available 
inventory for each slot.

To the right of the main window are the character's statistics including 
current attack and defense ratings, current and maximum health and energy, 
current experience points and points needed to reach the next level. 
Underneath the editable region of the window is an information window 
showing details about the selected stat, power, skill or piece of 
equipment. At the bottom is the menu:

B - Back: returns you to the character screen; changes you have made are
    kept, but have not yet been committed to memory, you can still come
    back to the character sheet and re-do the level up.

X - Subtract/Unequip: reduces the currently selected stat, power or skill
    by one point; this is only available if you have, in this session,
    added points to the score. On the equipment screen, X unequips the
    currently selected item.

A - Add/Equip: increases the currently selected stat, power or skill by one
    step or allows you to change the currently selected piece of equipment.

Y - Auto: automatically levels up the X-Man. Auto-leveling tends to spread
    stat and skill points evenly and produces mediocre X-Men. It is not
    recommended that you auto-level the X-Men.

Z - Drop: on the equipment screen, drops the currently selected item from
    the team's inventory.

Start - Accept: commits changes to memory and returns to the game; all
        changes are committed to memory and cannot be undone.

[3.4.4] Stats/AI
Each X-Man has four ability statistics (stats): Strike, Agility, Body and 
Focus. Strike adjusts attack rating, Agility adjusts defense rating, Body 
adjusts your health and Focus adjusts both the amount of mutant energy you 
have and the rate at which it regenerates. The stats shown on this screen 
represent your "modified" stats; i.e. any bonuses from skills, equipment or 
other items are included.

In general, each X-Man needs lots of Focus because generous use of mutant 
powers is the way to win this game. Putting all your level-up points into 
Strike, Agility and Body and just punching and kicking your opponents is a 
recipe for disaster. Mutants need their mutant powers; thus, they need lots 
of mutant energy. Melee characters need at from one-third to one-half of 
all level up points placed in Focus. Ranged characters should have from 
one-half to two-thirds of all points in Focus.

Of the other three stats, Body is the most important as it determines the 
X-Man's health. Early in the game, Agility can be important as it keeps 
your X-Men from being hit so often; however, late in the game, you should 
have party-wide shields that absorb most damage so Agility becomes almost 
irrelevant. Strike is important for melee-oriented characters, especially 
those who do not have any type of mutant damage bonus to melee attacks--
e.g. Iceman's Cold Crush or Emma Frost's Psionic Strike.

In general, you can be very successful putting almost all stat points into 
Focus for all X-Men. Put a few points into Body, for health, and add some 
Strike points for melee-oriented characters. Once you get about half-way 
through the game, you will be relying almost totally on mutant attacks and 
will want lots of Focus.

Below the Focus score is the character's AI level. The AI level controls 
how the X-Man should react in combat, especially when you call for help. 
There are three levels of AI for each X-Man.

  Aggressive: the X-Man responds immediately to attack

  Normal:     the X-Man waits for an opportunity before attacking

  Defensive:  the X-Man only attacks if he or she is attacked

There's little use in this game for Defensive AI. Melee characters should 
be set to Aggressive, the remaining X-Men can be set to Normal.

Next on the list is the AI heal rule that governs how the AI uses health 
packs. A change on any one character's sheet affects all X-Men, not just 
the individual character. There are four rules:

  Never: the AI never uses health packs

  < 20%: the AI uses a health pack if the character's health falls below
         20 per cent of maximum and there are more than two health packs
         in inventory

  < 40%: the AI uses a health pack when the character's health falls below
         40 per cent of maximum and there are more than two health packs
         in inventory

  < 80%: the AI uses a health pack when the character's health falls below
         80 per cent of maximum and there are more than two health packs
         in inventory

The recommended settings are 40% and 80%. Never is not a good idea unless 
you intend to rapidly switch X-Men while in combat in order to use health 
packs. Less than 20% can cause an X-Man to die from massive damage before 
getting low enough to use a health pack. Less than 40% is a good all-around 
rule that will keep your teammates alive while saving on your store of 
health packs. Less than 80% will cause the AI to use health packs far too 
rapidly in the early game; but, you can switch to it once you are able to 
hold 15 or more health packs.

Last on the list is the AI power. This is the mutant power the AI will use 
when you call for an attack using the L button. Recommended settings for AI 
power are listed in the description of each X-Man in Section 4.

To increase a stat or change an AI rule, use the control stick to highlight 
the item and press A. If you have added points to a stat in this session, 
highlight the stat and press X to subtract a point. You cannot subtract 
points added to stats previously and committed to memory.

[3.4.5] Powers/Skills
Each X-Man has three standard mutant powers, one Xtreme power and several 
skills as outlined in Section 4. The first power on the list is the A-
button power and all X-Men start with one level of this power. Next on the 
list is the B-power, then the X-power and then the Xtreme (Y-button) power 
followed by the skills.

Each of the first three powers is a "tree" with three "branches". You must 
fill up each level of an upper branch before you can fill up levels in the 
next branch. The A and B powers have two branches of five levels each, 
followed by a "Legend" branch with just one level. Initially, you will not 
see the Legend branch, it does not show on the character sheet until your 
X-Men have reached 25th level. The X power has three branches of three 
levels each. All three branches are visible from the start, though it will 
take you a while to fill them. The Xtreme power is a single level.

The powers, the cost to buy a level, the character level requirement for 
each level and the energy cost to use each power are standard for all 
characters. Here's the basic chart:

                                  Char Level
Power & Level     Point cost      Requirement     Energy Used

  A-1.1             -                 -              10
  A-1.2             1                 3              15
  A-1.3             1                 5              20
  A-1.4             1                 7              25
  A-1.5             1                 9              30
  A-2.1             2                15              40
  A-2.2             1                17              45
  A-2.3             1                19              50
  A-2.4             1                21              55
  A-2.5             1                23              60
  A-3.1             2                30              70

  B-1.1             2                 5              25
  B-1.2             1                 7              30
  B-1.3             1                 9              35
  B-1.4             1                11              40
  B-1.5             1                13              45
  B-2.1             2                20              55
  B-2.2             1                22              60
  B-2.3             1                24              65
  B-2.4             1                26              70
  B-2.5             1                28              75
  B-3.1             2                30              85

  X-1.1             2                 5              60
  X-1.2             1                 7              70
  X-1.3             1                 9              80
  X-2.1             2                14             100
  X-2.2             1                16             110
  X-2.3             1                18             120
  X-3.1             2                23             140
  X-3.2             1                25             150
  X-3.3             1                27             160

  Y-1.1             2                15             1 Xtreme icon

There are two exceptions to this standard progression. Nightcrawler's B 
power (Teleport Flurry) uses almost double the energy of other X-Men's B 
powers. Jean Grey's TK (A power) requires an additional expenditure of 
energy each second it is in use; this is over the initial cost of using the 

Listed underneath the powers are the skills. All skill levels cost one 
point to fill. Most skills have either three or five levels. A few skills 
have six levels and are shown as two three-level branches. Some skills also 
have level requirements; for example, Level 1 Toughness cannot be purchased 
until the X-Man is 10th level. Some of the skills, such as Flying, are 
additional mutant powers requiring an expenditure of mutant energy.

The complete layout looks something like this (using Wolverine as an 
example); X is a filled level, . is an empty level:

Brutal Slash           X X X X X
  Eviscerate            X X X X X
    Legend Slash         X
Claw Flurry            . . . . .
  Claw Frenzy           . . . . .
    Legend Frenzy        .
Feral Rage             X X X
  Berserker Rage        X X .
    Unstoppable Rage     . . .
Health Factor          X X X X X
Sharpness              X X X X X
Toughness              . . .
Mutant Mastery         X . .
Critical Strike        X X X . .
Expertise              X X X X X

Powers and skills that can be leveled up display in white. Powers and 
skills you cannot currently level up show in gray. Using the control stick, 
highlight the power or skill you want to level up and press A to add a 
level. Press X to subtract any levels you have added in this session. 
Levels added in a previous session and committed to memory cannot be 

[3.4.6] Equipment
The third screen shows the character's current equipment in, from top to 
bottom, the backpack slot, the belt slot and the armor slot. Highlight a 
slot and a list of equipment for that slot that is in inventory will show 
below. Press A to access the inventory list, highlight the equipment you 
want to place in the slot and press A again to equip it. Press B while in 
the inventory list to keep the currently equipped item. Press Z while in 
the inventory list to drop an item out of the team's inventory and leave it 
on the ground. If you want to empty the character's equipment slot, press X 
while the slot is highlighted.

Information about each piece of equipment will show in the information 
window at the bottom of the screen when that piece of equipment is 
highlighted. You can also get an overview of all the equipment in sections 
7.6, 7.7 and 7.8 below.

[3.5] Items

Your primary task in X-Men Legends is defeating the bad guys. Your 
secondary task is scrounging for loot...that is, collecting valuable 
equipment. You get most of your swag from drops by your enemies; however, 
you can also get a lot of loot from destroying the scenery.

Most of the items you will collect are health packs and energy packs. Since 
these resources get used up frequently (especially in the early game), it's 
a good thing the game drops a lot. Later in the game, as your energy 
regeneration improves, you can start selling off some of the energy packs 
you pick up, since you don't need them as much and so many of them drop 
anyway. Keep the health packs, they don't show up quite as often.

You also need to look out for tech bits, the X-Men Legends equivalent of 
money. You use tech bits to buy equipment from Forge and Healer and revive 
fallen mutants-in-arms. Once you hit 15th level and can use Xtreme powers, 
you'll start picking up the Xtreme tokens you need to fill your Xtreme 
power icons.

There are also many bonus items that are hidden throughout the game: comic 
books to upgrade your X-Men; discs for playing in the Danger Room; sketch 
books that unlock concept art so you can say "kewwwl"; bonus skill points, 
stat points and experience points. All lying around where just anybody can 
get to it. Well, all right, anybody that can fly or teleport or pick up 

All X-Men share the inventory, so any X-Man can equip anything that's been 
picked up, unless another X-Man is already wearing the item. There is a 
limit to the number of items that can be held in inventory. If you try to 
pick something up and get the message "Inventory is full", you have three 
options: ignore the item on the ground because it is underpowered for your 
current level; go to a nearby Xtraction point and sell unused items to 
Forge or Healer; or, drop some of your current inventory on the ground. In 
order to keep your inventory from filling up, re-evaluate your equipment 
and sell unneeded items at least every second Xtraction point.

A more complete list of items available is in section 7. Items that always 
show up in a specific location (such as comics, Danger Room discs, sketch 
books and bonus points) are listed in section 6, Walkthrough. The locations 
of comics are also listed in section 7.3. Danger Room disc locations are 
also listed in section 9.

[3.6] Hints

Learn to use the large map. It's a bit annoying and hard to use at first; 
however, once you become accustomed to it, you will not be able to play 
with it off.

Learn to hit combos and always have at least Cyclops or Storm on your team 
to increase the damage and XP bonus of combos. For really insane damage 
bonuses, have both leaders on your team. (This is assuming you are building 
up their Leadership skill, which you should.) To score more combos in 
single player, control an X-Man with a slow-developing power or a power 
that affects multiple enemies (Storm is a good choice as her Lightning does 
both). By the time your character's power hits, your teammates will have 
responded to your call and hit with their own powers.

Use the Danger Room to level your X-Men and collect items. Deliberately 
"fail" the course, and you can re-play it and continue collecting items. 
Once you've cleared a DR mission, it will no longer drop items when 
replayed. Any DR scenario which requires you to execute certain commands 
(such as the Teamwork courses) or protect objects is a good candidate for 
collecting items. It's very easy to fail the course.

Concentrate on maximizing a few key mutant powers and skills rather than 
having lots of half-powered abilities. Consider each X-Man's core strengths 
and pick corresponding powers and skills. Cyclops, for example, doesn't 
really need any levels in Critical Strike.

With a few exceptions, powers that damage a single opponent are stronger 
and more useful than wide area powers. Keep your team and their powers 
focused on a single enemy and take your opponents out one-by-one rather 
than trying to blast them all at once. The main exceptions are Colossus' 
Concussion Slam, Psylocke's Psychic Bolts and Jean Grey's Psychic Shout. 
These are also great powers for hitting combos.

Make sure each X-Man that has a special jumping/flying ability gets it 
built up. The exceptions may be Iceman and Magma. Their slides are not 
quite as useful as flying or double-jumping. They are, however, really cool 
to play with, so you may want to level up one of them at least the first 
time you play the game.

As much as possible, use equipment that aids regeneration of health or 
energy, aids in defense or increases damage. Always use nanofiber armor 
rather than other types of armor. Late in the game (at 30th level and 
above), the best backpack item for every X-Man is the Super Power Enhancer: 
+80 to +100 damage to each mutant attack. This damage is also added to 
mutant-enhances melee attacks; e.g. Emma's Psionic Strike. At 40th level, 
you can obtain Ultra Power Enhancers: +125 to +150 damage to mutant 
attacks. Dishing out that much damage makes your X-Men nearly invulnerable.

Lure enemies to you using a ranged fighter to prevent being mobbed.

Consistently use the L button to keep all X-Men focused on a single enemy 
and increase the chances of scoring a combo.

Always take out the strongest enemy first, then deal with the peons. The 
only exception is when there is some method where the enemy is 
regenerating; in that case, take out the regeneration unit first. Examples: 
Morlock Goths resurrecting their comrades; launchers that keep spitting out 
Sentinels, etc. The exception may be if you want a bit of extra XP, you can 
let the bad guys keep coming and keep taking them down. However, if power-
leveling is your thing, DR scenarios are a better choice.

Always save when you reach an Xtraction point. Use a large memory card and 
rotate between two or three saves. If you find you're in bad trouble in a 
stage, you can always go back one or two stages and try something 

 \  /--MEN---------------------------------------------------------------
  \/                               [4] X-Men
 /  \

[4.1] X-Men Stats

Each X-Man has four ability statistics (stats):

 - Strike: Attack rating is 1 per level + 1 per Strike rank

Your attack rating affects how often you hit when fighting hand-to-hand; it 
also affects how much base damage your character does when he or she hits.

 - Agility: Defense rating is 1 per level + 1 per Agility rank

Your defense rating affects how often you are hit by melee attacks or 
ranged, non-mutant attacks (i.e. guns).

 - Body: Health is 25 + 5 per level + 10 per Body rank

The more health you have, the more damage you can absorb before needing to 
use up health packs. Since some attacks, especially mutant powers directed 
against you, cannot be avoided with Agility, you need a decent Body stat, 
even if your Agility is high.

 - Focus: Mutant energy is 30 + 4 per level + 7 per Focus rank
          Mutant energy regeneration is +1% per Focus rank

The more mutant energy you have and the faster it regenerates, the more you 
can use your mutant powers; this is an important stat for all X-Men.

In general, you should concentrate on Focus for each X-Man as your mutant 
attacks are your most powerful, so you want to be able to use them as much 
as possible. You should spend at least one of every three stat increases on 
Focus. Over the course of the game, this should add about 14 or 15 points 
of Focus to your starting stat. Characters that heavily rely on mutant 
powers (e.g. Storm, Cyclops, Jean Grey) should get one of every two points 
or two of every three points placed in Focus.

Spread the remaining points out however you wish. There's no real formula 
for how these scores should relate to each other. Melee characters will 
want to concentrate on Strike and Body; ranged characters on Body and 
Agility. You'll find that, for characters that need high scores in these 
three stats, you'll get bonus skills and items that greatly improve them. 
This makes it even easier to concentrate on Focus.

Each X-Man also receives bonus stat points to a specific stat each time he 
or she levels up. This varies by X-Man, though it is usually related to 
that X-Man's primary need. E.g. Cyclops, Storm and Jean Grey receive bonus 
Focus points; Nightcrawler receives bonus Agility points; Wolverine 
receives bonus Strike points; etc. Since the characters that are more 
reliant on Strike, Agility or Body receive these bonus points, you can 
afford to spend more on Focus to increase their ability to use mutant 

There are also three other stats that can be affected by powers, skills and 

 - Knockback: governs how far you are thrown back when hit by a knockback
   attack, or how far you throw enemies with knockback attacks.

There are a lot of attacks in the game that cause "knockback"--you or your 
enemy is literally flung through the air. There are a number of powers 
(Cyclops' Optic Sweep, Colossus' Concussion Slam, etc.) that cause a lot of 
knockback. These powers are useful for separating yourself from a mob of 
enemies. Similarly, there are powers, skills and equipment that reduce the 
chance your X-Man will be flung backwards if hit by such an attack.

 - Pain: pain appears to affect whether your X-Man is stunned by a
   sufficiently severe attack

Without being able to examine the game engine, it seems pain is used 
whenever an X-Man is hit by an attack that causes a large amount of damage. 
In such cases, your X-Man may appear "stunned", even though he or she has 
not been hit by a stunning mutant power. There are defensive powers and 
equipment that reduce pain.

 - Destruction: a lot of the scenery in X-Men Legends is destructible;
   this stat shows how effective a power is at destroying the scenery

The higher the destruction rating of a power or skill, the easier it is to 
blow up the scenery.

[4.2] Power Leveling

If you play through the game normally, you will end with most of your X-Men 
in the upper 30's in level; the maximum level that you can achieve with any 
X-Man is 45. It will take a bit of work to get your X-Men to that level. 
The game is quite beatable without power leveling; getting your X-Men to 
maximum level will just make the game a cakewalk. Still, you'll end up with 
about 10 more stat and skill points to spend, allowing you to more fully 
realize each X-Man's potential.

The key to power leveling is judicious use of Danger Room scenarios. To 
power level, repeatedly play a scenario that earns the maximum XP in as 
little time as possible. You should always have Storm or Cyclops on the 
team for the Leadership bonus to power combo XP. For courses that allow 
unlimited foes (e.g. Survival courses), use both Cyclops and Storm for the 
stacked Leadership damage bonus to enable you to defeat more enemies.

Freshman Courses
There's not much here that provides power leveling. At the time you first 
gain access to the Danger Room, you can earn more experience just taking 
the Trivia test on the second floor of X-Mansion. In any case, power 
leveling this early in the game is kind of meaningless, as you will level 
very quickly just playing the game.

Sophomore Courses
There aren't any really good power leveling classes in this set. All the 
classes have a short time limit, and can end quite early through failure or 
success. The best classes to use for level gains are Focus 201 and Focus 
202. While you will easily end the class successfully by killing the 
Morlock Goths, the Morlocks you confront are worth good XP for your X-Men 
up to about tenth level.

Junior Courses
Survival 302 gives you no objective other than staying alive for three 
minutes. A good source of experience for X-Men through the teen levels.

Senior Courses
The best power leveling class in this year is Graduation Exam 400. You can 
get a full two minutes on the Astral Plane defeating hordes of high-XP 
enemies. Protect Prof X and ignore the statues to ensure you "fail" the 
course, allowing you to keep playing it with item drops. You should earn 
over four million XP each attempt, which will quickly power-level 
characters from the mid-20's to the low-30's in level.

X-Man Courses/Legends Courses
There are no good power-leveling courses at the X-Man level. At the Legends 
level, Focus 601 is a quick XP-earner: between one-and-one-half and two 
million XP in about 15 seconds. Averaged over time, it's a faster leveler 
than GE400 and good for pushing characters from the low-30's to 40th level.

Challenge Legends provides an average of 37 million XP in the five-minute 
time limit; however, by the time you obtain the disc, the game is all but 
over, so power-leveling at that point isn't worth much. Still, if you get 
your characters to 40th level with Focus 601, you can finish the job in 
approximately one hour of dedicated play in Challenge Legends. It won't 
make the final battle significantly easier, but it's the best way to get 
that sense of "completion" to the game.

The best way to power level your characters is to play the game through 
normally until you have obtained Graduation Exam 400. Your primary X-Men 
should be about 23rd or 24th level. Play through GE400 with as many 
different teams as you like until you have pushed your favorite X-Men to 
level 35. Make sure you have either Cyclops or Storm on every team for the 
XP bonus to power combos. Also, don't finish it until you're ready to move 
on to the X-Man and Legends courses--you don't want to lose the items that 
drop each time you play.

Once your characters are 35th level, continue playing through the story. 
After you finish the mission to the Sentinel Factory, you will have the 
Focus 601 disc. Now is the time to power level your preferred teams to 40th 
level using Focus 601. Once you get at least one X-Man to 40th level, you 
will be able to buy Ultra equipment from Forge. (E.g. Ultra Power 
Enhancers, Ultra Nanofiber Armor, Ultra Focus Enhancers, etc.)

Equip your X-Men with Ultra equipment and continue playing through to the 
next-to-last stage of Asteroid M. You should now have the Challenge Legends 
disc and, if you desire that last little bit of power for the final battle, 
use it to level your team to 45th level. Make sure you avoid destroying all 
the generators until you are ready to complete the course; you'll need the 
item drops during each attempt.

[4.3] Beast (Henry "Hank" McCoy)

A-power: PinBall/Cannon Ball/Legend Ball--Beast rolls into a ball and 
careens through the area at incredible speed, dishing out lots of physical 

B-power: Propeller Kick/Propeller Lash/Legend Propeller--Beast spins 
around, kicking any enemies in range and causing physical damage

X-power: Beastial Feats/Beastial Instinct/Beastial Soul--Beast mentally 
focuses his mind and body to react to anything; this delivers increasing 
physical damage resistance, Agility boosts and increased jumping range at 
higher levels

Y-power: Orbital Bombardment--calls a powerful laser down from an orbiting 
satellite to smite enemies

 - Acrobatics: Increases Agility and allows a double-jump
 - Critical Strike: Increases chance of a critical hit for a melee attack
 - Grappling: Increases Strike and reflects damage from punches and kicks
 - Might: Increases lifting strength and damage of melee attacks.
 - Mutant Mastery: Increases maximum mutant energy
 - Toughness: Increases maximum health

When acquired: You meet Beast during your first interlude in X-Mansion.

Recommended AI level: Aggressive
Recommended AI power: Propeller Kick

Beast is, probably, the purest melee fighter among the X-Men. As such, he 
needs the least amount of Focus of any mutant; you can get away with just 
one-fourth of your stat points placed into Focus. Put half your stat points 
into Strike and the remaining fourth split between Body and Agility--
Beastial Feats and Acrobatics will take care of Agility and damage 
reduction for you.

Pinball is pretty useless, as it is very difficult to control and often 
does more damage to the scenery than to your enemies. Propeller Kick is 
very good, but is most effective only when Beast is being mobbed. You'll 
need enough mutant energy to keep Beastial Feats up and running with the 
occasional Propeller Kick thrown in for good measure.

Otherwise, you'll mostly fight hand-to-hand with Beast. Level up Might, 
Critical Strike, Grappling, Acrobatics and Toughness to their maximum as 
soon as you can. You can ignore Pinball and Mutant Mastery. Orbital 
Bombardment is a useful Xtreme power. Max out his X-power to Beastial Soul 
3 and buy his B-power up to at least Propeller Lash 3 or 4. When coupled 
with a higher-level Cyclops and his Tactics power, Beast can really put the 
hurt on your foes.

[4.4] Colossus (Piotr Nikolievitch Rasputin)

A-power: Power Smash/Titanic Smash/Titanic Legend--Colossus lays one on an 
opponent; a very destructive power

B-power: Concussion Slam/Concussion Blast/Concussion Legend--Colossus claps 
his hands, causing an arcing shockwave that damages and knocks back 
opponents in range

X-power: Steel Skin/Titanium Skin/Osmium Skin--Colossus' personal shield; 
metal armor forms around his body giving him physical damage resistance, 
resistance to beam attacks and resistance to pain; higher levels have a 
chance of deflecting physical damage back on the attacker

Y-power: Seismic Smash--Colossus slams the ground and really shakes things 

 - Colossus Charge: A heavy charge attack that can be performed from a jump
 - Critical Strike: Increases chance of a critical hit for a melee attack
 - Knockback: Adds additional knockback to all knockback skills/powers
 - Might: Increases lifting strength and damage of melee attacks
 - Mutant Mastery: Increases maximum mutant energy
 - Toughness: Increases maximum health

When acquired: You rescue Colossus from a Russian nuclear plant; he's first 
available during the GRSO attack on X-Mansion during Interlude #5.

