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Introduction:Welcome to the Punisher Weapons guide, Here you will learn the 
physics of your arsenal of Brain Blowing weapons. This is my first guide so 
bare with me here ok.

Pump Shotgun Stats: Accuracy:=======         |
                    Spread  :=============|
                    Power   :=======      |
5.56mm Assualt Rifle Discription:When a highspeed 5.56 Round enters the human 
body it turns sideways then rips through several inches of muscle and tissue 
then shatters, Good at long range probably 500 yards.
Stats: Power:======    |
       Accuracy:======  |
       Spread:          |
Heavy Machine Gun Discription:This high-powered high rate Weapon fires over 100 
rounds per second which is its full Magizine size it is belt fed and is hell in 
a 3' inch tube. Used in Vietnam the barrel has a habit of melting down,so I had 
it custom made.
Stats: Power:=========|
       Rate of fire:===============|
       Accuracy:===                | Assualt Rifle Discription: A Updated Version of a Russian classic.
Stats: Power: =======   |
       Spread:               |
       Accuracy:======       |
Sniper Rifle Discription: Can take out a Drug dealer at 200 yards.
Stats: Power:=====    |
       Spread:            |
Light Anti-Tank Weapon= L.A.W. Discription: A ****ing Powerful Weapon and 
Stats: Power:=====================|
       Accuracy: ?
Flame Thrower Discription: This I'll burn the hell out of one ASSHOLE IT SO 
Stats: Power: ?
       Accuracy: ?
       Spread:   ?

Closing: Thats all for this faq check back for more faqs on this topic.

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