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    This WILL be updated every few days and so will the names of the missions.


    Big Smoke
    I actually just went through in a few times but i found a better way to pass it.
    If you dont cheat get some bike skill by riding around in your bike a lot, 
    and get some stamina before doing this.THen before you go to the mission
    go inside the police station and get a armor set,but be carful if you get a 
    weapon they'll be after you.If you do cheat enter the weapons codeR1,R2,L1,L2,
    up,down,left,right,up,down,left,right,and do a drive by at the car shooting at 
    you during the mission.
    Ryders missions:


    I had to do this 2 times because my car blew up but all it is is going to the
    barbershop and a pizza place.You also get to go to eat and buy  hair
    cuts after the mission.Oh...Ryder also tries to rob the pizza place and u get 
    shot at.

    Home Invasion

    Take Ryder to the blip on the map.find the door on the house and back the van
    up to it.Get out and go in the house and take all the boxes.THey are easy to 
    find.Only take as much as your told because it wont help at all.If you run 
    out of time or wake them up,Ryder will desert you and youll get 2 stars.If
    you do it right you only have to drive to the blip.But you might want to do
    this twice.the first time drive the van in your garage and wait then youll 
    have the van to rob whenever.You can easily get over 1000 dolars each time. 
    Sweets missions:

    Tagging up the turf

    This mission is preety easy.You get a can of spray paint and just follow the 
    blips on the map to find where to go.

    Cleaning the Hood

    This mission is really with Ryder but its at sweets house.Drive to the blip on 
    map and it'll have a to the other blip and beat the drug dealer.
    Drive a little up the road and enter the house.Then kill all the ballas in 
    the house.Drive back to the hood after.  

    Drive Thru

    Drive Sweet and the others to the blip on the map.The cutscene is funny 
    because Big Smoke orders like 7 things from the chicken place and then eats 
    everyone elses food while they shoot at a balla car.Well anyway shoot the car  
    until it explodes and run over survivors.All you really do is drive close to 
    the car.Then drive Smoke to his house and he becomes boss. 

    Sweets Girl
    When the cutscenes on CJ wont see anyone. When he goes out, he will be called 
    and you will have to go to save sweet. His car is gone when you start so you 
will have to run to get a car.Sweets life will go down so instead of running you
    can enter this cheat:R1,0,R2,right,L1.L2,X,X,square,R1.You will then have a
    car like the one in NASCAR.Drive to the blip and run over every one.Chances
    are your car will blow up, so be ready to jump out.Oh,and instead of going to
    emmets for a gun enter the code:R1,R2,L1,R2,left,down,right,up,left,down,down
    left.Then get a 4-door car and drive sweet an his girl to the hood.You will be
    chased by people.If you have  the deadly vheical cheat DO NOT USE IT!!!You will
    just have to drive through that part.

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