Recommended AI level: Aggressive
Recommended AI power: Concussion Slam

Colossus is the strongest X-Man with the most devastating mutant attack 
(Power Smash). He is also the slowest X-Man, which makes it very hard to 
actually land his signature punch. Thus, Colossus is most useful for crowd 
control. Both Power Smash and Concussion Slam cause a lot of knockback, 
which can be increased with the Knockback skill. Add in a good defensive 
power, and Peter is a one-man riot squad.

For his main offensive power, Concussion Slam is more useful as it affects 
all enemies in front of Colossus and has a large amount of knockback. Power 
Smash is more destructive on an individual; but, can be difficult to land 
because Colossus is so slow. Even equipped with a muscle accelerator, it 
will only be slightly easier to use his destructive blow.

Colossus Charge is sort of a "fifth power attack". In mid-jump, push the Y 
button again and, when Peter lands, he'll lumber forward and bash into 
whatever is in front of him. This will do a fair amount of damage and 
knockback and requires mutant energy to execute. This power is about as 
useful as Iceman's Ice Tracks, but less fun to play with and can be 

To make Colossus most effective, max out Concussion Slam and Steel Skin. 
You also want to max out Knockback and Might; and a level or two of Mutant 
Mastery is also a help. At Concussion Legend level, Colossus' clap can 
clear out the *next* room--just stand near the door and execute the B-power 
and then walk into a room full of falling bodies. It is also very easy to 
hit combos with Concussion Slam. Equip him with a Power Enhancer to 
increase the damage from his attack.

[4.5] Cyclops (Scott Summers)

Mutant Powers
A-power: Optic Beam/Optic Blast/Legend Blast: ranged attack that does 
energy damage; can weld metal; higher levels have Piercing capability, 
allowing Cyclops to shoot multiple enemies in a line or shoot through walls

B-power: Optic Sweep/Optic Slam/Legend Slam: ranged attack that does energy 
damage to multiple targets in an arc in front of Cyclops, also knocks 
enemies back and causes a fair amount of Destruction

X-power: Tactics/Strategy/Command: Cyclops' leadership abilities add to his 
or the team's Strike and Agility scores

Y-power: Optic Rage--an extremely powerful version of Optic Sweep

 - Accuracy: Increases chance of a critical hit for a ranged attack
 - Critical Strike: Increases chance of a critical hit for a melee attack
 - Leadership: Increases damage of and experience received from combos
 - Mutant Mastery: Increases maximum mutant energy
 - Point Blank Shot: Increases damage of ranged attack within 10 feet
 - Toughness: Increases maximum health

When acquired: You pick up Cyclops just after fighting Mystique during the 
first mission.

Recommended AI level: Normal
Recommended AI power: Optic Beam

Cyclops isn't really built for melee fighting. He has no melee skills 
except Critical Strike. His Tactics power can't even be purchased until 
level five, and isn't hugely useful until level 9, when you can get Tactics 
3 and receive +6 to Strike and Agility.

Since he is so weak at melee, you'll want to concentrate on powering up his 
ranged attacks. He's dependant on mutant energy, so pour stat points into 
Focus until you've gotten that stat into the 20s; you can then spare a few 
stat points to beef up his health (Body).

Max out Optic Beam to Legend Blast and Tactics to Command 3 for an insta-
buff to all X-Men. You'll also need levels in Tactics for the Weapon X Part 
Deux mission. A few levels of Optic Sweep can be effective for crowd 
control and for taking out energy saps.

Level up Cyclops' Leadership, Accuracy and Point Blank Shot skills as soon 
as possible. You may also want a point or two in Mutant Mastery. Ignore 
Critical Strike and Toughness. Optic Rage is nice, but not as useful as 
those Xtreme powers that have 360-degree radial effect (Optic Rage only 
works in a 90-degree arc in front of Cyclops).

With his weak melee skills and the limited usefulness of his ranged attack 
early (before he has enough Focus to keep up the blasting), Cyclops is not 
a good choice for your team until the early teen levels. Afterwards, he 
will probably become a mainstay as his Optic Beam has the longest range of 
any mutant attack in X-Men Legends and Leadership will have a significant 
effect on your team.

[4.6] Emma Frost

A-power: Confuse/Command/Legend Command--confuses enemies so they are no 
longer able to fight; Command and Legend Command convert enemies to allies 
and add to their stats; the confusion/conversion effect is time-limited

B-power: Fear/Terror/Legend Terror--causes enemies to flee in terror and 
reduces their stats; Terror and Legend Terror also cause mental damage; the 
fear effect is time-limited

X-power: Psychic Shell/Diamond Shell/Impervious Shell--encases Emma in a 
diamond-hard substance that reduces physical damage, beam damage and pain

Y-power: Psychic Bedlam--causes psychic (mental) damage to all enemies 
within 50 feet and paralyzes nearby enemies with fear

 - Critical Strike: Increases chance of a critical hit for a melee attack
 - Hardness: Reflects physical damage back at foes
 - Mutant Mastery: Increases maximum mutant energy
 - Psionic Strike/Fury: Adds mental damage to melee attacks
 - Shell Might: Increases lifting strength and damage of melee attacks
   when in Shell Form
 - Toughness: Increases maximum health

When acquired: Emma comes to help free Illyana from the Astral Plane, and 
is first available during the GRSO attack on X-Mansion in Interlude #5.

Recommended AI level: Normal
Recommended AI power: Fear

Emma Frost can be a very good character, but only under human control. The 
key to getting the most from the White Queen's powers is to maximize her 
melee ability using her Shell form in conjunction with Hardness, Psionic 
Strike and Shell Might. Her offensive powers are OK for crowd control, but 
they are not as much use to you when leaving Emma under AI control.

Psychic Shell is as powerful a defense as Colossus' Steel Skin. Maximize it 
and also max out Hardness, Shell Might, Psionic Strike/Fury and Critical 
Strike. Split Emma's stat points up equally between Focus and Strike with 
the occasional point put into Agility or Body (her Shell will protect her 
from a lot of damage) and she becomes a great melee fighter. In order to 
get the most out of her attacks, you have to keep her Shell form in use at 
all times; and that requires human control. You don't want Emma using her 
Confuse or Fear powers on your opponents while you're trying to hit combos. 
The only effect is you will hit a lot fewer combos since all your enemies 
are either running away or fighting on your side.

Level up either one of Emma's offensive powers. Fear is good because it 
eventually begins causing damage along with the fear effects. Buy her 
Xtreme power. Don't worry about Toughness or Mutant Mastery unless you just 
have some spare points. Play as Emma and keep her Shell up and just hammer 
away at your opponents. If you get mobbed, use Confuse or Fear to break up 
the crowd and take them down one-by-one.

[4.7] Gambit (Remy LeBeau)

A-power: Charged Card/Charged Shuffle/Card Legend--throws kinetically 
charged cards that cause energy damage and knockback; can also destroy 
objects with a touch (stand next to an object and press R+A)

B-power: Staff Slam/Staff Detonation/Staff Legend--Gambit slams his staff 
on the ground, causing a concussive shockwave that knocks down and damages 
nearby enemies (energy damage)

X-power: Kinetic Boost/Kinetic Amplification/Kinetic Mastery--boosts damage 
of Gambit's physical attacks and his movement speed; at high levels, adds 
energy damage to teammates' melee attacks

Y-power: 52 Pick Up--Gambit fires off a full deck of kinetically charged 
cards, damaging enemies in a wide area

 - Critical Strike: Increases chance of a critical hit for a melee attack
 - Kinetic Strike/Fury: Adds kinetic damage to non-staff melee attacks
 - Overload: Adds energy to charged objects
 - Mutant Mastery: Increases maximum mutant energy
 - Staff Master: Adds kinetic energy to non-power staff attacks
 - Toughness: Increases maximum health

When acquired: Gambit is held hostage by the Morlocks; you'll free him at 
the end of your first mission into their sewers.

Recommended AI level: Normal
Recommended AI power: Charged Card

Gambit is another great character for players, who is less useful under AI 
control. By leveling his melee abilities, you can turn him into a very good 
fighter, but his powers are not used by the game as well as they could be. 
Still, if you do want to play with Gambit on your team, but not under your 
control, you can hit some pretty effective combos with either of his 
offensive powers.

The other good thing about using Gambit as your character is the ability to 
charge objects (using his A-power) and hurl them at enemies, where they 
explode. Simply stand next to an object and press R+A, then quickly throw 
it at your opponents. You can also use this to destroy items; just charge 
them up and then step back.

For an AI-controlled Gambit, Charged Card ends up being a better choice 
than Staff Slam. Because CC is a power that affects multiple enemies, you 
have a better chance of scoring a combo. For a player-controlled Gambit, 
Staff Slam is the better offensive power, though you won't hit as many 

In both cases, you'll want to emphasize Gambit's Strike and Focus stats and 
level up Kinetic Boost, which also provides a bonus to his teammates at 
Amplification and Mastery levels. Level up Critical Strike, Staff Master 
and Toughness. Only level up Overload if you're going to use Gambit's 
ability to charge objects. You should level up Kinetic Strike/Fury if you 
will be using Gambit a lot for hand-to-hand fighting.

Use Staff Slam as a crowd-control measure, and then use lots of strong 
attacks hand-to-hand. Strong (B) attacks are more likely to cause Gambit to 
use his Staff; thus, you get the bonuses from the Staff Master skill. Keep 
Kinetic Boost up and use lots of melee attack sequences.

[4.8] Iceman (Bobby Drake)

A-power: Freeze Blast/Deep Freeze/Legend Freeze--slows or freezes enemies, 
builds ice bridges, puts out fires

B-power: Ice Shards/Ice Spikes/Legend Spikes--throws ice projectiles 
(energy damage)

X-power: Ice Armor/Ice Equipment/Ice Forge--reduces damage (all types), 
causes touch damage to attackers; higher levels add energy damage to 
teammates' punches

Y-power: Freeze Frame--freezes enemies within 12 feet, slows enemies within 
33 feet

 - Critical Strike: Increases chance of a critical hit for a melee attack
 - Cold Smash/Cold Crush: Adds cold damage to melee attacks
 - Ice Tracks: Iceman can glide through the air on sheets of ice
 - Mutant Mastery: Increases maximum mutant energy
 - Point Blank Shot: Increases damage of ranged attacks within 10 feet
 - Toughness: Increases maximum health

When acquired: Bobby Drake will try to charm Alison during the first 
interlude in X-Mansion.

Recommended AI level: Normal
Recommended AI power: Freeze Blast

Iceman is one of the more versatile X-Men. He's a good support character 
and he's a good fighter. As a bridge-builder, he's very useful--especially 
in some early missions when neither Jean nor Magma are available. Freeze 
Blast slows (or completely freezes) your opponents, making them easier 
targets. Note, it does no actual damage of its own. This is an especially 
important power for some of the tougher mutant bosses, as freezing them 
keeps them from using their most devastating attacks.

Ice Shards is fairly weak unless boosted with the extra damage from Point 
Blank Shot. Considering the overall usefulness of his other two main 
powers, you probably don't want to waste points in this power and have to 
spend points on PBS as well. Ice Tracks is another pretty useless skill. 
The ice slides are hard to control, have incredibly short range until level 
5, and are not nearly as useful as the Flying skill (since you can't carry 
teammates on your slide).

Ice Armor is a great defensive power. It gives Bobby good protection, 
including a small touch attack damage bonus--i.e. any opponent that touches 
him is automatically damaged. He can also give his teammates an energy 
bonus to their melee attacks. Of course, you don't see the full benefit of 
this until you get to Ice Forge level, about midway through the game.

The best build for Iceman is to max out Freeze Blast and Ice Armor and keep 
his Focus high and level up Mutant Mastery so he can keep up his shields 
and keep blasting away. Split remaining stat points between Agility and 
Body and don't worry much about his Strike. You can give him some levels in 
Cold Smash to increase his Melee ability and a point in Toughness will help 
him stay alive.

You can also make Bobby more of a tank by maxing Cold Smash and Critical 
Strike and spending more points on his Strike stat; however, that will 
reduce his effectiveness at providing support for the rest of the team.

[4.9] Jean Grey

A-power: Telekinesis/Telekinetic Mastery/Telekinetic Legend--uses TK to 
throw enemies and objects about (mental damage), build bridges and pull 
distant switches

B-power: Psychic Shout/Psychic Scream/Psychic Legend--radial attack that 
causes mental damage to opponents and reduces their Strike and Agility

X-power: Telekinetic Shield/Telekinetic Shell/Telekinetic Armor--reduces 
damage (all types); Shell and Armor protect teammates

Y-power: Phoenix Force--Jean Grey transforms into Phoenix, lifts all nearby 
enemies up and smashes them into the ground

 - Critical Strike: Increases chance of a critical hit for a melee attack
 - Flight: Allows flying and flight pickup (at level 3 and above)
 - Mutant Mastery: Increases maximum mutant energy
 - Psionic Strike/Psionic Fury: Adds mental damage to melee attacks
 - Telekinetic Combat: Increases damage of all mental attacks
 - Toughness: Increases maximum health

When acquired: Jean gives you the tour of the upper two floors of X-Mansion 
during your first visit.

Recommended AI level: Normal
Recommended AI power: Psychic Shout

Jean comes in a very close second to Storm as the most indispensable mutant 
in the game. Both have the best party-wide shields in the game (reducing 
all types of damage for all members of the team), both can fly, move 
distant objects, add bonus damage to melee attacks and have devastating 
mutant attacks. Storm's ability to weld metal and her Leadership skill put 
her just slightly ahead of Jean for overall usefulness.

While Jean's TK power can be fun to play with, by far her most useful 
attack is Psychic Shout. You will also want to maximize TK Shield in order 
to provide party-wide damage reduction. Having both TK Armor and Blizzard 
Shield available means you can either mix-and-match X-Men better, or use 
them both and have 100 points of all-purpose damage reduction. With both 
shields in place, your X-Men will never take any damage.

Telekinetic Combat is necessary to increase the effectiveness of Psychic 
Shout. You will want at least three levels of Flight for the ability to 
pick up allies. Early in the game you may want one or two levels of Psionic 
Strike, but you can ignore it the rest of the way. At least one level of 
Mutant Mastery wouldn't hurt. Ignore Critical Strike and Toughness.

Maximize Psychic Shout and TK Shield. Buy Phoenix Force when it becomes 
available. Maximize the TK Combat skill and buy at least five levels of 
Telekinesis. Next to Storm, Jean will be the most effective X-Man on any 

[4.10] Jubilee (Jubilation Lee)

A-power: Energy Burst/Energy Blast/Legend Blast--throws charged energy 
globes causing energy damage and knockback

B-power: Photo Flash/Strobe Flash/Legend Flash--radial light attack 
confuses enemies; Strobe and Legend Flash convert enemies to allies

X-power: Bait/Taunt/Pep Rally--reduces enemies' damage; Taunt and Pep Rally 
increase teammates' Strike and Agility

Y-power: Independence Day--sets off a bunch of fireworks

 - Accuracy: Increases the chance of a critical hit with a ranged attack
 - Critical Strike: Increases chance of a critical hit for a melee attack
 - Detonate: Adds energy to charged objects
 - Mutant Mastery: Increases maximum mutant energy
 - Point Blank Shot: Increases damage of ranged attacks within 10 feet
 - Toughness: Increases maximum health

When acquired: You find Jubilee hanging out on the grounds of X-Mansion 
during the second interlude.

Recommended AI level: Normal
Recommended AI power: Energy Burst

Many people compare Jubilee to Gambit, usually in a manner unfavorable to 
Jubilee; however, Jubilee is much closer to Cyclops than to Gambit. The 
resemblance to Everyone's Favorite Cajun(tm) is superficial in that their 
ranged attacks are somewhat similar and both can charge and throw objects; 
however, Jubilee gets Accuracy and Point Blank Shot, which means her ranged 
attack is actually far more effective.

Also, Jubilee's buffing power raises teammates' Strike and Agility, just 
like Cyclops, with the added bonus of decreasing the damage done by your 
opponents. The only problem--and the reason Jubilee doesn't make it on a 
lot of teams--is she offers nothing else. She has no other supporting 
powers or skills: she can't build bridges, or fly, or weld metal or add a 
Leadership bonus to combos. The usually end up using Cyclops 
or Storm rather than Jubilee.

Which is a shame, really. With a few levels of Photo Flash, Jubilee can be 
very effective at crowd control. You can buff your teammates, confuse your 
enemies and then sit back and throw energy bursts while your accompanying 
tanks cut them to pieces. OK, this won't be that effective against boss 
characters; but, for most of the game your primary concern is being mobbed 
by too many bad guys and Jubilee is a great help here.

Max out Energy Burst and Bait, buy her Xtreme Power and level up Accuracy 
and Point Blank Shot. Keep Focus high; and a point or two of Mutant Mastery 
wouldn't hurt. Don't worry with Critical Strike, and only buy a level of 
Toughness if you're having a hard time keeping her alive. Level up Photo 
Flash, but don't buy any levels of Strobe Flash--your goal is to confuse 
mobs, not convert them. If you have some points left over, level up 
Detonate for some grenade-throwing fun.

[4.11] Magma (Alison Crestmere)

A-power: Fiery Blast/Magma Blast/Magma Legend--fires balls of fire (energy 
damage) in an arc in front of Magma causing energy damage; is capable of 
welding metal

B-power: Lava Fissure/Lava Rift/Legend Rift--molten rock erupts from the 
ground causing energy damage and throwing opponents in the air; can also 
build molten rock bridges

X-power: Fiery Form/Magma Form/Atlas Form--gives Magma protection from 
damage, damages attackers and adds Might and energy damage to her own melee 

Y-power: Volcano--Vesuvius erupts under your opponents' feet

 - Burning Rage/Erupting Rage: Adds fire damage to melee attacks
 - Critical Strike: Increases chance of a critical hit for a melee attack
 - Lava Tracks: Allows Magma to glide through the air on streams of lava
 - Magma Might: Increases lifting strength and damage of melee attacks
   when in Fiery Form
 - Mutant Mastery: Increases maximum mutant energy
 - Toughness: Increases maximum health

When acquired: You play as Alison during all the interludes; however, you 
can't use her as Magma until you've completed your X-Men Qualification Exam 
after the mission to save the Arbiter.

Recommended AI level: Normal
Recommended AI power: Lava Fissure

Magma is, primarily, a tank. Her ranged power, Fiery Blast, is very weak--
it has no knockback and no bonuses from other skills (such as Point Blank 
Shot). Lava Fissure is a great offensive power, but has limited range. 
However, the combination of Fiery Form, Burning Rage and Magma Might makes 
Alison one tough little cookie. And her Xtreme power, Volcano, isn't too 
bad either.

You really do not need to put any additional points into Fiery Blast. The 
one point you start with is sufficient if you really need to back up 
Cyclops or Storm and weld metal. Lava Fissure is a great offensive power, 
and allows Magma to build bridges. Your main goal with Magma is, like Emma 
Frost, keep up your defensive power and lay into your enemies with your 
fists and feet.

You'll need to max out Fiery Form, Burning Rage, Critical Strike and Magma 
Might. You also want to take Lava Fissure up to at least the Lava Rift 3 or 
4 level; all the way to Legend Rift if you have the points. Since defensive 
powers are so expensive, you might want to consider a point or two of 
Mutant Mastery. Lava Tracks, like Iceman's Ice Tracks, is fun to play with 
for about ten minutes and then will never be used again; don't waste points 
on it. Since you will be operating within a shield most of the time, don't 
worry about Toughness. Definitely buy Magma's Xtreme power.

Keep Magma's Focus and Strike scores high and don't worry as much with 
Agility and Body. Perhaps 1 of 3 points to Focus, 1 of 3 to Strike and 1 of 
3 split to Agility and Body. Keep Fiery Form up at all times, use Lava 
Fissure if you get mobbed and just pound away with your fists.

[4.12] Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner)

A-power: Teleport Leap/Teleport Strike/Legend Strike--teleport ahead for a 
distance; if an enemy is ahead, teleport behind him and strike

B-power: Teleport Flurry/Teleport Frenzy/Legend Frenzy--teleport around an 
area, hitting multiple enemies (or one or two enemies multiple times) and 
end back at start position

X-power: Shadow Blend/Shadow Arts/Shadow Mastery--reduces damage (all 
types) and increases Agility

Y-power: Blindside Blitz--Unrelenting teleport attack frenzy

 - Acrobatics: Increases Nightcrawler's Agility and allows a double jump
 - Critical Strike: Increases chance of a critical hit for a melee attack,
   also increases critical chance when using teleport attacks
 - Leap of Faith: Gives a chance that Nightcrawler will use his Teleport
   Leap to rescue teammates from death if they are about to die; this only
   works if the computer AI is controlling Nightcrawler
 - Mutant Mastery: Increases maximum mutant energy
 - Sucker Punch: Adds to the chance of scoring a critical hit when making
   a teleport attack
 - Toughness: Increases maximum health

When acquired: You'll meet Kurt during the second interlude at X-Mansion.

Recommended AI level: Normal
Recommended AI power: Teleport Flurry

Nightcrawler is the one X-Man who almost has to be controlled by the game's 
artificial intelligence. His most useful skill is Leap of Faith, which 
doesn't work when Kurt is controlled by a player. It's OK to just let the 
AI control Nightcrawler, with Teleport Flurry set as his AI power; just let 
him jump around the room attacking your opponents. You will also want a few 
levels of Teleport Leap, as this ability comes in handy in a few instances.

Shadow Blend has the highest damage reduction of any personal shield in the 
game (-80 damage, all types, at Shadow Mastery 3). It also raises 
Nightcrawler's Agility. However, if you use Teleport Leap or Flurry often, 
which you should, Kurt isn't going to be hit anyway. Save the points from 
this and buy some Toughness instead.

Kurt's Flurry/Frenzy power should be maxed out and take Teleport Leap to 
level 4 or 5 so you can teleport other X-Men; don't bother buying the 
Teleport Strike levels. Max level Sucker Punch and Critical Strike as they 
stack; this will allow Nightcrawler to hit lots of criticals (triple 
damage) when using Flurry (or Leap as an attack).

Because Flurry is so expensive, you want to have a high Focus stat and 
probably max out Mutant Mastery. Buy levels of Acrobatics instead of 
spending stat points on Agility. Don't put too many points into Strike, as 
it doesn't affect his teleport attacks. Keep his Body score up to help 
maintain health. Definitely buy Leap of Faith to maximum level.

Keep Flurry as Nightcrawler's AI power, let the AI control him and just 
spam the L button in combat. Kurt will be teleporting in-and-out all over 
the battlefield, doing a lot of damage while taking almost nothing in 

[4.13] Professor X (Charles Xavier)

A-power: Hammer Legend--super strong psychic punch

B-power: Blast Legend--radial blast of psychic energy

X-power: Psychic Defense--reduces physical damage, knockback and pain

Y-power: Psychic Maelstrom--large blast of psychic energy and lightning

 - Astral Knockback: adds knockback to mental attacks
 - Critical Strike: Increases chance of a critical hit for a melee attack
 - Leadership: Increases damage of and experience received from combos
 - Might: Increases lifting strength and damage of melee attacks
 - Mutant Mastery: Increases maximum mutant energy
 - Toughness: Increases maximum health

When acquired: Prof X is only available as a playable character during the 
mission to free Illyana's mind from the Astral Plane, and again (as Astral 
Gladiator) for the boss battle against Shadow King. You cannot otherwise 
play as Xavier.

Recommended AI level: Normal
Recommended AI power: Blast Legend

Prof X is a set character. There's no leveling involved. He's a powerful 
melee fighter and has devastating mental attacks. There's not much to say 
about him, as you only use him twice and you can't adjust his powers and 
skills. As Astral Gladiator, you can "level up" his stats; information 
about recommended settings is covered in the Walkthrough, section 6.23.

[4.14] Psylocke (Betsy Braddock)

A-power: Psychic Slash/Psychic Hammer/Hammer Legend--powerful psychic blade 
attack (mental damage)

B-power: Psychic Bolts/Psychic Spikes/Legend Bolts--throws psychic bolts 
(mental damage); higher levels stun enemies

X-power: Psychic Defense/Psychic Armor/Psychic Wall--reduces damage from 
mental attacks; Armor and Wall cover teammates as well; Wall increases 
teammates' Focus score

Y-power: Psychic Onslaught--psychic blades strike down your enemies

 - Blade Master: Increases damage and range of psychic blade attacks
 - Critical Strike: Increases chance of a critical hit for a melee attack
 - Mutant Mastery: Increases maximum mutant energy
 - Psionic Strike/Psionic Fury: Adds mental damage to melee attacks
 - Toughness: Increases maximum health

When acquired: You'll help her fight Sentinels during the NYC riots; she'll 
be available after that series of missions.

