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The Trip Walkthrough
Version 1.0 4/26/2001

The Trip is the Story Mode of "Interstate '82". As Taurus, you will piece
together this mystery as to why Groove has disappeared. The Trip is in
seventeen parts. I will detail them one-by-one as follows:

 Stage#:Title, the number and title of the stage.
 Story:What happens that brings this stage about.
 Conditions:Time of day, weather, etc.
 New:what's been added to the "store" before this mission.
 Suggested:What weapons, shields, or specials you should bring.
 VOO:Vehicles Of Opportunity, the unoccupied vehicles around the stages
 Mission#:What's on your to-do list.
 Wave#:Cars in the groups that attack you.
 Solution:A suggestion on how to get through the stage. (Or you can just use
this as a guideline. I don't care. I'm just glad to help.)

Now that that's out of the way, let's go.

 Stage1:Zircon Lounge
 Story:Taurus wakes up from a nightmare to the news that Groove has
disappeared. He meets with Skye and they decide to look for Groove together.
On their way to Groove's favorite hangout, they're attacked by the survivors
of a gang Jade (Groove and Skye's sister) attacked years ago. 
 New:Can't access. (Can you believe I died on purpose to find this out?)
 Suggested:Your configuration's already been decided.
 VOO:Pan-Am (sounthern parking lot), Cavera (hospital parking lot)
 Mission:Find Zircon Lounge
 Wave1:Lightning, Coupe
 Wave2:Manta, Daisan
 Wave3:DeLandau, Messernacht
 Solution:After the cinema introduces the Oklahoma Crude, you should probably do
this: point the front end of your car at the Creepers and push whatever button
you've assigned to fire your weapons. This is the first stage, it's that simple.
 You should repeat this action when the second wave attacks you near the park.
They shouldn't pose too much of a threat.
 Finally, the third wave can be dealt with in pretty much the same manner. After
you've dispatched them, you can go to the Zircon Lounge. Oh yeah, get out of the
car first.
 A couple more things: First, it's possible to get to the Zircon Lounge without
engaging the enemies. That's what I did the first time I played. Second, there
are two more cars driving around that show up on your radar in green. Don't
shoot them, they're normals. You'll actually lose money if you destroy them.

 Stage2:The Search for Groove
 Story:Taurus and Skye have gotten some information on Groove's wherabouts and
search for Groove's trailer. On their way, they're attacked by more Creepers.
 New:Light Machine Gun, Heavy Machine Gun, Fire-Rite Rocket, Aim-Nien, MaGMA
Karpoon, Oil Slick, Mine Dropper, Mortar, Flare, Armor, Heat Shield
 Suggested:Remove Oil Slick
 VOO:See Wave 2
 Mission:Find Groove's trailer
 Wave1:Cavera, Pony, Pan-Am
 Wave2:Reliable J, Manta (unoccupied)
 Wave3:Kustom, VMW, Messernacht, Coupe
 Solution:After you've driven a little ways, you'll be attacked by three more
members of the Oklahoma Crude. They shouldn't be much harder than the guys in
Vegas, but the terrain's a little worse so it might be a little harder to get
a decent shot. Also, you have to worry about hitting Skye. Don't hit Skye.
 After they've been sent back to the panhandle, continue your journey. Shortly
after that, a brief cinema will show a punk hiding behind the fence. Then the
power lines will come down. You can easily avoid the first one or two. After
that, try to steer around any towers you can't make it under.
 Just after that, you'll come to an intersection with a gas station on your
right. You'll see two Creepers trying to get to their cars at the gas station.
Waste them with your machine guns. If your car's too beat up, take the Manta.
 After that, you'll come upon four more Creepers. Go after the Compacts first.
(The VMW, the Coupe, and the Messernacht) They have weaker armor than the
Kustom. After you've taken care of them, waste the Kustom.
 After the battle, take the turn Skye tells you about. You're done.

