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Ok I have been playing Madden for at least a few years and i always get asked 
the same question. How come almost nobody can beat me. The answer is not just I 
am good it also helps A LOT to have a good team and a good playbook.

The teams I am talking about is listed below

QB:Carson Palmer                            
QB:Jamrcus Russel                           
HB:Reggie Bush                              
HB:Adrian Peterson
HB:Marion Barber                            
WR:Randy Moss                               
WR:Joey Galloway                            
WR:Devin Hester
WR:Sidny Rice                               
WR:Jerome Mathis                            
LT:Marcus Mcneil
LT:Bryant McKinnie

LG:Steve Hutchinson
LG:Aron Sears

C:Matt Birk
C:Nick Hardwick

RG:Randy Thomas
RG:Justin Blalock

RT:Kevin Shafer
RT:Jermey Trueblood

DE:Jared Allen
DE:Patrick Kerney
DE:Jamal Anderson
DE:Julius Peppers/Mike Rucker

DT:Tommie Harris
DT:Pat Williams
DT:Rod Coleman

OLB:Shawn Marriman
OLB:Michael Boley
OLB:Ben Leber
OLB:Ernie Sims

MLB:Bryan Urlacher
MLB:Keith Brooking
MLB:Jonathan Vilma/Patrick Willis

CB:Nnamdi Asamugho (best CB from the Raiders)
CB:Al Harris
CB:Deangelo Hall
CB:Ronde Barber
CB: Townsend (from the Steelers I think Sorry forgot the first name)

FS: Bethea (from the Colts)
FS:Jimmy Williams

SS:Troy Polumalu
SS:Daren Stone

K:Jason Elam/Mason Crosby

P:Bryan Moorman/Adam Poldesh/ or the punter from the steelers

Just to let everybody these is a created team that was put into a franchise

Now This team you can pretty much do anything with them 
Your offense Is fast nobody can catch up
Your deffence is fast so you can catch up if a player messes up

The play that will give you a reception about 90% of the time is in the 
Minisota playbook Shoutgun Fake Screen Wheel 
In this Play have devin hester as your third reciver
Randy Moss will fake the Screen Joey Galloway will do a Corner Post (I think) 
And Devin Hester Does the Wheel Pump the wheel and let it fly 
But know this there are a few things with this play It usually gets a touchdown 
not always and watch out for the line because they really dont like to block on 
that play then you have a choice of Devin Hester Joey Galloway Randy Moss or 
whoever your running back is at the time

the same play is in other playbooks im just not sure which ones

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