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What is a Chao?
How do I get a Chao?
Raising Chao
Choa Drives
Different Eggs
Hero Chao
Dark Chao
Races and Karate
Common mistakes

 What is a Chao?
A chao is a small creature that you can raise on Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.You
must play with it, help it out of the pond when it can't swim, and many other
tasks. It's basicly a virtual pet.

How do I get a chao?
To get a chao,on a level of the game,you must find a chao box.It's a blue box
with the picture of chao's face on it.Three chao boxes are in each level.The
first gives a key to chao world,the next gives you many animals,and the last
gives you a special animal.(We'll get into that later)After you get the chao key,
you just finish your level and you'll automaticly go to the chao lobby.

Rasing a chao
At first,you can only go to two places from the lobby. The first place to go is
to the Chao garden. In it, you will find two eggs.To hatch one,you can hold it,
cuddle it,throw it, or just leave it alone. 

Your first chaos are blue and yellow. The colors may darken, lighten,or stay the
same depending on how you raise it.After it hatches,name it.In the garden, you
will see a few trees.At the bottom,they have nuts/tree fruits.If youbring one to
a chao, they will eat it. Here's a tip: Notice the dot above its head.If it's
happy, the dot will change to a heart. If it's upset or mad, it will be a swirl 
type thing. If it's unsure what to think or do,it will have a question mark,and
when it knows what to do, it will be an exclamation mark.

Only eight chao can live it one garden.Try not to cram them too much!

The second of the first two accsesible areas is the chao kindergarten.In it,you
find a closet called the black market,a classroom,a health center,a principal's
office,and a fortune teller.

The black market has many things useful for raising chao.They sell things like
different fruits,seeds,and later, eggs. You can also sell thing like fruit here.

The classroom will teach you chao different things. These are all the classes
that I know of that your Chao can learn at the Kindergarten. 
Gogo Dance
Shake Dance
Spin Dance
Step Dance
Swing Dance

The health center is a good place to laren about your chao. You can learn what
their favorite fruit is, what nature they are, and what type they are.Plus, if
your chao is groaning and coughing, take it to the doctor to find out if its sick.

The principals office is just a room in which an old chao tells you different
things. Pretty useless, but it might have something you want to know.

The fortune teller doesn't tell fortunes.This is how you name a chao. You bring
your chao, and it runs off names until you either agree to one or make up one

Animals change your chao's apperance and stats depending on what the are. Lets
say you give a chao a peacock .It might get a peacock's tail.It's fly stat will
go up,and it's speed and power will go down.Try mixing animals or using all of
one kind. They look really sweet! Here's a list of  all 21 different  animals.

skunk, sheep,Unicorn,Pheonix,Dragon,Bat,Dead Dog,Half fish

Chao Drives
Chao drives up stats.Get these by beating upo robots.Yellow for swimming,Red for
power,Green for running,Purple for flying.

Different Eggs
 Here are all the eggs you can buy from the Black Market.You'll need lots of

White Egg
400 [rings]
 Red Egg
500 [rings]
 Blue Egg
500 [rings]
 Yellow Egg
500 [rings]
 Pink Egg
600 [rings]
 Purple Egg
600 [rings]
 Sky Blue Egg
600 [rings]
 Orange Egg
600 [rings]
 Green Egg
800 [rings]
 Brown Egg
800 [rings]
 Grey Egg
1000 [rings]
 Lime Green Egg
1500 [rings]
 Black Egg
2000 [rings]
 Shiny White Egg
4000 [rings]
 Shiny Red Egg
5000 [rings]
 Shiny Blue Egg
5000 [rings]
[Shiny Yellow Egg] Shiny Yellow Egg
5000 [rings]
 Shiny Pink Egg
6000 [rings]
 Shiny Purple Egg
6000 [rings]
 Shiny Sky Blue Egg
6000 [rings]
 Shiny Orange Egg
6000 [rings]
 Shiny Green Egg
8000 [rings]
 Shiny Brown Egg
8000 [rings]
 Shiny Grey Egg
10000 [rings]
 Shiny Lime Green Egg
15000 [rings]
 Shiny Black Egg
20000 [rings]

Hero Chao
After a while,your chao will evolve.What it evolves to will depend on how much
it likes you.You can tell its feelings what color its floating ball is.if it
turns to an pink color,it will change to dark chao.Hero chao's ball will be blue
and the an purple color.If it stays the same, it will be a neutral chao

Hero chao are my personal favorite chao types. Depending on stats, chao will
look differently after they evolve.The coloring of the chao will be
different,their head shapes and wings change,but the all have a little halo.

Having a hero chao unlocks hero garden.A large set of shiny steps will go up out
of chao lobby.The garden has fluffy pink clouds in the back ground. Thet have a
tilled pool with a small fountain. A large stair case goes up to a kind of
lookout.It looks something like a Greek temple.The trees are different here.

Dark chao
Dark chao are darkly colored.The only difference if the collar,the head,the stat
changes,and the spikey ball.They also unlock a garden

The garden is spooky . In it are dead looking trees with red nuts.The garden
also has a large tree with cages hung from it,grave stones placed everywhere,and
a pool with bloody water.

Races and Karate
Races and karate are accesed through the waterfall in the normal garden.

Beginner Chao Races
Crab Pool
"key to winning is swimming"
 Stump Valley
"key to winning is flying"
 Mushroom Forest
"key to winning is running"
 Block Canyon
"key to winning is climbing"
Run forward a short distance and you will get to the main cliff that you have to
climb up to reach the goal.

Try to beat them all to win a prize!

Chao karate
 You may notice  there is something called "Zeal". This is kind of like an
energy bar that gradually drops over the course of the match. If you attack the
opponent it goes up slightly, but if you miss or get hit, it will go down. If
this meter goes down to zero your Chao will fall asleep! To wake it up you have
to repeatedly tap the 'A' button on your control pad to get it up. However, A
sleepy Chao is a very easy target to attack! 

Well,nothing lives forever,not even chao.Chao deaths come when they are four in
chao age. They come in another cocoon.When your chao is in a grey cocoon,you
must say good-bye forever. But the good news is it doesn't have to die.If the
cocoon is pink,the chao remembers how good a friend you where to it and
reincarnates as an egg. 

Common Mistakes
Common thought:To get dark chao raise with dark chacter.NOT TRUE! I'VE RAISED


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