 Stage3:Inbound Creepers
 Story:Finding Groove's burned out trailer convinces Taurus his friend is dead.
Skye asks him to train her in the ways of the vigilante so she can rescue her
brother, who she believes to still be alive. During their argument, Skeeter
shows up followed by more Creepers.
 New:Turreted Light Machine Gun
 Suggested:Strip your car, take Skye's
 VOO:El Paseo (parked next to trailer)
 Mission:Defend the trailer
 Wave1:Royale, Reliable J
 Wave2:Daisan, Palomino
 Wave3:Lightning, Palomino, VMW
 Solution:Before this mission starts, completely strip your car. That means you
should remove all weapons, specials, armor, and shields and reduce the internals
to their minimum.
 As soon as you regain control, take Skye's El Paseo. She won't mind. Don't
waste time trying to take Skeeter's truck. You can't. (Must have the Club.)
 A few seconds later, the first wave will attack from the direction of the road.
Use your machine guns to whittle them down. After a few seconds, they'll leave,
but they'll be back. After they run, a Daisan and a Palomino will attack. First,
shread the Daisan, then waste the Palomino. The Reliable and Royale will return
shortly, and this time they'll only go if they're dead. Finish the job.
 It could take maybe half a minute, but you'll soon be set upon by a third wave.
You might want to hit the VMW first, since it's got the weakest armor. Perforate
the two muscle cars next.
 Incidentally, if you damage a car badly enough to stop it, but not destroy it,
the driver will bail and he might take the car you came in with. Good thing you
stripped it.

 Stage4:Shopping Spree
 Story:After the battle, Taurus and Skye have a talk. They're interupted by a
radio call from Rank Dick and a very much alive Groove. Taurus follows the call
to a shopping mall despite the Champions' warnings that it's a trap.
 New:Turreted Fire-Rite Rocket, Structo Bumper
 VOO:DeLandau (eastern parking lot), Royale (eastern parking lot), Messernacht
(southern parking lot)
 Mission1:Find a way into the mall
 Mission2:Open the southern gate
 Mission3:Take out generators and enter security office
 Wave1:VMW, Cavera
 Wave2:VMW, Estate
 Wave3:Cavera, Lisbon, Van, Kustom
 Solution:As soon as you regain control, target one of the enemies approaching
you. You should probably go after the VMW first because it has a HaVIK Karpoon
and an Oil Slick, either of which can be quite annoying. After you take out the
Cavera, go north and blast the trailer on the left. Use the ramp that results
to enter the mall.
 After driving through the store, be prepared to take on an Estate Wagon. After
you take that out, a VMW will approach from the south. Take it out immediately
and head for the store called Elite.
 After you find the back room at Elite and throw the switch, you'll be set upon
by four more Creepers. You won't even get out of the store by the time the first
two find you. There isn't much cover, so you can take them out. As you're about
to leave, a van comes in. Take him out too. Do so with the Kustom that's driving
around out there as well.
 As soon as you drive through the gate, floor it. You can't hit the turrets with
your weapons (unless you have a turret or Aim-Nien) so keep moving. You have to
take out the generators to proceed, but you can take out the turrets for an
extra $300. Just take the Messernacht at the far east end of the maze and use
its missiles to take out the turrets. Then proceed to take out the generators
with your car.
 After you see the door open, enter it, drive across the floor, go up the ramp,
and jump to the security office. After you land, get out and enter the office.
Throw the switch and leave. Don't worry about the inbound Creepers, Rank Dick
was apparently bluffing.