Recommended AI level: Normal
Recommended AI power: Psychic Bolts

Psylocke doesn't show up until the game is about 75% finished. You can only 
use her during the last four missions; however, she's a very useful X-Man 
to have around. Psychic Slash in conjunction with Blade Master is an attack 
on par with Wolverine's Brutal Slash. Blade Master also affects Psychic 
Bolts, which makes that easily the most powerful "scattershot" ranged 
attack in the game.

Betsy's best power is Psychic Bolts; with maximized Blade Master, each bolt 
dishes out serious damage and, at Spikes and Legend levels, stuns the 
enemy--making for easy combos. Psychic Defense looks attractive, but 
protection from mental damage only is not as good as the all-purpose 
protection of Storm or Jean. The Focus bonus is nice, but not especially 
useful when your teammates already have Focus scores of 50+ and energy 
packs are lying around like candy at Halloween.

You'll want to maximize Psychic Bolts and Blade Master and buy Psychic 
Onslaught. Since Blade Master is the only must-have skill, you should be 
able to buy several levels of both Psychic Slash and Psychic Defense. You 
may want a level of Mutant Mastery, but you can ignore the other skills.  

[4.15] Rogue (Anna Marie)

A-power: Southern Strike/Southern Smash/Southern Legend--powerful punch 

B-power: Ability Drain/Ability Sap/Consume Ability--stun attack that steals 
powers from the victim; while the victim is stunned, Rogue can use the 
stolen power by pressing R+B

X-power: Bullet Proof/Iron Maiden/Invulnerability--reduces damage and pain

Y-power: Energy Drain--saps energy from all enemies, stuns them and 
prevents them from using their powers for a short time

 - Critical Strike: Increases chance of a critical hit for a melee attack
 - Flight: Allows flying and flight pickup (at level 3 and above)
 - Grappling: Increases Strike and reflects punches and kicks
 - Might: Increases lifting strength and damage of melee attacks
 - Mutant Mastery: Increases maximum mutant energy
 - Toughness: Increases maximum health

When acquired: Rogue is hanging out in the sitting room of the X-Mansion 
during your first interlude there.

Recommended AI level: Aggressive
Recommended AI power: Ability Drain

Rogue might be one of the most difficult characters to get a handle on in 
X-Men Legends. Her two offensive powers are radically different; and, when 
you use Ability Drain, you actually end up with a different power mapped to 
your B button.

Rogue is set up as a tank. Southern Strike is second only to Colossus' 
Power Smash in terms of raw, physical damage--and is also a very slow 
attack. Her personal shield is not quite as powerful as Colossus', but will 
still shield her from a lot of damage. Grappling not only increases her 
Strike rating, it also adds to her defense by deflecting melee damage. 
Finally, she gets both Might and Flying, making her the only X-Man that 
could fly tanks over a ravine. Too bad there's really no opportunity to do 

Ability Drain is most useful against boss mutants (Mystique, Pyro, 
Avalance, etc.); and is a good power to use as Rogue's AI power for scoring 
combos. Southern Strike is less useful as it is easy to dodge; but, coupled 
with a Muscle Accelerator or under the influence of Gambit's Kinetic 
Mastery, it can do a lot of damage. Because Grappling aids in defense, you 
probably don't need Rogue's personal shield--especially if you have a 
party-wide shield (Jean, Storm) available.

Max out Rogue's Critical Strike, Grappling and Might skills. You should 
also max out one of Southern Strike or Ability Drain and buy the other up 
to at least level four or five of the second branch (i.e. Southern Smash 4 
or 5; Ability Sap 4 or 5). Take three levels of Flight to pick up allies. 
Concentrate Rogue's stat points on Focus, Strike and Body.

[4.16] Storm (Ororo Munroe)

A-power: Lightning Strike/Chain Lightning/Legend Lightning--a slow-
developing, ranged energy attack; Chain and Legend Lightning affect 
multiple opponents; can weld metal

B-power: Whirlwind/Tornado/Legend Vortex--creates a whirlwind that picks up 
and throws enemies, doing physical damage in the process; can also put out 
fires and move distant objects

X-power: Storm Shield/Hail Shield/Blizzard Shield--reduces damage (all 
types); Hail And Blizzard Shield protect teammates as well

Y-power: Cyclone Fury--a powerful, area-wide lightning and wind attack

 - Critical Strike: Increases chance of a critical hit for a melee attack
 - Lightning Fury/Lightning Rage: Adds lightning damage to melee attacks
 - Flight: Allows flying and flight pickup (at level 3 and above)
 - Leadership: Increases damage of and experience received from combos
 - Mutant Mastery: Increases maximum mutant energy
 - Toughness: Increases maximum health

When acquired: You can meet Storm during your first tour of X-Mansion.

Recommended AI level: Normal
Recommended AI power: Lightning Strike

Like Jean Grey, it is very difficult to pick-and-choose from among Storm's 
powers and skills. It would be nice if you could just maximize all of them. 
Unfortunately, this just doesn't work, so sacrifices have to be made.

By far, Storm's best offensive power is Lightning; you want this leveled up 
to Legend status. Whirlwind, while incredibly useful and effective, can be 
sacrificed. Buy a few levels for putting out fires and moving objects--just 
in case you don't have Iceman or Jean nearby.

You can sacrifice Storm Shield if you will be using Jean Grey and her TK 
Shield; however, it's far better to have both shields available so maximize 
this to Blizzard Shield 3. The easiest skills to give up are the melee-
oriented ones; Ororo won't beat many people with her fists. A level or two 
of Lightning Fury early in the game is a big help; but don't bother maxing 
that skill tree.

You can also ignore Critical Strike and Toughness. Storm is dependant on 
mutant energy, so at least one level of Mutant Mastery is a plus. You also 
don't need more than three levels of Flight (for teammate pickup). That 
leaves Leadership as the only skill tree that must be maxed out, and that 
will give you plenty more points for increasing Storm's mutant powers.

Because Storm can weld metal (with Lightning), cross gaps (by flying the 
team members across), move objects and put out fires (with Whirlwind) and 
adds Leadership bonuses to combos, she is the ultimate Swiss Army Knife of 
the X-Men. Unless you have some personal vendetta against Storm, you should 
always have her on your team.

In the early missions, Storm is a better leader than Cyclops. With a level 
or two of Lightning Fury, she can hold her own hand-to-hand when her energy 
runs out; and your energy will run out a lot until you get into the low 
teens in level. Once you have leveled up a bit, you won't be running out of 
power and you can focus on mutant attacks. You'll also be able to bring 
Cyclops into the mix and double your Leadership bonuses.

Chain Lightning/Legend Lightning is great for hitting combos and Whirlwind 
is very useful for crowd control. Equip Storm with a DNA Generator--or, 
better, the mask of Xorn--and let her keep the party shield up and just 
spam her mutant attacks.

[4.17] Wolverine (Logan)

A-power: Brutal Slash/Eviscerate/Legend Slash--Wolverine's staple power, a 
powerful strike with his extended claws

B-power: Claw Flurry/Claw Frenzy/Legend Frenzy--multiple slashing attacks 
against all enemies in a line in front of Wolverine

X-power: Feral Rage/Berserker Rage/Unstoppable Rage--adds +5 to Wolverine's 
Agility and increases movement speed by 30%, Berserker Rage also increases 
Strike by +5 and Unstoppable Rage also increases Body by +5

Y-power: Savage Rampage--huge slashing attacks against all nearby enemies

 - Critical Strike: Increases chance of a critical hit for a melee attack
 - Expertise: Increases Strike and Agility stats
 - Healing Factor: Regenerates health and reduces the effect of pain
 - Mutant Mastery: Increases maximum mutant energy
 - Sharpness: Adds damage and destruction to all claw attacks
 - Toughness: Increases maximum health

When acquired: You start the game with Everyone's Favorite X-Man(tm).

Recommended AI level: Aggressive
Recommended AI power: Brutal Slash

Wolverine is very popular, and is your starting character. In the early 
going, you will find him to be very useful because of his Healing Factor--
he can regenerate health. As the game progresses, you may find yourself 
using Wolverine less and less. Once you have the ability to carry a lot of 
health packs and you have Tissue Generators in your inventory, Logan is 
just not as appealing.

Wolverine's primary mutant attack should be the Brutal Slash tree. It's a 
powerful attack, especially combined with Sharpness, and is much faster 
than the major attacks of Rogue, Psylocke and Colossus. Claw Flurry allows 
Wolverine to make multiple, fast slashing attacks. It is great for getting 
out of a crowd, and can also hit combos well. While not, overall, as good 
as Brutal Slash, it may be worth investing a few points to see if it gives 
you more combos than Slash. If so, you would want to max Flurry rather than 

It's questionable whether the Rage buffing power is useful. You can, at 
high levels, get +5 to three of your stats; but, you can also get +5 to two 
of those stats by buying levels of Expertise. The difference is Expertise 
is permanent. Rage only lasts, at most, 36 seconds and uses a huge amount 
of energy.

Since Wolverine probably won't have a lot of energy, you should concentrate 
on maxing out the Brutal Slash power, Critical Strike, Expertise, Healing 
Factor and Sharpness. Then, just use Wolverine in a very up-close and 
personal way. Split your stat points fairly evenly between all four stats 
until you decide how much you want to use Brutal Slash. If you like to use 
if frequently, concentrate more points on Focus, followed by Strike. If you 
would rather just use Queensbury Rules, let Focus lag and put more points 
into Strike, then Agility and Body.

Wolverine is also the central figure is what is known as the "Fastball 
Special". Any character with at least one level of Might (Beast, Colossus 
or Rogue) can pick Wolverine up and throw him, like a dart, at an enemy. 
This is a quite useless feature of the game, but can be fun to play with 
once in a while. Note: despite rumors to the contrary, only Wolverine can 
be thrown as a Fastball Special and only the three X-Men with normal Might 
can throw him. Emma's Shell Might and Alison's Magma Might do not work.

[4.18] Optional Builds

As in any role-playing game, there is no one correct way to build your 
characters. Here are some thoughts on other ways you might want to level up 
your X-Men...

[4.18.1] Batter Up!
With the exception of Cyclops, Jubilee and Nightcrawler, any X-Man can be 
built into a good melee fighter; i.e. a character that just uses punches 
and kicks. Emma, Gambit, Iceman, Jean, Magma, Psylocke and Storm can all 
add different damage types to their melee attacks, making them more 
effective against physical resistant foes. All X-Men get Critical Strike as 
a skill, which increases the chance of scoring triple damage with each 

(Cyclops, Jubilee and Nightcrawler aren't good melee fighters because they 
get no bonus such as energy damage or Might to their melee attacks. 
Nightcrawler could be considered good at melee through the use of his 
teleporting powers; but, he's no better at just stepping in and trading 
punches than Cyclops or Jubilee.)

If you want a real, "hands-on" experience, level up your favorite X-Men 
with concentrations on their melee skills, Strike and Body, and one 
offensive or defensive power. You won't use powers as much, so Focus is not 
much of a concern and a team-shielding power, such as Jean's TK Shield, can 
substitute for high Agility. Mix up damage types on your team; for example, 
Rogue for physical damage, Storm for energy (lightning) damage and Emma 
Frost for mental damage. You can also max out Cyclops' Tactics buffing 
power and keep him on the team as ranged support and insta-buffer; or, use 
Jubilee for the same purpose, using Bait, with the added ability to control 
crowds, using Photo Flash.

The benefit of this method is a greater ability to continue fighting even 
if powers are exhausted. The downside is lower experience earned from fewer 
combos performed, and a weak ranged fighting ability.

[4.18.2] The Best Defense...
...Is a good offense. Perhaps you think shields are for girlie-men. Or, 
perhaps, you have realized when playing X-Men Legends by yourself, most of 
the defensive powers are unused. The AI doesn't use defensive powers that 
much, so getting full use from all the various shields and buffs requires a 
single player to rapidly switch among X-Men and turn on their X-power.

Of course, you're not going to do that; not many people will. When playing 
exclusively single-player, only level up the defensive power of those X-Men 
whom you will play (i.e. control) frequently and whose X-power covers the 
whole team (Cyclops, Storm, Jean, Iceman, etc.). You can switch on the 
defensive power at the beginning of combat and then just use offensive 
powers or melee attacks.

On the plus side, you'll have more points to put into offensive powers and 
skills. On the down side, if you get into a really tough fight and are 
taking lots of damage, you won't have as much protection to layer on each 

 \   /--MEN---------------------------------------------------------------
  \/                            [5] Enemies
 /  \

The statistics for the enemies below are estimates based on examining 
gameplay video. They should give you a rough idea of the strength of each 
enemy. Experience point (XP) awards may vary. Boss stats are given in 
Section 6, Walkthrough.

[5.1] Anti-Mutant Troops

Health: 40
Resistances: None
Powers: None
XP: 7

These are the basic troops you encounter during the first mission (and 
again when you have to replay that mission as Magma). They are not terribly 
strong; use them as punching bags and get the hang of using your mutant 

[5.2] Brotherhood Mutants

The Brotherhood is Magneto's anti-human gang of mutants. You'll meet a 
variety of Brotherhood members during your battles.

[5.2.1] Brotherhood Thug
Health: 75
Resistances: None
Powers: None
XP: 7

The basic foot troop of the Brotherhood, you'll first meet them in Central 
Park, helping Mystique. Three Brutal Slashes will finish them, or you can 
toy with them a bit with A and B attacks. They don't pose much threat, 
especially since you should have leveled up once by now and put a point 
into Wolverine's Healing ability.

[5.2.2] Brotherhood Insurgent
Health: 40
Resistances: None
Powers: Energy ray that can stun
XP: 11

These mutants are slightly more dangerous than the thugs; you encounter 
them on the rooftops of NYC during the first mission. While they can stun 
you with their energy ray, their health is low enough they go down to a 
single Brutal Slash from Wolverine's claws.

[5.2.3] Brotherhood Marauder
Health: 120
Resistances: Energy
Powers: Powerful punching attack
XP: 31

A stronger version of the thug with resistance to energy attacks, but not 
physical attacks. Beat him down with your tanks, but beware of his power 
smash attack. Marauders first appear in the HAARP facility.

[5.2.4] Brotherhood Revolutionary
Health: 100
Resistances: Physical
Powers: Energy ray that can stun
XP: 67

A stronger version of the Insurgent that makes his first appearance in the 
Ice Tunnels of the HAARP facility. He's resistant to physical damage, so 
your tanks are going to be less useful against him. Use something that will 
slow him down or hold him up to keep him from unleashing his stun ray and 
then beat him down.

[5.2.5] Acolyte
Health: 200
Resistances: Energy
Powers: Stunning beam
XP: 499

These guys are mostly dangerous for their ability to stun the X-Men; 
allowing you to get beat up by the Warriors that usually accompany them. 
You run into Acolytes first at the Boshnoy Nuclear Plant.

[5.2.6] Acolyte Warrior
Health: 300
Resistances: Physical
Powers: Super strong melee attack, concussion slam
XP: 667

Strong melee fighters that are resistant to melee attacks; but, they go 
down like flies to strong energy attacks, especially combos. Watch out for 
their concussion slam, which can knock your entire team off their feet.

[5.2.7] Acolyte Adept
Health: 250
Resistances: Mental
Powers: Stunning beam, revives fallen acolytes
XP: 887

These slightly tougher acolytes are distinguished by their bright green 
outfits--the other acolytes wear black. In addition to being able to stun 
you, they can revive their fallen comrades. Like Morlock Goths, always hunt 
these mutants down first and take them out; otherwise, you're in for a 
long, long battle.

[5.3] HAARP Guards

These humans are a little tougher than the anti-mutant troops in NYC. They 
are frequently equipped with machine guns or flamethrowers, which means 
they can hit from range. You'll need at least a couple of ranged X-Men to 
take them on.

[5.3.1] HAARP Security
Health: 100
Resistances: None
Powers: None
XP: 11

The basic foot troops at the HAARP facility. They are melee fighters, using 
clubs and are not much of a threat.

[5.3.2] HAARP Soldier
Health: 100
Resistances: None
Powers: None
XP: 11

These troops are equipped with machine guns and hand grenades and can 
damage you from range.

[5.3.3] HAARP Flamethrower
Health: 100
Resistances: None
Powers: None
XP: 11

A flamethrower-wielding version of the Soldier.

[5.3.4] HAARP Officer
Health: 150
Resistances: Physical
Powers: Has a weapon that can stun
XP: 23

A stronger version of the soldier with a weapon that can stun, flash 
grenades and physical damage resistance. Concentrate energy powers on him 
and try to hit combos to increase damage.

[5.4] Sentinels

The ultimate mutant-killing machines, Sentinels of various types pop up 
throughout X-Men Legends. However, rather than inspiring fear and 
trepidation, they are more like an obstacle that needs to be brushed out of 
the way. For all the terror they are supposed to induce, they are really 
rather easy opponents.

[5.4.1] Sentinel Alpha
Health: 100
Resistances: Mental
Powers: Energy beams, missiles, strong melee attacks
XP: 67

These are the Sentinels you fight in the Sentinel Flashback scenario. They 
don't have much in the way of health and aren't resistant to physical 
attacks. Wolverine's Brutal Slash or Nightcrawler's Teleport Flurry is the 
way to take them down, especially if you can combo it with Cyclops' ranged 

[5.4.2] Sentinel
Health: 500
Resistances: Mental
Powers: Energy beams, missiles, strong melee attacks
XP: 283

A stronger Sentinel you first encounter on board the Arbiter. Taking it 
down is the same as any tough foe--lots of combos. Storm and Cyclops, with 
their energy ranged attacks, are good against these behemoths, as is Rogue 
with her mutant-powered smash and Nightcrawler, since he is hard to target. 
By this time, you should be able to buy and use the Hammer of Nimrod, which 
will make disposing of these robots even easier.

[5.4.3] Sentinel Controller
Health: 600
Resistances: Mental
Powers: Energy beams, missiles, strong melee attacks
XP: 2071

An even bigger, badder Sentinel that uses a lot more energy beam attacks.

[5.4.4] Sentinel Mark II
Health: 1500
Resistances: Mental
Powers: Energy beams, missiles, grenades
XP: 6647

These more advanced Sentinels first show up in the Sentinel factory. The 
Hammer of Nimrod equipped on an X-Man with a powerful ranged attack or on 
Nightcrawler will take them down quickly.

[5.4.5] Sentinel Platform Mark II
Health: 5000
Resistances: Mental
Powers: Lots of weapons
XP: 117987

Also known as "spider Sentinels", these are the toughest anti-mutant robots 
in the game. The Hammer of Nimrod gives you an advantage, and you need 
every advantage you can get.

[5.4.6] Sentinel Advanced
Health: 800
Resistances: Mental
Powers: Various ranged attacks: energy, freezing, fire, etc.
XP: 37331

These cyborgs first show up in the Sentinel factory. They're actually not 
as hard to deal with as the larger Sentinels.

[5.4.7] Sentinel Advanced Mark II
Health: 1200
Resistances: Mental
Powers: Various ranged attacks: energy, freezing, fire, etc.
XP: 88491

These are the Sentinels that attack Asteroid M during the final mission. 
They should not present you with much of a problem.

[5.5] Morlocks

Morlocks are mutants who feel shunned by society and have taken up 
residence in the sewers of New York City. They derive their name from the 
race of underground dwellers in H. G. Wells' novel, "The Time Machine".

[5.5.1] Morlock Brute
Health: 150
Resistances: Phsyical
Powers: Concussion slam
XP: 67

Brutes, along with Claws, are the basic troops of the Morlocks. Brutes are 
strong and can take a beating. Ranged energy attacks, especially in combos, 
are the best way to dispose of them.

[5.5.2] Morlock Claw
Health: 150
Resistances: Energy
Powers: Throws projectiles, can stun
XP: 51

Claws are quite agile, and jump around a lot. They won't close with you too 
often, preferring to stay at a distance and hit you with their projectile 
attack. Your best bet is some type of holding/slowing power to keep them 
immobile while you beat up on them.

[5.5.3] Morlock Goth
Health: 100
Resistances: Mental
Powers: Revives fallen Morlocks, teleportation
XP: 91

Goths are very nasty, not so much because they are hard to take down, 
they're actually quite easy. Rather, it's their ability to revive their 
fallen comrades that makes them such a threat. They lurk in the corners and 
out of the way, and you usually won't know they are there until the guy you 
just took down starts glowing green and gets back up. That's when you go 
Goth hunting. Any time you are fighting Morlocks, try and locate the Goth. 
You'll be happy you did.

[5.5.4] Morlock Blade
Health: 250
Resistances: Energy
Powers: Throws spikes, can stun 
XP: 159

The Blade is a stronger version of the Claw first encountered halfway 
through the second mission in the Morlock sewers. By the time you run into 
them, you can frequently take them out with a single combo attack.

[5.5.5] Morlock Giant
Health: 300
Resistances: Physical
Powers: Stunning fist attack 
XP: 211

A stronger melee fighter than the Brute, you won't notice much difference 
in how easily they go down as you'll be much stronger by the time you 
encounter them.

[5.5.6] Morlock Outsider
Health: 250
Resistances: Mental
Powers: Revives fallen Morlocks, teleportation 
XP: 283

This is the improved version of the Goth. The Outsider is distinguished by 
her white hair, so pick her out of the crowd and take her down.

[5.5.7] Morlock Leviathan
Health: 600
Resistances: Physical
Powers: Power smash 
XP: 4983

These brutes are Marrow's henchmen in your second fight with her. By this 
time they're not much of a challenge to your team; but, if you spend too 
much time with them, Marrow can hurt you. Take them out with an Xtreme 
power or some wide area-of-effect attacks.

[5.5.8] Marrow's Lieutenant
Health: 500
Resistances: Mental
Powers: Revives fallen Morlocks, teleports 
XP: 8859

These are the Morlocks who, during the second battle with Marrow, teleport 
in, heal Marrow and her Leviathans and teleport out. You have only a few 
seconds to take them out, else they will prolong your fight. Fortunately, 
one good combo can take them down. Having Iceman Freeze them will give you 
time for one or two more shots.

[5.6] Genetic Research and Security Organization (GRSO)

These are the soldiers working for General Kincaid, an anti-mutant zealot 
who is, along with Magneto, one of your primary opponents. You first run 
into GRSO soldiers on the U.S.S. Arbiter during the fourth mission.

[5.6.1] GRSO Soldier
Health: 200
Resistances: None
Powers: None
XP: 119

These foot troops are armed with machine guns and grenades; but, aren't 
much tougher for you than the HAARP soldiers were in the second mission.

[5.6.2] GRSO Assault
Health: 200
Resistances: None
Powers: None
XP: 119

A GRSO soldier that uses a melee weapon--a type of sword that does 
additional energy damage--instead of a rifle.

[5.6.3] GRSO Officer
Health: 300
Resistances: Mental
Powers: None
XP: 283

Slightly tougher version of the GRSO soldier that uses a ranged energy 

[5.6.4] GRSO Infiltrator
Health: 400
Resistances: None
Powers: None
XP: 667

These are the GRSO troops that attack X-Mansion during Interlude #5. They 
are tough only in numbers, since each appears with a drone. If two or three 
spawn in at once, you've got a fight on your hands. One-by-one they're 

[5.6.5] Infiltration Drone
Health: 200
Resistances: Mental
Powers: None
XP: 667

These drones are small robots that accompany the GRSO Infiltrators. They're 
resistant to psychic attacks, as all robots are, but aren't quite as 
dangerous as the troops. The main threat comes when you destroy them, as 
they explode a second or two afterwards.

[5.6.6] Patrol Drone
Health: 300
Resistances: Mental
Powers: Electric shock, can freeze opponent in place for a few seconds
XP: 1579

You encounter these robots in the ruins of Weapon X. By this point in time, 
two shots from Cyclops' Optic Beam should take care of them. Watch out, 
they explode when you destroy them.

[5.6.7] GRSO Skirmisher
Health: 300
Resistances: None
Powers: Energy melee attack
XP: 2103

These are the front line troops located in the ruins of the Weapon X 

[5.6.8] GRSO Expert Sniper
Health: 500
Resistances: Energy
Powers: Rapid fire, highly accurate machine gun
XP: 2103

These guys can really pepper you full of holes. Take them down quickly.

