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Hey guys,its me Peacemaker931,and I'm back to help you on this game.I've written 
other FAQs for LOTR:The Two Towers and other things just can't remember.I'm gonna 
take you through the Path of the King.

2.Helpful Hints

Missions:The Path of the King

1.The Path of the Dead-This level a little hard for begginers,basicly you just 
follow the path killin "ghosts".Now I've beat the game and its been awhile since I 
played.You know the parts where the mist slows you down,why does it slow you 
down,dont ask me.Every parts easy except the part where you push down the statue 
how in the world can you open that door,the freakin switch won't work.But alas I 
found out over online play that there is a little path right beside the switch 
thats invisible to the naked eye.You go around to the other side and then you can 
use that switch to open the door,but guys com jumpin out of those.......those bone 
I guess.Now here's the hard part espicially if your playin with a five year old 
with a level 1 Legolas.You run along that huge bridge.If you notice Legolas is as 
slow as my grandmother.Even Gimli's beating him,anyways.Then two things come out of 
the ground.You fight off the dead dudes till you reack limit then you run the rest 
of the way along the bridge.This isnt very acurate but,hey the next one will be 
2.The King of the Dead-If you've seen the movie this part dosent really fit in.The 
King dosent look like that and in the movie all the dead guys circle you like my 
relitives do on holidays.If your a begginer I suggest blast him ith arrows and when 
he comes after you,which he will then.........RUN.Then there a part where he uses 
what the......The wind of the mountain.You just hide behind your little rock,and 
shoot him with aroows/axes.(im not gonna put axes because not many people use Gimli)
After awhile he will finally say"I yeeeld!"and then passes out or something.YAY!You 
won!But wait!Here's the tricky part.You have to run all the way back out of the 
freakin path of the daed level,oh my gosh!You have rocks fallin on your head and 
everything.Along the way you'll run into what I call "Path Blocks".Where you fight 
off the dead dudes after you just fought the king and he said he yielded.ou'll run 
into about three.There's this part where you walk through the mist,when you reach 
the end a rock may come down so watch it.Then you fight the third block and your 
free.But wait!No its true,you won.
3.Southern Gate-This levels cool,I play it alot 2 train my people to level 20.When 
you start the gate will be open and alls you have to do is run through it and 
win.....................WRONG!Once you get to the gate doors,BOOM!A huge Mountain 
Troll jumps out at you,hurry and get the spear throw it at his 
candy.....ummm......butt.When you pick up the spear you'll notice Orcs comin from 
the water.After fiv or ten seconds Aragorn will finally say "Its an Ambush!"Its 
like c'mon Aragorn,they've already hit you once.Go left and there will be two 
catapults,fire them.Once the tower is down and you'll see that perfectly made 
bridge.How in the world did that happen.I mean its a perfect bridge.Okay,back on 
the subject.When you go all thye way to the right side.Oh look!Another 
catapult.Dont worry bout firing it.It dosent do anything,except just waste your 
time.Okay,run up that perfectly made bridge and up the ladder.Three orcs wait.Kill 
them,then that insperational music comes in.Then WAM!You get whacked by the other 
troll that waits at the top.Just playin,as long as you fire him up with aroows your 
good.Kill the orcs,then whats that?!An elephant!No,you idiot its a Mumakil.A Muma-
what??!!Never mind.Kill it then you can use the switch to open the gate,but orcs 
keep on whackin you everytime."C'MON YOU DANG HELPERS!GET OVER HERE INSTEAD OF 
HAVIN AN AROOW SHOOTIN CONTEST!"Everytime you get hit and you wait to long the gate 
will shut.But finally when you open.OH NO!Eight more orcs come rushin in.Knock over 
those pots o' lava just once and they'll die.Run through the gates and yor free.
4.Pellenor Fields-Oh goody time for one of the biggest battles in LOTR's 
history,but what in the world.Why arent the Rohan dudes on horsies and what up with 
these freakin dudes with life bars you cant kill.Kill off till you reach the 
limit,then oh goody,here come the Mumakil.YOur guy will go up the hill on the 
cliffs so you can kill the Mumail.Don't worry about the balistas,just fire em' up 
with arrows.Then another Mumakil comes.I was all ready and waitin when i figured 
out.HE WAS ON THE OTHER SIDE.I had to run through the battle and up the hill killed 
him.Orcs and Easterlings attack you up here to.Then whats the crap is that?ITs the 
Witch King!Run all the way to the left and fire arrows at him before he kills Merry 
and Eowyn.When he's dead Eowyn will fight him.YAY!Go Witch King!What!NOO!THE GIRL 
CANT WIN!Well she does so get over it.
5.The Black Gates-the only thing I'm gonna say is hack n slash,this is a huge level 
of nothin but hack n slash.
Hope you liked it,heres some helpful hints
1.You need to buy Swift Justice,when you do keep hittin X and you'll do it,its 
pretty good when you fightin lots o' orcs
Just beat the game

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