 Story:After the wild goose chase at the mall, Taurus and Skye set up a little
trap of their own. Taurus fakes a distress call and the Creepers come to finish
him off. But Taurus has a surprise for them.
 New:HaVIK Karpoon, Nitrous Oxide, Fire-X, Surge Shield
 VOO:Pickup (near mine entrance)
 Mission1:Cause a distraction to lure Creepers out of their cars
 Mission2:Chase survivors
 Mission3:Kill all Creepers
 Wave1:Manta, Fiarello, Pan-Am, Palomino
 Wave2:Kustom, Daisan, Moth
 Wave3:Van, Pickup
 Solution:Shooting the van is too easy. It doesn't move and its armor is normal.
 After you come out of the barn, start firing. Humans take fewer bullets than
cars. (duh) You should easily waste the Pan-Am driver and possibly the Fiarello
driver. The Palomino and Manta's drivers get back to their cars too quickly.
 After two drivers have been killed (either in their cars or on foot), another
Creeper will signal a retreat. The survivors will be joined by a Kustom and race
back to their hideout. If you can help it, try to destroy the Kustom first. It
has a turreted gun and a paint sprayer, either of which is really annoying.
Along the way, you'll encounter a Daisan and a Moth truck. Don't engage them, a
battle will distract you from your real goal. Just whittle down one or both of
the drivers. After you pass through the ghost town, the car you're pursuing will
try to fake you out by turning left. He'll then cut back right.
 When you reach the mine entrance, any survivors will be joined by a van and a
pickup. By now, you must be getting good at this. You know what to do. (Nail

 Stage6:Rank's Pit
 Story:After following the Creepers to a mine, Taurus prepares to enter and
find Groove.
 Conditions:Day, Underground
 New:Fire Dropper, Paint Sprayer, Fire Shielding
 Suggested:HAViK Karpoon
 VOO:Lisbon (final chamber, before Rank Dick)
 Mission:Enter mine and rescue Groove
 Wave1:Daisan, Palomino
 Wave2:Messernacht, Royale
 Wave3:DeLandau, Lisbon, Kustom
 Wave4:Drill King (Rank Dick)
 Solution:This stage could be a lot harder due to limited visibility. Just
remember to turn your lights on before entering the mine. And watch out for
holes. Falling into one is instant death.
 The first chamber you enter is completely devoid of enemies. The second one has
a pair of cars hiding in the dark. Take 'em out. Oh, and watch out for holes.
Then, get out of the car and flip the switch. This will open the door.
 The third chamber has two more creepers. One has a mine dropper and the mines
are very hard to see. The other car has a CHIP Karpoon, so watch out for that.
You'll find another switch and another closed door at the top of the ramp in
this chamber. Get out again and flip this switch.
 In the next chamber, you'll be attacked by three more Creepers. They're grouped
together, so fire at the targeting reticle and you'll damage two, three if
you're lucky. Don't stop firing until the targeting reticle changes to another
location or you see a cut scene.
 The cut scene in question introduces Rank Dick in a Drill King Molemaster. It
seems formidable, but it has a weakness. Fire the HaVIK Karpoon as soon as the
fracas starts, then switch back to your machine guns and start blasting. By the
time he gets his engine restarted, half his armor will be gone. Keep firing and
backing up and you'll claim victory over Mr. Dick (who screams a lot like

 Stage7:Boogie, Baby!
 Story:Even with his Drill King reduced to a burning wreck, Rank Dick still
refuses to release Groove. After calling our hero Mr. Tortoise one time too
many, Rank falls victim to a gunshot. Unfortunately, Taurus sets off a time
bomb in the process and he and Groove must escape before the entire mine comes
 Conditions:Day, Underground
 New:Cannon, Fire-Fry, CHIP Karpoon, Karbide Kutter, Smell-So-Well Shield
 Suggested:Homekeeper Cannon, Nitrous Oxide
 VOO:Coupe (starting chamber), Lightning (chamber in lower right hand corner)
 Mission:Get out of the mine before it collapses
 Wave:No enemies
 Solution:First the good news: no enemies. Now, the bad news: you have a time
limit of four minutes to get out or the walls will come tumbling down. Your car
should be tuned for speed and handling. The cannon should be your main (or only)
weapon. It can blow open doors with one blast. Start with the one marked "exit".
 Soon after, you'll come upon a fork in the path, take the left one. After that,
take the right fork. Blast open any doors in your way. You'll soon come upon a
large chamber and you'll be on a high cliff. When you see a ramp ahead, fire a
nitrous burst. You'll save a lot of time. Speaking of time, the three-minute
mark should have passed by now.
 Keep navigating the maze and you'll soon come upon a round chamber with three
other doors. Once again, take the one marked "Exit". Take the Lightning if you
think you should, but remember that the machine guns take longer to blow open
doors than the cannon.
 Keep going through the caves. Keep blasting doors until you reach one that has
a switch. Get out of the car and flip the switch. About this time, the
two-minute mark should occur. Try not to laugh at Groove's answer to your
 Take the right tunnel in your escape attempt. Keep going until you reach a
large chamber with a severe drop-off. If the one-minute warning hasn't come yet,
you're okay. If it occurs around this time, you still have nothing to worry
about. Just navigate the narrow ledge in the dark (sounds easy) and when you go
down a steep incline, fire off a nitrous and jump the large gap.
 Now, drive through the tunnel and when you see daylight, you'll then see a
cinema of the bomb going off. If you made it, you'll also see your car escaping
the blast just barely.