[5.6.9] GRSO Captain
Health: 600
Resistances: Physical
Powers: Energy gun
XP: 1003

These units are usually accompanied by Expert Snipers, and it's the snipers 
you've got to watch out for. The Captains aren't much trouble.

[5.6.10] GRSO Line Officer
Health: 600
Resistances: Physical
Powers: Rifle drains mutant energy
XP: 2103

Perhaps the most dangerous enemy in the Weapon X ruins, these officers can 
drain your mutant energy and prevent you from using your powers. Since they 
are resistant to physical damage, you don't want to be left without Scott's 
eye blasts.

[5.6.11] GRSO Commander
Health: 600
Resistances: Energy
Powers: High-powered energy gun
XP: 4983

The commanders go down pretty easily to Wolverine's Brutal Slash.

[5.6.12] GRSO Major
Health: 1000
Resistances: Mental
Powers: None
XP: 1003

By the time you encounter these troops, one combo will usually take them 

[5.6.13] GRSO Black Guard
Health: 500
Resistances: Energy
Powers: Multiple projectile attack, high Agility
XP: 27999

These troops can be fairly nasty, since they attack from range and are 
resistant to most of your ranged attacks. Hit a combo with a tank or a 
psychic X-Man and they'll go down quickly.

[5.6.14] GRSO Elite Skirmisher/Flamer
Health: 500
Resistances: -
Powers: Energy melee weapons or flamethrower
XP: 15751

These are the primary troops in the Sentinel factory. Skirmishers use 
energy melee attacks; while Flamers use a flamethrower.

[5.7] Weapon X Soldiers

The guards of the Weapon X facility are your only opponents during 
Wolverine's flashback. They're fairly weak, which is a good thing since 
Wolverine has to go it alone against them.

[5.7.1] Weapon X Security
Health: 150
Resistances: None
Powers: None
XP: 91

Armed with an energy melee weapon.

[5.7.2] Weapon X Guard
Health: 150
Resistances: None
Powers: None
XP: 91

Armed with machine guns and grenades.

[5.7.3] Weapon X Officer
Health: 200
Resistances: None
Powers: None
XP: 283

Uses a ranged energy weapon and grenades. Watch out for his energy gun, it 
will sap all your health if you take a full shot. He has to charge it up 
though, so close in quickly on him and start Slashing.

[5.8] Nuclear Plant Guards

Yet more humans trying to stand in the way of the X-Men. Will they never 
learn? You know the drill by now, these guys are just cannon fodder to help 
fill the time it takes to run through the mission.

[5.8.1] Nuclear Security
Health: 200
Resistances: None
Powers: None
XP: 159

Basic melee foot troops, armed with an energy weapon.

[5.8.2] Nuclear Guard
Health: 200
Resistances: None
Powers: None
XP: 159

Ranged version of the security troops; uses a machine gun and grenades.

[5.9] Shadow Creatures

These are the enemies you encounter on the Astral Plane. When you first run 
into them, you'll think them pushovers. But that's because the 40th level 
Professor X is hitting them for about 250 points each blow (750 when he 
hits a critical). Once Prof X is gone, you're in for a fight...

[5.9.1] Astral Shade
Health: 300
Resistances: None
Powers: Energy blast
XP: 403

The weakest foe in the Astral Plane, their energy blast doesn't do much 
damage and they don't melee much.

[5.9.2] Astral Fiend
Health: 500
Resistances: Physical
Powers: None
XP: 403

This is a hand-to-hand combat unit. It's not very strong, but it has enough 
health to last for a while unless you can hit some big combos.

[5.9.3] Astral Shadow
Health: 500
Resistances: Energy
Powers: Energy blast
XP: 603

A stronger version of the Shade.

[5.9.3] Astral Goliath
Health: 500
Resistances: Physical
Powers: None
XP: 603

A powerful melee fighter, with resistance to purely physical attacks.

[5.9.4] Warped Synapse
Health: 400
Resistances: None
Powers: Damages anyone who touches it
XP: 5751

A pod that spits out ego creepers and damages anyone who touches it. Do not 
attack this creature hand-to-hand unless you have a lot of shielding.

[5.9.5] Ego Creeper
Health: 300
Resistances: None
Powers: Explodes on death
XP: 7

You don't get much XP for killing these offspring of the warped synapse, 
but they can do lot of damage when they explode.

[5.9.6] Astral Warden
Health: 400
Resistances: Mental
Powers: Psionic Blast
XP: 2103

Yeah, that's real nice. Put a mental-resistant monster on a plane where you 
frequently travel with mental-damage only X-Men. The wardens are tough, 
especially during the first mission to the Astral Plane, because all the 
psychic damage is greatly reduced.

 \  /--MEN---------------------------------------------------------------
  \/                           [6] Walkthrough
 /  \

[6.1] Overview

This will be a very generalized walkthrough. First, each stage is almost 
constant combat, so it would be incredibly boring to have each encounter 
spelled out. Only the toughest fights, including boss battles, will be 
specifically mentioned.

Second, there is no compass and the camera can be freely moved around, so 
directions like left, right, forward or back have little meaning. Unless 
there is some distinct frame of reference, no directions will be given, you 
will need to follow your map. There is usually only one way to go, so 
rather than very detailed directions, you will be told to go to the first 
objective point, go to the exit, etc.

Here are some things to watch out for while moving through each stage:

[6.1.1] Obstacles
You will frequently find your path blocked by some obstacle. There are 
usually several ways around the obstacle, some more efficient than others.

Broken bridges, catwalks and deep chasms will occasionally dot your path. 
There's a variety of methods to get around these. The easiest way is to 
build a bridge. Iceman (Freeze Blast), Jean Grey (Telekinesis) and Magma 
(Lava Fissure) can all build bridges. Just target the blue X at the gap and 
unleash the appropriate power. You can also use Storm, Rogue or Jean Grey 
to fly the other team members across (with at least three levels of the 
Flight skill). Nightcrawler can teleport the other X-Men across.

Loose Metal
There are a few missions where you have to weld metal parts back together. 
Cyclops' Optic Beam, Storm's Lightning and Magma's Fiery Blast can all weld 
metal. Most of the time you will have Cyclops or Storm (or both) on your 
team, so leaks, broken supports, etc. will not present much of a problem.

Force Fields
You will occasionally find your way blocked by energy force fields. Some 
force fields have a control panel nearby that can turn them off. If that is 
the case, have Nightcrawler teleport through the field and turn it off; 
otherwise, you have to go around it--typically by stepping into a side room 
and bashing your way through the wall. Some force fields remain up until 
you complete your objectives in the area.

Your path will sometimes be blocked or obstructed by fire. In a couple of 
cases, a nearby fire hydrant can be broken open to douse the flames. 
Otherwise, use Iceman's Freeze Blast or Storm's Whirlwind to put out the 

Moving platforms
In some of the Astral Plane stages, moving platforms can only hold one X-
Man at a time. One X-Man steps on the platform, crosses to the next walkway 
and flips a switch that builds a bridge for the remaining team. There is 
one particular stage in the final Astral Plane mission where Jean Grey must 
make the crossing and use TK to flip the switch. Otherwise, send over a 
strong fighter to deal with the shadow creatures that typically surround 
the switch.

Other, unique, obstacles will be covered in the walkthrough.

[6.1.2] Energy Saps
There are machines in various stages that sap your mutant energy. You can 
take them out with a strong melee fighter or a long-range power (Cyclops' 
Optic Slam is a good choice).

[6.1.3] Exploding Containers
Some containers explode when struck. Keep on eye out for the hazard symbol 
(three triangles arranged in a triangle) and don't destroy those 
containers. You can pick them up and throw them; they make very useful 
weapons and are also good for destroying energy saps. Be careful when 
fighting in a room full of exploding containers, you don't want to have one 
blow up in your face because your opponent has backed into it. Another way 
of dealing with them is hitting them with a ranged attack--even better, 
explode them from a distance while enemies are near them.

[6.1.4] "Secret" Areas
The auto-map prevents there being any truly hidden rooms or platforms in 
the game; however, some are only accessible if you have a flyer or 
Nightcrawler (teleporting) in your party. Some are just out of the way and 
you might run right by them on your way to an objective. These areas 
frequently contain Danger Room discs, comic books, sketch books or other 
useful bonus items. Keep an eye out for "unfinished" areas on your map and 
make sure you explore each stage to its edges.

[6.1.5] Make-a-Door
Sometimes the only way to progress is to blow a hole in the wall. Almost 
any character can do this (though some are better at it than others), so if 
a room seems otherwise inaccessible or the path seems to have reached a 
dead end, try knocking down the wall.

In the following walkthrough, stages with an Xtraction point will be marked 
with an (X). All stages in each mission are listed in the order in which 
you travel through them. Note, each time you transition between stages, all 
effects on your characters are reset, so don't bother putting up shields, 
etc. right before heading through a stage transition.

Select Begin Game from the main menu and watch the video of NYC playing the 
part of LA in the movie "Volcano".

[6.2] Escape From New York

 - New York City
 - West Manhattan
 - Central Park (X)
 - East Manhattan (X)
 - East Rooftops (X)
 - North Rooftops

 - Wolverine Comic: East Rooftops, lying out in the open in the one
   interior area you pass through

 - Danger Room Disc Teamwork 101: North Rooftops, lying out in the open on
   a stair landing

Recommended X-Men:
 - You have no choice, you start with Wolverine and pick up
   Cyclops on the way.

NOTE: The Xtraction points in these stages offer you only the ability to 
save or load a game. After you pick up Cyclops, you get the Change Team 
option; its only use is to revive Wolverine or Cyclops if one happens to 

Your journey begins with just Wolverine tracking Blob through the streets 
and subways of New York City. This is your tutorial stage and you'll find 
lots of game hints (yellow question marks floating above the ground) lying 
in your path. Twice you will have to go through a subway tunnel as your way 
is otherwise blocked. Keep an eye out for side areas if you need additional 
health or energy packs. There's one stash that is down in a below-street 
house entrance.

Eventually you will reach Central Park and encounter Mystique. After your 
initial encounter, keep following Blob's footprints until Pyro blocks your 
path with flaming trees. While facing the burning branches, head left and 
pass under a bridge, then go up the stairs to the top. Go through the 
broken fence and drop down to the entrance of a drainage tunnel. Destroy 
the gate and use the drain tunnel to get back on the main path.

You will then come to an Xtraction point. Immediately beforehand, put out 
the fire by destroying the fire hydrant nearby. The fire hydrant has a blue 
X floating over it. This symbol indicates something that requires an X-Man 
to use a mutant power to advance. After the Xtraction point (save your 
game!), you will come to a bridge with an open gate underneath. This marks 
the beginning of your first boss battle with Mystique.

Health: 400
Resistances: None
Powers: Shapeshifting, can disguise herself among a group of thugs

When fighting Mystique, stay behind her, away from her guns until she stops 
shooting, then move in and Brutal Slash her. When she calls in help, take 
them out quickly while you keep moving to avoid the bombs she is throwing 
at you. If you run out of health or energy packs, break the trash cans 
lining the side of the patch.

After Mystique, you'll pick up Cyclops and the two of you will continue 
following Blob's footprints through East Manhattan.

Health: 200
Resistances: Physical
Powers: Body slam creates a shockwave that can knock you down

While Blob may have lower health than Mystique, his physical damage 
resistance absorbs a lot of what Wolverine can dish out, and Cyclops is way 
underpowered at this point in the game. Try to hit as many combos as you 
can. The best way of doing this is to control Wolverine, close in on Blob, 
issue the call to Cyclops and then hit Blob with a Brutal Slash about one 
second after calling for help. When Blob jumps in the air, run away and 
jump as he hits the ground so you won't be knocked down by the shockwave. 
You can also pick things up and throw them at Blob. If you run low on 
health or energy, there are lots of packs in the barrels and crates lying 

After Blob is done, you'll pick up Alison; but, she's just a follower and 
cannot be controlled. Keep following the path over the rooftops of New York 
until you get to the X-Jet. You should pick up both a comic book and a 
Danger Room disc along the way.

[6.3] Interlude #1 - X-Mansion

 - Ground Floor
 - Dormitories
 - Subbasement (X)

 - Danger Room Disc Teamwork 102: in the corner in the Danger Room

After most missions, you will have a "talkie" stage that usually takes 
place in Xavier Mansion. This is your first interlude. Your primary 
character in these stages is Alison Crestmere (soon to be known as Magma). 
This interlude begins in Professor Xavier's office and you are offered a 
tour of the mansion by Jean Grey or a tour of the subbasement (X-Men HQ) by 
Prof. X.

Start with the tour of the mansion. Located throughout the mansion are 
stations where you can view unlocked items. Each station is marked by a 
green arrow floating over it and pointing at it. Get used to that symbol; 
it, and a red arrow like it, will be seen in many places. Green arrows mark 
something you must do, operate or protect; red arrows mark something or 
someone that must simply be reached or must be destroyed. A third mark 
you'll encounter in this interlude is the exclamation point over NPC (non-
player character) heads. This means you can talk with the NPC. Stand next 
to the character and press X to talk.

All right, you are in Prof X's office, and have accepted Jean Grey's offer 
of a tour. Your first stop should be behind the professor's desk; you can 
use the computer to read short biographies of each X-Man, but only after he 
or she has been unlocked. Right now, the only X-Men biographies in the 
computer are Wolverine, Cyclops and Jean Grey.

Exit the professor's office and you will be in the library. On the wall is 
a bookcase with the tell-tale green arrow. Use (press X while standing in 
front of it) the bookcase to see the comic books you have collected. Comic 
books are items found in the missions. Each comic provides a permanent stat 
boost for one character. In order to get the stat boosts, you must check 
the comics menu each time you visit X-Mansion. Until you check the menu and 
see the new comics collected, the stat boosts will not be applied.

On the opposite side of the library from Professor X's office is a 
classroom. There's never any reason to visit this room after your first 
tour, unless you want to use the secondary elevator in this room. Leave the 
library and head down the hall to the sitting room. They'll be nothing here 
now, but during some interludes, you'll find X-Men hanging around in here, 
ready to talk. The large door in one wall leads to the estate grounds; 
however, you can never actually use this door.

To one side of the room is an entrance to the main foyer, which has a 
staircase to the second floor (dormitories) and an elevator that goes to 
the dormitories and the subbasement. For now, continue down the hall. At 
the other end of the mansion is the day room where a TV provides access to 
cinematics that you have already seen. Behind the TV is the other secondary 
elevator. To the other side of the hall is the dining room. You can find X-
Men in both these rooms in later interludes.

After peeking in all the rooms on the first floor, go up the stairs or use 
the elevator to get to the dormitories. You can rifle through each X-Man's 
bedroom and look at their personal things if you want more information on 
them. Otherwise, there's no need to go into any bedroom except Colossus' 
room, which has the station where you can view concept art. Concept art is 
unlocked when you recover sketch books in the game.

At either end of the dormitories is a sitting room. One room contains a 
computer where you can review load screens that you have already seen. The 
other room has a television where you can play the X-Men Legends trivia 
game (see section 8 below). Both rooms have secondary elevators, allowing 
quick access to these rooms from the subbasement or ground floor, without 
having to wind your way through the hallways.

That does it for the upper two floors. Go back down to Professor Xavier's 
office and ask him to take you on a tour of the subbasement. Prof X will 
introduce you to the War Room, which is where you go to begin missions. He 
can then give you a guided tour of the subbasement. Tell him you don't need 
the tour and just use this walkthrough instead.

After telling Prof X you don't need the tour, you'll find yourself facing 
the X-Mansion's Xtraction point. Directly behind you is the main elevator. 
In front of you to the left and right, are the secondary elevators, or 
transport tubes. These secondary elevators let out into corner rooms on the 
ground floor and dormitory levels. On those levels, the elevators are 
hidden inside wood cabinets. Stand near the cabinet and press X to open the 
transport tube.

To your left is Beast's laboratory and the entrance to the X-Jet hangar. To 
your right is the medical facility and the holding cell. Inside the holding 
cell is a computer where you can review biographies of Brotherhood mutants.

Straight ahead, at the end of the hall, is Cerebro. To the left of Cerebro 
is the War Room and to the right of Cerebro is the Danger Room. Go ahead 
and save your game at the Xtraction point and head for the lab to your 
left, where you can find and talk to Beast. Then head for the medical 
facility for another talk with Jean Grey.

Now go to the Danger Room where you can pick up your second disc. Go ahead 
and run through some lessons for a quick level up. After playing in the 
Danger Room, head back upstairs to the ground floor and meet with Rogue in 
the sitting room, Iceman (Bobby Drake) in the day room and Storm in her 
room in the Dormitories.

Go back to the subbasement and go to the War Room. Use the computer in the 
corner to talk to Forge. From now on, you can use an Xtraction point to 
visit Forge and buy or sell equipment: backpacks, belts and armor. Use the 
computer in the center of the room to start the next mission.

[6.4] HAARPo March

 - The Frozen Falls (X)
 - The Bridge (X)
 - Outer Grounds
 - Inner Grounds (X)
 - Maintenance Garage (X)
 - Mess Hall
 - Systems Operations
 - Satellite Control Center (X)
 - Main Tunnels (X)
 - Exterior Access Tunnels (X - two)
 - VTOL Pad

 - Sketch book: Frozen Falls near the far transformer

 - Cyclops comic: The Bridge, near the Xtraction point

 - Skill point: Outer Grounds, on top of a railroad car 

 - Danger Room disc Combined Powers 101: Outer Grounds on top of building
   in to which the train has crashed

 - Danger Room disc Challenge-Beast: Inner Grounds, on top of a building

 - Danger Room disc Combined Powers 102: Mess Hall, side room behind crates

 - Iceman comic: Satellite Control Center, near exit

 - Danger Room disc Qualifying Exam 100: Main Tunnels, near exit

 - Sketch book: Exterior Access Tunnels, near broken bridge

Recommended X-Men:
 - Iceman; at this early level, you'll need him to put out fires for you

 - Jean Grey or Iceman to build bridges

 - Beast, Rogue or Wolverine as your tank

 - Either Storm or Cyclops with some Leadership skill

 - Recommended team: Storm, Jean Grey, Wolverine and Iceman

The Brotherhood is invading the High Frequency Active Auroral Research 
Program (HAARP) facility in Alaska. It's up to the X-Men to stop them and 
find out what they're up too. Of course, since, to humans, all mutants are 
just alike, the HAARP guards will be trying to kill you too.

You begin next to the X-Jet outside the HAARP facility. Leaving the jet, 
you have two path options:

1) Follow the road: you'll find your way blocked by a burning bonfire.
   Have Iceman put out the fires and continue.

2) Follow the stream: you'll find your way blocked by a chasm.
   Have Iceman or Jean build a bridge and continue.

Either way, your objective is taking out two transformers marked on your 
map. Next to the transformer closest to the exit is a wooded ledge with a 
sketch book.

When you reach The Bridge stage, you have three more transformers to 
destroy, then head up to the bridge. The Xtraction point is located at the 
beginning of the bridge. Off to one side of the bridge is Cyclops' comic. 
The bridge is guarded by a tank and some soldiers.

Have *your* tank (Beast, Rogue or Wolverine) jump onto the military tank 
and attack the *front* of the turret with your basic mutant power. Do *not* 
press L; let your teammates frolic with the soldiers. Once the tank is 
destroyed, mop up and head into the Outer Grounds.

As you head down the path, your way will be blocked by a derailed train. On 
the roof of the building the train crashed into is the DR disc Combined 
Powers 101. It's easiest for a flier (Storm, Rogue or Jean Grey) to get up 
there. Continue past the train, destroy the first of three transformers and 
then watch as a bridge is blown out.

Head left from the bridge and cross the chasm on a wrecked railroad car. 
After crossing, turn around and go back across the chasm using the railroad 
tracks, jump up onto the next car and pick up a bonus skill point (awarded 
to whichever X-Man picks it up). Go back across the chasm on the trakcs, 
destroy two more transformers and head for the Inner Grounds.

Look on top of one of the large buildings for a DR disc: Challenge-Beast. 
Destroy three transformers, and approach the entrance to the Maintenance 
Garage. Another tank fight is looming, this time there are flamethrowers 
involved. Have Iceman put out the fires and use the same tactics as before 
to get into the garage.

You'll follow a convoluted path through the garage stage. When the corridor 
is blocked by lasers, move into the room to the side and break through the 
wall into the next room to get around the lasers. Continue to the exit 
point, which you will find locked. There's a large storeroom nearby; inside 
is a HAARP Officer with a keycard. Take it from him and continue to the 
Mess Hall. 

Work your way through this stage, going around another laser beam blockade 
in the process. Keep your eyes out for the Combined Powers 102 DR disc, 
it's in a side room behind some crates. Next is Systems Operations, which 
is a large stage with nothing in it but enemy soldiers. Pass through to get 
to the Satellite Control Center.

Early in this stage, you have a mini-boss fight against Pyro:

Health: 300
Resistances: Multiple
Powers: Throws flame, can create flame creatures

Ranged attacks work best on Pyro, as he is usually surrounded by a damaging 
fire shield. Take out his fire demons to take down his multiple resistances 
and then smite him with power combos. Iceman is a good choice to keep Pyro 
cooled down.

Once he's done, continue until you find the lift down to the Main Tunnels. 
Before using the lift, search the room to find Iceman's comic. Once in the 
Main Tunnels, work your way to the lift; look for the DR disc Qualifying 
Exam 100 next to the lift and go to the Exterior Access Tunnels.

In both tunnel stages, there are gaps where Iceman or Jean must build a 
bridge. Make sure you immediately rush across the bridge and engage the 
enemy. If you try to engage the enemy on the bridge, your teammates are 
likely to fall into the darkness. In the Exterior Access Tunnels, when you 
reach the gap that must be bridged, search to the side for a sketchbook.

At the end of the Access Tunnels is another Xtraction point next to the 
lift. Save your game and then take the lift to the final boss battle for 
this mission: Toad. Toad has been left behind by his mates, and he's trying 
to escape in one of HAARP's jets.

Health: 300
Resistances: Multiple
Powers: Tongue Lash

In addition to taking down Toad, you have to disable the jets he is using 
to try and escape. To complicate matters, HAARP troops show up from time to 
time to give you more trouble. Toad is resistant to physical damage, and 
his tongue lash can be devastating when it's unleashed. Wolverine, if 
you've kept Brutal Slash maxed, is devastatingly effective against Toad, 
especially if you can hit some combos.

[6.5] Interlude #2 - X-Mansion

Item: Danger Room disc Protect 202, Dormitories

After delivering Toad to the holding cell in the X-Mansion, you find 
yourself as Alison once again, lounging by the pool. At the other end of 
the pool, you can talk to Iceman. Make your way towards the mansion, 
stopping to speak to other students along the way. On one of the paths you 
can find Jubilee and talk to her.

Once in the mansion, head for the library outside Professor Xavier's 
office. You will be startled by the sudden appearance of Kurt Wagner, AKA 
Nightcrawler. Having this conversation with Kurt unlocks the Sentinel 
flashback. This is an optional, short mission. You only get this one chance 
to play this scenario. It's pretty easy and there's a comic book and Danger 
Room disc available in it, so have a go at it.

[6.5.1] Sentinel Flashback
 - 7th Avenue (X)
 - 8th Avenue
 - 9th Avenue
 - 10th Avenue (X)

 - Danger Room disc Defend 202: 7th Avenue, in a boarded-up alley

 - Nighcrawler comic: 10th Avenue on a rooftop

In this flashback, you have a set team of Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Wolverine 
and Jean Grey. Advance through each stage, destroying Sentinels along the 
way. Keep an eye on your objectives to see how many Sentinels you have to 
defeat in each stage. In the first stage, 7th Avenue, you can find a DR 
disc in a boarded-up alley. Do your best to keep your team alive, as there 
is no opportunity to revive them at the Xtraction points.

In the final stage, 10th Avenue, you can get Nightcrawler's comic book from 
the rooftops; but, only if you have leveled up Jean Grey's Flight skill. 
Collect the comic before fighting the Sentinels; as soon as you dispose of 
eight, the scenario ends and you have no opportunity to explore. Avoid the 
park area in 10th Avenue, as multiple Sentinels drop on your head if you 
venture into the middle of the park. Skirt the edges, taking on Sentinels 
one-by-one until you've taken out five or six. Then enter the park and 
quickly take out the last two or three to end the scenario.

