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Yu-Gi-Oh! Double Pack
The Secret Guide to building a Good Deck
by DrewSkit

Date Created: 10/5/06
Date Updated Last: 10/5/06
Since everyone I know is complaining about these games are so hard they want to 
throw them out, I am going to help those people make better decks with this FAQ so 
they can get through and not be upset. As examples, I'll use the Sacred Cards deck 
I made from Yu-Gi-Oh! Double Pack as an example.

Cards in deck from Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards Double Pack
Dark Magician (one you get from Yami Yugi in the finals)
Gaia the Fierce Knight
Harpie Lady
Mask of Darkness
Darkfire Dragon 
One-Eyed Shield Dragon
Stop Defense
Mooyan Curry
Swords of Revealing Light
Stone D.
Leo Wizard
Destiny Board
Spirit Message "I"
Spirit Message "N"
Spirit Message "A"
Spirit Message "L"
Curse of Millennium Shield (x2)
Black Luster Ritual
House of Adhesive Tape
Acid Trap Hole (x2)
Widspread Ruin
Fake Trap
Revived Serpent Knight Dragon
Contract of Mask
Dark Magic Ritual
Beast of Gilfer
Brain Control
Pot of Greed 
Revival Jam
Darkfire Soldier #2
Dark Magician (one you get from Arkana in the Card Shop)
Cyber Harpie (recieve from Mai in the finals for defeating Jean-Claude Magnum)
Red- Eyes Black Dragon (one you get from Controlled Joey in the pier)
Monster Reborn
Beckon to Darkness (x3)

A) Dueling Cards

Okay, the first thing you need to know about making a good deck is Balanced Cards. 
First, you'll have to take your deck apart. Then, if you are going to make what I 
picked up from my friend, a Theme-Deck, choose a good card to base the deck around. 
I advise choosing a 12 Star Monster for a Theme-Deck. I usually use Master of 
Dragon Soldier, Gaia the fierce Knight, Black Luster Ritual, 3 Blue-eyes white 
dragons (both versions), and 2 Ultimate Dragon Rituals. If you are not making a 
Theme-Deck, I advise using the following cards: Mask of Darkness, Contract of Mask, 
Darkfire Dragon*, Revived Serpent Night Dragon, B. Dragon Jungle King*, and Curse 
of Tri-Horned Dragon. Also, you should be able to defeat Jean-Claude Magnum with 
any deck you make. Note that my decks do sometimes lose before I get any Monster 
Cards, so beware of that before spending Domino on the cards for the decks.

Also, all rights are reserved. I have given noone the right to copy this. If you 
have any questions, or concerns, you can e-mail me at [email protected] Also, 
should you want me to put information up on this Guide, like Frequenly Asked 
Questions (FAQs), you can also reach me at the e-mail address (but get permission 
from Content Staff; if I recieve an e-mail from them saying it's 
alright, I'll do it. Also, after you send the e-mail, ask them first).


Q:If I discard a Dark Flare Knight from my hand, do I still get Mirage Knight?
A:Yes, you do still get Mirage Knight, but only until your opponents next turn

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