 Stage8:Stop the Flow
 Story:Following his rescue, Groove weaves a story about government
conspiracies and hiring Contras as part of a private army. Taurus is about to
sever contact with the group when a group of Creepers approaches. He sets off
to stop them, but he's greatly outnumbered.
 Suggested:Flame Shield, Nitrous Oxide
 VOO:Lisbon (at Mondo Burger), Pony (in chasm)
 Mission1:Drop bridge, kill guards
 Mission2:Collapse tunnel, kill guards
 Mission3:Improvise roadblock, kill guards
 Wave1:Perrigrina, Reliable J
 Wave2:Kustom, Palomino
 Wave3:VMW, Messernacht, Cavera, Kustom
 Solution:Just after the stage begins, go off-road to the right. It's a shortcut
that will save you some time. When you near the bridge, you'll see your first
guards. Ignore them and take out the bridge. Don't worry about the enemies, you
have a Flame Shield. (You do, don't you?) The two cars have flame-based weapons,
so they can't hurt you. After the bridge comes falling down, use your lead-based
weapons to put them down.
 Your next problem is the tunnel to the east. There's another (rather obvious)
shortcut in the form of a hiking trail. Follow the trail until you see yellow
caution signs, then fire off a nitrous to jump the chasm. When you come out of
the mountains and reach the road, go left until you reach the tunnel and its two
guards. From a distance, relieve the guards of their duty. After your first
pass, blast away at the tunnel supports. This could take a while. If the guards
are still alive, erase them.
 Now, you have to improvise a roadblock at location #3. Follow the road (sorry,
no shortcut) and make a left at the intersection. If you pass under a bridge,
you're going the right way. Also, you'll see blips on your radar. The
Messernacht will fall quickest, so target it first. Don't worry about the
Kustom, it has flame-based weapons. You'll also face a Cavera and a VMW. After
they're toast, head towards location #3. You'll see a pair of electrical towers.
Blast them until they fall and you're done.

 Stage9:Catch a Creeper by the Toe
 Story:Taurus wants to know how the Creepers keep finding Groove. He hatches a
plan to capture one and find out.
 New:Turreted Heavy Machine Gun, Turreted Fire-Fry, Chaff
 Suggested:Strip car, take Stag
 VOO:Van (in tent), Messernacht (next to drag strip), Stag (in gorge)
 Mission1:Kill attacking cars
 Mission2:Chase down escaping car, but don't kill him
 Wave1:Royales (3)
 Wave2:Royales (2)
 Wave3:Royales (2)
 Solution:After you regain control, turn left and enter the gorge. Get out of
your car and get into the Stag. It is immune to Dr. Radar missiles and the
Royales have them. Remember where this gorge is. Falling in kills you.
 Using the Stag's machine guns, rip through the first three Royales. Their
Dr. Radars should not pose much of a threat. This should be a piece of cake.
 After that's done, two more Royales will approach. Take care of them in a
similar manner. Two more will come and they will prove no match either.
 Soon, you'll be down to one Royale and he'll run. For some reason, the car will
be behind you. Turn around and chase him down. Fire on him until his life bar is
down to about fifteen percent. Then immediately stop firing! The car will drift
off to the side and the driver will bail out. You've got him.

