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"The Ultimate Chaos Chao Guide" Guide for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

This is my first FAQ and I hope you like it.  You can e-mail me suggestions at

The Ultimate Chaos Chao Guide by: Jag35

1. Choosing a Chao
2. Getting a Chaos Chao
3. What They Look Like
4. Legal Mumbo Jumbo

1. How to get a Chaos Chao: First, you need  a chao who has transformed (reincarnated
into an egg and hatched again) twice.  This will take EIGHT HOURS in the garden with
him.  To check if he has transformed you can go to the Health Center and it will say.
 You usally want the Chao to be very good, with (for starters) level 30 for
everything except stamina.  

2. To get a Chaos Chao you need to take a Chao that fits the requirements I described
earlier, give him all 21 small animals, and the next time he evolves, he will come
out a Chaos Chao.  If you want a Hero Chaos Chao you have to give him the animals
using only Hero characters.  If you want a Dark Chaos Chao you have to give him the
animals using only Dark characters.  If you want a Light Chaos Chao(the hardest thing
on Earth to get) you have to give him one animal with a Heor character, the next with
a Dark Character, and repeat the pattern.  One piece of advice: Go check that he has
transformed twice BEFORE giving him the animals, or you'll make the mistake I did by
giving him the animals too early.  

3. The Hero Chao is white with pink edges, and has bis elephant-type ears on it's
head.  It has a halo above it's head.  The Light Chao is white with blue edges,
little horns that look like the horns you get from a boar, just pointing downward,
and is my favorite of the three.  It has the neutral sphere above it's head.  The
Dark Chao is black with fire-colored edges and wings.  It has a blue fire above it's
head.  The Light Chao is very hard to get, but is the coolest of the three.

4. You can use this if you want, you just have to say the Jag35 wrote it.  

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