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Welcome to the ULTIMATE Chao Guide!
created by Chao Girl - [email protected] - last updated July 19th, 2002

Table of Contents:

1) How to raise Dark and Hero chao

2) cool hints + tips

3) Chao drive color order

4) Some useful tips on how to win chao races, 
and chao karate tournaments

5) How to successfully breed Chao

6) Hatching Chao

7) Pick an animal


1) How to raise Dark and Hero chao

you can make a chao turn dark by continusly petting it with 
a dark character,(Rouge, Dr.Eggman, or Shadow) you can make a chao 
turn Hero by continusly petting it with a hero character (Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles)
until it turns white.after it evolves from that tear-shaped cocoon, it will go into 
maturity.It will have a spiked ball over it's head, and is black. It is a little more
mischievous then the Hero chao, and require a little more attention then other kinds 
of chao. Hero chao, after evolving are white with a halo over their heads. They will 
use more skills during their time in the garden, such as flying...swimming on their 
by themselves, and such.

2) Hints and tips

- If you give a baby chao nothing but green chao drives, it will turn into a sonic 
- If you have one chao that starts playing an instrument it learned in the 
kindergarden, put some chao around it. If they have learned how to play an 
instrument, they will play along! The chao that don't will simply sit and watch, and 
clap at the end!
- If your chao is at a high level for flying, and can fly easily: put in somewhere 
high and stand next to it. Then once it take off (you must be a character that can
fly) you two can fly together, very fun and it helps the chao to play with you.
- You can snuggle your chao: hold the B button while picking it up. (it takes some 


3) Chao drive color order

yellow = increases swimming level
green = increases running level
purple = increases flying level
red = increases power level

4) Some useful tips on how to win chao races, and chao karate tournaments

Before a chao race, make sure you have given your chao enough chao drives and fed it 
so it will have energy. Try to encourage it only at the end, and only once at the 
beggining. Dont incourage it too much (if it is at a running part) or else your chao 
will fall down. For chao Karate, also make sure it is fed and givin chao drives 
before the tournament begins. try to revive its "zeal" (at the bottom, when it runs 
out)by pressing the A button rapidly, as often as you can. 

5) How to Succesfully Breed Chao

First before you start the steps below, make sure of the following:
* Your chao have evolved (been through the tear shaped cocooon)
* You have atleast 600 rings
* The Heart Fruit is available in black market (if its not, try getting a few more 
ok, lets begin the step by step process:
1. Buy two heart fruits from Black Market.
2. Bring it to the two chao you want for parents
3. put the chao close together.
4. Give one to each, once you hand the fruit to one, give the other fruit to the 
other chao
5.make sure they eat it all.
6.Let them work on it from there, they will soon come together and kiss eachother, 
and then an egg will appear!

6) Hatching Chao

There are basically three different ways to hatch chao. Depending on how you want 
them to get along with you and other chao. Also if you want them to be Hero Chao or 
Dark Chao. Below are some of the diferent ways.

1. You can throw the egg at the wall and it will crack open. This isnt the best way 
to do it, but remember it does effect their personallity.

2. You can just put the egg on the ground and leave it there. In a few minets the 
egg will hatch.

3. You can pick up the egg and snuggle/rock it. That will make your chao very 
friendly towards others, and have a nice personality. In my seccond FAQ called "The 
ULTIMATE Chao Guide 2" It has more on how to snuggle/rock (snuggling and rocking  
the same thing)

7) Pick an Animal

When your chao are hatched, It is always good to pick one certain animal to give to 
it depending on its personality. You can get animals in the different stages, or in 
chao containers after you already have a key. Animals are like chao drives, except 
they can change the way your chao look, which can be very cute. 

*For example, If you give a chao a peacoc then you micht see little feathers on its 
heas or a tail, or birdd feet, or arms as wings.*

*Or, if you give your chao a bat, it might loose its lega and hover instead of 

This is my first FAQ wich I update a lot, and I also have my seccond one called "The 
ULTIMATE Chao Guide 2" and you can look for my third coming soon! 


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