 Stage10:Fuzzy Bear
 Story:Questioning the SSS agent turns up nothing, but Skeeter finds a tracking
device hidden in Groove's tooth. Taurus decides to get to the bottom of it by
keeping the tracking device and putting the tooth in the agent's car. Right
about then, the police show up under SSS orders.
 Conditions:Day, Snowing
 New:Dr. Radar, Radar Shield
 Suggested:Strip car, take Daisan
 VOO:Daisan (in grove just before jump), Van (next to farmhouse)
 Mission:Rendezvous with others
 Waves:Cruisers (lost count)
 Solution:After the cinema, immediately turn to the right to avoid the turrets.
Drive along the road a little and try to avoid the cops' gunfire. Soon, you'll
come upon a hairpin turn. Negotiate it as well as you can and go up the hill.
After you pass the turrets and police cars up here, you'll see a sign with
hikers. Turn onto this path and keep going until you find the Daisan. Take the
Daisan, return to the road, and keep going. When you reach the jump, fire a
nitrous and you'll make it over easily.
 Continue your journey. You'll soon come upon another roadblock. Use the SuCCLeR
to boost over it. Shortly afterward, you'll come upon a fork in the road. Take
the left fork if you want a van. Take the right fork if you just want to get out
of there. If you're driving the Daisan, hit nitrous and then SuCCLeR to boost
over this massive roadblock. If you took the van, drive up the cliff on the side
to make it past. Not too far before you're done.
 Remember two things:First, your car has better traction on the road than the
snow. Second, DON'T SHOOT THE FUZZ!

 Stage11:Trench Run
 Story:Using the tracking device, Taurus and the others trace the SSS car to
the Nellis Test Range, a.k.a. Area 49. After Skeeter's explanation, they go in.
 Conditions:Night, Raining
 New:Turreted Homekeeper Cannon
 Suggested:Mines or Flame-Droppers
 VOO:Loadmaster (in shortcut), Estate (western end of clearing at end of
 Mission:Destroy tower at end of trench
 Wave1:Clydesdales (3)
 Wave2:Clydesdales (2)
 Wave3:Clydesdales (2)
 Solution:Soon after you start, you'll come upon a gate with a switch. You know
what to do.
 Before Taurus tells you to do so, drive past the turrets as fast as you can. If
you have a few control problems, be careful. This should only take a minute or
two. Don't worry about the others, they'll be fine. (This seems familiar.)
 When you reach the halfway point, you'll be approached by three Clydesdales. As
soon as the cinema ends, they'll fire at you with lasers and rockets. Start zig-
zagging immediately. When you see metal walls, start looking for a gap and drive
into it. The Clydesdales will get tied up on the walls. When you find the
Loadmaster, get into it and take out the Clydesdales. Then, proceed. (This really
seems familiar.)
 When you come upon the next wave of Clydesdales, ignore them. (If you have any
Aim-Niens left, take them out from a distance.) After that, you'll come upon the
tower. Ignore the Clydesdales (unless you have more than two Aim-Niens on your
racks, then you may take them out) and blast the tower. (Oh, that's why this
seems familiar.)

 Stage12:Area 49
 Story:The vigilantes enter Area 49 and search for the SSS agent's car.
However, Groove is acting rather strange. (Well, stranger than usual.)
 New:Cutting Laser
 Mission1:Find SSS car
 Mission2:Kill attacking trucks
 Solution:Start looking for the Royale. It's in one of the hangars. Try to be
facing the runway when you find it.
 After you find the car, Clydesdales will come out of the woodwork. Use your Aim-
Niens to take them out. Remember to face them to get a lock-on. Also, try to make
sure they're not behind anything or you'll hit that instead of them. After the
first wave is gone, a second wave is on the way.
 After that's over, you'll be treated to a cinema of the pickup driving around.

