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You're Gandalf the Great! Now you can use magic and slash your enemies with a cool
sword. Talk to Frodo and he'll give you a TOME. Now you have a SLEEP SPELL. Talk to
everyone before leaving the campsite. Fight wolves along the way. (One of the path
will take you to a great BOW) When you reach the fork, go right up the stairs. Find a
bunch of rocks at the top. Why not use your BLASTING spell and blast the rocks away?
Go down where the rocks have opened a new path. Go to the lake and find goodies along
the edge. Where you find the LEMBAS BREAD is where the entrance is. Press X for the
door to appear. 

When the tentacles start to appear, use your magic to fight them. Aragorn will help
you. Hit the monster a couple of times before it really comes out of the water to eat
you. Use the LIGHTNING spell on the beast till he drops dead. To open the door, say
'MELLON' and enter.

Fight your way up the stairs. Once you reach the top, you'll find a resting spot.
(Where are your friends when you were fighting back then? Hmm?) Talk to everyone.
Walk away from the campsite and down the path. 

The mines have a lot of secret rooms. Go to the room at the top and pull the lever.
You'll find a strange mechanism in the middle of the room. Pull the lever again to
make it go down. Run towards the platform before it goes down. Once you're at the
bottom, go to the big wheels and get a DWARF PAPER. (To be honest, there's no real
use for the PAPER so you don't even have to bother getting it in order to finish the
game) Pull the lever beside the wheels to make the platform go up again. Run to the
platform before it goes up.

Go all the way down the spiral path and pull the lever there. Here's where it gets
confusing. Some say you have to chain lightning a generator in order to use the lift.
I don't see any. Just go onto the bridge and keep going down the path till you come
to a circle in the middle of the room. Go onto the path that isn't broken down. 

You'll end up in a huge circular shaped room with little rooms around it. Find the
room with a lever and pull it. It should open a trap door. Look for a half pillar
close by and push it into the hole. Then search for a room where there's a workable
lift. Kill all the monsters in the room and pull the lever to go down. 

Find the entrance of a door where there is a panel in front of it. Push the pillar to
the panel and the door will open. Go into it and find your friends. Talk to everyone.
Good idea to save here. Once you leave this place, you must kill a particularly nasty
Uruk-hai. Use your LIGHTNING and FIREBALL spells on it and finish it off.

After killing off your Uruk-hai, you'll come to a room with three doors. The one in
front isn't worth going into as it goes nowhere but you can get a better look at both
bridges from afar. Go to the right room and fight your way to the bridge. Here's an
interesting puzzle but it didn't take me too long to figure it out. 

Here's how to do it. Depress your R rotating thumbstick down so you will be in target
mode. You'll know this when you see an cross in front of you. Aim the cross so that
it will hit the only shiny white spot at the bottom of the other bridge. Use your
FIREBALL spell to hit it. The bridge will rotate but you'll only have a short time
before it goes back to normal so make your way quickly to the other side.

Find Ori the dwarf being attacked. Kill off his attackers and he'll give you a
SWITCH. Too bad you can't save him though. Head back to the other bridge and use the
same technique outlined above. Use the SWTICH in the lever box and pull it. 

To get into perhaps the hardest puzzle of the game (others are too easy) you'll need
to come to a room with three passages. Go to the center one and get a DWARF PAGE. Go
to the right passage and get a SWITCH. Go the left passage and use the SWITCH in the
lever box. Pull it and you're in a great dark room.

Though perhaps requiring some thinking on your path, it is easier than you think. The
idea is to move the crystals above you so that they're able to direct light at
various crystals located above the doors. This light will open the doors you need.
Pick up the MIRROR on the floor. Before you do this puzzle, you'll need to find a red
looking door and talk to your friends. Learn from Gimli that you'll need a 'strong'
light to aid you in this puzzle.

If you go around the room, you should be able to see a single crystal set high above
the wall. This is the only crystal that is giving off any light. Push your R rotating
thumbstick in so you'll get a cross. Aim the cross at this crystal and use your
FIREBALL spell to activate it. It should set off a 'stronger' light. 

Note: the MIRROR is useful in marking the light's passage. Use it to get a bird's eye
view of the room every now and then.

Experiment with the light. Try different combinations until you can open the doors
one by one. Some have goodies in them. Others have weird statues that you'll need to
push out and put onto the panels. When you have three statues in position the final
door should open. Get that pillar, push it into place and the master door will open. 

Congratulations, you've solved the puzzle of Moria!

Go to Durin's tomb and find the diary. Read it to your companions to find out what
really happpen. You'll be attacked by a cave troll. Kill the troll, aid your friends
and find a RUNIC KEY. You can find the AXE OF DURIN if you go to the door on your
right. Gimli will want this although he won't thank you. Use the KEY on the door.

Now you're Aragorn and must find a way out of the mines. There are a lot of archers
here so keep count of your supply of arrows and hit the archers when you can. You
start off at the top of the hill rock. Hit the cart to make it go down. Go down the
hill and fight off the orcs. Find the level where your cart is stranded. Hit the cart
to make it go again. Make your way to the end of the path. You'll find the door
locked. To open the door, you need to crash it. If you look above you, you should
find the rail tracks with the cart on it. There are two switch. Depress the R
rotating thumbstick to make the cross and aim it at the switch CLOSEST to the door.
When you're done, hit the switch with the cart. The cart will now tumble down and hit
the door. 

Frodo is back again. You find yourself enclosed in a room. Pull the lever to open the
door. Sting is glowing! Look out for orcs around you. If you go to the left, you'll
find a switch. Pull it and jump across (be careful, you can fall!) and get the
goodies there. Watch out for enemies. Go back and to the right north of the room. Go
up the broken pillar and push the broken pillar down. Go back down and push it until
you hit the panel. It opens a door to the far left of the room.

Head back to the left side where you previously pulled the lever to get across. As
soon as you hit the middle, Gimli comes out with a horde of orcs at his back. Help
him and you'll get a special SWORD. Too bad you can't use it. Anyway, continue on to
your left till you can't go on any more. You should come to a place with a pillar.
Climb the pillar (the ladder is almost invisible to see) and walk across to the other
side. Climb down the pillar and onto the other side.

Being Frodo, you won't do much go fighting that mean old troll that's guarding the
exit from Moria. Your best bet is to do a lot of dodging and hiding. You can even use
your RING if you want to. Find the KEY and use it quickly on the door. 

Nah, you won't really defeat it instead, as Gandalf, you'll end up falling after him.
When the Balrog comes, use your magic against him. Hit him several times. Aragorn
will keep throwing VIALS for you to fill up on so your magic level won't go all the
way down. End of your role as Gandalf as you follow the Balrog to doom?

Short chapter of the meeting with the legendary elves. Once you're Frodo again, go
around the room and find chests containing ELF WATER and ELVEN SHOTS. Go down and
watch the movie.

Now you're off to the final leg of your journey!

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