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Welcome! This Guide will show you the story of Mortal Kombat: Deception!

Chapter 1. (On a Hunt Down)

After Quan Chi and Shang Tsung were defeated, Cyrax found the Orb for Nitara to 
return home. Stalking them was Reptile who fortunatly got there after the scene. He 
found only a trace of strong magical energies. As he was looking for more traces he 
creeped near the Dragon Egg and evidently, it cracked. Suddenly a Beam Cut through 
the egg and lanced into reptile!

Chapter 2. (A Deadly Tansformation)

He immediatly transformed into a new prophecy: His new body was none other than the 
Dragon Kings own! With that, horrible plans came to his twisted mind. He would again 
rule, if the "others" dont defeat him!

Chapter 3. (The Invincable Army)

After that sickening transformation, he escaped from the Lava Shrine to find only 
his undefeatable army almost fully ressurected. With the soul transplant of Quan Chi 
and Shang Tsung, he could ressurect the army in time but first he needed help from 
Shang Tsung.

Chapter 4. (Another Deadly Alliance)

The Dragon King offered another chance to rule if he helped ressurect The Dragon 
Kings Undefeatable Army. And surely a new deadly alliance was born! More Deadly than 
ever before!

Chapter 5. (What To Do)

Word spread to Raiden who eventually gathered the "Other Members" of the good side! 
Who could come to find that Lui Kang and Queen Sidnel was ressurected and who could 
come to find that if they dont win... if they dont succeed... if they dont defeat 
the Dragon King then Earthrealm could fall into a pile of huge...... DECEPTIONS!!!!!

Disclamer: Part or whole of Chapter 4 may be fictional do to the fact that what is 
said is just a rumor. If it is different we had no idea on the count of that Mortal 
Kombat: Deception was not released on the day of this Guides Creation.

Creation Date: 8/7/04
Opening Date: 10/4/04

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