 Stage13:Kill Solarzano
 Story:The Vigilantes have found a helicopter disguised as a UFO and a set of
passports inside. Just then, they're ambushed by Solarzano. A shootout occurs
and Skye is hit.
 New:Turreted Cutting Laser
 Mission1:Kill Solarzano
 Mission2:Kill reinforcements
 Wave1:UFO/Helicopter (Solarzano)
 Solution:Apparently, the only things that will hurt Solarzano are missiles, Aim-
Niens in particular. Mount three facing forward and one rear. Back them up with
smaller weapons like light machine guns and lasers.
 When the stage begins, drive into the pit and face the "cage". After you get a
lock-on, hit her with your missiles. If you're lucky, it'll only take two shots.
Don't relax just yet, because she returns from the dead as a helicopter. Cruise
over to the other side of the pit and keep hitting her with missiles. Three
appears to be the minimum here.
 Now, you have the reinforcements to deal with. Use whatever missiles you have
remaining on them. If you run out, use the rear missiles and other weapons to
finish them off.

 Story:After Solarzano's failure to destroy the vigilantes, Mr. Big tells Mr.
Hinckley to use LARS. Taurus smells something burning.
 Suggested:Strip car, take Clydesdale
 VOO:Estate (at campground), Cavera (at gas station), Clydesdale (at farm)
 Mission:Reach highway without being hit by LARS
 Wave1:Clydesdales (4)
 Solution:As you drive down the road, try driving in a zig-zag pattern. If the
laser beam appears in front of you, steer around it. If you're close but it
doesn't hit you directly, you'll still take slight damage.
 When you reach the campground with the small barns, church, and Estate wagon,
you can take the Estate if your ride has taken too much damage. After leaving the
campground, you might notice a road going off to your right. Don't take it, stay
on the main road. Steer around the laser beam as needed. Soon, you'll come to a
gas station with a Cavera. Take it if you need it, but its engine is set very
low. You'll need nitrous to make the upcoming hill.
 Eventually, you'll reach a bridge. Unfortunately, there's a bus blocking the
other end. Slow down and hit it with machine guns. Ram it if you're impatient.
There are Creepers in Clydesdales around but luckily LARS is on a break.
 A little down the road, you'll come to a farm with a Clydesdale parked out
front. I highly recommend taking it because it has a Reflect-O-Shield and LARS is
back. The Creepers are driving similar Clydesdales, so they're also immune to
 If you decided to take out the Creepers, just drive to the highway when you're
done. No problem.

 Stage15:Septic Journey
 Story:Taurus is almost to Vegas and the hospital, but the police have
roadblocks set up all around and he can't get through. Skeeter suggests going
in through the sewers. It's crazy, but Taurus does it anyway.
 Conditions:Night, Underground
 New:L.A.R.S. Uplink, Reflect-O-Shield
 VOO:Estate (in first chamber)
 Mission1:Open gates in sewers
 Mission2:Destroy generators to kill turrets
 Mission3:Throw main switch
 Mission4:Pass through sewers
 Wave1:Estates (2)
 Wave2:Royales (3)
 Wave3:Royales (4)
 Wave4:Royales (3)
 Solution:Drive into the giant raingutter and keep going until you reach the gate.
Open the gate and proceed to the next one. This one's switch is broken, so you'll
have to find the master switch. Start looking by running through the opening and
heading into the control room. Pull the second switch from the left (as you enter)
and prepare to hijack a car.
 Luckily, the rangers aren't too bright, so you can just sneak up and steal one of
their cars with no trouble. Waste the other one, but be careful. He also has mines
and a HaVIK Karpoon. After he's toast, proceed down the tunnel that's open and go
right at the fork. Soon, you'll come upon three more Creepers in Royales. Nail the
first one that attacks, but the other two will sneak through the tunnel in the
back. Just point the front end of the car into the tunnel and fire when they show
up. Then, go over the bridge.
 Later, you'll come upon a closed gate. Turn left and keep going until you reach
another control room. The only switch that does anything is in the back on the
left as you enter. Throwing the switch opens all the gates, but also lets in four
more Creepers. They have one weakness: their cars have no rear weaponry. Also,
they're not very good fighters, so they are quickly defeated.
 After that battle, go into the tunnel opposite the one you came out of and turn
left at the intersection. You'll find a closed gate with a lot of turrets on the
other side. Go back the way you came and go right when you reach a fork in the
tunnel. You'll find four of the twelve generators you have to destroy and another
Creeper in a Royale. After you flatten him and the generators, two more will come.
Handle them similarly, then proceed to the upper level to remove the rest of the
 When the turrets are history, go back to the gate and run through the opening.
The side of the gutter looks steep, but you can make it. Throw the switch on the
right and you'll open every gate in the level. Go back to your car and head back
to the car with Skye in it. On your way, there is one last Royale hiding in a
tunnel. Take him out if you want to. When you get back to Skye, get in and take
any path you want to get out.
 One last thing: don't try to leave with any vehicle except the one you came in
with. If you do, another Royale with lasers rips you apart. Even if you destroy
it, you still can't leave.