Back in the mansion, go up to the Dormitories and snag a DR disc, Protect 
202 from one of the balconies by the stairs. Then go down to the 
subbasement and the Danger Room. Xavier will give you a test, which gives 
you an opportunity to play as Magma. You'll be placed in a long hallway, 
and your objective is to destroy 22 robots. Hopefully, you've leveled up 
Magma's Lava Fissure and Fiery Form powers, as they are more useful than 
her Fiery Blast. Hit the robots with Fissure, then transform to Fiery Form 
and beat on them. If you encounter large crowds, use Fiery Blast to break 
them up and then take them on one-by-one.

After defeating 22 robots, you're placed in the main Danger Room with more 
robots coming at you. After you've blown a bunch of them up, there's a cut 
scene and you're back in the subbasement. Go to Beast's lab and talk to him 
to open up the Juggernaut Flashback. Again, if you don't take this option 
to play now, you will not get another chance.

[6.5.2] Juggernaut Flashback
 - X-Mansion

 - Danger Room disc Challenge-Cyclops, in the foyer

Fight Juggernaut through the X-Mansion, preventing him from getting to 
Professor X in the subbasement. There's a "damage meter" on the left side 
of the screen that fills up during Juggernaut's rampage. If it fills 
completely, you fail the mission. Take a side trip to the main foyer and 
pick up Cyclops' Challenge scenario DR disc that's lying in front of the 
main staircase.

Your team is Jean Grey, Cyclops, Iceman and Beast. Hit Juggs with lots of 
combos. Whenever he moves between rooms, he turns on his multiple 
resistances. Lay back while he's moving, then hit him hard once his 
resistances come down.

Now it's off to explore the X-Mansion, or, if you're itching for action, go 
to the War Room and initiate the next mission.

[6.6] That's Morlock It!

 - Outfall Tunnels (X)
 - Mainline Reservoir (X)
 - East Trunk Line
 - West Trunk Line
 - Morlock Haven
 - Mainline North (X)
 - Filtration Reservoir (X)
 - 22nd Street Steam Works

 - Storm's comic: East Trunk Line, across a gap that must be bridged
   or flown across

 - Sketch book: East Trunk Line, near the water pump

 - Danger Room disc Focus 201: West Trunk Line, left path from the entrance

 - Sketch book: Mainline North, hidden room--break down the wall

 - Danger Room disc Focus 202: Filtration Reservoir, side platform beside
   bridge at start of stage

 - Danger Room disc Challenge-Rogue: 22nd Street Steam Works, small ledge
   at back left corner from entrance, use flier to reach before starting
   the fight with Marrow

Recommended X-Men:
 - Jean or Iceman to build bridges

 - A mixture of attacks (physical, mental, energy) to deal with varying
   resistances of Morlocks

 - Recommended team: Cyclops or Storm, Jean Grey, Rogue, Nightcrawler

Fight your way through the first two stages, which are bereft of anything 
notable other than new enemies--the Morlocks (just Brutes and Claws at this 
point). When you reach the end of the Mainline Reservoir, there's an 
Xtraction point and two exits. You have to enter the two "side" areas: East 
Trunk Line and West Trunk Line and shut off the pumps that are filling the 
reservoir. You can do these in either order.

In the East Trunk Line, you can cross a gap (fly or teleport over or make a 
bridge) and get Storm's comic book. There's also a sketch book near the 
water pump that you must destroy. In the West Trunk Line, take the left 
path from the entrance to find a Danger Room disc. Be careful in the West 
Trunk Line, there's a bug with one set of stairs that leads down into the 
sewer water. You can go down, but you can't come back up; your X-Men fall 
through the stairs into a bottomless pit and die. Just stay out of the 
sewage. After taking care of each trunk line, return to the mainline 
reservoir and save your game. After the second trunk line is done, you can 
go down into the reservoir to the Morlock Haven.

Once in the Morlock Haven, enter the center ring and talk to Healer and 
Marrow. After talking to Healer, you'll be able to access his shop from any 
Xtraction point. He sells health and energy packs, as well as essential 
Danger Room discs you may have missed. After talking to Marrow, go through 
the marked exit to Mainline North.

Here you'll have your first encounter with Morlock Goths. They can be 
distinguished by their black headgear; take out the Goths first so they 
can't revive their brethren. After using the Xtraction point to save, look 
for a small room that can only be accessed by knocking down the wall; 
you'll find a sketch book inside.

From Mainline North, you'll enter the Filtration Reservoir. There's a bad 
fight near the beginning of this stage. You have to cross a narrow bridge 
under attack from a lot of Brutes and Claws. There are two side platforms 
containing Goths that can keep reviving these guys as they go down. Any X-
Man can jump over to the side platforms; use your tank character (Rogue or 
Wolverine) to take out the Goths. One of the platforms has the Focus 202 
Danger Room disc.

The Xtraction point is at the end of the level; make sure you have plenty 
of health and energy packs and a good team before entering 22nd Street 
Steam Works--your boss battle with Marrow is coming right up. As soon as 
you enter the Steam Works, walk around to the left until the ledge ends, 
then fly straight ahead to a small platform with the Challenge-Rogue DR 
disc. Then head to the center area for the showdown with Marrow.

Health: 600
Resistances: Mental
Powers: Projectile attack

Marrow has a lot of health, but she's only resistant to psychic attack. 
Take a couple of tanks and a couple of ranged energy attackers (e.g. Storm, 
Iceman, Wolverine and Rogue) and just keep combo-ing her spiny rear until 
she goes down. Fortunately, she doesn't do a huge amount of damage in 
return, but she will keep you busy for a while.

Once Marrow is defeated, and Gambit is free, it's time to return home.

But wait! Professor X has new information about The Brotherhood's next 
target. It's the submersible aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Arbiter. He stops 
your flight back to X-Mansion and sends you to the Arbiter instead.

[6.7] An Arbiter-y Assignment
 - Fore Flight Deck (X)
 - Aft Flight Deck (X)
 - Hangar Lift (X)
 - Aft Hatchways
 - Starboard Launch Bays (X)
 - Fore Launch Bays
 - Brig (X)
 - Infirmary
 - Galley (X)
 - Maintenance Division

 - Stat point: Hangar Lift, on a ledge

 - Sketch book: Starboard Launch Bays

 - Beast comic: Brig, room with a crewman

 - Sketch book: Galley, room with force field door

 - Danger Room disc Qualifying Exam 200: Galley, side room next to crewman

Recommended X-Men:
 - Don't use a mental-attack X-Man against Sentinels (Jean isn't available
   anyway and you haven't unlocked Emma or Betsy yet)

 - Once you reach the Brig, you absolutely must have either Cyclops or
   Storm, and Iceman. Nightcrawler is also very useful in this part of the
   mission. Prior to that point, you need at least one good tank to help
   take down Sentinels.

 - Recommended teams: Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler and Wolverine for
   the first six stages. Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler and Iceman for
   the final four stages.

There are four Sentinel launchers on the fore deck. Each one will launch a 
new Sentinel as you destroy the previous one launched, so take out the 
launchers first (hit the crane arm) before attacking the Sentinel. Also, 
try and draw the GRSO soldiers away from the launchers and defeat them and 
recuperate before taking on the Sentinels.

pgw, of the GameFAQs X-Men Legends message board, contributes the 
information the launchers on will only spit out four Sentinels apiece. For 
extra experience, especially if you have the Hammer of Nimrod at this 
point, let the launchers empty themselves. You can also use this tactic on 
the launch bays below deck; though, there you will have between five and 
six Sentinels come from each launcher.

NOTE on the Sentinels: There's a glitch where, if you attack the Sentinel 
before it fully leaves the launch tube, it will get stuck and you cannot 
damage it, but it can damage you. (Not a good thing.) This is most likely 
to happen in the tubes below deck. Let the Sentinel step out of the launch 
bay before attacking it.

On the aft deck, use the Xtraction point to save, then clear the GRSO 
soldiers and defeat the Sentinel controller. Climb to the crane platform 
marked as an objective on your map. Use the control panel to swing the 
yellow sub over the flight deck, then cut the chain using an exploding 
barrel or mutant energy attack. The sub will crash through the deck and you 
can jump down into the Hangar Lift.

The Hangar Lift consists of three large areas side-by-side. There are 
ledges in the walls of the side areas that can be reached by any character 
using a power jump (Y, B). One of these ledges has a bonus stat point. 
Clear out the GRSO soldiers and head for the Aft Hatchways.

There's another Sentinel launcher in the Aft Hatchways; clear everything 
out and go through to the Starboard Launch Bays. There are two more 
Sentinel launch bays to be destroyed here. Once you get past the second and 
are in a long hall, enter the rooms to the side to pick up a sketch book, 
then head for the Fore Launch Bays. Take out two more Sentinels and go down 
to the Brig.

At this point, the ship starts coming apart at the seams. Jean Grey can 
hold it together, but only for 15 minutes. You have to go through four 
stages, rescuing two crewmembers in each stage, within that 15 minutes. Now 
is the time to change out the team so you have Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler 
and Iceman.

As you progress through each level, there are leaks in the ship that can be 
sealed by either Cyclops or Storm. Each hole sealed up adds to your time; 
you can double your time, earning 15 extra minutes this way. Considering 
the importance of gaining time, you'll want both Cyclops and Storm--if one 
dies, you can continue sealing leaks with the other.

You need Iceman to put out fires and make bridges, which is much faster 
than flying each X-Man across each gap you come to. Nightcrawler helps get 
past force fields more quickly--just teleport through and turn them off at 
the control panel. Make your way through each stage methodically, but not 
slowly. Do whatever you have to do to free up enough memory card space for 
at least two saves. If you find yourself running out of time, you can back 
up a stage or two and try again.

Deal with the enemies, seal up the leaks and rescue the crewmen--talk to 
each crewman and he will follow you back to the lifeboat; you can collect 
both crewmen in each stage before returning to the lifeboat. If you reach 
the lifeboat and, for some reason, the crewman doesn't respond, move away 
from the exit and then back to it. All the crewmen and the lifeboat are 
clearly marked on your large map--use it. Follow these simple instructions 
and you'll make it through these stages with time to spare.

Along the way, keep an eye out for hidden items. In the Brig, you can pick 
up Beast's comic book in one of the rooms with a crewman. In the Galley, 
shortly after leaving the Xtraction point, you'll come to a room where the 
door is blocked by a force field. Have Nightcrawler teleport through and 
pick up a sketch book. If you don't have Kurt, continue on until you get to 
the missing bridge. Move along the catwalk to the right of the gap and bust 
a hole in the wall into the room with the book. Also in the Galley, there's 
a DR disc, Qualifying Exam 200, in a room next to one of the rooms with a 
crewman. Break the wall to get to it.

After rescuing all eight crewmen, it's back to the X-Mansion for you.

[6.8] Interlude #3 - X-Mansion

You start in your room in the dormitories. There's nothing to do up here 
except look at new concept art you've acquired. On the ground floor you can 
look at your new comics and talk to Nightcrawler in the sitting room, 
Jubilee in the day room and Iceman in the dining room. In the subbasement, 
you can talk to Beast in his lab and Jean Grey in Cerebro.

Your first objective is to speak to Storm and Wolverine in the Danger Room. 
They'll send you in for another test, your qualifying exam for the X-Men.

[6.8.1] Magma Qualification Exam
 - New York City
 - West Manhattan
 - Central Park
 - East Manhattan (X)

 - Magma comic: Central Park beside broken bridge

 - Sketch book: Central Park beside drain tunnel entrance

This is an exact repeat of the first mission, with Magma in the place of 
Wolverine and ending after the fight with Blob. You'll find it very easy 
because the enemies have not increased in power. During the mission, pick 
up Magma's comic from beside the broken bridge in Central Park. Also in 
Central Park, at the entrance to the drainage tunnel, you can get a sketch 
book. After Blob is defeated, you'll talk to Professor Xavier and 
officially become an X-Man. Magma is now available for missions.

Afterwards, you're back in your room, now in your X-Man costume. Head down 
to the subbasement, go to the X-Jet hangar and talk to Wolverine to 
initiate the Weapon X Flashback. Unlike Nightcrawler and Beast, you must 
ask the right questions to open the flashback. First comment how Jean 
refers to Logan as a man of mystery, then ask the questions about the 
Weapon X experiment. You'll get your one-and-only chance to play the 

[6.8.2] Weapon X Flashback
 - Infusion Trials (X)
 - Lab Support
 - Fission Gate (X)

 - Danger Room disc Survival 302: Lab Support, in a side lab

 - Danger Room disc Challenge-Wolverine: Fission Gate, past room with
   the Director

In this mission, you play only as Wolverine. Your job is to track down the 
director of the Weapon X project. Rampage your way through each level; if 
you've kept Brutal Slash maxed, most of the troops will go down to a single 
blow, the officers take two Slashes.

Look for a DR disc in Lab Support in a lab that is off the main path. When 
you reach the Xtraction point in Fission Gate, you'll be at a nuclear core. 
From the Xtraction point facing the core, go down the left stairs. Use a 
power jump (Y, B) to clear the gaps in the catwalk and use the console to 
turn off the automated security guns.

Go back around past the Xtraction point, down the stairs, dodge the flames, 
down more stairs, wait for the core to flash twice, then down the stairs, 
run around, jump the gap and go up the next set of stairs. Go up some more 
stairs, dodge the flames, up the stairs, jump the gap and up the stairs to 
the room with the director. Avoid getting close to the director and go 
through the door opposite where you came in and down the stairs to get the 
Challenge-Wolverine DR disc. Then go meet with the director to end the 

You are now finished with the third interlude and can go to the War Room to 
begin the next mission, to the Boshnoy Nuclear Plant in Siberia.

[6.9] Nuclear Family

 - Primary Control Center (X)
 - Turbine Facility (X)
 - Reactor Core
 - Coolant Pumps (X)
 - Conversion Sequencer (X)
 - Secondary Control Center (X)
 - Condenser Controls

 - Danger Room disc Assault 301: Primary Control Center, in a pit in
   first room

 - Jubilee's comic: Reactor Core, low-lying platform, use flier to reach

 - Sketch book: Secondary Control Center, high platform near exit

 - Danger Room disc Challenge-Storm: Condenser Controls, fly to a ledge
   near set of stairs

 - Danger Room disc Assault 302: Conversion Sequencer, fly to platform from
   blast door controls

 - Bonus stat point: Conversion Sequencer, same as DR disc Assault 302

Recommended X-Men:
 - Iceman, Jean Grey or Magma to build bridges

 - Storm, Magma, or Cyclops to do some welding

 - Jean Grey or Storm to move things around

 - Recommended team: Storm, Jean Grey, Cyclops and Wolverine

After talking to the lab tech in the first stage, drop down into the pit 
and walk around until you find the DR disc (Assault 301). Continue to the 
Turbine Facility. Watch out for the electrified bridge and be sure to cross 
quickly and call your teammates to you. Try not to fight on the catwalks 
and bridges.

In the Reactor Core, you find the Brotherhood is overloading the core and 
you have to turn on the coolant pumps. To get to the coolant pumps, you 
have to take down a force field covering the door. The control is over 
another electrified bridge. After the force field is down, continue past 
the door and have a flier (Storm, Jean Grey or Rogue) drop down to a 
platform below you and pick up Jubilee's comic and then fly back up.

Go to the Coolant Pumps and turn them on, then go back to the Reactor Core 
and use the control panel to raise the coolant level. Now you can continue 
to the Conversion Sequencer. Find your way through to the Secondary Control 
Center. After you turn off the force field and talk to the lab tech, you 
are on the clock again; but, this time it's much easier to finish in time.

On the way to the exit, fly up to a platform above the stairs and pick up a 
sketch book. In the Condenser Controls, after you've gone down one set of 
stairs and then up another, look over to see a DR disc (Challenge-Storm). 
Fly over to the ledge and pick it up and then fly back. Continue until you 
reach the exit back into the Conversion Sequencer (use Storm's Whirlwind to 
put out the fire). This upper level of the Conversion Sequencer stage has 
the Xtraction point.

From the Xtraction point, fly to the left through the open blast doors and 
pick up the Assault 302 DR disc and a bonus stat point. Now go to the 
regulator bracket arms and push them into place with either Jean's 
Telekinesis or Storm's Whirlwind and then weld them with either Storm's 
Lightning, Cyclops' Optic Beam or Magma's Fiery Blast.

Thus ends the mission at the nuclear plant, but Colossus does not want to 
leave his sister, Illyana, who is in a coma. You offer to take her to the 
Mutant Research Center on Muir Island...

[6.10] Interlude #4 - Muir Island

 - Muir Island
 - Com Core

 - Sketch book: main labs of Muir Island, lying out in the open

After the cut scenes, your first objective is to find Forge and speak with 
him. Spend some time exploring the labs and speaking with the other 
characters. You'll also find a sketch book lying around. Speak to Forge and 
he'll ask you to manually reboot the supercomputer. Agree to help and 
you'll be transported to the Com Core.

This is a simple, short mission you play as Magma. Take out the robots and 
follow Forge's directions. Once complete, you'll be in another cut scene in 
the lab, which ends with everyone heading back to X-Mansion.

NOTE: Many people have reported the final cut scene ends without 
transporting you back to the X-Mansion. Saving, resetting your Gamecube and 
reloading seems to solve the problem; however, you should be able to avoid 
this issue if you allow the cut scene dialogue to play itself out without 
skipping ahead by pressing A.

[6.11] Interlude #5 - X-Mansion 

 - X-Mansion Back Lawn
 - X-Mansion (X)
 - X-Mansion Back Lawn-GRSO (X)
 - X-Mansion Front Lawn-GRSO
 - X-Mansion (X)

 - Sketch book: by the pool immediately after interlude begins

 - Danger Room disc Challenge-Iceman: 2nd floor balcony in X-Mansion

 - Rogue Comic: holding cell in the subbasement of X-Mansion

Once again, you are lounging by the pool. Pick up a sketch book from the 
area around the pool and then head for the mansion. You can talk to 
Colossus right outside the main doors, then go inside. In the sitting room 
you'll meet a new character, Emma Frost (aka White Queen). After talking to 
her, continue exploring the mansion.

You'll find Cyclops by the door to the library. Rogue and Gambit are having 
a "discussion" in the day room. Upstairs, you can find the Danger Room disc 
Challenge-Iceman along the balcony next to the stairs. In the subbasement, 
talk to Beast in his lab, pick up Rogue's comic from the holding cell, play 
in the Danger Room and talk to Nightcrawler in the War Room. Then begin the 
next mission.

The X-Mansion comes under attack. You'll have to clear the back and front 
lawns of the mansion of cloaked GRSO soldiers and drones. Use a flier to 
quickly go back-and-forth across the lawns until a soldier "de-cloaks", 
then call your teammates to you. Pick your favorite X-Men; you'll have two 
new ones to choose from: Emma Frost and Colossus; however, Jean Grey is not 
available. There are no items to collect. There is an Xtraction point on 
the back lawn, where you begin.

Once finished, there's another cut scene and you can explore the mansion 
again. Not much has changed, but you do need to go talk to Jean Grey, who 
is in Cerebro. If you didn't pick up the DR disc or comic prior to the GRSO 
invasion, do so now. Then head for the War Room to begin the next mission.

You have a choice of two missions: rescue Illyana from the Astral Plane or 
investigate the ruins of the Weapon X facility. The Astral Plane will be 
described first, but you may finish these missions in any order. If you 
choose the Weapon X mission first, you get a cutscene that does not play if 
you perform that mission second.

[6.12] Illyana on the Astral Plane

 - The Shadow Gallery (X)
 - The Chamber of Echoes (X)
 - The Endless Stairs
 - The Lonely Dark (X)

 - Danger Room disc Challenge-Phoenix: Shadow Gallery, below the main path

 - Danger Room Disc Qualifying Exam 300: Chamber of Echoes, side room from
   Xtraction point

 - Astral Stone: The Lonely Dark, next to Xtraction Point

 - Emma Frost Comic: The Lonely Dark, opposite corner of the map from the
   Xtraction point

Recommended X-Men:
 - Your team is Jean Grey, Emma Frost and Professor X (note, this is the
   only mission where you can use Prof X). If Prof X dies at any time, the
   game is over and you have to reload.

The Xtraction points in the Astral Plane actually allow access to all the 
options: Change Team, Save, Load, Danger Room, Forge and Healer. The Change 
Team screen; however, is only useful if Jean or Emma dies and needs to be 

The Astral Plane can be difficult to navigate because the floors and walls 
are translucent. The large map can help you find your way. From the 
starting Xtraction point in The Shadow Gallery, go up the side stairs on 
either side and flip the switches. One has to be switched by Jean's TK 
power. That will open the door and allow you to continue.

As you follow the path, keep your eyes peeled for a DR disc, Challenge-
Phoenix, that you can see through the floor. In the room immediately before 
the exit, you can drop down to the lower platform, get the disc, and jump 
back up. (Note: You cannot fly in the Astral Plane.)

Continue to The Chamber of Echoes. During this mission, any time you come 
to a moving platform, send Professor X ahead to flip the switch to build a 
bridge. When you reach the Xtraction point in the Chamber of Echoes, 
explore the area surrounding it to find a side room that has the DR disc 
Qualifying Exam 300. Move on to the exit and advance to the Endless Stairs.

There's a lot of combat in this area, and you will meet with astral wardens 
near the end. They are going to be tougher foes because they are resistant 
to mental attacks. When you reach the exit, Professor X will leave the 
group, and Emma and Jean have to continue to the Lonely Dark alone.

Once into the Lonely Dark, you're in for a much more difficult challenge. 
Now that it is just Emma and Jean, the shadow foes are more difficult to 
put down. If you have leveled Emma as an almost pure melee fighter, you'll 
have an easier time. Keep her shell up and just melee the fiends while Jean 
uses Psychic Shout. You can find the Astral Stone near the Xtraction Point. 
At the opposite corner of the map from the Xtraction point is Emma Frost's 
comic book.

Once you rescue Illyana, the mission is over and you will jump straight to 
the Weapon X mission; unless, you have already completed that mission, in 
which case you will return to X-Mansion.

[6.13] Weapon X Part Deux

 - Infusion Trials Ruins (X)
 - Lab Support Ruins
 - C-Block Ruins (X)
 - D-Block Ruins
 - Holding Cells (X)

 - Danger Room disc Sabotage 402: Infusion Trials Ruins, in pit near
   Xtraction point

 - XP Bonus, 30,000 points: Infusion Trials Ruins, room next to second
   power block

 - Danger Room disc Challenge-Nightcrawler: C-Block Ruins, same room as
   switch that opens the exit

 - Danger Room disc Focus 401: D-Block Ruins, near entrance

Recommended X-Men:
 - You've got Cyclops to start out and Wolverine joins you along the way.

Xtraction points in the Weapon X facility only allow Saving and Loading.

You begin in the ruins of the Infusion Trials area. In an adjacent room is 
a pit; in the pit is the Danger Room disc Sabotage 402. Just a couple of 
rooms away is your first Xtraction point. Make your way to the two 
objective points on your map and use your Optic Beam on the power blocks to 
turn them on. At the second power block, which is on a small platform next 
to a stairway, find the door and go into the side room for a 30,000 
experience point bonus.

In the Lab Support Ruins, you have to find two more power blocks and turn 
them on. You will then encounter your little brother, Alex Summers, AKA 
Havok. Havok has joined the Brotherhood, and you will have to beat some 
sense into his head. Your Optic Beam is useless against him; hopefully, you 
have leveled up your Tactics power. Turn it on and use your fists and feet 
to beat him down. His power is useless against you as well, so it takes 
time but it isn't hard.

When Havok has been shown the error of his ways, Wolverine shows up and the 
three of you make your way to the exit. When the C-Block Ruins stage loads, 
Wolverine is now part of your party. Now you begin to encounter some tough 
GRSO units, and there are a lot of energy saps. Clear the C-Block Ruins 
and, in the room where you open the exit, look for the Challenge - 
Nightcrawler DR disc.

After entering the D-Block Ruins, take your first left and go around to 
come in behind the energy sap. Shoot it and then deal with the GRSO 
Commander and his support. Get a keycard from the Commander's leftovers, 
and then go through the door behind where the sap used to be to find the 
Focus 401 DR disc.

