The Road To Isengard - Guide for Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

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                      THE ROAD TO ISENGARD

                 First you see a long movie about whats going on.Then you
will find your self in the woods.Walk strait.You will here Sauromans voice,
but keep runing.Then you will see a movie with Gandalf saying "Hasten to Isengard,
I will deal with thease!"And the ents will move to Isengard.Then Walk forward.Two
Uruk Hia will come up to you.kill them and run to the bridge strait ahead.Uruk Hia
will  come over the bridge.Shout you ranged weapon at the explosives which will 
kill them.Kill the archers on the bridge and go up the hill.Sauroman will talk to
Gandalf again.Kill the 2 Uruks and run strait.Kill those Uruks and run down the 


                Go all the way down.You will see ents fighting Uruks.Kill 
all of them.(stand on the slop and use ranged attack while the ents step on them)
After you kill all of them,go through the path cleared for you.Kill all the Uruks
on the way.Then you will get a sight of The Tower Of Orthanc.


                Run up the slope and shoot the explosives to kill all the Uruks.
You will hear someone cry "Defend The Towers " .You will see about six towers with
explosives at the bottom .Shoot the explosives at their feet.After Destroying the 
two  near you,move up a little Uruks will come down the slope.kill them and destroy 
the other four towers.Go across the bride and kill the Uruks.Then go down the slope.
Uruks will come up.Kill them and go down the slope.Kill all the orcs by the wind 
mill.Then go down the other will see a movie where a ent is trying to 
destroy the planks holding up the wall.kill the archers and Uruks and the foot of 
the slope.Then kill all the archers on the wall and that attack you,untill the 
planks are destroyed.Good Job.You did it.

         If you need help,e-mail me a [email protected]
see ya!

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