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The Simpson’s Road Rage
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FAQ/Cheats and Hints Version 1.0
September 5th, 2004

Table of Contents
I.	Introduction and Information
II.	Cheats
III.	Hints and Shortcuts
IV.	Helpful Websites and Contact Information and FAQ

Introduction and Information
	Mr. Burns is up to his greedy ways, purchasing Springfield buses, jacking up 
the fares and installing nuclear engines.  Now Springfieldians must turn their cars 
into cabs and make enough money to buy back the buses before clock runs out.  No 
time for donuts, Homer.

In all the cheats you will need to go to the options menu and hold the L + R 
triggers as you punch in the code.  If you put in the code correctly you will hear a 
sound telling you the code is correct.  The code will only work in the next Road 
Rage or Sunday Drive session.  You will need to re-enter it to use it again.

More Money: Y, Y, Y and Y

Get Night Time: A, A, A and A

Get Overhead View: X, X, X and Y

Get More Camera Views: B, B, B and B

Get 2D Characters: X, X, X and X

Get Nuclear Bus: B, B, Y and A

Get Red Brick/Soapbox Car: B, B, Y and X

Get Viewable Collision Lines: B, B, A and A
Get Smithers in Mr. Burns’ Limo: B, B, Y and Y

Get New Year’s Day Mode: B, B, X and Y

Get Halloween Mode: B, B, X and A

Get Thanksgiving Mode: B, B, X and X

Get Christmas Mode: B, B, X and B

Hints and Shortcuts
Secret Passages:
1.)	If you are going to the church you can cut through the lake behind it to get 
there faster.
2.)	You can drive through the front doors of the school to get to Willie’s Shack 
in the back. 
3.)	If you go into Evergreen Terrace you can take a dirt road that runs from 
next to Kwik-E-Mart to the other side of town in a lot less time than if you take 
the roads around.
4.)	If you are at the church you can go through the tunnel in front of the 
church to go to the other side of town.

Skip Missions:  If you fail a mission enough times you should get the option of 
skipping to the next mission.  

More Time:  If you hit a Burns’ bus Stop you will get 2 extra seconds.

Get Homer Car:  If you complete all ten missions you will get the La Cucaracha Homer 

Helpful Websites and Contact Information
Some helpful websites are,, you can also use Support 
from EA.
E-mail: [email protected]
Web Page: 
FTP Site:
EA Tech Support Fax: (650)-628-5999

Q: My game is slow and sometimes I hit things that I am not even close to.  Why? and 
can I fix it?
A: It is a problem in the game, there is no way to fix it. It is a bug from the 
programmers.  Sorry

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