Once you reach the holding cells, make your way to the upper level to the 
objective points, which are the control panels keeping the cell force 
fields in place. Watch out for energy saps, and destroy them before they 
suck up all your energy. One of the officers on the upper level is carrying 
a key card that will give you access to a side room where you can pick up a 
sketch book.

Once you've unlocked both cell blocks, head for the exit. The mission is 
over, and it's back to the mansion or on to the Astral Plane.

[6.14] Interlude #6 - X-Mansion

After a cut scene where Emma and Jean moan and wail about Professor X, 
Magneto comes calling on Xavier. With Charles out of action, it is up to a 
team of four X-Men to meet with him. Unfortunately, a bunch of Sentinels 
pick that very moment to crash the party.

You have to destroy 12 Sentinels on the front lawn. There's an Xtraction 
point near the front door if you need to change out team members or want to 
save your game. These Sentinels are the same as the ones you fought on the 
Arbiter. At this point, you could equip Kurt with the Hammer of Nimrod and 
he can beat each Sentinel by himself.

Once you've downed a dozen, there's a cut scene and then you're back in the 
mansion. Your Objectives screen has a long list of people to talk to, and 
then you can go meet in the War Room for the next mission. The people you 
should see are:

 - Wolverine is in the day room, lounging on the couch

 - Emma Frost and Jean Grey are in Cerebro

 - Beast, Storm, Colossus and Illyana are in the medical lab

 - Cyclops is in the War Room

After talking to Cyclops, use the War Room computer to start the next 

[6.15] Morlock, More Power

 - Morlock Haven
 - Storm Drain (X)
 - Influent Bypass (X)
 - Wastewater Basin (X)
 - Overflow Reservoir
 - Mount Entrance (X)
 - Transport Conduit

 - Sketch book: Storm Drain, side platform across a small bridge

 - Gambit Comic: Influent Bypass, side tunnel before stage objective

 - Danger Room disc Focus 402: Influent Bypass, upper level next to lever

 - Danger Room disc Challenge-Colossus: Overflow Reservoir, knock down wall
   into small room near entrance

 - Danger Room disc Graduation Exam 400: Overflow Reservoir, in room with
   lever that frees Healer

 - Danger Room disc Challenge-Magma: Mount Entrance, small strip of rock
   near exit

 - Sketch book: Mount Entrance, bottom of the ramp to the control panel
   that opens the door

Recommended X-Men:
 - For once you don't need a bridge-builder or flier

 - Both Iceman and Emma Frost come in handy for the boss battle

 - You'll want a variety of damage types to deal with the various
   resistances of the Morlocks and Acolytes.

 - Recommended team: Storm, Colossus, Jean Grey and Emma Frost

The Morlocks have gotten themselves tied in with the Brotherhood and are 
holding the key to getting into Magneto's base, Asteroid M. It's time to 
pay the sewer dwellers another visit. You begin in the Morlock Haven. Go 
into the center section and find the Morlock who is pilfering supplies from 
Healer's shop. Go through his entire conversation and you will be able to 
leave through one of the side doors and enter the Storm Drain.

In about the fourth room of the Storm Drain stage, right before you are 
forced to go down into the sewage, go across a small bridge to a side 
platform to pick up a sketch book. Continue to Influent Bypass.

In the Bypass, just before you reach the objective point marked on your 
map, turn and head down the side hallway until you find Gambit's comic. 
When you get to the objective point (a lever), run along the right side of 
the room from the entrance to pick up a Danger Room disc, Focus 402.

Continue through the Wastewater Basin; the Xtraction point is located near 
the exit. Shortly after entering the Overflow Reservoir, you'll enter a 
large room with two small rooms in the center; inside is the DR disc, 
Challenge - Colossus. When you reach the room with the lever to free 
Healer, search for the DR disc, Graduation Exam 400. After freeing Healer, 
talk to him and then go into the next room and use Gateway's portal to get 
to The Mount.

When you reach the Mount Entrance, continue along the path until you see a 
ledge going up to your right. The Xtraction point is at the top of the 
ledge. Past the Xtraction point, when you reach the large door, continue 
along the narrow strip of rock to find the DR disc, Challenge - Magma. Now 
go over the bridge to get to the control panel that opens the door. At the 
bottom of the ramp leading to the control panel is a sketch book.

Use the Xtraction point before entering the Transport Conduit. Add Iceman 
to your team in place of your tank. You have a fight against Avalanche and 
Sabretooth before you. Your main focus should be Avalanche--as soon as he's 
beaten, both mutants will flee. Avalanche is physical resistant and he's 
very dangerous at close range.

Health: 1800
Resistances: Physical
Powers: Concussion blast, Concussion slam, Quake

Keep up the combos on Avalanche and ignore Sabretooth. Use Iceman to slow 
or freeze Avalanche so he can't use his powers. A good X-Man to use here is 
Emma Frost. With her Shell up, Avalanche can't hurt her, even toe-to-toe; 
her Hardness skill will deflect some of Avalanche's damage back onto him 
and Emma's Psionic Strike/Fury skill will bypass his physical resistance. 
Keep control of Emma, engage Avalanche and spam the L button to keep your 
teammates focused on Avalanche. He'll go down in less than a minute with 
these tactics.

After Avalanche and Sabretooth have fled, it's time to regroup at X-

[6.16] Interlude #7 - X-Mansion

 - Sketch book: ground floor, dining room

This interlude begins with Alison in her room, complaining to her diary 
about the new ice age on Earth. Bummer. There's nothing to see or do up 
here unless you want to look at some of your newly acquired concept art, so 
head down to the ground floor.

You can pick up another sketch book in the dining room, and look at your 
new comics. Then it's time to go to the subbasement. Beast is working in 
his lab. Jean Grey is caring for Professor X in the medical lab. Emma Frost 
is in Cerebro, and Wolverine is standing outside the Danger Room.

Now is a good time to make use of your newly acquired Graduation Exam 400 
Danger Room scenario. Within 20 minutes, you can have all your X-Men to at 
least 30th level. You can get them all to 35th level if you spend a bit 
more time at it. When you're ready for a mission again, go to the War Room 
and use the computer. There are three missions that need to be completed, 
in any order, and there will be no interludes between them.

[6.17] Juggernaut Jig

 - Danger Room disc Survival 501: starting point

 - Colossus Comic: center, round room

Recommended X-Men:
 - A team that has a variety of damage types and can easily hit power
   combos. Emma or Jubilee is good for keeping Juggernaut confused
   and off-balance.

Juggs is on the loose at the Mutant Research Center on Muir Island. Looks 
like the X-Men are going to be putting in some overtime today...

After the cut scenes, pick up a Danger Room disc, Survival 501, from right 
in front of you. In the center, round room, you can pick up Colossus' comic 

Health: 4000
Resistances: Mental
Powers: Shield gives multiple resistances, power smash

Keep after Juggernaut, and keep up the combos. When he puts up his energy 
shields--signified by a glowing, red circle around him--lay back a little 
as you won't do much damage to him. Wait for the shields to come down and 
lay into him again.

After Juggernaut is beaten, there's a cut scene and then you can chat with 
Forge, Moira and Multiple Man. When you're finished, head for the door and 
either load the next mission, or, if you saved Juggs for last, head back to 

[6.18] 48 Sentinels on Parade

 - East 2nd Street (X)
 - East 4th Street
 - East 5th Street (X)
 - East 6th Street

 - Danger Room disc Survival 502: East 2nd St, alcove near exit

 - Danger Room disc Challenge-Jubilee: East 4th St, stairs near exit

 - Sketch book: East 5th St, alcove near Xtraction point

 - Stat point: East 6th St, subway entrance near ambulance

Recommended X-Men:
 - The only opponents in this mission are Sentinels, so leave the
   psychics (Jean and Emma) at home

 - With the Hammer of Nimrod and Legend Frenzy (you did power level in
   the DR in the last Interlude, right?), Nightcrawler can take down
   each Sentinel by himself. With a power combo or two, he can take
   down two Sentinels with one Frenzy.

 - You'll have to put out some fires, so you'll need Storm or Iceman

 - Recommended team: Nightcrawler, Iceman and any two other mutants

There are riots in New York City, and the mutant-hunting Sentinels stomping 
around are not helping. You must take a team of X-Men through four stages 
of Sentinel hunting and mutant rescues. In each stage you must lead a 
number of mutants to an ambulance, much like leading the crewmen of the 
Arbiter to a lifeboat; there's no time limit. You must also defeat some 
Sentinel Mark IIs in each stage. The number of mutants needing rescue and 
the number of Sentinels that need to be destroyed are:
 - East 2nd Street: 3 mutants, 9 Sentinels
 - East 4th Street: 4 mutants, 11 Sentinels
 - East 5th Street: 5 mutants, 13 Sentinels
 - East 6th Street: 6 mutants, 15 Sentinels

Some basic tips:
 - Advance slowly so no more than one or two Sentinels drop on you. Be
   aware there are usually Sentinels near the mutants that need to be

 - There are very few health or energy packs available in these areas. Use
   the Xtraction points to visit Healer and purchase a full supply. Sell
   off equipment if you have to.

 - The Sentinels explode when destroyed, so run away as they fall and call
   your team to you.

 - Keep a couple of Tissue Generators in your inventory. If things get
   really bad, you can always run away, equip the TGs and heal up.

 - When you meet a young Bishop in East 6th St., do not use Nightcrawler's
   Flurry attack on the Sentinel, else he will invariably fall through the
   scene and die--and there's no Xtraction point to revive him. When you
   get the notice there's a young boy in trouble, switch Kurt to AI control
   and set his AI power as Teleport Leap. Put the Hammer of Nimrod on your
   next strongest X-Man (e.g. Cyclops, Colossus, Wolverine) and beat the
   one Sentinel threatening Bishop. Then switch everything back to normal.

You can pick up a few items in these stages. In East 2nd Street, to the 
right of the exit (as you're facing the exit), is an alcove with the DR 
disc, Survival 502. In East 4th Street, on the street leading up to the 
exit, is a fire on a stairway. Put the fire out with Storm or Iceman and 
collect the DR disc, Challenge-Jubilee. Also on East 4th Street, you'll 
help Psylocke with a couple of Sentinels. After this series of missions, 
Psylocke will be available for your team.

In East 5th Street, you'll get your first taste of fighting a Sentinel 
Weapons Platform. You can also collect a sketch book behind a tree in an 
alcove. From the Xtraction point facing the ambulance, head right from the 
ambulance and look for it along the right side of the street. In East 6th 
St, head away towards two mutants who are cowering near each other (marked 
as objectives on your map). Just before reaching the mutants, there is a 
subway entrance blocked by a fire. Put out the fire and go down the stairs 
to collect a bonus stat point. Once the last stage is complete, you'll 
either advance to the next mission, or return to X-Mansion, if you saved 
this mission for last.

[6.19] Got Morlock?

 - Pumping Station (X)
 - Grit Flowage
 - Sedimentary (X)
 - Dechlorination Area

 - Sketch book: Pumping Station, near 4th ladder

 - Danger Room disc Sabotage 501: Grit Flowage, behind energy sap

 - Danger Room disc Challenge-Gambit: Dechlorination, side ledge, requires

Recommended X-Men:
 - You'll want a team with a variety of damage types to overcome the
   different resistances of the GRSO soldiers.

 - You'll want one or two ranged fighters to take out the ladders and
   teleport beacons quickly.

 - You will need a flier prior to the last stage, if you want the DR disc

 - You need a bridge builder

 - Storm can be especially useful if you've leveled up her Chain Lightning
   power. Stand next to a teleport beacon, wait for a bunch of GRSO
   soldiers to teleport in, then hit the beacon with Chain Lightning and
   watch what happens...

 - Iceman is especially handy for the boss battle against Marrow

 - Recommended team: Storm, Jean Grey, Iceman, Colossus

GRSO soldiers are invading the Morlock sewers. It's up to the X-Men to save 
the worthless hides of the Morlocks. And be thoroughly unappreciated for 
the effort.

The first three stages require you to destroy the GRSO soldiers' means of 
access to the tunnels. You have to destroy four ladders and four teleport 
beacons in each stage. All ladders and beacons are marked on your map.

First up is the Pumping Station; next to the fourth ladder you destroy is a 
sketch book. Next up is Grit Flowage; after the second ladder has been 
destroyed, and you reach the energy sap, search the area behind the sap for 
the DR disc, Sabotage 501.

From Grit Flowage, you enter Sedimentary and destroy another four ladders 
and four teleport beacons. The Xtraction point is near the exit. Stock up 
on health and energy packs (if you need them), get your team set for a huge 
boss battle (change out psychic X-Men for energy or physical X-Men), save 
your game and then head through the door to Dechlorination.

Health: 2000
Resistances: Mental
Powers: Throws bone projectiles in a 90-degree arc

As the battle begins, quickly take a flier on a circuit of the outer rim of 
the room. You're looking for a DR disc, Challenge - Gambit. Once you have 
it, quickly return to the fight. Each time you beat Marrow down, one of 
Marrow's Lieutenants pops up in one of the corners of the main stage and 
revives her and all her Leviathan henchmen. Killing the Lieutenants when 
they pop up will shorten the fight; however, you can still beat Marrow down 
without taking out the Lieutenants. Each time she is revived, she has less 
of her full health, and she will eventually not be able to get back up.

When Marrow gets low on health, quickly run over to a corner and look for 
the Lieutenant. Iceman is a good X-Man to have here, as he can slow, or 
even freeze, the Lieutenant and allow your team to get over for the kill. 
There are four Lieutenants, so you're going to have to fight Marrow and her 
"Gene Nation" at least five times. It is recommended that you have 
purchased some Xtreme powers and saved all your tokens so you can, at 
least, dispose of the henchmen easily.

Once Marrow is finally finished, the mission ends in a cut scene and it is 
either on to the next mission or back to X-Mansion.

[6.20] Interlude #8 - X-Mansion

There's not much to see or do this time. You can speak to Emma Frost in 
Cerebro, Jean Grey in the medical lab and Psylocke in the day room. Once 
you've talked to those three, you can speak to Beast in his lab. Then go to 
the War Room to initiate the next mission. Thanks to Beast, the Astral Gate 
is now working and the entire team can enter the Astral Plane to rescue 
Xavier's mind.

[6.21] I Fall To Pieces...

 - The Threshold (X)
 - The Guardian Statues
 - The Chamber of Earth
 - The Hall of Fire
 - The Colosseum

 - Danger Room disc Protect 601: Threshold, bottom of stairs to the right
   from Xtraction point, as you face astral doors

 - Danger Room disc Challenge-Emma Frost: Guardian Statues, take a left
   before taking a right to get to the objective

 - Sketch book: Chamber of Earth, room right after first floating platform

 - Emma Frost Comic: Hall of Fire, left from entrance

Recommended X-Men:
 - Ranged fighters work best for the mini-boss battles

 - A mix of damage types is useful for overcoming multiple resistances

 - Recommended team: Cyclops, Storm, Psylocke and Colossus

Shadow King seems to have fragmented Xavier's mind. Three important pieces 
of his mind are held in three areas. You must collect each piece and bring 
it back to the Threshold in order to enter Xavier's mind and rescue him. 
There's an Xtraction point here on the Threshold, and you can come back 
here between each stage, save your game, sell or purchase supplies and 
change your team. While standing on the Xtraction point looking at the 
astral doors that lead to the three stages, go to your right and search 
around the bottom of the stairs for a DR disc, Protect 601.

At the Xtraction point, the stages, from left to right, are:

Guardian Statues
Follow the path. Before you take a right to reach your objective point, 
turn left and pick up the DR disc, Challenge - Emma Frost. On the way back 
out, you have to fight Dark Blob. Look for the glowing statues and destroy 
them to take down his multiple resistances.

  Dark Blob
  Health: 2500
  Resistances: Multiple
  Powers: Belly flop

Chamber of Earth
First go left from the entrance and use the switch, then go back past the 
entrance and go around the other way. Send a good fighter on the moving 
platform and use the switch to reunite the team. You can get a sketch book 
from the room right before the switch. On the way back out, you're in for a 
fight with Dark Avalanche. Use the same techniques here as you used against 
Avalanche at The Mount.

  Dark Avalanche
  Health: 2000
  Resistances: Physical
  Powers: Quake, concussion slam

Hall of Fire
From the entrance, take the left path to find Emma Frost's comic book. 
Continue to the objective. On your way back out, you'll have to fight Dark 
Pyro. Destroy his fire creatures to take down his multiple resistances, and 
beat on him with power combos. A group of four ranged attackers is 
recommended, or tanks with very good personal shields. Try to keep shields 
up and hit Pyro from range to avoid damage from his fiery shield.

  Dark Pyro
  Health: 1000
  Resistances: Multiple
  Powers: Column of fire, fire shield, fire blast

After you've collected Xavier's wisdom, honor and knowledge, go to the 
upper platform of the Threshold and the door to the Colosseum will open. 
Inside, you'll find Xavier under the control of Shadow King, and you will 
have to fight a bunch of champions from the Astral Plane. They shouldn't be 
much of a problem. After, Xavier comes out of his mental stupor, but Shadow 
King spirits him away.

The group reconvenes at X-Mansion. Beast informs the team he needs a 
Sentinel guidance system sensor and navigational controller to get the X-
Jet through to Asteroid M; so, it's off to the Sentinel factory in 

[6.22] Sentinels 'R Us

 - Factory Grounds (X)
 - Fabrication Facility (X)
 - Armor Application
 - Leg Attachment (X)
 - Arm Attachment
 - Head Attachment (X)
 - Storage Warehouse
 - Bio Labs Holding (X)
 - Bio Lab Workshop (X)
 - Bio Lab Gallery (X)
 - Subject Retention Center (X)
 - Bio-Chamber Storage (X)

 - Sketch book: Factory Grounds, in cargo box on far side of main building

 - Danger Room disc Qualifying Exam 500: Fabrication Facility, across the
   first bridge, blow a hole in the back wall of the room

 - Danger Room disc Focus 601: Head Attachment, room next to guidance

 - Sketch book: Bio Lab Workshop, over a pit in one of the labs

 - Danger Room disc Nightmare-Wolverine: Bio Lab Gallery, on top of a
   generator in room with second Sentinel weapons platform

 - Skill point: Subject Retention Center, requires Nightcrawler and either
   Storm or Rogue to retrieve

Recommended X-Men:
 - Magma or Iceman to build bridges; Jean could build them, but her psychic
   attacks are not as useful as Magma or Iceman's energy attacks

 - Cyclops, Storm or Magma for welding

 - Cyclops or Storm for Leadership

 - A tank

 - A flier for obtaining a sketch book

 - Nightcrawler with Legend Frenzy and the Hammer of Nimrod is still
   your best option for taking down Sentinels.

 - Nightcrawler and either Storm or Rogue for a bonus skill point

 - Recommended team: Storm, Nightcrawler, Iceman, Colossus

In the first stage, take out four tanks and their guards. By this point, a 
ranged character should be able to take out a tank in one shot. Continue 
all the way around the building, taking out the GRSO Captain on the far 
side for his keycard; get the sketch book from the cargo box just beyond 

In the Fabrication Facility, follow the path until you cross a bridge. Blow 
a hole in the back wall of the room after the bridge and collect Qualifying 
Exam 500. You have to destroy three Sentinel production machines in this 
stage and the next.

In Leg Attachment, you have to disable two leg placement machines. In the 
Arm Attachment area, you must not only shut down the arm placement 
machines, you must seal the doors the Sentinels are coming through. Use 
Cyclops, Storm or Magma to weld the doors shut.

In Head Attachment, you will finally get the guidance sensor. On the way, 
there's another door that needs to be sealed up less it keep spitting out 
Sentinels. Once you obtain the sensor, go across the bridge to a small room 
and pick up a DR disc, Focus 601.

When you reach the Storage Warehouse, you have to destroy eight Sentinels. 
The Sentinels come at you two-by-two. Be careful not to run further down 
the corridor where they are located, or you'll set off the next two in 
line. After the first four Sentinels are destroyed, you'll pick up the 
navigational controller. After the next four Sentinels are destroyed, you 
will encounter Sentinel Advanced cyborgs for the first time. After the Mark 
IIs you've been fighting, the bio-Sentinels will seem easy.

Continue down into the depths of the factory, exploring the bio-labs where 
the new cyborgs are built. After you reach the Xtraction point in the 
Workshop, in the next large lab, there's a pit filled with gas. The gas 
will kill you if you drop into it; send a flier over to the small I-beam 
and pick up the sketch book.

In the Bio Lab Gallery, after the second fight with a Sentinel platform 
Mark II, search the room. There is a DR disc, Nightmare - Wolverine, on top 
of one of the generators. Next up is the Subject Retention Center, where 
you will have to free several Morlock prisoners.

First, free Gateway by destroying one of the pillars of his cage. Talk to 
him to get a portal open to New York City. Then head through the stage, 
freeing the other prisoners. There is one spot where you have to build two 
bridges to cells that are surrounded by the deadly gas you encountered 
earlier. There is a bonus skill point available here, but you need 
Nightcrawler and either Storm or Rogue to get it.

Have Storm or Rogue pick Nightcrawler up and fly him around to a ledge at 
the back of the cells. Kurt can then teleport the two of them through the 
wall and destroy the Sentinel advanced. You then need Storm or Rogue to 
take down one of the pillars, bringing down the force field and allowing 
you to get the bonus point. (Note: Jean Grey isn't much help here against 
the Sentinel, nor can she help destroy the pillar.)

Once you've guided all five Morlock prisoners to Gateway, General Kincaid 
makes an appearance and your next objective is to chase him down. Follow 
him through Bio-Chamber Storage until your way is blocked and you have to 
go back to X-Mansion. With the Sentinel factory shut down, it's time to get 
Xavier back from the Astral Plane.

[6.23] Three Strikes and You're Out, Shadow King

 - The Forsaken Place (X - 2)
 - The Forbidden Halls
 - The Lost Passages (X)

 - Jean Grey's Comic: Forsaken Place, from Xtraction point, go left, comic
   is in room at far corner of map

 - Danger Room disc Nightmare-Cyclops: Forsaken Place, next room beyond

Recommended X-Men:
 - Jean Grey is necessary as there are a couple of places you need her
   TK power to throw a switch (Storm's Whirlwind, alas, will not work)

 - Recommended team: Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey and Colossus--
   energy, psychic and physical attacks plus outrageous combo bonuses
   and 100 points of damage reduction.

It's your third--and last--trip to the Astral Plane. This time, Shadow King 
is going down and out. From the first Xtraction point in The Forsaken 
Place, take the straight path rather than the curved stairs. Follow the 
path around; at the far corner room, search for Jean's comic. In the next 
room, go up the stairs to an alcove to collect the DR disc, Nightmare - 
Cyclops. From this room, ascend a stairway to a ledge with a switch nearby. 
Use Jean's TK to throw the switch, then jump down from the ledge to another 
room, which is the room you would have reached had you taken the curved 
path from the Xtraction point.

There is another Xtraction point at the exit leading to The Forbidden 
Halls. Follow the Forbidden Halls; when you reach the moving platform, send 
Jean Grey across as you need her TK power to throw the switch on the far 
side. Continue to The Lost Passages.

In the Lost Passages, twice there will be a locked door blocking your way 
and, both times, there is a path around the door. Look for stairs to the 
side of the door. When you reach the moving platform, send a good fighter 
across to flip the switch and hold the shadow creatures at bay until the 
rest of the team can cross.

When you reach the room with the crystal, before breaking the crystal use 
the Xtraction point to save your game and stock up on health and energy 
packs. Have one character concentrate on breaking the crystal while the 
others deal with the creatures. Once the crystal is broken, it's time for 
Xavier (as Astral Gladiator) to get it on with Shadow King.

Shadow King
Health: 2500
Resistances: Multiple
Powers: Rejuvenation, Energy Lance, Gas Breath, Cloning

When the boss stage loads, immediately go to the Characters screen and 
level up Astral Gladiator. You can't add any power or skill levels, but you 
do have 47 points to spend on stats. Get Focus and Strike up to 40 or 
higher before worrying about Agility or Body. You can also equip him with 
the best stuff you've got right now.

Try to stay behind SK and just beat on him. Use your defensive power to 
reduce damage taken. When SK clones himself or calls forth some shadow 
creatures, use your B-power or Xtreme Power to get rid of the extras. If 
you leveled up your Strike, you can do a lot of damage just melee 
attacking. He can restore his health a few times; but, so can you with a 
full supply of health packs, so just keep at it.