 Stage16:SSS Duck Party
 Story:Taurus has reached Vegas, but the city is crawling with cops. These are
not the noble, kind-hearted cops you see on most shows. These cops have gone
 Mission1:Get Skye to the hospital
 Mission2:Go to Robot Robot hotel to confront Mr. Big
 Wave1:Cruisers (2)
 Wave2:Cruisers (2)
 Solution:Unlike "Fuzzy Bear", you can shoot the cops if you want to. You'll come
across two almost immediately. They're tough, but you can probably take them. You
can ignore them if you want.
 Here's how to get through the maze without having to destroy any turrets or jump
any roadblocks: turn left after you start, then right, then right again. When you
come upon the street with no turrets or barriers, turn left on it. When you reach
the next roadblock, turn right and loop around the block. You'll be on the street
with the Zircon Lounge. Follow it until it ends and turn left. Turn right at the
roadblock and keep going until you see the white building. Turn left and drive
into the emergency entrance of the hospital.
 If you want a shortcut, make sure you have Nitrous and SuCCLeRs. After the left,
then right, make a left instead of the second right. Pop off a nitrous, then a
SuCCLeR to leap over the roadblock. If you need a second jump, do it.
 You can't drop off Skye if there's a cop or two around, so get rid of them before
you deliver the patient. After that, your job's not done yet. Now, you have to go
to the Robot Robot Hotel to meet with Mr. Big. You can take either route I
mentioned above. The Robot Robot is right about where you started the mission.

 Stage17:Shoot dat Robot
 Story:After dropping Skye off at the hospital, Taurus goes after Mr. Big
himself. After Skeeter dispatches his guards, he takes matters into his own
hands and it's up to Taurus.
 Suggested:Machine guns, cannons, or Fire-Rites
 VOO:Dudehauler (southern parking lot), Reliable J (hospital parking lot),
DeLandau (southern parking lot)
 Mission:Destroy the giant robot.
 Wave1:Giant Robot(Mr. Big)
 Solution:For the final mission, it's pretty straightforward. Just follow the 
and fire on it with your guns. Only one catch: it has every shield in the game and
can only be damaged by machine guns, Fire-Rites, mortars, cannons, and closely-
fired guided missiles. Don't follow directly behind either. It drops mines. If 
car takes too much damage, don't worry. There are three other cars you can take.
The DeLandau has Dr. Radar missiles so you have to get close with it. The bus has
Fire-Rites and the Reliable J has a cannon so aim carefully. The robot has thick
armor, but you can shut him down with patience and good driving.
 Once it falls, give yourself a pat on the back. You also get an ending of some

I'd like to thank you for reading through this FAQ. I hope I helped you with
whatever was bugging you. If you have any comments, questions, etc, my e-mail is
[email protected]

Good luck and keep it rockin'.

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