Once Shadow King is down, the mission is over and it's time for one last 
visit to X-Mansion.

[6.24] Interlude #9 - X-Mansion

This is your last chance to wander around X-Mansion. You can look at all 
the concept art, comic books, mutant biographies, etc. You will still be 
able to visit the Danger Room during the last mission by using the 
Xtraction points. When the stage loads you are in the War Room; talk to 
Cyclops. Then go to the X-Jet hangar and talk to Beast and Wolverine. While 
you're in the hangar, pick up the DR disc, Nightmare - Phoenix.

On the first floor, you can pick up the last sketch book in the dining 
room. You can now view all the game's concept art in Colossus' room (this 
is your last chance to do so). You should have collected 20 sketch books 
during the game, and this will unlock an additional 18 pieces of concept 

If you haven't power-leveled your X-Men, now is the time to do so using 
Focus 601. You should be able to easily get your favorite X-Men to 40th 
level and buy Ultra equipment from Forge. Now you're ready to take on the 
big guy (or guys, as the case may be). Go to the War Room and start the 
final mission...

[6.25] Magneto's Hunk-a, Hunk-a, Burnin' Rock

 - Storage Area (X)
 - Power Station
 - Interior Quarters (X)
 - Command Center (X)
 - Lounge Deck A (X)
 - Lounge Deck B (X)
 - Main Power Core (X)

 - Danger Room disc Nightmare-Colossus: Power Station, left and down from
   the bridge where you meet Mystique

 - Danger Room disc Challenge-Psylocke: Command Center, right next to exit

 - Bonus stat point: Lounge Deck A, get the ID card from Havok's cell and
   use it on the cell opposite

 - Danger Room disc Challenge Legends: Lounge Deck B, large room where you
   build two bridges and a ramp, behind planter on center pedestal

Recommended X-Men:
 - You're must use Emma Frost in the first two stages

 - You should have both Cyclops and Storm for the huge bonuses to damage
   from power combos

 - You will need a bridge builder

 - You need Iceman or Storm to put out fires

 - Psychic X-Men will not be much help during the last three stages

 - Recommended team: Cyclops, Storm, Colossus and Iceman
   (use Emma in place of Cyclops for the first two stages)

The Xtraction point in the Main Power Core can only be used to Change Team, 
Save Game and Load Game.

The invasion of Asteroid M is the last mission. You'll finally face off 
against Magneto and General Kincaid. If your team dies during this mission, 
you don't just get the "Game Over" screen, you actually get to watch the 
consequences of your failure in spectacular, full-motion video. Nice.

Emma Frost "influences" Toad to let you into Asteroid M, and you must keep 
her on your team until you reach the Xtraction point in Interior Quarters. 
Fight your way through the Storage Area and Power Station. About two-thirds 
of the way through the Power Station, you'll have a chat with Mystique. 
After she runs off, while facing the bridge she was standing on, head left 
and go down the stairs. Continue straight to the wall and find a DR disc, 
Nightmare - Colossus.

Continue through Power Station and Interior Quarters. Be sure to carefully 
search out and talk to the "friendly" Morlocks standing around. There's one 
in Power Station that unlocks the exit to Interior Quarters. At the 
Interior Quarters Xtraction point, you can remove Emma from your team, if 
you wish. Continue through Interior Quarters until you reach the Command 
Center. You'll quickly reach a spot where you have to build a bridge and 
then blow a hole through the wall to continue. When you reach the Command 
Center Xtraction point, the door on your right (as you face the Xtraction 
point) is a room with some Acolytes. The door on your left leads to 

Health: 5000
Resistances: Multiple
Powers: Manipulates magnetic fields to shield himself and throw heavy, 
metal objects at you

Save your game and check your health and energy pack supply before going in 
to see Magneto. You have to fight him and Mystique and Sabretooth. 
Concentrate on Magneto and try to hit as many combos as you can. See if you 
can score a couple of super combos using an Xtreme power. His shields don't 
stay up forever, try to hit him when they're down. Don't worry about 
Mystique and Sabretooth, especially if you're using an area-of-effect power 
like Chain Lightning; they'll go down while you pound on Magneto.

Finally, Magneto is beaten; but...

Sentinels are now attacking Asteroid M and are sending it hurtling 
Earthward. You have to defeat the Sentinels and use the Gravitron to send 
Asteroid M back into space. Go back and save your game at the Xtraction 
point, then continue on through the Command Center and pick up the DR disc, 
Challenge - Psylocke, right before the exit.

In the second large room you enter in Lounge Deck A, there are three side 
rooms, two on one side and one on the other. On the side with two rooms, go 
in the left room (as you face the rooms) and pick up a keycard. Use it on 
the room opposite to find Havok. After speaking with Scott's brother, pick 
up an ID card from his room and use it on the other room opposite. There's 
a bonus stat point in that room.

In Lounge Deck B, shortly after you pass the Xtraction point, you'll come 
to a room where you have to build a bridge across the room and you can also 
build a ramp down into the room and a bridge from your bridge over to a 
center pedestal. On the center pedestal, behind the large planter, is the 
Challenge Legends Danger Room disc. You now have all the DR discs and you 
can go back to the Xtraction point in this stage and finish all the courses 
if you so desire. You can also use Challenge Legends to get your X-Men to 
45th level if you wish. This is your last chance to do so.

Once you're ready to end the game, proceed to the exit from Lounge Deck B. 
In the Main Power Core, you'll first be swarmed by Sentinel Advanced Mark 
IIs and then Sentinel Platform Mark IIs. When the last platform is 
defeated, Master Mold shows up.

Master Mold
Health: 15000
Resistances: Multiple
Powers: Strong melee attack, freezing beams, guided missiles

Master Mold is a huge robot controlled by General Kincaid. It has multiple 
resistances that are controlled by the three generators spaced around the 
room. There are catwalks connecting the generators. You must get to each 
generator and turn it off to take down Master Mold's resistances and then 
pile on with power combos.

When MM gets to about 50% health, he'll summon in three Sentinel 
controllers to turn the generators back on. Get back to each generator, 
destroy the Sentinel controller and turn the generator off again. Then spam 
combos on MM.

Recommended strategy is to have Cyclops fitted with the Mask of Xorn (no 
energy cost for his Optic Beam) and Storm fitted with an Ultra DNA 
Regenerator. Keep Storm up on the catwalks and control her to spam Legend 
Lightning on MM while Cyclops is hitting with Legend Blast, etc. You can 
easily pull off combos that do over 2,000 points of damage, which, as you 
can tell, is not all that much against MM.

When the Sentinel controllers show up to turn the generators back on, use 
Storm to fly to each generator and call your team to you. When Storm is 
flying, it is easy to avoid the guided missiles and energy beams coming 
from MM. If you really get into trouble, there's an Xtraction point in the 
corner of the room where you can Change Team if necessary (including 
reviving fallen X-Men).

It's finally all over. There are some extended FMV end sequences and the 
credits to watch. You can use the Review option from the main menu to look 
at all your comics, concept art, load screens and movie sequences 
(cinematics). Then you get to try all over again; this time with cool new 

 \  /--MEN---------------------------------------------------------------
  \/                            [7] Item List
 /  \

[7.1] Health and Energy Packs, Tech Bits & Xtreme Tokens

Health and energy packs can be used to guessed 
and energy! They can be found lying all over the place, and are usually 
dropped by enemies and the crates and barrels you break open. Each pack 
restores 25% of your health or energy meter. Energy packs seem to be more 
common than health packs, which is a minor problem since all X-Men 
regenerate energy, but only Wolverine can regenerate health without wearing 
special equipment. You can also buy both types of packs from the Morlock 
Healer, but only after you have finished the first Morlock mission. You 
begin the game with the ability to carry a maximum of 10 of each type of 
pack. This capacity increases by 5 every 10 levels: 15 at 10th level, 20 at 
20th level and 25 at 30th level.

Tech bits are the "currency" of X-Men Legends. You use them to revive 
fallen team members (at an Xtraction point) and purchase items from Forge 
and Healer. They are dropped by some enemies and some trashed items. They 
don't drop as frequently as health and energy packs, so keep a lookout for 
them and try to pick up as many as you can, especially in the early game. 
You can also receive tech bits for selling excess equipment to Forge or 
Healer. This is a good idea not only for the tech bits, but also because 
your inventory can only hold so many items and you have to sell some off in 
order to pick up newer items that you find.

Xtreme tokens are used to fill up your Xtreme icons (see section 3.2 
above). Each token fills one-quarter of an X-treme icon; so, you need to 
collect four tokens to use one Xtreme power. You can have one filled icon 
at 15th level, and this increases by one each five levels to a maximum of 5 
filled icons at 35th level.

Note that the additional capacity for health and energy packs and Xtreme 
powers increases as soon as any one X-Man reaches the appropriate level 
(with the exception of Professor X, who is a special case).

[7.2] Danger Room Discs

In order to train in the Danger Room, you need Danger Room discs. These can 
be found in various stages; you can also buy them from Healer or get them 
from Healer's Grab Bag (sometimes). The locations of Danger Room discs is 
given in section 6, Walkthrough and in section 9, Danger Room Scenarios.

[7.3] Comic Books

Comic books add permanent stat bonuses to the associated X-Man. There are 
13 comics, one for each X-Man except Psylocke and Professor X. In order to 
gain the stat bonuses, you must check the comics "stand" in X-Mansion. You 
do not need to actually view the comics, simply open the menu to see the 
new comics added and the stat bonuses that have just been applied.

 - Cyclops Comic: +2 Agility, +2 Focus; located in the trees near the
   Xtraction point in The Bridge stage of the HAARP mission

 - Jean Grey Comic: +4 Focus; located in the Forsaken Place during last
   trip to Astral Plane

 - Wolverine Comic: +2 Strike, +2 Agility; located on the floor of a
   building in the East Rooftops stage of the first mission.

 - Storm Comic: +4 Focus; located in the Morlock tunnels, East Trunk Line,
   use a bridge-maker or flier to get it

 - Rogue Comic: +2 Strike, +2 Body; located in the brig of X-Mansion during
   the post-Muir Island interlude

 - Iceman Comic: +2 Body; located in the elevator room at the end of the
   Satellite Control Center of HAARP

 - Colossus Comic: +2 Strike, +2 Body; located on Muir Island during the
   Juggernaut escapade

 - Gambit Comic: +2 Strike, +2 Agility; located in the Influent Bypass
   during second Morlock mission, in a side area just before stage

 - Jubilee Comic: +2 Agility, +2 Focus; located in the Reactor Core of the
   nuclear plant

 - Magma Comic: +2 Body, +2 Focus; located in Central Park next to the
   broken bridge in Magma's X-Man trial.

 - Beast Comic: +2 Agility, +2 Body; located in the Brig of the Arbiter in
   a room with a crewman that needs to be rescued

 - Emma Frost Comic: +2 Body, +2 Focus; located in the Lonely Dark stage of
   the first Astral Plane mission, in the corner of the map opposite the
   Xtraction point

 - Nightcrawler Comic: +2 Agility, +2 Focus; located on a rooftop in 10th
   Avenue of the Sentinel Flashback scenario, you'll need Jean Grey's
   Flight skill to reach it

[7.4] Sketch Books

Sketch books allow you to view concept art at the stand in Colossus' room 
in Xavier Mansion. They have no other value. If you collect all sketch 
books in the game, you will unlock additional concept art. Sketch book 
locations are given in section 6, Walkthrough.

There are 20 sketch books in the game, representing the following concept 

Asteroid M
Morlock Tunnels
Early Alison
HAARP Soldier 1
HAARP Soldier 2
Spider Sentinel
Astral Plane
Hive Labs
Rogue Gambit
Trio One
Sewers Healer
Hive Factory
Mansion Sketches
HAARP and Ice Tunnels
HAARP Interior
Weapon X Lab

If you collect all of those sketch books, you will unlock an additional 18 

Mansion Backyard
Mansion Subbasement
Conference Furniture
Conference Environment
Subbasement Hall
Mansion Front
Overhead Mansion
Hangerbay [sic]
Danger Room
Danger Room Blueprint
Mansion Blueprint Layout
Professor X and Cerebro
Wolverine and Beast
Cyclops and Emma Frost
Nightcrawler, Kitty, Havok
Storm and Marvel Girl
Polaris, Sage, Rogue
Gambit and Bishop

[7.5] Bonus

There are several types of bonuses that can be found or are given as 
rewards. These include a skill point for whichever character picks it up; 
additional experience or a stat point bonus. These are pretty rare, but 
very valuable, so keep a close eye out for them. Locations of these items 
can be found in section 6, Walkthrough.

[7.6] Backpacks

Backpacks enhance an X-Man's mutant abilities. With the exception of some 
of the unique items, these are all random drops, or may be purchased from 

Agility of the Acrobat (Nightcrawler Challenge)
+20% damage to Nightcrawler's teleport attacks, +5 Agility; requires 
Nightcrawler, level 20

Astral Stone
+3 Focus, +9-11 damage vs. Shadow creatures

Bands of the Beast (Beast Challenge)
+20% damage to Beast's mutant attacks, +5 Strike; requires Beast, level 20

Belt of Unus
-13 damage, 20% chance of deflecting beam damage back at attacker; requires 
level 32

Black Tom's Cane
+1 Body, -20% beam damage; requires level 7

Caliban's Shroud
+2 Focus,  +25-31 damage to punches; requires Level 19

Callisto's Eye Patch
+2 Strike, +15-18 damage to melee attacks vs. Morlocks; requires Level 15

Cannonball's Flame
-8 damage, +100-125 damage to flying melee attacks; requires Level 15

Claws of Rage (Wolverine Challenge)
+20% damage to Wolverine's claw attacks, +5 Strike; requires Wolverine, 
level 20

Crown of Apocalypse
+4 Strike, +4 Agility, -2 Body, -2 Focus, +12% chance for melee criticals; 
requires level 35

Cyber's Revenge
-8 damage, +4-5 bleed damage to punches for 5 seconds; requires level 30

Dead Man's Hand (Gambit Challenge)
+20% damage to Gambit's kinetic attacks, +5 Agility; requires Gambit, level 

Deathbird's Javelin
Attack and run speed +20%, +9-11 bleed damage for 5 seconds to projectiles; 
requires level 20

Diamond's Aura (Emma Frost Challenge)
+50% damage to Emma Frost's Punch/Kick, +5 Body; requires Emma Frost, level 

DNA Generator (Basic/Normal/Super/Ultra)
The X-Man regenerates mutant energy 25%/50%/75%/100% faster than normal. 
With a Super or Ultra DNA Regenerator and a fairly high Focus stat, an X-
Man can just spam (use over and over and over and over) mutant powers and 
will almost never run out of energy.

Eric the Red's Armor
-8 Damage, +100-125 to energy attacks vs. Magneto; requires Level 29

Exodus Cloak
30% chance to deflect mental damage back to attacker. +80-100 damage vs 
humans. Requires level 18. Until you get Super Power Enhancers (about level 
30), equip your strongest X-Man with this item any time you're fighting 
GRSO soldiers or other human guards.

Flight of the Northstar
30% longer flying time, +20% knockback to knockback attacks; requires level 

Gauntlets of Wrath (Rogue Challenge)
+20% damage to Rogue's power attakcs, +20% Rogue stun duration, +5 Body; 
requires Rogue, level 20

Goddess Medallion (Storm Challenge)
+20% to Storm's wind and electricity, +5 Agility; requires Storm, Level 20

Hammer of Nimrod
+125-150 damage to mutant attacks vs. Sentinels; requires level 13. This is 
pretty much a must-have item for one of your ranged X-Men any time you are 
fighting Sentinels (unless you have an Ultra Power Enhancer, which has the 
same effect against all enemies). Nightcrawler is a good choice for this, 
as the bonus damage is applied to *each* of his Teleport Flurry attacks.

Heart of the Assassin (Psylocke Challenge)
+20% damage to Psylocke's psychic attacks, +5 Strike; requires Psylocke, 
level 20

Hypnotic Skyburst (Jubilee Challenge)
+5 Agility, +20% damage to Jubilee's power attacks; requires Jubilee, level 

Luck of the Longshot
+1 Strike, +1 Agility, +1 Body, +1 Focus, 5% chance to reflect punch/kick 
for 125-150 damage; requires level 17

Mantle of the Phoenix (Jean Grey Challenge)
+20% damage to Phoenix's psychic attacks, +5 Focus; requires Jean Grey, 
level 20

Manual of the Puck
+1 Agility, +15-18 damage to kicks; requires level 13

Mask of Xorn (Legends Challenge)
Mutant powers cost no energy to execute; requires level 35. This item is 
the reward for completing the Challenge Legends scenario in the Danger 
Room. A worthy replacement for a DNA Generator; but, doesn't provide any 
kind of attack or damage bonuses.

Muscle Accelerator (Basic/Normal/Super/Ultra)
Adds 10%/20%/30%/40% to attack and run speed. For a couple of the slower 
tank characters (like Colossus), this is a good enhancement.

Opal of Ozymandius
+5 Body, 30% chance of deflecting fire, cold and wind damage back at 
attacker; requires level 23

Power Enhancer (Basic/Normal/Super/Ultra)
Adds 9-11, 25-31, 80-100 or 125-150 damage to mutant attacks. The Super and 
Ultra Power Enhancers are, probably, the best equipment in the game for 
almost every X-Man (Beast may be the lone exception). They even affect 
punches and kicks for those X-Men that add "mutant" damage to melee attacks 
(i.e. Emma Frost, Storm, Iceman, etc.). Putting an Ultra Power Enhancer on, 
say, Colossus with Concussion Legend is, really, almost unfair. The enemies 
on the other side of the wall--who haven't even seen you yet--are toast. In 
fact, Super and Ultra Power Enhancers are so powerful, you may want to 
avoid using them just to make the game a little more difficult.

Ring of Polaris
+1 Body, +20% flying time, -40% knockback; requires level 13

Sabretooth's Tags
Regenerate 4 Health per second, up to 50% health, +25-31 blade damage to 
punches; requires level 28

Shadowcat's Touch
-5 damage, +25-31 to punch/kick attacks vs. robots; requires level 15.

Shard of Cyttorak
-5 damage, +2 Body, +2 Strike; requires level 31

Shi'Ar Battle Implants
+3 to all traits; requires level 26. This item is the reward for completing 
the Nightmare - Colossus scenario in the Danger Room.

Shi'Ar Body Shield
+50% resistance to physical attacks; requires level 29. This item is the 
reward for completing the Nightmare - Phoenix scenario in the Danger Room.

Shi'Ar Energy Armor
+50% resistance to energy attacks; requires level 30. This item is the 
reward for completing the Nightmare - Cyclops scenario in the Danger Room.

Shi'Ar Mind Gem
+50% resistance to mental attacks; requires level 28. This item is the 
reward for completing the Nightmare - Wolverine scenario in the Danger 

Soul of the Gladiator (Colossus Challenge)
+20% damage to Colossus' powered attacks, +5 Body; requires Colossus, level 

Spiked Armor of Stryfe
-10 damage, +4-5 energy draing to punches

Spikes of Penance
-8 damage, reflects 80-100 physical damage to attacks; requires level 27

Sunfire's Mask
-20% damage from fire, +9-11 fire damage to mutant attacks; requires level 

Sword of Ogun
+3 Focus, +8% chance for punch/kick criticals; requires level 25

Targeting Implant (Basic/Normal/Super/Ultra)
Adds 2%/4%/6%/8% to chance for a critical during a ranged attack

Thunderbird's Beads
-20% physical damage, Stun immunity; requires level 18

Tissue Generator (Basic/Normal/Super/Ultra)
The X-Man regenerates health at the rate of 2/4/6/8 points per second after 
five idle seconds up to 25%/50%/75%/100% of full health. Generally, you 
will not want to wear these full time since there are more useful backpacks 
available. You should always keep at least one or two in your general 
inventory. There may be times when you are down to only one or two X-Men, 
are out of health packs and will need to run away, rest while wearing a 
Tissue Generator and then run back to battle.

Vindicator's Gauntlets
+10% experience, -20% beam damage; requires level 14

Visor of Retribution (Cyclops Challenge)
+20% Cyclops' Optic damage, +5 Focus; requires Cyclops, level 20

Volcano's Might (Magma Challenge)
+5 Body, +20% damage to Magma's power attacks; requires Magma, level 20

Weakness Analyzer (Basic/Normal/Super/Ultra)
Adds 2%/4%/6%/8% to chance for a critical during a melee attack

Winter's Fury (Iceman Challenge)
+20% damage to Iceman's cold attacks, +5 body; requires Iceman, level 20

Wrath of Wendigo
-5 damage, -60% pain; requires level 14

X-Cutioner Hood
Generate energy 50% more quickly, +80-100 damage vs. mutants; requires 
level 20. A good item for Cyclops, Storm or other ranged attacker whenever 
you're fighting Morlocks or The Brotherhood.

[7.7] Belts

Belts enhance an X-Man's stats. Like backpacks, most of these are random 
drops or can be purchased from Forge.

Stat Enhancer (Basic/Normal/Super/Ultra)
Adds +1, +2, +4 or +8 to the listed stat (Strike, Agility, Body or Focus). 
Focus Enhancers work for every X-Man. Lacking Focus Enhancers, Body 
Enhancers should be your second choice; or, Strike Enhancers for those X-
Men that use more melee attacks (e.g. Beast or Wolverine).

[7.8] Armor

Armor reduces damage received or gives resistance to specific types of 
damage. Armor can be found in random drops or purchased from Forge.

Damage Deflector (Basic/Normal/Super/Ultra)
Gives a chance to reflect a specific type of damage:
 - Basic: +10% chance to reflect 15-18 damage
 - Normal: +20% chance to reflect 50-63 damage
 - Super: +30% chance to reflect 125-150 damage
 - Ultra: +40% chance to reflect 175-215 damage

The types of damage deflected are:
 - Harmonic: beam damage
 - Inertial: punch/kick damage
 - Psionic: psychic damage
 - Electron: electrical damage
 - Elemental: elemental (fire/cold/wind) damage

Inertial Dampener (Basic/Normal/Super/Ultra)
Reduces the chance of being knocked back by 20%, 40%, 60% or 80%.

Nanofiber Armor (Basic/Normal/Super/Ultra)
Reduces damage received by 5, 8, 10 or 13 points. This is your best choice 
for the armor slot for every X-Man.

 \  /--MEN---------------------------------------------------------------
  \/                         [8] Trivia Game Q&A
 /  \

On the second floor of Xavier Mansion, there is an X-Men Trivia Game the 
player can use to earn a quick 300 experience points. There are 50 
questions, and each question is worth 6 XP. This is the list of questions 
and the correct answers for any player wishing to earn all 300 XP with the 
Trivia Game without playing through most of the game to learn the answers 
(and who does not know enough about the X-Men in the first place). The 
questions are listed in the order in which they appear when you first play 
the game.

Q) Rogue had once been romantically involved with which evil mutant?
A) Magneto

Q) The address for the X-Mansion is:
A) 1407 Graymalkin Lane

Q) Of these characters, which was the first X-Man:
A) Cyclops

Q) Who isn't a member of the Brotherhood?
A) Gateway

Q) Name the machine Xavier uses to augment his psychic powers.
A) Cerebro

Q) Why can't Cyclops control his optic blast?
A) Head trauma suffered as a child

Q) Gambit's father trained him to be a:
A) Thief

Q) Nightcrawler is originally from:
A) Germany

Q) When Jean Grey is overwhelmed by her psychic powers she becomes:
A) The Phoenix

Q) Who is Cyclops's brother?
A) Havok

Q) Moira MacTaggert runs what facility?
A) Mutant Research Center on Muir Island

Q) Who is not truly a mutant?
A) Juggernaut

Q) Wolverine was forced to slay the father of the woman he loved. What was 
the father's name?
A) Shingen

Q) Cyclops's father was leader of which group?
A) The Starjammers

Q) Who developed Sentinels as a deterrent to mutants?
A) Bolivar Trask

Q) The original X-Men went to the Coffee A-Go-Go to listen to a beatnik 
known as:
A) Bernard the Poet

Q) Magneto's outer space base, Asteroid M, has also been referred to as:
A) Avalon

Q) Who wears a helmet to protect against psionic attacks?
A) Juggernaut

Q) The metal bonded to Wolverine's body is:
A) Adamantium

Q) Which is a codename for Kitty Pryde?
A) Sprite

Q) Toad's real name is:
A) Mortimer Toynbee

Q) Aside from being a powerful telepath, Emma Frost can also:
A) Change to diamond hard substance

Q) Moira's son, Kevin MacTaggert, was also known as:
A) Proteus

Q) For a short time, Jean Grey was a member of:
A) The Hellfire Club

Q) Which X-Man is immune to Rogue's power?
A) Colossus

Q) Storm's biggest fear is:
A) Enclosed spaces

Q) Who in this group is a mutant?
A) Bobby Drake

Q) What is the Xavier Protocol?
A) Files listing the secret identities of all known mutants

Q) Professor Xavier built Cerebro with the aid of:
A) Magneto

Q) Forge is a member of which Native American tribe?
A) Cheyenne

Q) The comic book X-Men #1 featuring the X-Men and Magneto appeared in:
A) September 1963

Q) Who is next in line to lead the X-Men if Cyclops is unable to?
A) Storm

Q) Psylocke is from:
A) England

Q) Where did Jubilee live for a short time?
A) Hollywood shopping mall

Q) Cyclops derives the energy for his optic blast from:
A) Solar energy

Q) When Shadow King first met Professor Xavier he was known as:
A) Amahl Farouk

Q) The Morlocks took their name from:
A) The underground race in H. G. Wells' novel "The Time Machine"

Q) Gambit's power is the ability to:
A) Charge objects with kinetic energy

Q) Jubilee is the unofficial sidekick of which X-Man?
A) Wolverine

Q) Against her will, Psylocke's mind was transferred into the body of:
A) A ninja

Q) Juggernaut received his fantastic powers from...
A) A gem of Cyttorak

Q) A nickname for Cyclops is:
A) Slim

Q) Sabretooth and Wolverine worked together doing covert operations for:
A) The CIA and Weapon X

Q) Kitty Pryde has a pet dragon named:
A) Lockheed

Q) One name Mystique goes by is:
A) Raven Darkholme

Q) One of Storm's favorite hobbies is:
A) Gardening

Q) In addition to Wolverine, who has been an experiment of the Weapon X 
A) Sabretooth

Q) When did Colossus first turn into his metal form?
A) Stopping a runaway tractor

Q) The first five members of the X-Men were:
A) Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast and Jean Grey

Q) When do mutant powers normally first activate?
A) During the teenage years

If you play the trivia game during your first visit to Xavier Mansion, 
they're worth a quick two levels for Alison Crestmere (Magma).

 \  /--MEN---------------------------------------------------------------
  \/                     [9] Danger Room Scenarios
 /  \

Following is a list of Danger Room scenarios: their objectives, the 
required number of credits you need to have earned, the recommended level 
(according to the game) for playing the scenario, the reward for 
completion, the location of the disc and tips for completing the scenario, 
if needed. (Note: n/a in the Location field means the disc is automatically 
available to you and does not need to be collected during game play.)

[9.1] Freshman Classes

The first 6 classes listed here are very basic training. You play them as 
Magma and they will help you learn the basics of gameplay. Play them early, 
during your first Interlude. Moves 105, especially, is actually harder to 
execute once you've leveled up a bit--your attacks are so powerful you 
knock the Danger Room robots away from you and can't complete the strike 
sequence. For the other classes at this level (and most DR classes except 
for the character-specific challenges), you can choose your team from 
currently available X-Men.

Setting 101 - Hidden Goods
Credits required:  0
Recommended level: 1
Reward:            1 credit
Location of disc:  n/a

Destroy all eight crates within 30 seconds.

Setting 102 - Throwing
Credits required:  1
Recommended level: 1
Reward:            1 credit
Location of disc:  n/a

Pickup and throw five crates within 30 seconds. Use X to pickup a crate and 
A to throw it.

Moves 101 - Triple Hit
Credits required:  1
Recommended level: 2
Reward:            2 credits
Location of disc:  n/a

Strike enemies with the triple hit three times within one minute. A triple 
hit is A, A, A.

Moves 102 - Knockback
Credits required:  2
Recommended level: 2
Reward:            2 credits
Location of disc:  n/a

Strike enemies with the knockback attack three times within one minute. 
Knockback is B, B.

Moves 103 - Popup
Credits required:  2
Recommended level: 2
Reward:            2 credits
Location of disc:  n/a

Strike enemies with the popup attack four times within one minute. Popup is 
A, A, B.

Moves 104 - Trip
Credits required:  4
Recommended level: 3
Reward:            3 credits
Location of disc:  n/a

Strike enemies with the trip maneuver five times within two minutes. Trip 
is A, B, A.

Moves 105 - Stun
Credits required:  4
Recommended level: 3
Reward:            3 credits
Location of disc:  n/a

Strike enemies with the stunning blow six times within two minutes. Stun is 
B, A, B, B. Very hard to do except at low level. At higher levels--over 3 
or 4--the first B attack knocks the opponent away and you can't follow up 
with the A attack.

Moves 106 - Throw
Credits required:  4
Recommended level: 3
Reward:            3 credits
Location of disc:  n/a

Throw an enemy seven times within two minutes. To throw an enemy, stand 
near and press X, then push the control stick in the direction you wish to 
throw and press A.

Teamwork 101
Credits required:  9
Recommended level: 4
Reward:            4 credits
Location of disc:  NYC, North Rooftops, see [6.2]

Call for help ten times within two minutes. Press L to call for help. This 
is a great course to leave undone in order to collect items (especially 
health and energy packs). All you have to do to fail the course is not 
press L. You can play it any time you need to stock up on health packs and 
don't want to spend tech bits (or don't have enough tech bits).

Teamwork 102
Credits required:  9
Recommended level: 5
Reward:            4 credits
Location of disc:  Danger Room during first Interlude, see [6.3]

Call for help ten times within one minute.

Combined Powers 101
Credits required:  14
Recommended level: 6
Reward:            5 credits
Location of disc:  HAARP, Outer Grounds, see [6.4]

Execute five power combos within four minutes.

Combined Powers 102
Credits required:  14
Recommended level: 7
Reward:            5 credits
Location of disc:  HAARP, Mess Hall, see [6.4]

Execute seven power combos within four minutes.

Qualifying Exam 100
Credits required:  28
Recommended level: 8
Reward:            Grade complete
Location of disc:  HAARP, Main Tunnels, see [6.4]

Destroy four generators, survive for three minutes.

[9.2] Sophomore Classes

Protect 201
Credits required:  28
Recommended level: 8
Reward:            2 credits
Location of disc:  n/a

Protect four air vents from destruction, survive for two minutes. 
Protection scenarios demand that you keep moving and take enemies out as 
quickly as possible. Ignore any opponent that is not directly threatening a 
protected item. Ranged, area-of-effect powers work very well for these 
scenarios. E.g. Colossus' Concussion Slam, Jean's Psychic Shout, Jubilee's 
Energy Burst, etc.

Defend 201
Credits required:  28
Recommended level: 9
Reward:            2 credits
Location of disc:  n/a

Defend civilian, survive for two minutes. There are two civilians. You can 
move them by getting on one side of them and walk towards them. They will 
walk away from you. Using this method, "push" the two together in the 
center of the room and just stand there and blast away at any soldier that 
gets close. If you've already got shields that cover nearby allies (not 
likely unless you wait a long time to play this scenario), you can use your 
shields to help protect the civilians.

Protect 202
Credits required:  34
Recommended level: 10
Reward:            3 credits
Location of disc:  Dormitories during second Interlude, see [6.5]

Defend civilian, protect all computers, survive for two minutes. There are 
two computers in adjacent corners of the room. Push the civilian next to 
one computer and keep your team around it. Run over to the over computer 
every 10 seconds and get rid of any soldier attacking it. Ranged, area-of-
effect powers are very useful for these types of scenarios.

Defend 202
Credits required:  38
Recommended level: 11
Reward:            3 credits
Location of disc:  Sentinel flashback, 7th Ave, see [6.5.1]

Defend civilian, protect two vehicles, survive for two minutes. Push the 
civilian between two of the vehicles and stand your ground. Let the other 
two vehicles go. Requires 38 credits. Reward is 3 credits.

Focus 201
Credits required:  38
Recommended level: 12
Reward:            4 credits
Location of disc:  Morlocks, West Trunk Line, see [6.6]

Defeat a Morlock Goth four times within three minutes. Don't worry about 
trying to target the Goths specifically, just blast anything that moves. 
You'll easily defeat four Goths in the time limit.

Focus 202
Credits required:  40
Recommended level: 13
Reward:            5 credits
Location of disc:  Morlocks, Filtration Reservoir, see [6.6]

Defeat a Morlock Goth six times within two minutes.

Qualifying Exam 200
Credits required:  43
Recommended level: 14
Reward:            Grade complete
Location of disc:  Arbiter, Galley, see [6.7]

Defend crewman, protect four computers, survive for two minutes. As before, 
push the crewman in between two computers and keep your team clustered 
around. You only need to keep one computer intact in order to win the 
scenario, so don't worry about the two computers across the room.

Challenge - Beast
Credits required:  0
Recommended level: 8
Reward:            Bands of the Beast
Location of disc:  HAARP, Inner Grounds, see [6.4]

Defeat 20 enemies within two minutes, Beast only. In character challenges, 
you have unlimited mutant energy. Run into groups of enemies and use 
Propeller Kick to take lots of them down at once.

Challenge - Rogue
Credits required:  0
Recommended level: 10
Reward:            Gauntlets of Wrath
Location of disc:  Morlocks, 22nd Street Steam Works, see [6.6]

Defeat 20 enemies, defeat Mystique within two minutes, Rogue only. Keep 
using Ability Drain and/or Southern Smash.

Challenge - Cyclops
Credits required:  0
Recommended level: 12
Reward:            Visor of Retribution
Location of disc:  Juggernaut flashback, foyer of X-Mansion, see [6.5.2]

Defeat two Sentinels in two minutes, Cyclops only. Stand far away, blast a 
few times and be prepared to run when a Sentinel throws a grenade. Wait 
until you have and can use the Hammer of Nimrod to make this extremely 
simple (each Sentinel only requires three to four blasts when using HoN).

[9.3] Junior Classes

Combined Powers 301
Credits required:  43
Recommended level: 15
Reward:            2 credits
Location of disc:  n/a

Execute five power combos in two minutes.

Combined Powers 302
Credits required:  43
Recommended level: 15
Reward:            2 credits
Location of disc:  Weapon X flashback, Lab Support, see [6.8.2]

Execute seven power combos in two minutes.

Survival 301
Credits required:  45
Recommended level: 16
Reward:            3 credits
Location of disc:  n/a

Survive for two minutes.

Survival 302
Credits required:  49
Recommended level: 17
Reward:            3 credits
Location of disc:  n/a

Survive for three minutes.

Assault 301
Credits required:  50
Recommended level: 18
Reward:            4 credits
Location of disc:  Nuclear plant, Primary Control Center, see [6.9]

Defeat 30 enemies within two minutes.

Assault 302
Credits required:  55
Recommended level: 19
Reward:            5 credits
Location of disc:  Nuclear plant, Conversion Sequencer, see [6.9]

Defeat 30 enemies within two minutes.

Qualifying Exam 300
Credits required:  57
Recommended level: 20
Reward:            Grade complete
Location of disc:  Astral Plane, Chamber of Echoes, see [6.12]

Defeat 30 enemies, destroy all teleporters within two minutes.

Challenge - Wolverine
Credits required:  0
Recommended level: 15
Reward:            Claws of Rage
Location of disc:  Weapon X flashback, Fission Gate, see [6.8.2]

Defeat 20 enemies, defeat the Director within two minutes, Wolverine only. 
This is almost too easy, just lay into everyone with Brutal Slashes.
Challenge - Storm
Credits required:  0
Recommended level: 17
Reward:            Goddess Medallion
Location of disc:  Nuclear plant, Condenser Controls, see [6.9]

Defeat 10 enemies, defeat Marrow within two minutes, Storm only. Lots of 
Lightning and Whirlwind will do the job.

Challenge - Iceman
Credits required:  0
Recommended level: 18
Reward:            Winter's Fury
Location of disc:  Dormitories during Interlude #5, see [6.11]

Defeat 20 enemies, defend civilian, survive for two minutes, Iceman only. 
Push the two civilians together in a corner and use Freeze Blast to slow or 
freeze the GRSO soldiers, then pummel them.

[9.4] Senior Classes

Protect 401
Credits required:  57
Recommended level: 20
Reward:            2 credits
Location of disc:  n/a

Protect all statues for two minutes. A group of four ranged X-Men is 
recommended because you cannot herd the statues together.

Protect 402
Credits required:  57
Recommended level: 21
Reward:            2 credits
Location of disc:  n/a

Protect all statues for three minutes. Same as Protect 401, just harder.

Sabotage 401
Credits required:  59
Recommended level: 22
Reward:            3 credits
Location of disc:  n/a

Defeat 10 enemies, destroy all four ladders, complete within one minute. 
Storm or Colossus work well for this scenario as they can destroy the 
ladders from the other side of the wall.

Sabotage 402
Credits required:  61
Recommended level: 23
Reward:            4 credits
Location of disc:  Weapon X, Infusion Trials Ruins, see [6.13]

Defeat 15 enemies, destroy all four ladders, complete within 45 seconds. 
Same as Sabotage 401, just harder.

Focus 401
Credits required:  66
Recommended level: 24
Reward:            5 credits
Location of disc:  Weapon X, D-Block Ruins, see [6.13]

Defeat five enemies, defeat Astral Fiend two times, complete within one 
minute and 30 seconds.

Focus 402
Credits required:  70
Recommended level: 25
Reward:            6 credits
Location of disc:  Morlocks, Influent Bypass, see [6.15]

Defeat ten enemies, defeat Astral Shade two times, complete within one 
minute. As with other Focus courses, just blast everything that moves and 
you'll easily complete the course.

Graduation Exam 400
Credits required:  75
Recommended level: 25
Reward:            Grade complete
Location of disc:  Morlocks, Overflow Reservoir, see [6.15]

Defeat 25 enemies, defeat Astral Shadow 5 times, defeat Astral Fury 5 
times, defend Professor X, destroy all statues, complete within two 
minutes. Use a shield power that affects the whole team, it will shield 
Prof X as well. Stay near him, keep the shields up and destroy the shadow 
creatures. Once all the required enemies have been defeated, send a ranged 
fighter around the room to destroy the statues.

This is a good DR scenario for power leveling. Use both Storm and Cyclops 
on your team and try to hit as many power combos as possible. By not 
destroying the statues, you can go the whole two minutes and easily earn in 
excess of four million experience points.

Challenge - Phoenix
Credits required:  0
Recommended level: 20
Reward:            Mantle of the Phoenix
Location of disc:  Astral Plane, Shadow Gallery, see [6.12]

Defeat 20 enemies within two minutes, Jean Grey only. Use lots of TK and 
Psychic Shout.

Challenge - Nightcrawler
Credits required:  0
Recommended level: 22
Reward:            Agility of the Acrobat
Location of disc:  Weapon X, C-Block Ruins, see [6.13]

Defeat Toad within two minutes, Nightcrawler only. In addition to Toad, 
you'll be attacked by Acolytes. Use Teleport Flurry continuously.

Challenge - Magma
Credits required:  0
Recommended level: 23
Reward:            Volcano's Might
Location of disc:  Mount Entrance, see [6.15]

Defeat 20 enemies within two minutes. Some of your opponents are Sentinels. 
Isn't that fun? Stay in fiery form, use your most powerful mutant attack 
frequently and wear the Hammer of Nimrod, if you have it.

Challenge - Colossus
Credits required:  0
Recommended level: 24
Reward:            Soul of the Gladiator
Location of disc:  Morlocks, Overflow Reservoir, see [6.15]

Defeat 20 enemies, defeat Pyro, destroy all four alarm boxes, complete 
within two minutes. If you've leveled up Concussion Slam, this should be 
relatively easy. If you leveled up Power Smash, equip Colossus with a 
Muscle Accelerator to make it easier to land your punch.

[9.5] X-Man Classes

Defend 501
Credits required:  70
Recommended level: 24
Reward:            2 credits
Location of disc:  n/a

Defend civilian. Survive for two minutes. Use at least one X-Man with a 
party-covering shield power.

Assault 501
Credits required:  70
Recommended level: 24
Reward:            3 credits
Location of disc:  n/a

Defeat 25 enemies within three minutes.

Assault 502
Credits required:  74
Recommended level: 25
Reward:            3 credits
Location of disc:  n/a

Defeat 25 enemies within three minutes.

Survival 501
Credits required:  79
Recommended level: 26
Reward:            4 credits
Location of disc:  Muir Island, Juggernaut fight, see [6.17]

Survive for three minutes.

Survival 502
Credits required:  80
Recommended level: 27
Reward:            4 credits
Location of disc:  NYC Riots, East 2nd St, see [6.18]

Survive for three minutes.

Sabotage 501
Credits required:  86
Recommended level: 28
Reward:            5 credits
Location of disc:  Morlocks, Grit Flowage, see [6.19]

Destroy all four alarm boxes within one minute.

Qualifying Exam 500
Credits required:  91
Recommended level: 29
Reward:            Grade complete
Location of disc:  Sentinel Factory, Fabrication Facility, see [6.22]

Danger level must not exceed 10.00. Survive for 3:00. This is a replay of 
the Arbiter timed rescue mission. Let your teammates do their own thing 
while you, as Cyclops, run around keeping the hull breaches sealed.

Challenge - Jubilee
Credits required:  0
Recommended level: 25
Reward:            Hypnotic Skyburst
Location of disc:  NYC Riots, East 4th St, see [6.18]

Defeat 50 enemies, destroy all four generators within two minutes. Use Bait 
to weaken the soldiers and plenty of Energy Burst.

Challenge - Gambit
Credits required:  0
Recommended level: 27
Reward:            Dead Man's Hand
Location of disc:  Morlocks, Dechlorination, see [6.19]

Defeat 20 enemies, defeat Marrow's Lieutenant four times within two 
minutes. Excessive use of Staff Slam works wonders in this challenge.

Challenge - Emma Frost
Credits required:  0
Recommended level: 28
Reward:            Diamond's Aura
Location of disc:  Astral Plane, Guardian Statues, see [6.21]

Destroy all six statues. This challenge is almost an admission by the 
developers that Emma is a useless character. There's not even a time limit! 
Turn on your Shell and run to the statues and take them down. If you've 
leveled Shell Might, Psionic Fury and Hardness, you don't even need to 
bother Confusing the shadow creatures.

Challenge - Psylocke
Credits required:  0
Recommended level: 29
Reward:            Heart of the Assassin
Location of disc:  Asteroid M, Command Center, see [6.25]

Defeat Sabretooth, defeat Mystique, complete within two minutes. Remember 
you have unlimited mutant energy so exercise your powers generously. Your 
shield won't do any good against either mutant, so stay back and fling 
Psychic Bolts at them.

[9.6] Legends Classes

Protect 601
Credits required:  0
Recommended level: 30
Reward:            None
Location of disc:  Astral Plane, Threshold, see [6.21]

Protect all generators for one minute. You don't earn any credits for this 
class, but you can earn a couple million experience points.

Focus 601
Credits required:  0
Recommended level: 31
Reward:            None
Location of disc:  Sentinel Factory, Head Attachment, see [6.21]

Defeat Acolyte Master Elite 5 times within one minute. This is easy if 
you've learned how to hit combos. Again, the only reward is a lot of XP.

Nightmare - Wolverine
Credits required:  0
Recommended level: 32
Reward:            Shi'Ar Mind Gem
Location of disc:  Sentinel Factory, Bio Lab Gallery, see [6.21]

You play as Magma. Defeat Ultimate Predator 2 times within one minute. If 
you've leveled up Lava Fissure, this one is cake.

Nightmare - Phoenix
Credits required:  0
Recommended level: 33
Reward:            Shi'Ar Body Shield
Location of disc:  X-Mansion, X-Jet hangar, during final Interlude

You play as Rogue. Defeat Sun Goddess 2 times within one minute. Use 
Ability Drain and then use Sun Goddess' power against her.

Nightmare - Cyclops
Credits required:  0
Recommended level: 34
Reward:            Shi'Ar Energy Armor
Location of disc:  Astral Plane, Forsaken Place, see [6.23]

You play as Nightcrawler. Defeat Chaos Lord 2 times within one minute. 
Frequent use of Teleport Flurry is recommended.

Nightmare - Colossus
Credits required:  0
Recommended level: 35
Reward:            Shi'Ar Battle Implants
Location of disc:  Asteroid M, Power Station, see [6.25]

You play as Gambit. Defeat Champion of Rhodes 2 times within one minute. 
Staff Slam works great for this battle, as it knocks the champions away 
from you and keeps them from beating on you.

Challenge - Legends
Credits required:  0
Recommended level: 35
Reward:            Mask of Xorn
Location of disc:  Asteroid M, Lounge Deck B, see [6.25]

Defeat 40 enemies, defeat Dark Pyro, destroy all generators within five 
minutes. Just blast away. Three of the generators are close by and will be 
destroyed quickly. Run to the fourth and take it out, then just blow up bad 
guys. Dark Pyro will be in there somewhere and be taken down as well.

 \  /--MEN---------------------------------------------------------------
  \/                       [10] Version History
 /  \

1.30 (2005-01-14)
     - Fixed some atrocious grammar in Beast's description
     - Added yet more super power combo names
     - Added some more questions to the FAQ (section 1.3)
     - Added more information to Power Leveling (section 4.2)
     - Clarified information about the Leadership skill in several places
     - Clarified information about earned XP in section 3.4.1
     - Made minor changes throughout the guide
     - This is, most likely, the final version of this guide. Enjoy!

1.21 (2004-12-29)
     - Put in some information accidentally left out of previous update
     - Added to list of power combo names
     - Added section 1.3, Frequently Asked Questions

1.20 (2004-12-02)
     - Added section 3.2.1, Power Combo Names
     - Added additional equipment to section 7
     - Re-formatted and updated section 9, Danger Room Scenarios
     - Added location of bonus Stat point to section 6.18
     - Added more enemy stats

1.10 (2004-11-15)
     - Changed section 4.2 from Shared Skills to Power Leveling,
       put Shared Skills under each X-Man for ease of looking up
       the information
     - Fleshed out the X-Men descriptions
     - Added section 1.2, Glossary
     - Cleaned up some bad grammar and typographic errors

1.00 (2004-10-14)
     - Walkthrough is complete
     - Added more item descriptions to section 7
     - Added concept art titles to section 7.4
     - Added more enemy stats to section 5
     - Finished Danger Room scenario descriptions
     - TO DO: Finish all enemy stats

0.80 (2004-10-13)
     - Moved this version history to section 10, renumbered sections
     - Added section 4.18, Optional Builds
     - Added sections 6.16 through 6.22 to Walkthrough
     - Added more items to section 7

0.70 (2004-10-11)
     - Added sections 6.10, 6.11, 6.12, 6.13 and 6.14 to the Walkthrough
     - Added more enemy stats to section 5
     - Added Professor X's descriptive information to section 4.13
     - Added more DR class descriptions in section 9
     - Rewrote section 8, Trivia Q&A to match the actual wording
       used in the game
     - Minor grammar and spelling changes throughout

0.60 (2004-10-09)
      - Added sections 6.7, 6.8 and 6.9 to the Walkthrough
      - Added more items to section 7
      - Added more Danger Room class descriptions to section 9
      - Added more enemy stats to section 5
      - Cleaned up some information and corrected some typos

0.50 (2004-10-07)
     - Beta release, currently incomplete
     - TO DO: finish walkthrough, currently only complete through
       the third mission (rescue Gambit from Morlocks)
     - TO DO: finish list of Danger Room classes
     - TO DO: finish item list, missing some unique items

 \  /--MEN---------------------------------------------------------------
  \/                              [11] Credits
 /  \

Thanks to Eristole and HexKrak for their FAQ, which helped me find a few 
items that I missed on my first playthrough.

Thanks to pgw for several tactics and tips on the GameFAQs X-Men Legends 
message board, and for finding the bonus Stat point in the NYC 
riots/Sentinel mission

Thanks to Bob Floris for giving me the information on the Crown of 

Thanks to Ralph Anthony Huerto for filling me in on Prof X's power combo 

Written and (c)2004 by Barry Scott Will

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 
License. To view a copy of this license, visit
or send a letter to
  Creative Commons
  559 Nathan Abbott Way
  Stanford, California 94305, USA.

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